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9/11 Murderers and Accomplices, Update 1

This list represents our first update and follows in the wake of additional information mined from The Terror Conspiracy Revisited. We consider those with advance knowledge but who did nothing to alert authorities as accomplices, and if American, traitors.
George Bush, Sr Executive Sponsor
George Bush, Jr Executive Lieutenant
Donald Rumsfeld Military SME
Dick Cheney Chief Operations Officer
Wirt Walker IIIFinancial Beneficiary, Director Stratesec
Sally Walker Financial Beneficiary
James Woolsey Cover-up artist
Louis FreehLiason, cover-up artist
Rudy Giuliani TBD
HarryFinancial manager
Alvin Bernard “Buzzy” Krongard Financial manager
Marvin BushSecurity / insurance related
Neil BushSecurity / insurance related
Viisage CorpSecurity firm
Alex Brown & SonsFinance
George Tenet TBD
Nick Rockefeller TBD
George MuellerFBI chief at the time of 9/11 who systematically and ruthlessly
suppressed intelligence reports warning of imminent attacks on
American soil and was a major cover-up artist of the treason of
General Mahmoud AhmadPakistani ISI intelligence chief and CIA asset who handled
some payments to assault agents in the 9/11 attacks for CIA
Oded EllnerIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks
Omer MarmariIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Yaron SsmuelIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Sivan KurzbergIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Paul KurzbergIsraeli intelligence agent who filmed the attacks with great glee
Daniel PipesIsraeli intelligence agent and US citizen who met with Saudi
investors in France to raise capital for his Trireme
Partners to profit from Iraqi War for which he was  a major
Richard PerleIsraeli intelligence agent and US citizen who agitated long
and hard for Iraqi war. With Pipes and other Neoconcs was
an intellectual architectect of Middle Eastern wars of aggression

The above list includes not only perpetrators but those with advance knowledge of the attacks and who benefited financially or politically from that information. We have culled many of these names from a fascinating article by Lars Schall which presents the astounding evidence supporting the allegations that informed insiders traded the attack for their pecuniary gain. We continue to cull names from expert research on the 9/11 treason. We also pulled some of the names from Jim Marrs’ book which provides additional evidence pointing to the culprits.

The names on this list have been involved in suppressing information, thwarting and obstructing investigations, or involved in the attacks of September 11.

We assure you that the 9/11 Commission Report is a large mound of horse manure.

Insider Trading 9/11…Unresolved, Lars Schall

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Did Israel's Mossad Attack the World Trade Center?

Israel has long been regarded as an American ally if not an informal dependency. Thus it may come as a shock to consider the conclusion that Israel not only had foreknowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, but was materially involved in the devastating attacks.

One of the fundamental theorems of geopolitical calculus is that all planned actions benefit at least one party. In the case of 9/11 two major parties benefitted from the attacks – the Bush Crime Syndicate and the state of Israel. The former benefitted from a massively expanded despotic central government, while the latter benefitted from the elusive, vague War on Terror which yielded the tangible result of removing from power one of its prime enemies, Saddam Hussein.

We have revised our opinions about the virtues of Israel, not because we are even remotely anti-Semitic, but because the Israelis not only bite the hand which feeds them, but because they, too, have been involved in heinous terrorism themselves. The Israelis are not the poor, helpless, defenseless sheep they portray themselves to be.

Jim Marrs’ excellent book, The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, describes not only the foreknowledge which the Israelis had of the attacks but also possible participation in the attack itself. A strange brew of CIA, ISI (Pakistani Intelligence), and Mossad intelligence operations blended in a most potent brew to murder the occupants of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and various flights on the tragic Tuesday in September, 2001.

The German newspaper, Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, reported on September 13, 2001 that both American and Israeli intelligence received warnings from the Echelon communications spy system that hijacked planes would be used as weapons in an attack on American soil.

The Israelis put the information to good use, as the New York Times reported on September 22, 2001 that only 1 Israeli died in the WTC collapses. This information contrasted sharply with initial news reports that 4000 Israelis were assumed victims, a story which had its origins in Israel. The relatively light Israeli casualties strong suggest that Israel provided timely advice to avoid the towers.

The American Free Press reported that Zim American Israeli Shipping Co., owned by Zim Israel Navigation Co., which in turn is owned by Israel and Israel Corp., ended its lease for 2 floors at the World Trade Center North Tower in early September 2001 at a cost of 50,000 USD. Inquiries into the incident were referred to Silverstein Properties, the landlord of the towers and then to Howard J. Rubenstein, the land lord’s public relations firm – both returning stony silence to inquiries about the story.

At the time of the attacks in New York City, five Israelis, Oded Ellner, Omer Marmari, Yaron Ssmuel, Sivan Kurzberg, and Paul Kurzberg, were seen filming the attacks and dancing with extreme jubilation after the destruction of the towers.

When arrested, police discovered that their van contained maps, box cutter, and 4,000 USD cash. Research confirmed that two of the men were Israeli intelligence operatives. The FBI released them quietly back to Israel.

In 2002, a DEA report revealed that a ring of Israeli agents, in collaboration with Europeans and Russians, were operating a massive drug ring peddling Ecstasy. Interestingly, the Israeli spies operated in Florida, Texas, and California, mirroring the locations of the alleged al-Qaeda perpetrators. Eventually up to 200 Israeli nationals were detained by the FBI, yet the government continued its stony silence in the face of questions about foreign sabotage. Many of these spies were seen photographing and reconnoitering US military installations.

Marrs reports that many of these arrested spies posed as starving artists attempting to sell their art. Although claiming enrollments at Bezalel Academy or the University of Jersusalem, the claims fell apart since the latter institution does not exist and officials from the former state that none of the spies were enrolled at the institution.

Le Monde, the French daily, stated that this vast spy ring attempted to fight al-Qaeda, but our interpretation is different. We believe that the CIA had contracted with Mossad to keep track of the al-Qaeda agents to insure that these mercenaries were fulfilling their obligations to their paymasters.

Two of the spies worked for Amdocs and Comverse Infosys, Israeli firms which perform nearly all of the eavesdropping operations in the United States for the FBI. According to Charles Smith of NewsMax, these firms used their powers to thwart anti-drug stings. We take the point further by suggesting that these Israeli spies were protecting their comrades involved in the Ecstasy trade noted above.

Of course outrage and denials about the spy ring were swift and furious, with leading war mongerer Daniel Pipes of the Council on Foreign Relations issuing outraged denials. But methinks the lady doeth protest too much.

Richard Perle, also of the CFR and President Bush’s chairman of the Defense Policy Board, published a seminal strategy paper in 1996, during the Clinton years, describing a revolution in Israeli and Middle Eastern policy moving from peace seeking to regime changing, using relationships with Turkey and Jordan to accomplish Israeli goals.

Perle was subsequently found in France meeting with Saudi investors for his homeland security firm Trireme Partners. Perle threatened to sue journalist Seymour Hirsch who uncovered the story but the damage had been done and he subsequently resigned from his post.

The Israeli lobby, consisting of Pipes, Perle, and other likeminded fellow travellers, holds close associations with the Neocons who singlehandedly guided Bush, Jr. into launching the war against Iraq in consonance with the policy paper known as Clean Break, cited above. The main partisans to this clique are also CFR members.

We would note that the attack on Iraq was an abrupt policy change for the USA which had long supported Hussein since his assumption of total power c. 1979. It is thus quite likely that the Israeli lobby had undue influence in accomplishing this radical policy change, resorting to the fabrication that Saddam Hussein harbored weapons of mass destruction. Yet none of those phantom weapons were wielded to save his doomed regime let alone discovered.

General Hameed Gul, former director general of the Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) – which is essentially a branch office of the CIA – stated that Mossad managed the 9/11 attacks. His view was that the Israelis considered the Bushes dangerous because of their affinities for the oil rich Arabs.

At this point, we note there is plausibility to that assessment because we have reported on the Nazi roots of the Bush Crime Syndicate, including Barbara Bush’s anti-Semitism. However, that interpretation is only half the story. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and we believe that the Bush’s were in bed with the Saudis, Pakistanis, and the Israelis, none of the parties knowing exactly what the other was doing to whom in the dark under the covers.

Gul’s statement more than likely deflects attention from his own agency’s involvement in funding alleged hijacker Mohammed Atta. Even so, two German intelligence leads – Eckhardt Werthebach and Adreas von Bulow give credence to Gul’s leaks, adding that 9/11 could only have been a state sponsored event – not the clever machination of rag tag group of terrorist cells.

Von Bulow associated Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Nidal with Mossad which clearly demonstrates the deep involvement which the state of Israel has with terrorism - a specialty they honed in the faked King David Hotel attacks following World War II.

Several foreign news reports also confirm the tight relationship between the CIA and Pakistani intelligence, including their funding of Atta. On September 11, Pakistani intelligence chief General Mahmoud Ahmad had breakfast with George Tenet, Senator Bob Graham, and Porter Goss, future CIA director. Ahmad's presence was - no doubt - to observe the fireworks first hand

We report on Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks not to foment anti-Semitism but to point out enemies of the American people, an ignominy they share with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia all of whom are led by the Bush Crime Syndicate. It is time that Americans awake from their stupid stupor to see that the world is not as it appears.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs
Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

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Is the Price of Gold Manipulated?

Many of our more naïve readers may be shocked to learn that gold is so important that it is the most heavily manipulated currency in the world. But why and how is such manipulation done?

We felt vindicated when Zero Hedge reported a couple of years ago that CIA documents revealed focused and wide spread manipulation of gold. The revelations came as a dividend of the ground breaking work which the Gold Anti Trust Association has done, since its inception in 1998, to demand the government to free the gold and silver markets from deliberate manipulation by government proxy banks.

The documents revealed that not only did the Federal Reserve actively monitor and intervene in gold markets, but it did so in consultation with the CIA. We weren’t too surprised by this disclosure which gave us comfort to know that the agency was not 100% devoted to murdering people.

Ever since John Keynes ridiculed gold as that “barbaric relic,” Americans have paid scant attention to its value in either commerce or their portfolios. Following the economic pied pipers, most investors think that gold is a useless commodity interchangeable with a boat anchor. The savvy investors have loved these bimbos as their absences from the markets have created better buying opportunities for them.

However, the uninterrupted upward price action of the past 10-12 years has caused some to give gold strange new respect. Why would this be so? The primary cause is the loss of value and respect of the fiat money system weighed down with trashy debt and imminent default.

Regardless of the public opinion of gold, it has always played a singularly important role in supporting the mountain range of debt accumulated under the fraudulent fiat money systems which have run amok since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The links are not direct but are tangible nonetheless.

In a classic Brer Rabbit scheme, one of the biggest liars in America, Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, has taken a one man tour of America’s schools to demean gold while defending the indispensability of central banking. Unfortunately for the chairsatan, the facts of history show nothing but a debased currency and more volatile economy since the dawn of central banking in America – and only more so since the men running the financial world are ever more corrupt.

Now all of this talk of conspiracy has been derided with utmost contempt by the Bernankes of this world, but as Elvis Presley said, you can hide the sun for a while but you can’t make it go away, a citation Paul Mylchreest made in a seminal discussion on the manipulation of gold prices in Thunder Road Report of March 28, 2012.

Mylchreest documents the patterns and algorithms the banksters use to control the price of gold using daily and intraday gold price charts to illustrate the inteventions. He shows that finger print type trading actions occur like clockwork at specific times of the days and days of the week. Although the gold cartel cannot ultimately control the long term trend, it can fight a very effective rear guard action to obstruct free price discovery and keep potential buyers on the side lines.

It is thus an open secret among insiders that the physical price of gold is at least 25% higher than the paper price of gold. For those new to the topic, derivative products such as electronically traded funds do not keep a physical supply of gold matching their obligations for gold. In fact their prospectuses state that they do not have to maintain any purity or reserves of gold. Any redeemer of shares can be easily turned away with cash.

But why do the highest levels of government fret over the gold price so much? The main reason is that the price of gold signals the distrust and vulnerability of the fiat regime. Gold rises in price when the market supply of dollars grows, signaling that the central bank is debasing the currency. Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has destroyed 99% of the value of the dollar, leaving it with a constant dollar value of less than 1 cent.

The American government has one other fear of competition from gold - the loss of the exorbitant privileges it enjoys as the issuer of the world's reserve currency, a privilege it has used to menace the world with war and inflation.

It is a well hidden fact that most of the largest banks are functionally insolvent, many having negative common tangible equity – Regions Bank being one such example. If that weren’t bad enough, the Federal Reserve is itself insolvent, with many of the crapulent securities it has bought since 2008 having less market value than book value. However, with the politically motivated FASB, financial institutions no longer need maintain mark to market on securities, thus enabling them to deceive the government, investors, and the public about the true financial states of their organizations.

Some say that all is well with the gold situation, because the government could utilize its vast hoard of gold to moderate its price. It could, but the problem is that the USA pissed away its stolen gold (FDR 1934) through the London Gold Pool during the 1960s and beyond. Even then, the fiat currencies were under stress due in large measure to the massive expansion of US government debt during the 1960s in its imperial war of aggression against Viet Nam.

Ironically enough, the government did use its gold stocks to keep a lid on the price of gold – something essential with inflation indexed bonds and entitlement programs. When the gold reserves were exhausted, ETFs were established to take the role of allowing the gold cartel to sell naked, thus applying immense downward pressure on the price of gold.

If any doubt exists that gold is a barbaric relic, let us recount the story of current Commodities Futures Trading Commission chairman Gary Gensler who, though a bankster’s puppet, was pushed violently against a corrider wall at a Washington hearing by a New York bankster executive who warned him that any continued investigation into commodities price manipulation would result in serious consequences which we interpreted as a death threat. Gensler, according to our source, attempted to report the incident to Congress, but Congressional leadership showed no interest in getting involved.

The above story illustrates that the only barbarity associated with the relic is the behavior of its opponents seeking desperately to uphold the debt based fiat system under which we are enslaved. The best way to fight your overlords is to take physical possession of gold. However, have it assayed since USA banking and government sources are major purveyors of gold plated tungsten.

The major reason for fiat currencies is that they can expand without constraint, thus making wars and colonial conquest nearly risk free for the aggressors. Now you know the other reason the barbarians consider gold a barbaric relic.

Thunder Road Report, Paul Mylchreest
Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

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Did Hijacked Passengers Really Call Anyone on 9/11?

The 9/11 Commission Report and various news agencies at the time of the 9/11 attacks asserted that various passengers called family during the hijacking. Unfortunately, the evidence and technology for such conversations are entirely lacking, meaning that once again the government has lied to its people.

We consider the evidence in James Marrs’ fantastic book on the 9/11 attacks for our discussion, in addition to evidence submitted by former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura on his television show Conspiracy Theory.

One of the most famous stories to emerge in the early aftermath of the twin towers attacks was that of CNN correspondent Barbara Olson calling her husband Ted Olson who was the Solicitor General for the Bush administration. News reporters claimed without a shred of evidence that Barbara called her husband from the lavatory aboard American Airlines (AA) flight 77 to inform him that her plane had been hijacked by terrorists wielding box cutters, pocket knives, and possibly bombs.

What the fabricators of this lie forgot to consider was that cellular phone technology was incapable of operating at the speed and altitude at which jetliners fly. When the public discovered that such a call was impossible from a cell phone, the 9/11 Commission invented a new lie – this time she called from an Airfone installed on the AA plane.

Unfortunately for the liars on the 9/11 Commission, American Airlines confirmed that the 757s they operated did not carry Airfones. But even if they had such phones, they would not have them installed in the bathroom.

Ted Olson changed his story more times than a centipede would need to change sox. One possible and disturbing implication of this story is that Olson was complicit in the murder of his own wife. Why else would a man contort so much to defend the official story in the face of its impossibility? On the other hand, it is possible that Barbara was not on the flight as some stories suggest. Under this scenario, Olson was whisked to Germany for plastic surgery where she has lived under an assumed name.

Yet another interpretation of events is that Ted indeed received a phone call but that it was a voice synthesizer which generated the messages, a theory which both Ventura and Marrs present as highly plausible and likely. We, for our parts, are not certain that such technology was used in the Olsons' case simply because Ted’s story has changed so often. With a real synthetic call, he would have had a basis for stabilizing his story.

As touching a story as the cell calls are - and they were presented to create pathos for the perpretrators designs, they have no substantiation in fact. In other words, there are no transactional records from the phone carriers documenting the calls, a fact which the FBI used to conclude that there were no calls. Evidently the perpetrator of the story left some loose strings in the wake of his lie.

United Flight 93 is another telephone episode where the stories resemble Swiss cheese. The famous story of Mark Bingham calling his mother, Alice Hoglan, is one such example. In this instance, the stilted and illogical aspects of the call in fact suggest a synthetic voice prevaricated by the CIA or one of its accomplices. The fact that Bingham addressed himself as Mark Bingham to his own mother, even when she knew who was calling before she took the receiver from her sister, is an oddity without adequate explanation.

The government has claimed having tapes of these calls, which is another absurdity unless we understand the government to routinely tape all calls in the United States. But it is even more absurd when one considers that the calls were never made in the first place. The government claimed its ever paranoid lie of state security in refusing to release them, declaring also that they were evidence in the trial of alleged hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui. However, the government did not release the tape during trial – only partial and redacted transcripts, again suggesting that the evidence of the calls is malarkey.

Other calls from Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett, and others suffer similar anomalies. The most disturbing instance is that of Deena Burnett’s husband whose call showed from his cellular phone on her caller id. Since we know that these calls were not feasible in flight, it suggests that the perpetrators had taken the passengers hostage elsewhere while a fake flight 92 made its way allegedly toward the White House, where they were subsequently killed – not from the crash, but in cold blood. We will cover this subject more fully in another posting.

Finally, anyone who has claimed to possess tapes of in flight conversations, such as the FBI and American Airlines, refuses to release the tapes. The FBI also threatens dire consequences to anyone who dares speak of the contents of these fabricated drivels of fake evidence.

The hoax of the phone conversations is as great as the hoax that Barry Soetoro is an American citizen. It is past time that Americans demand accountability for the crimes of the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Infrequently Asked Questions About 9/11

We have decided to start an IFAQ about 9/11 for those questions which may not merit a full article. We will update this as new information crosses our desk.

Why did the 9/11 perpetrators make a big deal to arm their fake hijackers with box cutters, small knives, and other seemingly ineffective weapons?

The Bush Crime Syndicate made a special point to highlight these weapons throughout the mass media in the wake of the September 11 attacks in order to plant the idea that items not even thought of as weapons should be controlled or denied carry-on status on flights. These fake reports cultivated fear which would be used to create draconian airport regulations and laws, and justify the massive proliferation of budgets and armed goon squads at airports under the Transportation Security Agency. Of course the American sheople never think through the implications of these irrational fears or the provenance of the allegations but that is why mass hysteria is an effective legislative tool for totalitarians.

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Did a Boeing 757 Really Hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

The government’s official story of the explosion at the Pentagon on September 11, 2011 claims that American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the building’s west wall killing more than 185 people. Unfortunately for people who love the truth, this story is bucket of horse manure with decorative sprinkles on top.

Jim Marrs has produced a stellar account of the 9/11 attacks in his book The Terror Conspiracy Revisited which collates innumerable sources in documenting the holes and lies in the official cover-up. We draw much of our story from his account.

The 9/11 Commission asserts that a Boeing 757 allegedly carrying 64 passengers was commandeered by some al Qaeda agents, bearing box cutters and other lightweight weapons, lead by hijacker Hani Hanjour, a Saudi national who piloted the plane into the Pentagon.

The truth of the matter is that the American Airlines flight manifest indicates only 56 persons, 8 less than the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) count as determined from the morgue. Even more interesting is that none of the recovered bodies were Arab, meaning that not only were bodies added to the count to confuse investigators, but that no Arabs – hence no al Qaeda – were on the flight.

Hanjour is also the most improbable of hijackers. He is/was a slight wisp o’ will of a man who could have hardly overcome a stewardess let alone an airline captain, Charles Burlingame and his first officer David Charlesbois. Indeed, the in-flight data recording system shows that the cabin door never opened.

Even if Hanjour managed to overcome the pilots in the cockpit and walk through the door without opening it, he would have been entirely incapable of piloting the plane. He was rejected for a Cessna 172 single engine plane rental at Freeway Airport near Bowie, MD after failing to pass the required flying test in middle August 2001.

Finally, the necessary maneuvers to hit the Pentagon from 35,000 feet are practically impossible for an expert pilot, to say nothing of an unqualified Cessna wanna be jetliner pilot. Jesse Ventura documented this difficulty on an episode of his series Conspiracy Theory, and is reinforced by details provided by Marrs.

Thus it is impossible that Hanjour was even on flight 77 let alone its hijacking pilot. But did an airliner – a Boeing 757 to be precise – actually hit the Pentagon? The official cover-up as reported in the 9/11 Commission Report, asserts that raging fires consumed the massive behemoth leaving but mere fragments. Anyone familiar with plane crashes would split a gut laughing at the straight faced assertion, but eye witnesses to the crash deny any plane whatsoever.

April Gallop, an administrative specialist assigned to the Pentagon’s Network Infrastructure Services Agency, was working that fateful day when explosions ripped through the west wall. She and her infant son miraculously survived, leaving the building through the gaping hole in the wall. As she walked onto the relatively clean lawn, she saw nothing resembling a plane – no wings, no fuselage, no bodies, no nothing but scraps of metal or miscellaneous debris. A lingering civilian took her to the hospital since all of the ambulances called to the scene had already left.

Imagine how within a very short time from the blasts all of the medical evacuations could be complete.

Of course she was badgered and threatened by unidentified men to not speak, and news reporters were threatened with more severe consequences if they spoke to survivors. However, the salient fact is that no plane hit the Pentagon that day.

Gallop’s story is corroborated by the very limited video evidence recording the murder site. Pentagon brass and other goons responsible for the 80+ cameras watching the area immediately confiscated the video and adamantly refused to release its damning testimony. And in typical obstructionist fashion, the 9/11 Commission speaks nary a word about Gallop’s witness.

So if a plane did not hit the Pentagon, how did it suffer such damage? The answer lies in advanced technology involving remote controlled guided missiles. Innumerable witnesses, including NBC News and other state controlled media, as well as independent eye witness accounts, reported the presence of an airplane flying over Washington, D.C. in close proximity to the Pentagon bearing an unmistakable resemblance to an E-4B – a mobile command, control, and communications plane designed for use in emergencies.

Other witnesses with photographic support report a humped cylindrical projectile approaching the Pentagon at the time of its actual impact at 9:31-32 AM. This flying object corresponds with known guided missiles or planes, most notably the Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle. Military aboard the E-4B were most likely controlling this missile in addiction to the jet plane seen in the immediate vicinity of the Pentagon which disappeared along the Patomic.

At the time, most Americans were unaware that the military had advanced technology to take control of Boeing aircraft as a means of thwarting hijacking attempts. Using this technology, the crew aboard the E-4B guided the missile and airliner to their destinations.

But who was calling the shots on the missile? It was none other than Bush Crime Syndicate capo Dick Cheney. Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta testified to the 9/11 Commission in mid 2003 that he and others were in the White House Presidential Emergency Operating Center with Dick Cheney when a “young man” regularly interrupted the meeting giving Cheney a status on the location of the plane. At 10 miles out, the “young man” asked if orders still stand. Cheney responded emphatically in the affirmative.

While some may assert that these orders referred to shooting down the alleged 757 headed toward the Pentagon, they are misrepresenting reality. The Pentagon had an elaborate anti-missile defense system fully capable of shooting down any planes – especially a commercial aircraft. What I believe most dogmatically, is that Cheney was in direct communication with the E-4B commanding the Global Hawk to its target.

But this missile was not the only explosion heard at the Pentagon. In fact, the Global Hawk was fired largely to create a gaping hole to provide plausibility for the cock and bull story about a plane hitting the military’s top command center.

The real story, as happened at the World Trade Center, is that a micro-nuclear device was detonated at that outer wall. Depleted uranium was detected at the bomb site and persons such as Samuel Danner, a lifelong pilot witness to the attack, suffered radioactive disease – in Danner’s case lymphoma.

Even the evidence which has managed to escape the perpetrator’s control decimates the official explanation, making it as ludicrous as Arlen Specter’s magic bullet theory. The most reasonable conclusion concerning the Pentagon attack is that two separate missiles hit the building, one to deliver the depleted uranium bomb, and another to deliver the general explosives to open the hole, and possibly some other planted explosives. The airplane which some claimed to see would have been under the remote control of the E-4B operated by the Pentagon over Washington that day.

Americans have no conception of the pervasive evil operating that day under the aegis of the Bush Crime Syndicate. We wait another posting to explore the reasons for the perfidy.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited: What Really Happened on 9/11, and Why We're Still Paying the Price, Jim Marrs.
Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who Are the Muslim Brotherhood?

With Barry Soetoro aligning himself with the Muslim Brotherhood, the time has come to report on this group’s history and objectives. The Brotherhood is a violent Nazi organization which survived World War II relatively unscathed and operates at the deepest levels of international terrorism – meaning that it is connected with the Bush Crime Syndicate.

Jim Marrs reports the invaluable work of John Loftus, who was an indefatiguable Nazi hunter at the Department of Justice, in his book The Terror Conspiracy Revisited. Loftus notes the foundation of the group in the 1920s by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian dedicated to social reform and Islamic morals.

When Hitler came to al-Banna’s attention, the latter was deeply impressed, writing to the Nazi murderer frequently to express his admiration and devotion. This admiration resulted in a close working relationship between Nazi party intelligence and the Muslim Brotherhood. The German’s developed the Muslim Brotherhood as a fifth column inside Egypt to aid Rommel against the British and Americans.

When the war ended, many of the group were arrested, but when turned over to the British, and in a foretaste of Operation Paperclip, they were hired to attack the nascent state of Israel, thus giving the murderous organization a new lease on life in Western intelligence operations.

After the British failed in their attempts to destroy Israel, they sold the Muslim Brotherhood to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the immediate forerunner of the CIA. Loftus states that the CIA wanted to fund the Arab Nazis as a foil to the Soviet financed Arabs.

Nasser, Egypt’s president in the 1950s, began to fear the Muslim Brotherhood, ordering them out of the country on the threat of imprisonment or execution. The CIA flew them to Saudi Arabia for safe keeping, where some time later their star pupil, Osama bin Laden, began his rise in Arab politics and warfare.

The CIA then deployed the Muslim Brotherhood to Afghanistan in the 1980s to fight the Soviets who invaded that country in 1979. However, the name Muslim Brotherhood had acquired a bad reputation, so they were rechristened the Mujahideen. (Note: there are several spellings of this abbreviated name.) After the Soviets were defeated, the Saudis did not want them back, so they bribed bin Laden and his troupe to stay out of the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned various outfits all of which are aligned and / or under the aegis of the MB. One such outfit is al Qaeda which, rather than being a network of Islamic terror cells, is a database of foreign mercenaries who are matrixed together for various projects which the BCS calls upon them to perform.

Separate from Marrs, we note from other sources that Osama bin Laden, operating at times under the alias Tim Osman, was a business partner of the Bush Crime Syndicate, and more specifically, George Bush, Jr. Their oil interests collided in Enron, which is one reason the BCS moved to destroy bin Laden.

We have also noted the great anti-Semitic antipathies of the Bush family and Prescott Bush’s ownership of Nazi banks and directorships on various other Nazi enterprises. Thus, his two offspring’s involvement with Arab Nazis should come as no surprise.

Thus we see an unbroken line of Nazi operations throughout the world under Western sponsorship, or more significantly, under the intelligence agencies who operate exclusively for the benefit of plutocrats, a service managed by the BCS.

The players and events surrounding 9/11 are a vast web of deceits, forgeries, and lies but the central organizing principle of the atrocities are the Bush Crime Syndicate.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bankster Foreknowledge of 9/11

Did Wall Street financiers have foreknowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center? Did they use this knowledge to profit from the huge loss of life on that day? We believe that the answers are emphatically yes and that you will be shocked by learning of one of the primary beneficiaries.

German financial journalist Lars Schall provides fascinating evidence for the case that many banksters on Wall Street had advance warning of the 9/11 attacks. We have already discussed well known film producer Aaron Russo’s revelations concerning Nick Rockefeller, but Schall digs even deeper by providing us with the forensic evidence to substantiate the claims of premeditated murder.

Schall reports that Deutschebank-Alex Brown CEO, A.B. ‘Buzzy’Krongard, as overseer of Alex Brown’s private client relations, conducted transactions for hugely outsized put options on United Airlines, the air carrier whose plane was was allegedly plunged into one of the World Trade Center towers. Krongard was personally recruited by George Tenet to become an executive director of the CIA around this time but conducted the put purchases at the Baltimore office of Alex Brown & Sons which was a subsidiary of Deutche Bank, the bank where alleged terrorist Mohammed Atta banked.

The most remarkable aspect of these huge put options purchases was that they were unhedged naked puts meaning that the buyer was absolutely confident that his play was a total winner.

But United Airlines was not the only target. Among the other companies targeted by the Wall Street terrorists were American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Boeing, Lockheed Martin Corp., American Express Corp., American International Group, AXA SA, Bank of America Corp., Bank of New York Corp., Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Morgan Stanley, General Motors and Raytheon.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in a highly unprecedented step, deputized hundreds of Financial managers and executives to aid in the investigation of the financial aspects of 9/11. Rather than being a bold move to uncover the truth, the action forbad these deputies from any public disclosures of their findings. Talking out of turn would have meant instant jail sentence.

German central bank president Ernst Welteke reported that his institution uncovered irrefutable evidence that there were international transactions which could have only been executed with the aid of expert inside knowledge about the timing of the attacks.

Not only did the German banker conclude that there was insider trading, but several independent academic researchers drew the same conclusion based upon the outsized trades and correlations with comparable trades. These researchers include Allen M. Poteshman from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and in a second study Wong Wing-Keung at Hong Kong Baptist University, Howard E Thompson at University of Wisconsin, and Kweehong Te at National University of Singapore.

Although the latter study stops short of claiming insider trading, the authors nonetheless state that "our results provide credible circumstantial evidence to support the insider trading claim." We will finish the thought by stating that there was indeed insider trading. A third study by two independent economics professors from the University of Zurich, Marc Chesney and Loriano Mancini reaches similar conclusions as their peers. Chesney and Mancini also co-published another study with Remo Crameri at the University of Zurich which reinforces the insider trading thesis even further.

Of course the 9/11 Commission and SEC declared, that the negligible insider trading was “innocuous.” The howling news is that even these two bodies conceded insider trading however miniscule. But the 9/11 Commission did not come to find the truth but to bury it.

In a September 7, 2011 finding from continued study, the aforementioned authors declared that the traders acted with informed details about the attacks.

David Callahan, editor of SmartCEO, submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for details about the 9/11 options trades from the SEC. Although the SEC has an agreement with the National Archives to keep records for 25 years, in this case the SEC destroyed them nearly immediately after they were made.

However, the 9/11 Commission Report notes that 95% of all of the UAL put options were purchased by a single party which the Commission claimed (without proof) had no links to terrorists. The FBI in turn investigated two of the transactions from which a recently declassified memorandum inadvertently gave up its secrets, thanks to the work of Kevin Riley who was able to determine the identity of the censored party of the stock transactions.

The guilty persons were Wirt Walker III and his wife Sally. For those who are slow of wit, we will spell it out. The Walkers, who are from the very same family from whence George Bush, Sr. and George Bush, Jr. inherit their middle names, used inside information gained from their two relatives to place trades to profit from the murder of thousands of Americans at the World Trade Center.

Walker purchased 56,000 shares in a company now known as Stratesec which provided security for UAL and Dulles International Airport, the launch site of the American Airlines flight 77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon. Walker was a director along with Marvin Bush, brother of the President, at Stratesec. The FBI, in its traditional role of criminal cover-up, declined to investigate the matter.

If that wasn’t astonishing enough, Riley wrote to Schall that former CIA director George Tenet, Roger LaPenta formerly of Lockheed, and FBI Director Louis Freeh all joined Viisage, a high-tech security firm which had been flagged by the SEC for insider trading on 9/11.

Bandar Bush, a Saudi prince so close to the Bush family that he informally assumed his mentors’ last name, hired Louis Freeh as his personal attorney. Freeh is trustee of the MF Global bankruptcy, the firm which former Governor and Senator Jon Corzine was CEO and from which 1.6 billion USD in client money was stolen. We have recently discovered that 200 million was personally transferred by Corzine to JP Morgan.

Our implication is that MF Global was a Bush Crime Syndicate hit job with Corzine acting as the heavy who stole 1.6 billion USD in client funds.

But getting back to our story about Bandar, Schall reports emphatically that he bankrolled Khalid Al-Mihdhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi, two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. So we have a tightly close Bush family friend bankrolling part of 9/11, an action which explains why George Bush, Jr. made special provisions to fly all of the royal Saudi family out of the United States within a few days of the attacks.

Computer hard disks recovered from the crash site of WTC 7 revealed that 100 million USD were sent by credit car to an unidentified location prior to and during the attacks. Substantial evidence suggests that these transactions were illegal and predicated upon insider trading.

The firm which recovered the data was the British firm Convar, a specialist in hard disk recovery. The FBI and Department of Defense commissioned them to recover the disks, largely for the purpose of destroying and/or burying evidence.

Based upon the materials provided by Schall, we believe that several insiders to the 9/11 attacks have been identified, and that such attacks lead back to the Bush Crime Syndicate.

“Mordanschlag 9/11. Eine kriminalistische Recherche zu Finanzen, Öl und Drogen”, Lars Schall

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

9/11 Murderers and Accomplices

As our opening salvo in the expose of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, we present an incipient list of malefactors whom we strong suspect of having direct involvement in the events surrounding the mass murder of that awful day. The list will shock many, but our purpose is to inform and call for justice. We know that justice will not be available in this country since it is firmly in control of the Bush Crime Syndicate.

George Bush, Sr Executive Sponsor
George Bush, Jr Executive Lieutenant
Donald Rumsfeld Military SME
Dick Cheney Chief Operations Officer
Wirt Walker IIIFinancial Beneficiary, Director Stratesec
Sally Walker Financial Beneficiary
James Woolsey Cover-up artist
Louis FreehLiason, cover-up artist
Rudy Giuliani TBD
HarryFinancial manager
Alvin Bernard “Buzzy” Krongard Financial manager
Marvin BushSecurity / insurance related
Neil BushSecurity / insurance related
Viisage CorpSecurity firm
Alex Brown & SonsFinance
George Tenet TBD
Nick Rockefeller TBD

The above list includes not only perpetrators but those with advance knowledge of the attacks and who benefited financially from that information. We have culled many of these names from a fascinating article by Lars Schall which presents the astounding evidence supporting the allegations that informed insiders traded the attack for their pecuniary gain. We will publish more fully on this subject ASAP. We also pulled some of the names from Jim Marrs’ book which provides additional evidence pointing to the culprits.

The names on this list have been involved in suppressing information, thwarting and obstructing investigations, or involved in the attacks of September 11.

We assure you that the 9/11 Commission Report is a large mound of horse manure.

Insider Trading 9/11…Unresolved, Lars Schall

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bush Crime Syndicate's War on America

When George Bush, Jr. declared war on terrorism in the aftermath of the demolitions of the World Trade Center towers, he was focused not on the middle east, but America. The interests which he represented consider America, just as does Justice Ginsberg, a terrorist state with its Constitutional government. Every action taken by this cabal since before the days of Prescott Bush have been to claim the United States as the rightful inheritance promised to them by Satan.

It may come as a shock that such a group as the Bush Crime Syndicate (BCS) exists and we admit that defining its membership is a challenge. However, we can say that many of the cronies documented by Russ Baker in Family of Secrets is a good place to start. The membership includes the cream of American and international society and encompasses some of the most powerful corporations in America such as Halliburton, the former Bechtel Group, and Carlyle Group. These short lists are by no means exhaustive.

We know that many people will genuinely embrace the argument presented by BCS thug Denny Chin, the federal judge who denied justice to April Gollop who brought suit against BCS elite George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney who, with prior knowledge of the attack, allowed it to proceed. Gollop was the surviving victim of the attack who witnessed absolutely no plane parts in the gaping hole left by the cruise missile which assaulted the Pentagon on 9/11/2001. The judge dismissed the case out of hand because she said that it was “delusional” that anyone would even think that this trio had any foreknowledge let alone complicity in the attack. In denying the trying of fact, Chin proved her loyalty to the syndicate.

We have made much of the fact that Skull & Bones has been a fertile recruiting ground for the BCS but we need to draw distinctions between association and complicity. The BCS invades hosts like a parasite to eventually take over their functions or to utilize specific powers it exercises to achieve their aims. The BCS covets the membership of Skull & Bones for filial reasons but it is also true that certain of its members are as benign as Walter Mitty. In drawing attention to SB, the BCS throws out a red herring to keep suspicious minds off balance.

The same can be said of the CIA. Is this CIA uniformly evil? Probably it is not, but it is a hive for the vicious BCS personalities who have called it home over the years.

In characterizing the Bush associates as a crime syndicate, we point to the many visible crimes which these vile people have committed against individuals and the nation. The best evidence clearly points to the following crimes and events instigated by this cabal of wicked men. World War 2, the murder of John Kennedy, the Viet Nam War, the murder of Malcolm X, the murder of Martin King, the murder of Robert Kennedy, the political assassination of Richard Nixon, the murder of John Lennon, the attempted murder of Ronald Reagan, the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and so many more which have yet to receive adequate research. We also suspect that Nelson Rockefeller may have been murdered by the BCS although our working hypothesis is that he was murdered by Mossad.

America must wake up to the fact that the most respectful names in American politics are associated in a vast right wing conspiracy, much as Hillary Clinton described several years ago when her husband was the object of the BCS machinations. Oddly enough, the Clintons are members of the BCS themselves as we note how both are rabidly involved in stirring a groundless war against Iran.

As Jesus rejected the blandishments of bling from Satan – even rulership of the world – the BCS, especially George Bush, Sr. and George Bush, Jr. have succumbed with vigor and lust. Occular Politics proposed quite persuasively how Bush, Sr. collaborated in the murder of the president in 1963 as part of an initiation rite to the inner circle of power. They hinted quite tantalizingly that George Bush, Jr. was the principal agent of murder of John Kennedy, Jr. – a claim which find both astonishing and convincing.

With the imminent completion of the Utah Data Center, it may be too late to roll back the tide of the BCS, but people of conviction and faith will join the fight against this menace from the pit of hell.

JFK and Bush II, Occular Politics
Family of Secrets, Russ Baker
The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs
Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Demolishing the Warren Commission Report

We believe that so many more qualified historians and researchers have demolished the lies and deceits of the Warren Commission Report that another entry in the field might appear gratuitous. But since the battle for truth has been hard fought, we offer yet another reinforcement to the truth battalions.

The latest documentary to cross our desk was a superb video production by Ocular Politics, JFK II: the Bush Connection, which presented a succinct and easy to follow summary of the main evidence crushing the preposterous claims of that foolish rubbish published by the Warren Commission.

We note before proceeding with the main arguments that the Warren Commission was headed by one of the leading architects of the murder, Allan Dulles. Many analysts have noted the heavy handed control he exerted over the proceedings which lead the Commission to its foregone conclusions. The Warren Commission was not a court of law – merely a public relations device to deceive a nation and protect the conspirators.

Shots from the Front and All Around

The video and eye witness evidence overwhelmingly supports the claim that shots came from the front of the presidential limousine. Attendees of the parade immediately and instinctively ran toward the snipers operating behind the fence atop the grassy knoll. Ed Hoffman witnessed the entire event from the overpass where he clearly saw at least two men shoot the president. Furthermore, many people ducked to avoid bullet fire as they sensed it whiz over their heads.

Initial reports in the immediate aftermath of the assassination also confirm shots from the front. Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times reporter Tom Weikert reported that doctors at Parkland hospital documented a throat injury from the front. And to add icing to the cake, Kennedy’s assistant press secretary visually showed, during the press conference at Parkland Memorial Hospital, how the bullet from the grassy knoll sniper hit the president in the head, relaying what he had learned from Dr. Berkeley. The CIA news faker Peter Jennings lied to the American people when he omitted that part of the press conference from the ABC News documentary on the 40th year anniversary of the murder. But, then again, ABC News is a mouthpiece for the CIA.

Finally, if all that were not enough, the Zapruder film, which Time Life intentionally suppressed on orders from the CIA, clearly shows Kennedy’s head snapping to the rear and left.

All of this evidence, deliberately ignored by the Warren Commission, overwhelmingly demonstrates that shots came from the front, meaning that a group of conspirators murdered the President of the United States.

The Botched Autopsy

Perhaps the most important autopsy of the 20th century was performed by a doctor who had absolutely no experience performing a gun wound autopsy. Dr James Humes, whatever his talents, was completely unqualified and uninformed about the principles of forensic analysis and was therefore hired by the murderers to perform the inquest.

This quack of a coroner did not examine the clothing for bullet holes, did not dissect any of Kennedy’s entrance wounds, did not even know that he suffered a throat wound, lost Kennedy’s brain, and burned all of his notes. He was a perfect and willing tool of the CIA.

However criminal Humes was in his duties, the seven doctors who examined Kennedy at Parkland and Bethesda all agreed that the back of Kennedy’s head suffered a gaping hole where the skull was blown off by the lethal bullet shot. Even Walter Cronkite reported this observation on national television, a fact which the Warren Commission hid.

The Magic Bullet Farce

The Warren Commission introduced the laughably preposterous CE 399, the magic bullet which supposedly traveled all the way from Oswald’s toy rifle to Governor John Connally through Kennedy, a gun at which Italians laughed uncontrollably when told that the Manclicher carbine rifle was the killer’s weapon. They said that they lost World War II because of that junk rifle.

CE 399 was, of course, the bullet which the WCR claimed fell from Governor John Connally’s leg onto a stretcher at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The bullet was in pristine, bloodless condition after doing all of its alleged acrobatics. The stretcher from which the bullet was retrieved was not even the bullet on which Connally was carried.

Oliver Stone’s JFK shreds the magic bullet theory mercilessly as it simply could not account for the 13 bullet holes counted by Stone’s team. Including the shots into Kennedy’s body, holes were enumerated in the windshield of the limousine, on the pavement, and in the WCR. Eye Witnesses and the botched autopsy contribute to the veracity of this count.

Ocular Politics minces the idiotic notion that a bullet doing all of the Twilight Zone tricks attributed to CE 399 could survive unmolested by noting that significant bullet fragments were removed from Connally, and reporting test results of a bullet shot into much less dense material than the 7 wounds attributed to it by the WCR which makes it impossible for an intact bullet to survive.

The Casket Shell Game

The documentary shows two witnesses who describe the casket switch on Kennedy while en route from Parkland to Bethesda. At Parkland he was placed in a bronze casket on a sheet, yet at Bethesda he was removed from a pinkish grey casket in a body bag. In addition, photos show that his front head had been stitched together in a v-shape to conceal the location of the fatal head shot.

Again, the WCR does not document this evidence tampering.

The Patsy

Shortly after the assassination, the Dallas Police Department sent out faked witness reports describing a shooter dressed like Lee Oswald, then working for the FBI, who was promptly apprehended in the Texas Theater. Fully twelve hours after his arrest, Oswald was still not charged with anything. Absolutely no evidence existed to implicate Oswald in the crime.

Body Slump Propaganda

While JFK II presents other treasonous acts taken by the conspirators to murder the president, one outstanding feature of the plot, related to its cover-up, was the use of propaganda, particularly the phrase "slumped." The phrase, in different permutations, suddenly appeared all over the major accounts, including John Connally's, which is why we regard him as a murderer and conspirator. Connally is shown using that phrase on his hospital bed almost at the moment the phrase made its appearance elsewhere.

Of course the significance of the phrase, in case you hadn’t figured it out already, is that a slumping body contradicts what the Zapruder film shows – a violent head snap responding from a sniper’s bullet from the front.

The Smoking Gun

Finally, to provide a moment of truth, we see Frank Sturgis of the CIA, in testimony from Marita Lorenz, a CIA agent, boasting to her that “We killed the president.” Lorenz testified in the Hunt lawsuit against the Spotlight, that Hunt was indeed in Dallas on 11/22/1963. Lorenz begged Sturgis to let her leave Dallas when she figured out that he and his conspirators were planning a wicked deed.

We urge everyone to watch this documentary. However, we do caution you to ignore the bits about Nixon, matters which are far better treated by Russ Baker in Family of Secrets. If you are a anti-conspiratist nut, you will no longer be able to retain that stance after seeing this film.

Family of Secrets, Russ Baker
Personal Interview with Ed Hoffman, Tony Bonn

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Kennedy Assassins, Update 1

Below we present our list of Kennedy assassins, members about whom we are certain were complicit in the conspiracy to murder the president. We know that we have only exposed the tip of the iceberg, but we will update this list as we fit more of the monsters to the crime.

Prescott Bush Executive Sponsor
Averell Harriman Executive Sponsor
Alan Dulles Executive-in-Charge
Richard BisselC-Level Executive
James AngletonC-Level Executive, Responsible for Oswald murder
Curtis LeMayAutopsy control
Edward LansdaleDealy Plaza supervisor
David Atlee Phillips DCI Western Hemisphere, Oswald handler in Dallas
E Howard HuntPaymaster
Frank SturgisLogistics
George Bush, Sr.Cuban Assassination Squad Supervisor
Dr. Humes Autopsy
Gerry Patrick HemmingLogistics, Courrier
Jack Ruby Mob liaison, Oswald murderer
Clay ShawArms smuggling from South America
Carlos MarcelloLogistics support
Alton OschsnerOswald handler
Ignacio NovoSniper
Guillermo NovoSniper
Pedro Diaz LenzTBD
George DeMohrenshildtOswald handler
Ruth PaineOswald handler
Michael PaineOswald handler; supported his wife
John Connally Texas trip planner
Lyndon JohnsonTexas trip planner;
Charles CabellTBD
McGeorge Bundy Transition manager
William BuckleyPropaganda
Gerald FordEvidence tampering, FBI liason
Arlen SpecterMagic Bullet inventor
William R GreerSecret Service Agent who slowed the presidential limousine for snipers. Later drove Kennedy's body to Bethesda
Roy H Kellerman Secret Service Agent in charge who sat in front seat while the president was murdered. Swapped Kennedy's body from first casket to second at Bethesda Naval Hospital

Names which we have explicitly excluded are: Richard Nixon. We are most emphatic that Lee Oswald was not a sniper.

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why Did George Herbert Walker Bush Murder John F. Kennedy?

If you have been baffled by the byzantine maze of John F Kennedy assassination material which seems to lead to dead ends, we can point you to the tunnel leading to glorious light. Ocular Politics has produced a sensational documentary which builds a damning case against the 41st president as the murderer of Mr. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

It is bad enough for many to think that the Warren Commission Report covered up a murder, but it must be even more incredulous to think that a former president murdered John F Kennedy. Yet that is what the evidence in the fascinating documentary JFK II: the Bush Connection demonstrates with superb insight.

James Douglas presented in his excellent book, JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why It Matters, many policy issues with which the plutocrats took umbrage. However, he did not cover – at least to our recollection – the straw which broke the camel’s back. Ocular Politics fills in the details.

As a conclusion to the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962, Kennedy promised Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev that he would dismantle various CIA operations and training camps from which sprung Operation 40, Operation Mongoose, Alpha 66 and other terrorist raids which had been executed against Cuba since 1960.

This action infuriated the CIA whose chief sponsors Averell Harriman, Prescott Bush, Alan Dulles, et. al. – all of whom were confirmed Nazis – had business interests in Cuba which they were desperately trying to recover in the wake of Castro’s takeover of the island.

Kennedy ordered FBI Director J Edgar Hoover to shut down the various training camps, including one at Lake Pontchartrain where Lee Oswald, working for the FBI, had visited the week before the FBI shut it down. Oswald, under FBI informant number S171, had been working for the FBI for 200 dollars per month following his return from the USSR under the fake defector program which was sponsored by the CIA.

This perceived betrayal by Oswald infuriated James Jesus Angleton, director of counter intelligence of the CIA, who reinforced his desire to murder Oswald, a desire first sparked by Oswald’s marriage to Maria, the daughter of a Soviet KGB Colonel. Angleton had feared that Oswald was a double agent and too dangerous to remain loose especially after he successfully infiltrated CIA training camps.

Realizing that Kennedy was following through with his promise to splinter the CIA into a 1000 pieces following the Bay of Pigs debacle, a threat reinvigorated by the raids against the CIA terrorist cells, the aforementioned Nazis activated the murder plans against the president.

George Bush was a senior officer in the CIA, admittedly operating under the cover of Zapata Oil, a CIA front ostensibly drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico 30 miles off Cuba’s north coast. As we reported elsewhere, Bush’s connection with the Firm had begun in the 1950s but the evidence from this documentary shows it to have begun in the 1940s after Bush left Yale, fertile recruiting grounds for the CIA. Notice that we did not say that Bush graduated from Yale. According to evidence amassed by Webster Tarpley in his Bush: the Unauthorized Biography, Bush left the university without meeting the graduation requirements – one reason why his records are locked up tighter than Barry Soetoro’s college records.

But the Yale connection is critically important because it is here where Bush joined the uber elite Skull & Bones fraternity which, contrary to its benign descriptions by out of the loop members, is a notorious concentration of wicked minds, which charge is given plausible deniability by the decent members who have been selected for the purpose of providing cover for the sinister ones.

But even Skull & Bones is a cover group for the elite plutocrats we mentioned above whose goal is to rule the world. The real plutocratic club represented by these Wall Street megalomaniacs requires intense loyalty and irrefutable demonstration of that confidence, even if it means murder of another man.

At least two memos from Hoover document Bush’s close association to the CIA in November of 1963 prior to and subsequent to the murder of Kennedy. The day following the murder, Bush flew from Dallas to Washington to meet with Hoover concerning the assassination. The producers of JFK II demonstrate that Bush and his compatriot were possibly armed with a needle gun capable of injecting a heart attack inducing toxin into its victim without leaving any evidence of assault other than a small pin prick.

The memo reported that Bush was the supervisor of the Misguided Cubans who were involved in the Cuban raids, but these Cubans, as we have reported elsewhere, were the same ones who pulled the trigger on the assault weapons aimed at the president. This connection links Bush directly with the assassins of the president.

It is thus doubtless – in our minds – that Bush supervised ground troops who rung the Dealy Plaza killing fields.

Bush flew to Washington to warn Hoover to stop messing with their operations or else he would be a dead man. Hoover could clearly perceive the seriousness of the threat from the murder of Hoover's prime agent Oswald. Previously Hoover seized Prescott Bush’s Nazi Union Bank in New York in 1942, and now he was meddling in CIA operations. Hoover responded deftly by creating the memo recording his conversations with a Mr. George Bush of the CIA.

But Ocular Politics does not stop there with the explanation of George Bush’s involvement in the plot to murder a man. They relate the cultures of the Skull & Bones and the plutocracy which require proof – an initiation rite – that George could be trusted to sit in on their business and machinations. That proof was cold blooded murder. With Bush implicated in the crime, he proved to his elders that he was worthy of the mantle of president, a gift given to him by the plutocratic elite.

We believe that Ocular Politics has produced the definitive guide to the Kennedy Assassination because, in addition to demolishing the Warren Commission Report, they provide the most compelling explanation of Kennedy’s murder.

Reference, Ocular Politics

Copyright 2010-12 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Origins of Confederate Black Operations

We often associate the emergence of American black operations (black ops) with the CIA and its post war atrocities. However, the tradition is well documented from the Civil War with some interesting cases from the Confederate States of America involving biological warfare which brought war into its modern phase.

Edward Steers, though not a professional academic historian, has produced some of the best material on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln starting with his scholarly Blood on the Moon which we recommend for, if for no other reason, its debunking of the many ridiculous Lincoln legends associated with his assassination on April 14, 1865. If you still harbor any suspicions that Booth escaped or that Mary Surrat or Samuel Mudd was innocent, then please read Steers’ book.

When we say that the Civil War propelled war into its modern phase, we mean to say that the chivalrous ideals, even if acknowledged only in word, evaporated into smoke in the prosecution of this war. Steers documents how emancipation triggered a sequence of actions leading to covert terrorist activities against civilian populations.

The Confederates maintained two prison camps outside of Richmond whose conditions were deplorably inhumane, due in part to the South’s declining ability to feed itself. When Lincoln discovered from his generals that Richmond was lightly defended, he ordered them to undertake a raid against the camp at Belle Isle, south of the city, to liberate the suffering prisoners.

Colonel Dahlgren, operating under orders from Major General Benjamin Butler and his subordinate Brigadier General Isaac Wistar, led 500 men around the Confederate troops to execute a surprise raid against the prison. Unfortunately Dahlgren’s raid failed in an ambush costing the colonel his life. The Confederates discovered orders on him, in Dahlgren’s hand, whose mission included the killing of CSA president Jefferson Davis and his cabinet.

The CSA made much political hay of this including incensed outrage that anyone would include civilian leadership in such a despicable deed. The North under General Meade strongly denounced the orders in a bid to exculpate his command and president. Steers argues that Meade and Lincoln were certainly aware of the raid and more likely than not to have known about the assassination attempts on southern leadership.

This episode of warfare may have possibly signaled the next major act of aggression by the South which, under the operational direction of Luke Pryor Blackburn, planned a Yellow Fever infection of the populations of Norfolk, VA, New Bern, NC, and President Lincoln.

During the mid 19th century, medical science believed that Yellow Fever was highly contagious, with Blackburn regarded as one of its foremost authorities who was hailed for saving certain southern communities from Yellow Fever epidemics. Fortunately for the targeted victims, this “medical fact” turned out to be false, in much the same way as the farce about HIV causing AIDS.

When one epidemic broke out in Bermuda, Blackburn was dispatched there to assist in the quarantine efforts but also to gather infected garments to be sold in the above named localities in order to precipitate Yellow Fever outbreaks. Union troops were stationed in these areas, thus they were deemed suitable targets.

The trunks of clothing were sequestered until the time to unleash the menace was ordered from either Secretary of War Seddon or Secretary of State Judah. The plot was brought to light during the trial of Lincoln’s murderers and by a Canadian court case in which that nation’s neutrality had been violated by the operations of the CSA's secret service on Canadian soil. The trunks had been shipped through Nova Scotia but was outside Canadian jurisdiction at the time, resulting in a dismissed case.

The key man in both trials was Godfrey J Hyams who was the runner for the trunks who first appeared in the Lincoln trial. His testimony, according to Steers, has been dismissed as unreliable in connection with other Union witnesses who were discovered to be known perjurers during testimony. However, the Toronto case and subsequent correspondence from an Episcopal minister turned spy, Kensey John Stewart, corroborates his story. On December 12, 1864 Stewart notified Jefferson Davis in writing of the plot involving Blackburn. Furthermore, payments owed Hyams and others operating in Canada were specified in gold, a transaction requiring Davis’ explicit authorization.

Thus we see that the Southerners had envisaged, even if on bad medical advice, acts of mass terrorism involving the murder of civilians in an effort to win the war. However, the burning of Georgia and other parts of the South was not a gentleman’s war act either, so we do not claim that either side held the moral high ground.

But the more interesting revelation is that the Civil War was by no means confined to the battle field, a perception which prevails in certain quarters due to the well documented and published narratives of the campaigns and battles fought in the bloodiest American war. We find it interesting that in many ways the war brought the art into the modern age where rifled and automatic weapons gained prominence as did covert operations with spooks operating on Canadian soil for sanctuary. War would never be the same but always hell.

Blood on the Moon, Edward Steers

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