Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why Was Loretta Fuddy Murdered?

Hawaii's former Director of Public Health, Loretta Fuddy died in a plane crash December 11, 2013 when her flight carrying 9 passengers crashed in choppy waters enroute to Honolulu. All other passengers and crew survived the flight.
Fuddy made news when she authenticated the birth certificate of Barack Obama after her appointment as pubic health director in 2011. The only problem with the birth certificate produced by Obama is that it is a complete forgery.
The Maricopa County Cold Case Posse has proven without equivocation that the PDF birth certificate issued by Obama is a forgery, meaning that someone needed accurate information in order to construct a plausible fake. The White House obtained this information through Fuddy, and most probably her deputy Keith Yamamoto, who passed to the White House details to create a facsimile.
The birth certificate is proven to be a manufactured document by its many layers produced by Photoshop. An authentic document would have only 1 layer. Apparently the stooge who did the leg work forgot to flatten the document.
But why did Fuddy cooperate in the forgery? We believe that the best answer was supplied by PPSimons News and Ministry which identified a common link between Fuddy, Ann Dunham, and Barack Obama.
Fuddy and Ann Dunham, Obama's alleged mother, were both members of the Indonesian Subud cult, and by extension, so was Obama. Consequently, Obama had a natural ally in preserving his fraudulent pretensions. In the cult, Loretta was known as Deliana Fuddy.
Doug Vogt, an attorney who has proven the birth certificate fraud, and an accountant who has analyzed Fuddy's financial disclosure statements, has noted discrepancies in her financial filings amounting to 70-100,000 USD. The most likely explanation is that she received a bribe in that amount for services rendered.
Once Fuddy produced the information and certification, she became expendable, especially if she were deemed to have loose lips. As the noose has tightened around Obama, she was deemed a liability and murdered.
Many have died to continue the hoax and fraud upon the American people, and many more will be murdered to keep the secrets of state.

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