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The Murder of Admiral Jeremy Boorda

Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda (1939 – 1996) died, according to the state controlled media, of suicide from controversy surrounding wearing of the V device on one of his navy awards. The truth is that he was murdered.
At the time of his murder, Boorda was Chief of Naval Operations, an accomplishment he achieved by rising through the ranks as an enlisted man to an officer serving at the pinnacle of the Navy’s hierarchy. Such an attainment almost invariably requires graduation from Annapolis; so this exception probably earned Boorda some animosity from many naval officers whose philosophy of life is based upon entitlement rather than merit.
Around the time of his death, newsfakers reported that Boorda left 2 typed suicide notes, one to his family, and one to the navy. Neither note has been released although retired United States Army Reserve Major Glenn MacDonald presented the contents of one. The problem with the suicide notes is that they are unsigned, as in the case of Vincent Foster, meaning that Boorda did not write them.
Another concealment which confirms that Boorda was murdered is that of his autopsy which has never been released which means that the Navy has something to hide. What the Navy has hidden is that the CNO was murdered. MacDonald obtained the witness of one Chief Medical Corpsman who stated that he saw 2 bullet holes in Boorda’s body. The official story is that Boorda shot himself in the chest with a hollow point bullet, but the truth is that his murderer killed him with 2 shots to the chest.
All persons who knew Boorda were shocked by the “suicide.” The majority of comments posted on internet sites are very favorable of the admiral, but a few planted comments by ONI spooks degrading him stand out as anomalies. Given his family background and personality, no one honestly believes that Boorda killed himself, especially when hours before his death he remarked how he was looking forward to retirement later that year.
Theories abound regarding the motive for murdering Boorda, of which only one makes sense. One theory states that he was opposed to the ChemTrail program which implicated a lot of powerful persons in another arms scandal. Another states that he was responsible for authorizing arms shipments to Muslim Bosnians while he commanded a US Navy fleet in the Mediterranean during the NATO assault on Bosnia, a revelation which would sink Clinton’s presidency as he would have been the ultimate authority for the illegal arms conveyances. And of course the official lie is that he was distraught over being caught wearing an unauthorized device on his navy medals.
We are sure that these theories do not exhaust the supply, but they give a flavor of the more “credible” ones, and underscore their variety.
MacDonald alludes to the Kay Griggs revelations in which she, married to Marine Corps Colonel George Griggs, relates that her husband was most likely involved in the Boorda murder.
Griggs goes into considerable detail about the Tailhook scandal which was a vast Marine Corps and Navy homosexual sex ring involving very senior naval personnel. We would never have assumed that to be the cause of the murder until we watched the full 8 hour interview of Kay Griggs given in 1998 in which she suggested that her husband was involved in the murder.
Griggs is vitally important to understanding how the Marine Corps and Navy work. She states that it is nearly impossible to rise to colonel / commander or above without participating in the gay sex rituals which dominate the upper reaches of the US Navy.
When the scandal broke, it was painted as a call girl / sexual harassment story, but Griggs set the record straight by pointing out that it had everything to do with extensive homosexual activities and rites.
Griggs also stated that her husband George was an assassin for the Marine Corps though it always operated under Army command. Thus her husband was involved in countless assassinations of Americans.
Boorda made the “mistake” of firing or easing into retirement too many of the individuals involved in the Tailhook operation, earning numerous powerful enemies such as General Jim Joy, General Al Gray, General Victor Krulak, General Carl Steiner, and many more senior military officers who sponsored and participated in the rituals.
Boorda hit a raw nerve in attempting to clean up the scandal and debauchery but did not know the extent of the animosity and power behind the cabal of officers committed to these practices.
While we cannot be dogmatic about the reason for his murder, we are certain that Tailhook was the root cause of his demise.
Glenn MacDonald, Untitled,, 2012, accessed 3/8/2014
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Anonymous said...

Is Kay Griggs still alive?

Tony Bonn said...

I honestly don't know if she is still living. the last interview I could find of her was from around 2008. if she is alive, she would be around 71

M. Davis said...

I do believe she may still be alive. Look for her on Twitter. Her being a outspoken "Christian" her twitter stuff is very religious.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how to get in contact with you. I believe I have information that can help about the truth.

Tony Bonn said...

you may contact me at it will be up for a few days before closing it. thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Eli Haven said...

I'd like to know the truth too?

Anonymous said...

The truth will not always set you free. Be careful my friends in your quest for the light of truth can often be blinding and cause more questions than answers. If the assumptions are correct, you may be stirring up an anthill of trouble. I wish you all luck in your journey.

Anonymous said...
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un42n8karma said...
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Anonymous said...

Witnesses at the time also noted no burn marks on his clothes and his stature was such that it would be impossible to inflict 2 shots while holding a .45 pistol directed at himself.

Jeremy Workman said...
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Jeremy Workman said...

I'm trying to do some fact checking here. Is it true that in 1992, Admiral Boorda was part of an investigative task force, that exposed government corruption and the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Tony Bonn said...

To Jeremy - it is unlikely that Boorda was involved with investigating the federal reserve as it has never been audited in any meaningful way, and thus would not prove lethal to anyone. More significantly, I would be hard pressed to imagine the chief of naval operations investigating the federal reserve.

On the other hand, boorda would have been involved in the investigation of the massive tailhook scandals which were actually connected to significant homosexual practices in the upper echelons of the navy and marines, and testified to by kay griggs. rooting out that cabal would definitely prove lethal.

Swiss-American Guy said...

Tony, I served with Admiral Boorda right before he became CNO. I have spoken to Mr. MacDonald about ths subject. As far as the research already made, how much do you think the White House knew about this scandal and what kind of position did they take afterwards?

Tony Bonn said...

My guess is that the Clintons knew precisely what Tailhook was really all about and knew that Boorda did not kill himself over military decorations. They went along with the cover-up for their own good, and may well have been principal actors - just my .02usd.

Anonymous said...

I read another article that also said Boorda was against using navy vessels to bring drugs into the US.