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The Origins of the American Slave Trade

If asked about the origins of the American slave trade, most Americans would probably give some vague answer about Whitey being the instigator. This is only a half truth, and a deceitful one at that. Digging deeper into the roots of the slave trade, one would find that the Jews controlled it from Newport, RI and other centers of Jewish concentration.
The story we present is based upon the research of Walter White, Jr writing in an exceptional article footnoted below on the introduction and perpetuation of slavery in America. The story begins with Christopher Columbus in 1492 who set sail for the New World with 5 crewmen or maranos - ie Jews - who persuaded him to take back to Spain 500 Indians who would be sold as slaves. The 5 Jews were Luis de Torres, Marco, Bemal, Alonzo de la Calle and Gabriel Sanchez.
Although 500 seems a rather large number for such small boats, Sanchez returned to Spain with perhaps that many, and with his colleague Bemal betrayed and imprisoned Columbus, while the 5 perpetrators took all of the money from the sale of slaves.
As an interesting side note, we discover that the Jew Luis de Santangelo (spelling of his name varies), and not the Spanish crown, provided the major funding for the voyage.
When the British settled North America over 100 years later, they forbad slavery until 1661 when the practice was legalized through the heavy intervention of the Jews who settled primarily in New York and Newport. The Jews most actively agitating for repeal of anti-slavery laws were Sandiford, Lay, Woolman, Solomon, and Benezet. White does not supply us with first names.
The Jews corrupted the Indians with large quantities of rum and whiskey which they produced in Newport, but were unable to convert them to slaves. However they did manage to swindle them using their cheap worthless glass beads in exchange for luxurious fur pelts.
The repeal of the anti slavery laws was facilitated through the heavy labor needs of the growing agricultural interests in the colonies, work for which Europeans seemed not to be well suited. With major interests in New York, Newport, Charleston, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Savannah, the Jews were well positioned to embark on a massive slave trade which would capture 110 million Africans over a 113 year period, of which only 11 million arrived in America alive.
But the Jews' hatred for the slaves was unquenchable as they treated them with the utmost brutality and squalor imaginable as they took a 3-5 month return voyage to American ports. An example of the brutality included cutting off the legs of a failed escapee in front of the other slaves as a warning against disobedience. Captives wallowed in human excrement the entire way back to the colonies.
The Jews used their distilleries to corrupt the West Africans, as they did with the Indians, and to incite tribal warfare which was a leading source of the slaves. The Jews would pay the equivalent of 18-40 dollars per head and sell them for up to 2,000 dollars at auction in America.
At this point, we are a bit unsatisfied with the numbers which White provided as denominations would be expected to be in pounds. Nevertheless, the slave traders could expect a 10 fold profit on their "cargoes."
One of the more prominent slave traders was the Jew Aaron Lopez of Portugese ancestry who controlled nearly 50% of the slave trade between 1726-74, leaving one of the most magnificent fortunes at the time of his death.
White documents that of the 600 ships leaving Newport over 300 were slave trading vessels. He also provides a very brief list of these ships, all owned by Jews.
  • 'Abigail' by Aaron Lopez.
  • Moses Levy and Jacob Franks.
  • 'Crown' by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson.
  • 'Nassau'by Moses Levy.
  • 'Four Sisters' by Moses Levy.
  • 'Anne & Eliza' by Justus Bosch and John Abrams.
  • 'Prudent Betty' by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix.
  • 'Hester' by Mordecai and David Gomez
  • 'Elizabeth' by David and Mordecai Gomez.
  • 'Antigua' by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell.
  • 'Betsy'by Wm. DeWoolf.
  • 'PoUy'by James DeWoolf.
  • 'White Horse' by Jan de Sweevts.
  • 'Expedition' by John and Jacob Rosevelt.
  • 'Charlotte' by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks.
  • 'Caracoa' by Moses and Sam Levy.
Only 10% of the captains were Jewish, the owners preferring not to dirty their hands on the excrement laden ships in which the slaves wallowed. A 50% survival rate of slaves was considered exceptionally high.
Some may take exception to White’s sources, one of which included Henry Ford whom some will say is a biased observer, but he resorts primarily to documents made available by the Carnegie institutions which are first hand documents of the ownership and conditions found on the ships during 17th and 18th centuries, as well as valuable sources for the acquisition and disposition of slaves.
It is no surprise that the Jews were the primary owners and operators of the slave trade as their Talmud and Rabbis speak contemptuously of anyone who is not a Jew. Indeed, the late and disgusting Joan Rivers longed to murder 1000 Arab children.
Walter White, Jr, Who Brought the Slaves to America?, 1968, reproduced by, accessed 9/28/2014.
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Zionism and Nazism, Two Sides of the Same Coin

A fascinating monograph documenting the rise of Zionism within the British aristocracy makes the startling claim that this political movement owes its origins to the occultic beliefs of Britain’s ruling classes as a means to maintain and expand its empire. We consider some of its claims to correlate them with positions we have staked out on the subject of Zionism.
Mark Burdman wrote his fascinating essay on the development of Zionism by tracing its evolution from the early 19th century when various British statesmen advocated the establishment of a Jewish state as a means of controlling the Middle East, to World War 2 whose chief agitators were the British aristocrats who installed Adolph Hitler in power to further the Zionist cause – not because they were philo-Semitic, but because they were covetous of ruling the world.
One of the important elements of his history of Zionism is Burdman’s documentation of the seemingly irreconcilable hatred for Jews and advancement of Zionism as statecraft. We thus see the Janus faced policy, or the Hegelian dialectic at work, of which the British imperialists of the 19th century and later were masters.
More specifically Burdman notes with many quotes the utter contempt with which those of the Round Table, such as Cecil Rhodes and James Balfour, the latter of whom issued the infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917 to Lord Rothschild, held the Jews, juxtaposing the public policy pronouncements of Zionism with the private contempt for Semitic peoples.
While some say it matters not since the ends justifies the means, and although we strongly disagree, we draw attention to the more important element of racism as the motive for this policy. Burdman documents the extensive heritage of Zionism in Britain from Lord Palmerston, Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Balfour, David Lloyd George, and Winston Churchill and others, whose ultimate hand maiden Harry Truman actually did the dirty work of recognizing the State of Israel. Each of these oligarchs was imbued with a sense of towering racial superiority as expressed in the Anglo-Saxon race.
Even though a galaxy of British politicians agitated mightily the Zionist cause, they were actually a numerical minority who worked through various cutouts to advance their aim of a Zionist state under British imperial aegis. Such cutouts included Theodore Herzl, frequently revered as the father of the Jewish state, but quite frequently identified as a British agent during his life time, and a mad one at that.
Herzl in his own right was a tawdry character who died at the young age of 44 of gonorrhea, divorced from his wife, and involved in various debaucheries such as sodomy and pederasty. Such was the ideal instrument of British policy.
Behind the Zionist impulses of the British aristocracy was the racist views of the royalty which not only saw the Anglo-Saxons as the world’s finest and fittest race, but which in combination with the Jews, who were really Khazars and gentiles, made the world safe for Anglo-Zionist predations.
The racist motivations flowed from the occult in which the British royalty were heavily steeped, with such influential persons as Edward Bulwer-Lytton and Aleister Crowley among the more notorious Satanists who influenced the British royals.
One of the more interesting elements of Burdman’s story is the hostility of 19th century Jews towards a Zionist state, nearly all of whom denounced Herzl and others as lunatic, often referring him and his ilk to psychiatrists for treatment.
The British had an antidote for Jewish hostility by supporting various pogroms and persecutions, especially in Eastern Europe, to drive the Jews into the arms of Zionism, while in the West different persuasive tactics were used to induce Westerners to endorse the Zionist cause. Oftentimes appeals to Christians for the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy could be made. We could almost co-opt the Islamic motto as Zionism is god, and Disraeli is his prophet.
Although it may seem incomprehensible to the brainwashed or dull mind that Zionism and Nazism are a singularity, Burdman provides extensive documentation that such is precisely the case. Thus the British during the 1920s-30s, especially through the notorious Clividen Set, but including the all powerful Round Table, espoused the cause of Adolph Hitler as he was the antithesis to their Zionist thesis - the predicate for a Jewish state.
But here Burdman goes badly wrong. Professor Karl  Haushofer, an agent for the powerful Bavarian pro British Wittlesbach family, ghost wrote Mein Kampf, a work attributed to Adolph Hitler. Burdman buys the idea that Hitler sought a final solution for the Jews, which meant that he authored the plan to systemically murder them. This claim is rubbish.
There is no evidence that Hitler murdered Jews, but there is very good evidence that Hitler was indeed an exponent of the British empire, advocate of the Roman Catholic Church, and an early agitator of resettlement of Jews in Palestine. These policies were precisely those of the British, and DNA evidence of the British origins of Hitler, who was heavily augmented by American banksters.
Additionally there were many senior Nazi Jews in Hitler’s military, and openly so, disproving the nonsensical notion of Hitler’s Final Solution. It was the Jews who promoted the myth of the Holocaust in order to continue precisely the policy of the British – that of scaring the Jews into Palestine, and murdering many along the way to make the point. Ariel Sharon admitted to such tactics in 1983 when interviewed by a journalist reporting on the Lebanese War.
Beyond the political heritage of Hitler, Burdman points to the Bank of England, the Rothschild dynasty, and other banking interests in both Britain and Germany which collaborated in the installation of Hitler.
Burdman also down plays the role of the Rothschilds in this grand chess game of the British, as do other analysts who claim that the family has much too much publicity to be a prime power broker. We are inclined to accept this analysis even though it contradicts some of our previous positions on the subject.
In sum, the British aristocracy is simultaneously the progenitor of Zionism and the abettor of anti-Semitism based upon their racist arrogance which owes chiefly to their occultic religious beliefs. While the American press idolizes the British royalty, the fact is that most of its influential members are an inbred aristocracy of hate.

Mark Burdman, How Britain’s Biggest Racists Created Zionism, nd,, accessed 9/27/2014

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Chronicle Obituary: 9/11 Mastermind Reported Dead

9/11 mastermind and mass murderer Mike Harari reportedly died Thursday according to news reports in the Ziocon press. Some analysts leave open the possibility that he faked his death to avoid reprisals for his role in murdering 3000 Americans during the 9/11 attack.
According to news reports, Harari was 87 at the time of his death, but one of  his many faked passports shows his date of birth as October 8, 1936. According to former Soviet intelligence agent Dimitri Khalezov who worked personally for Harari, the latter had a 16 year old son in 2001, which if adopted 87 years is plausible, but if sired, quite outside the norm, although Strom Thurmond sure had them until the end. Therefore we are inclined to believe that he was younger than 87.
The former Mossad operations chief was well known for using nuclear weapons at Chernobyl, Bali, Lebanon Marine barracks, Khohbar Towers, and elsewhere during his long career as a spook and butcher. He used false flag attacks to blame Arabs so that he could advance Jewish genocide aims in the Middle East.
We are glad to see the POS dead, and hope that the reports of his death were not greatly exaggerated.

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Chronicle Update: The Strange Case of Titanic and Californian

After viewing a fine presentation by John Hamer on the sinking of the Titanic, we wanted to comment on the role of the Californian, the ship which mysteriously idled in the middle of the Atlantic with 3000 woolen sweaters, and point out to our readers some new facts which we did not have when we first published our story of the Titanic treachery.
Hamer produces a narrative which matches ours, which we in turn aggregated from other presentations paralleling Hamer's. Yet he developed the situation in the Atlantic much better than the others, especially that of the Californian.
It is helpful to fully understand the configuration of ships in the vicinity of the Atlantic. First there was the Titanic, but 19 miles away and over the horizon was the Californian, an ocean liner with absolutely no passengers or cargo save for 3000 wool blankets and sweaters, sitting in the middle of nowhere under the command of Captain Lord.
We also discovered that a seal hunting boat named the Samson was between the Titanic and the Californian. Lord was expecting to see flares of red, white, and blue to signal him to save the passengers on the Titanic, yet all his crew saw that night was white flares, thus lulling him into inaction when the Titanic was sinking.
The white flares came from the Samson which was signaling its row boats back to ship. These are the flares the Californian crew saw. Since seal hunting was illegal, its captain did not come forth with this information, thus causing a great perplexity as to why the Californian did not respond to distress signals. The reason was plain as day - Lord was instructed to respond to red, white, and blue flares -not white flares.
This confusion may have been circumstantial - we are not positive. It could also have been planned as part of the deception of Lord so that he would not save the Titanic passengers. There is good reason to believe that the Samson was a decoy sent to purposefully confuse Lord. Our reason for thinking so is due to another problem with his ship's positioning.
The Californian was over the horizon, in a position where it could not possibly have seen the flares from the Titanic any way. We believe that these 2 situations were specifically engineered to keep Lord from doing anything but sitting in the water, and that he had been ordered to his precise location either explicitly or through deception.
Another discovery we made from Hamer is that there was an ice breaker in the immediate vicinity of the Titanic at the time it suffered its fatal damage. Hamer suggests, but we assert, that the Titanic was hit by the ice breaker. Hamer states that there is no hard evidence that the Titanic hit the an iceberg.
He deals with the assumption that it must have hit an iceberg because of all of the ice on the decks of the ship. However, the night was quite cold, and ice adhered to many surfaces, masts, and other devices on the ship. A sudden jarring as that from an ice breaker would have been sufficient to knock loose the built up ice. Consequently, we cannot use the ice chunks on the Titanic as a basis for believing that it hit an iceberg.
In our earlier report, we noted the presences of John Guggenheim, Jacob Astor, and Isador Strauss on the Titanic. These were powerful men who opposed J P Morgan's plan for the Federal Reserve System. Yet while so many other aristocrats were warned away from the Titanic, these 3 prominent men were on board. Clearly Morgan wanted them there because he wanted to murder them so that he could guarantee the establishment of the Federal Reserve through Bernard Baruch's sock puppet Woodrow Wilson who was campaigning for the presidency.
But wasn't the Californian on standby to save the Titanic? Absolutely not. The captain of the Titanic was induced to carry out the dangerous faked iceberg stunt by assurances that the Californian would save them. But Morgan had absolutely no intention of doing so. He was simply trying to deceive both Smith and Lord that they were playing a safe prank which would not result in any loss of life. The idea of a perfect sinking was laughable on its face, but neither Smith nor Lord were the brightest bulbs on the tree.
Morgan planned all along to sink the Titanic, which in fact was the crippled Olympic, the Titanic's sister ship, in order to defraud Lloyd's of London of the insurance money, just as his plutocratic heirs would do with the World Trade Center 90 years later. He needed to get rid of all of the witnesses to his insurance fraud because he was not about to be blackmailed. Furthermore, he was most anxious to murder Guggenheim, Astor, and Strauss.
With Smith dead - and his demise was no loss - and very corrupt inquiries on both sides of the Atlantic, it was easy to frame Lord as the patsy.
With Hamer's excellent reconstruction of the Titanic's voyage, Morgan's motives and his vile treachery are abundantly clear. The mystery of the Titanic is solved.

John Hamer, Titanic: The Great Deception, We Are Change, December 5, 2012, Lancashire, YouTube accessed 9/20/2014

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Eisenhower, Donovan Murdered Patton

In another example proving that the American government is an organized crime syndicate governed by psychopaths, author Robert Wilcox demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that George Patton was murdered on orders of OSS chief William Donovan.
Establishment historians have long maintained that Patton died from complications stemming from a freak automobile accident on December 9, 1945, but they fail to elaborate the freak part in which the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the NKVD, the Soviet counterpart to the CIA, collaborated in murdering the World War 2 hero.
Through an odd happenstance which Wilcox describes in his book, he received information that the man who engineered the accident injuring Patton was still alive. While interviewing him, Douglas Bazata confessed to direct knowledge of and participation in the murder of Patton. In fact Donovan gave him the orders to murder the general, sweetening it with a 10,000 USD stipend.
One important note about Donovan is that he reported directly to the President, in this case Roosevelt, or in some cases the military service chiefs. Thus it is important to realize that Roosevelt was more than likely the authority for the murder of Patton, as Roosevelt was in the palm of Stalin’s hand whose involvement we shall mention shortly. Stalin in turn was the sock puppet of the Rothschild Ziocons.
Bazata also confessed in 1979 before an OSS reunion in New York City, according to website copyrighted 2007, which was a year before Wilcox’s book was published, that he indeed planned the murder of General Patton. (We are uncertain of the actual publication date of this article we reference in the footnotes).
On December 9, Patton, along with General Gay, was riding in his 1938 Cadillac limousine outside of Manheim on a narrow road when a 2.5 ton military truck abruptly pulled in front of the vehicle, resulting in what Wilcox described as a “fender bender.” No one was injured except for Patton, who was allegedly thrown forward 4 feet. That never happened. Bazata used a kinetic energy weapon to fire a piece of heavy metal at Patton in the forehead, leaving him unconscious and certain for dead.
Just to make sure that Patton would die, his driver took him to a hospital in Heidelberg which was 30 minutes away, even though a hospital in Mannheim was much closer.
Immediately after the staged accident, a swarm of US military officials, including those of very high rank, descended upon the scene to perform a hoax investigation, and to help the perpetrators escape. Indeed both Patton’s driver and the 3 passengers in the truck disappeared in an instant, never to be seen again.
When Patton made a surprise recovery, NKVD agents administered a drug which induced an embolism leading to death on the day he was scheduled to return to the United States for further convalescence. His bags were packed and ready to go when he suffered the attack.
The information regarding the Soviet assassins was confirmed by the Soviet NKVD when it revealed to one of Patton’s children the true cause of his death from cyanide.
At least 3 other plots to murder Patton beginning in 1944/5 failed until the December scheme succeeded. But who would want the famous war hero dead?
Wilcox answers that question with several solutions, one of which included raw unbridled jealousy. Patton was a military virtuoso who could outfight someone like Eisenhower with one eye closed and a hand tied behind his back. If it weren’t for Patton, Eisenhower would have been driven off the continent at the Battle of the Bulge which was guaranteed because of Eisenhower’s treasonous refusal to allow Patton to close the Falaise Gap which would have destroyed the German army.
Another reason for Patton’s murder was his outspoken animosity towards the Soviets, an outspokenness which caught the attention of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who happily collaborated with Donovan when the general approached him for support for his murder plot.
World War 2 was a staged conflict whose primary purpose was German genocide and the partitioning of Europe into 2 camps which played scripted roles as mortal enemies. Patton’s plans for pushing the Soviets out of Europe foiled those goals.
Thus was born the Stop Patton operation, an officially sanctioned scheme to murder the general. This operation was implemented by Eisenhower, his aide General Bedell Smith, General Omar Bradley, and other SHAEF staff. Information of Eisenhower’s involvement is corroborated by Bert Roosen, one of Eisenhower’s interpreters who witnessed discussions between Eisenhower and his aides planning the assassination.
Another motive for Patton’s murder was his rather public statements that he was going to report directly to the American people Eisenhower’s murder of what would become 1.7 million men, women, and children in Allied death camps administered by Eisenhower and Smith. Patton had defied the death orders and treated his POWs humanely and quickly released them until Eisenhower stripped him of his command.
One of the key elements in Patton’s planned disclosures was Eisenhower’s release of at least 12,000 US POWs to Stalin’s slave labor camps. When Patton proposed a rescue mission, Eisenhower stopped him cold.
Finally, Patton’s reports would have destroyed the careers of many military officers, not the least of which was Bernard Baruch’s sock puppet Eisenhower. The SHAEF commander had deliberately, on numerous occasions, sabotaged Allied military successes including the Falaise Gap fiasco, and taking away Patton’s gasoline, preventing him from pre-empting the Soviet entry into Germany and Berlin.
The death of Patton had all of the standard characteristics of a CIA murder operation. No autopsy was performed on the General, his assassins disappeared into thin air, his automobile was replaced with a forgery to destroy forensic evidence, he was poisoned in the hospital when he refused to die in the car, and investigation reports vanished into the ether. Wilcox knows of at least 5 accident investigation reports which are completely missing in the national and military archives, and surmises that an additional 3 were conducted which are entirely missing.
We have only skimmed the surface of this fascinating story and some of its equally engaging characters. Wilcox’s book fills in the details. It is manifestly clear that ancient Rome has nothing on Washington when it comes to murder.
Robert Wilcox, Dale Williams Interviews Robert K Wilcox, FreeWestRadio, June 16, 2009, accessed YouTube 9/21/2014
Robert Wilcox, The Mysterious Death of George S Patton, The American Thinker, November 22, 2012, accessed 9/20/2014, Douglas Bazata, copyright 2007 - this may not be the article's publication year

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The Satanic Origins of Judaism

In an arresting article covering the origins of Judaism, the erudite Jonas Alexis engages in a fascinating excavation which obliterates many of the conceptions which Americans - especially those of the “Christian Right” – hold true of this ancient religion - the alleged progenitor of Christianity.
Before proceeding, we wish to explain our foray into religious matters because in this case it is critical to understanding the dynamics between the US and Israel, the twain which seem as one. In fact it appears that the tail is wagging the dog, a situation which has wedded the United States to an endless stream of wars all predicated upon establishing the Jewish state as the supreme despot in the Middle East.
Many Americans believe that Judaism rests upon the Bible, even if it is only a small sliver known as the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible to which Christians sometimes refer as the Pentateuch. Alexis demonstrates most persuasively that Judaism has relatively little to do with the Torah, even though it is ironically the stated foundation of the Judaic system of philosophy.
The words of Jesus calling the Pharisees “vipers” and “murderers” should be a clue to the Satanic origins of Judaism which had become entrenched in Jewish life when he stated that they were of their father the Devil.
When the Chaldeans carried the Jews into captivity to Babylon and elsewhere, the survivors lost the organizing principle of their religious life – the Temple and the Scriptures. It is from this calamity that the Scribes emerged who assumed responsibility for interpreting Scripture, producing the writings which supported religious thought and life.
With the onset of Hellenization, two camps of religious belief established themselves among the Jews – the Sadducees and Pharisees. The former adhered to the written word of the Scriptures, while the latter developed  a philosophical system based upon the written word and the Oral Tradition, the latter which became the essential element of Judaism.
The rabbis argued that without the Oral Tradition it is impossible to understand the Written Tradition. Indeed, during the Middle Ages, the Zohar was written which plainly stated that the Bible cannot possibly be understood by resorting to its plain statements. Surely God would not use pedestrian language and stories to communicate his profound truths. There must be something more, and the enlightened would be happy to inform the unwashed masses of the esoteric and practical truths buried within the Torah.
This hermeneutical position required the elevation of the Zohar above Moses. Later Jesus would tell the Pharisees that they would not listen to Moses, a direct substantiation of the influence of the Zohar 1300 years prior to its formal presentation.
The Pharisees asserted that while Moses may have received the Law, he also received extensive commentary and notes at Mt Sinai which he distributed to Aaron and Levi which they in turn circulated among the Elders for instruction to the tribes. Thus was born the Oral Tradition.
After some centuries of this Oral Tradition, the Pharisees realized the need to commit it to – of all things – writing, a corpus known as the Talmud. With the extinction of the Sadducees, the Pharisees remained as the only authority to teach the Jews their religion. Thus after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and the final crushing of the Jewish revolt c. 135 AD, Jewish religion became thoroughly and completely Pharisaical and under the control of massive Talmudic writings which were produced around the 3d century, with some saying the process started about a century earlier.
Thus Jewish religious philosophy comprises the Talmud which uses elements of the Torah, Zohar, and Midrash, the latter of which contains commentary on the other writings within the Talmud.
For those who are not alert to the point, Talmudism is the real name for Judaism, a point to be inferred from the numerous quotes Alexis produces of the rabbis who state bluntly and plainly that the Torah is not basis of Judaism; rather the Talmud is.
This arrogance of displacing God’s Word with Man’s word was the animus which drove Jesus to declare the Pharisees to be of their father Satan.
Alexis proceeds to sample the thought of the rabbis, who in all respects consider the gentiles to be second class citizens at best – people who are to serve them night and day. The rabbis also teach that there are no commonalities or compatibilities between Christianity and Judaism – at least not in any meaningful semantic way. Jesus would agree.
It is clear to us that any such blather about an American Judeo-Christian heritage is a canard to dupe fools into accepting the Pharisaical teachings of the Talmud, and to destroy Christianity.
Producing a parade of Jewish scholars and rabbis, Alexis demonstrates that Judaism is impossible without the Talmud, and the Torah, in the minds of the rabbis, incomprehensible without it. Thus it is the Oral or Talmudic tradition which is the first and final word in Judaism.
When pressed to produce authority for such an extra-biblical hermeneutic, the rabbis resort to the circular reasoning that it is found in the Oral Tradition which no man can consult save the rabbis, making Judaism an analogue of the Mystery Religions where only the priests allegedly knew the words and thoughts of the gods.
Judaism also shares with Gnosticism the idea that the words of holy writ can never be fully divined without a special enlightenment given to the few. In all fairness, even the Apostle Paul stated that the Holy Spirit – the enlightener – was required to understand Scripture, but it was never the special province of a limited self-appointed few, or to private interpretation. Anyone can ask for such illumination. Yet with Judaism recondite knowledge is accorded to a very few who control the masses.
So what are the teachings of Pharasaism? There is no simple answer because, as Alexis notes, there are numerous traditions and camps within Talmudism. At the end of the day however, we argue that Judaism is all about superiority and hate, the same beliefs animating the British aristocracy, and Satan's hatred of man.
While it is commonly reported in the state controlled Ziocon media that the Arabs want to annihilate the Jews, the truth is that the Jews are projecting. Alexis produces the following from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef:
 “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat
“With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.”[77]
In 2001, the same rabbi postulated that the Arabs are “vipers” and must be annihilated from the pages of history:
“It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable.”
The so-called Star of David with its triadic hexagram is the 666 of Revelation. It is for this reason why we expose the wickedness of this religion, the very philosophical tradition which impelled the Jews to kill the Christ. If they killed him, they will not stop at murdering anyone else. Yet Jesus prayed of the people, "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

Jonas E Alexis, A Brief History of the Talmud and the Jewish People, Veterans Today, September 19, 2014, accessed 9/19/2014

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Former Tennessee Governor, South Dakota Senator Caught in Murder Plot

In an astonishing tape recorded voice mail, former Tennessee governor Don Lundquist, and former South Dakota state senator Sheldon Songstad are heard plotting the murder of Leo Wanta who was an ambassador under Ronald Reagan.

If you have never heard of Leo Wanta, you are not alone. He is an obscure Cold War intelligence agent who worked under Reagan via the Totten Doctrine which removes espionage from jurisdiction from US courts on grounds of national security, a decision reached in 1875 by the US Supreme Court.
Wanta was the principal agent who brought down the USSR through manipulations of the foreign exchange markets, destroying the Ruble, and thus bringing the Soviet regime to its knees. In the process, Wanta earned the US government 27 trillion dollars in earnings, of which 4.5 trillion is his, a figure awarded to him by US federal court in 2006.
Wanta's goal is to collect the money, pay the taxes on it, and begin publics works programs to revitalize the US economy. He attempted to start some of these programs, but the US government beginning with Bush, Jr failed to release the funds.
As a result, former governor Don Lundquist, and his partner, former state senator Sheldon Sontag, approached Wanta with an offer to release his funds in exchange for a 30 billion dollar finders fee. In short, they were attempting to blackmail the former ambassador.
In a shocking taped telephone conversation on Wanta's answering machine, the 2 former government officials are heard planning the murder of Wanta since he insisted on issuing 1099 forms to everyone who received money. This infuriated the governor and congressman that they decided to put a contract on Wanta, going so far as to determine what his security protection was so that they could bypass it.
In addition, Wanta procured 2000 tons of gold as part of the takedown of the Soviet government, but Tennessee senator Bob Corker is demanding the gold as a condition for releasing the funds. No one knows what the Tennessee mob plans to do with the gold, but it certainly would not go to the American people.
Other senators are also involved in the murder plot, including Senator Thune of South Dakota, and former Senator Tom Daschle.
Wanta has turned over the death threats to US Attorney General's office, which means that it will go no where. With Wanta's life in danger, publicity is his only security.
This story is enormously shocking and for most Americans simply unbelievable. But Veterans Today, which broke the story on Thursday, is standing behind it.

Gordon Duff, Ex-US Officials Demanded a 30 Billion Dollar Bribe, Veterans Today, September 19, 2014, accessed 9/19/2014

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Putin: Good Guy or Bad Guy?

A somewhat contentious debate has grown among the Freedom and Truth movements members concerning the true character of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Some say he is on the side of good, while other say he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. We say that we don't know.
The idea that Putin could be considered a good guy is hard for most brain washed Americans to accept, especially given Putin's KGB background and past involvement with Communist politics. For our part, we leave open the possibility of a Damascus Road experience in which the former Soviet apparatchik seeks a better future for his nation without the enslavement of the Rothschild banksters.
Indeed it is said that Putin has become a Christian, becoming a strong supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church. We have seen presentations of him at Church gatherings, and uttering things which would make the politically correct Ziocon press break out in apoplexy. According to one report, for example, Putin has condemned homosexuality and pornography, something which does not fit with the Ziocon New World Order.
Those who see Putin as a freedom champion argue that his defiance of the Rothschild NWO in Ukraine, and his support for Syria and Iran against US imperialism are his bonafides as a combatant against the growing totalitarian menace.
However, Brandon Smith, in a recent well considered article argues that Putin is just another Bilderberger type who is playing out a well scripted drama to entertain and scare the sheeple.
Smith points out that Russia Today, a widely circulated news outlet, effectively reports Western government corruptions which he acknowledges as true, but it rarely ever reports on Russian corruption. And how can it since it is funded by the Russian government?
Furthermore, Russia's central bank is under the control of the international banksters, being advised by Bilderberger and Bohemian Grove stalwart Goldman Sachs. Other critics have argued that Putin has played footsy with the IMF and other appendages of the NWO by encouraging use of Special Drawing Rights, and other sovereignty effacing instruments.
On the other hand Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick newsletter argues, based upon information from his extensive intelligence network, that Putin has indeed expelled the Rothschild banksters from Russia, earning him their eternal enmity, and an incursion into Ukraine.
Putin, according to Willie, has gone a step further by sabotaging some of the heroin traffic which the US supplies Europe through its extensive NATO military bases. The narcotics money is critical to funding the Rothschild terrorist genocide campaigns through its colony Israel. On the other hand, why would a dynasty with an estimated 550 trillion USD in wealth need narco-money to fund its crime? Then again, why not?
The answer is that the narcotics money is used to keep US and European banks afloat as the large money center banks are all largely insolvent.
We know that the Rothschild banksters have been behind nearly all wars and political calamities since the early 19th century, thus it is reasonable to assume that the many fake conflicts we have experienced are due to their great engineered crises, none of which should ever go to waste.
On the other hand, Smith may overstate his case. It is not easy to dismantle a central bank, especially when you have the venomous vampire squid, Goldman Sachs breathing down your neck.
We would like to think Willie is correct, but we also need to see more evidence that Putin is indeed arraying himself authentically against the Rothschild Satanists. One good step would be the establishment of a gold trading standard and the elimination of the Russian central bank.
Other positive moves would be continued support for Syria and Iran, nations which the Ziocons are dedicated to destroying as part of their genocidal Project for a New American Century, the blueprint for controlling the Middle East. However, the US Ziocons will be screwed in the end because the Israeli Jews will destroy the West in order to have the Middle East all to themselves. They are hard at work planning another 9/11 event with greater casualties than in 2001.
For us the jury is still out. We need to observe actions rather than words. For its part, the editors of Veterans Today believe that Putin is an authentic good guy, if for no other reason than the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We await further developments.

Brandon Smith, When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding "The Enemy", Zero Hedge, September 18, 2014, accessed 9/18/2014

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One Minute Chronicle: Four Dead in Ohio

The nation was horrified when the National Guard of Ohio, under direction of Richard Nixon and right hand mobster J Edgar Hoover, murdered 4 college students at Kent State in 1970. But as is usual with American history, the truth is far more sinister than what the state controlled media reported.
The quick riposte from Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young captured brilliantly the grief of America and the grievous assault on citizens exercising their rights of freedom of speech and protest.
What America was never told was that Hoover's FBI setup and provoked the confrontation which left 4 students dead after the Guard fired at least 67 bullets at unarmed students. The victims of the massacre were Jeffery Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder, and Sandra Sheuer, to say nothing of the 19 other non-mortally wounded students.
FBI thug Terry Norman was an agent provocateur working for Hoover who instigated the confrontation with the guard units, who were terrified by a group of unarmed students. God only knows how they would have behaved in Vietnam.
When first asked Hoover denied any knowledge of Norman, but later was compelled to acknowledge his association. Knowing that Hoover was behind the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr in 1968, it is quite easy to see his involvement in a false flag attack on Americans to begin the termination of civil liberties and imposition of martial law which has descended to us in the falsely labeled Patriot Act.

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One Minute Chronicle: The Real Reason Why Spiro Agnew Resigned

While flames were engulfing the Nixon presidency, Vice President Spiro Agnew (1918 - 1996) resigned his office pleading nolo contendre on October 10, 1973. The real reason for his departure is much more disturbing.
The ostensible occasion for Agnew's resignation was charges of income tax evasion on bribe money he accepted as governor of Maryland in 1967, which by today's standards was a petty crime involving a mere 100,000 or so in bribes, although later charges increased the amount to over a quarter of a million dollars.
So the fast rising star of Agnew was an exhausted nova within 10 years of his discovery in 1962 by Nelson Rockefeller who was a king maker in the Republican party. Agnew had risen from complete obscurity to Vice President within a span under 10 years. Clearly someone was behind his rapid ascent.
Yet Agnew was probably oblivious to the machinations swirling about him. Wherever Rockefeller was, crime, murder, and corruption were not far behind. More than likely Agnew was groomed as a sacrificial lamb in the power politics which were to overcome him in the Nixon presidency. Indeed, Nixon himself was a Rockefeller stooge who would fall victim to the same conspiracies which finished Agnew's career.
According to Agnew's biography, the real reason for his resignation was a murder threat from Nixon's chief of staff Alexander Haig, a major player in the political wars raging in Washington since the coup of 1963.
This threat explains the reason for the quick and quiet departure of Agnew. He could have easily stonewalled, dissembled, obfuscated until the cows came home, but those tactics become untenable when a murderer threatens you with murder.
We do not believe that Nixon was behind the threat - a resignation of a vice president during a political crisis is the last thing a president needed, Nixon's remarks about his safety being insured by the threat of an Agnew presidency notwithstanding.
Haig was the Rockefeller - Bush Crime Syndicate henchman hired to eliminate not only Agnew, but Nixon as well. Haig was indeed the Deep Throat of Watergate fame who proved to be Nixon's undoing.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inherit the Wind as Propaganda

Many Americans consider the classic Hollywood movie Inherit the Wind as a factual presentation of the trial of The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes, but it is anything but. Its true purpose was malicious propaganda against Biblical religion, and an assault on Middle America.
An article by James Perloff dissects the movie, laying bare its many errors, or shall we say, departures from fact. The plausible deniability concerning its propaganda value may indeed derive from the argument that no reasonable person would consider this movie fact because it is entertainment, which by its very nature has no obligation to factual fidelity.
The defenders of the movie have a point, but the reality is that this movie has been used for decades to gainsay certain people, their religion, and way of life. The movie was released in 1948 and made into TV movie in 1988, in order to sustain the propaganda franchise of the film and case.
There can be no denying that the screenplay as well as the movie is based on the famous 1925 trial in which Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan squared off against each other in one of the trials of the century. But what would be the point of twisting the story so much if not to score points against Christians by trumpeting evolution?
Perloff runs through the film by comparing movie scenes with actual events from the trial, relying heavily on the court transcripts to set the record straight. Much more often than not, the two tellings diverge starkly.
Contrary to many beliefs, the case was not about evolution or science. It was about whether a school teacher, in this case John Scopes, had violated Tennessee’s Butler Act which prohibited the teaching that man descended from lower forms of animals. That was it. The consequence for violating the law was civil fines – not criminality or jail time – a point over which the film takes great literary license.
One of the interesting facts about the case was its genesis – or shall we say its evolution. The town where the trial was heard, Dayton, had some enterprising boosters who wanted to put the small town on the map to lift its moribund economy.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had been advertising for a challenger to the Butler Act when a local businessman saw the ad, and persuaded his colleagues to enlist John Scopes as the guinea pig for the publicity stunt. Scopes agreed and the rest was pretty much history.
Thus for the city’s economic prostitutes there was no principled interest in the law or justice. But for the Ziocon ACLU it was a golden opportunity to spread its venom against Christians and Fundamentalists, as well as anyone else who didn’t toe the line on evolution.
While the movie depicts the Dayton proxy town filled with wild eyed zealots, the reality was quite the opposite as even Darrow himself admitted concerning the town’s warm reception of him and his northern carpet baggers.
The assertions in the movie that Darrow was the underdog fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way is also another fiction undermined by the facts. Darrow was heavily funded by Northern business interests operating through the ACLU, and flanked by lawyers Arthur Garfield, Dudley Malone, and John Neal, to name but a few.
The court bent over backward to accommodate Darrow’s requests to introduce evidence, including his request to submit experts on evolution who would not be subject to cross examination. Although the expert evidence was heard without the presence of jurors, it was entirely irrelevant to the claims of the state that Scopes had violated the Butler Act.
When Darrow was allowed to call the plaintiff, William Jennings Bryan acting for the state, to the witness stand, it was done under the assumption that Darrow, the attorney for the defendant, would be subject to cross examination. Again, this unusual event was an attempt to humiliate Bryan, but as we shall see, Bryan was denied his day in court so to speak.
Darrow knew that Bryan’s eloquence would more than likely sink his case, and because he did not want to be subject to Bryan’s rapier wit under cross examination, he instructed his client to plead guilty the day following his grilling of Bryan.  Darrow’s case was so weak that Scopes, as he stated in his memoirs, could not recall ever teaching evolution in his class, contrary to the carefully coached testimony of the students.
Scopes was a math teacher and football coach who substituted for the biology teacher on the day the alleged legal infraction occurred. In short the defense had no substance from its star performer, except that it perpetrated a hoax and a fraud on the court.
When Scopes was fined 100 USD, Bryan offered to pay the fine, but the Tennessee Supreme Court overturned the penalty on a technicality. Scopes was even offered his job back, but that is not what Inherit the Wind teaches.
Thus the main purpose of the ACLU and its masters’ conjuring up this case out of thin air was to stir up a craze of publicity which was essential in its assault on biblical religions. This assault on Western civilization is the animus of Talmudism.
The movie likewise caricatured the event beyond recognition, yet the masses of Americans considered the movie to be based upon historical fact. The truth lies contrary to their beliefs. So while Stanley Kramer pretends to be opposed to bigotry in his movie, he stirs up hatred and contempt for Bryan and the citizens of Dayton and Tennessee with his gross abuse of the truth.
The movie is successful because of its stark dichotomy of good and evil, a typical morality play devoid of any connection to history, save that there was indeed a trial in Tennessee trying Scopes for violation of the Butler Act, but never the quackery of evolution regardless of Darrow’s attempts to do otherwise.
Perloff offers a more detailed account of the movie and reality, a read which is worth the time.

James Perloff, Trial By Hollywood, James Perloff website, nd, accessed 9/14/2014

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chronicle Interview: Judyth Baker on David Ferrie

Author and artist Judyth Baker was gracious enough to spend some time with us recently discussing her new book, David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot, the interview of which we present below.
Popularly known as Judyth Vary Baker, she first came to my attention several years ago when the History Channel broadcast its series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, the segment of Judyth which has since been banned.
At the time, I thought that anyone who confessed to a relationship with Lee Oswald was a certified kook, desperate for attention. After all, who would admit to such a fantasy? After several years, a friend recommended her book Me & Lee, a blockbuster which blew open the New Orleans aspect of the Kennedy murder. After reading that book, I became convinced that Judyth was the real deal.
For those who think that Judyth is a liar, or mentally unbalanced, we refer you to Jim Fetzer’s excellent article showing why he believes Judyth Baker.
Baker’s recent book is the first to examine David Ferrie in detail, a quirky and queer man whose character appeared in Oliver Stone’s classic JFK. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison saw great value in Ferrie’s testimony, but he “died” before Garrison could fully question him.
Baker is also one of the very few people still alive who personally knew Ferrie, making her witness all the more valuable.
Finally, we would like to announce that we are sponsoring Judyth’s appearance in Atlanta, details of which can be found at
Judyth has been extensively threatened by the Bush Crime Syndicate’s CIA, so much so that she sought political asylum on another continent to save her life. It is thus with great honor that we present this interview.
Interview with Judyth Baker, September 13, 2014
Q: You have just completed a book on David Ferrie. Of all the characters you could have chosen, why did you choose him?
David has been accused of plotting to kill Kennedy and of being involved in the President's murder. His actual role in the assassination has been hidden from the public. It is both surprising and important.
Q: Who is David Ferrie? What should a well read person know about his background?
David Ferrie was a genius. He was also a homosexual who wanted to become a priest. His actual life was as far from that of a good priest as could be possible. Skilled in leadership, he practiced hypnotism and psychology on teenage boys who considered him as almost a god. He ended up working as a contract pilot for both the CIA and the Mafia. He was involved in anti-Castro activities and participated in an elaborate plot to kill Castro. His story is both fascinating and tragic.
Q: We understand that you personally knew David Ferrie. When did you meet him? How?
The entire experience is one that you should read for yourself. It's too complicated to describe briefly, but I became David's friend after I was introduced to him by Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later that year falsely accused of killing President Kennedy.
Q: What was your relationship with him? When was your last contact with him?
David was exactly my father's age, and once he said I was "the little daughter he never had." Since I had wanted to become a nun, and he had wanted to become a priest, he was deeply concerned to learn I had become an atheist. He spent a lot of time trying to get me back into the Catholic Church. We were working together, as well, in a mutual effort to kill Castro, and we had to learn to trust each other. David last contacted me a few weeks after Kennedy was killed, warning me that I had to be a 'vanilla girl' and 'never to use your bright little head for anything important again, if you want to live.' I am certain that he was paramount in saving my life.
Q: Oliver Stone figured him prominently in his movie about the investigation and prosecution of Clay Shaw. Why was Ferrie so important to Garrison?
David turned out to be a key figure that linked the Mafia, the FBI and the CIA together in their most nefarious actions, leading to the betrayal and murder of John F. Kennedy. His name would keep popping up in Garrison's investigation. When David's name hit the papers, in 1967, due to Garrison's investigation, he called Garrison's people and told them he was a dead man. Five days later, David was dead "of natural causes."
Q: What was Ferrie’s connection to Clay Shaw?
For years, any such connection was vigorously denied by Shaw's defenders, despite numerous witnesses who saw and /or heard them interacting. I am one of the few persons still alive who personally witnessed Shaw and Ferrie together --specifically, at an airport, just before Ferrie flew Shaw to Toronto (and possibly Montreal) and at an event at the 500 Club, where I observed Shaw, Ferrie and Carlos Marcello present at the same time , concerning anti-Castro activities and a gun-running operation.
Q: What was the role of David Ferrie in the JFK assassination?
David was openly anti-Kennedy. How he came to be involved, and his actual role, is one of the central themes of the book David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot. David's actual activities will simply amaze the reader. It is my belief that after reading the book, the reader's understanding of David Ferrie's role in the Kennedy assassination will be turned upside down. At the same time, Lee Oswald's innocence will be obvious.
Q: Did Lee Oswald know David Ferrie? If so, what was their relationship?
David Ferrie was the Commander, and, later, an advisor, in New Orleans' Civil Air Patrol meetings at the same time Lee attended those meetings. There is a photo of them in a small group of CAP cadets who spent a weekend with Ferrie when Lee was fifteen years old. Lee was physically assaulted by Ferrie at one point, when Lee reacted to Ferrie because he thought David was going to rape him, but eventually, they became friends. Their relationship was complex. It is described in detail in both Me & Lee (my first book) and in my new book about David.
Q: Was David Ferrie as quirky or weird as he was portrayed in the Stone movie?
Absolutely! Nevertheless, he had a charismatic personality and had an awesome array of talents. He could speak at least five languages fluently and was able to inspire his Cadets, for example, to an extraordinary degree. There is no doubt whatsoever that he was a courageous patriot.
Q: Ferrie died before Garrison could interview him – is that correct?
David was interviewed at least three times by Garrison's investigators -- twice, just before he died.
Q: Some JFK researchers have doubted that Ferrie died of natural causes. Are these doubts well-founded? Did he die from foul play? Is there any evidence to support their beliefs?
My book provides new evidence that David Ferrie was foully murdered.
Q: If he died from foul play, who would want him dead and why?
David knew too much. Way too much. Even the movie JFK didn't present all the reasons why David Ferrie could not be allowed to live. In the book, I also present the many quotes and excuses given by those whose apparent role was--and is-- aimed at 'proving' David Ferrie was not murdered and was not important and was not even all that bright. They portray him as a liar, a braggart, a hypochondriac and a fool. They tend to quote Dave's boyfriends and former lovers, even though Dave told me that he never confided much to his homosexual friends because they came and went in his life, and could change and blackmail him.
Q: How long did it take to write this book?
Three years. However, parts of the book come from Me & Lee, of necessity, as I describe our relationship during that same time period. That book was written in a matter of weeks back in 1999, then expanded with evidence files and full quotes as researchers asked questions of me and I was required to describe various incidents, many of which I didn't realize had remained unknown to the public.
For example, I thought there was so much evidence available about the Clinton-Jackson incidents described in both books that I wouldn't have to go into detail. I was wrong: despite more than a dozen witnesses, the true meaning of the Clinton-Jackson incidents had been successfully hidden from the public.
The American people had been lied to. They needed to get all the facts that I knew. I have had a tremendous response, as their eyes have been opened and they've learned the truth about Lee Oswald and David Ferrie. I find comfort in this, because I lost my teaching profession and home and was forced to move overseas and live in secret places after speaking out. Yes, I miss my family and friends, but, as I tell people, by breaking my silence, I have saved my soul.
Q: What materials did you use to write it? In other words, what kind of documents, evidence, and artifacts did you use?
Personal items are mentioned in the book: some of them are exhibits. I had kept diary entries on scraps of paper and in the margins of books; I had also typed out some quotes so I would not forget them.
Common sense and logic--Occam's razor--shows how what I have to say puts the pieces together, connects the dots. Edward T. Haslam and other researchers have published materials based on leads I gave them. I saved important newspaper articles, too. Much of what's in the new book about David Ferrie is based on evidence that proves my association with Lee Oswald through witnesses and artifacts and documents previously published. These are intricately linked to David Ferrie due to our cancer research work together. Of great importance are the statements of new witnesses who have come forward to tell me about David in their own words.
Concerning what has been previously published about David, because I knew him, I know who was --or who still is-- lying about him. I've presented the lies told by these people (and by researchers) alongside the truth so you can clearly see who you can trust. I think you'll be surprised to see who can't be trusted.
Q: Did Ferrie leave behind any heirs? Are any family members still alive who would have information on him?
David's only sibling--his brother -- was ashamed of him. He died recently. His brother's children knew nothing about their uncle. David was ostracized by his family after morals charges were placed against him in 1961. David's mother, Burdette, lived with him at that time, dying of cancer soon after he sent her to live with his brother. By then, David's name had been blackened by accusations of immoral acts with teenage boys.
Q: We understand that your book may be the first about Ferrie? Why has he been so overlooked?
The book IS the first to be written about David Ferrie. And it was expanded from 488 pages to over 535 pages as new witnesses stepped forward to tell me what they knew. That delayed the book for a year.
A "Ferrie expert" had long promised to write a book about David for decades. He had gathered many interviews from those who knew David, but I became concerned when he refused to meet me, only communicating by emails. When he refused to accept my offers to send him copies of lecture notes I had made from two of David's many lectures to me and Lee, and began telling people that I had nevermet David (it is known by all that HE had never met David!), I became concerned that the "Ferrie expert" was only interested in writing down 'his' version of things. He had published many facts about David, but stubbornly refused to release the names of any of the people he had interviewed.
Years passed. I knew some of those he interviewed had died. When I learned that this person was also a sound and audio editing expert, I became concerned about his taped recordings because we would never be able to double-check with his witnesses, if they were all dead.
Then I remembered that David had told me he did not confide many things to his male friends and lovers because he was afraid that later he could be blackmailed. I realized that I might be the last person still alive who knew David's deepest secrets. I explain in the book how David came to trust me. It is embarrassing, because it reveals very personal things about me, but it was important in order to understand why David did cross that line and bare his soul to me. Throughout my life, I have had the extraordinary privilege of being trusted by many people: they know their secrets are safe with me.
Q: What were your biggest challenges in writing this book?
Realizing that I was the only person who was standing forth with the full truth about David --against the "Ferrie expert"--against the official stories --against statements made by the CIA, the FBI and even by some of David's closest friends. But I had my personal relationship with David on my side. You'll see it was enough.
Q: Please tell us a little more about your trip to promote the book
It is astonishing how many people have decided to help. A trip to visit four cities has turned to 21 cities--and counting! Now we're going to hold the JFK Assassination Conference in Dallas. We're going to have a huge birthday party for Lee in New Orleans. Some big interviews have suddenly occurred. It's because people are anxious to learn the truth, and they get inspired to help. Oddly, we can't get Barnes & Noble to schedule an Author's Night anywhere yet. They seem to think I'm still 'fringe stuff'--I hope that attitude will change. People who have met me before have been fantastic about helping again. Each time I've come to the US, the response has been bigger than the last time! However, I have vision problems, and also, I get threats and have to rely on bodyguards. I can't keep doing this much longer.
Q: Do you have any other books to write?
Trine Day is going to publish THE MIND OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD next year. In 2016, I hope to finish a book about my dear friend Col. Dan Marvin. In 2017, a book I've been working on with my murdered friend, Martha Rose Crow, will be finished. I have a very special book about social systems, several novels, short stories and science fiction that I also hope will be published. I also write poetry. With my friend Edward Schwartz, I am the co-author of KENNEDY AND OSWALD: THE FINAL VERDICT. This book is almost finished.
An audio book of Me & Lee is about to be released. A play--The Sniper's Nest--by Lisa Soland, is now being produced in various countries. There are plans about TV and films, too, in the future.
I just want to meet people, give them a hug, and tell them that the truth must be kept alive, for the sake of our country and our children's future. Then I want to go home, write, paint, compose music and poetry, and thank God my life was preserved to do that. That's the real miracle: God saved my life more than once, and I cannot close this interview without expressing my gratitude to God.
As always Judyth, it has been a pleasure talking with you. I am sure that our readers will want to get the book as soon as it is available. When can they purchase it?
It can be purchased from Trine Day Books (online), at Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble. I will also be selling autographed copies online for the same price as Me & Lee: just go to to Paypal, and purchase “Me & Lee”--but put in the notes section that you want DAVID FERRIE: MAFIA PILOT. This keeps it simple. 
Thank you.

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