Thursday, March 20, 2014

JFK Murder Masterminds Revealed

We finally have the next best thing to a smoking gun of the murderers of President John Kennedy. The names are very well known and always suspected of being the masterminds of the murder of Kennedy.
When President Truman signed legislation creating the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947, he intended that it only be a coordinating body rather than an operational unit. Unfortunately, his wishes were honored in the breach rather than in the observance. When he left office, what little restraints the agency had were removed by Dwight Eisenhower.
However, as part of his internal checks and balances, Truman created a group called Pegasus which was assigned to spy on the CIA. One of its officers, Colonel Trenton Parker told federal investigator Rodney Stitch that the Pegasus unit had tape recordings of phone conversations of FBI Director J Edgar Hoover planning the murder of Kennedy.
But the conversations included numerous power brokers in Washington including Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, and Hoover. Unfortunately we have not heard the conversations which we suspect have long been destroyed. However, our previous research fully corroborates the story that these men were the brain trust behind the coup of 1963.

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