Sunday, May 17, 2020

Vindicating James Files

Once dubbed the Rodney Dangerfield of the JFK assassination world by failed historian Vincent Bugliosi, James Files at last earns the respect of credibility. There is now sound evidence to substantiate the veracity of File's claimed involvement in the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

In times past, these Chronicles have held James Files, nee Sutton, at arms' length because his story sounded far fetched and too easy - coming from a convicted felon who sought a glorious 15 minutes of fame. But a couple of developments have occurred which have caused us a change of mind.

Barry Krusch wrote a masterpiece defending Lee HARVEY Oswald against the libelous accusations of the Warren Commission - perhaps better known as the Accessories After the Fact Commission. He developed a legal case using legal standards of evidence as the basis for concluding that the co-conspirators' case against Oswald didn't stand a snow ball's chance in hell of prevailing in court.

The Commission's report is riddled with lies, manufactured evidence, tortured logic, and discrepancies too numerous to cover here. As an example, Krusch covers the lack of chain of custody of key evidence which demolishes the argument that 3 bullet casings were found in the 6th floor of the CIA's Texas School Book Depository front company. With meticulous care, the author shows that the casings found at TSBD were most likely not the casings which the Warren Commissioners examined. The shortcomings of the casings evidence is enough to implode the entire case against Oswald.

Given this virtuoso treatment of the evidence, our ears perked up when Krusch introduced Files as a credible witness for the frontal shot which murdered the president. Files is the man who testified in prison that he, Charles Nicoletti, and Johnny Roselli were given an assignment to murder Kennedy. Roselli and Nicoletti were in the Dal-Tex building while Files was behind the fence at the Grassy Knoll. Both hit the president's head within less than a split second of each other, explaining the sudden reversal of head motion in such a short time as seen in the Zapruder film. The two shots instantly killed the president.

However, Files provided one detail which extended him a lease on credibility for us when he mentioned the mercury loaded .222 caliber round he used to take the President's life. This information corresponded well with the information Robert Kennedy obtained when he had the Cartier watch which his brother wore in the limousine forensically examined. However, there is a small discrepancy in the information each party provided. The analysis of the watch found military grade cyanide whereas Files said that he used a mercury loaded round. It is possible that both accounts are true or that Files withheld information. But either way, it is clear that toxic chemicals were used to guarantee that Kennedy would not survive under even the most miraculous circumstances.

These disclosures occurred independently of each other, separated by decades, thus increasing my confidence in the correctness of the information and credibility of the witness.

This revelation about Files in no way minimizes the role of the Military Industrial Complex in removing the president. Instead it allows us to fill in another missing piece of this 3 dimensional puzzle of the destruction of the American republic.

I will allow a certain amount aloofness toward Files given the less than ideal circumstances of the information, but for now, the best evidence supports his general veracity.

Barry Krusch, Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald (PDF version), 2015, USA, ISBN: 978-0-9620981-4-7

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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Trump's One Term Presidency

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump's presidency ended in March 2020 with the Coronavirus debacle which resulted in the co-regency of Anthony Fauci. Trump has become the Jimmy Carter of the Republican party.

Two events occurred in 2017 which sealed Trump's fate, the first of which was a White House meeting on January 5 between Barry Soetoro and Joe Biden which laid out the terms of the continuing Obama presidency. Our interpretation of the meeting is that Soetoro and Biden finalized plans for a counter-insurgency to unseat Trump through legal maneuvers and popular uprisings, as well as the continuation of the incumbent's presidency through a shadow government which exists today consisting of high profile persons such as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, John Podesta, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Michelle Obama, John Kerry, George Soros, and too many more to mention.

[Postscript 5/11/2020: It may well be the case that the aforementioned meeting may be related to disclosing General Flynn's meeting with the Russian ambassador, with Obama requesting that the FBI investigation remain open after initially closing it for lack of substantive purpose.]

It may come as a surprise to most Americans to learn that Soetoro maintains diplomatic relations with foreign heads of state, mostly centered in Asia, with the understanding that once Trump is removed, this occult government will emerge as the sole victor. Thus America has two concurrent governments one of which is led by a cabal guilty of high treason. Both Obama and former Secretary of State Kerry have shadowed Trump on his presidential visits in the Middle East and elsewhere attempting to spy on and undermine the constitutional US government.

Indeed, reports indicate that Diane Feinstein is in regular, if not daily, contact with the communist People's Republic of China's ruling politburo. It can be no coincidence that persistent speculation insists that China was the source of the scourge which has undone the Trump presidency.

In addition to the January 5th meeting in the waning days of the Obama presidency, Anthony Fauci, long time agitator for novel virus theories, such as HIV causing AIDS, announced to a private audience that Trump would face an epic and catastrophic health crisis in 2020. How would Fauci know with such precision that coronavirus would appear with such ferocity? Is he really that clairvoyant, or did he have a plan from alternate president Soetoro?

As we have explained elsewhere, the entire coronavirus episode is built one lie upon another, reaching to the ozone layer itself. We have shown that one cannot catch a virus from people, dogs, or bat soup. We have also shown that the RT PCR test is wholly inadequate to identify coronavirus even if it were pathogenic. In addition, we have shown that the CDC has systematically reclassified deaths of other causes, such as pneumonia, as COVID-19, thus vastly overstating the deaths from this fake crisis. Most importantly, viruses are NOT pathogenic. Although we did not mention it at the time, we will add that a thorough review of masks for prophylactic purposes, as used in oral health protocols, and published in a 2016 article, demonstrated the complete uselessness of masks for stopping microscopic particles. However, it doesn't matter because viruses are not pathogenic.

On January 15, 2020, Feinstein ally Nancy Pelosi delivered impeachment articles to the Senate, the very day that the first coronavirus case was identified in the US in Seattle. This was a very symbolic statement, linked directly to Fauci's prediction, stating that Trump's presidency was over, whether the Senate convicted him or not. The Democrats, with the help of the People's Republic of China, had served notice that Trump was a convicted lame duck.

The plandemic of coronavirus raged like a California wildfire, possibly catching Trump off-guard, and given that this political stratagem was veneered with medicine, completely incapacitated the Trump administration on every side, leading to mass closures of schools, governments, businesses, churches, and any other organizationally significant entity all at Fauci's instigation. The cancer of this needless shutdown has metastasized, rendering the Trump presidency a zombie corpse.

Now whether or not Trump colluded with Fauci is open to debate, but he has followed closely his advice, and sought as his leading advisor the very man who predicted the health crisis - which in reality is merely a political usurpation having absolutely nothing to do with science, medicine, or public health. A nation of unemployed masktards will not re-elect its oppressor who in this case is Trump.

Just as the CIA deliberately held oil tankers in the Gulf during 1980 to create a fake oil shortage, and just as George Bush flew to Switzerland to pay the Ayatollah to withhold American hostages until after the elections, so Trump has been outmaneuvered by the deep security state to limit his hapless presidency to a single term. Jimmy Carter had no chance of out witting the sovereign CIA; likewise Trump.

We were agnostic about Trump until he started groveling before the terrorist state of Israel, the leading perpetrator of 9/11, at which point we realized where his loyalties lay. Neither the Trump government, nor the Shadow Soetoro government, is a friend of the American people, especially given Michelle Obama's tirade against America and its flag in recent days. (Michelle is a man).

The outcome of this fiasco - a lose-lose situation for true Americans - is the Hillary Clinton presidency. Joe Biden will be nominated as the Democrat presidential candidate; he will select "Hillary Clinton" as his vice president, and then shortly after election, playing the part of a senile pixilated old man,  will resign for "health reasons" and "to spend more time with my (criminal) family." We placed Clinton's name in quotes because it is not even clear that she is alive, being played by a series of doubles.

America is in mortal danger. A Clinton presidency will be a reign of terror. She sits atop a pile of dead bodies greater than coronavirus which, even with its false attributions, could never hope to equal.

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