Sunday, October 27, 2013

From the Front, But How Close?

One of the few remaining mysteries of the John Kennedy murder is the precise location from where the fatal headshot came. We consolidate and evaluate the 3 competing theories in this brief essay.
We have opined, sometimes with greater or less fervor, that Kennedy's fatal wound came from the front. The ballistics evidence supports that view, with the understanding that much of the evidence in the case is unreliable due to massive tampering and obstruction of justice from the CIA, Warren Commission, FBI, Secret Service, and other government agencies involved in the murder and its cover-up.
We will dismiss early the idea that the fatal headshot came from the famed Grassy Knoll. There is no doubt that snipers fired from that location, but they did not deliver the fatal shot. Again, the basis for rejecting that hypothesis is the forensic evidence about the skull fractures as described by Sherry Feister.
Ms Feister makes the reasonable case that the head shot came from the triple overpass, a theory with some difficulties. One is that the distance to the vehicle and the impact observed seem incompatible. In other words, the loss of velocity over the substantial distance places the contention in doubt, although we are very amenable to a physicist's calculation of velocity at the point of impact. Actually, a first semester college physics student could derive the answer, but it may not solve the larger problem of locating the sniper.
The primary concern is that witnesses to the unaltered Zapruder film observed massive explosions about the head, so it seems to us that a closer shot is required. This leads us to the 2 remaining theories - namely that William Greer fired the shot with his 45 caliber gun, or some other device was used to murder the president.
While we have advocated the Greer theory, and are adamant that he was part of the murder team, there is the problem of positioning. Greer would have needed a certain amount of dexterity and alacrity to deliver the fatal headshot over a backseat and into the presidential cabin. While possible, it suffers from low odds for susccess. The extant Zapruder film fragments suggest the possibility, but it is not as plausible as our final opinion.
As noted in a previous blog about Dr Peter Beter's reporting of the murder, he argued that a device mounted in the presidential limousine killed the president. This explanation overcomes the need for extreme accuracy from the snipers either at the Overpass or in the driver seat. Even though Greer stopped the vehicle long enough for a sniper to take aim and shoot, other factors make hitting the distant target difficult, such as motion of the target.
The problem with a concealed weapon in the limousine is how to operate it reliablely. Perhaps the Dealey Plaza murder command post seen in one of the Altgens photos and the umbrella man supply the missing links to explaining how the apparatus was managed.
The rapid destruction of the limousine clearly makes a plausible case that it housed the murder weapon. The close proximity of the weapon to its victim helps explain the violent destruction of the president's skull which is largely concealed by the altered Zapruder film.
Finally, the in situ location of the murder weapon would explain how Connally, himself part of the murder team, could be persuaded to ride with the president.
We believe that the mounted device in the limousine provides the most sensible explanation given the evidence in hand. We could be persuaded with alternate theories as the evidence is clarified, but for now we credit Beter with having the best explanation. In any event, all credible parties are agreed that that the shot came from the front. The only remaining question is how close.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Beter on the Kennedy Assassination

Dr Peter Beter  (1921 – 1987) revealed as long ago as 1975 the then astonishing revelation that the Rockefeller brothers, David and Nelson, murdered President John Kennedy in the City of Hate on November 22, 1963. We believe that Beter has provided a valuable service in shining a light on this difficult to grasp topic.
We must first inform you, our dear reader, that Dr Beter is not a source without difficulty. On the one hand he was a well educated, consummate Washington insider who provided significant legal counsel to various domestic and international commercial interests. On the other hand, he made preposterous claims that prominent men of the 1970s such as Nelson Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter were actually murdered by the Soviets and replaced by androids who mimicked their personalities.
We believe that the answer to the conundrum is that Beter disseminated outlandish stories to give himself a credibility problem so that he could be easily dismissed as a quack, thus insuring that no one would murder him as with so many others who got too close to the truth. Thus we feel confident that the majority of Beter’s remarks on Kennedy are accurate or worthy as leads to additional investigation.
Beter is at his best when he ridicules the magic bullet theory of the Warren Commission:
According to this theory, my friends, which was the official judgment of the Warren Commission, a single bullet fired from a barely operable 20-year-old rifle by a poor--repeat, poor--marksman named Oswald, passed through President Kennedy, changed course, went through a car seat, struck Governor John Connally, smashed a rib or two, then smashed his wrist, then injured his leg, leaving behind fragments which Connally still carries in his body today, and then ended up in perfect laboratory specimen condition, completely undamaged except for the ballistic marks used to trace Oswald's gun.
This single bullet theory is such nonsense that we would probably throw a mystery novel in the trash in disgust, if it contained an episode so silly and amateurish.  But this fairy-tale was the only way that the Warren Commission could end up with their predetermined conclusion that Oswald acted alone and that we should therefore put the idea of a conspiracy out of our minds.  Of course, Oswald was not around to tell his side of the story, but never mind.  A note was conveniently found which we were assured Oswald had written explaining that he planned to kill President Kennedy.

One of Beter’s most novel remarks was that Kennedy was murdered by a shaped charged mounted in the presidential limousine. This would explain why the Secret Service rushed the car back to Washington under Lyndon Johnson’s orders to be completely dismantled and destroyed, to say nothing of destroying material and forensic evidence in the case.
Beter also provides two motives for the murder in which Kennedy double crossed the men who put him in power. Beter stated that after Kennedy investigated New York Senator Keating’s allegations that the Soviets had placed nuclear armed missiles in Cuba he confronted the Soviets in a match which nearly resulted in nuclear holocaust.
This exposure of the missiles was a direct affront to the Rockefellers who had placed them in Cuba for nuclear blackmail in a bid to take over the United States. If we had heard this explanation more than 3-5 years ago we would have rolled our eyes. However, Charlotte Iserbyt provided indirect substantiation when she reported that a Soviet dinner guest informed her that Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger were regular attendees at Soviet politburo meetings. In other words, the Rockefellers controlled the Soviets, and his constant with the Soviets would explain why Kissinger’s accent remains so heavy to this very day.
The other initiative which guaranteed Kennedy’s murder was his planned withdrawal from Viet Nam. This point has not been well understood until this century, making Beter’s intelligence all the more remarkable. Rockefeller’s Military Industrial Complex would not brook any interference with its plans to wage war and to capture the oil fields in the Vietnamese coastal waters.
Beter also noted that the 25th amendment to the Constitution outlining the succession of presidential power appeared – as if by magic bullet – out of nowhere in December 1963. Complex legislation, especially amendments to the Constitution, require more effort than that. Nelson Rockefeller had created the legislation years earlier and was waiting for the opportunity to spring it.
He then put the legislation to use when he attempted to murder Gerald Ford on two occasions in 1975 – all this after Ford had served the Kennedy murder cause so well.
We believe that Beter has provided invaluable insights into the Coup of 1963, and has rehabilitated himself in spite of some of his many outlandish remarks on current events of the late 1970s.

Peter Beter, Audio Letter 3, August 21, 1975
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Wickedness of the Federal Reserve

In commemoration of the centennial of the Federal Reserve, we thought we would invoke the images of cancer, lupus, leukemia, AIDs, and scurvy to describe its destructive, terroristic decimation of the economy and the civil liberties of its subjects. The Fed is a wicked insidious cancer on the nation whose monopoly on currency has been the source of all evils of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The Panic of 1907 was an early form of terrorism used to force public policy in favor of the plutocrats who rule the nation. J P Morgan stepped forth with his call for a central bank in the months following the rigged panic, a call which was answered in 1913 by Congress when through parliamentary trickery it enacted the Federal Reserve System.
The founders of this proto-Nazi system have been well documented in the Creature From Jekyll Island, to which we refer the reader. They put their new toy to use immediately in the conflagration of World War 1 which they also engineered. The purpose of the Fed was to raise the billions of dollars required to fight the war – billions which found its way into the coffers of the DuPonts, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Morgans, and other Nazi scum who profit from war.
The Hidden Secrets of Money, a fascinating video explaining how Fed money works, notes that the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax were no mere coincidences. The income tax is an essential requirement for supporting the Federal Reserve.
Few people understand that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation whose owners are impossible to identify, but who control America and its people, ruling with an iron fist, removing heads of state at will, and declaring war wherever and whenever it pleases them.
Congress nominally oversees the corporation, but their oversight is a public charade staged each year to pacify a few people who are concerned about its vast wealth and power over the currency.
The video presents an easy to understand model of how money is created and used to enslave people. The government creates debt which is financed through the selling of bonds. The bonds are purchased by the Too Big to Fail banks, often called primary dealers, who in turn sell them to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve issues a check for which it has absolutely no money to back, a practice which, if committed by ordinary people, would be prosecuted as check kiting. The banks then turn this fraudulent check into checkbook money and exchange it for currency of the printed kind. Most of our currency is digital, but some is printed.
So money is now strictly a function of debt. Without debt, there can be no money. The problem with debt is that it incurs interest payments, which is the reason the banksters demanded that Congress enact the income tax in 1913 at the same time that they enacted the Federal Reserve System. Someone, after all, has to pay the interest on the debt, and it surely would not be the banksters who profit enormously from this fraud.
The banksters developed their plans for unlimited government and deficit spending as early as the 1890s when they conducted seminars describing how it would work and how lower level bankers could agitate for a central bank. Herbert Hoover spent all of his postwar time propagandizing for big government and interventions into the economy, knowing full well that the banksters planned to trigger a depression in order to ignite deficit spending. He was not president in 1929 for naught.
One critical point to understand about the Fed is that its charter guarantees it a 6% dividend each year. Year after year, in good times as well as bad, the owners are paid 6% on their bond holdings, which after 100 years means that the worth of the secret owners of the Fed has grown by 340 fold. This wealth has been used to buy most of the industrial base of the United States for shipment to China for growth of even greater profits. These moves, of course, only benefit the top 1% or less of so-called Americans. This is actually from where Citizen of the World comes, whose current first citizen is Indonesian citizen Barry Soetoro.
Another critical point to recognize is that every single dollar brought into existence through this mechanism incurs interest, all of which goes to banksters as noted above. However, this matter of interest exposes the system for the fraud that it is. If the first dollar brought into existence is created through debt, then additional debt must be incurred to pay the interest on the first dollar. Hence, the system will never have enough currency to pay the debt on the currency. It is circular recursive exponential fraud doomed to implode.
The US Congress, each and every single one of them bought and paid for whores of the plutocracy, stages high theater with the talk of a debt ceiling, implying that somehow, Congress is imposing fiscal discipline on the presidency or itself. The drama is a complete and utter lie. Without a continuous expansion of the debt supply, the economy would collapse and the ability to pay the plutocrats’ 6% dividend would vanish. Therefore, federal deficits will continue year after year, world without end, until the entire fraud collapses of its own weight.
But fear not, the banksters took thought of that possibility when they instructed Clinton and Rubin to drain Fort Knox of its gold – not so much to depress its price through the London Gold Pool and other criminal operations of the government – but to fill their offshore vaults so that they would continue their extravagant lifestyles once gold was re-established as money. Heads I win, tails you lose.
The perpetual expansion of money benefits only one class – the 1%, for it is those closest to the currency spigot who benefit before the money expansion causes prices for goods and services to rise. The constant expansion of money deliberately takes from the poor to give to the rich. Thus Americans are hopelessly indebted to the plutocrats, reinventing serfdom. The people are too stupid to know what has happened to them and too stupid to do anything about it. However they are good at selling their children into debt slavery.
The Israelites made their children “pass through the fire” to worship Moloch who is Mammon. We hope that you understand that the children were burned alive for their parents' own prosperities. Now you can see why God was very angered by their wickedness.
The wars and destruction of the 20th and 21st centuries would be impossible without central banking, for only through the creation of fiat debt money could perpetual war - including the fraudulent war on terror - be waged. The Fed = War = Serfdom.
The Hidden Secrets of Money - Part 4,
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Government Shutdown Follies

American politicians have made much hay over the alleged shutdown in Washington with both sides screaming that America cannot default on its debt. The truth of the matter is that America has defaulted many times on its debt and will continue to do so.
Jim Grant of the Interest Rate Observer newsletter opined in the Washington Post the above argument, noting that not only did the US government default on its debt during the early years of the republic, but more recently during the administrations of Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon.
When Roosevelt abrogated the gold clauses in contracts and revalued the dollar from 1/20 to 1/35 ounce of gold, he defaulted on US debt and integrity. It is no surprise that a mass murderer such as FDR would do such a thing, but it demonstrates conclusively that defaulting on debt is the American way. It is the ultimate hubris of power to which attaches few consequences. After all, America has always found eager buyers of its debt, even if increasingly the number of buyers is limited to the Federal Reserve.
Another disgusting aspect of the debt follies is the scare mongering of both branches of the Nazi Party. The government is supposedly shut down, yet of the 800,000 out of 2.9 million employees originally placed on furlough, 400,000 were immediately recalled to help the Pentagon spread more of its international terrorism and drug trade. One way or another the drones will keep flying, dissidents will be persecuted, and drugs pushed.
So 1/7 of the US federal government work force is on furlough, and most of it is to inconvenience ordinary Americans who use public facilities such as parks. We hardly call this a shutdown.
The money changers have elevated debt into money. The great reason for the massive expansion of the US government and its gargantuan deficits is to serve banksters. Each new dollar of debt is money in their gold lined pockets. We know that Speaker Boehner is no foe of banksters, so the reasons for the debt charade are more obscure than meets the public eye.
The Nazis learned the power of fear mongering, so we suspect that more deprivations of liberty and societal regimentation are on their ways. But on the way to realizing that dream, life must be made more difficult for those in the bottom strata of society. The Nazis will do anything to pauperize people who have become pathetically dependent upon public largesse - banksters excluded.
The real goal of the follies is to reduce entitlements and the inflation formula used in cost of living adjustments about which the government lies so egregiously. While the top 7% have seen their incomes grow 28% over the last 5 years, the bottom 93% have seen theirs shrink 4%. And make no mistake, the Democrats and Republicans are united in seeing this asymmetry grow.
While the Nazis want to enlarge the wealth of the 1%, they want to extend the working age and default on promises they have made over a century - acts which affect the bottom 93%. Standards of living are falling. The caste society has arrived.
We agree with Margaret Thatcher that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money, but that is only true of the plutocrats who will soon exhaust the meager resources of the poor as they steal from the poor to give to the rich. After all, wars of imperial aggression must be financed.
We assure you that the follies are highly scripted - it is a public spectacle to hide the fact that the powerful will continue to prey upon the weak - in other words the politicians and plutocrats will continue to oppress the people and poor.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bush-Nazi Connection Rewrites History of World War 2

Revelations about the Bush family connections to Adolf Hitler will completely rewrite chapters of World War 2 history, proving once again that establishment historians are frequently shills for the ongoing Nazi propaganda about the great war.
A steady stream of journalists have uncovered extensive and incontrovertible evidence that the Bush and Harriman families were the powers behind Adolf Hitler, acting through their emissary Fritz Thyssen, the German steel and coal baron who financed Adolf Hitler from his earliest attempts to seize power in the early 1920s.
These writers include Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, Russ Baker, and John Buchanan, the latter of whose articles in the New Hampshire Gazette provided extensive substantiation of the Tarpley and Chaitkin biography which was shunned by every publisher in America but now available online. The fact that this subject is dismissed by most journalists and historians demonstrates the power of the Bush dynasty and the vested interest their sock puppets have in perpetuating the Nazi Reich.
The story begins with Fritz Thyssen who began funding Hitler in 1923, near the time of the Beer Hall Putsch.  Thyssen had a close association with certain American plutocrats, particularly E Roland Harriman and W Averell Harriman, through which he conducted business in the United States.
Averell created a front company, Union Banking Corporation, in New York City the following year in 1924 with offices at 39 Broadway where Prescott Bush, father George Bush Sr, managed business, part of which included overseeing assets of Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, Hess, and most likely Hitler himself. Managing Thyssen’s business was UBC president and Dutch born American Cornelis Lievense. Roland was chairman.
After the New York Herald-Tribune published the story of the seizure of the bank, the Harriman’s did nothing to divest or distance themselves from their bank whose only clients were Nazis.
Another important partner in this venture was Friedrich Flick who was closely connected to George Herbert Walker, Prescott’s father-in-law and George Bush, Sr’s namesake, and Averell Harriman. Flick was convicted after the war for his creation and use of slave labor camps in Thyssen’s steel operations. This use of slave labor was in conjunction with Standard Oil’s (NJ) establishment of slave labor camps with IG Farben in Poland.
Buchanan reports that government documents show that the shareholders of UBC – of which Harriman and Bush were most prominent – were phantom shareholders who worked directly and expressly for Thyssen.
On October 20, 1942, the US Congress seized UBC and its assets under the Trading with the Enemy Act. Contrary to our previous conceptions, the seizure involved more than just UBC. Numerous other Nazi organizations were seized including Hamburg-American Line, Holland American Trading, Seamless Steel Equipment Corp, and Silesian-American Corp.
Prior to hostilities, Harriman and Bush shipped valuable assets and war materiel to Europe used to help build up Hitler’s military in preparation for the many invasions of Europe.
Finally after the death of Fritz Thyssen in 1951, the US government liquidated the assets of UBC, giving Harriman and Bush 1.5 million dollars each – the settlement for their stock holdings in the company. Yet other seizures followed after the war, including 18 of which were managed by Brown Brothers Harriman.
Our thesis is that Harriman was a leading power behind the instigation of World War 2, just as he would be in Vietnam 20 years later, definitely one of the creators of the Nazi death machine. Buchanan reports that Harriman was Roosevelt’s emissary to England meeting with Field Marshall Smuts to discuss war strategy. This point supports our view that much allied difficulty in fighting Hitler was due to conveyance of sensitive intelligence to the Nazis through American traitors such as Harriman, Farrish, and Bush.
But these were not the only traitors. Harriman’s Brown Brothers Harriman was the leading coordinator and financier for the rise of Hitler and his menacing of Europe. It is essential to understand that Hitler was as much a pawn as king. In the end, he did not call the shots – New York and London did so, the latter through elements of the British aristocracy who fomented Nazism, a large faction of which seethes with hatred for the “lower classes” - a problem requiring extensive eugenics treatment.
World War 2 only makes sense when one contemplates the contempt which American and British plutocrats and nobility have for the masses. The plutocrats expressed this venom through the creation of Hitler who was supposed to do all of their dirty work for them while they maintained plausible deniability of murder in their luxurious mansions and lifestyles.
Their treachery continued unabated after the war as Operation Paperclip imported hordes of Nazis to fill government and industrial positions of prominence to advance Wall Street’s Nazi ambitions. The coup of 1963 was the work of the same cabal which installed Hitler who was merely the whipping boy for the real Nazi’s ambitions.

John Buchanan, Bush/Nazi Link Confirmed, The New Hampshire Gazette, October 10, 2003

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