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The 55th Hoaxiversary of the Kennedy Assassination

[Author's Note: This Chronicle proves that we are not above being conned by specious but seductive reasoning. The theory that Kennedy was not shot is provably imbecilic as subsequent Chronicles will demonstrate. Miles Mathis is either an excellent con artist or as gullible as we were in considering the theory that Kennedy was not murdered.

Author's Note: Since publishing this Chronicle, I have come to doubt the validity of its thesis though the questions it raises are quite profound - namely what happened to Kennedy's body?

The 55th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy gives an opportune time to reflect on the progress made since 2013 in unraveling the munificent mysteries of this epic event in American history. Many of our previous conclusions must be discarded or modified.

In our earlier attempt to bring clarity to the Big Event, we concluded that Kennedy was shot from the front by a cabal of conspirators, and that Lee Oswald was entirely innocent of either murdering Kennedy or Tippit. Finally we concluded that the Warren Commission was a complete farce. All of the foregoing is true except the one about Kennedy being shot.

So much has been learned in the past 5 years. Through the work of Ralph Cinque, we know that Oswald was indeed in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository at 12:30p just as he told Dallas police Captain Will Fritz, thus making it impossible for him to be the assassin. The myriad Oswald inconsistencies are easily resolved by the recognition that multiple Oswalds were played over the years going back to the births of LEE and HARVEY Oswald as John Armstrong has documented. In short, Oswald was an intelligence project.

Other astonishing work by Ralph Cinque has proven that Jack Ruby did not shoot Lee HARVEY Oswald in the Dallas Police Department basement. In fact, the incident was a made for TV movie to terrorize the American people, and to eliminate the possibility of either case going to trial where it would collapse in a pile of smoke and rubble. Cinque has shown many marks of film production artifacts in the DPD basement - such as film set microphones, movie director filming angles, and stage marks - proving that the so-called casual transfer of Oswald between detention centers was pure theater - including his murder. The character of Jack Ruby was played by FBI agent James Bookhout.

At the other end of the drama, Miles Mathis has made a cogent case that Kennedy was not shot. While Mathis goes out on a limb to suggest that Kennedy assumed the throne of an underground kingdom, the more plausible story is that his health necessitated his evacuation from public life - but that is only part of the story.

The case against Kennedy's murder is that there is no body. Even Bobby complained at the casket viewing that "he didn't even look like Jack." This clue speaks volumes. The autopsy was a charade of  Keystone Cops playing a shell game of caskets where different caskets were literally being chased around Bethesda before the autopsy. Is that the way an autopsy of a president is conducted? Kennedy's brain is missing because it was never available in the first place. The X-rays are inconsistent because they are forged and faked because there was no Kennedy body. The photographic evidence is a mess because it was a movie production gone bad - or one which didn't need serious production quality because the news media would perpetually peddle a pile of lies to explain away the idiocies of the whole plot.

The Zapruder film has been shown time and time again to be a fraud, with Jim Fetzer's analysis of it being a good starting point for novices.

One of the central proofs of the fraud is the Single Bullet Theory which posited that the brilliant sharpshooter psychopath Oswald could fire 3 shots from an Italian weapon at which even the Italians laugh hysterically when presented as an assassin's weapon. The imbecility of suggesting that a bullet could zigzag through Kennedy's body and then hit Connally is damning evidence that the oligarchs were yanking our chain.

Since Oswald and Kennedy were not shot, it is very doubtful that Tippit was killed despite all of the conflicting and confusing testimony from the crisis actors playing witness to the event. We know for a fact from Armstrong's research that Dallas Captain William R Westbrook was at the crime scene with Sgt Kenneth Croy and that he walked down the driveway to where Tippit's body lay to confirm that he was "dead." Is even a CIA creep like Westbrook going to risk being spotted by dozens of witnesses as an accomplice to a murder?

More importantly, the crime scene is so clean. A point blank shooting is going to leave blood spatter, but we see none on the car or on LEE Oswald, the version who is known to have been Tippit's assailant. We also know that Tippit was involved in intelligence work because he was staying in the neighborhood - rather than his own home - where he was shot and was close friends with CIA asset Carl Mathers of CIA's Collins Radio.

Finally, there is the vaunted and much maligned Warren Commission which was a total joke. Critical witnesses such as Laura Kittrell were studiously ignored. Banal and inane documentation was included in the Warren Commission Report such as dental records of distant relatives of irrelevant witnesses. It was a creation of the Executive Branch which had absolutely zero competence to solve a murder - much less try one.

The major players in the assassination production were the masters of entertainment, legends of Hollywood, the Wizards of all Oz, and owners of all media - powerful Jews. Both Jack and Jackie were Jews, contrary to all of the misrepresentation about their Irish roots, a fact which Mathis establishes with considerably finality.

As we noted, one reason for the drama was Jack's health. But couldn't he have just resigned from office, or hung on for another year before relinquishing the reigns to Johnson? Oh no mon frere. Never let a good crisis go to waste. In the first place a good deal of controversial legislation needed passing such as the Civil Rights Act. And as we all know there is nothing like the pity card to get one's way.

More importantly, the American people needed constant fear to surrender civil liberties and to pay ever more taxes for Jewish wars of imperial aggression. The oligarchs needed a way to get the drugs flowing from the Golden Triangle - et voila - Vietnam.

So yes, the American people have been played like the gullible sheep which they are. If it's on TV - and especially if told by Walter Cronkite - it must be true. The facts state otherwise - you have been hoaxed.

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Update on Larry Craford

New information about Larry Craford has emerged providing new insights into his role in the alleged assassination of John F Kennedy, as well as compelling a revision to our previous belief about his role in the murder of Dallas Police Department Officer JD Tippit.

Larry Rivera has unearthed new details about the Texas Employment Commission (TEC) incident revealing that Larry Craford (aka Crafard) was the man impersonating Lee HARVEY Oswald.

For those new to the case, a young man said to be Oswald applied to the TEC for employment prior to "finding" a job at the Texas School Book Depository in October 1963. He was interviewed by Laura Kittrell who left a lengthy manuscript detailing her interviews of Oswald.

She described a man who was prone to outbursts, bragged of speaking Russian and being in Russia, and displayed other idiosyncratic behaviors which suggested that he was a "Lone Nut." When Kittrell later saw pictures of Craford from the Warren Commission, she recognized the man as her noisy Oswald.

But that wasn't the only Oswald Kittrell interviewed. The other version was indeed Lee HARVEY Oswald who was much more polished and composed. Kittrell noticed this difference, realizing that she was being played, but not sure of its meaning.

Thus it is very clear that CIA was running multiple Oswalds, as John Armstrong has abundantly demonstrated, to create a profile of a man who was unhinged and liable to do anything, including murdering a president.

Kittrell noticed that her boisterous and careless Oswald was not the news media Oswald, and was thus studiously avoided by the Warren Commission. Her records at TEC had been confiscated by FBI while she at the Trade Mart expecting to hear the president speak.

Not only had Kittrell seen Crafard, but she also saw the real HARVEY Oswald. She knew that 2 people were playing the same Oswald character.

Previously, we had opined - with conviction - that Larry Craford had murdered Tippit, but we may raise caution after these revelations. On the other hand, it cannot be ruled out all together. We are also not convinced that Tippit was murdered.

In other words, it appears that Crafard's assignment was to make Oswald look like a nut case. But we also know that he was involved with organized crime because he mentioned to Kittrell his ties to Nixon aide and real estate investor Murray Chotiner. We also reported previously Crafard's career as a gun for hire. Thus we have a credible basis for assuming that Craford applied his trade in the execution of JD Tippit.

Further research by Armstrong shows that LEE Harvey Oswald murdered Tippit, but there may be more to the story. Some witnesses reported seeing 2 men leave the alleged Tippit murder scene, each going in opposite directions.

If the Tippit murder was faked, as we suspect, then we have to question whether or not any of the witnesses were authentic. They may have been crisis actors as the government uses them so frequently in faked "tragedies."

But accepting that 2 men were at the scene of the "murder", it is entirely possible that one of them was Crafard while the other was LEE. But because the accounts of 2 assailants is somewhat murky, we leave as conjecture our hypothesis that Crafard was the murderer - if in fact there were a murder.

Reasons for doubting that a murder was committed include the cleanliness of the crime scene, and the cleanliness of LEE Oswald - there was no blood spatter or flying body fragments expected in a close range gun attack.

On the other hand, if Crafard was the gunman, then that might explain why the white-shirted LEE Oswald was untainted with physical evidence of the crime.

At this point, we can firmly believe and know that Larry Crafard was the man impersonating Lee HARVEY Oswald at the Texas Employment Commission.

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