Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fidel Castro, RIH

Communist psychopath Fidel Castro (1926-2016) finally died November 25 succumbing to old age and diseases which the Cuban government refused to reveal. We hope that his death was painful, but it could never be commensurate with the terror he inflicted upon the people of Cuba.

The Jewish press has spent millions of dollars to rehabilitate the former dictator's reputation as something of an elder statesman and humanitarian, but this revisionism should not be surprising given that the Jewish New York Times and Eisenhower State Department conspired to put Castro in power in the late 1950s.

Castro rewarding NYT's Matthews for
support of Cuban revolution. (Photo from
Herbert Matthews, a prominent reporter for the Times, went to Cuba to interview Castro in February 1957 to write a  puff piece on the 30 year old guerilla fighter. Castro's revolution, verging on collapse, was single handedly rescued by the New York Times who praised Castro as another Abraham Lincoln.

Alert readers will recall that it was the Jewish New York Times which whitewashed bloodbaths of the Stalin regime in the 1930s, calling it a utopia, and earning the Jew Walter Duranty a Pulitzer prize which was nearly revoked decades later after the truth was exposed.

In a reprise of his role at the end of World War 2 as a Jewish communist toady, Eisenhower used the Times' stories as cover for turning over another country to communists by curtailing support of Batista who was encumbered with his own baggage as a door mat for corrupt American business interests.

However bad life may have been under Batista, it was about to get much worse under Castro whose killing sprees left millions dead by the time he relinquished power in 2006. Castro was following the time honored Jewish methods of Stalin to ruthlessly crush opposition. His notorious haranguing lectures cost many Cubans their lives who refused to attend or who fell asleep during these mind control sessions with the Cuban people.

George Bush of the CIA was the bagman for Castro, carrying much money to the well known communist leader through the air ferry services of Barry Seal whom the Vice President would have murdered in the 1980s when Seal threatened to reveal damaging information about the former CIA Director and his drug running operations out of the Clinton's Mena, AR air field.

Castro's most notorious moments came in 1961 and 1962 when he was the center of attention in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

We have previously reported how McGeorge Bundy, Kennedy's National Security Advisor, purposely sabotaged the invasion by calling off the air support which was crucial for success. The invasion was never intended to succeed. Its only purpose was to embarrass Kennedy, which it did, but not without Kennedy firing Allan Dulles and Richard Bissell, the masterminds in part of the planned fiasco.

Dulles got his revenge when he murdered Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

The Cuban Missile Crisis reared its ugly head in 1962 when Representative Keating, later a ring leader of the infamous Keating 5, created a stir about Soviet missiles in Cuba. We also reported that tempest in a teapot was a fraud engineered by the Rockefellers. We subsequently learned that nuclear weapons do not exist, further bolstering our thesis that the episode was a power play to destroy Kennedy.

Cuba has served as a bogeyman for the CIA and State Department to justify its aggression and oversized military budgets. The United States had no problem recognizing all kinds of Jewish communist governments around the world, but somehow found the impoverished pipsqueak country of Cuba a national security threat. This doesn't pass the laugh test.

The CIA has contended that it did not realize that Castro was a communist, thus attempting to justify its farcical attempts to topple the communist dictator during the 1960s and 70s. This too fails the laugh test. How can an agency which spends billions of dollars in unaccounted funds claim that it did not know that Castro was a communist? An agency capable of toppling any government in the world, including that of the United States in 1963, could have easily removed Castro without so much as a sweat.

Our only regret is that Fidel Castro did not die sooner, and in a more painful way.


Mike King, HOW THE NY TIMES SAVED FIDEL CASTRO,, nd, accessed 11/27/2016

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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Many Faces of Hillary Clinton

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may or may not be dead, but she certainly has more doubles than George Bush had hanging chads. These numerous doubles give rise to massive speculation that Clinton is dead. But there is so much more to the story than mere double vision.

The issue of Clinton's health came to a head with her famous September 11, 2016 collapse following a 9/11 ceremony in New York City. Claiming that she was in the midst of a "medical episode", the candidate alerted her entourage that she needed to leave the proceedings early.

Attended by a large contingent of Secret Service, aides, and medical staff, Clinton made her way to her van which some sources say concealed a bed, and we would surmise high-tech medical systems. However, an amateur videographer caught Clinton in the midst of an unexpected collapse before she could enter her limousine which required at least 3 of her entourage to throw her into the back of the van.

At least 3 other body guards and Secret Service agents quickly formed a cordon around Clinton to block additional photographers from capturing Clinton's alleged fainting.

Clinton was then rushed to 21 East 26 St where a medical clinic is housed which we understand to be owned and maintained by the Clinton Foundation. Ostensibly it is the home of Clinton's daughter by Webster Hubbell, Chelsea. We wondered aloud why Clinton would not have been rushed to a full facility hospital, but even though we do not have all of the answers, part of them include the ability to conceal from the American people the depths of  the Democrat's health issues.

Within 90 minutes of the episode, someone assumed to be Hillary Clinton emerged from the posh Manhattan residence of Chelsea, whom we have not substantiated actually lives there, or which is even residential property.

However, this disgusting charade proved that the person who emerged from the building was NOT Hillary Clinton. While there are many evidences of this point, 3 salient facts stand out. The first is that in contrast to the massive security detail with Clinton at the time of her collapse, there were absolutely no Secret Service or aides with the Clinton body double. If Clinton had left the building, it would be a terminable offense for Secret Service, or any other security for that matter, to have left Clinton unguarded.

No one leaves a woman to walk by herself who has just collapsed or fainted. And having Chelsea there to see her off would have been golden publicity.

Secondly, there was absolutely no one with "Clinton" - fake press, no aides, no Secret Service, no nothing. Just a chirpy actress who said that it was a great day in New York City.

Finally, the little girl who was conveniently available for a photo opportunity with the presidential candidate would have been stopped cold by Secret Service had the woman in fact been Hillary. As James Fetzer put it, the Secret Service would have stopped a baby crawling up to Clinton to check its diapers for explosives, yet this young girl approaches the actress without constraint. [PS 11/20/2016 - we have since learned that the girl is an actress, seen in other celebrity staged events].

Fetzer also reported that the Democrat National Convention went into emergency session after this event - something which would be preposterous if Hillary had indeed walked out of the East 26th St building of her own accord.

In further research, we discovered that Clinton was photographed, during roughly the same month of her "medical episode" by a Getty photographer, requiring assistance walking on a sidewalk, yet the "Hillary" leaving the medical clinic was walking breezily around as though without a care in the world.

Without any doubt or equivocation, America's Jewish controlled news media knowingly presented a body double as Hillary Clinton, fraud of the highest order. This body double raises the question of, exactly how many impersonators does Clinton use?

While researching background on this Chronicle, we encountered a mass of photographs with persons labeled as Hillary who had all kinds of facial and body features variant from each other and from the person known as Hillary Clinton. In addition to the famous Teresa Barnwell who may be viewed as a comedian, 4-6 other Hillarys exist.

But the Hillary count goes much deeper. Other researchers have practically proven that Clinton had numerous staged campaign events. A couple of notorious campaign rallies were staged in North Carolina and Nevada using green screens onto which fake crowds were projected. Several evidences conclusively cement the conclusion of fraud.

One problem with the video was that Clinton occasionally disappeared from it which indicated a problem with the chroma-key used to register the talent with the green screen. Another problem was the perfectly pitched audio which would only be obtained in a studio production. But the most damaging evidence of fakery was that all of the phones shown recording the event never showed the background of the arena or of the candidate! There was also one young woman who was holding a phone but did not bother to film Clinton as she walked right by her. There is no way that a young woman, who was ostensibly witnessing a larger than life celebrity walk by, with a phone in her hand would forgo the opportunity to film her.

So now we know that Clinton has numerous body doubles and that many of her media events are faked inside a production studio. The so-called interview with CIA's Cooper Anderson with Clinton on the phone shortly after her collapse was trivial to fake. Yet the CIA hack presented the voice actress as Hillary Clinton.

So now we come to the 64 million dollar question, is Hillary Clinton dead or alive? We were convinced that she was dead until a report crossed our desk that she made a post campaign fundraiser today. But given that many of her events are faked, we have no confidence that she really appeared at the Children's Defense Fund in Washington, DC. The person presented as Hillary was certainly ugly enough and had the telltale neck crease suggesting that it was Clinton, but we can't be positive that the appearance was in fact in situ.

Some indicators suggesting that Clinton is dead include the WABC-7 announcement that she was dead. The news reader blew right past that opening announcement while the other anchor covered other campaign news the day after Clinton's collapse. The so-called gaffe may in fact have been a subtle announcement that Clinton had indeed died.

The numerous body doubles and faked campaign rallies are additional evidence that the former First Lady died. Further research for this Chronicle revealed that contrary to the non-stop lies of the establishment media, Clinton rallies were sparsely attended. One report we watched showed that at a North Carolina university with 37,000 students, there were only a hand full of people at the rally. This phenomenon occurred on many other occasions.

Corroborating the truth about sparse attendance at Clinton campaign events was the lopsided polling results favoring Trump. Zero Hedge reported before the election that independent pollsters using properly configured samples showed Trump with a 20-50 point lead over Clinton, a gap which does not at all jibe with the constant lies spewing forth from the establishment Jewish press that Clinton was on the cusp of a landslide of Biblical proportions.

One commentator believed that Hillary was murdered as a ritual sacrifice on 9/11, providing some interesting date coincidences - or perhaps causalities - which supported his position. We find the idea compelling, but not entirely convincing.

Benjamin Fulford, an ostensibly well connected journalist, also claimed that Clinton is dead. We believe that there is a better than 50-50 chance that the criminal is dead. [PS 11/18/2016 - Based upon continued analysis of "Clinton's" behavior since the election, we believe that she is still alive.]

Incredibly many voters wanted this for chief executive
Now why would anyone want her dead? Reasons abound, but the most interesting 2 relate to 2 different sides of the highly polarizing political figure. One theory is that US intelligence agents assassinated her for the exceptionally damaging treason she committed by placing files of the highest security sensitivity on her personal servers and giving the secrets to the Rothschilds and Israelis. Her betrayal of the United States will never be recoverable in our life times.

The other theory relating to Clinton's possible death is that she was merely a brand which the Democrats and Jewish Intelligentsia wanted to use as a puppet to govern the United States - it was the easiest way to elect George Soros president. Having proven that they could pass off the many body doubles as Clinton, they would have cooperated in her murder, or even orchestrated it, because they didn't need the real crippled Clinton.

Given the fury of the establishment press over the loss of Clinton, we suspect that the latter theory may be more accurate. The treasonous Jewish intelligentsia was denied another 4 years in the White House, traitors including the Bush Crime Syndicate which propelled the Clintons to the White House in first place as a favor for helping the Bush's with Iran Contra drug smuggling.

So furious are the Jews that they have planned a color revolution for the United States by sending in storm troopers to riot, vandalize, and murder people who voted for Trump. Zero Hedge has reported that the majority of rioters are from out of state from where they riot, proving to us that George Soros and other revolutionists are shipping their Bolshevists around the country to  cause as much mayhem as possible.

Never before in American history has so much bile been released by the Democrats as in this election - never so much violence. It is perpetrated by the DNC and Jewish intelligentsia which include Mossad, Netanyahu, and the Rothschilds.

Not once has Clinton, DNC, "Obama", the Jewish Establishment Press, or others of their ilk called for cooler heads to prevail. They have endorsed the violence with smug silence, with CNN mocking a Trump supporter who was beaten by blacks for supporting the President-elect.

Democrats have revealed their true colors by not only the massive violence, but also by the colossally poor judgment of nominating such a flawed candidate whose health disqualified her from the presidency even 8 years ago.

Further corroboration is required to dogmatically announce the death of Clinton, but when it comes, we will announce it with great joy and fanfare.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Election Is Not Over

Despite Hillary Clinton's pretentious hypocritical jeering of Donald Trump for his alleged refusal to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election, the campaign loser told yet another one of her lies by engaging with George Soros to overturn the electoral results of November 8.

George Soros is well known for his financing of color revolutions in Europe, one of the latest and most spectacularly disastrous being that in Ukraine which ripped the country asunder following the Jewish instigated Maidan Square protests. Fellow Jew Victoria Nuland, under Clinton's and Obama's orders, orchestrated fake protesters to overturn the results of the Ukraine election, an act which plunged the country into civil war. Soros was part of the CIA backed operation which stole the 33 tons of gold Ukraine held in its reserves when the country capitulated to the Rothschild-US robbery.

Soros and Clinton are using their regime change skills on the United States, leveraging not only Soros' immense wealth, but that of the Rothschilds. Clinton is the heir of her father's Jewish crime mob in Chicago, giving the crook access to the necessary paid protestors who are ravaging American cities as they are joined by Democrats excited to see civil war.

A paid operative in North Carolina has launched an unprecedented operation to bribe or intimidate state electors to the Electoral College to vote for Clinton. Clinton has expressed contempt for the Constitutionally established institution which elects presidents.

In addition, Soros and Clinton have launched secession movements in several states, the most notable of which is California.

The Democrat National Committee fully endorses the violence and has not once in any condemned or denounced it.

The Democrat protestors coast to coast have destroyed businesses, automobiles, and other private property. Portland, OR has been the scene of intense violence which the police, according to Zero Hedge, attributes to paid protestors. The Clinton News Network mocked a Trump voter who was beaten by Clinton protestors saying, "Oh the poor white voter got beat up. boo hoo hoo hoo."

CNN stands by the violence and mockery of the victim, while police officials did nothing to protect him, nor will the district attorneys prosecute the thugs. Americans are now forced to take up vigilante justice in order to protect their persons and property.

To help orchestrate all of this violence, Soros, Clinton, Rothschild, and Bush Crime Syndicate interests are meeting in Washington, DC this week to plan further attacks on the United States. USA Today is complicit in the treason by presenting the protestors as ordinary working class people seeking regime change.

Zero Hedge has also reported universities and colleges condoning violence against Trump supporters which we interpret as giving them time off class to perpetrate violence and rage.

Clinton supporters need not worry about Trump fulfilling any of his campaign promises though we support his desire to build a wall on the Mexican border. The chief of police of Los Angeles, Charlie Beck, said that he would defy any law requiring him to deport undocumented aliens. He said that his department determines the basis for deportation, and that no federal law has any standing in his jurisdiction. It remains the task of an ambitious lawyer to try the Beck Doctrine in court to determine if any defendant could avoid conviction on the grounds which Beck has established.

As Howe as noted, the United States is in the 4th turning of a periodic cycle of historically significant movements, the ending of which is always violent. With the Jewish Clinton-Soros-Rothschild mob, this one promises to be more violent than usual.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: Reagan as Fiscal Spendthrift

Many Americans think of Ronald Reagan as a fiscal conservative. The truth of the matter is that he was a spendthrift for the ages.

From 1981 to 1989, the federal debt ballooned from .9 trillion USD to 2.6 trillion USD, a number which today sounds like chump change. The percentage increase in the national debt was 189%, a record which still stands today.

With only 4 years of his own presidency, after assisting in the murder of John F Kennedy, Barry Seal, and God knows who else, George Bush increased the national debt from 2.6 trillion USD to 4.0 trillion USD after telling everyone to read his lips about tax increases.

Bill Clinton presided over a debt increase of 1.7 USD trillion, climbing from 4 trillion USD to 5.7 trillion USD, equating to a paltry 42.5% increase. George Bush gave his drug dealing pal Bill Clinton the presidency after the latter served him well in Mena, AR Iran-Contra crimes.

George Bush may have tried to beat Reagan's record but he failed miserably percentage-wise, though he succeeded spectacularly in destroying the Constitution, calling it at one time nothing but "a god-damned piece of paper." Debt on his watch ballooned from 5.7 trillion USD to 10 trillion USD - still not shabby work for a terrorist-murderer who conspired with Benjamin Netanyahu on the 9/11 attacks.

"Barack Obama", the son of Malcom X, shot the deficit from 10 trillion USD to 20 trillion USD - besting George Bush in the percentage and absolute value categories. "Obama" is married to former Oregon State University football player Michael Robbins.

All of this money is issued as debt which immediately goes into the bank accounts of Jewish banksters who rule the United States. One way to destroy the banksters would be to eliminate interest on the issuance of debt.

Eric King, Greyerz – Historic Shocker, A Difficult Road And A Major Short Squeeze About To Unfold, King World News, 11/13/2016, accessed 11/13/2016

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

2016 Election Post Mortem

The 2016 Election may have been the most bitter and vitriolic since the 1980 presidential election which pitted Jim Carter, John Anderson, and Ronald Reagan against each other, with Reagan winning a landslide in spite of shrill warnings from the political media that world war 3 would engulf us upon Reagan's inauguration.

While we cannot cover all of the lessons from the election, 3 points stand out regarding the prognostications, the interpretation, and the aftermath of the election. We supported no candidate from either party.

The first point is that the predictions of a Clinton victory - most of them described as overwhelming - were very wrong, but nearly every pundit has failed to provide the correct reason. They usually mew about how the profession will drive itself into extinction if it doesn't mend its ways. One hack from CBS submitted an essay to Zero Hedge lamenting his and his peers' aloofness from flyover country, pretending to do better the next time.

In a similar vein, other talking and writing heads assured us that news anchors and hosts were so enthralled with the smell of victory that they threw caution to the win in proclaiming their favorite icon Madame President.

Neither of these explanations is correct. The reason why the news media failed epically in predicting the outcome of the election is that it is not in the business of reporting the news, but rather in making it.

In other words, they use their vast resources to manipulate people into voting as they are told. They attempted to shame people into thinking that voting for Donald Trump was a plebeian gesture worthy of only someone with a GED.

The press is owned and operated by the CIA, with CNN's Cooper Anderson being a poster child of Operation Mockingbird in action. He is a CIA agent or asset who worked overtime supporting the CIA's husband and wife couple, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The second point is that Donald Trump was in most respects an anti-Clinton vote. While Trump's supporters were more energized than Clinton's, part of that energy welled up from loathing of Hillary Clinton whom even a retired senior FBI agent called leader of a crime family.

The final point is that the Democrats proved themselves to be juvenile punks, quite fitting for the party of war. For the second night in a row, the punks have taken to the streets to vent their fury over their electoral losses, even going on a shooting rampage to murder people who voted against their wills.

The Democrat party is the war party - that is what these gun control hypocrites are all about. They bomb foreign nations senseless to support Jewish aggression, and take to the streets to burn down cities when they can't get their left winged national mongrelization policies enacted.

Democrats, using false flag tactics, started World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Viet Nam, Ukraine, Syria, and determined to start a war with Russia. And let's not forget the riots at the 1968 Democrat convention.

The Clintons are murderers, liars, traitors, and scum who should be arrested for crimes against the United States, as well as for all of the murders they have committed. Before the election, Hillary called for using a drone on Julian Assange, just as "Obama" did when he murdered US citizens with drones.

The CIA is furious over its loss. It invested millions in the Clintons, and expected a return by placing Hillary in the White House where she could give away every last US secret to the Rothschild colony of Israel.

Most people do not know that Hillary's father was a Jewish mobster which is why Clinton gave secrets to Israel, and hired Victoria Nuland to instigate the war in the Ukraine.

We cannot possibly say that Trump will be a good president, but we certainly know that Hillary Clinton would have been a bad one. Her death will be a great gain for this nation. She is not going away until her health problems overtake her.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Ruby Did NOT Shoot Oswald

Contrary to the baroque lies of the Warren Commissioners and the establishment press and US government, Jack Ruby did not murder Lee Oswald.

The details to this fascinating story are found on our new website by following this link:

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chronicle Update: Paul Is Really Dead

The Paul McCartney story, like any good conspiracy, is the gift which keeps on giving, this time coming from the horse’s mouth. We have uncovered admissions by Paul McCartney, writing via a ghost writer, that the original Paul McCartney truly died on September 11, 1966, as we had previously reported.

Our information comes via 2 interviews on 2 separate programs with musician Mike Williams during which he summarizes the writings in the Memoirs of Billy Shears authored by Thomas E Uharriet. Mitchell explains that Uharriet had intimate connections with the man who assumed McCartney’s persona upon his death, and could thus provide the encyclopedia of details found in the book.

The man who masquerades as Paul McCartney is William Shepherd who was born in 1937, and initial whose involvement with the Beatles was as a session musician who was intensely jealous of McCartney, and who stole his identity with the help of Masons, MI6, Tavistock Institute, and other leading persons in the British establishment.

If this story reminds you of the episode of Gilligan’s Island where Tina Louise played her character’s look alike Eva Grubb, then you understand some of the dynamics of the murder of Paul McCartney. At the end of that episode, the envious Eva Grubb took over Ginger Grant’s show business career when she returned to Hollywood while leaving the castaways stranded on the island for yet another episode.

The fact that Tavistock and the Masons were involved in the McCartney project means that the replacement of the Beatles’ lead was a major policy initiative, which in the event, was to advance drug use and Satanism. As we noted before, Shepherd’s endorsement of LSD circa 1967/8 was to advance the agenda of the occult state which rules the world today.

Shepherd had many aliases including Billy Shears, Bill Campbell, Vivian Stanshall, among several others. Williams argued that Shepherd is at heart an actor, one of whose many roles is Paul McCartney. Although Shepherd was the main actor who plays McCartney, others also filled the role from time to time, especially in the early years.

In order to pull off the replacement stunt, Shepherd endured massive amounts of reconstruction facial surgery which was still not enough to allay his concerns of discovery, several examples of near misses Williams documents. We have reported the findings of Carlesi and Gavazzeni who published the seminal investigation proving that William Shepherd, often known as Faul, was not Paul McCartney.

Of particular note during Williams’ interviews was his telling of McCartney’s premonitions of his death, the singer going so far as to make preparations for his demise. Lennon, his childhood friend, and other band members generally laughed off McCartney’s fears. The key point to note is that it is Shepherd who makes these claims about McCartney’s anticipation of pending doom.

Before proceeding, we must note that Shepherd is a congenital liar as is generally the case with Masons. They are taught repeatedly to lie, and thus anything one of them says must be judged by the moving lips test. On the other hand, we have chosen to accept much of the biographical material of the memoirs because it fits with independently produced information. Our main point, though, is that we don’t buy the premonitions story.

We believe that this story was invented by Shepherd to cover up the fact that McCartney had been threatened with death by Shepherd and others, possibly including his Masonic father. Indeed, in another article we argued that McCartney was murdered as part of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Shepherd maintains that he is channeling McCartney from the Great Beyond, but we believe that is how he and McCartney’s father justified the murder. Yes, it is very twisted indeed.

But another theory is possible concerning McCartney’s alleged premonitions of death. It could have been a pretext for his disappearance.  In a power play for control of the band, highly coveted for its unparalleled influence, McCartney lost out. We have rejected speculation that his death was faked, but there may now be grounds for reconsidering that position. In other words, McCartney could well have survived. There is no record of McCartney’s burial, so the possibility remains that McCartney survived his own death under an assumed identity.

At the end of the day, however, we believe that he was murdered, one reason of which is that massive amounts of occult numerology infuse the Beatles’ timeline, and Satanists play for keeps. Also, it would have been an easy matter to produce Paul’s DNA in the paternity lawsuit against McCartney which erupted in the early 1980s if he were still alive.

While the majority of the Shears story is consistent with our previous findings, there is one material discrepancy concerning the mode and place of death of McCartney. The autobiography asserts the car accident theory after McCartney left the recording studio after a tiff with manager Brian Epstein.

Tina Foster, a leading PID researcher, has contested this story, at one time suggesting that he may have died in the US before the end of the San Francisco tour. She notes a 2-week gap of silence from the Beatles after the tour’s end.

We side with Foster’s belief that a fake Paul was introduced during the LA interview, and that McCartney disappeared before his death a couple of weeks later on September 11. As previously noted, we believe that Shepherd is indicative, but not to be believed in all cases. After all there is no statutory limitation on murder, at least in the United States, so prevarication is the legal strategy of choice.

It thus possible that McCartney died in a car “accident” but it would have been premeditated murder.

According to Williams, Shepherd and the other Beatles were so flabbergasted that no one caught the doppelganger that they started publishing clues which led to the first wave of PIDism in 1969. On the other hand, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band cover was chockful of clues, undermining somewhat this story.

The irony of Shepherd’s identity theft is that he proved to be an accomplished artist in his own right. One of the motives for stealing the Beatles was to take it to the next level musically, and that indeed is what Shepherd did after demanding of Lennon that he cede him control of the band. Thus Shepherd was waiting in the wings to take over the Beatles after McCartney was eliminated, freeing the way to take the band to new heights.

With these disclosures from Shepherd, no matter how problematic and suspect parts of it are, critics of PID should be silenced from embarrassment. But alas, these deniers continue to peddle their bilge that Paul McCartney is alive and well. We’re sorry folks, but Paul is really dead – really.

Mark Devlin, Good Vibrations podcast, Vol. 96: Mike Williams - William Shepherd is Paul McCartney, Part 2, nd, 2016

Mark Devlin, Good Vibrations podcast, Vol. 96: Mike Williams - William Shepherd is Paul McCartney, Part 1, nd, 2016

Sofia Smallstorm & Mike Williams - The Death Of Paul McCartney - September 11, 1966 (Sept 2016) , September 2016, Youtube      

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Comey Conundrum

We reported about treason artist James Comey burying the investigation against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her illegal possession and transfer of classified government secrets. But his recent turn about to reopen the investigation has some people puzzled. We are not entirely certain about his motives, but the FBI director has triggered an event rarely seen in presidential politics.

Before getting to that point, we want to quickly review the charges against Clinton. She took data, which Comey described as having the utmost sensitivity, to place on private servers as part of her data exchange with Mossad and Jewish banksters. She is very close friends of Lynn Forster Rothschild.

Clinton gave nuclear launch codes to Israel in 1992 after seizing the presidency. This assured her a future administration in her own right, and explains why Vincent Foster was murdered. He either commandeered the codes from her, or kept them for her in his safe. Realizing the political and criminal consequences of having these launch codes, she launched her own operation fast and furious to get them back. Alert readers will recall Clinton rifling through Foster's safe after his death, even though it was considered part of a crime scene.

Fast forwarding to her tenure as Obama's Secretary of State, Clinton was in the pay to play business with a vengeance. Between her position as Secretary of State and a principal of the Clinton Foundation, she was raking in millions through racketeering. Zero Hedge reported that Clinton took millions of dollars in payments from Qatar, while Secretary of State, without reporting it as required by law and by her own commitment.

Does anyone remember the "transparency" clap-trap from "Obama"?

It is anyone's guess why Comey decided to re-open the investigation of Clinton, but he got Obama's attention very clearly. For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, a sitting retiring president is campaigning as hard for a successor as he did for his own presidency.

Zero Hedge also reported that unbiased polls show Trump with a 20-25 point lead which is why he has warned repeatedly about election fraud. Obama lost both the 2008 and 2012 elections, but you would never know that listening to the liars in America's broadcast sets.

The reason Obama is expending so much effort propping up the murderer is that the emails on her server implicate not just Clinton and John Podesta of treason and criminality, but also CIA sock puppet Barry "X" Obama - the son of Malcolm X. Perhaps Comey just now discovered that "Obama's" "wife" is Michael Robbins.

We are on record stating that Hillary Clinton will win the election. It was a foregone conclusion from the 1990s. The Diebold machines and the network liars guarantee that she wins, and Obama desperately needs her in the White House to destroy any investigation into his and her treason.

PS 11/8/2016 - The explanation of the political hack Comey is now obvious. It was a brilliant political play to obliterate the stains of Clinton's treason by giving the FBI the opportunity to give Clinton another clean bill of health in light of the WikiLeaks revelations. Comey re-opened the case so that he could close it just as swiftly, acting upon orders from "Obama".

Comey did not cave-in - or fear Clinton's wrath. He was playing an elaborate hoax to give the murderer a clean bill of health.

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