Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chronicle Update: The Murder of Nelson Rockefeller and the London Gold Pool

Since our Chronicle about the strange death of Nelson Rockefeller, we have uncovered more information which may explain his rather unexpected death – after all, compared to his brothers and grandfather, he died at such a young age.
Our last explanation was that Nelson did not have a sufficiently pro Israel political stance, a position which put him at odds with the Israeli government who sent Megan Marshack to do him in. While we still adhere to that analysis, there were equally large issues related to gold which may have also led to the billionaire’s abrupt demise.
Most Americans may think that the London Gold Pool was a fancy swimming hole sold by Herrod’s to its elite royal clientele. In reality it was an elaborate scheme hatched by banksters in New York and London to keep the price of gold suppressed. It officially began 1961 and died out in 1968 or a year later when the avalanche of inflationary pressures made the scheme unfeasible.
The general strategy was to flood the market with American gold reserves held in Fort Knox in order to counteract the tendency of the metal's price to rise in the face of the large deficits the American people wanted to fund social and military programs. Nixon finally ended the carnage in 1971 when he closed the gold window. According to official numbers, the United States held roughly 24,000 tons of gold when it was last audited in 1954. When Nixon eliminated the gold standard, official holdings were in the neighborhood of 8133 tons. But there is more to the story, as they say.
An obscure story broke shortly prior to the alleged suicide of Louise Auchincloss Boyer on July 3, 1974 claiming that under the aegis of Nelson Rockefeller and family, Ft Knox gold was gone – poof – no more. The combination of the story and suicide propelled a media frenzy which forced Congress to deliberate the state of the nation’s gold reserves. The solution was to stage a charade showing that the gold was still there by sending CIA journalists to film the gold in the presence of “reliable” Congressmen who assured the nation that all was well.
The rest of the 1970s witnessed the meteoric rise of the gold price which finally abated in 1980, one year after Nelson Rockefeller suddenly died. With gold sold at 42.22 USD per troy ounce from US vaults, it would require an idiot to lose money selling in the open market for 170 USD per ozt.
A year later, Congress authorized the US Gold Commission to study the nation’s gold holdings and to consider the feasibility of reinstating a gold standard. The commission reported that the private corporation of the Federal Reserve held all US government gold as collateral for US debt. While this statement may be true in theory, it is patent poppycock.
What happened starting with the Rockefeller owned Eisenhower administration was the complete theft of US gold by the Rockefellers and their cronies, a job completed no later than 1971 when Nixon was forced to close the gold window because there was no more gold left in US vaults for the redemption of dollars.
The gold shown to national audiences was not 400 pound Good Delivery bars used for international transactions through the London Bullion and Metals Association. Cover-up journalists showed Roosevelt era gold, which the president stole from Americans, which had subsequently been melted into small ingots. The television images show metal with high copper content, meaning that it was from gold coins Americans were forced to turn in by the Jewish controlled president.
As Nelson Rockefeller’s executive assistant, Boyer knew full well that the Rockefellers had stolen the gold under the official mechanism of the London Gold Pool whose chief official purpose was to maintain the gold-dollar fix at 42.22 USD per troy ounce. She released this information to the very interesting and dubious Dr Peter David Beter, who must have been the butts of many jokes over the years.
It appears to us that some of the gold may have gone to quell the gold price, but that most of it found its way to the Rockefellers’ basements and other participants in the LGP.
Readers of these Chronicles may recall that we introduced Dr Beter as a participant in the Nelson Rockefeller story because he claimed inside knowledge about the time of his death and the demise of the mysterious Megan Marshack, Rockefeller’s aide who was with him when he was murdered.
Dear readers may also recall our story on Dr Beter himself who was legal counsel for the American Gold Association and the US Import Export Bank. Beter published a fringe audio newsletter in the late 1970s and early 1980s where he made some strange claims, including the hoot that the Soviets had cloned from cow meat all leading US politicians including Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger.
While it would be easy to dismiss Beter as a lunatic based upon these and other claims, we must remember that he was a highly intelligent lawyer who was undoubtedly a deep cover intelligence agent who put on bizarre airs both as protection and as a way to send coded messages.
Beter was the author of the article about the theft of US gold, a story which he confessed relied in part upon Boyer’s confidential disclosures. This story led to the murder of Rockefeller's secretary 3 days after its publication on July 3, 1974. The Rockefeller goons threw her out of her 10th floor apartment, a death which the police dutifully covered up - comme toujours. An interesting fact about Boyer was that she was the granddaughter of the Wilson eminence grise Col Edward House who worked with Jewish banksters to involve the US in World War 1, and who committed many acts of treason against the United States through the Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations.
Thus it is most reasonable to conclude that Rockefeller may have been murdered in part over this fiasco because the gold theft story had not completely disappeared by the time the 1980 presidential election got into full swing. The US Congress authorized the US Gold Commission to study the matter, whereupon it released its report in 1982 which was finally swept under the rug.
While much is left to conjecture, it is very clear that Boyer was murdered in direct consequence of revealing Rockefeller business to Beter, and that the London Gold Pool was the official mechanism through which the brothers stole America’s gold. The LGP had very little to do with price suppression of gold. We believe, though we cannot yet prove, that Nelson may have been murdered in part from the fallout of the shocking exposure of this crime family’s deeds as a form of damage control.
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Friday, June 10, 2016

How Bush Sr Murdered John Tower

Not only was George Bush, Sr a principal participant in the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza in 1963, but he was also the principal agent in the murder of Texas Senator John Tower in Brunswick, GA in 1991.
Many will recall the Iran-Contra scandal which raged during the second term of Ronald Reagan whom Bush had also attempted to murder in March 1981. At the center of the controversy was the charge that the United States exchanged arms with Iran in order to raise funds to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.
That aspect is only part of the story. The other half is that the United States via the CIA, FBI, and other elements of the US shadow government ran drugs from Central America for mass distribution in the United States to raise money for arms. The slip of the tongue by California Representative Maxine Waters that the CIA had fomented the crack epidemic against blacks was true and almost cost her her life.
According to a recently released report by Wayne Madsen, Reagan named Tower to chair the President's Special Review Board, informally known as the Tower Commission, to investigate the National Security Council and other government agents involved in the criminal activities related to the Iran-Contra scandal.
CIA documents uncovered by Madsen reveal that Bush was furious over Tower's disclosures. Tower would probably have revealed more had it not been for Bush plant Brent Scowcroft who acted on the Vice President's behalf to perform damage control from inside the commission.
In 1989 Bush nominated Tower for Secretary of Defense in a gambit to setup Tower for public humiliation as revenge for his role in exposing the Iran-Contra crimes. Neo-con Paul Weyrich was the instrument used by Bush to leak rumors and gossip about Tower's alleged drinking and womanizing - which was rather tame stuff compared to Bush's pedophilia and involvement in the Omaha sex ring - closely related to the Franklin Savings and Loan Scandal - operating for the pleasure of Washington's high and mighty of both political parties.
As the Satanic holy month and the season of Beltane, the Satanist George Bush selected April 5, 1991 as the time to murder in revenge Tower and 21 passengers on the Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 2311. The extra incentive for the murder was that not only had Tower published damaging information to Bush in his memoirs, but that he was also about to publish a tell-all sequel which would have named names.
Madsen also revealed that one of Bush's co-conspirators in Iran-Contra was Graham Fuller whose daughter was married to "Ruslan Tsarnaev, the uncle of accused Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" showing that conspiracy runs in the family.
Coincidence theorists will dismiss the fact as absolutely nothing that John Heinz III died in a "mysterious" plane crash the day before John Tower met his fateful end. Heinz' chief sin was supporting Tower in his nomination for Secretary of Defense.
Also unknown to most Americans is that Jeb Bush was a key second fiddle to his father's crimes operated out of the White House. Jeb was intimately involved with the murder of Barry Seal who was once one of Bush's loyal pilots who flew drugs into Mena, AR where Bill Clinton was governor, and which became the quid pro quo for his ascendance to the presidency.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: Trump is an Incestuous Pervert

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been involved in an incestuous relationship with his daughter Ivanka since early youth. According to Wayne Madsen Reports June 3, 2016:
Bill Clinton does not have a monopoly on sexual perversion. WMR has been informed by a very good source in Manhattan that Trump, while sitting next to his underage daughter Ivanka at the Trump Grill in Manhattan's Trump Tower, was witnessed by waiters on a number of occasions with his hand under her dress and fondling her genitalia. Some of these waiters have stated they would swear out affidavits about what they saw. After Ivanka became of age, Trump told Playboy magazine, ". . .
if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her." Eventually Ivanka married Jared Kushner of the very wealthy Orthodox Jewish and ultra-Zionist Kushner real estate family of New York.
This behavior is very common for Republicans, including Senator Ben Sasse and George Bush, Sr. Although Republicans run a sex ring across the country to procure sex slaves for their perverted lusts, the habit is not confined to that party. Former Democrat representative Barney Frank commonly used under aged sex slaves at White House sex parties, after which the minors were often murdered.
We have reported on Michael Robbins, the transvestite "wife" of "Barack Obama." Hillary Clinton's lesbian mistress also fits the pattern of perversity which pervades American politics.
The policy implications are quite clear: either Clinton or Trump will be blackmailed into war by the psychopathic Zionist lobby which rules the United States.
Equally disturbing is that shocking sexual ritual abuses are used as part of the CIA's continuing MK Ultra program which by now is operated under other names since its disclosure in the 1970s. Mossad, through the CIA, completely controls all presidents of either party.
Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of all of these abuses of children and lies about the genders of presidential mates is that Americans don't give a flying flip.

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