Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why Are the Jews After North Korea?

We'll cut to the chase to state our view that The Interview incident was yet another Jewish false flag operation whose insinuations bode ill for the sitting US president.
Professor Jim Fetzer prompted some thoughts on the implications of the recent hacking fiasco of SONY's computer systems when he opined that it could be related to the patsification of North Korea in a Jewish plot to murder the president. His conclusion that it represents a step in the assassination of "Barack Obama" by Israel is very plausible scenario.
Before we get to that, we have to clarify what SONY is. SONY stands for Standard Oil of New York and is not a Japanese firm as many think. It is a Rockefeller firm dating back to the end of World War 2. Over the years, SONY has made many investments in the US, including entertainment.
However, there seems to be a split in what SONY Japan wants, and what SONY Hollywood (Israel) wants. It is evident to one and all that Hollywood and all major news networks are controlled by Jews. It would be one of their hallmarks to make a comedy about the murder of a head of state, something with which they have great familiarity as we explain below.
Recently "Obama" has christened himself the soul Jew, much as Bill Clinton claimed to be the first black president. This identification by "Obama" was a signal that he is still supporting the Jewish agenda after giving it short shrift, and calling mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu a "chickenshit."
The ironic thing about "Obama's" self appellation is that it is entirely correct insofar as his Jewishness is concerned. His mother is Jo Ann Newman, a Jewish terrorist who is on the FBI's Most Wanted list, but who is living in the White House with her son. Thus "Obama" is a complete Manchurian Candidate of Jewish concoction.
The editor of The Jewish Times, Andrew Adler, has called for the assassination of "Barack Obama" with the use of Mossad agents stationed in the US. The US is more heavily infested with Jewish saboteurs than it ever was with Soviet at the height of the cold war. In fact former "Obama" chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel is or was head of North American Mossad operations.
Was Adler speaking in a moment of fugue? We believe so. When Netanyahu responded to the "Obama" official who made the "chickenshit" remark, he darkly intoned before Knesset that "Obama" was not immune from Grassy Knoll syndrome, the location from which one of President Kennedy's assassins was stationed. Thus both Adler and Netanyahu have declared a death sentence on the American president.
But this returns them to the murderer David Ben-Gurion who, acting on orders from Rothschild Satanists, deployed Israeli forces to assist the CIA in murdering the president. More than likely it was the Rothschilds who ordered Kennedy murdered when he refused to supply the Jewish terrorist state with nuclear weapons and secrets.
Fetzer's premonition regarding ill winds in "Obama's" future coincides with Dr Jim Willie's predictions that "Obama" would not survive the end of the month of the December. With so few days left, that prediction is losing value faster than a call option on expiry week. However, the themes are reinforcing.
But what have the North Koreans to do with this? Well, every murder needs a patsy. While it would seem laughable that the North Koreans could be blamed for murdering the president when Mossad was actually its perpetrators, it could be the case that a political problem with North Korea could "escalate out of control" providing the pretext for the Secret Service and Mossad to murder the president "in times of national threat." Or, they could send him packing for some other reason - like throat cancer.
Fetzer cites numerous international computer security experts who have stated nearly in unison that North Korea lacks the technical capabilities to carry out so sophisticated and extensive a cyber assault as was inflicted on SONY. In fact, he quoted Kurt Stammberger, vice president of Norse, as stating that the hack job could have only occurred from within, and probably by a woman named "Lena."
This false flag then gave "Obama" and FBI the ammunition to demonize North Korea more than they have done already. The Jews has always seen the North Koreans as the perfect patsy due to their complete vilification. However, it was the Jewish navy which sunk the South Korean ship Cheonan in 2010 - Not the North Koreans as the Jew controlled press has vociferously stated. So they have returned to their first watering hole, so to speak. But Cass Sunstein has assured us all that there are no such things as conspiracies, so "Obama" has nothing to worry about.
Perhaps the Jews see conflict with North Korea as a way of opening up World War 3 which would allow them to bomb Iran, and complete the subjugation of Ukraine. Only the stupid American is wrapped around the freedom of speech issue with The Interview. There is a time and place for that, but other very big issues are at stake.
Thus the Jews have attacked one of their own - SONY of Hollywood - in order to realize more important geopolitical objectives. They have been attacking one of their own since the King David Hotel in 1946. It stands to reason that they are playing the same old tired game.

Jim Fetzer, SONY’s release of “The Interview”: Setting up North Korea as the patsy for assassinating Obama?, Veterans Today, December 27, 2014, accessed 12/28/2014

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Fake Death of Tara Browne

Lotus of Tara Browne at time of accident
A rather obscure figure from the drug drenched 1960s allegedly died December 19, 1966 from wounds of a car accident in London, in search of food with his girl friend at the blistering speed of 120 miles per hour. The only problem with the foregoing story is that it is entirely a lie. We explain why it matters.
For those who have never heard of Tara Browne, he is supposedly the subject of the hit Beatles song, A Day in the Life, telling cryptically the story of how the Guinness fortune heir died in a tragic automobile accident.
According to lore, Browne, 21 years old, had left the house of a friend around 1 am, on the early morning hour of December 18, 1966, with his girl friend Suki Poitier in search of food. The friend is never identified.
Not long after leaving the "friend", Browne was careening through densely populated Chelsea and South Kennsington, where he failed to notice a stop light through which he ran, swerving around a Volkswagon Beetle, before slamming into the side of a white van at 120 mph. He was driving a light blue Lotus which he apparently wanted to use in his new racing career.
The reason Browne is interesting, aside from the fact that he died so young and wealthy, is that as British aristocracy, he was friends of the glitterati and Royalty of England, including the likes of Salvador Dali, Mick Jagger, and The Beatles.
Tina Foster, who is arguably the most competent authority on the Paul Is Dead movement, wrote a fascinating article describing why the death did not occur as described, and even leaves open the possibility that he did not die at all, a point with which we deal below.
One of the primary reasons Browne did not die as reported is that the thin bodied Lotus he drove would have had no chance of surviving a crash in the side of a 1960s van. Now clearly the car is a wreck, but not the kind which would result from a crash at 120 mph in the side of a 1960s van. The front end is in fabulous condition. True, there are parts strewn over in the photo,  but Foster makes the sound case that the damage was staged with a sledge hammer.
However, the most damning fact of the event is the survival of Poitier, who escaped largely unscathed, something which would only happen in a Warner Brother's Looney Tune cartoon. Furthermore, there is no blood at the alleged scene of the accident. Thus it is most emphatically the case that Browne did not die in the vehicle, nor was Poitier in it when it allegedly slammed into the side of a van - a 1960s van at that.
The following day, Browne is said to have died of his injuries. Whatever. However, if he did not die because the accident was faked, can we believe that he lived for some time after? The simple answer is no.
Poitier ironically died in a car accident 10 years later, but it was most likely to ensure her silence about the faked death scene.
Our belief is that Browne was murdered in a Satanic ritual abuse for which British royalty are famous, and was quite de rigeur along with drugs in swinging 1960s London. It hasn't gone away, but lost some of its fashionableness in the ensuing years. However, Browne was very much apart of that scene, and his youthful vitality was no doubt an attractive incentive for a ritual sacrifice. Film director John Huston called his mother Oonagh a witch, an appellation which should be taken literally.
However, we believe that the most urgent motive for the murder of Tara Browne was his association with The Beatles and his knowledge that Paul McCartney had been murdered on September 11 of that year. Apparently Browne was too much of a risk, so the Satanic MI6 and other assorted spooks murdered him in order to keep the lie alive.
As A Day in the Life implies, the official story was as full of holes as Blackburn, Lancashire. Thanks to Ms Foster for another outstanding excavation in The Beatles lies.

Tina Foster, Tara’s car crash… real or faked?, Plastic Macca website,, December 16, 2014, accessed 12/25/2014.

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The Sandy Hook Hoax

The evidence is now abundantly clear that the alleged mass murder in Sandy Hook, Connecticut was another Eric Holder / Mossad operation to promote gun control.
Jim Fetzer presented recently overwhelming evidence on Bev Collins’ radio program that there were no murders, deaths, accidents, or mayhem at Sandy Hook on December 12, 2012, the date of the alleged shootings in which 20 children and 7 adults were allegedly murdered.
More astonishingly, the entire criminal government of Connecticut worked hand in hand with the most criminal US Attorney General in American history to stage this event produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The genesis of the hoax goes back to 1995 when criminal Eric Holder stated that the American people must be brainwashed to accept gun control. Since the 1980s Tulsa post office event, mass shootings – real and staged – have been produced by FEMA and CIA using MK-ULTRA subjects and crisis actors to terrorize the nation into accepting disarmament as a prelude to George Bush’s New World Order – one of his father’s stooge's, Adolf Hitler, famous phrases.
When the governor of Connecticut Dan Malloy held a press conference on the day of the shooting, he stated that he had been recently warned by unnamed officials that such an event was imminent. Did the governor take any steps to prepare or warn the schools that they were about to be the subject of terrorism or crime? He did nothing of the sort because he was warned by criminal Eric Holder that the staged event would occur very soon as part of his brainwashing program.
Indeed Malloy and Holder met on November 27, 2012 to discuss the very event. Malloy is a co-conspirator in the staged event for which profuse documentation exists showing that FEMA was the executive producer of the hoax.
Fetzer produces the script used to document the operation, including the paragraph stating that all participants must check into the command post, for which he shows a picture of a lighted highway sign at the FEMA command post in Sandy Hook stating “Everyone Must Check In.”
Many of the actors have been identified through other work they did for various entities and products. One such example is a man going by the name Lenny Posner who is in fact Leonard P Osner, and who may have other aliases. "Lenny" claims that he was the father of victim Noah Posner, another child actor who promoted a water park in Ontario, Canada.
After 100 hours of interviews with “Posner”, Kelly Watt concluded that he is a chronic liar. She discovered that he was the grandfather of Noah, for whom he forged a death certificate when confronted for evidence that Noah was dead.
The fake deaths have proven to be quite an embarrassment for the perpetrators. Neither the FBI nor Newtown crimes statistics show any deaths for the students in Sandy Hook for 2012, while the state of Connecticut forged 27 deaths for an unknown jurisdiction in order to maintain the lie that Sandy Hook happened as it claimed.
The wickedness of the criminal state goes beyond merely falsifying evidence. The state legislature passed legislation making it a felony for anyone associated with the “crime scene” or the operation to speak about what he saw or didn’t see, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that the event was a total scam. Massive amounts of evidence proving the terrorist deception have been shredded by state officials involved in the conspiracy. (And they say that conspiracies don’t exist).
While it is a felony for anyone to say anything about Sandy Hook, when the Constitution most emphatically supports freedom of speech, the crisis actors used to fake the event are crisscrossing the country to plea for gun control – the very aim for which criminal Eric Holder staged the Sandy Hook Hoax.
Why was the Sandy Hook elementary school chosen for the fake crime scene? The primary reason was that it was an abandoned school which made rehearsals and planning very easy. The school had been closed in 2008 in large measure because it posed a huge asbestos liability and the town leaders did not want to spend the money to clean up the aging school.
Fetzer produced voluminous evidence showing that the school was a boarded up storage closet at the time of the hoax. The building was dilapidated and unfit for the alleged 489 students plus faculty who were said to be there the day of the hoax. But for a wealthy, affluent municipality which keeps its buildings immaculately manicured, it was odd that there was no internet activity at a school where its wealthy parents would surely want little Johnny and Suzy to have the latest technological learning aids.
Anomalies such as these abound throughout the saga.
Other problems with the faked crime scene is that there were no emergency vehicles, and the road leading to the school was blocked, making it impossible for vehicles to gain access even if their drivers had wanted to do so. There was no blood at the production site either, so it looks like the emergency vehicles would have been superfluous.
Regarding the cartoon character Adam Lanza – he was a fictional person as well. He was supposedly a 6 foot 112 pound Asperger victim who had no prior experience with firearms, yet managed to let off 150 rounds which inflicted each victim with 3-12 rounds apiece. Unfortunately none of the alleged bullet fragments matched any of the alleged weapons used by the alleged Lanza.
Fetzer produced even more evidence substantiating the criminal fraud which involved the entire government of Connecticut, most of the US government, and the entire Jew owned news media, including the liar Shannon Hicks whose staged photograph of the evacuating students was used to brainwash Americans into believing that Adam Lanza really shot 27 people dead. We allowed a slight blanket exception to the US government, because several individuals at the Department of Education told Paul Preston, a Los Angeles education expert, that Sandy Hook was a “drill” and that no one had died.
The enormity of the hoax is staggering, but is part of the long tradition of criminality which runs deep through American society, especially its elected and appointed leaders. We have only skimmed the cream off of Dr Fetzer’s superb presentation to Bev Collins’ audience – a presentation worthy of anyone’s time who wants to know the truth.
The real problem with Sandy Hook is that it shows to the whole world the depravity of Americans who elect and support these psychopathic officials whose views are so twisted that they can only be achieved through lies.
Jim Fetzer, The Bev Collins Show with James H Fetzer Powerpoint Presentation of Sandy Hook, Media Broadcasting Center, December 19, 2014, accessed 12/25/2014 on YouTube

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Illuminati Council of 13 Members Revealed

Writing in Veterans Today, journalist Stew Webb revealed members of the Illuminati Council of 13 who meet twice a year in Denver during the summer and winter solstices to practice child sacrifice.
The astonishing roster includes household named politicians along with more obscure figures who, though invisible, are very powerful people in US and world governments.
The Satanists include George Bush, Sr., Henry Kissinger, Leonard and Elaine Millman, Larry Mizel, Meyer Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Answar Ben Shari, Bill Grace, Paul Warburg, Pope Benedict, Patrick Wu, and a couple of unnamed members.
Webb is a whistleblower who attempted to report the child sacrifices to the FBI, but soon discovered that the agency is the major protector of these criminals who engage in pedophilia sex as pre-parties for their rituals which occur between 12:00AM - 3:00AM in Denver.
One of the FBI agents protecting the Satanists is Mark Hostlaw, stationed at the Denver FBI office in 2001.
Webb mentioned 3 key locations including The Navarre, Brown Palace Hotel, and Brinker Collegiate Institute, as points of entry and practice of these foul rituals where kidnapped children are sacrificed in Satanic rituals. Anthony Lavey, son of Satanist Anton Lavey, was castrated at age 12 at one of these rituals .
The Satanists are involved with criminal organizations such as AIPAC, Simon Weisenthal Center, Israel's Chief Rabbi, the Roman Catholic Church, ADL, and Southern Poverty Law Center.
Leonard Millman warrants a special call out as one of the chief financiers of 9/11 through his Waymark Foundation, using Jack Abramoff  and Hank Greenberg of AIG bailout fame.

Stew Webb, Illuminati Council of 13 Human Sacrifice Denver Colorado Dec 20-21, Veterans Today, December 21, 2014, accessed 12/24/2014

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ukraine Downing of MH-17 Was Botched Attempt on Putin

Vladislav Voloshin
The July 17, 2014 downing of a civilian Malaysian aircraft over Ukraine was most likely a failed attempt to murder Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin.
Breaking news from John Robles, a correspondent seeking political asylum abroad in flight from the United States for his intrepid reporting on the US-Israeli war in Ukraine, reveals that Vladislav Voloshin was the murderer of 298 civilians of 10 different nationalities, the largest group by far being Dutch and Malaysian nationals.
The information of Voloshin's murder of civilians under orders from the CIA and Ukraine government was provided by a still anonymous witness who worked at the airport near Dnepropetrovsk where the Ukrainian pilot's plane was stationed.
According to the witness, the pilot deplaned with visible fear, stating that he hit the wrong plane, quoting him as saying '"The plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time."'
The airspace over Ukraine was quite busy that day. Contrary to the persistent lies of the Ukrainian government, sorties were flying in and out of the airport that day, as they had nearly all days before and after the mass murder.
Ukraine launched 3 SU-25 fighters in the immediate vicinity of the civilian flight, a fact corroborated by Russian sources with tangible evidence to substantiate their claims, according to Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov.
The Russians have photographs showing a Ukrainian SU-25 gaining altitude over the Boeing 777 civilian aircraft, prior to firing an air to air missile at it. According to previous reports from these Chronicles, the aircraft was also strafed with the heavy anti-aircraft munitions.
We reported previously that Russian president Putin's airplane was within a few miles of the MH-17, meaning that Voloshin's assignment was murder Putin. That would have been the "right" plane.
Robles notes that these new revelations do not undermine earlier reports that embalmed bodies were recovered at the crash site. It is not clear to us how many of the passengers were corpses and how many were alive at the time of the mass murder.
Two of the 3 SU-25s did not return. We speculate that they were shot down to give Voloshin plausible deniability about being under attack, and more importantly, to silence witnesses who knew about the deliberate attack on an unarmed aircraft.
The story of the MH-17 is very much alive as a failed attempt by the CIA, Israel, and Ukraine to foment World War 3.
John Anthony Robles II, MH-17 Shot Down by Ukraine: Was it a failed CIA assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin?,, December 23, 2014, accessed 12/23/2014
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Second Nucler Attack on US Imminent

A second nuclear attack on the United States is imminent according to Steve Quayle, speaking Sunday to Eric King of King World News.
While Quayle did not acknowledge the first attack on September 11, 2001, we point out to our readers that Israel and the Bush Crime Syndicate launched a brutal attack on Americans on that September morning.
The evidence corroborating that nuclear devices brought down the World Trade Center is overwhelming, contrary to the many ill founded theories suggesting that airplanes, nano-thermite, or conventional explosives wreaked the damage.
We previously reported that Israel has placed nuclear devices in at least 25 US cities, as part of its Operation Samson, among other injuries against the United States. We suspect that the number of cities sabotaged is probably higher than reported.
Those who think that Israel does not have nuclear capabilities are misinformed - a state very typical of Americans. Israeli espionage by Jews of various nationalities has been ongoing for decades going back to the Johnson administration which was blackmailed over the then president's involvement in the murder of John Kennedy.
More significantly, George Bush, Sr decommissioned an enormous quantity of nuclear weapons which he then gave to Israel in a private transaction netting him billions of dollars. We were perplexed at the time why Bush scaled back the nuclear arsenal, but we now know why.
Israel has used nuclear weapons in Lebanon - during the 2006 war - and in Iraq, to say nothing of New York City.
Quayle also noted that his sources inform him that US government orders for food for its massive network of underground cities have skyrocketed, a report which confirms publicly circulated letters from FEMA requesting emergency food.
Those who think that ordinary Americans would be allowed in these underground cities are as equally foolish as those who do not realize that the United States was attacked with nuclear weapons in 2001. These cities are strictly for elite plutocrats and government officials.
The recent demonization of Russia now makes sense because they are being patsified for the imminent Jewish attack on the United States. Israel is a colony of the Rothschilds, property given to them by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, and executed by the traitor Harry Truman.
We pray to God that Quayle is wrong, but the evidence points to nuclear holocaust, just as the Satanic Dick Cheney has been warning for most of this year. This nuclear firestorm is also consistent with Jim Willie's warning that a coup against the United States was also imminent. Now is the time to pray to God.

Eric King, Yes, Russia To Unleash Black Swans Against West But Here Is The Scary Part, King World News, December 21, 2014, accessed 12/22/2014

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why Has the Price of Oil Plunged?

The recent plunge in the price of oil is rather unexpected, but much debate has ensued as to why and to whose benefit is the price collapse. We believe that it is ultimately to America's detriment, and thus engineered outside of the United States.
The price of oil hit 150 in 2008 before dropping like a lead balloon to 40 only to rebound to 105-110 before taking another downward slope to around 65 USD/bbl. The gyrations are quite remarkable, reflecting to some degree effects of the economic depression.
But not even the economic depression of 2008 and its ensuing "green shoots" explain the price of oil, a mechanism which is somewhat immune to the laws of supply and demand. Like precious metals, oil prices are actively manipulated by the globalist banks operating under the control of the Federal Reserve. Speculation, in other words, has accounted for 20-50% of the oil price.
Recently that support has been removed, yet we are unable to explain the pathways through which it has been terminated. It is no secret that the world has seen a glut of oil since at least 2011; yet the price remained stubbornly high due to bankster interventions.
However, within the last several weeks, the price has fallen to around 65 USD/bbl in part a reflection of the economic realities of the past 6 years. If you are like the Ziocon whores of Investor's Business Daily who think that the economy is surging because of large hiring numbers, we urge you to examine the quality of the jobs. They are generally low rent minimum wage type jobs, with the higher paying ones in the 20-35,000 range - hardly the stuff of economic strength or optimism.
Some have opined that the price drop of oil is due to the United States' engineering the decline to cause economic damage to Russia, a nation which the Rothschild Ziocons in Washington are hellbent on destroying for absolutely no justifiable reason.
However, some observations by Dr Jim Willie have caused us to reconsider that position. In the first place, the current price of oil undermines the shale industry in the United States which undermines the financial viability of the billions of dollars of shale projects undertaken within the last 5 years. The idea that oil will rise soon seems undermined by the Saudis who have declared that they are comfortable with oil at around 60 USD/bbl.
The longer oil remains at these depressed rates, the more vulnerable become the junk bonds financing the shale projects. Seventy five dollars was considered the breakeven threshold, and with the heavy capital requirements of shale production - much higher than traditional sources and with much lower net energy harvests - the less likely financiers will fund ongoing production to say nothing of new projects. So in our view, this sector of the oil industry is in for significant reality readjustments and many bankruptcies.
These bankruptcies will threaten the already insolvent banks, causing cascading failures among them. Yet this is not the real problem with lower oil prices.
While lower oil prices will benefit many sectors of the US economy, the US government and its criminal Federal Reserve will face significant problems with the lower volume of dollars flowing into US treasuries.
The petro-dollar protocol established by Rockefeller Satanist Heinz Kissinger in the 1970s recycled billions and trillions of dollars back into the US treasury which allowed the US to run endless and gargantuan budget deficits. In fact it was the Rockefellers who engineered the OPEC oil cartel and the abrupt rise in the price of oil during the 1970s. The massive inflows of money allowed the US to engage in massive military expansion and wars of imperial aggression.
The US Fed has failed spectacularly with its plunderous Quantitative Easing which  transferred trillions of dollars from Americans to its elite .01% Ziocon criminals. But the real problem is that the Fed has fewer dollars with which to buy back treasuries which foreign entities are maneuvering like mad to dump.
Recently the Fed has ordered the Japanese to empty its retirement funds to pay for Fed crimes and QE, a certain sign that the US financial system is on its last leg.
In short, lower oil prices certainly hurt the Russians, but the pain is far greater to the US in that its nascent shale industry is about to be downsized, and the US government will see far fewer dollars recycled into US debt. With trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, this will pose quite a challenge.
When the Saudis and Russians open oil purchases in Yuan, gold, and other currencies, the fat lady will have sung her opening notes.

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Willie: US Coup Imminent

Economics analyst Dr Jim Willie reported that his sources are informing him that the US military is ready to extinguish before the end of 2014 the presidency of the person known as Barack Hussein Obama.
We predicted at the beginning of this year that the United States would cease to exist by the end of 2014, with very little in evidence to vindicate that prediction. However, Willie informed listeners of Tru News  on December 4 that some of his sources are warning of a US military coup. He took pains to note that he could not substantiate the rumor.
While the reports of a military takeover cannot be confirmed, certain signs point to such a conclusion. Military coups are rather commonplace in the Americas because a country's leadership is so corrupt and economic conditions so dire that military intervention is regarded as the only treatment of the problem.
With 18 trillion dollars in debt and no pretense of a debt ceiling to curb spending, the United States is precisely the banana republic it has frequently derided its southern neighbors of being. The civil unrest in the wake of criminal police forces' operations in Florida, Ferguson, and New York City speak of the deep corruption in US politics, and the inauguration of the Communist totalitarian state.
The destruction of the US balance sheet has been in the making since the establishment of the Federal Reserve Board in 1913, but has accelerated during the Bush-Obama years. Leading foreign powers tiring of the irresponsible profligacy of the United States through its exorbitant privilege of having the world's reserve currency, have taken steps to segregate the United States' foreign held dollars from the domestic dollar in order to make way for a new gold trade standard, possibly modeled on the pre-1914 protocols.
This move threatens the Western financial plutocrats who have ruled the roost since the Jews created the Bank of England in 1694, with the Rothschild's United States colony being the latest instrument of its will. They have sought desperate measures, including the take over of Ukraine, to instigate war as a means of diverting attention from their criminal enterprises. Attempts to start wars in Iran, Syria, and Ukraine, while partially successful, have failed to materialize as full blown conflagrations.
While the real threat to the Rothschild Satanists, and their colonies of the United States and Israel, is the emergence of a gold trading standard, it is these criminals who instigated 9/11 as a means of destroying the United States. Their installation of Obama as another puppet president - all since Wilson - with the exception of Kennedy - have been Rothschild-Rockefeller puppets - was their final attempt to economically destroy the United States in a prelude to the New World Order - a government which both George Bush, Sr and Vice President Biden have hailed. Heinz Kissinger has recently urged the establishment of the New World Order.
Obama promised in early 2009 "trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see" as a means of financially destroying the United States in accord with his orders from the Bush Crime Syndicate's CIA and Mossad - both organizations constituents of the Rothschild plutocracy.
Tru News host Rick Wiles reported that he interviewed a Russian official in July 2001 who warned that 9/11 was inevitable because this very banking cabal which installed "Obama" also planned the attacks on New York City.
While the Bush-Obama administrations have purged hundreds of senior military officers, the military nonetheless may be ready to intervene in domestic political matters. Although Willie seems to think that it could be salutary, we disagree categorically because once the precedent has been set, it can never be unset.
The editors of Veterans Today believe that the recent purges have been beneficial since they have removed Jewish and American traitors who have used their positions to steal nuclear weapons which they have used in the Middle East, New York City, and Oklahoma City.
There is thus a significant difference between Willie's and Veterans Today's interpretation of the military purges, but to believe that Obama is basically a good guy gone astray is naïve and ludicrous at best - a position often voiced at VT.
The basic problem with Obama is that he is a Rothschild-Jewish tool to destroy the United States. Therefore his purging of military officers cannot, in most cases, be seen as beneficial. Contrary to Willie's naïve optimism, a coup will not have any benefits except to remove an imposter who cannot even pass e-Verify checks.
Nevertheless, Willie's sources within the Department of Homeland Security - a Nazi front - have confirmed that Obama is a CIA tool. Willie also noted that after a golfing orgy, the Rothschild puppet has isolated himself from staff and advisors, breaking out into yelling fits reminiscent of those alleged of Nixon in the waning days of his presidency.
The story is that Obama will be gone by the end of the year, his tantrums being evidence of notice given him. On the other hand, it must be noted that Willie's predictions have frequently been overstated.
Several important predictions he has made have failed to materialize. His calls on the resignation of Angela Merkel, the incineration of Deutsche Bank, the collapse of Morgan Stanley, and the explosion of the gold price are a few of his failed soothsayings. Nevertheless, we have to concur that a banana republic is as a banana republic does, with no promising future for the country.
On the other hand, Putin has finally accused the United States of attempting to destroy his country, a theme which Willie has pushed for many months. He also began talking of de-dollarization and the BRICS development bank long before it hit the CIA controlled press.
Regardless of the tally in Wilie's win-loss record, we agree that the hand writing is on the wall, and that prudence requires preparation.

Interview with Jim Willie, Tru News, 12/4/2014, accessed 12/7/2014
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