Sunday, April 15, 2012

The US Government Murdered Dr Martin Luther King

Another voice has raised its witness in the assassination of Martin King, Jr. by the United States government. Dr. William Pepper, both a friend to the King family and the final legal counsel for James Ray, the man wrongfully accused of murdering the civil rights leader on April 4, 1968, has substantiated the story of James Douglass which we presented some two years ago.

Speaking to an audience at the New Hope Baptist Church in Seattle, WA on February 27, 2008, Pepper told a tale of evil at the highest levels of government which had assembled a task force to murder both Dr. King and Andrew Young.

Pepper begins his narrative by recounting how the government – and we would add parenthetically that the FBI spearheaded this operation with advisement of the CIA – infiltrated the civil rights movement in order to confuse its adherents and ultimately disrupt it. In one particular instance in 1967, Mayor Richard Daily of Chicago, in conjunction with the Department of Labor, used the Black Stone Rangers of the Windy City to impress attendees at a speaking engagement of King's at the Palmer House into a false black caucus to sow discord among the attendees.

The government, under the perpetually paranoid but mobster friendly Hoover, had identified blacks as highly amenable to Communist recruitment efforts in the wake of the Russian Revolution of 1917. The FBI began to systematically spy on prominent black leaders, with King being the prize fish.

In reminiscences of Oswald, Ray had been selected by the murders, particularly a man named Raoul, to be the patsy in the murder of King. Like Oswald, Ray was painted as a sociopathic lone nut who was racist, an expert with weapons, and a drifter. Like Oswald, Ray’s military shooting record was mediocre if not abysmal. But Ray was a much more vulnerable person than Oswald.

Rather than being a racist, Ray was a painfully shy man who socialized with his black co-workers.

More importantly, Ray was a docile person who readily signed up for low rent stick-up heists. When he planned them himself, they were of the utmost incompetence. For example, Ray would get to his robbery site after the timed safes were locked. He only carried 5 bullets for any revolver because he needed to keep one of the chambers empty because he shot himself in the foot previously when carrying a full load.

These failings of Ray’s made him an ideal tool for Raoul’s plots to murder King. Raoul worked alongside Frank Leberto who in turn worked the murder contract on King for Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans crime boss. New Orleans was a hotbed of CIA activity during the 1960s where staging and logistics activities for the murder of John Kennedy took place.

Leberto enlisted Lloyd Jowers in the assassination because his sandwich shop abutted a wooded area across from King’s room at the Lorraine Motel. Jowers was the bagman who ran the assassination rifle back to his shop for safekeeping. He took the rifle from a Memphis Police Department officer who worked with the mob through the mediation of the FBI or CIA.

Another witness heard Raoul at a grocery store yelling at someone on the phone to shoot him when he came out on the balcony, thinking that Raoul was speaking about the witness who was a prominent civil rights leader in Memphis.

Many claimed that Raoul was a figment of Ray’s imagination, but after a television trial broadcast in England, people came out of the wood work to corroborate much of Ray’s story. At the time of Pepper’s lecture, Raoul was still living about 40 minutes outside of New York City with government protection. Incidentally, the jurors in the trial, presided over by Hickman Ewing of Whitewater fame, found Ray not guilty of the murder of Martin King.

When Ray was arrested he was provided two crooked to compromised attorneys, the last one being Percy Forman who deceived his client into pleading guilty at the very last moment prior to trial. Forman would later admit that his client was innocent, but as a pawn in a larger power game was quite expendable.

When Jowers came forth to tell his story to Sam Donaldson, a complete news blackout followed the historic broadcast. Not even ABC News covered the story.

US government forces of many varieties swarmed throughout Memphis the day of the murder. In addition to military intelligence units, an Alpha 184 sniper unit was dispatched from Camp Shelby to murder King and Young. This unit coordinated with senior Memphis Police Department officers to ensure that the murder would go smoothly. The entire assassination was photographed by government employees.

Dr Pepper speculated that the sins of Dr King which found him in the crosshairs of a sniper’s scope were his opposition to the Viet Nam war and his agitation for social justice for the millions of poor not only in this country but throughout the world. We also noted previously that the immediate cause for King’s murder was Hoover’s complete agitation over the impending 500,000 man march on Washington, DC scheduled that spring.

The sophistication of the plot leaves only one organization as the ring leader – the CIA. Although the mob, FBI, US Army, Memphis Police Department, and other government agencies assisted in the crime and its cover-up, only the CIA had the organizational expertise to execute such a plan. As President Johnson remarked after leaving the White House, “We were running a Murder, Inc. down there.”

Reference, Dr.William F. Pepper

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama Forces Threaten Clintons with Murder

[Editor's note: We now believe the substance of this article about the Clintons to be misinformation used to gain sympathy for Hillary Clinton, head of a vast criminal enterprise stretching back to Whitewater. We will publish more on this topic in the coming days.

We stand 1000% behind the allegation that Barry Soetoro is an Indonesian/UK citizen born in Africa.

The powers handling the Obama birth fraud escalated their threats against the Clintons in silencing them about the Indonesian’s citizenship. The Obama powers threatened Chelsea Clinton's life if Bill broke his silence about the truth concerning Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to be president.

We have reported the major evidence demonstrating beyond reasonable doubt that Barry Soetoro is not a US citizen, most recently the findings of the Maricopa County, Arizona investigation which showed the alleged long form birth certificate which the White House released in 2011 was a complete electronic fiction.

Shockingly, but unsurprisingly, Americans have accepted the bogus electronic fabrication at face value because, well, the president and press said so. Not the least bit of critical thinking has been applied to the bald face lies peddled by the White House, and certainly not even a shred of skepticism has been evinced by anyone in the press.

In addition to the myopic minds of most Americans, it must be noted that the CIA, which is a creature of Wall Street, has complete control over every major media outlet in America. The plutocrats who control America work to advance the goals of the Rockefeller axis of evil to completely subvert America’s sovereignty, a goal freely acknowledged by David Rockefeller and affirmed by George Bush, Jr. when he stated that the Constitution was nothing but a “goddamned piece of paper.”

Bettina Viviano, a former vice president of production at Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, shared her story with World News Daily in a videotaped interview relating her and acquaintances' experiences with the Obama mob.

She tells of vandalisms, threats, death threats and other intimidations of the Obama mob to coerce votes but above all to destroy anyone who dared challenge Obama’s eligibility to be president based upon his citizenship - something which even the Clintons acknowledged was of foreign origin.

Viviano stated that there was no question in Hillary’s political circles that Obama failed the citizenship requirement for president, a fact about which Bill Clinton would publicly tell the truth. Those plans never materialized due to the threats carried out against close associates of Bill’s.

Bill Gwatney, former chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party and close friend of Bill Clinton, was murdered while working in his office. The murderer was caught and killed in turn. Viviano stated that thisclean up job was a warning to Bill Cllinton to keep his mouth shut lest the same fate befall him.

Initially Clinton did not take the threat seriously and planned to express his reservations about Obama’s birth certificate, but thought better of doing so when told that his daughter Chelsea would be next if he did not stifle his plans to speak  out against Obama’s birth certificate fraud.

We will warn viewers that the video interview was overdubbed with hokey melodramatic music which detracts from its message. But if you listen past the clutter, you will get information you cannot get from the state controlled press.

There is not the slightest bit of proof confirming that Barry Soetoro is or was an American citizen. His presidency has been sponsored by the Rockefeller cabal who is adamant in discarding the American Constitution in favor of a New World Order, the very same order which Adolph Hitler and George Bush,Sr. heralded in their respective generations, each one a card carrying Nazi.


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Did the FDNY Order Roof Escapes Locked on 9/11?

The New York City Fire Department has earned a place in the minds of Americans as a true hero of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. But is this perception warranted? The answer may shock you.
We can affirm that many firemen from New York City’s Fire Department displayed heroic behavior in rescuing victims from the World Trade Center when the Bush Crime Syndicate launched its war on America the morning of September 11, 2001. In no way would we diminish the valor and sacrifice which the rank and file exhibited, and especially of those who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.
Unfortunately, many of these men’s senior superiors were engaged in the most treacherous acts of murder imaginable. Against the specific requests of the New York City Police Department, senior FDNY management ordered the roof escapes of WTC 1 and WTC 2 closed and locked, preventing helicopter evacuations as occurred during the failed 1993 destruction of the towers.
The closure of the roof doors is inexplicable and outrageous. Those who occupied the floors above the point where the projectiles crashed the building could have rescued if conditions prevented them from descending. However, that option was closed off.
But why would senior FDNY officials order the doors closed, forcing many people to jump to their deaths? The most direct answer is that the planners of the attacks wanted it that way. Beyond that, we surmise that the BCS did not want anyone to escape who was targeted for murder or for anyone to witness things not intended for the public – namely the fact that 747/757s did not hit the towers.
Also, since the BCS had scheduled the buildings for demolition within an hour, the presence of helicopters would have been undesirable.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Triumphs of Easter

We pity the poor souls who only think of Easter as a time for eggs, candy, and spring break. The benefits of the resurrection of Jesus Christ are incalculable and will resound through the ages of ages in the most spectacular advances of mankind.

One of the most well known benefits of the resurrection is the death of death which has been swallowed up by life eternal. Just as all men died in Adam, all are made alive in Jesus.

We excitedly await the return of Jesus to establish his millennial kingdom which will turn swords into ploughshares, spears into pruning hooks, and man shall learn war no more. This contrasts sharply with the USA which spends nearly one half of the world’s war budget to protect itself from an ever paranoid number of fears and to conquer all who stand its way for oil and domination.

Jesus’ yoke is light, meaning that he does not impose onerous burdens like the scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees who are much like the politicians of the modern police state.

Although his yoke is light, he is also the Lion of Judah and the Stone not cut by human hands who will destroy the empires of the gentiles and usher in the Peaceable Kingdom of goodness where CIA terrorism is no more and central banksters’ enslavements are crushed.

But ultimately, Jesus is depicted as the Lamb upon the throne, who after defeating the barbaric gentile empires and the corporate Mammons, will reign in meekness – just as a lamb is.

Easter should always be a time of jubilation; for its gifts are endless.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The University of Chicago's Reign of Terror

The University of Chicago enjoys an academic reputation of sterling quality with a galaxy of graduates and professors to make all but the most prestigious Ivy League schools drool with envy. Unfortunately, this university is a merchant of death which has spread misery wherever its economic principles have been coerced upon its unwilling victims.

Not only did the current US president spend time at the Rockefeller connected institution, but so did Milton Friedman (1912 – 2006), who enjoys an undeserved reputation as a free market advocate. Friedman is most famous for blending central bank monetarism with radical free market ideology, a position which until the past 30 years was a decidedly minority position in academia and government.

As an academic matter, Dr. Antal Fekete notes that the monetarist’s quantity theory of money is not fundamentally different than the various voodoo strains of Keynesian money theories. His main criticism is that both schools of economic thought use linear methods to describe non-linear phenomenon. But that is not the basis for our complaint about Friedman. We instead point our readers to the work of Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine, to understand the moral depravity of Friedman and his acolytes.

The evil doctor spread a perfervid version of economics in much the same way as Karl Rove spread dirty tricks politics for George Bush, Jr. Friedman was not content with engaging opposing views with the merits of his political-economic system. Instead he focused ferociously on prescribing radical free marketism as the tonic for whatever ailed an economy. In almost all cases, he advised that shock treatment be applied to victim economies and polities to exterminate the infections he diagnosed in the patient’s system.

Klein extensively documents how Freedman built a cabal of academics who followed him in maniacal drive to force free markets down other countries’ throats. He was able to accomplish this goal with scary success in South America in collaboration with the CIA and CIA front non-profit organization the Ford Foundation.

In various exchange programs, the university gave scholarships to students from Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, who studied in the school’s economics program with the goal of returning them as brainwashed free marketers. In time, enough South Americans graduated so that they could form their own schools, or infiltrate existing departments, to teach in situ.

Before proceeding, we must understand what Friedman really meant by free markets. In the evil professor’s utopia, all markets should be entirely unregulated and free of any governmental restraint. Countries would be entirely free of tariffs, barriers, or restraints from foreign intruders entering the country to rape it of its resources.

For Friedman, freedom was a prerogative of the 1%; everyone else bows to the overlords.

During the post-war period, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil had developed mixed economies which Klein describes as an implementation of developmentalism which allowed the countries to build large middle classes and broad economic prosperity. They were noted for excluding the avaricious multinationals and colonial imperialism which had once dominated their countries.

In a series of revolutions during the 1960s and 1970s, these countries were brutally beaten into economic recidivism which brought back the colonial style governments noted for large foreign multinational corporations entries into the countries to rob the nations of their natural resources and to ruthlessly exploit their labor.

Chile stands as a poster child of the despotic Pinochet government which usurped power through the aid of the CIA and the University of Chicago technocrats who instituted sweeping reforms and repressions to create a tabula rasa for their radical free market ideologies.

Prior to the murder of Salvador Allende (1908 - 1973), the freely elected Marxist president of Chile, the Pinochet junta, populated with innumerable Chicago School economists, created a massive blue print for the new government’s economy and finances, a document known as the brick.

The CIA, conglomerates such as ITT, Anaconda, other fellow traveler multinationals, and Henry Kissinger murdered Allende and his supporters in order to install the despotic Pinochet, a man of grandiose conceits. He rounded up dissidents among the universities, labor, and poor, placing them in concentration camps in the football stadiums to murder them in plain sight as a warning to potential dissinters and to rid them of their ideological impurities. Many others were taken away in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. Thus the word “disappeared” became a passive verb.

The motivation for this destruction of humanity stemmed from Friedman and his followers who stated repeatedly, as a mantra, that the country must be “shocked” into submission to a new regime. The old ideas must be forcefully expunged. The economics department and its graduates sponsored additional revolutions in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay using similar tactics to aid the usual suspects.

These countries, which once boasted prospering economies, were reduced to third world dependency upon the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other colonizing powers for mere subsistence. Their once industrious citizens were impoverished. Ford Motor Company established concentration camps at their factories, using torture techniques learned from the CIA.

Production sank while inflation soared. Billions of dollars were taken from the country to fill the coffers of the multinational colonizers. People gave up taking the bus to work in order to buy food, necessitating arising hours before work to walk the many miles to arrive there on time.

As with Hitler, the free market ideologues brooked no opposition or compromise. Careening toward philosophical purity, they crushed dissenting views. They attempted to conquer the intellect through the sword, going so far as to destroy the master recordings of certain folk singers who represented the old culture to which the vast majority clung - similar to Mao who destroyed irreplaceable Chinese porcelains in his contempt for culture.

We will develop the barbarity of these South American regimes in future postings, but we wanted to voice in summary the moral dissipation of these intellectuoids at the University of Chicago and their Latin followers. My heart bleeds for these people and cries loudly for the sufferings they endured in the name of free markets and the Chicago School. It is a lie that education breeds civility or elevates morals.

The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Soetoro Documents Are Felony Forgeries

In a stunning news conference on March 1, 2012, Sherrif Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona released forensic evidence to the public demonstrating that key documents in Barry Soetoro’s dossier are forged.

In question are the President’s long form birth certificate and Selective Service Registration form, both of which show unmistakable signs of forgery, a felony crime in Arizona and most other states. Mr. Soetoro has never released his long form birth certificate although he did present on April 27, 2011 via an electronic document which he alleged was a facsimile of his paper long form birth certificate.

Citizens of the populous county, which includes Phoenix, approached the Sheriff in the wake of the White House’s release of the electronic document to verify its authenticity since a physical document has never been shown to anyone.

Arpaio convened a team of 5 investigators, known as the Cold Case Posse, consisting of 3 county trained police officers and 2 lawyers, who consulted with numerous outside experts to verify the authenticity of the document. The Sherrif stressed that the Posse operated through private funding which entirely excluded tax payer monies.

The 10 month investigation yielded a treasure trove of information, most of which made a prima facie case that the long form birth certificate of Soetoro is a blatant fraud. Suspicions were aroused when the White House document did not compare favorably to other known electronically produced documents which were scanned from originals.

More specifically, a genuinely scanned original would show a single layer of the image, paper texture visible under the ink, and consistent noise throughout the document. The president’s document had none of these characteristics. Noise is the random electronic discrepancies observed within the scanned document.

An original scan will produce anywhere from 45 to 150 layers of information but the White House version contained only 9 layers which means that it was manually constructed by a graphic artist. In Soetoro's example, the green safety paper could be turned on and off, whereas an original will randomly remove the background.

Most damning to the document is that its registrar and date stamps can be moved arbitrarily on the document, meaning that they were copied onto it from an unknown source.

Skeptics claim that these document anomalies are the result of compression and optical character recognition (OCR) software being used on the form. Compression software would reduce the size of the electronic document while OCR software would render the graphics elements as textual ones for use in a word processor.

If OCR software were involved, then fonts would be recognized, words searchable, and text editable. Soetoro’s electronic birth certificate possessed none of these characteristics, allowing the Posse to conclude with 100% certainty that OCR software was not applied.

Regarding the use of optimization software, Mike Zulow, the lead investigator for the Posse, noted that a white halo effect, abundantly present in the Soetoro document, is not a byproduct of its application.

Zulow also took up the issue of Soetoro’s place of birth which he acknowledged that many believe to be Kenya. In attempting to examine Immigration and Naturalization Service records, Jerry Corsi, an aide to the investigation stationed in Washington, DC, discovered that the federal records for August 1 – 7, 1961 had been purged. The National Archives, which houses the records, refused requests from the Sherriff to explain the missing records.

The Posse also examined the Selective Service Registration card of Soetoro which, in keeping with other aspects about the president’s life, is also a fraud. Zulow demonstrated that an authentic registration would have had a 4 year date stamp instead of the two year stamp found on Soetoro’s card.

Sherriff Arpaio announced that a person of interest had been identified in the forgery but refused to disclose the name. He also confirmed that the Posse possessed hundreds of sworn affidavits from expert witnesses which supported the conclusions drawn by the investigators.

Hawaii officials refuse to investigate the documented anomalies reported by the Maricopa law enforcement agency.

In a chilling revelation, Arapaio, who is himself a former federal official, recounted an encounter which a retired federal government employee had with Bill Ayres’ mother in her front yard in the 1980s when she introduced the retired employee to Barry Soetoro as a foreign student in the United States seeking a formal education.

Soetoro, in conjunction with both major political parties, is perpetrating a fraud and a hoax upon the American people and should be immediately impeached and convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors, after which he should be turned over to local and federal law enforcement agencies for prosecution of document forgeries and identity theft, crimes often associated with terrorists.

Maricopa County News Conference, March 1, 2012,

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Many People Has Henry Kissinger Murdered?

While researching the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, we uncovered evidence supporting additional allegations of murder against Henry Kissinger. Although the total Kissinger body count may never be known, we would like to pass along other cases where Kissinger was the author of murder.

We thank again Jim Marrs for his superb document of the 9/11 anomalies as found in The Terror Conspiracy Revisited.

We previously reported from a separate source several witnesses who identified Henry Kissinger as the mastermind of the murder in 1978 of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. Marrs indirectly confirms this discovery when he reports that two European countries have several warrants for Kissinger’s arrest on charges related to war crimes and complicity in murder.

While staying at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in May 2001, French police served the Bildeberger member with a court summons which prompted him to hastily exit the country, never to return. We believe that Kissinger's rushed escape was to avoid legal jeopardy.

Christopher Hitchens has stated with substantial evidence that Kissinger is responsible for many of the atrocities committed in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war, atrocities which may - in our opinion - include Operation Phoenix led by William Colby, later CIA Director. Operation Phoenix was directly responsible for the cold blooded murder of at least 20,000 civilians.

Perhaps Kissinger’s most famous plot was that against Rene Schneider in 1970, Chile’s army commander-in-chief for Salvador Allende whom we also believe to have died on the orders of Kissinger. Former US ambassador to Chile Edward Korry substantiated Kissinger’s direct involvement in these affairs.

The former Secretary of State is also implicated in the overthrows and assassinations related to uprisings in Nicosia, Cyprus and the genocide in East Timor.

Marrs cites Kissinger’s involvement with an assassination in Washington, D.C. without specifying any details. We would link that with the murder of Orlando LeTellier and Ronni Moffat. The former was foreign minister under assassinated Chilean President Salvador Allende. We reported on this matter in, Is James Buckley a Murderer?

We see a profound need to dig deeper into Kissinger’s macabre past with the expectation that more dead bodies will be found. We, for one, would like to see the former statesman extradited to Europe to stand trial for the charges pending against him.

The Terror Conspiracy Revisited, Jim Marrs

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