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Alek J Hidell and the Vindication of Lee Oswald

There are many evidences exonerating Lee Oswald of the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. One of the more obscure ones involves his alias Alek J Hidell.

Serious students of the assassination will come across this somewhat mysterious name in due course. It has been associated with Oswald's post office box, the Mannlicher Carcano rifle, and a note received by the Dallas Police Department warning of danger to the president.

But there is another note sent from Oswald to DPD which is sometimes confused with the note sent to FBI agent James Hosty, so it worth delineating the 2 notes.

The House Select Committee on Assassinations confirmed that Oswald delivered a message to FBI Agent James Hosty at the FBI field office in Dallas, a fact concealed until about 1975. According to prevarications peddled by WCR shills, the note contained a threat to blow up the office.

The reality is that it was a note from Oswald to Hosty to stop harassing his wife. The Dallas FBI agent had been instructed in March to keep an eye on Oswald who was in New Orleans, in part because he subscribed to the Daily Worker. Unfortunately no one bothered to inform Hosty that Oswald subscribed to it as part of creating his leftist legend and identifying Castro supporters. In fact, that was what Fair Play for Cuba was all about - a lint operation to identify communists and their sympathizers.

Oswald was understandably annoyed that the powers of the state were being used to harass his wife; so he left a note with Hosty insisting that he desist from such actions, and probably indicated that it was part of his covert operations with former FBI agent Guy Banister. Our suspicion is that the note was not signed by Alek J Hidell.

The FBI desperately attempted to suppress this note because it showed awareness of Oswald long before November 22, 1963, such revelations demonstrating that it had failed to prevent a presidential assassination if you accept the cock and bull story that Oswald killed the president.

Either Oswald confronted Hosty in September when he returned to Dallas, or made a special trip to Dallas during the summer. Our strong suspicion is that it was the former. The harassment incident occurred in June 1963.

Jim Marrs told the story of the second note based upon the witnesses of several Dallas Police Department officers who confirmed to him receipt of the warning. The note warning of imminent danger to the president was sent to DPD intelligence which, unable to find any Alek J Hidells, dismissed it as a crank or unreliable information according to Marrs. The more likely explanation is that DPD filed it in the round file since it was deeply involved in the murders of Kennedy, Oswald, and Tippit.

After Oswald's arrest, FBI ransacked DPD downtown headquarters on 11/25/1963 in search of the note, realizing that it was explosive information which had to be quickly destroyed to ensure the success of its plot to frame Lee Oswald for the murder President Kennedy, although technically he was only charged with the murder of Tippit whom he did not kill.

There is no question that Oswald used the alias Hidell, a fact confirmed by Judyth Vary Baker who knew Oswald well. It is also true that others, such as the vile Ruth Paine, used the name to implicate Oswald in certain incriminating acts such as ordering the Mannlicher Carcano rifle from a Chicago gun dealer. Paine, working for the CIA, used the Hidell nom de plume to order the rifle so that it could be pinned on Oswald, as was in fact done in the famous visit to her garage following the assassination.

Lee also sent a warning to FBI prior to Kennedy's planned visit to Chicago, a visit which was canceled due to concerns about security. Oswald again sent a notice to authorities in Dallas. Thus we can see that this CIA agent was very protective of the president's security. Yet paradoxically, this concern for Kennedy would cost him his life once CIA found out about Oswald's interference with their operations.

Yet there is a third note, signed by Alek J Hidell, which originated with Oswald which was received at the  FBI Dallas office telex by William Walter on November 21, 1963 in Dallas, again warning of danger to the President's life. This note also conveniently vanished down the toilet - literally.

Agent James Hosty was compelled by his superior Gordon Shanklin to destroy the copy of the telex. FBI and DPD were heavily involved in the murder of the president, doing all it could to obstruct justice by, but not limited to, destruction of evidence, and murder of witnesses.

Had the note become public, it would have undermined the case against Oswald, and would have exposed his intelligence activities with CIA and FBI. In sending the note to Dallas FBI, Oswald continued the practice he established in Chicago in protecting the president against the CIA's operation to murder him, something which did not fit well with the "lone nut" idiocy concocted by the Warren Commission and its shills down to the present time.

Jim Marrs, Question and Answer Session,

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lee Oswald: The Fingerprints of Intelligence

One of the more intriguing and mysterious elements of Lee Oswald’s (1939-1963) incarceration at the Dallas Police Department jail is a couple of telephone calls he attempted to make, one in particular to John David Hurt (1909-1981) of Raleigh, North Carolina on November 23, 1963. This call is yet more evidence of Oswald’s involvement with CIA at the very highest levels of operation.
The story of what has become known as the Raleigh Call begins, for our purposes, on the 5th floor of the Dallas Municipal Building where Alice Swinney (b. 1919) worked as a telephone operator. She had been informed by Dallas Police around 7p that 2 men would visit her if Lee Oswald attempted to make a telephone call.
At around 10:15p a co-worker, Alveeta Treon (1920-1999), arrived to relieve Swinney earlier than her normal 11p. About 10 minutes later 2 unidentified men entered the switchboard room, and setup in the equipment room.
Sometime after 10:30p, a call from Oswald came through the switchboard which both women answered simultaneously. Swinney took charge of the call, but put Oswald on hold while she communicated with the 2 men in the equipment room. They told her not to place the call and to tell Oswald that there was no answer. After returning to Oswald, she informed him that there was no answer.
The details of the requested call from Oswald were preserved by Treon including the annotation that the call was outbound to a John Hurt in Raleigh, NC for which 2 numbers in area code 919 were provided by the caller. Treon saved the card because her daughter, who was with her that night, wanted a souvenir of the historic event.
Word about the call and Treon’s memento surfaced in 1968 and was eventually investigated by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, at which time the 2 operators were interviewed again. Surrell Brady, an attorney working for Robert Blakey, chief counsel for the Committee, investigated the event in greater detail, locating John David Hurt, a non-commissioned officer veteran of World War 2 who had worked in counter intelligence.
He indeed had the number provided by Oswald, but claimed complete ignorance of why he was named by Oswald or why Oswald would have even called. Hurt had fallen on hard times, having lost his job in 1955 and suffered severe psoriasis and arthritis, going on 100% government disability in 1963.
Thus Hurt seems an unlikely candidate as an intelligence operative. However, the significance is not that Oswald tried to contact John Hurt, but that Oswald was attempting to contact a cut-out, a man who in this case was useless. Former CIA agent Victor Marchetti informed Grover Proctor, who has conducted extensive research on the Raleigh Call, that Oswald was attempting to call someone who could put him in touch with people who could help him.
More than likely the man who could help was New York attorney John Abt whom he had attempted to contact earlier that afternoon or evening – sometime during Louise Swinney’s shift and prior to Oswald’s attempted call to Hurt.
Not surprisingly, Oswald could not reach Abt, most likely for the same reason that he could not reach Hurt – Swinney failed to place the call.
Interestingly enough, North Carolina was not terra incognito for Oswald. Proctor uncovered additional evidence showing that Nag’s Head, North Carolina was home of an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) training site for fake defectors, of whom Oswald was one from 1959-1962 while stationed in the USSR.
Oddly enough, Proctor makes the idiotic, and demonstrably false, claim that there is no evidence of Oswald being involved with the CIA. The facts speak otherwise, beginning with his tour of duty with the US Marines, especially in Japan, then USSR, New Orleans, Dallas, and Mexico City. Oswald worked not only for the CIA, but ONI, FBI, and other US intelligence agencies, possessing the very highest of security clearances. His file at the US State Department eventually caused Otto Otepka to be fired from his job where he had built a sterling reputation until such time as he attempted to follow Department policies in handling Oswald’s highly confidential file.
While many are puzzled by the Raleigh Call, it is not so mysterious. Oswald had been given a bogus cut-out. It is as simple as that. Oswald’s handlers had no intention of giving their agent any help in his framing as the patsy. The operator handling Oswald’s calls was instructed not to place them, and Oswald was given a useless cut-out. He was a doomed man long before November 24, 1963.
Grover Proctor, Jr, The Raleigh Call AND THE Fingerprints of Intelligence,, November 23, 2014, accessed 1/28/2017

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The True Story of the Murder of Lee Oswald

Everything you know about the murder of Lee Oswald is a lie. There is not a single important element of the “official” story which is correct. We present the true story of how Lee Oswald was murdered on November 24, 1963 at the Dallas Police Department. It is a chilling and shocking story where Hollywood and Reality blend in a surreal pastiche of fakery and lies.

To read our most important article to date on the murder of Oswald, follow the link to our new website.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Hillary Clinton's Body Doubles

An extraordinary video from a foreign source provides irrefutable evidence that body doubles were used for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, not just on campaign stops, but on nationally televised debates.

While facial recognition experts could probably uncover the true Hillary from the many fakes by using unaided visual analysis, the experts who produced this video used the eye-tooth ratio to ferret the real from the fake Hillary Clinton.

Using a known image of Clinton from her high school picture, the authors determined that Clinton's eye-tooth ratio is 1.12. This image is constant throughout life, and does not change. When the ratio is within tolerance of error, it can be used to prove that someone is not who he is alleged to be.

For example, a ratio of 1.15 would mean that the person could not be someone with an eye-tooth ratio of 1.12, no matter how similar the two people look or sound.

In the course of the video, the authors showed image after image of fake Hillarys on the nation's foremost fake news purveyor, CNN.

The authors asked for help in determining the identity of the affable imposter, but she may well have been eliminated after her need had passed.

This use of body doubles raises again the question of Hillary Clinton's health which, undoubtedly, was the motivation for using doppelgangers. We reported prior to the election that Clinton's frail health could lead to her demise at any time, and we are now asking again if Clinton is dead already, something which would elicit profound joy and hooping and hollering.

Clinton massively lost the election including the popular vote, contrary to what the Jew controlled news media stated. If Clinton were remotely viable, the election would have been thrown to her, dead or alive. But the truth is that it was so lop-sided that not even the Department of Homeland Security or CIA could rig the results as they were caught attempting to do.

As it is, we believe that CIA and Soros are planning a coup which will assassinate Trump. Project Veritas has already captured on tape several terrorists planning to detonate explosives at inauguration events. Even so, it cannot bring Hillary back from political or physical death.

Jim Fetzer, NUKING THE INAUGURATION (20 JANUARY 2017), Jim Fetzer on blogspot, January 16, 2017, accessed 1/16/2017

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Did Europeans Arrive in America Before the Indians?

The common belief that American Indians arrived on the North American continent long before Europeans has taken some major hits over the past 2 decades with new evidence persuasively demonstrating that Caucasians were the first immigrants to the new world.

A fascinating video summarized a stack of multidisciplinary data which solidly makes the case that Europeans reached the American continent well before the arrival of the peoples known as native Americans or Indians from Asia.

The standard teaching is that Asians migrated over a land mass since melted or submerged in the Bering Straight some 10-13,000 years ago. This mass disappeared 13-17,000 years ago, making the case for Asian migration via that route rather tenuous. However, that is not the crux of the argument of the scientists who have turned history on its head.

They use a series of confluent evidences to piece together the case that Solutreans from France and Spain came to America's eastern shores at least 2000 years before the American-Asian Indians. One of the first evidences for this conclusion is the Clovis arrowhead form found in America which more closely resembles that of the Solutreans than the Asian-Siberians.

Additionally, the use of red ochre in burial rites in both America and Europe suggests a continuity of cultural practice rather than the coincidental and spontaneous eruption of a practice in 2 diverse locations.

DNA evidence also corroborates the theory that Europeans arrived first to North America. Both Mitochondrial and Human Lymphocyte Antigens show Caucasian heredity rather than Asian in those oldest skeletal remains of American burial grounds.

The skeletal evidence also shows that the shape of the oldest skulls found in America is elongated  rather than Mongoloid. These 15-20 skulls found thus far significantly predate Asian remains. In Peru, in cases where hair has survived, examples of blond and red haired people 2 thousands years old have been found, characteristics which are indicators of Caucasian peoples.

The migratory movement from east to west of these people who landed on the eastern shores is far more consistent with the physical evidence found across the American continent of indigenous American remains than is consistent with a west to east migratory model.

Linguists have also noted numerous language similarities between the Algonquin Indians and that of the Basque language of the French-Spanish regions of modern Europe, similarities too close for independent, coincidental development.

Historical accounts also corroborate the presence of White skinned people in North America, particularly the Aztec, Olmec, and Mayan histories. Art work clearly shows White people in America before the arrival of Columbus.

Some might object that ocean crossing trips were beyond the skills of Stone Age people, but this is a stereotype with little foundation. Scientists have demonstrated that such people had the sea-craft for such voyages, whether they reached America by design or accident.

It is also possible that continental drift obscures the closeness once had between the 2 continents, much as the book of Genesis tells us. Thus ocean voyages in great antiquity may not have been necessary, or may have been much less arduous than in modern times.

Much of the video relied upon reports from the Smithsonian Institute's website, and is thus well within the mainstream of scientific inquiry. These findings should also rid White European Americans of the insidious idea that they are parvenu without portfolio or precedent. The continent was open to the arrivals of Europeans, Asians, and even Polynesians, and was not a land grant of a so-called indigenous people.

The boneyards of antiquity will continue to reveal great new discoveries which will rewrite the history books.

First Americans, Ancient White Migration, Conclusion, NA, nd, accessed 1/15/2017 on

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Strange Death of Michael Collins Piper

When famed alternative and revisionist historian and reporter Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015) died in 2015, rumors circulated that his death may not have been due to natural causes. Based upon the evidence we have gathered, murder does not appear to be the cause of death.

It is not as though some have tried to make the case. Writing within a week of his death, Gordon Duff, editor of Veterans Today, opined that the relatively young Piper was probably the victim of murder. The basic premise for the case for murder is that Piper was an outspoken critic of Israel and Jews who wouldn't keep his mouth shut. Also, 3 weeks prior to his death, his cabin in Idaho burned down, after which he was living in a budget motel at the time of his death. The insinuation is that he escaped one assassination attempt, only to succumb to a second.

Piper had enemies far and wide who took issue with his fingering Jews as the causes of World War 2 and the murder of John Kennedy. Observers saw great motive for Jews to murder him since he exposed facts which had lain so deep under the sediment of history that their exposures would greatly embarrass Jews and Zionists.

We read a comment from one forum poster which said that she heard from a visitor to Piper a week before his death that he was "hale and hardy", working vigorously at a café on his next book. So one might ask how a man could go from "hale and hardy" to comatose and dead in such a short time.

The answer to that and other questions can be found in Piper's last broadcast in 2015 made days before his death. We assume that the audio recording is authentic, and based upon listening to previous broadcasts by him, we believe that it is.

During this final show, Piper made frequent mention of his heart ailment which necessitated open heart surgery. He complained of being fat, barely able to walk, and in chronic pain. On 2-3 occasions throughout the program, Piper wished that God would "take me home" since he did not want to live a long life in chronic pain and confined to a wheel chair. He truly despaired of life and stated that it would be over soon.

It thus seems to us that Piper succumbed to poor health, perhaps aided and abetted by benign neglect of his medicines.

Piper also expressed great hostility to Willis and Elizabeth Carto whom he claimed took millions of dollars in offshore accounts while poor mouthing the financial condition of American Free Press which had been his employer either as the Spotlight or AFP for over 30 years. We found reports indicating that Carto cut Piper's pay 50% and would only use him on a per piece basis.

Undoubtedly the economics of online publishing is very challenging at best, so there may have been some justification in handling compensation. But given the fact that Carto had millions while a long time faithful employee was literally dying, it is understandable why Piper despised Carto, a sentiment which we share.

Absent any new facts, we do not have any justification for concluding that assassins murdered Piper. His last testament, so to speak, was that he would die soon, and so it was. He was an extraordinary truth warrior, and his contributions to historical research will be greatly missed.

Reasonable Doubtt, Michael Collins Piper - Who Really Won World War II? The Inside Story of the Kennedy Dynasty, YouTube, June 26, 2015, accessed 1/8/2017

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How the Jews Murdered John F Kennedy

Although it took a village to murder President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963, one group stood head and shoulders above the others, and indeed acted as the prime contractor in murdering the president. If you think Israel, Zionists, and Jews, you are on the right track.

Our synopsis of the work of Michael Collins Piper in documenting the Jewish conspiracy to murder the president is found on our new website at the following link:

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Chronicle Redux: The Tippit Case Solved

We revisit our analysis of the Tippit case to include newly acquired information which helps us better reconstruct the events surrounding the murder of the Dallas Police Department officer on November 22, 1963. We consider this our most important article to date on the subject.

The article may be found at our new website

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