Sunday, July 26, 2020

Are American Molesters and Perverts Finally Being Brought to Justice?

[Publisher's note 7/28/2020: if you have found this Chronicle, it is surely a miracle. CIA-Google has shut it down completely either to protect the molesters or perhaps because of our impolitic observation that the list of perpetrators below consists largely or entirely of Jews.]

Over the last year or so, some of America's most vicious child pornographers have been brought to some sort of justice with the most recent catch being Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of US enemy and Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, himself found face down floating in a river in 1991.

These Chronicles were in the vanguard alerting its dear readers to the horrific and satanic rituals with which these monsters tortured and murdered children. Whether it was scumbag George Bush, John Podesta, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Larry King, or some other malevolent psychopath, we called out the vicious crimes these rich and powerful  people perpetrated against children. There were even times when we were uncertain as to how credible the stories of abuse and murder were. But the latest arrest of Maxwell confirms it in spades.

While we focused on politicians, we would be remiss if we did not call out the sanctimonious, hypocritical, murderous celebrities of Hollywood, many of whom are A-list darlings of the American boob who worships these POS.

Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein were canaries in the coal mine whose arrests pointed to more interesting visitors to Pleasure Island which was a place of torture and abuse of children by the Rich and Famous of Hollywood and Washington.

Some of the names who visited - and many visited often - include the following:
  • Prince Andrew (though his sicko mother may never have visited, Buckingham Palace is one sadistic hell with children's bones having been found outside the walls of the palace)
  • Bill Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Chrissy Teagan
  • John Cussack
  • John Legend
  • Kathy Griffin
  • Lynn Forester de Rothschild (close friend of Hillary Clinton and 9/11 co-conspirator)
  • Madonna
  • Meryl Streep
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steven Corvair
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Tom Hanks
As far as we know, most if not all of the people on this list are Jews - even the ones you don't think are Jews.

The manners and methods of the deaths of so many children to serve the pleasures of these rich and famous psychopaths would make a normal person pass out.

Mel Gibson is about the only famous celebrity to have called crap on this evil and survive. Most actors who have dared utter this wickedness have had "accidents."

This story may only be beginning. On the other hand, many of the arrested have left court with a slap on the wrist and returned to their predatory murders and molestations. We pray that this time will be different.

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Why Trump Chose Fauci

Every manufactured crisis requires a czar and thus Donald Trump selected Anthony Fauci as his coronavirus czar. While it may seem like an odd combination, it turns out to make a lot of sense when you understand who Fauci is.

Fauci has a long history of Lysenkoist quackery to his name. He played a leading role in the 1980s and 1990s pushing the nonsense that a retrovirus, HIV, could cause AIDS - a vague term which could apply to anything. Fauci, a homosexual, used the scare of AIDS to disarm any hostility to homosexual politics by making the sob story of innocent victims being randomly attacked by an evil virus.

Unfortunately for Fauci and his ilk, real scientists, such as Dr Peter Duesberg, demolished the idea that HIV could cause AIDS. He pointed out the distinction between African AIDS and Western AIDS, the former being caused by poor sanitary and dietary condition; the latter being caused by drug abuse and poor health practices. Sex doesn't cause AIDS; neither does HIV. But then how could you bilk millions of people of billions of dollars without scare? It is done with the virus scam.

During the Clinton administration, Fauci led a campaign to jail Dr Judy Mikovitz because she published scientific research showing that vaccinations were toxic and lethal in certain scenarios, causing a significantly higher rate of retardation and autism in black boys. For this, Fauci jailed Mikovitz and utterly destroyed her financially and academically. She was held in jail without trial or or bail. With this kind of power, it is very easy to see who is president and who is not. Trump is the ultimate fake president.

So why did Trump select Fauci for his coronavirus task force and public face? To answer, we must first turn to January 2017 when Fauci warned that the Trump administration would be engulfed in a colossal health crisis. How would Fauci know it? The answer is easy - it was planned and the virus scam proved so successful with AIDS that he could use it again for coronavirus.

Trump knew about the announcement - which is why he selected Fauci to head the unprecedented crisis. It is a good cop / bad cop play. Trump says something which might appeal to a certain voter group, and then Fauci publicly reprimands him and then Trump is off the hook for having to deliver on any policy or promise he made. If Fauci can keep someone in jail without trial, he has the power.

The other reason Trump chose Fauci was to signal to the Clinton-Obama administration that he on their side. No matter what Trump may say to inspire his constituency, the constant presence of Fauci is a powerful symbolic statement that Trump is implementing policies advocated by Bill Gates (who is a woman), Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

The main purpose for putting Trump in office is to bring what might have been a difficult group of voters to comply with the masktardery which is the bedrock and anchor of slavery. Perma-fear has subdued faster than any police force billions of people worldwide under a brutal totalitarian regime which calls any human scum - you dirty germ carrying scum. You are contagious scum who should be locked up (quarantined) and buried (masked).

Fauci was so good at spreading the HIV-AIDS lie, that he was called back into service to peddle the nonsense about coronavirus being a lethal threat to humanity which requires masks until a vaccine is "invented" at which time it will be required monthly or weekly because "you can lose your immunity" just like you can get your virginity back or get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat.

Coronavirus is a criminal and epic fraud. You can't "catch" a virus. Without viruses you would die - they are completely and totally safe and required for health, a subject which we have covered elsewhere.

There is no good guy in the corona scamdemic. The only heroes are those micro-minorities who call crap on the bilious lies of the elite. Face bras equal slavery. The god of the new religion is Bill Gates and Trump is his prophet. Uniparty has triumphed again.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The Gates, Trump, Fauci Troika

The billionaires' club is rolling on the ground laughing its collective posterior off over how easy it was to cow Americans into donning the brand of servility - the face mask. But nothing is too tawdry for these billionaires to add ever more billions to their banks accounts. Gates, Trump, and Fauci are the villains leading the final act of destruction of Amerika.

Anthony Fauci, who is Trumps right hand man in administering this psychopathic psychological warfare against Americans, has provided a patina of medical rationale for concern over a condition which is otherwise known as the flu, respiratory disease, or absolutely nothing at all with his trumped up medical quackery known as the "novel" corona virus.

It is alleged to linger for hours if not days, weeks, and years and poses such a lethal threat that any mask - any mask at all - will protect you from its deadly vice grip. But you can take it off to eat at a public restaurant because the "virus" knows not get near you while you are eating.

The goons at the CIA had so much fun inventing the germophobic Howard Hughes send-up that it thought that it would make all of Amerika suffer the germophobic hysteria which Hughes allegedly suffered in his last days, the only problem being that the CIA murdered him c. 1959 - not 1976.

Bill Gates, who is a biological woman, has been studying vaccines for years and how he could fan some hairbrained fear to force everyone to be injected with the deadly toxins. His billionaire buddy Donald Trump keeps sounding the bell for vaccines as does his hand-picked master Fauci. Indeed the coronavirus prima donna and the Vaccine Company, sometimes known as the Center for Disease Control, have a long history of conspiracy to make every ill in the world the subject of a vaccine cure.

Fauci literally imprisoned Barbara Mikovitz for daring to publish that vaccines were associated with risks, some of which could be lethal. For this he destroyed her career as very respected medical researcher. We don't need no stinkin' science around here because we can always channel Lysenko and Howard Hughes all at the same time.

Fauci was filmed warning in January 2017 that the Trump administration would be engulfed in an epic health crisis which is why those with a lick of sense realize that coronavirus was a plandemic. And whom did Trump chose as his leading man to propagate this bogeyman and terrorize Americans with fear of death? It was none other than his good old pal Anthony Fauci - the same man who preached the quackery that HIV causes AIDS - a fallacy which Dr Peter Duesberg demolished beyond repair.

Gates travels the world to infect children and adults with his noxious toxins - many of which cause death - because she has invested so heavily in the companies and technologies which deliver death. The Ebola charade was just a dress rehearsal for coronavirus. What better way to eliminate 90% of the world's population than to fool them into thinking that they can save themselves with a serum of mercury, aluminum, and sulfides.

There are some who paint Trump as an undercover hero. I have ripped his mask off. He is co-conspirator in a deadly game to destroy permanently the health and freedom of Americans by forcing them to done a mask in the name of a lie. So the man who cries over the fake news is the uberneister of lies and fakery.

Masks are required to incite fear, self-loathing, self-fear, suspicion of others. It divides and hides. It makes everyone look like a terrorist - something to fear and hate. It makes everyone look like a Muslim woman - something to despise and hate. Next comes the veil - you don't deserve to be seen - you are scum. Oh - and follow 6 feet behind,.

We have explained time and again that you can't "catch a virus." It is an absurdity and imbecility to suppose that one can be infected with a virus. Viruses are produced by the human body as cell specific solvents to eliminate wastes and toxins which the body's bacteria cannot dispose. Supposing that viruses cause disease is like supposing that shadows cause the sun to shine. Such people conflate that disappearance with non-existence.

The billionaires have united against the peons, and they have won.

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