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Smashing Myths About Rudolph Valentino

Once America’s heart-throb, Rudolph Valentino (1895 – 1926) has vanished into the mysts of time, leaving many followers to recreate his legend, often without the benefit of fact. Some of these myths include his lack of posterity and his sexual orientation.

One author who has poured over 15 years into researching film legend Valentino is Evelyn Zumaya who published her magnum opus, Affairs Valentino, in 2011 only to see her book taken off the market due to a vicious legal attack against her publisher by a cabal of detractors who were indignant at her truthiness. The legal complications of fighting well financed opponents took its toll on the author's stamina, who requested a cessation to distribution.

However, there are still copies of the book floating around and the author has a website excerpting some of her findings which should be truly fascinating to the Valentino celebrity fan and film historian alike.

Valentino lived a rags to riches to rags life after arriving in America nearly penniless from Italy. He made his way into movies during the heyday of silent films, a time which included super stardom on a scale which usually eludes most actors. His fame created a cult which endured long after his sudden demise in 1926 from an infection due to complications from an operation to treat gastric ulcers he had experienced for several weeks prior to his death on August 23, 1926.
Many myths have attended his death but none of the salient ones have any foundation in fact. Some of the more salacious ones may have been encouraged by his manager and friend George Ullman who stooped to some rather tacky efforts to generate publicity for his dead friend in order to bring solvency to his estate which lay in shambles.
Ullman was appointed executor of Valentino’s estate which did not even have enough funds for his funeral, a service for which Ullman paid. Later, through clever, sometimes tasteless, and Herculean efforts, Ullman revived the fortunes of the estate, bringing its worth to around 3 million dollars within a few years of its subject's death. For all of this effort, one might think that the family would be grateful, but that was not to happen.
An incomplete will was used as the basis for liquidating Valentino’s estate, which stipulated that his brother, sister, and former wife were to inherit it. They took large advances against the estate prior to the discovery of a codicil added by Valentino shortly before his death stating that Jean (1914-1996), his alleged nephew, was to inherit the estate if he survived to age 25 – something which he did quite handily.
Unfortunately, this amendment did not see the light of day until 2 years after probate began and court decisions had been decreed. Zumaya pieces together a very plausible explanation of who did it – one of Valentino's employees who was a crooked ex-cop. In any event the judge ordered Ullman - not the erroneous heirs - to repay the estate - something which became impossible due to the collapse of Valentino enterprises by corrupt and incompetent court appointed receivers.
Why would Rudy leave his estate to his nephew? One could argue that he had a falling out with his brother, Alberto, and other next of kin, leaving him without any sympathies for them. However, that explanation overlooks the closeness of Valentino’s relationship with Jean and the striking resemblance between the two. It also overlooks statements by Valentino’s brother late in life in which he inadvertently revealed the truth about Jean.
Zumaya has pieced together evidence from papers and other previously unpublished and unacknowledged sources hypothesizing that Jean was actually Valentino’s son from a brief lusty affair he had with a woman in Italy. She speculates that Valentino brought great shame to the family by engaging in such passions which resulted in the pregnancy of this unknown woman. In order for his staunchly Catholic family to save face, they packed him off to America and left his brother Alberto to raise the boy.
During the height of his fame, Valentino returned to Europe in order to adopt his son, but the Italian courts could not see justification for returning him to Rudy.
The legal battles Ullman endured after discovery of the amendment to Valentino’s will bankrupted him – the product of a ham-fisted and rigid court – which in turn, and concomittant with the corrupt administration of the estate, left nothing for Jean when he came of age – a grievance he held against Ullman nearly until the former manager’s death.
One would think with all of the well known affairs and his offspring that rumors about Valentino being gay would be laughed out of the room, but psychological projection and insecurities are a powerful force as the publisher of Affairs Valentino discovered.
The history of the famous legend has at least 3 distinct periods with the first one ending c. 1960 and the second ending c. 2000. In the first period, Valentino is nostalgically and shallowly remembered for who he was with a great deal of myth and puff added to his fame. In the second period – the time of the great sexual revolution – Valentino’s sexuality, rather than his life, became of the subject of focus with many irresponsible and unsourced biographies published alleging that Valentino was possibly, and then absolutely, gay.
Valentino’s latest biographer – Zumaya – shreds these lies and misconceptions to smithereens. She shows that what has passed for fact requires extreme suspensions of disbelief to embrace the notion of a homosexual Valentino.
The latest period of Valentino biography begins the period of scholarly study in which Valentino’s entire life is examined – not just the sexual aspects – and are done with bibliographical sourcing. With evidence in hand, authors have drawn more realistic and factual portraits of Valentino which assess him as a person and a man of his times. Zumaya easily is the gold standard in this respect.
Although we have no specific interest in Valentino, we were fascinated by the myths surrounding him and the newly discovered case that he indeed left a son, Jean, who eventually came to live permanently in America, taking up a career as a sound engineer.
We tip our hats to Zumaya who has contributed to the truth about an historic film personage and hope that she is able to publish her book again after cooler heads prevail.

Various Articles,
Personal correspondence with Affairs Valentino publisher

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Against Them and Colin Powell

One of the more astonishing revelations from Tegan Mathis’ Against Them is the allegation that Colin Powell was the assassin who shot Kennedy in the back from the Texas Book School Depository in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. But is there any truth to the story about Powell?
The short answer to the question is that much more research is required. The longer answer is that such a narrative about Colin Powell barely has enough basis in fact to justify the research – hanging on a threadbare tease of a rope.
For those who have not read the book or our review of it, Mathis decodes Lynne Cheney’s Executive Privilege, written in 1979, which tells the details about Watergate and the Kennedy assassination through the filter of a bad novel laden with clues which only certain cognoscenti would understand.
In decoding the clues, Mathis concluded that one character, Harold Stark, is a representation of Colin Powell. Stark was a protégé of Robert Boyston who represents Caspar Weinberger who was the Shadow Government vice president. This relationship became our point of departure in our attempt to validate the factual basis of Lynne Cheney’s story.
Keep in mind that we allow for the possibility that Cheney told fractured fairy tales or created a time bomb to confuse future historians who might get too close to the truth.
Starting in 1976, Cheney spent the next 3 years writing the book which saw publication in 1979. Perhaps her husband’s years in the political wilderness gave her time to whip up a bad novel, but it was also a time well before Watergate reached its half life and before many of the names to become big during the 1980s and beyond were of any prominence. Two of those names were Caspar Weinberger and Colin Powell.
Cheney’s book, although set in the future, is allegedly a retrospective look at the Nixon years, with special focus on 1971 – 74 – according to Mathis’ telling of it. During this time both Weinberger and Powell were indeed in the White House. Weinberger was a California man, as were his bosses Nixon and Reagan, who came to serve as Director of Office of Management and Budget from June 12, 1972 – February 1, 1973. Unless you are David Stockman, the position is usually an obscure mid level White House position.
At the same time, Colin Powell came to the White House as a Lieutenant Colonel in the White House Fellow program whose 1972 class term began in September and ran for a year. Weinberger would be promoted to Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (February 12, 1973 – August 8, 1975). But for the purposes of our analysis, the period of interest is their overlap at the White House where Powell was assigned to OMB.
Thus it is clear that Weinberger and Powell worked together in the White House as Mathis says Cheney says in her novel. But that period lasted a mere 5 months, a period of time which seems too scant to accomplish anything of substance as implied by the Mathis interpretation.
When Cheney began her book in 1976, Weinberger was out of the public eye while Powell was never in it. But his star was on the rise quite literally the same year of Executive Privilege’s publication in 1979 – the year he was made a Brigadier General. Weinberger was in California doing whatever former bureaucrats do there.
The point is this – Lynne Cheney knew a lot about two relatively obscure men – even by DC gossip standards – in 1976. It would be unusual for a White House Fellow to make any impression on a bureaucrat’s wife 4 – 7 years after his departure from the president’s mansion. Thus the events provide a thin patina of plausibility to Mathis' thesis.
From this we conclude that Cheney had excellent inside information and may well have socialized with the Powells – although to hear Mathis tell it, Cheney is an impenitent racist. Her access to recondite knowledge substantiates the authority from which she wrote and thus lends credence to the details she relates about the two men and their relationship.  But to interpolate this inside information into a true confession about the true unfolding of Watergate stretches credulity.
Given the relatively short period of time Weinberger and Powell were in the OMB, their close relationship which Cheney describes would require significant prior development.
The bigger problem with Weinberger being the sponsor of Watergate is its enormity and timing. We believe that the scandal was too large and complex to be the work of Weinberger and a ragtag group of bureaucrats in the White House. Where in God’s good name would a Director of OMB get the time and authority to orchestrate the Watergate assassination? It would require much more in Weinberger’s portfolio than we can possibly know.
The other problem with assigning responsibility to Weinberger is its improbability. OMB is generally not a power center, so we find it a bit absurd that the alleged Shadow Vice President would assume his Clark Kent persona under that guise.
What we know of the two men seems to preclude their collaboration or involvement with anything so grand as the Bush Crime Syndicate’s Watergate conspiracy.
As for Powell, other problems in the timeline emerge with respect to the Kennedy assassination. Specifically, we refer to his tour of duty in Vietnam from 1962 – 1963. The best evidence we were able to marshal shows Powell in Vietnam from December 25, 1962 to November 22/23, 1963, leaving little or no time to be in Dallas for a murder of the president.
This in no way exonerates Powell who was sent to Vietnam to whitewash My Lai and other civilian butcherings by the CIA and US Army.
If someone were to prove that Powell was in the TSBD window shooting at the president, he would need to show that Powell was in the Dallas on or prior to 12:30p on November 22, 1963. As of now, the best evidence fails to support Mathis’ interpretation of Cheney.
But that is a minimal standard since executing a complex operation of murdering the president would require significant training with the principals.
Assuming that we are correct about Powell, and assuming that Mathis is generally correct about the Cheney novel, then our alternative explanation of Executive Privilege as a fractured fairy tale or parlor game for certain cognoscenti makes sense.
Given Mathis' near anonymity it is quite possible that he is a spook on a disinformation campaign.
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First Impressions: Against Them

If you are looking for a revisionist, iconoclastic version of Watergate and the Kennedy presidential assassination, Against Them by Tegan Mathis will fit bill quite nicely – and perhaps a bit too well.

The basic premise of Against Them is that Lynne Cheney wrote an awful novel, Executive Privilege, in 1979 which reveals cryptographically the true story of Watergate and to a less extent some details about the Kennedy assassination. Mathis then proceeds to translate the glyphs into intelligible text.
We welcome the book to a degree, but also question its bonafides. For example, although the book has the appearances of a standard publication, closer inspection reveals many omissions, not the least of which is the name of the publisher. Therefore we assume that the book is self published by the author, and we can imagine a number of reasons for this, such as fear by an establishment publisher of association with such a controversial – if not fringe – book.
Another omission is the routine author biography drivel found on most books. The book contains absolutely no biographical information about its author leaving us to speculate wildly about his background, motives, and competencies – to say nothing of his basic identity.
In fact, an internet search, a favorite tool of the author (and ours), reveals no information on Mathis – he is a cipher.
Another interesting aspect about the book is that it was “made” the day after I ordered it and shipped the day following printing. One cannot find the book in any bookstores. It appears that just-in-time publishing has come into its own.
The book relies on a limited bibliography which seems fitting for its analysis of a novel. But the novel deals with historic events and connections for which we would expect more documentation. Finally the index is nominal listing only a few key names in only single instances. It would seem to us that Microsoft Word could have produced a more substantive index, but maybe that was too much trouble.
Finally, we would propose that the author / editor do another revision of the manuscript as it still contains a few grammatical errors.
In more substantive terms, the book comes across as a partisan hack – and we say that as folks who are very sympathetic with either the philosophical or factual aspects of the book. For example, Mathis takes aim at Neocons and Republicans while claiming that a virtuous Democrat party will send George Bush, Jr. to prison for life.
We would love to see George Bush – along with his father - put away for life, or tortured in the way his thugs tortured innocent people at Abu Graihb, but to think that the Democrat party, which installed an Indonesian citizen in the White House who lies as shamelessly as George Bush, is going to send anyone to jail is a preposterous naivety. In any event, the book will alienate Republican partisans just at the time when the sordid truth about American history needs to be told without partisan baggage. In this respect Mathis comes across as the Sean Hannity of the Left.
On the other hand, we applaud Mathis for exposing the Neocons and their Nazi heritage as well as their butt boys in the press, and even Lyndon Johnson who could make a snake oil salesman look respectable. And at all points, we agree with Mathis that a cabal of Nazis migrated from Germany in 1945 to set up shop in the USA under the protection of powerful Wall Street plutocrats – eg. Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman – as executed by their private army the CIA.
The book has two levels of semantics – the main text about the protagonist Zern Jenner who is president of the United States seeking psychiatric treatment while concealing the fact - and the subtext about the events of Watergate and, to use Richard Nixon’s euphemism, “the whole Bay of Pigs thing.”
But there, the clarity ends, and the complexity begins. In fact, we could not help, while reading, recalling the scene in A Beautiful Mind where the door opens to John Nash’s office revealing a mind boggling collage of articles, lists, and notes  of published information with paragraphs cut out, circled, highlighted and connected together with string and arrows in an attempt to untangle a hair ball the size of Montana.
So our hero, Tegan Mathis, assumes his best John Nash persona to decipher the novel written by Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Richard Cheney. We are not using the Nash allegory as a pejorative but warn readers that they will encounter a maze of tactics to unravel the hidden code.
The books sketches Mathis’ unmasking of the cryptic characters, an exercise which begins the book with the decryption of Deep Throat, the famous device Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein (a husband and wife team in Executive Privilege)  used to conceal the identity of their informant.
Woodward, an avid anagram fan, invented the name Deep Throat as R Dep To The A – Richard, Deputy to the Assistant as in Richard Cheney Deputy to the Assistant Donald Rumsfeld. Mathis rightly notes that Mark Felt as Deep Throat is a pile of horse manure and another example of Woodward’s many deceptions.
 Watergate, we are told, was a power struggle between two Shadow Government factions attempting to control the United States and the world. The various players - household names to political junkies - include such luminaries as Alexander Haig, Richard Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Thomas Moorer, Richard Nixon, Edward Kennedy, Donald Rumsfeld, Bob Woodward, and many other staples of 1960s and 1970s politics, including many who survived into the 21st century with power fully intact.
Thus Nixon was caught in the crossfire of two conflicting, but ultimately sympathetic sects who seek world dominion by different means. In Mathis’ telling of Cheney, Al Haig is the defacto president of the United States with Caspar Weinberger as his Vice President. Weinberger and his faction feel cheated out of decision making, so he stages Watergate to force Haig to give him a piece of the action.
The Watergate burglars unfortunately are careless, leading a trail from the burglars to E Howard Hunt, then Haig then Weinberger and then Dealey Plaza. So a great deal of intrigue is required to bring the crisis under control because any leakage of truth about Kennedy would result in the collapse of the Shadow Government, to say nothing of jail time for its perpetrators.
The story is bizarre and we suppose that Cheney took literary license with the truth even though she probably revealed a great deal if not more so than she ever imagined. In other words, we believe that Mathis has told some fundamental truths about the two stories – Watergate and Kennedy - although we may part company with him at certain details and points of substance.
For example, we are not sold on Pope John VI as the eminence grise who finally pulled the plug on Nixon. We are also incredulous at the idea of Alexander Haig as Shadow President although we do not doubt the vast powers he wielded during the stormy years of Nixon’s presidency.
We do believe that Nixon was a pawn in a great power struggle and had nothing to do with the staged break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters, and we also believe that the men and women in the story are profoundly evil people who hate mankind in general and are Nazis in the truest sense of the word – once you understand that Wall Street invented Nazism.
We do believe that some difficult subjects require further research – especially that of Richard Perle spying on the USA for Israel with Haig’s approval. Perle, of course, is one of the architects of the Project for a New American Century who played prominently in the Bush, jr. White House and the decisions leading to the invasions following 9/11. Here Mathis reveals the alliance of Zionist Jews with Nazis – a subject which most people would find mind boggling – but something which we believe is most plausible and compelling.
Mathis reveals Bob Woodward as the CIA / Bush Crime Syndicate spy that he is – a man who appears at many critical junctures in history – including 1973 Chile, Watergate, and 9/11 to mention but a few. I am sure that fellow spook Ben Bradlee had much to do with nurturing Woodward at the Washington Post in his covert position as reporter.
Other significant revelations center on Colin Powell, Al Haig, and Henry Kissinger who were all in Dealey Plaza participating in the murder of John Kennedy. Powell was the assassin who shot Kennedy in the back from the Texas School Book Depository, while Haig and Kissinger were on the ground signaling the assassins when to shoot.
Unfortunately, little mention is made of George Bush, Sr and Edward Lansdale who were pivotal ground players in the assassination. This omission is another example of why we hold some of the information in Mathis’ telling at a distance. But the fault may not be so much with Mathis as with Cheney who no doubt protected key players in her partial telling of the murder tales.
One of the most egregious absences from both books is that of John Dean, a man nearly as treacherous as Bob Woodward. Omitting him is like trying to understand the Civil War without knowing that slavery existed in the South.
As we have already stated, Mathis outlines basic themes which we can fully endorse and smaller ones and particular details which we question or hold in suspense until other facts can corroborate them.
One possibility which Mathis did not explore, but which we hold as viable, is that Cheney indeed used inside information to write a novel about history with many facts changed to communicate knowingly with an inside clique. It could have been her sense of humor.
We consider this possibility because many of the facts presented by Mathis do not add up in a way to allow the many interpretations and conclusions he draws. We will explore one of those – the Weinberger – Powell relationship in a future posting.

Finally, it is entirely possible that Executive Privilege was a time bomb, a back-up plan to retroactively contaminate the corpus of truth with more CIA sponsored lies about American history in the event that historians or researchers go too close to the truth.
Clearly Mathis has presented some important truths in his interpretations – such as Nixon being caught in a power struggle which he neither understood nor could control. But configuring the characters at the times and places required for certain conclusions becomes improbable at points, making this book more of a parlor game than an historical analysis. Nevertheless, if research proves otherwise, we will extend our mea culpa.

Against Them, Tegan Mathis, published 2012
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Was the Zapruder Film Altered?

The famous Zapruder film which captured the horror of an American president being murdered by a cabal of Wall Street plutocrats has been the subject of much controversy regarding its integrity. Regardless of the final resolution of that debate, it doesn’t really matter.
Abraham Zapruder (1905 – 1970) was allegedly the innocent bystander who just happened to have an 8mm Bell & Howell portable movie camera with him on the day that President John Kennedy was murdered in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. His ultimate film noir recorded for history the very moments when the assassins’ bullets ended the life of the president.
We do not believe that Zapruder was an innocent bystander. In fact we believe that he was hired – either directly or indirectly – to film the murder for the sick benefit of his pay masters. Zapruder owned a women’s clothing manufacturing firm which operated in the vicinity of Dealey Plaza. He was an extreme right wing ideologue who ran in the same circles as George DeMohrenschildt, another Russian émigré who shepherded Oswald to his job in the Texas School Book Depository.
This community of White Russians were strongly hostile to Kennedy because they viewed him as soft on communism.
Henry Luce’s Life magazine purchased the film in order to sequester it and to extract photos from it supporting the Lone Nut theory of the assassination.  When the film surfaced a few years later, its content shocked the world.
Prior to the film’s sequestration, a few people who saw the film were advised to keep their mouths shut when they protested that the film did not support the official Warren Commission Report. Luce, who was a hostile critic of the President and warned him of dire consequences due to his handling of the steel crisis, was undoubtedly happy to serve as custodian for the film.
The problem with the film is that it clearly shows fire from the front of the president’s limousine and therefore demolishes the Lone Nut and Single Bullet Theories.
The film’s long residency in the vault of Life magazine provides the background for the conspiracy theories – and we do not use the term pejoratively – that the film was altered. However, it is the film’s jerky quality which provides the real motivation for the theory. So when you marry the two facts together, it is easy to see how someone would consider a conspiracy to alter the film.
For our part, we believe that the video was slightly altered to show that the limousine did not come to a full stop. Many eye witnesses have testified that the driver completely stopped the car or brought it to a virtual stop. The reason for this, as we explained elsewhere, is so that the assassins could have the ideal frame for guaranteeing Kennedy's murder.
The alterations provided the Secret Service a plausible defense against charges that it participated in the murder of the president - something which it most certainly did.
But why did the murderers want a film of their wicked deeds? Beyond the macabre satisfaction of seeing the man they hated murdered, they needed a record of the event in order to know how to lie about the facts, to identify potentially troublesome witnesses, and to have a lessons learned record to plan future murders. Indeed, the FBI and Army Delta Force which murdered Martin Luther King, Jr. also filmed his assassination.
For these reasons, we believe that the Zapruder film is largely intact. Even with the minor modification we allow, it is largely irrelevant whether the film has been altered because it clearly shows that the president was murdered from the grassy knoll or another spot from the front of the president’s limousine.

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News Flash: JFK Murder Accessory Arlen Specter Dead at 82

We are not in the least bit morose to report the death of JFK murder accessory Arlen Specter at his home in Philadelphia on October 14, 2012.

Arlen Specter was the young ambitious 34 year old attorney who lent his services to the Warren Commission as legal counsel in its fake investigation of the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas.
President Johnson was arm twisted into convening the commission after initially rejecting such proposals.

Specter was the famous inventor of the “Magic Bullet Theory” which postulated that a bullet coming from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository hit Kennedy in the back, passed through his body, changed direction in mid air to then hit Governor John Connally in the chest, wrist, and thigh, finally coming to rest on a stretcher unscathed. This bullet was entered into evidence as CE 399.
The Mannlicher rifle from which the bullet allegedly came is ridiculed by Italians as the reason they lost World War 2.
The Bush Crime Syndicate rewarded Specter well for his services by electing him as Pennsylvania Senator in 1980 where he served for 30 years, first as a Republican and then as a Democrat.

Oliver Stone eviscerated the “Single Bullet Theory” in his movie JFK when the character Jim Garrison describes in vivid detail during a court room scene all of the twists and turns which Specter’s bullet would have to take in order to accomplish what he theorized for it to accomplish. Garrison was prosecuting Clay Shaw for his role in the murder of President Kennedy.
In order to make the bullet trajectory work in consonance with Specter’s theory, then Congressman Gerald Ford perjured himself in the placement of the bullet entry wound on official commission documents. We are astonished that the Lone Nutters can ridicule with a straight face those who allege a massive conspiracy to murder – berating it as a theory. But the “Single Bullet Theory” is nothing more than a theory which makes the aforementioned WC defenders theorists in their own right.

We are not in the least bit saddened by the news of Specter's death, and are disappointed that justice was not meted out to him for his role in the conspiracy to cover-up the murder of a president.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Benghazi Hoax

While the Benghazi massacre appears to be an act of terrorism, the truth is far more complicated than what Americans have been told – the October Surprise came a month early.
Four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya , Christopher Stevens, were murdered in Benghazi Libya on September 11, 2012 at the American Embassy. Explanations were fast and furious. The White House initially claimed that the attack spontaneously erupted in protest of a defamatory anti Islam film which went viral on You Tube. The neoconservatives immediately claimed that the attack was the result of terrorists, more specifically al Qaeda. Is either answer correct?
The short answer is, yes. We believe that the attacks were indeed executed by al Qaeda as a planned assault on the embassy, but the full elaboration of the explanation is far more sinister. We believe, after studying the various tactics of the Wall Street controlled CIA, that the assault was directed to accomplish a few specific political and strategy goals.
The first hint came with Mitt Romney’s indelicate exposure to an ostensibly private group that he hoped for a surprise event which would rescue his Bob Dole campaign from oblivion. Shortly after making those remarks, the 9/11 anniversary attacks erupted on a surprised US embassy. Mitt got his wish, or should we say that the clairvoyant's words proved true?
The White House, we believe, was caught off guard and tried to spring the preposterous story about a You Tube video as the inspiration of the spontaneous attacks. However, one does not bring mortars, grenade launchers, and rifles to a spontaneous protest. The presence of these weapons indicates a very powerful planning force animating the attacks.
The assault bore the signs of signature US intelligence prep work in the many cables which  were submitted over several months to various entities including the White House. This paper trail creates abundant opportunities for finger pointing and blame sharing so typical of CIA orchestrations. Congress and independent counsels can investigate ad infinitum and have rich semaphores for sending the findings in any number of directions depending upon the cooperation of the victims, patsies, and moles. In this case the storyline is a bungled presidency by its current occupant.
Immediately after the attacks, the rabid neocons at Fox News – and that includes all of them – started playing the terrorist card. Joseph Goebbels wannabe Sean Hannity lead the charge with his hysterical allegations that the assault was a terrorist attack which required immediate action if not heaping of blame on the president. He complemented his invectives with support from the usual suspects including John Bolton, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, and vice Satan himself, Dick Cheney.
We can point out, with a long paper trail of our own, that we are no fan of the president . Thus we caution those who see this analysis as his defense. We merely assert that he was the victim of the crisis to enable Mitt Romney’s elevation to the presidency by the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The attack accomplished at least two goals. The first is that it eroded Soetoro’s standing with many Americans who want to see America strong and decisive. Soetoro’s preoccupation with campaign matters – such as television appearances – did not develop that vision of America. The president can now be painted as a foreign policy derelict by those hawks clammoring for more war and arms spending.
The second purpose of the attacks was to keep alive the fear mongering created by 9/11  engineered in part to further eviscerate American freedoms. Both the Rockefeller Axis of Evil and the Bush Crime Syndicate have long standing goals to subjugate America to its political ambitions, both of which lead to world domination.
One pivotal actor who has been missing in action in the initial days and weeks after the attacks was Hillary Clinton, whom we believe supplied the pretext for the weak Soetoro persona when her State Department advertised widely throughout the Middle East apologies for past American sins. Indeed the apologies were long overdue in some sense, but without apologizing on behalf of the CIA, they were crocodile tears. But the apologies play well with the red meat crowd who will now point to the Neville Chamberlain airs of Mr Obama/Soetoro.
While we should have made the point earlier, we must stress that al Qaeda always has been and is to this day a mercenary force of the CIA. When you see or hear anything about al Qaeda, you should understand that al Qaeda means database in Arabic – and is a veritable Rolodex of criminal thugs who do the Agency’s dirty work. So Mr Hannity was correct to label al Qaeda as the guilty party, but in so doing, he was exposing his favorite spook supply, the CIA.
The Libya incident is the perfect context for vastly increased military spending to be used on more wars of foreign aggression and to remove Obama, whose loyalties are to the Rockefeller Axis of Evil, from office so that the war president may takeover the duties of sending more Americans to their deaths in the nether reaches of the globe, especially in the oil rich Middle East.
Finally we must ask why the four men killed, including two Navy Seals, were targeted. It is possible that the Seals were accidental losses, but it is most likely that their murders would be viewed as symbolic of American pride and therefore a stronger rallying cry to stir Americans to action. The ambassador, we suspect, was a thorn in the side or threat to elements of the Bush Crime Syndicate.
A third reason for the staged attacks on Libya was to provide American military with a remote theater base from which to plan and supply attacks on Syria and Iran. Damascus will be demolished into a parking lot by America munitions which will include light weight nuclear devices such as those used in 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers by the BCS lead coalition against America.
Watch for CIA mouthpiece Fox News to grow more rabid in calling for action, heads to roll, and further embarrassment of the Obama administration. For its part, watch for the Administration to spew forth more preposterous lies about the events leading to the attack. Our prediction is that Soetoro is cooked - entrapped by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and he can thank his Wall Street buddies, to whom he shoveled trillions of dollars, for the betrayal.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Meaning of Elvis Presley's Non Death

We reported previously our cautious belief that Elvis Presley is still alive. Here we wish to examine a few of the implications of that staggering conclusion.
On the one hand, Elvis pulled off one of the greatest hoaxes in history, although he is by no means the first to do so. We believe the evidence purporting that legendary murderer Jesse James faked his death in 1882 is equally persuasive as Presley’s.  Although Elvis’ disappearance wasn’t original, it was far more spectacular.
After all, Presley lived his life in a fish bowl made of magnifying glass where few people have endured closer scrutiny and adulation than he. Thus accomplishment of this feat in plain sight speaks volumes for Presley and his co-conspirators. It also raises the question of who was involved in orchestrating the faux death. Did CIA and other intelligence forces materially contribute or assist in this virtuoso act, or was this legerdemain largely a Pressley virtuoso act? If the deception were all Presley’s, I certify him to be a near genius.
The other important implication of the faked death is the exposure of the limitations of our senses. Presley was worshipped as a demi-god whom people felt they knew because they experienced him through the mediation of the entertainment, publicity, and news institutions which played on people’s desires to associate with the fame, power, and success belonging to the incomparable Presley.
Because he touched them as they had never been touched before, his fans felt they knew him, and consequently could know whether he was alive or not. But these very media which made Elvis translucent were the very media which provided enough opacity to allow him to escape before our very eyes.
Since people felt that they knew him, and it was through their minds acquiescing to the aforementioned media, they accepted that the event they witnessed was a genuine depiction of a fallen hero’s last moments above ground.
But if the DNA findings are reliable, it is impossible – reminiscent of Grouch Marx’s famous line about who was buried in Grant’s tomb – that the coffin in Presley’s grave contains the remains of the King of Rock and Roll. As such, people were fooled by the same media they trusted implicitly.
Of course one can allow a certain lenience toward those believing a lie due to a deliberate deception, but nonetheless believing that Elvis is dead is a colossal error of perception and possibly judgment. And I, like most of the world, believed that he died on August 16, 1977.
The other matter so disturbing about Elvis’ disappearance is that he felt compelled to disappear. What price fame? His fans were into themselves that they could not give their idol peace of mind. It is also likely that Presley’s famous hard living took its toll on his psyche and physiology – again assuming that the tales of his wild life are indeed true. Of course endogenous factors unrelated to his fame could have precipitated the need to get out of Dodge.
But it wasn’t just his fans who threatened him. Dr Hinton tells of other threats to Presley which I assume were derivative of his fame.
Could Elvis come back to the world today – assuming that he is still alive after July 2008? Sadly, I don’t think he could. Many of his fans would be outraged that he deprived them of so much joy by disappearing so abruptly while others would be ecstatic that he is back. His non-fans would probably be furious that he duped them, perhaps endangering his life for sure.
But did he really dupe them or did the media and the people dupe themselves? And so we get to the matter of blaming the victim. But in a caveat emptor world, I find it difficult to be too hard on Elvis given the many mitigating circumstances surrounding his need to disappear.
I don’t think that we have excavated all of the implications of Elvis’ non-death, but I wish him peace in the valley of his solace.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

What Did Lynne Cheney Know, And When Did She Know It?

For those wanting more evidence that Dick Cheney is Satan incarnate, look no further than his wife’s coded description of Watergate in Executive Privilege. Although she wrote ostensibly a novel, she wrote more of a true confession in the truth is stranger than fiction category.
One of our good researchers passed along information which we found both shocking and illuminating – a cast of characters involved in both the Kennedy assassination and Watergate. Richard Nixon always maintained that the Bay of Pigs was connected to the Kennedy assassination and should have extended its reach to his presidency.
Indeed his White House, unbeknownst to him, was a breeding ground and way station for past and future murderers who would rule America with their chauvinistic, imperial lusts. Thanks to another superb book which decodes Cheney’s revelations, we know much more about the Kennedy murder than we knew before. The decoder book is Against Them by Tegan Mathis.
While we prepare for a fuller review, we wished to pass along this information in connection to the Kennedy conspiracy led by some of the most respected names in post war American politics. For those familiar with the schematic of Dealy Plaza, you may recognize Umbrella Man, the guy who was holding the umbrella on a sunny day at the foot of the grassy knoll from where Kennedy was lethally shot.
Umbrella man was a signaler for the assassins behind the fence. But it takes special skill to operate as point man for assassins, so the future General Alexander Haig was selected to operate the umbrella semaphore that fateful day. To keep the signal on time, a trusty sidekick to notify the Umbrella Man to signal the assassins is required too. So why not enlist a Harvard genius by the name of Henry Kissinger?
One of the other stunning surprises is the identity of the man in the 5th floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. (And yes we said 5th floor). The man who was the sharpshooter against the president was an Army officer fresh from Viet Nam and future Secretary of State. The name is none other than General Colin Powell.
What  is striking about all three men is their meteoric rises in power after murdering the president. Alexander Haig became in turn Kissinger’s aide in the Nixon White House, Nixon’s chief of staff, commander of NATO, and eventually Secretary of State during Reagan’s first term.
Kissinger had a very dazzling career as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. We have already noted Powell’s tenure as Secretary of State under George Bush, Jr. If you wondered how both Powell and Haig jumped over many men their seniors in such a short period of time, wonder no more. It mattered little that they both sported average to mediocre records – especially when they excelled at murder.
However, being well connected to the Bush Crime Syndicate offers advantages not found elsewhere. Indeed, we have reported how Prescott Bush and George Bush, Sr. were important figures in the murder plot, where good behavior is richly rewarded - just as mafia crime family does.
Henry Kissinger’s career is well known, especially to Italians who identified him as the man behind the murder of Prime Minister Aldo Moro.
We know much of this new information thanks to the investigations and deciphering abilities of Mr Mathis who delivers much more information in explaining these two pivotal events in American history – only to be surpassed by 9/11 – another production of the cabal who practiced in Dealy Plaza.
Stay tuned for more illumination.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Is Elvis Dead or Alive?

If DNA analysis is sufficient to identify a person and to genetically relate him to someone else, then there is powerful evidence showing that Elvis Presley survived his own death.

We never thought we would ever consider the plausibility of Elvis’ existence down to the present time, but we follow the evidence where ever it leads, no matter how uncomfortable.  Although we respect the corpus of work left by Presley, we certainly could never understand the adulation and screaming which met his appearances, which leaves us without emotional motivation for sustaining hopes of  Elvis living today.

An article by a probate attorney practicing in Detroit, Michigan, Andrew Mayoras, caught our attention since the subject of death and identity would be part and parcel of his typical line of work, giving him a certain amount of presumption in his analyses on the subject of paternity and survival as related to the Presley affair. His approach was a welcome relief from some of the gaudier efforts to prove Elvis' existence.

Mayoras introduces the protagonist in the story, Eliza Presley, who discovered at the age of 13 that she was adopted, and who later met her natural mother who gave her a false lead in finding the identity of her natural father. Later married, Eliza and her husband were startled by the striking similarity between their 3 year old son and Elvis Presley at a comparable age.
Meanwhile, another respectable figure, board certified psychiatrist Dr Donald Hinton published a book about his patient Jesse who was none other than Elvis Presley in the flesh. Jesse was the name of Elvis’ still born brother.

According to Hinton, the reasons for Elvis’ Houdini act were to seek treatment for severe pain and to escape threats against himself and his family. Unfortunately, Hinton suffered a number of credibility problems when Elvis failed to reintroduce himself in 2002 as promised. But having credibility problems is not the same as being a liar.
In addition, the DEA, the Missouri State Board of Healing Arts, the Missouri Attorney General, and others, tried Hinton for malpractice resulting in the revocation of his medical license on the grounds of mail order fraud involving the prescription of drugs to a person the doctor never met. That person would be Jesse.

Jesse then wrote a letter to the Attorney General soliciting lenience for the doctor and denying the mail order fraud. After submitting the letter to certified graphologist Shirley Mason, the Attorney General and DEA dismissed charges against Hinton on the basis of her emphatic assertion that the letter matched precisely known examples of Presley’s hand writing. As an expert court witness in other graphological matters, Mason volunteered to testify  to her findings about Presley in court.
In a subsequent lengthy investigation by Fox 8 News, journalist Suzanne Stratford of Cleveland reported that Hinton passed a lie detector test related to questioning about his famous client.

Mayoras mentions other evidence indicating that Elvis did not die including the misspelled middle name on his tombstone and a picture certified by Kodak showing a person bearing a strong resemblance to Presley. Going farther afield, others have noted anomalies in his social security records, military records, and bank accounts showing activity belonging to a living person.
When Stratford investigated the Presley story, she got a coup – a DNA sample from Jesse himself. Unfortunately it did not lead to any resolution of the identity of Jesse because Lisa Presley refused to provide a sample of her DNA on some rather flimsy grounds.

Eliza, never at all thinking that Elvis was alive, continued her paternity quest through Elvis collector David Collins who urged her to contact Stratford. Fox 8 News submitted the Jesse DNA sample to a Canadian lab for analysis after a lot of negotiated wrangling with Eliza. The results were dramatic to say the least.
Later Eliza contacted Elvis paternal cousin Donna Presley Early, who through the interest of Eliza’s children, sent them locks of her hair. After a series of events and non-events, Eliza submitted the hair samples to a lab for analysis which returned results in October 2000 stating that she was indeed related to Donna, giving her a great leap in her quest to discover her father.

The lab also confirmed that there was a possibility of Elvis being her father, and if not Elvis, then a close relative. This was enough motivation to lead Eliza to Graceland, especially since her birth mother lived across the street from the Presley mansion in the late 1950s, leading to intriguing possibilities about Elvis' paternity.
While there she met Lois Smith Black, Elvis’ maternal aunt, and her daughter Brenda. Lois willingly supplied DNA samples, while Eliza had to pull a CSI style stunt by grabbing the cigarette butts of Brenda. Yet much more time would elapse before Brenda could request DNA testing, which occurred in conjunction with the research efforts of Fox 8 News around 2008.
The results revealed that Elvis was not Eliza’s father but that they were half siblings, leaving the inescapable conclusion that Vernon Presley was her father. By this point, Eliza was open to the possibility that Elvis was still alive, when through a contact named Bern, Jesse asked about her Aunt Louise, a name which only the real Elvis could possibly know. That was the moment – regardless of DNA – that she knew Jesse’s identity.

Additional DNA testing revealed that Eliza’s DNA matched Brenda’s and Lois’. Even more astounding was the DNA match from an envelope Jesse returned to Eliza in July 2008 because not only did it match Eliza’s but it also matched the 2002 sample from Jesse exactly. The DNA testing yielded a virtual family reunion demonstrating the genetic relationship among Brenda, Lois, Donna, and Elvis. It is now more of legal formality than necessity to have Vernon's DNA.
The conclusion was that not only were Eliza and Elvis related, but that Elvis was alive because the Jesse samples matched.
Mayoras provides a technical review of the evidence which Eliza’s legal counsel availed to him. While he believes that the evidence is persuasive, he would like to nail it with Lisa Presley’s DNA. Eliza has managed to force open the estate of Vernon Presley, from which Mayoras would like to see an exhumation of Vernon’s body to fully conclude the paternity claim.

From our vantage, the evidence is conclusive and we believe that careful detective work could produce a Lisa Presley DNA sample which would wrap up of the mystery. In the mean time we are willing to cautiously conclude that Elvis Presley is alive – at least as of 2008.
The implications of this discovery are staggering, a topic which we save for another blog post.

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