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Did George Bush Jr Murder John Kennedy Jr?

John Hankey has produced a fascinating and superbly crafted documentary outlining a court ready case showing how George Bush, Jr murdered John Kennedy, Jr. on July 16, 1999. While it does not produce a smoking gun, the evidence is a prima facie indictment of the man who brought us 9/11.
John Kennedy, Jr died that Friday evening off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard in the Atlantic Ocean, along with his passengers which included his wife Caroline and her sister Laren Bisset.  The party left Caldwell, NJ headed for the home at which he spent many summers with his mother and sister.
After assembling at the airport, they waited 45 minutes before taking off at approximately 8:30p. About an hour later at 9:39p, according US Coast Guard Petty Officer and Public Information Officer Todd Burgun located in Boston,  Kennedy contacted the Martha Vineyard Airport tower for clearance for landing. At 9:40p his plane inexplicably plunged 2500 feet, in a straight vertical nose dive at 200 miles per hour, within about 45 seconds and about 17 miles from landing, which was expected to be in about 5 minutes after his radio contact with the airport.
What followed was the execution of a criminal conspiracy by US government agencies and departments to cover-up the murder John Kennedy Jr.
Kennedy’s location was well known but search and rescue operations were denied by the Federal Aviation Authority, US Coast Guard, and US Air Force. According to FAA procedures, when a plane is below 100 feet altitude outside of the runway, search and rescue operations are launched without question. When a flight arrival is later than 5 minutes after a confirmed landing time, FAA regulations also require initiation of search and rescue operations. Yet the FAA specifically denied such help.
Ms Ratowell, a friend of the Kennedys and the Bissets, called the airport and FAA for help as early as 10p, yet they refused her. Senator Ted Kennedy called the FAA for help at 11p but was firmly rebuffed. Finally, he contacted President Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta for help, who in turn awoke the president , who in turn ordered the Air Force to launch search and rescue operations.
They reluctantly complied, but with contempt. They sent 2 planes and 2 helicopters to search a 20,000 square mile area far from the crash site, an operation they began 15 ½ hours after the FAA required such operations. But if you are wondering how the Air Force became involved, we shall tell you. The Pentagon took over the news management during the early hours of the morning, ordering FAA and Coast Guard personnel silent and out of the incident.
Using the complicit CIA controlled media, they began promoting a series of lies through LTC Steven Roark who had extensive experiences with search and rescue operations as commander of Air Force units responsible for such activities, and who knew that the propaganda he was spewing was a pack of lies.
One of the first and more important lies Roark told was that Kennedy did not have any contact with the airport, which painted the picture of an irresponsible pilot, but also obscured his location in order to justify the ridiculous search pattern they chose for their search operations.
At one point Roark denied that the plane went down 17 mi from coast, yet the FAA’s Ntap analysis of radar id N529jk, a reconstruction of a flight using radar location data, showed precisely where the plane plunged, yet Roark continued to lie about the possibility of knowing where the plane crashed. This lie came from a pilot and a man who commanded search and rescue teams. He knew full well about the Ntap graphs.
Colonel Richard Larrabee, another co-conspirator with Roark in the murder, claimed that no calls for help were received from Kennedy family or friends until 2:15a on July 17. As we noted, numerous calls were sent for help, especially by Ms Ratowell and Senator Kennedy.
Roark brazenly lied at 1p July 17 about the unavailability of the Ntap results which the New York Times reported were ready at 5a.
Complementing the liars at the Pentagon, the “news media” began peddling the story that Kennedy did not have a proper license, was depressed, and was the only pilot of the plane. Their source for this information was “the family,” never identifying who “the family” was. Yet it most emphatically was not anyone from inside the family, a subject to which will return shortly.
The facts about Kennedy’s flight record are that he had over 300 hours of flying time which qualified him as an instructor, had passed the written portion of the instrument rating exam, and was uniformly regarded as a cautious, careful, and meticulous pilot.
One particular lie put forth by Roark and his co-conspirators was that Kennedy did not have a flight instructor with him, yet this is disputed by Ms Ratowell and Kennedy’s flying history which showed that he always had a flight instructor. One reason he needed a flight instructor with him the night of July 16 was that he had recently purchased a plane with instrumentation which he needed to learn for his instrumental pilot’s license which would allow him to fly strictly by instrumentation in limited visibility.

How Roark or anyone would know who was on the flight is quite a mystery, yet he pronounced with pomposity what was true and false about the flight, just as they did when their forbears murdered the President.
Roark, continuing his bilious lies, also maintained that Kennedy did not file a flight plan, further complicating their search and rescue operations. Yet this is completely contrary to Kennedy’s behavior, leaving little doubt that this document was commandeered.
When rescuers finally located the wreckage 5 days later, they recovered large amounts of material, yet inexplicably, the flight log, emergency location transmitter, and voice recorder were missing, along with one of the pilot seats. So how did these strategic items go missing and why this very select group of items?
ABC News reported that the beacon, the emergency location transmitter, had identified the location of the crash, yet the Air Force studiously ignored it and ABC did nothing with the information either.
When the National Transportation Safety Board completed its study of the wreckage, it concluded that there was no mechanical damage to explain the failure of the flight. Given all of the foregoing, Lankey concludes that foul play was clearly the explanation for Kennedy’s death.
The smoking gun was the fuel selector valve which was found in the off position. The switch is designed so that it cannot be turned off accidentally – it requires deliberate effort to do so. But clearly Kennedy had no reason whatsoever to do so.
On the other hand, the flight instructor who accompanied Kennedy would have had reason to do so as Hankey explains. The murderers of Kennedy, Jr. used a Manchurian candidate to kill their victim, just as they had used Hinkley, Sirhan Sirhan, and John Lenon’s murderer.
While the Air Force conducted its preposterous non-search, the murderers were salvaging the key evidence, including the pilot’s seat carrying the Manchurian candidate who shut off the fuel and put the plane into a perpendicular dive into the ocean. Indeed LTC Richard Stanley of the US Coast Guard observed two obscure helicopters over the crash site, and they were probably part of the evidence destruction team.
The same technique was used 15 weeks later to murder 217 people aboard Egypt Air flight 990 leaving New York City, possibly to cover up an Israeli attack on the plane. Indeed Ehud Barak and large contingent of Mossad agents arrived in the country on the 16th of July and were most likely deployed to assist in the murder and spread rumors about Kennedy not wanting to fly on the night of his death.
A few items remain to be tied up. Earlier we mentioned “the family” making claims about Kennedy’s irresponsibility. During the documentary Hankey shows a cut-out strongly resembling Arnold Schwartzenegger. We believe that this was Hankey’s way of identifying “the family” as the former California governor who was married to Maria Shriver, granddaughter President John Kennedy.
So who did it? Hankey’s answer is George Bush, Jr who followed in his father’s steps to murder a Kennedy as his rite of passage to the presidency. Bush has absolutely no alibi for the weekend – he was completely absent from public or private notice, except perhaps by shipmates on a vessel in the Atlantic waiting for a plunging plane. And he had great motive for destroying a potential political rival and obstacle to Nazism.
The case Hankey develops is convincing and well worth the time to watch in full. Like father like son, ever so tragically.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The End of the American Century

The United States is finished as a great power, its wealth having gushed to the East in a torrent taking little more than 3 decades. The genesis of the destruction goes back to 1913 but the hand writing on the wall appeared in 2008.
As difficult as it is to prepare for a 3 page blog posting, we will adumbrate a picture of the decline and fall of the United States of America, an act which required one Biblical generation of 100 years beginning with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, perhaps the key inflection point in American history.
The significance of the Federal Reserve Act is that it represented a coup against Constitutional government which explicitly provided for the usage of gold and silver as money. Yet the tyrants of Wall Street wanted their own currency as money – nothing more than scrip based upon debt. Contrary to what most naïve – if not stupid – Americans believe, the Federal Reserve is a private entity which only answers pro forma to Congress. It is a willful independent body of financial hyenas who control the value of money by whim.
The significance of the Federal Reserve cannot be overstated. It provided for the financing of World War 1, a war which served no legitimate purpose for peace loving Americans. It did provide an entre to Europe which the US banksters used to colonize Germany.
The other significance of the Federal Reserve was that US law gave a private corporation the right define and price money. The effects of its administration have been a constant decline of the value of the dollar which has only benefited the wealthy and a stream of endless wars. Those without pricing power in the market are doomed to impoverishment, a fact which statistics make abundantly clear.
For example, the USA used to have the highest per capita income in the world. Today it is 14th. Boohoo you might say, but this affluence supported the broad distribution of jobs and income and the consumer debt-slave economy. Without that wealth, the USA economy becomes a neo-feudal society where 47 million people are food stamps - and rising rapidly.
Wall Street’s suzerainty over Germany has never ended as it established Adolf Hitler in power through the agency of Prescott Bush, Averill Harriman, Henry Ford, the Rockefellers, and other citizens of the world who disdain constitutional self government. World War 2 was not accident and could not have been financed without the largesse of the Federal Reserve. Its ability to print money on demand funds a great military industrial complex.
The same wall street cabal which produced World War 2 murdered President Kennedy, produced Vietnam, the inflation and oil crises of the 1970s, deindustrialization of the 1980s, the gold divestiture of the 1990s, and the Nazi state of the 2000s through the hoax of 9/11. Indeed the Third Reich has ruled for 100 years.
The prompting of this brief précis on American history over the past 100 years was occasioned by an interview with Andrew Maguire, a veteran precious metals trader, who informed listeners through an interview with King World News that the recent takedowns in the price of gold were desperate last acts of the financial elite in New York and London to prop up the value of their fraudulent currencies. We reported recently the defaults at the LBMA but they have since intensified on several accounts. The most significant may be the lengthening of the delivery period of LBMA good delivery bars from 2 days to 5 days, a very ominous sign of the shortage of gold. Maguire also reports that the LBMA, which had been bailing out insolvent bullion banks by lending them gold – somewhat as a discount window at the Fed – has ceased providing this service because it can no longer obtain the gold.
The Gold Forward Lease Rate (GOFO) has gone negative and indicates a pronounced backwardation of gold, an extremely rare event. Antal Fekete has written extensively on the interpretation of this phenomenon, but to summarize it ever so briefly, it means that the fiat regimes are finished and there is no going back.
Maguire reported that massive quantities of gold have been sucked out of the Western central banks to the East, most notably China, and that it has gone into vaulting systems which do not permit short term storage. This means that the gold has gone into hiding and will never return to the market in this generation.
The utter inability JPMorgan Chase in the form of the New York Fed to deliver German gold is additional evidence of the scarcity of gold and its backwardation – to say nothing of their complete repudiation of fiduciary responsibility and morals. The Swiss have been stealing gold from allocated accounts, another proof of the scarcity of gold and its backwardation. Jim Willie reported the huge premiums of 20-25% the LBMA was paying to liquidate gold contracts for delivery.
The Western banking system is operated by Nazis and a small band of foolish, criminal frat boys who squandered in one generation the substantial wealth once owned by the United States. Not only did they deliver industrial capacity to the Chinese – by design – but they also pissed away Fort Knox and gold vaulted anywhere else. He who owns the gold makes the rules.
With American wages falling for 4 straight years and a double dip of the 2008 depression having started in late 2012 or early 2013, the prospects for a turnaround are impossible. When it hits with full force, there will be no security net to catch anyone. All who have not prepared will perish as social order collapses. The bankruptcy of Detroit is an archetype of what future America has.
The Nazis in Wall Street and academia who rule America are deeply engaged in Satanic rituals and include some of the most blood curdling acts imaginable in places such as Bohemian Grove as we reported in our story on the Midwest sex ring operating out of Omaha Nebraska.
The gold backwardation phenomenon hit hard because it is the sentry announcing the collapse of the dollar and all fiat currencies everywhere. However, the Nazis have taken much of the Ft Knox gold and will have abundant means to continue their quest for One World Government elsewhere.
The United States has enormous military power which it uses like a bully everywhere to take by force what it cannot achieve through peaceful just means. Its vast surveillance program is without limits or oversight and can extend for a considerable time the control which the Nazis have over the world. However, people of this country are without recourse because they gave away their birthright in order to have corporate socialism, a Faustian bargain if ever there were one. As Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” The people of Detroit know that all to well.
However, the loss of reserve currency privilege – exorbitant as it is – will undermine the military, causing the Nazis to become ever more desperate in their attempts to hold back the waters at the dam. Eastern and Emerging Bloc nations are well along the way in establishing a non-dollar trading system, a threat as dangerous to Nazi control as any military threat.
We do not use hyperbole in referring to the plutocrats as Nazis. We mean that they are power behind the throne going back to World War 1 and post-war Germany where they established Adolf Hitler to grab state wealth for private ends. But we should also quickly note that not all wealthy people are evil. Many of them are normal decent people. However there is a very small cadre of them, along with their academic and governmental fellow travelers, whose contempt for freedom and self government is boundless.
The loss of gold and its backwardation sealed the fate of the USA. Lehman was the handwriting on the wall, after which witnessing Belshazzar partied on through the night until Persian forces took Babylon that very night. So Obama – a tool of Wall Street – continued his trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, funneling fabulous wealth to the Wall Street Nazis and the Far East.
Thus the Neo-con cabalists have boasted in their disgusting Project for a New American Century deeds which they will not achieve short of violence, bloodshed, and war. They are wicked to their very core.
While many will dismiss our analysis as histrionics of a rather rabid variety, we state the reason for our pessimism due to the loss of wealth in gold and industry. It cannot be repaired with traitors governing the nation, and its people are too drugged to see the problem or its solution. We face an Argentinian future if we are fortunate.
We have no specific advice other than to get gold – with all thy getting, get gold.

Interviews with Andrew Maguire, King World News, July 19-20, 2013

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meet Milton Friedman, Nazi

Milton Friedman (July 31, 1912 – November 16, 2006) is revered by the Right as an iconic defender of free enterprise and limited government. This view is entirely misplaced as it fails to acknowledge Friedman’s Nazi philosophy and quack economics.
David Stockman, whom we have followed recently in other postings, continues his analysis of our economic travails by exposing errors of Friedman in his latest book, The Great Deformation, by pointing out the paradox between the Chicago School economist’s philosophy and praxis. To make true sense of Friedman, one has to include Naomi Klein, whose magnificent book, Shock Doctrine, pulls the mask off the Nazi extraordinaire.
Before dealing with Klein’s political analysis, we need to consider the economic sinecures which Friedman offered in consequence to his understanding of the Great Depression which started in late 1928 into 1929 when the Federal Reserve began tightening interest rates after its Chairman Benjamin Strong died unexpectedly in 1928.
In perhaps his magnum opus, A Monetary History of the United States, Friedman argues in essence that the Great Depression was prolonged because of a failure of the Federal Reserve to supply sufficient credit to capital markets. The result was a collapse of demand, or a failure to resuscitate it as is supposedly within the power of the great central private banking concern otherwise known as the Fed.
The evidence for the collapse in demand was falling prices. Thirty years after the depression, deflation and depression became associated in a way in which some people equate electric and chair, or love and marriage. And of course the guilty party was the central bank which failed to energize itself in the coordination of aggregate demand.
If all of this sounds familiar, it should – the great Chairsatan of the Federal Reserve, Benjamin Bernanke, has done all in his power to reignite demand and sustain prices in the aftermath of 2008's economic implosion even if there is no rational basis for the prices in the first place.
But the similarities don’t end there. They actually begin with another equally famous quack, Maynard Keynes, who also argued that price declines are bad and should be equated with depressions. His prescriptions for falling demand was increased government spending through manipulation of the fisc.
So while the newsfakers in the press created the charade of Monetarism vs Keynesianism or Friedman vs Keynes, it was drivel to hide the fact that both men believed in large macro interventions in the economy to maintain demand.
Of course there are several problems with their beliefs and analyses but we shall confine ourselves to two. The first is that falling prices do not equal depression. Frank Hollenbeck, writing in What’s So Scary About Deflation?, cites the study by Atkeson and Kehoe which shows longitudinally over 180 years and transnationally over 17 countries that there is no positive correlation between price levels and economic activity.
In particular, he notes that the majority of the 19th century saw rapid and pronounced economic growth in the United States while prices generally and modestly declined.
Hollenbeck also debunks the falling prices spiral in several ways, but most interestingly by noting that spending is simply recomposed from consumers to capitalists. In other words, demand may fall for consumer production but the increased savings will be channeled into capital goods which will in turn lead to higher productivity and economic activity.
To put a fine point on it, Professor Antal Fekete notes that the greatest purpose of interest is to arbitrate the time preferences between savers and spenders. Thus interest rates must be allowed to fluctuate freely for then they fluctuate little because the regulatory flyweight of interest will restrain the extremes of boom and bust. Central planners have a high preference for inflation because it transfers wealth from the poor to the rich. Prices will take care of themselves and do not need the help of a Politburo.
Returning to Friedman and central banking, Stockman notes that “Carter Glass and Professor Willis assigned to the Federal Reserve System the humble mission of passively liquefying the good collateral of commercial banks when they presented it,” a goal in sharp contrast to the management of macroeconomic aggregates which has no other purpose than central planning in the great style of the Soviet 5 year plans of ill repute.
We note elsewhere that the similarity between policies emanating from Washington is identical to policy which emanated from Moscow because both nations were ruled by the same Nazi cabal, of which Friedman was the economic hand maiden. But we digress.
Another area where Friedman and Keynes saw eye to eye was in their disdain for gold. Indeed it was the monetarist Friedman who advised Nixon to abandon the gold standard in 1971, from which date we can mark all kinds of evils flowing from “competitive” exchange rates, not the least of which is the Gargantua and Pantagruel of the leviathan state and its equally corpulent “public” debt.
Friedman claimed – without evidence – that the strictures of the gold standard prevented the Fed from acting vigorously in the face of falling demand. His prescription, as his acolyte at the Fed today, was the massive intervention in the bond market through open market operations, a euphemism for printing money. Bernanke has elevated this technique to permanent status on a scale unimagined in history. For this, Dr Jim Willie has called for the revocation of his doctorate, a call which i would extend to Friedman.
As such, Friedman had no compunction for recommending to Nixon the repudiation of America’s debt in August of 1971.
Thus Stockman examines Friedman’s myth of a liquidity shortage, and finds it lacking for two reasons. The first is that the 6000 banks of the Federal Reserve System did not make heavy use of the discount window during the period 1929-1932, and that it tapered substantially from 1 billion to less than 250 million during that same period.
Returning to his arguments against Friedman’s liquidity dearth, Stockman also points out that excess reserves at the Fed increased by over 10 fold in the period of 1929-32, proving beyond doubt that the economy had more than abundant credit to extend, if there had been credit-worthy borrowers. But most of America was in the process of deleveraging from the go-go years of the 1920s which was exacerbated in large measure by foolhardy trade policy and the abandonment of the gold exchange system regnant prior to World War 1.
Thus Stockman concludes that there were no widespread cases where solvent borrowers were denied credit or  the calling in of loans.
But there is the old canard about real high interest rates, a nostrum which Geroge Gilder repeated in his Wealth and Poverty. The discount rate dropped from 6% to 2.5% by the early 1930s, about which Friedman and Bernanke argued that they should go even lower. Yet 2.5% was very low and should not have been sent lower to penalize savers at the expense spenders. But the real point Stockman makes is that there simply was no demand for capital while deleveraging was in progress. Again, Washington was as much to blame for the antiquation of productive assets as was the Federal Reserve when it raised rates sharply, thus inducing the stock market crash. Politicians and bureaucrats in Washington simply prolonged it.
In any event, “interest rates on T-bills and commercial paper were one-half percent and 1 percent” in the 1932 – rates as close to 0 as practically possible. Yet the depression in the capable malevolent hands of Hoover and Roosevelt lumbered on for 10 more years.
Following through with our mention of Naomi Klein and Friedman’s politics, we start with World War 2 when the future Nobel laureate invented the income withholding tax which confiscated workers’ money so that the government could use it interest free. Klein picks up the story later, though, in Central America where the Chicago School’s influence was used to advance the causes of big business in what Klein calls the Shock Doctrine.
Big government is all about serving big business which rapes and pillages workers, as happened so cruelly in South America where Ford and General Motors operated slave labor camps with Nazi brutality. The School was used to influence government leaders in those countries to accept the temptations of large corporations which entered the countries to rob them of their natural resources.
The approach was to use shock and awe techniques of Friedman’s philosophies in order to ruin the daily order of the people and to impoverish them through the destruction of the middle classes. This happened under the banner of free enterprise.
But in Friedman’s world, free enterprise was only for the peons who had to survive in a dog eat dog world, whereas the plutocrats received favored treatment and munificences of crony capitalism. Freedom from big government and regulation was only for the plutocrats; everyone else was to suffer under its slavery in a two class world of haves and haves-not.
The developments in Chile in 1973, when Kissinger and Nixon ordered the murder of Allende, were a direct consequence of Friedman’s politcal-economic philosophies. Klein describes how this shock doctrine stemmed directly from the works of the CIA, the fount of world wide terrorism. Interestingly, Friedman was sent to Chile to "help" it recover.
The legacy Friedman left in his own country was unlimited government and perpetual debt which hid the need for higher taxes to finance burgeoning government and its endless wars of foreign aggression - one of the great gifts of the Creature from Jekyll Island.
Thus while Friedman spoke grand thoughts about limited government, it was only to limit regulatory interference for his Wall Street cronies. Observing his actions and legacies, rather than his words, we see that Friedman occupied a world of high Nazi intrigue in the suffocation of human freedom and dignity.

Frank Hollenbeck , Guest Post: What’s So Scary About Deflation? Zero Hedge, 6/28/2013
David Stockman, When Professor Friedman Opened Pandora’s Box: Open Market Operations, Zero Hedge, 6/28/2013

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fort Knox Gold is Gone

Although it is not news to long time readers of The American Chronicle, the knowledge of Fort Knox’s divestiture of gold by US politicians is going main stream. Well connected hedge fund manager William Kaye of Hong Kong told King World News this week that the US Treasury’s claims of owning 8000 plus tons of gold is an outright lie.
We reported earlier Jim Willie’s shocking revelation that Fort Knox is perhaps the world’s largest repository of nerve gas, its gold having long been stolen by senior government officials in order to suppress the price of gold and to line their pockets.
But the chorus of dissent among official Washington’s legion of liars grows louder. Kaye relayed the word from his many contacts in the gold world that much so-called sovereign gold has come through one of the world’s largest gold refiners to be melted down for transference to Asian powers.
One would think that the Germans would have learned the hard way that most politicians are liars, but one would be grossly mistaken. The recent demands by the Bonn government for return of its gold are laughable. Not only have the bullion banks, most notably JPMorgan Chase, told the Germans they would have to wait 7 years for a small fraction of their gold, but it was melted down long ago, with no hope of ever recovering it.
Many schemes for stealing the barbarous relic have been implemented by politicians since the 1960s when the London Gold Pool was established to suppress the price of gold. The most outrageous scheme involved Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin, then Secretary of the Treasury. Clinton came into office vowing to manage finances like a Republican, keeping an eye on bond prices as an indicator of inflationary pressures.
This provided cover for Wall Street vulture Rubin to take over the gold supply. The duo shipped out massive quantities of gold plated tungsten as the supply of pure, or even 90% gold stolen by Roosevelt under scaremongering during the Depression, was inadequate to quell the price.
The US Treasury used the mechanism of gold leasing to its client banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. It is much like a repo loan in that the Treasury would lend the gold in exchange for cash, but without having any term associated with it. Since officially the Treasury was loaning, rather than selling the gold, it could continue to claim it as an asset on its balance sheet.
But in fact, it really wasn’t the Treasury’s gold to lease since the Treasury had turned over its gold to the private banking cartel of the Federal Reserve. Thus the Federal Reserve supplied the physical gold to its member bullion banks who in turn sold the gold at a tidy profit on the open market, usually overseas in Asia.
Zero Hedge has reported recently that JPMorgan Chase’s gold supplies are at their lowest levels on record, below 770,000 ounces, and accounts for 80% of physical gold deliveries.
Why the run on gold when everyone knows that it is barbarous relic? National governments have stolen so much gold from allocated gold accounts and safety deposit boxes that no one trusts the home of the Whale Trade to safe keep his gold. If the bank can steal Germany’s gold, what barrier is there to keep it from stealing a small time depositor?
The Swiss National Bank, among many others, has been the leading thief of Swiss held gold. Although very little publicity has been raised about the thefts, large lawsuits are being pressed against the criminal banks.

All of these desperate and criminal activities speak loudly to the fact that gold is in severe and permanenent backwardation, meaning that the spot price of gold is higher than the forward months' future prices. Those denying this observation have pointed to the paper price of gold for refuting our claims. Unfortuantely the paper price of gold is not a reflection of its true price, and is indeed a highly manipulated value.

But recently even the paper prices have shown backwardation, an ominous sign of a breakdown in the criminal cartels' controls of the gold price. But the problem associated with backwardation is extensive economic destruction as price and pathways through price discovery collapse. It is not at all a good sign. The Great Depression of 2008 continues.
Thus the stage is set for the great gold bull market. The last 10 years were a warm up. The next 10 years will see an exceptional explosion in its price, although it will not happen overnight. The perfidy of American politicians, sponsors of the continuing 1000 year Reich, those ever loyal Citizens of the World, is greater than anything dreamed by Benedict Arnold.
King World News, Game Over - “It’s All A Farce, The Fed & German Gold Is Gone,” July 9, 2013

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meet Jack Crichton, JFK Murderer

Jack Crichton (1916-2007) is not exactly a household name, but when you travel with the Family of Secrets, your profile lies low. Crichton is one of the fine upstanding pillars of the Military Industrial Complex who played a pivotal role in the Murder of John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza.

Crichton made his money in the Texas oil business where he developed a strong relationship with George Herbert Walker Bush – the very same George Bush of the CIA referenced in J Edgar Hoover’s damning letter concerning the future president’s involvement in the Kennedy murder.

Earle Cabell (1906-1975), another key player in the Kennedy murder while he was mayor of Dallas, went to school with Crichton who subsequently joined the OSS during World War 2. Afterwards, he had many relationships with America’s leading MIC elements such as DuPont, General Dynamics, Kuhn Loeb, Clint Murchison, and other luminaries of the far right.

His most significant relationship in connection to the Kennedy murder was with George Bush’s Operation 40 team which planned a fake attack on Guantanamo Bay as a cover for its covert plans against the President. Both men were in Dealey Plaza at the time of the murder, with Crichton having walked from the Adolphus Hotel to Elm Street.

In addition to his business interests and role as mentor and confidante of Bush, Sr, Crichton also commanded the US Army Reserve 488th Military Intelligence unit stationed in Texas at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Another member of this tight group was George Lumpkin who joined the Dallas Police Department after a career in the Army, leaving with the rank of Colonel. He reported to his close friend when he joined the 488th reserve unit. Over 50 of the 100 members of 488th came from the Dallas Police Department.

Key figures in the President’s trip to Dallas, both men played significant roles in planning Kennedy’s route through the city and into the killing zone at Dealey. The 488th would ordinarily provide augmented security for the Commander in Chief, but Crichton or Lumpkin ordered Lt Colonel George Whitmeyer to stand down the reserve unit he commanded in east Texas.

Lumpkin drove the pilot car of the Kennedy entourage through Dallas along with 3 other members of the 488th. Yet neither he nor Crichton was called before the Warren Commission, largely due to Prescott Bush’s close relationship with Allan Dulles, another plotter in the murder.

Whitmeyer was discovered dead on April 18, 1978 after he was subpoenaed to testify before House Select Committee on Assassinations much the same way George DeMohrenschildt was discovered dead prior to his appointment with the Committee.

John Connally defeated Crichton in the 1964 Texas gubernatorial race – a rivalry which may explain why Greer shot him prior to pulling the trigger of his 45 caliber gun on the President.
In n interesting aside, Crichton personally assigned a translator to Marina Oswald after she was detained following the assassination of the president and her husband. What is a General and busy business executive doing personally appointing translators for dead men's wives?

So we slightly misled our dear readers by introducing two, rather than one, murderers of the President – Jack Crichton and George Lumpkin. The Wall of Shame grows taller and taller with each passing year. They almost got away with murder, but thanks to those who have a sense of justice, they are exposed for their animal criminality.

Personal correspondence with Michael Gordon, an indefatiguable Kennedy assasination researcher

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