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The Blasphemy of Them Which Say They Are Jews

Most Americans believe that the primary occupants of Israel are Jews, but a long line of evidence, including DNA studies recently produced at John Hopkins University, shows clearly that they are not.
To help set the stage for our discussion, a very brief history lesson is in order. General Titus of Rome attacked Israel in 67 AD in order to subdue the growing revolts in their province of Palestine which included territory historically regarded as constituting the lands of Israel. The Jews mounted a strong and tenacious defense, but in 70 AD Titus demolished Jerusalem and the holy Temple.
The Jews revolted again in 135 AD but were just as mercilessly crushed, causing Rome to scatter the remaining inhabitants to the winds, giving us today what is termed the Diaspora. Over the years the identities of the Jews were largely lost, in spite of the elaborate genealogies modern Jews claim to maintain across the centuries through meticulous record keeping.
The Jewish Knesset ruled that those who are born of a Jewish mother are Jewish, a very controversial decision which passed by a single vote, but one which ironically allows for a Jewish virgin birth. We identify a Jew as someone who can trace his lineage to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Gospels give both patrilineal and matrilineal lines for Jesus, meaning that both are relevant to the identification of Jewish royalty.
Since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, the interest in ancestry by self-professed Jews has increased, with some very surprising findings emerging from the research. One of the earlier studies of the Jewish question came from Arthur Koestler who wrote a seminal book titled The Thirteenth Tribe which debunked the idea that the Jews in Israel were authentic Jews from Abrahamic descent. As a Zionist Jew, he made the case that the people who claim to be Jews are actually Khazars, a people of Caucasian ancestry who adopted Judaism as their religion. Although the Khazars adopted Judaism nominally, they in fact practiced Jewish Kabbalah which is a Satanic religion.
As a side note, when we used the term Caucasian, we meant the Caucasus region in western Asia – not the racial designation for “white” people. The Khazars are a Turkish and Mongolian people of Japhetic rather than Semitic descent .
In 2007 Shlomo Sand wrote the New York Times best seller, The Invention of the Jewish People, which continued the analysis of Koestler, but using more modern techniques, which made similar claims about the people today calling themselves Jews.
More recent research, still by Jews, uses DNA evidence to bolster the findings of Koestler and to demolish the myth of Semitic origins of the present day "Jew." The first major  published study came from Dr Ariella Oppenheim of Tel Aviv University in 2001 which used DNA evidence to demonstrate that the modern “Jew” is in reality a Khazar.
An even more definitive study was published in 2012 at John Hopkins University by Dr Eran Elhaik which used more advanced methods to authoritatively conclude, in a peer reviewed article, that the “Jews” of Israel are Khazars.  Many of the Palestinians have more Jewish blood than the alleged Jews. According to Texe Marrs, the above mentioned research concludes that only about 1/8 of the population of Israel can claim true Jewish ancestry.
The impetus for creation of the Jewish nation came from a 1947 UN resolution at the instigation of the Rothschild family said to be deeply steeped in occultic religious practices. But Henry Kissinger, another Satan worshipping Bilderberger power broker, made an announcement a couple of years ago that Israel would cease to exist in 10 years. How does one explain the apparent conflict in interests?
Veterans Today published an article which cited Israeli sources stating that the Jewish population would fall below replacement levels within 10 years because of the massive radiation in and around Israel due to the nation's heavy use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, with the major emphasis on nuclear weapons.
We reported from this same article that low grade nuclear weapons had been used in Lebanon and Iraq through US and Israeli collusion in the wanton destruction of human life by these 2 terrorist nations. The blowback, so to speak, is that infertility among Israeli men has skyrocketed, and there is no cure for the problem.
While Kissinger may have had this problem in mind, we believe that his larger point was geopolitical, meaning that the Jewish state would be partitioned or reorganized in some significant way. In other words, given the onset of Jewish weakness, the time may come for this momentous event, and may explain usurper president “Obama’s” notice to Netanyahu that he needs to accommodate the peace talks more than he has.
There are philosophical implications to the outing of Jews as frauds – a deception which the great Apostle John foresaw, and whose warning forms the basis of this essay’s title. The first and foremost is that the Israelis, contrary to Netanyahu’s boast in his address to Congress, are not entitled to the land they occupy. The second and darker implication is that so-called evangelical Christians are actually acolytes of Satan, advancing his New World Order of which the Rothschilds are the foremost exponents. The anti Christ will not come without the help of fake Christians.
Evangelical Christians are in bed with the Rothschilds and their Satanic kingdom – a statement which would probably induce apoplexy in most of them. The Talmud is full of statements vilifying Jesus, yet so-called Christians are among Israel’s loudest cheer leaders.
All patriotic Americans must denounce the state of Israel by cutting off all support of them, and shun their enterprises in the USA which admittedly are broad and many. A true patriot cannot vote for any politician who supports Israel's Zionistic ambitions. Zionists are mortal enemies of all races, and have made extraordinary statements calling for the enslavement of all peoples to serve them. They are genocidal freaks whose hands are soaked in the blood of their millions of victims.
The Jewish Lie is the greatest deception of modern times, one which people of good will must stop.


The Jeff Rense Program, Interview with Texe Marrs, February 13, 2014, accessed on Youtube
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Brick In the Obama Identity Wall

We have uncovered another credible brick for the Obama identity wall which clarifies the relationship between Bari Shabazz, aka Barack Obama, and the Dunhams, his adoptive grandparents. The linchpin is a certain Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham (1894-1970) who gave rise to a future president.
A certain researcher, Heidi Gates, has produced the hypothesis that Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham, the father of Stanley Armour Dunham, is the father of both Stanley and Malcolm X Shabazz (1925-1965), the famous Muslim civil rights leader murdered in 1965.
The theory maintains that Dunham, a travelling salesman, was a philanderer who lived in Kansas not far from the Little family in Nebraska. Malcolm X’s surname was Little prior to changing it upon his conversion to Islam. Ralph’s wife Ruth Lucille Armour (1900-1926) died of suicide, perhaps related to this incident.
If this liaison occurred, it would mean that Dunham and Louise Little, the wife of an outspoken Baptist lay leader, Earl Little, produced Malcolm. On the surface it sounds a bit preposterous, but it does explain certain riddles in the Shabazz story.
The astonishing fact, should this relationship be established, would be that Malcolm X and Stanley Dunham are half brothers, and may explain the real reason the Littles left Nebraska for Milwaukee in 1926, the same year as Ruth Dunham's suicide.
Malcolm had an affair with Jo Ann Newman who was a caucasian Jewish teenager at the time of her birth to Bari Malik Shabazz on October 28, 1959. Bari, of course, became known as Barack Hussein Obama II.
In the meantime, Stanley Armour Dunham had joined the Army during World War 2, but that fact is disputed. In any event, he was involved in intelligence activities involving sabotage at the Boeing plant in Wichita from where he passed airplane designs to the Germans. We are not able to confirm this matter, but it fits other elements of the Dunham drama. It would also explain his assignment to the Boeing plant in Seattle, where he continued espionage.
There is no credible evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham existed, according to Shabazz researcher Martha Trowbridge. Ann is more than likely the projection of Jo Ann Newman into the Dunham "family". Part of the reason for doubting Ann’s existence is that the Dunhams – Madelyn and Stanley – were not married, meaning that Ann was an intelligence fabrication. However, we are open to the opposing view that she was real.
The larger point is that Bari’s presence in Hawaii, if he indeed was ever there for school, is made perspicuous by the relationship between him and Malcolm X. It also explains the mild resemblance between Shabazz and Dunham – not because of Ann, but because of the common grandfather. Stanley Ann is most emphatically not the mother of Bari Shabazz, aka Obama.
Furthermore, the relationship between Stanley Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis is also made clearer because they both shared anti-American hostilities, both of which, we surmise, stemmed from Mossad operations within the CIA. Marshall was a rabid anti-American communist who was sent to Hawaii to sabotage military operations on the island by stirring up labor unrest. Dunham was committing espionage against the United States during World War 2, so they had a natural affinity for each other. Their weekly gatherings were undercover of bringing Bari to Davis for communist indoctrination.
Some argue that Dunham was a CIA agent who was keeping tabs on Davis, but we think that the relationship was one of collaboration in espionage.
A couple of objections which occur to us is that Malcolm X and Stanley Dunham do not have much resemblance, and Malcolm’s skin color seems too dark for mixed parentage. However, we are swayed by the mild resemblance between Dunham and Bari.
While the theory that Malcolm and Stanley were half brothers suffers many weaknesses, it does explain a number of associations surrounding the central character Bari M Shabazz.
ReferenceAnonymous, Barack Obama: The Invisible Man, November 30, 2011
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Was Watergate Really About Sex?

As time rolls on, new evidence about the Watergate case seeps from the bowels of archives and witnesses revealing previously unreported information. One of these revelations is that Watergate was really about a call girl operation run by the Democratic National Committee. Although it is part of the puzzle, we don’t think it tells the whole story.
Although Phil Stanford has recently written a book, White House Call Girl, laying out the details of the prostitution ring serving Washington's high and mighty, the story has been around since as early as 1976, and gained stature with G Gordon Liddy’s legal encounter with Maxie Wells, one of the prominent figures in the ring. However, Standford’s book is dedicated to the details of the subject, and is more accessible to casual students of Watergate than some other treatments of the topic.
The call girl ring is certainly a verifiable aspect to Watergate about which Stanford reveals important details, some of which we admit are necessary inferences for which we would like meatier substantiation. He identifies 3 important characters who were the motivation for the break-in, namely John Dean, White House Special Counsel to Richard Nixon, Carl Shoffler, the arresting officer of the Watergate burglars, and Heidi Rikan, the madame running the escort service.
Rikan ( c. 1940 – 1990 ), also known as Cathy Deiter, was a German immigrant who became involved with the underworld as a stripper. Mob boss Joe Nesline thought that her talents would be better used as a whore to spy on his pimps’ big name clients in football and politics. She had developed an exclusive clientele in the Johnson and Nixon administrations when she came to the attention of John Dean.
John Dean’s girl friend and future wife Mo Biner and Rikan were roommates at the Columbia Plaza Apartments before Biner moved in with Dean. Dean and Rikan knew each other well as attested by Rikan’s black book which contained Dean’s direct White House number. Stanford believes that the ambitious Dean wanted the information Rikan had on politicians in order to blackmail them for personal political advantage. Consequently he ordered the Watergate break where Rikan’s business originated at the DNC headquarters.
The target of the break in was Ida “Maxie”  Wells’ desk, the secretary to Spencer Oliver, Jr. Wells was the front woman for Rikan’s prostitution service for which Wells arranged hook-ups for out of town visitors. The operation is confirmed by attorney Phillip Bailey whose credibility was so high that he was sent to St Elizabeth’s Hospital for psychiatric tests where after some considerable time he was certified sane. When he was released from the hospital he was forced to plead guilty to a felony and sent to federal prison. The purpose for railroading Bailey into the hospital and prison was to discredit him. Clearly he touched a nerve.
The Washington Post’s version – ie the CIA’s – of Watergate is that the burglars broke into DNC chairman Larry O’Brien’s office to tap his telephone to gather political information. They burglarized the Watergate on May 28 and June 17, with the former deemed to be a failure requiring the second break in. No bugs were ever found in the offices but the CIA story claims that Alfred Baldwin was eavesdropping across the street in the Howard Johnson motel. The most likely story is that he was listening to conversations at the Columbia apartments down the street since O’Brien had been out of town for about a month prior to the last break in.
At some point, perhaps as early as June 1, Carl Shoffler of the Washington DC police department, and concurrently a military intelligence agent, got a tip about the second break in. On the night of the burglary, he volunteered to work without pay, waiting in an unmarked car for a call to come in reporting the burglary. This version of events is supported by testimony of the Senate Watergate committee from a certain Army LTC whose name we don’t recall.
This version of the story contradicts the CIA story which alleges that an alert diligent police officer just happened to stumble upon the burglars as he was making his rounds. This story is a complete lie.
Two interesting points stand out about the arrest. The 5 burglars were wearing surgical gloves and had mounted photography equipment on Wells’ desk, and one of them, Eugenio Martinez had a key which Shoffler took, but which the FBI later determined fit Wells’ desk. So the evidence points strongly to the burglars breaking into Wells’ desk to photograph her black book with its rich data.
As Stanford puts it, the arrest looks like one intelligence operation stepping on the toes of another. But we don’t see it quite that way. The absolute most important fact of the entire Watergate saga is that the 5 burglars were not ordinary street hoods. They were hardened top level CIA agents and operatives who were involved with Bay of Pigs and the murder of John Kennedy, something which Nixon immediately recognized when he found  out about the break in. Without understanding who they were, it is utterly impossible to understand Watergate. Even if proper cognition is made of this salient fact, it is no guarantee that one will understand the purpose of the break-in, but clearly the CIA was behind it and was the reason Nixon wanted Haldeman to contact Richard Helms, CIA DCI, to thwart the investigation. After all, it was their operation.
Unfortunately for Nixon, the CIA was the sponsor of the break-in and they were not about to call off the investigation, especially when Nixon threatened them with the unraveling of the “whole Bay of Pigs thing.”
Our view is that Dean instigated the cover-up into which he drew Nixon who thought he could twist the whole affair to his political advantage. Unfortunately he was going up against the entire intelligence establishment which included the press – a fact which he never understood.
He also did not realize that Dean started the cover-up, knowing full well that it would end badly, thus accomplishing the agency’s goal of removing a president.
While we agree that Stanford has uncovered a significant dimension to the Watergate story, we don’t think that it was the true ultimate aim of the CIA operation. Certainly Dean threatened to expose an explosive sex scandal, but the Democrats fought mightily by turning it into a story about abuses of the imperial presidency in order to keep the salacious aspects under wraps, and for which the FBI obliged by suppressing the evidence of the key which Shoffler obtained during the arrests.
We could be mistaken about the grand purpose of Watergate, so will hedge our bets with continued research into the 20th century’s great American political scandal. But for now, it was not all about sex.
Jim Hougan, Hougan, Liddy, the Post and Watergate,, June 22, 2011, accessed 3/26/2014
Phil Stanford, interview on Oppenheimer Report, no date, accessed 3/26/2014, YouTube:
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Tymoshenko Calls for Nuclear Attacks on Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine's candidate for president Yulia Tymoshenko, in an intercepted phone conversation with member of parliament Nestor Shufrych, made the following remarks about how she would treat Russian Ukrainians, the majority of whom live in the eastern Ukraine and Russia.
” I am ready to grab a machinegun and shoot that motherf__ker [Putin] in the head.”
” I would have found a way to kill those assh_les. I hope I will be able to get all of my connections involved.”
” And I will use all of my means to make the entire world rise up, so there wouldn’t even be a scorched field left in Russia.”
Veterans Today reported today the following excerpt from the conversation:
On a question of what to do with the 8 million Russians left inside the Ukraine she says, “They must be killed with nuclear weapons.”
Some will recall the vehemence with which the US press attacked Ronald Reagan on such matters during the 1980 presidential campaign. Though Reagan never uttered a word about using nuclear weapons to solve a political problem, reporters and editors said that he would start world war 3 and usher in nuclear holocausts, thus making him unqualified to be president.

In this case, a candidate for president supported by the US State Department and members of the Senate, has called explicitly for the use of nuclear weapons to annihilate Russians in both Ukraine and Russia.
The American press ignores these infantile comments from Tymoshenko, who must have made them after a conversation with Victoria Nuland or John McCain, both whacko mental cases. You will not see these remarks reported in the establishment press, underscoring the value of the alternative news media.
If Putin does not intervene militarily now, he will invite nuclear annihilation by this rabid Ukrainian dog.
Jim Dean, Tymoshenko – “8 million Ukraine Russians must be killed with nuclear weapons”, Veterans Today, March 24, 2014, accessed 3/24/2014
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The Obama Malcolm X Theory Revisited

In our previous article on the Malcolm X theory of Barack Obama’s lineage, we may have written without full understanding of it and its implications. After delving further into the theory, we are returning again to the subject to reconsider its strengths and weaknesses.
As previously noted, this theory seems to be primarily the thesis of Martha Trowbridge who releases some of her findings on a couple of paid subscriber websites. In reading her responses to questions on Free Republic, and her articles on her Terrible Truth website, I can confirm that she is rather a bit pompous; her articles turgid and flatulent.
On the other hand, if there is a gold vein under an outhouse, one must hold one’s nose and take appropriate sanitary precautions to get to the treasure which, in our case, is unmasking the Obama fraud. For those unwilling to pay the price of admission for the Trowbridge articles about Obama and his mother, we offer a summary of her hypotheses, which she claims are built upon substantive evidence,  at times merely adumbrated.
We believe that she has identified critical relationships which others have not seen. If she indeed has uncovered the true birth and identity of Barack Obama, we will be the first to acknowledge the greatness of her grand achievement.
The theory runs thusly. The person known as Barack Hussein Obama II is the son of Malcolm X Shabazz, the slain civil rights leader, and Jo Ann Newman, a domestic terrorist appearing on the FBI’s most wanted list as Elisabeth Ann Duke, and still alive.
Jo Ann Newman graduated from Forrest Hills High School in 1959, the same year she gave birth to Bari Malik Shabazz on October 28, 1959 through her extra-marital relationship with Shabazz. She was supposedly in the audience where Shabazz was speaking when he was shot February 21, 1965 in New York City. Sometime during 1961-62 Bari was sent to Indonesia for schooling.
Malcolm X knew Indonesian president Sukarno whom he felt could provide better rearing for Bari than possible in the United States. He remained in Indonesia until 1971 when he entered the United States in Honolulu to be reared by his fake grandparents Stanley and Madeline (not Madelyn) Dunham.
In the meantime, Newman became involved with radical terrorist groups, detonating bombs on government property, including the Pentagon, eventually becoming a fugitive from justice.
The identities of Newman and “Stanley Ann Dunham” became merged through the magic of Photoshop. According to Trowbridge, all of the photos of the person we know as Stanley Ann Dunham are actually altered images of Jo Ann Newman.
According to Trowbridge, Malcolm X also knew Barack Obama, the goat herder from Kenya. He was impressed into marital service as the fake husband to "Stanley Ann Dunham". The marriage was certainly a sham according to other researchers, but we believe that Trowbridge argues that it was a fabrication created years later.
Trowbridge does not follow the narrative past Obama’s arrival in Hawaii although Mario Apuzzo and she accept the theory that their Bari M Shabazz is the person wanted in Hawaii arrested for driving without a driver’s license when caught in a major automobile accident in 1982. The name on the court records matches Shabazz’ and is believed to be the person known as Barack Obama.
From this theory, a number of questions and possibilities emerge. Is the conventional story of Obama’s history in Hawaii from 1971 forward correct? We think so, at least in part, based upon the testimony of Mia Maria Pope. We would also suppose that Obama enrolled in Occidental University, even if skimpy evidence supports the claim. However, another possibility is that he never attended Occidental, explaining the reason millions of dollars are spent suppressing school records. The same is true of Columbia. The best explanation of Obama’s career at Harvard, especially at the Harvard Law Review, is that someone else did the work for which he claims credit, just as in the case of his plagiarism of Dreams from My Father.
We also have good evidence that Obama’s education was funded by Saudi Arabian philanthropists who may have simply purchased degrees for him, especially at Occidental and Columbia. Another possibility is that Obama was educated off-campus as we will explain.
A very important person in Obama’s life is Dr Frederick "Fred" Newman who may have been the mastermind behind the Obama fraud. A radical anti-American Communist with a doctorate from Stanford University, he would have provided Obama’s tutoring, as well as the programming for reaching the White House, and producing the dizzying array of frauds necessary to conceal Obama’s true identity as the son of Malcolm X Shabazz.
Trowbridge draws a profile of Newman as an ultra left wing radical who hated America with a deep passion, dedicating his entire life to subversive actions to destroy the United States, of which ACORN and Project Vote were just 2 of his tools. But that does not fully exhaust the Newman story.
Fred Newman was a Jew who stated in 1990 that “I don’t like the family institution in any of its forms.” The reason he hated the family is that its destruction is required to destroy America, to make it vulnerable and compliant with Zionist goals.
But this philosophy of anti-Americanism, anti-family, anti-tradition was not an end unto itself. It was the foundation of class warfare, a means of emasculating the nation so that it would become putty in the hands of Zionist banksters.
Zionism is a freakish genocidal philosophy and strategy used to destroy Germany, Russia, the United States, Iran, and all who dare stand in its way of global hegemony. Zionists and the Jewish state are the sworn enemies of this and many other nations. Mossad has completely and totally infiltrated the CIA and US State Department which explains a couple of other loose ends in the Obama Project.
Stanley and Madelyn Dunham were CIA agents whom we now suspect of working for Mossad. Thus they were fellow travelers with Newman in their plot to destroy America, also explaining why Stanley was such good friends with another anti-American communist, Frank Marshall Davis.
Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel was or is head of North American Mossad operations. His presence in the Oval Office was no accident, and critical to Obama’s subversive activities. Obama doubled down on the Bush strategy of bailing out banksters and demolishing Main Street. These activities fully align with Zionism and Obama’s massive expansion of the national debt to obscene, bankruptcy levels.
Before closing, we must drive home one more point. Fred, Jo Ann, and Sanford Newman formed a Jewish cell in America which co-opted Malcolm X as a means of attracting people into their treason against the American state. We further believe that Fred Newman, through Mossad, murdered Malcolm X in order to hijack Obama for their long term goal of creating a Marxist president and ripping asunder the American nation.
A few significant questions remain. If Stanley Ann Dunham is in fact Jo Ann Newman, how does one explain her work for USAID, a CIA front, the Ford Foundation, and her doctoral thesis? Also, who is the alleged daughter of Stanley and Madelyn daughter? Finally, did Joel Gilbert indeed find nude photos of Stanley Ann Dunham, or were those, too, produced in the same manner as Obama's forged birth certificate?
Contrary to Trowbridge’s desire to forgive Obama, we see him as a treasonous Trojan horse who has murdered people to perpetuate his ungodly lies. He must be removed from office.

Writings of Martha Trowbridge, Terrible Truth Website,, accessed 3/23/2014

Mario Apuzzo, Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982? , November 7, 2011, accessed 3/23/2014
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Lyndon Johnson American Nero

All of America's worst presidents started with Lyndon Johnson who as we shall see was a psychopathic murderer.

George Reedy (1917 - 1999) worked for Lyndon Johnson from 1951-1965, serving last as his press secretary as Johnson was giving the plutocrats the war they wanted, his gratitude for saving him the embarrassment of his multitudinous scandals.

While Reedy has some blind spots in understanding the politics of the time which colored Johnson's vile psychology, he provided deep insights into the man's psychosis.

Historians like Robert Caro and Robert Dallek gloss over Johnson's heinous behavior; behavior which should have removed him from office under the 25th amendment to the constitution. Some how these men can comment on his transgressions, yet paint him as a great man. He was a small, vile, vindictive man who got to the oval office through murdering his boss - the old fashioned Roman way.

Reedy's memoirs are filled with execrable behaviors of Johnson which ultimately explain why Johnson could send American boys to their deaths and suffering in Viet Nam, to say nothing of murdering men - and his sister - in cold blood.
Regarding his manners and contempt for people:
There was no sense in which he could be described as a pleasant man. His manners were atrocious- not just slovenly but frequently calculated to give offense. Relaxation was something he did not understand and would not accord to others. He was a bully who would exercise merciless sarcasm on people who could not fight back but could only take it. Most important, he had no sense of loyalty- at least, not the kind of loyalty I learned on the Irish Near North Side of Chicago, where life was bearable only because people who had very little in the way of wordly goods had very much in the way of mutual trust. To Johnson, loyalty was a one-way street: all take on his part and all give on the part of everyone else- his family, his friends, his supporters.[Reedy, p. x]
Regarding his language:
"As a rule, his language colorful, pointed, and what can most charitably be described as "earthy." His "humor" was based chiefly on the contents of toilet bowls and he was addicted to "pie-in-the-face" practical jokes. His favorite spectator sport was watching bovine copulation and he gloried in summoning fastidious males to his bathroom, where conference and excretion could be intermingled. His consumption of beverage alcohol was for purposes other than sacramental and in quantities that did not accord St. Paul's "a little wine for thy stomach's sake." [Reedy, p.34-35]
 Regarding his drinking and abusiveness
The drinking bouts became increasingly heavy and increasingly frequent. When he was with staff members, there would usually be a point at which he would launch a tirade reviling an assistant for a long series of fancied wrongs and assumed inadequacies. ...

They were invariably preceded by a wild drinking bout. He was not an alcoholic or a heavy drinker in the commonly accepted sense of those words. But there were occasions when he would pour down Scotch and soda in a virtually mechanical motion in rhythm with the terrible tension building visibly within him and communicating itself to his listeners. The warning signs were unmistakable and those with past experience tried to get away before the inevitable flood of invective. As they found out, it was rarely possible. [Reedy 56-57]
Regarding the inevitability of the Viet Nam disaster:
The trouble was that Johnson himself became a victim of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. It froze him into a totally uncompromising position where he had no alternatives- or thought he had no alternative- to feeding more and more draftees into the meat grinder. He had never, in his entire life, learned to confess error, and this quality- merely amusing or exasperating in a private person- resulted in cosmic tragedy for a president. He had to prove that he had been right all along. And this meant that he had to do more of what he had been doing despite the demonstrable failure of his Vietnam policies.[Reedy, p. 165]
In 1965, at the outset of the massive escalation in Viet Nam, and after the military service chiefs gave Johnson their unsolicited advice after the butcher Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara refused to listen to them, Johnson exploded in fury:
then suddenly discarding the calm, patient demeanor he had maintained throughout the meeting, whirled to face them and exploded.
I almost dropped the map. He screamed obscenities, he cursed them personally, he ridiculed them for coming to his office with their "military advice." Noting that it was he who was carrying the weight of the free world on his shoulders, he called them filthy names-shitheads, dumb shits, pompous assholes-and used "the F-word" as an adjective more freely than a Marine in boot camp would use it. He then accused them of trying to pass the buck for World War III to him. It was unnerving, degrading.
Robert Morrow quoted the above excerpt from The Day It Became the Longest War.
From this point forward, Johnson, in order to prove his generals wrong, would never reconsider their advice, and continued to throw good money after bad, and to send more men to their deaths to salvage his losing hopeless war. But in a sad way, the Americans got exactly what they deserved, and we give our deepest sympathies to the men who lost their lives and sanity proving this American Nero wrong.
Robert Morrow, email: Some nuggets on LBJ, 3/22/2014
Robert Morrow, Lyndon Johnson, military intelligence and the CIA murdered John F. Kennedy, no date, privately published
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Research Note: Johnson and Rockefeller Connections

Relatively little has been understood by most Americans regarding the close relationship between Nelson Rockefeller and Lyndon Johnson, but it is critical in understanding their conspiracy to murder President Kennedy.
After discovering the close links between the Republican and Democrat politicians, it is now easy to see how they collaborated to murder a president, each man representing the 2 most powerful interests in the crime.
Researchers have long known that powerful interests in New York and Texas provided the means and funding to depose the president. But the actual connecting points have never been properly identified. We can state that the primary actors were the two under discussion. In addition to representing the powerful oil and industrial factions, Johnson also represented the Jewish cabal involved in the murder.
Naïve Americans who believe the silly nonsense of the two party system and in the demarcations between the 2 parties can move on to another website - this information is clearly not for you. Whatever pretenses of rivalry are displayed to the public are merely to indulge the plutocrats' sense of theater and their contempt for Americans in general.
Establishment stalwart Robert Dallek wrote the following insightful paragraph in his book, Flawed Giant, about Johnson:
Toward the end of April [1968], Johnson invited the Rockefellers to the White House for dinner, where he urged the governor to declare for the Republican nomination. “He was very friendly about ’68, and very supportive of me for ’68,” Rockefeller said. Johnson also told him he would never campaign against him. Happy Rockefeller remembered how during that evening Johnson urged Rockefeller to run. “He did want Nelson to be President,” she said. Johnson encouraged others to back Rockefeller as well. On April 7, after Irwin Miller, a prominent member of “Republicans for Johnson” in 1964 had asked whether the president would object to his chairing a Draft Rockefeller Committee, LBJ have Miller “a full speed go-ahead.”
This forces us to make a final correction to our assessment regarding Johnson's role in the murder of Kennedy. We had finally, and even recently, concluded that Johnson was a secondary supporting player based upon his unexpected abstention from the 1968 presidential campaign. We thought that he may have feared continuing in office, with his life possibly in danger.
The truth appears to be that Johnson was deferring to his partner in crime for the high office, especially since his stock had fallen to all time lows, and a good gambler knows when to fold.
This closeness between the 2 men was predicated upon intersections of their interests in politics, and more importantly, in intelligence, going back at least to the 1940s. Rockefeller's ties to the CIA and psychological warfare operations is well known, and without doubt Johnson fell into Rockefeller's orbit on this matter.
We also recently published information provided to Robert Stich by Colonel Trenton Parker, formerly of the CIA Pegasus group, that Parker had heard tapes of several men discussing the Kennedy assassination, which tapes were supposedly given to Congressman Larry McDonald, possession of which led directly to his demise.
Thus the ring leaders in the murder of Kennedy have been finally identified, and the heads of the major branches of the conspiracy emanating from New York and Texas. The secondary lesson is that the rivalry between the 2 political parties is histrionics for naïve people.
Robert Dallek, Flawed Giant, Oxford University Press, New York, 1998, pp 544-545, excerpted from Robert Morrow on The Education Forum, 4/9/2011
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

JFK Murder Masterminds Revealed

We finally have the next best thing to a smoking gun of the murderers of President John Kennedy. The names are very well known and always suspected of being the masterminds of the murder of Kennedy.
When President Truman signed legislation creating the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947, he intended that it only be a coordinating body rather than an operational unit. Unfortunately, his wishes were honored in the breach rather than in the observance. When he left office, what little restraints the agency had were removed by Dwight Eisenhower.
However, as part of his internal checks and balances, Truman created a group called Pegasus which was assigned to spy on the CIA. One of its officers, Colonel Trenton Parker told federal investigator Rodney Stitch that the Pegasus unit had tape recordings of phone conversations of FBI Director J Edgar Hoover planning the murder of Kennedy.
But the conversations included numerous power brokers in Washington including Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, and Hoover. Unfortunately we have not heard the conversations which we suspect have long been destroyed. However, our previous research fully corroborates the story that these men were the brain trust behind the coup of 1963.

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Why Was Loretta Fuddy Murdered?

[Author's Note: Update 4/5/2020 - The most likely explanation of Fuddy's death is that it was faked. She was in legal jeopardy and would have opened the scab of Barry Soetoro's identity fraud and usurpation of the presidency through the covert operations of the CIA. She was thus "killed" in a 3 stooges escapade, given a new identity and face, and relocated to some remote area. This explains the real estate transactions associated with her before and after her death.]

Hawaii's former Director of Public Health, Loretta Fuddy died in a plane crash December 11, 2013 when her flight carrying 9 passengers crashed in choppy waters enroute to Honolulu. All other passengers and crew survived the flight.
Fuddy made news when she authenticated the birth certificate of Barack Obama after her appointment as pubic health director in 2011. The only problem with the birth certificate produced by Obama is that it is a complete forgery.
The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse has proven without equivocation that the PDF birth certificate issued by Obama is a forgery, meaning that someone needed accurate information in order to construct a plausible fake. The White House obtained this information through Fuddy, and most probably her deputy Keith Yamamoto, who passed to the White House details to create a facsimile.
The birth certificate is proven to be a manufactured document by its many layers produced by Photoshop. An authentic document would have only 1 layer. Apparently the stooge who did the leg work forgot to flatten the document.
But why did Fuddy cooperate in the forgery? We believe that the best answer was supplied by PPSimons News and Ministry which identified a common link between Fuddy, Ann Dunham, and Barack Obama.
Fuddy and Ann Dunham, Obama's alleged mother, were both members of the Indonesian Subud cult, and by extension, so was Obama. Consequently, Obama had a natural ally in preserving his fraudulent pretensions. In the cult, Loretta was known as Deliana Fuddy.
Doug Vogt, an attorney who has proven the birth certificate fraud, and an accountant who has analyzed Fuddy's financial disclosure statements, has noted discrepancies in her financial filings amounting to 70-100,000 USD. The most likely explanation is that she received a bribe in that amount for services rendered.
Once Fuddy produced the information and certification, she became expendable, especially if she were deemed to have loose lips. As the noose has tightened around Obama, she was deemed a liability and murdered.
Many have died to continue the hoax and fraud upon the American people, and many more will be murdered to keep the secrets of state.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Manchurian Candidate Obama

The number of people speaking out who have known Barack Obama prior to his elevation to the presidency continues to increase, giving us greater insight into this Manchurian Candidate president. No one has any idea who this person is, but we have started to assemble some of the puzzle pieces of personality and past.
Although Obama's masters have built him up as a great intellect with fancy degrees, no one who has spoken to him has ever been impressed with his intelligence. Mia Pope said that he was not the dullest tool in the shed, but that he was distinctly unimpressive intellectually.
Recently Eric Muller, better known as Mancow, revealed comments made to him by the well known actor Harry Lennix - not be confused with the computer operating system - which reinforces the characterization of Obama as a substandard intellect.
Lennix stated that he trained Obama to assume the persona of a south side Chicago black American for about 15 years in preparation for elected public office. The personality which Obama uses as president is much the fabrication of Lennix whom Obama closely studied. Obama simply lacked the mentality for the presidency - he was a community activist.
Obama has frequently been dubbed the Teleprompter-in-Chief, meaning that he could not survive without someone feeding him his lines from behind the curtain, so to speak. Mancow stated that he knew Soeotoro before he was ever well known and thought he was an empty suit.
There is absolutely no intellectual substance to Barak Obama, a decidedly vacuous person, but this is precisely what made him so attractive to his handlers. Because he suffers from a severe narcissistic disorder he is both a user, and someone who will be whatever he thinks someone else wants him to be. Each behavior is somewhat at odds with the other, suggesting to us that he may have a multiple personality disorder.
This would fit with our idea that he may be an MK-ULTRA project who was planned from the beginning to be a Manchurian Candidate president. Certainly his upbringing created, through design or fecklessness, an empty directionless person who never worked for his accomplishments. They were created for him and handed to him. There is absolutely no way that Obama could have edited Harvard Law Review - something well beyond his intellectual capacity.
There are plenty of indicators in Obama's life that he was abandoned. His mother tossed him to his grandparents, in part because he was in the way of her lifestyle. His grandparents were absentee parents with minimal involvement in his life. His father Frank was 65 years old when he became involved with him, and was a pornographer working for the Soviet Union who filled him with hate and bitterness. So even though Obama had 4 fathers, he had none.
Obama's decisions and actions are given to him. Using the tactics of Saul Alinsky, and Cloward-Piven, Obama's policies have been specifically designed to bankrupt this nation for the purpose of rendering it impotent to withstand the corporate fascism taking over this country. The reign of terror has already begun as innumerable bankers associated with JPM Chase have been murdered, although they are always labeled "suicides."
Obama told Lennix as early as 1998 that he would be president, something he was clearly told by his handlers who knew that they could control the media and the polling booths to pull off the heist. So what did Obama do to prepare for his future job? Besides running for state and national office, organizing community activists, snorting crack, and visiting gay bath houses such as Man's Country in Chicago, he did practically nothing.
Obama had no substantive legislative record, nor did he complete his term as US senator. However, with several billions of dollars of free advertising from the news media, and a lot of gullible voters who embraced hope and change - whatever that was - he was installed in the White House with his drag queen "wife".
We have heard repeatedly, especially about Fox News, that no reporter or anchor is allowed to criticize Obama, nor are they allowed to broach certain subjects on threat of job termination. The US press is completely controlled by the CIA and corporate Bilderberger oligarchs such as George Soros who have nearly completed their takeover of America.
They will attempt to keep the empty suit in office for another term. A constitutional crisis or war will be engineered to invoke continuity in government laws which were passed by the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Barry Soetoro is a foreign born national who has usurped the office of president through traitors such as David Rockefeller, George Soros, Bill Gates, and other members of the elite global hierarchy. And yet Americans would rather watch Dancing With the Stars. They will get what they deserve - the reign of terror is about to begin.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Applause For Venezuela

Veterans Today published a fine concise history of Venezuela covering the past century, showing its past as a pawn of big oil interests, raped of its natural resources. However, the Venezuelans are fighting back, and we applaud them for doing so.
President Nicolas Madura has minced no words in his contempt of US meddling in his country's affairs, most notably by stirring up riots and violence. This past month, he even had the temerity (and wisdom) to call Secretary of State Kerry a murderer, a charge with much substance.
The nation has been a target of Exxon Mobil and other big oil interests because its 700 billion barrel oil deposit on Lake Maracaibo has incited enough drooling by the robber barons to fill the lake twice over.
Hostilities heightened when Hugo Chavez became president of the country in 1998, after which he initiated policies which enraged the State Department and Exxon Mobil led by Gustavos Cisneros. Chavez' crime was that he wanted to better the lives of his people and break the stranglehold the Exxon Mobil banksters had on the nation.
Beginning in 2002 the plutocrats, with backing from the CIA, US military, Exxon Mobil, Cisneros, and other international oil interests, conspired to remove Chavez forcibly from office. They tried again in 2011 after failing in their first attempt. They finally succeeded when they murdered Chavez with a virulent cancer weapon which the CIA developed originally in the early 1960s in New Orleans by the murderer Dr Alton Oschner who himself had deep ties with South America.
Although he faced stern opposition from the foreign supported local plutocrats, Chavez imposed more equitable terms on the big oil companies, using the new monies to help build up other Latin American countries and improving the people's conditions in Venezuela.
It is most interesting to note that the people returned their gratitude by protesting loudly in his favor on several occasions, a factor in returning him from at least 2 exiles forced by the plutocrats.
Perhaps Chavez' boldest move came when he reorganized banking laws which now require banks to serve as utilities rather than avaricious money bilking schemes. This view of banks is a novel and thoroughly sophisticated re-imagination of an institution which has wreaked havoc on millions of people world wide.
After Chavez' death, his hand chosen successor Madura assumed power, and seems to be continuing in the great Chavez' path. Chavez was not perfect - he had corruptions no different than those found in Washington, DC - but he had something which no politician in Washington has - and that is concern for the poor, weak, and down-trodden.
We applaud Madura and wish him the very best in ridding his nation of rapacious banksters and oil companies. The oil in Venezuela is God's treasure to its people and should be developed equitably, meaning that its profits should be used to build up the nation into a prosperous one enjoying the benefits other developed nations.
Dean Henderson, Venezuela Deal Blow to Bankster Fascists, Veterans Today, March 18, 2014, accessed 3/18/2014

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hitler’s Escape

German news reporters announced the death of Adolf Hitler May 1, 1945 after Soviet troops captured the bunker in which he was believed to have hidden. New evidence produced by multiple investigators over the past 10 years show these announcements to have been false.
The official story, especially the fairy tale produced by Hugh Trevor-Roper, claims that Hitler and his closest aides descended into his underground bunker for their last acts as rulers of Germany which was overrun by Allied military forces. Part of Hitler’s and his mistress Eva Braun’s final moments was their suicide in order to avoid capture by the Soviets. Upon closer inspection, there is very little substance to this tale.
Although a number of researchers have drawn similar conclusions about Hitler’s survival, there are differences in the story, so the reader is advised to continue researching this matter. But we attempt to amalgamate what we believe to be the most plausible narrative of his escape from Berlin.
The state sponsored story about Hitler suffers many defects, and we might add that the revisionist theories are not without their holes. The first problem is that there is no physical evidence of Hitler’s death. The skull fragments which the Soviet’s claimed for decades were those of Hitler were examined in 2009 by American researchers using DNA and anthropological tools. They concluded that the skull was that of a woman under 40 years of age – a finding which eliminated the last of the physical evidence purporting to be Hitler’s remains.
As one commentator noted, you couldn’t obtain a life insurance settlement with that kind of evidence. But another curious aspect to the Soviet case is the alleged recovery and burning of the body. Why would Hitler’s staunchest enemy furtively take the body and burn it? The more natural expectation is that the Soviets would put it on display to show the world that they had indeed conquered their arch nemesis.
And to complicate matters more, Joseph Stalin asserted on several occasions that Hitler escaped to either Spain or Argentina. At this point, the butcher of Moscow starts to point toward the truth, not something he was often inclined to do.
Eye witness evidence from the pilot who flew Hitler to Denmark from Berlin on or about April 30, 1945 begins to tell the remarkable story of the dictator’s escape with his mistress Eva Braun. From there the couple and a very small cadre of followers boarded a submarine which took them to Argentina where they lived sin eclusion until Hitler’s death some years later.
Exactly how many years “some years later” is has not been determined with finality.  Some of the more conservative researchers speculate that he died as early as 1954 while others put the time of death between 1962-65. The more sensational story tellers allege that he died in the 1980s.
The various years of death derive from circumstantial evidence and speculation. The researcher who argued for death in the mid 1950s based it upon life expectancy for someone with Parkinson’s disease, while those arguing for the 1960s base it upon the end of data trickling out from Argentina and the FBI about his life and whereabouts.
There are also differing accounts about how he lived. Some say that he lived in comfort though not grand, while other say that he survived in a humble if not desolate cabin behind very tight security. We tend to believe that the former explanation is more accurate but it is not major point of the story.
Part of our belief rests upon our understanding of Hitler’s connections with Martin Bormann and the Eichhorns who were very close friends and supporters of Hitler. Bormann was the financial and organizational brains who made Hitler’s economy hum. He had established hundreds of corporations throughout the world beginning in the 1930s, but especially in the 1940s, as a way of spreading influence, guaranteeing industrial supplies, and providing a means of escape and support should the Nazis lose the war.
The Eichhorns were also wealthy and had considerable holdings in Argentina. It is believed that Hitler stayed in their Eden Hotel in La Fulda for some or the entire time he was alive. The Eichhorns were among many German expatriates who had either taken up residence or acquired properties in Argentina, a practice which had started in the 1880s. In some places of Argentina, especially in the south and Patagonia, they had developed a state within a state, very much off limits to Argentine officials.
Finally, Juan Peron came to power during the war as a sympathizer and supporter of the Nazi cause. Thus all of the logistical and legal support required to sequester Hitler out of the public eye was in place by the time he arrived.
It is said by eye witnesses that Eva Braun was pregnant when she left Germany, thus many have speculated that the Hitlers had at least one child, while others speculate that they had another – making a son and daughter. Again, there is no hard evidence of this, but reasonable circumstantial evidence suggests it.
So how do we really know that Hitler survived? Much of the evidence comes from eye witnesses who have spoken in recent years. For example, one of the maids who waited on Hitler at the Eden Hotel has described vividly Hitler’s stay.
Many local newspaper accounts report directly or indirectly of Hitler’s attendances at various social functions. The FBI maintained a small team to track his location since the end of the war, and their reports and activities do not stop until about 1968.
It is believed that Eva survived considerably longer, with some saying as late as the 1980s. The children also believed to still be alive.
We would like to address one theory explaining Hitler’s escape. L C Vincent argues in his essay on the subject that Hitler was spared in a quid pro quo with the Allies over the atomic bomb. In other words, the Germans had already produced the bomb, but contrary to all of the hoopla surrounding the Manhattan Project, the US failed to produce an atomic bomb because it could not design the trigger necessary to detonate the bomb.
Although this theory is not as tight as we would like, we think it has merit, and may well explain why the Allies did not make a full court press to hunt down Hitler. Since we believe that it was within their means to do so, it is upon these grounds that Vincent’s theory has plausibility.
While all of this may seem disturbing, it is only because Americans are fed a steady diet of lies, fraud, and deceit, so that anything contrary to their civic religion is unsettling. However, we believe that the story of Hitler’s survival fits far better the evidence than does his death.
Revealed: Hitler in Argentina (Trailer), Producer: Noam Shalev, 2013
Hitler’s Escape to Argentina FULL VERSION, 21st Century Wire, Interview with Gerrard Wolf by Patrick Henningsen, First Airing SKY Channel 119 2012.
L C Vincent, Hitler Survived, Mystery Train, October 7, 2011, accessed March 16, 2014

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fast and Furious in the Ukraine

Events in the Ukraine have proceeded at nearly break neck speed toward World War 3 since the US led coup of February 21, 2014 in Kiev. In order to understand the dynamics in and around Ukraine, we present astonishing developments over the past few days.
The crisis in the Ukraine developed critical mass when Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland uttered her diplomatic delicacy, "Fuck the EU," as the State Department announced to the world its hand picked successor Oleksandr Turchynov to replace the elected Viktor Yanukovych.
This statement clearly revealed that the United States was working with terrorists to plot the coup which subsequently leaked documents confirm. An even more startling conversation between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton proved that the US terrorists murdered their own supporters in order to implicate Yanukovych of wanton bloodshed. The facts prove this to be faked intelligence operation by the United States.
Why did the US want to topple the Ukrainian government? The primary cause for fury in Washington is that Yanukovych did not want to sign an agreement to join the European Union. Secretary of State Kerry, Nuland, and Senator McCain proceeded to foment "popular uprisings" in support of protestors wanting to join. It was not too difficult to find dissidents in the western provinces of the country, including the Right Sector and other Nazi organizations, to break out into protests.
What these actions by US politicians prove is that the European Union is a vassal state of Washington, a state which US government leaders wish to expand. The real motive for pushing the annexation of the Ukraine is to install nuclear missiles there.
Another important factor involves the oil and gas pipelines, one of the US military's most important missions - the protection of the giant multinational oil companies. But the pipeline issue is not confined to Ukraine. The Syrian crisis which Obama tried valiantly to ignite into war was blunted by Vladimir Putin, so there is definitely a blood feud involved between the US military industrial complex, and the Russians.
Now for their services rendered, the United States sent Blackwater - a CIA terrorist organization - into Ukraine to take its 33 tons of gold - gold which the Ukrainians can kiss good bye forever, and loss indicating that the western Ukrainians are none too bright.
The Russians did not perceive the encroachment on the Ukraine positively, seeing the American Empire continuing its strategic envelopment of their country. Consequently, its president Vladimir Putin took steps to integrate the Crimea into the Russian Federation, in order to preserve its warm water port in Sevastopol of which the Americans were clearly attempting to deprive him.
While the US and Russia have traded sharp diplomatic rhetoric, the US military and intelligence forces have been busy planting black flag operations implicating the Russians. Veterans Today has broken an astonishing story of subterfuge by the US involving LTC Jason Gresh (USA), COL Igor Protsyk (Ukraine) , and Pasha Tarasenko (Ukraine) planning a terrorist attack at Melitopol which should either have already occurred, or schedule to happen within hours. Time will tell.
Part of the plan calls for dead bodies and airplane parts which may well come from the hijacked Malaysian flight 370 which did not crash into the Indian Ocean contrary lies spouted in the state controlled press, and by CIA hack Michael Shrimpton.
We suspect that the plane has been dismembered not only for spare parts to be sold into official channels, but also for a few spare parts to stage the faked Russian special forces attack.
We surmise that this act will form the casus belli for Obama to attack Ukraine. But wait, I thought that Obama was a Russian lackey, you may object. Wasn't he heard on an unguarded microphone telling the Russian foreign minister that he would be more "flexible" after the 2012 elections? Obama did say that, so he may be working working for the Russians, just as his father Frank Marshall Davis did for the Soviets.
At this point, it is not clear who is really in charge of the US government. Obama certainly expressed fury at the escape of Edward Snowden, so the possibility exists that his absconding with records is a staged event favored by Obama, or that Obama really is furious by the defection. If Obama was angry indeed, then his bellicosity toward the Russians may be genuine. On the other hand, if the microphone comments are Obama's true policies, then it is quite possible that we have witnessed another military coup in the US. Our suspicions are that the Joint Chiefs of Staff have taken over foreign policy as witnessed by McCain's outspoken and vitriolic language toward the Russians. The Deep State government is asserting itself in no uncertain terms - and that means war.
With the troglodytes of JCS in charge of foreign policy, we are guaranteed war. Whether or not it goes nuclear waits to be seen. In any event, with Obama's well known homosexuality and drag queen Michelle in tow, there is no doubt that the JCS have enough to blackmail Obama into any course of action it choses.

Gordon Duff, Caught: US Planning Terror Attacks in Ukraine, Veterans Today, March 15, 2014, accessed March 15, 2014

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America's First Black Gay President

Although Barack Obama II cannot truthfully claim to be America's first homosexual president, he can claim to be America's first black gay president.
We had heard rumors about Obama's homosexuality, but generally dismissed them as tabloid gossip. After all how do you explain his 22 year marriage to Michelle - and the 2 kids? But sometimes gossip is true. The turning point for us was the discovery that Michelle Obama is a man, a fact abundantly documented by the video we announced in our previous article, Michelle Obama Is a Man.
We also uncovered a 2012 article in WND which documented significant homosexual activity of Barack Obama going back to his days as a student at Occidental College in California, where he wore a gold ring even through his Harvard Law School days, suggesting that he was in a committed relationship. It may well be that the individual is his current spouse Michelle who has undergone sex change surgery.
The WND article also documents many witnesses who saw Obama at various gay hangouts including gyms and bathhouses such as the high end Man's Country in Chicago, where he and Rahm Emmanuel were members.
Other witnesses claimed to do cocaine with Obama while he was an Illinois state senator. This allegation seems most probable in light of his father's drug dealing in Hawaii from where he sold marijuana and harder drugs from his Chicago style hot dog stand. Lest there be any confusion about whom we mean to be Obama's father, we mean Frank Marshall Davis.

We believe that we have come much closer to the truth with these allegations than any state controlled media outlet such as Fox News has come. Joel Gilbert reports that Fox News' most senior management refused to touch the information in his DVD Dreams from My Real Father, because "it was too controversial", proving once and for all that these organizations do not provide news so much as mind mush and deceptions.

Jerome Corsi, Claim: Obama Hid 'Gay Life' to Become President, WND, September 11, 2012, accessed 3/15/82014

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Michelle Obama Is a Man

[Note 4/19/2014: The link we provided below to the CastleJen Basset video production proving that "Michelle Obama" is a man has been removed by the Google Thought Police in order to suppress the truth. We are adamant that the information provided in the video proving that "she" is a man is correct.
4/21/2014: we have found a new link to the original video.]

As jaded conspiracy factualists, we thought that nothing would shock us any more. We were wrong. We have just witnessed irrefutable proof that Michelle Obama is man. Note that we did not say we saw mere, probable evidence - we said proof.
In a video entitled Irrefutable Proof that Michelle Obama IS A Man 24/7, the authors walk through the physiological evidence proving without doubt, reservation, or caveat that Michelle was and is a man.
The two producers are husband and wife professional law enforcement officers who, posting on YouTube as CastleJen Basset, and holding degrees in criminal justice and trained in anatomy, have authoritatively furnished conclusive proof of their claims.
The film presents evidence including digit ratios, shoulder anatomy, head and body length ratios, Adam's apple, and genitalia to prove beyond doubt and without equivocation that Michelle Obama is not only America's First Drag Queen, but a man.
We will follow up with further analysis of this stunning news, but we find it important to immediately alert all Americans who care that Michelle Obama is a man. Do not delay in watching the video below.



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