Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: Proof that the Zapruder Film Was Altered

Much controversy has raged over the integrity of the Zapruder film which captured for the CIA by Abraham Zapruder the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. The following frame proves with smoking gun evidence that the Zapruder film was altered, and consequently required the involvement of the US government to murder its chief executive.
The frame we present is 343, with credit to Larry Rivera, an expert Kennedy assassination researcher. This one frame alone proves without qualification, codicil, or caveat that the Zapruder film was altered.
Zapruder Film: frame 343
To understand this frame, please note that Jackie Kennedy's right arm is leaning against the back of the limousine seat where she and her husband were riding. Notice its length.
Notice that her left arm is behind the dead president's top of head as he lays in her lap. The trick which the CIA and the technicians at Kodak who altered the film attempted to play on the public was that the white blob on the president's head was the gloved hand of Jackie. It is utterly impossible, given Jackie's physique, for her arm to be positioned behind and underneath her husband's head and on top of it at the same time.
Since we have proven that the film was altered, a conspiracy in its own right which involved CIA, Secret Service, and Kodak, we have also proven a conspiracy to assassinate the president, by no less than the 3 aforementioned conspirators.
The white blob trick covered the back of the president's blown out skull which means that the lethal shots came from the front and side from both behind the fence on the grassy knoll and the pergola of the Plaza.
While it is inconceivable that intelligent people in the 21st century could possibly believe that President John F Kennedy was not murdered by a high powered conspiracy within and without the United States government, such is still the case. These people will still deny it after we have presented the incontrovertible proof that the Zapruder film was altered, which in turn makes them accessories after the fact to murder.

Kennedy's brain is still missing, and I bet that George Bush Sr knows where it is.

Larry Rivera, Frame 343 of the Zapruder Film

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Holocaust Story Continues to Unravel

The Holocaust rears its head constantly, the latest example of which is the prosecution of German former SS member Oskar Groning who apologized for the alleged Holocaust at trial. The only reason that Groning apologized was to fend off the Nazi-Fascist state of Angela Merkel from prosecution for denying the Holocaust, one of the greatest hoaxes of the 20th century.
It may well become illegal in the United States to deny the Holocaust as the Zionist cabal which rules the world is hell-bent on making the Holohoax a state religion. Such is the state of affairs in the Nazi-fascist state of Germany.
Some folks may be concerned that Groning’s apology is a tacit confession that the Holocaust occurred at the Auschwitz work camp where he was stationed. However, careful analysis is required to unravel the latest episode of the Holohoax.
In the first place, a lowly prison guard is in no position to verify that systematic extermination of the Jews was a Nazi policy. His rank simply denies him the standing to make judgments about state policy. The facts prove that the Nazi government had no intention of systematically exterminating the Jews, however much they wanted to be rid themselves of the traitors through other humane means.
The second point is that Groning simply said that he was sorry. Just as forced confessions were compelled from Germans by the Jewish victors of World War 2, so too they still compel contrived confessions as in the case of Groning. His apology is a non-confession confession – it says nothing of substance. In order to live out his last days in dignity, his defense team urged him to grovel before the Jewish controlled German courts.
The more interesting story about Auschwitz is not Groning, but the facts and details of the camp. It was not a death camp – it was a work camp where people from all ethnicities were placed to support Germany’s war effort after it was attacked by the Zionist controlled nations of the United Kingdom, USSR, and USA.
The official story about Auschwitz’ death toll has varied over the years. At one point the Polish government claimed that 4 million people died at Auschwitz – a number maintained for 50 years. Then it suddenly dropped 62.5% to 1.5 million deaths, and then most recently to 1.1 million people for a total shrinkage of 72.5%. The lies put forth to manufacture the Holocaust are preposterous.
The official story also maintains that 1.1 million people were funneled into a building the size of a 3 car garage where they were exterminated by bug spray, as historian Mike King put it. To put the number and logistics into perspective, King shows a picture of a stadium holding roughly 82,000 people, and placed the alleged gassing chambers next to the stadium to give readers a sense of the logistical impossibility of sending 13 times that number into the gas chamber to be killed with bug spray.
Source: tomatobubble.com
Then the Germans would have to remove the dead bodies to the crematoria, and then send them to a grave. Many researchers have demonstrated the impossibility of this feat, especially since Germany was desperately trying to stave off the advancing Jewish controlled armies on 2 fronts. The story is preposterous.
The deaths and deprivations at Auschwitz were real and they affected far more Gentiles than Jews. The main reason for the deplorable conditions in the camps was because the mass murderers Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin fire bombed Germans cities which disabled the ability of Germany to care for camp workers as scarce resources were sent to the devastated cities of Hamburg and Dresden.
The Holocaust is a lie invented by Satan and perpetuated by his followers. It is time for people of the world to wake up to critically challenge the emotional lies about Auschwitz and other concentration camps.
Mike King, HOLOHOAX MAGIC: FITTING 13 STADIUMS INTO 1 GARAGE, tomatobubble.com, nd, accessed 5/22/2016

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Was Lincoln a Homosexual?

The rumor that Abraham Lincoln was a homosexual does not want to go away, despite having little substantive evidence to sustain it. In our latest article, we review the primary arguments for the homosexualistas, finding that there is no prima facie evidence to conclude that Lincoln was a homosexual.

To read more, follow the link to our website http://www.americanchronicle.info/Home/TabId/514/ArticleId/63/was-abraham-lincoln-a-homosexual.aspx

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Moon Landing Hoax Redux

We have spent considerable time exposing the moon landing hoax, but we did so under the supposition that the universe is configured the way establishment astronomers tell us. With the discovery that these astronomers are also liars, we need to update our exposure of the moon landing hoax.
The standard view of the universe is that it consists of numerous galaxies composed of numerous solar systems, an example of which is the Milky Way Galaxy. Within our solar system, planets orbit around a sun, some of which have lunar satellites such as earth’s moon. In addition to orbiting, earth rotates at 23.4 degree tilt. The earth rotates at the equator at approximately 1038 mph, and orbits around the sun at approximately 67,000 mph. The sun is said to be 93,000,000 miles from the earth, while the moon is 240,000 miles from the earth.
While all of this sounds scientific, it is pure poppy cock. The earth is a flat stationery terrestrium sitting upon pillars and protected by a firmament between which is sandwiched the sun, the moon, and the stars. The sun is about 3100 miles above the earth with a diameter of about 34 miles, and likewise for the moon.
The moon is a luminous entity which does not reflect the sun’s light. Its light is distinct from the sun, having different properties. Neither the moon nor the sun is a sphere upon which anyone could land.
It is not possible to break into the firmament, nor is it possible break out of it.
Given all of the foregoing, our attacks upon the moon landing fraud were misplaced for the most part. In other words, we had appealed to space hazards, lack of suitable technology for space travel, the Van Allen belt, and massive photographic fraud to prove our case that NASA and the United States government lied about landing on the moon. The only critique which has survived is the photographic fraud.
There is no outer space, and even if there were, the protective firmament of the earth would prevent anyone from reaching it. The stars are not millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions or any other illions of miles away. At most they are no more than 7-8000 miles away.
God said that he would send strong delusion in the last days, a deception hard to break. He is using the Freemasons, among whom Kepler was a leading sun worshipper, to deceive the world to believing Satan’s rancid lies. He is making foolish the learning of the wise.
Discard the criminal lies about the universe. True science will lead to the conclusion that there is absolutely no evidence for a galactic universe. As such it is impossible to take a 3 day trip to the moon, land on it, and then return.
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The Challenger Hoax

It looks like the torrent of NASA lies continues to flow without abatement. We have recently discovered that the 1986 Challenger explosion which occurred 73 seconds after launch claiming the lives of all 7 passengers was yet another NASA lie.
We are certainly not surprised that the agency whose logo includes a forked snake’s tongue has lied to us yet again. But we are surprised that it took us so long to find out the fraud. I guess we have spent so much time on larger conspiracies such as the laughable moon landing hoax that we overlooked this comparatively smaller lie.
We have not been able to confirm if the explosion was real or a computer animated snow job, but we can confirm that 6 of the 7 crew are alive today. The ever fraudulent Wikipedia maintains with a straight face that all of the crew died in the explosion.
Ellison Onizuka is masquerading as his twin brother Claude.

Pilot Michael J Smith doesn’t claim to be his twin brother – he is using his real name in blatant contempt for the fraud as a professor at the University of Wisconsin.

Christa McAuliffe used her middle name as her first name, but is now using her first name Sharon as her first name as a law professor at Syracuse University. If you wonder why lawyers are so deceitful, we can offer the lying fraud Sharon Christa McAuliffe as evidence. This is proof that Syracuse University is also a participant in the fraud.
The shuttle commander Francis R Scobee is reversing the McAuliffe fraud by now using his middle name as his first name. Known as Dick Scobee, he is the CEO of Cows in Trees Limited. We wonder how many of his customers he has taken for a long ride with no return.
Judith Resnick, like her comrade Michael Smith, has not bothered to conceal her name. Ms Resnick is a law professor at Yale University. It is not breaking news to learn that Yale University is a major sponsor of fraud.
And finally to prove that fraud and lying know no color bounds, Ronald McNair is masquerading as his twin brother Carl.

The only question is, What happened to Gregory Jarvis? Did he die of natural causes? Was he murdered to warn the others to keep quiet? Was he loaded on the shuttle and then exploded?
So, boys and girls, the crew of the 1986 Challenger mission did not die in an awful explosion. At least 6 of them are alive – at least as of a few months ago – carrying on their lies for their Freemason sponsoring organization NASA.
Allegedly Dave, Flat Earth Biggest Lie of All, nd, accessed 5/15/2016 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt-g5PkXJfQ
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Was Hitler a British Agent? Part 2

Was Hitler a British agent used to unleash on humanity the calamity known as World War 2? While we appreciate conspiracy analysts' recognition of the United Kingdom’s central role in starting the war, we cannot accept the claim that Hitler was one of that evil empire’s agents.
There are basically 2 forms of this theory, one of which we have dealt with previously. It states that Hitler was a mind controlled subject programmed at Tavistock to become the raving lunatic his detractors have portrayed him to be. This theory is full of holes and ultimately so much nonsense.
The second form of the British agent theory is that Hitler was a conscious and willing agent who sought to immolate the German people in an unwinnable war which furthered the aims of Britain’s imperial madmen.
The theory is rooted in certain relationships the Fuhrer cultivated with British agents such as William de Ropp, an obscure but very influential player in British foreign policy, who, according to the theory, acted as his handler. Proponents of this thesis argue that Hitler and his trusted aide Alfred Rosenberg shared far too much sensitive information with de Ropp to make Hitler anything less than an agent of the United Kingdom.
This analysis is faulty on a number of counts, but motivated from a number of misleading coincidences, the first of which is that Hitler was an admitted Anglophile who saw value in preserving the British Empire, especially if its leaders acquiesced to German interests on the Continent. Our point is that admiration for an institution does not make one an agent of the institution.
Furthermore, Hitler sought assiduously to avoid war with Britain through cultivation of influential Britons, such as those among the Cliveden Set, who thought that plunging the nation into another war was mad. Because de Ropp had access to these people, including the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who championed appeasement, it is no wonder that the Fuhrer sought to cultivate this relationship as a means of avoiding war. Wishing to avoid war with the United Kingdom does not make one an agent of the UK.
Chamberlain led a minority faction in Great Britain which sought to avoid war, but the Jewish Winston Churchill and his blood thirsty Zionist supporters were hell-bent on war. In fact Churchill stated that one of the goals of World War 2 was to wipe out the German people. This of course is the stated goal of Zionist Jewry which has worked tirelessly to wipe out all Christian peoples.
Churchill refused on numerous occasions to even consider Hitler’s numerous attempts for a negotiated settlement to the war – during both the Phony War as well as to hostilities which raged after the hot war started. It is exceedingly difficult – if not impossible – to think that someone treated so contemptuously could possibly be a British agent. Perhaps Hitler was a dupe who was played like a fiddle, but he certainly was no British agent. If he was, he was tossed away like so much trash.
The error of the British Agent theorists is that they have confused Hitler's anglophiliism with British agency. The acts of the British government demonstrate convincingly that it wanted to wipe out the Fuhrer and the German people. This is not how one treats a loyal agent.
The aristocracy of the United Kingdom are Satan worshipping scum who should be wiped off the face of the earth for all of the crimes they have committed against people groups and individuals. They, along with Franklin Roosevelt and Josef Stalin, all of whom were controlled by Jewish banksters, were the aggressors of World War 2. It was a grave error on Hitler’s part to think that he could trust a cabal of Satanists.
Henry Makow, Hitler's British Handler, henrymakow.com, May 1, 2016, accessed 5/13/2016
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: Was Hitler a British Agent?

A persistent rumor traffics among good conspiracy analysts that Adolf Hitler was a product of British Intelligence used to ignite World War 2. While it may well emerge that the former Fuhrer was a mind control victim used by British intelligence to foment the war, the evidence is thus far lacking.
There is no doubt that the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union, all controlled by Zionist Khazarian Jews, started World War 2 in their rage to establish the New World Order with Israel at its center.
But the facts fail to substantiate that Hitler was under the control of imperial British cabalists. One of the more common stories about Hitler’s inauspicious beginnings is that he stayed in Liverpool from November 1912 to April 1913 to visit his half brother Alois and his wife Bridget who stayed in a flat at 102 Upper Stanhope.  The purpose of the visit was to avoid conscription into the Austrian army.
During his stay with his relatives, the story goes, he was programmed by scientists at the Tavistock Institute to become the future madman we have come to know and loathe.
The story has some insuperable problems along with some plausibility. On the plus side, British census records demonstrate that Anton Hitler and Cissie Hitler lived at Upper Stanhope in 1911. It is assumed that the Anton and Cissie Hitler found on the enumeration were in reality Alois and Bridget Hitler, along with their son William who was known throughout life as William. Thus the identifications of Hitler’s half brother and sister-in-law as living in Liverpool are proper.
The only evidence that Adolf visited them comes from Bridget’s 1930s memoirs which were not published until 1979. The story is reinforced by others, such as Greg Hallett, who rely upon this account to support their theories of Hitler as a British agent.
Brigitte Hamann’s scholarly work, on the other hand, relies upon documentary evidence to track Hitler’s movements during this time, evidence which precludes a visit to England. The Hapsburg Empire required that hostels, such as where Hitler resided, keep change of address records for tenants. These records practically preclude Hitler’s visit to England, although they do substantiate his move to Munich.
Hitler’s war record also militates against draft dodging. He was a decorated soldier who showed much bravery in World War 1, something difficult to associate with a draft dodging bum. Hitler also failed to mention a trip to England in Mein Kampf, an excursion which would most likely gain significant coverage given the Fuhrer’s Anglophiliism.
Finally, regarding Tavistock, Tavistock Institute did not exist until 1947. Its precursor, Tavistock Clinic was established in 1920. It is thus evident that Hitler could not have been programmed under the auspices of either organization since neither existed in 1912/13. It is also unlikely that the required programming could be accomplished in such a short period of time.
The lies about Hitler will never end, but we are happy to set the record straight when we can.
George Lepre, Hitler in Liverpool?  forum.axishistory.com,  March  29, 2005, accessed 5/8/2016
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: US Treasuries Selling at 30% Discount

Two shocking developments in the world of finance were reported which spell doom for the US dollar, long the only acceptable reserve currency established by the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944.
Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter, recently disclosed 2 nearly unimaginable situations involving the United States which have emerged over the past 2 years.
The first event is based upon numerous reports Willie has received from his extensive network of subscribers who have told him that the only way that the United States can keep its navy fleet in the Persian Gulf is by paying for fuel in silver. This may help explain why JPMorgan Chase has become a huge buyer of silver. Without silver payments, the Gulf States will not sell fuel to the US Navy.
This story is somewhat at odds with another story reported by Willie which claimed that the US Navy had evacuated the Persian Gulf in the wake of the Russian long range cruise missile attacks on US ISIL/ISIS forces in Syria. So either the Navy is still in the Persian gulf and paying for fuel in silver, or it has evacuated. Perhaps the silver demand precipitated the navy's evacuation.
If the US Navy has been required to pay for fuel with silver, it represents the re-monetization of silver.
The second huge announcement concerns the dumping of US Treasuries by central banks at a discount of 30% over past 1-2 years. It is utterly unthinkable to the average American that US debt would be discarded as junk bonds and done so quite desperately.
In a closely related report, Willie also noted that foreign exporters - particularly China - have refused to accept US dollars as payment for goods. Consequently trade has plunged as reflected in the Baltic Dry Index. It also may explain why shelves are bare in some stores.
We believe that these reports are reasonable leads for additional investigation. If true, they spell the imminent collapse of dollar and complete pauperization of the US.

Jim Willie, Interview, Liberty and Finance, May 3, 2016, accessed 5/5/2016

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Who Murdered Gary Welsh?

Indianapolis activist and lawyer Gary Welsh was murdered outside of his apartment but police are calling it a suicide even before conducting an investigation.
Welsh was an anti-establishment crusader who opposed the candidates of the Bush Crime Syndicate - namely Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.
One suspect in the murder is Senator Rubio of Florida whose campaign fizzled when his homosexual life style was exposed by Welsh. During his youth, Rubio attended gay foam parties where naked men performed sex acts while covered in a pool of foam. Rubio claims that he met his wife at one of these foam parties.
Welsh's body was found in a stair well with a gun near his body, but police immediately declared it a suicide, which means that the mayor, police chief, and governor Mike Pence, are among powerful political entities as suspects in the murder, the motive for which may be revenge against Welsh's disclosures.
Jeb Bush's crimes and murders for the CIA are well documented, stretching back to the mid 1970s. Ted Cruz' father is Rafael Cruz, Jr who was involved in the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas, TX. To avoid the draft in 1967, he fled to Canada. We suspect that the real reason for his flight was to avoid subpoenas by District Attorney Jim Garrison who investigated and indicted Clay Shaw for his part in the murder of the president.
Without any doubt the Indianapolis Police Department is part of the murder and cover-up. We suspect that the Bush Crime Syndicate, which includes both Rubio and Cruz, were closely connected to the murder as well. Wherever there is a political murder such as this, Jeb Bush is most assuredly behind it.
Pray for justice for Gary Welsh because he will not get it from the government of Indiana or its capitol city.

Wayne Madsen, Welsh Suicide - Not!, Wayne Madsen Report, May 2, 2016, accessed 5/2/2016

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