Monday, December 30, 2013

US Government Murdered John Lennon

While the corporate media has created a pat version of the murder of superstar singer John Lennon, it is a lie straight from the pit of hell. After analyzing the evidence of the case, we are forced to conclude that the US government murdered John Lennon on December 8, 1980.
Most Americans are too young to remember Beatle-mania and the huge cultural presence of the ex-Beatles, especially of John Lennon, but their influence was epic with political overtones, and unrepeated since their time by musicians. While Paul McCartney would take up right winged politics with Bill Clinton and George Bush, Lennon stood as an iconic obstacle to the warmongering of those same people with whom McCartney would cast his lot.
It was this powerful political and cultural influence of John Lennon which caught the paranoid attention of the Nazi Nixon administration and FBI murderer J Edgar Hoover, which ratcheted up surveillance and deportation efforts against Lennon around 1971.
By 1980, with the advent of the Reagan-Bush government, the Nazis had planned extensive use of US military in Central America and the Middle East, both of which required the destruction of domestic political opposition. Consequently the US government, under the aegis of the Bush Crime Syndicate, targeted John Lennon for murder.
The official story claims that a “lone nut” in the person of Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon. Although Chapman was present at The Dakota apartment complex where Lennon stayed with his wife Yoko Ono, it is doubtful that Chapman fired at Lennon and he certainly didn’t murder him.
The newsfakers told the story that Chapman called out to Lennon before firing at him. However, none of the eye witnesses to the murder made that claim. Instead, a man from an alcove with a silenced gun stepped out from hiding to fatally shoot Lennon. Chapman had a 5 shot revolver but at least 8 and most likely 10 shots were found at the scene of the crime.
Many have noted similarities between the murder of Lennon and the attempted murder of President Reagan 3 months later.  Both operations used a “lone nut” who used Catcher in the Rye as a triggering mechanism; both assassins were involved with mental hospitals for treatment, and both were involved with World Vision, an organization with ties to George Bush Sr and the CIA.
Other ties with George Bush include the doorman Jose Perdomo, a man involved with the various anti-Castro operations in the early 1960s led by a Mr George Bush of the CIA. Bush led variously Operation 40, Alpha 66, and Amlash, operations ostensibly for the assassination of Fidel Castro, but in reality fronts for the murder of President Kennedy.
Perdomo also worked for future FBI Director Porter Goss in anti-Castro operations in Florida during the 1960s as well. In short, Perdomo was quite connected with the CIA underworld of political assassinations.
Perdomo discussed the Bay of Pigs and his membership in Brigade 2506, and the assassination of President Kennedy with Chapman during the 10 or so hours he lingered waiting for Lennon to return home the night of December 8. Bush was a leading but still somewhat junior partner in both activities. But the interesting aspect about Perdomo is that he was not identified for 6 years after the murder of Lennon. Why would an eye witness to a sensational murder be hidden by the newsfaking organizations and the powers in government who controlled the crime? The only plausible explanation is that he was one of the murderers.
Chapman was the patsy – a mind control subject as was Sirhan Sirhan whom the CIA and Bush Crime Syndicate used to murder Robert Kennedy in 1968. Both John Hinckley and David Chapman went through the same mind control training, both men having visited the same spots on their visits to New York City. Chapman and Hinckley were both involved in the same World Vision “ministry” which was in fact a CIA front used to recruit murderers for their assault on Central America.
As in so many other state murder operations, the case was solved within in about an hour or so with volumes of obscure biographical information pouring forth from the newsfakers, meaning that the murder was a carefully orchestrated operation of the CIA and FBI.
And how do we know that the FBI was involved? Simply because it refuses to release the room full of information it collected on Lennon in the 1970s for "national security", meaning that it does not want to release its planning details of the murder.

Jack Blood, John Lennon – We Love You! – Jack Blood and Friends lay out the Assassination Conspiracy,, December 8, 2013, accessed December 30, 2013
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and Nazi Genocide

One of our visitors recently attempted to whitewash Nazi Margaret Sanger and her genocidal Planned Parenthood as an organization benignly involved in overpopulation concerns. It was a lie which would have made Adolph Hitler proud.
The people who founded the American Birth Control League (ABCL) were rabid hate mongers who despised Jews, Negroes, and poor people. They took advice from one of their propagandists by changing their name to Planned Parenthood in the 1930s, keeping the exact same board of directors as ABCL. Thus the American Birth Control League and Planned Parenthood are one and the same organization committed to exterminating blacks and other “human weeds” as Sanger called them.
One of its board members, Lothrop Stoddard, published a book in the 1930s entitled The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy, lamenting the rise of the colored races and their threats to white supremacy. Stoddard was a member in good standing of respectable society, just as many of the recipients of Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award are.
The point is that Planned Parenthood was a direct link to the ideologies and beliefs of Adolph Hitler. The people behind the eugenics movement were precisely the same people behind Hitler, a 2d rate corporal who could never have obtained power without the help of America’s plutocrats such as the Rockefellers, DuPonts, Fords, Harrimans, Sangers, and Stoddards.
Margaret Sanger was the leading mouth piece of these aristocratic Nazis, offering the most bilious contempt for non aristocrats, whether they be blacks, Jews, or working poor. Our Nazi visitor tried to tell us that birth control and eugenics are different programs, but Sanger, the very heart and soul of Planned Parenthood, tells us otherwise.
In one of her more outrageously Nazi statements, Sanger stated that “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infants is to kill it.” Sanger was a murderer and so is Planned Parenthood, a subject to which we shall return shortly.
Sanger bluntly and unambiguously identifies birth control with eugenics and, as we have seen, her prize was genocide of blacks, Jews, and the working poor. She stated, “The campaign for birth control is not merely of eugenic value, but practically identical with the final aims of eugenics.”
And yet there are so many blacks enthralled with Sanger and her organization that one has to wonder if Sanger’s assessment of them was in fact accurate. Sanger wrote to Dr Gamble of Proctor & Gamble fame that the black minister had to be recruited for the black genocide cause, even if it means paying them money to help exterminate their own race.
Sanger wrote to the doctor in 1939, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” This statement was made immediately following her explanation to Gamble how her aim was to exterminate the black population. This is the very woman Hillary Clinton idolized when she accepted the Margaret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood in 2009.
The reason why people like Clinton, Obama, Gates, Rockefellers, DuPonts, and large corporations are behind Planned Parenthood is precisely because it is a Nazi eugenics organization, and the words of their founders spell out that aim in such blunt, gross detail that there cannot be even the slightest doubt as to their objective of mass population reduction, especially of the undesirable cohorts. Planned Parenthood enthuses rapturously over Sanger, and still honors her with an award given in her Nazi name.
In a 1957 interview with Mike Wallace, Sanger stated that bringing children into the world was the biggest sin a person could commit. Recognizing her faux pas, she tried to quickly append the statement with concern about bringing sick criminals into the world, as if she knew of all babies born which ones would grow up to be criminals and who would live miserable lives, and thus warrant extermination.
To her dying day, Sanger was a woman filled with hate, Nazi passion, and contempt for all mankind – except for those who came from blueblood families. Planned Parenthood embraces her as the archetypal woman and honors Nazis year after year with this “prestigious” award. It is no coincidence that Bill Gates is committed to vast population control – not because he is concerned about poverty – Lord knows he could end much of it with the stroke of a pen – but because population reduction is the leading cause of Nazism – the ties which bind these rabid hate mongers.

James Corbett, Episode 271 -  Planned Parenthood Exposed, The Corbett Report, June 15, 2013

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

US Nuked Middle East

The United States bombed the Middle East with nuclear weapons during its invasion of the region in 2004 as well as during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006.
According to Veterans Today December 6, 2013 edition, the US used nuclear weapons in the Fallujah in 2004, and later in Lebanon in 2006. The nuclear warheads were artillery rounds which wreaked enormous havoc on civilians and US soldiers, to say nothing of the Iraqi soldiers.
Scientists Dr Christopher Busby and Dr Leuren Moret discovered through epidemiological studies that the US military used large quantities of nuclear weapons in the region. Cancer rates and birth defects were at least 10 times higher than normal and compared with other regions, while hair samples of people in the Fallujah show large concentrations of radioactive elements.
The burns and deformations of the babies are heart rending, and another disgusting chapter in the Nazi assault on the Middle East.
The US and UK supplied Israel with radioactive weapons whose bomb craters in Lebanon reveal radioactive material including enriched uranium. The scientists are not positive about the specific nature of the warheads, but they believe that neutron, conventional low yield, or a new hybrid nuclear weapon was used in both areas.
The Israelis have been using nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons throughout the region for years, but are now suffering a backlash on their men’s sperm count. According to a recent peer reviewed journal article published in Israel, the authors discuss the rapid and astonishing decline of sperm count in men living in Jerusalem, in terms of both quantity and quality. Over a 10 year period the counts in young men have declined 40%.
At the present rate of decline, Israeli men will no longer be able to reproduce, or require expensive procedures to do so. Although Veterans Today surely misquoted the article when it claimed that Israel would cease to exist by 2020, we believe that what the article actually said is that Israel’s birth rate would fall to 0 by 2020 if present trends continue.
We know that God will always keep Jews on this planet, but we need fewer of the kind who use gruesome tactics to harm others. And we are by no means anti-Semitic - our contempt is even handed for any people who use nuclear weapons - especially Americans.

Israel’s Mossad works hand in hand with the CIA to stir up trouble in the Middle East, and now it is paying the piper as they have so radiated their home land on the false pretext that they needed to nuke it for “their own safety.”
In another twist, Jim Willie reported this past week that Iraq indeed had weapons of mass destruction but that they were weapons supplied by the US and UK to Saddam Hussein. This, then, was one of the leading reasons to invade Iraq before Hussein could blackmail the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Although we have touched on it in the past, we must stress again that Hussein was installed as dictator of Iraq by the US and under the urging of the Bush Crime Syndicate. Indeed George Bush Sr was an important business partner of Saddam Hussein and the House of Saud. The Saudis were leading financiers of the attacks which the Bush Crime Syndicate carried out against the United States on September 11, 2001.
The abusive treatment by the American Nazis of the Middle East is yet another reason that adult supervision will emerge to oversee the complete removal of the CIA and BCS from the Middle East.

Jim Fetzer, Scientists Insist Iraq Nuked By US, Veterans Today, December 6, 2013
Turd Ferguson,  Roasting Jackass on an Open Fire, TF Metals Report, December 24, 2013

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2014: Plagues of Biblical Proportion

2014 will mark the beginning of the years of many sorrows, the opening act having been the crashes of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers starting in early 2008 – neither of which was an “accident.” The following analysis is based upon information provided by Jim Willie in a recent interview with Turd Furgeson to which we add our own interpretations for good measure.
We have already given our own warnings about the US which is a kleptocracy running on borrowed fumes. The Rockefeller Nazis and Bush Crime Syndicate have plundered the USA for its wealth and gold, and have safely absconded with it to offshore locations. But the carnage is only starting.
The economy will spiral out of control as quantitative easing is exposed for the fraud that it is. The wholesale debasement of the currency which was used to continue lavish bonuses to criminal banksters and bail outs of their incompetent, Ralph Kramden inspired investing schemes will catch up with the currency in even larger inflation than we have seen to date. Just as Belshazzar was partying like a wild dog on the night he lost his life to General Gobryas’ invading armies, so Americans and their Nazi leaders smugly denounce any threat to their security and prosperity. But the joke is on them.
The US deficit has doubled under the watch of Rockefeller Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama, who promised very early in his administration that we would have trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see – and he was only speaking of the visible current year operating deficit. The other deficits would simply be repudiated.
This deliberate destruction of the currency to satisfy the Wall Street banksters was partially required by the mechanics of debt based currency. Debt based currency requires ever greater inputs of currency – hence debt - in order to keep from imploding – it is a Ponzi scheme on steroids. After 80 years, the capital base of America has finally been eviscerated to the point where deficits must be accelerated. You can safely ignore the gibberish about Taper Talk. It’s another lie of the US Fed.
On this point of inflation vs deflation, there is some reasonable disagreement. Professor Antal Fekete has argued that deflation is the pre-eminent threat, as 33 years of declining interest rates have depleted capital stocks, especially those of the banks. Indeed both Willie and Fekete would agree that the banks are insolvent zombies.
But we know from John Williams' work that inflation is much higher than the government calculates, so inflation is indeed a prominent threat. Fekete may prevail in that it is not hyperinflationary, but no one will deny the destruction of capital we have seen in this country as huge chunks of manufacturing have been moved offshores, resulting in chronic intractable unemployment, all of which is due to structural intangible capital destruction.
Middle East
Recently – within the last 1-2 years – the Chinese navy completely fried the entire electronics system on a US destroyer on patrol in the Indian Ocean. That destroyer is now in the Virginia naval yards being scrapped. The point is that Chinese military strength has reached parity or superiority over the US – and the Chinese are not spending 45% of the world’s military expenditures to accomplish that technical feat.
This development is not to justify a new arms race, but rather a strategic withdrawal as the American Imperium is overstretched and bankrupt on its corpulent lusts. This defeat of the US Navy in the Indian Ocean accompanies its defeat in the Middle East where Russia’s Vladimir Putin administered the US the biggest asswhooping since Viet Nam. Few recognize the strategic defeat of the US, but it was a geopolitical earthquake which signals the arrival of new overlords in the Middle East – Russia and China - who are friends again on the basis of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
The supreme arrogance of the Bush Crime Syndicate’s seminal Project for a New American Century had some early successes but is completely in ruins as Egypt and Syria demonstrate. The Saudis supposedly instigated American action against the Syrians, but we aren’t buying it. The US was acting on the Neocons’ (BCS) PNAC document created no later than the 1980s.
Willie believes that the US will tilt toward Iran, but that won’t go over any better than lice at a Ms Clairol hair styling event. The US has tortured Iran, the latest episode being economic sanctions – in collusion with its mullah’s we might add – and they are not going to forgive and forget so easily.
Indeed the reason for the attacks on Iran has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, which US officials have repeatedly acknowledged as non-threatening. The fear of the Iranian military is predicated upon as sound a reason as the fear of the Vietnamese in the 1960s - it was all a hoax by the leaders of the Military Industrial Complex to justify war, murder, and mayhem for Wall Street’s benefit.
The real reason for the attacks was Iranian acceptance of gold for payment of oil, bypassing the aging petrodollar arrangement facilitated by Nazi Henry Kissinger in the 1970s. However, with the arrival of Russian and Chinese military installations in the Middle East, the petrodollar will give way to the petroyuan.
The only asset propping up the US dollar is the US military, which the US trots out any time a nation, most recently South Korea, utters any interest in diversifying its portfolio out of the US dollar. But the stampede has started, with even the British establishing a Yuan swap facility with the Chinese. The sun is indeed setting on the American empire.
Finally, the US was repudiated in the Ukraine when Neocon hack John McCain stepped forth to support the repressive Ukrainian government under pressure from its people to resign. Again, the US was outwitted by billionaire criminal Putin. But US policy is run by rank amateurs beholden to the trivial Rockefeller Nazi interests.
The Sino-American war in Africa continues to rage, with the US sending in its proxy forces from France to aid the losing cause. That war will end no more favorably than the others.
We have reported the emptying of Fort Knox – the world’s largest store of nerve gas, but now insiders, such as Andrew Maguire, report empty London vaults with massive tonnage of gold shipped east to China where the story is rather complicated.
It turns out that the US defaulted on derivative obligations to secure the Chinese gold pledged in a quid pro quo to grant China Most Favored Nation status. The US granted the repressive corrupt communist regime this privilege because the Chinese put up gold collateral for the deal. The US stole the gold – it is gone, and then it defaulted on the securities payments, leaving the Chinese quite perturbed and short changed.
To pay for it, the US forced the British and Swiss to steal gold from allocated accounts, melt it, and recast for shipment to China. ETF accounts, private gold accounts, and companies with custodial accounts such as MF Global, have all been raided to pay off the Chinese. And lawsuits are flying like fur in a wild cat fight in Switzerland.
The African invasions are all about gold and rare earths, as the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was all about oil and heroin.
US banksters have been skimming a lot of gold, stealing enormous tonnage during the Clinton administration, but the bulk of gold has gone east where both the Russians and Chinese have at least 15,000 tons each! He who owns the gold makes the rules.
Although 2013 saw an incredible decimation of the price of gold, 2014 will see the exact opposite and then some. Its price will recover while the stock market flattens or declines. COMEX is dead. It has not delivered any gold in 6 or so months. It is nothing more than a pricing committee to fleece people of their gold.
Indeed the paper price of gold does not reflect its production costs. Consequently, more gold production is going dark, shrinking already tight supplies. With almost no gold in the West, we cannot fathom any scenario where gold would fail to increase in price in 2014.
Given the huge drainage of gold from the US, we have serious doubts about the gold content of US Mint gold products. Independent assayers overseas and domestically should assay the fineness of US gold, especially since the US disbursed an enormous amount of gold plated tungsten during the Clinton years, and we suspect subsequently as well.
Americans will begin to suffer acute privations in 2014 and should not expect any relief from the bankrupt and criminal US government. US unemployment is dropping because of statistical phenomena – not because of any hiring or economic improvements.
The first salvo will come with the bifurcation of the USD into 2 currencies. The domestic dollar will be devalued 60-80% just like banana republic currencies, and the foreign held dollars will continue as is. We expect to see the announcement in 4th quarter of 2014 or so.
The implication is that imported goods will skyrocket in price. Gasoline will be at least 10 USD per gallon. And since oil is a huge part of agriculture, food prices will double or triple as well. These price changes will force devaluations in houses and cars as demand will fall due to higher operating costs.
If you are puerile enough to believe that shale oil will bail out the US, a village might be missing its idiot.
And what about Deutsche Bank?
We previously reported Willie’s prognostications about Deutsche Bank, one of a group of 4 international powerhouse banks which sold German gold down the river for a pittance, but whose most egregious crime was falsifying data allowing unqualified European countries to join the European Union. The Maastricht Treaty required that certain debt ratios be met, and when it was not possible, DB lied about the numbers.
Willie remains adamant that DB is going under. This means a ripple effect from Bonn to London to New York City and beyond. We reported on the US government’s preparation by testing bail-ins which will arrive with force in 2014. Bail-ins will be applied to everyone – not just the large account holders. In fact, if the past is any indication, wealthy account holders will not suffer any losses. Only those at the 95 percentile and lower level will suffer confiscations.
But the ripple effects resulting in US bail-ins is only part of the story. The entire fraudulent house of cards, which is US banking, will collapse in controlled demolitions like which the Bush Crime Syndicate used to destroy the WTC. The problem is interest rate swaps which are currently destroying JPMorgan Chase. The London Whale Trade continues to eat billions of dollars annually, but with the collapse of DB triggering trillions in derivatives claims, DB will be only one of many banks to suffer meltdown.
This most interesting collapse has already begun as witnessed by the fire sale of One Chase Plaza to the Chinese. How is it that the primest of prime New York City real estate is sold to the Chinese government for over half off in what is supposed to be a robust real estate market? Don’t the talking turds on MSNBC, CNBC, and other newsfaking organizations remind us daily of the lush prosperity America is wallowing in due to the virtuoso performance of its economic wizards?
The reason for the giveaway by the traitors of Wall Street is that Chase has a vault right next to the New York Fed’s 9 stories underground as reported by Zero Hedge. This makes it very opaque to send the Chinese more gold – whatever is left of it and it is very puny – and more money. In other words, the Chinese control the US Fed and by extension the US government.
But how can this be, you ask? One narrative is that the Chinese are enemies of the US, and we would agree that there is no love lost. But the real source of the takeover is the Bush Crime Syndicate and Rockefeller Nazis. Remember that David Rockefeller denounced the US Constitution in his autobiography and everyone continued to make stupid jokes about tin hats. But the destruction of the US as a functioning independent power is required to elevate the plutocrats to ultimate power in a one world government where the poor 1% have spheres of influence but who in turn report to the .1% Rockefeller and Bush level Nazi scum.
In short, the Chinese are a tool to achieve the ultimate Nazification of the world. As such, we expect to see the dismantling of the US, starting with Alaska and Hawaii, begin within a year or so.
You see, it is one thing to own all the golden eggs, but quite another to own their goose. In a world of declining economic prospects, gold increases in relative value, but a viable company is a series of future cash streams which will handily outperform gold.
We hope our predictions – with heavy input from James Willie’s public commentary – are wrong, but beware of handwriting on walls.
Roasting Jackass on an Open Fire, Turd Ferguson, December 24, 2013, accessed 12/25/2013

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Who Murdered Mary Sherman?

Mary Sherman (1913 - 1964) is another somewhat obscure footnote in the assassination of President Kennedy who was murdered for knowing too much. The newsfakers of the time of her death attributed her murder to a random act of meanness, but we mean to set the record straight because the truth is stranger than fiction.
Sherman was a famed oncologist whom the highly reputable cancer authority Dr Alton Ochsner brought to Tulane University in New Orleans in order to help him study cancer. The studies turned out to be research for developing a bio-weapon to induce virulent cancer.
Ochsner had assembled a first rate mod squad of researchers to complete the weapon. The prominent players besides Sherman and Ochsner were Judyth Vary Baker, David Ferrie, and Lee Oswald, all of whom worked in offsite labs to grow the cultures and mice to produce the weapon.
Considerable work was done in David Ferrie’s apartment and some in Sherman’s, not to mention lab work at Tulane. Judyth Baker provides detailed accounts of her work on the project, and the collaborations of these 5 individuals, in her ground breaking book Me & Lee.
Ochsner’s explanation for the weapon was that it was needed for “national security” – in other words the murder of Fidel Castro. The only problem with the story is that it was a lie. Castro was the boogey man of Latin America whom the CIA installed as its pretext du jour whenever it needed to stir up the Red Menace to turn on the spigots of cash for its wars of imperial aggression. George Bush Sr was the bagman who carried money to Castro in the early days.
When 4 of the 5 researchers discovered that they had not been working on a weapon targeted at Castro – a highly inane idea in the first place due to the preparations required on a victim to make it work – they realized they had been used, but not sure how, and not sure how it related to Kennedy’s murder by the CIA.
But Ochsner knew the details and relationships, having intimate ties with the CIA through International Trade Mart which CIA employee / asset / operative / and bagman Clay Shaw directed. The ITM was another CIA front, this one targeted at oppressing Latin America – a long time custodial province of the Rockefellers. George Bush Jr does not have a humungous ranch in Paraguay for nothing. And the Wall Street Nazis who installed Adolph Hitler in power also hid their Nazi puppets all throughout South America.
Interestingly, Ochsner had ties to Brazil where he conducted business for the CIA.
Fearing that Sherman might say something wittingly or not when the Warren Commission went on its road show south, Ochsner murdered her. She was found dead in her apartment on her bed with severe burns and puncture wounds. The New Orleans police, as corrupt as the Dallas Police Department, cooperated in the cover-up of the murder.
But how do we know that Ochsner, the world renowned oncologist, murdered the internationally esteemed Dr Sherman? New evidence has emerged showing the extent and nature of the burns suffered by Sherman. Even casual observers would recognize that a bed fire could not have produced the burns she endured. Besides, there were no burns on the mattress.
Sherman was murdered by a linear particle accelerator, a very sophisticated piece of machinery requiring very carefully controlled access and supervision. The number of people with the necessary access to it for use as a murder weapon was exceedingly few. And among that handful, only Ochsner had both the authority and motive to murder Sherman.
Ochsner murdered others as well. As part of his medical research, he infected people with viruses and other foreign agents without their consents or knowledges. In fact, he sent Oswald and Baker to a mental health hospital in Louisiana to infect prisoners brought from Angola State Prison for his cancer weapon experiments. Death was brutal.
Ochsner also used this weapon on Jack Ruby after the mobster confessed things to journalist Dorothy Kilgallen, which things ought not to have ever been confessed. Ruby died a short time thereafter.
The finger prints of Ochsner are all over the murder of Dr Sherman as well as others who got in the way of his defense of “national security.” Her knowledge of his nefarious management of the cancer weapon, and more significantly his handling of Oswald, proved too big a risk for the thug to take. So, Ochsner murdered a single, defenseless woman to protect his reputation. What a man.

The macabre deeds of New Orleans are seeping up through the marshy bogs like so many putrid corpses. The fog is lifting and we can finally bring closure to so many unexplained murders, knowing full well that the CIA is no longer able to keep its dirty, murderous secrets.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why Hale Boggs Was Murdered

Hale Boggs (1914 - 1972) was the Majority Leader of Congress from Louisiana whose plane disappeared in October of 1972 while campaigning for Nick Begich of Alaska. We believe that Boggs’ plane was sabotaged – in the time honored fashion of political assassinations – because Boggs was “unstable.” But therein lays the secret.
Why was Boggs unstable and why would it matter? Based upon new evidence we have obtained concerning the International Trade Mart and its connections to the Rockefellers, we are certain that Boggs’ knowledge and involvement with the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was the source of that instability.
We all know that loose lips sink ships, and Boggs - a World War 2 Navy man would know that – should have admonished himself with those words of wisdom before speaking to Jim Garrison, the courageous district attorney who prosecuted unsuccessfully Clay Shaw for his involvement in the murder of the president.
In Oliver Stone’s movie JFK, Boggs is observed expressing misgivings about the conclusions of the Warren Commission, of which he was a member. His membership on the commission was no accident based upon the history of the International Trade Mart we obtained. Boggs was described as a good friend of that Rockefeller front organization which had its genesis in International House, another Rockefeller front organization founded in 1924, 3 years after the founding of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Boggs was selected for the Warren Commission precisely because he was a reliable puppet of the plutocrats who knew that he would ask no embarrassing questions while working on the cover-up committee.
Why Boggs began sending signals that he might talk or have second thoughts about the Warren Commission Report is beyond our grasp at present. Why would he betray his benefactors? Was he whining for more money to keep silent, about which the Kennedy killers tired?
Whatever the specific trigger, he was clearly murdered – in our opinion – as part of a larger clean-up operation which would claim the life of Dorothy Hunt a couple of months later in another airplane “accident.”
The important lesson is that Boggs was closely allied with the International Trade Mart of which Clay Shaw was director, and the ITM was closely allied with the Rockefeller International House which was the economic analogue – of sorts – to the CFR.
But the connections do not end there. Another prominent member of the ITM was Dr Alton Oschner who headed the research effort to develop the highly lethal cancer weapon which was ostensibly created to kill Fidel Castro, but which in reality was a centrifuge for the Kennedy assassination.
Oschner funded several efforts which involved Lee Oswald, whose fake pro Castro activities, such as Fair Play for Cuba, were part of an operation designed to flush out pro Castro sympathizers. The important point is that Oschner was heavily involved in framing Oswald and supporting the murder conspiracy against President Kennedy.
Oschner’s ties to the intelligence world and Latin America ran deep and wide, a web of murder which included the Rockefellers, Dulles, and Bushes, connections which we will develop in future postings.
Boggs’ close association with the ITM gave him information which would implicate Shaw and Oschner, information which he most likely supplied Jim Garrison which Garrison used in hunting down Clay Shaw.
We have read reports that Boggs had a drinking problem near the end of his life, but we cannot corroborate that. It could have been real or contrived by the newsfakers in the press. If contrived, it could be used to explain away some accident. If real, it would explain the fear of the murderers about being implicated in the crime of the century by the Congressman from Louisiana with loose lips.

History of International Trade Mart, 1974 [Details forthcoming]

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

News Flash: US Government Preparing for Bail Ins

Most snoozing Americans have no idea what a bail in is, but one is about to come to a too big too fail bank near year.
With 70% of all US banking assets concentrated in 4 banks, the risks of a failure have increased dramatically since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Earlier this year, the government of Cyprus rescued its banks by confiscating the assets of depositors. The same tactic will be used in the US.
European officials declared bail ins as official policy when speaking of the Cyprus bank collapses, warning that more were coming. The European Union is a testing ground for the US, a place where policies are verified before implementation there. US and UK banking officials have been testing bail ins for at least the past year, using Cyprus as a laboratory as well as their own computer simulators.
Those who are foolish enough to believe that Cyprus acted without US and UK pressure are naïve beyond description. FDIC Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg has announced bail ins as FDIC policy and will execute them to rescue the plutocrats' banks and wealth. Bail ins only apply to the little people, meaning the bottom 95% of depositors.
Although depositors below a certain threshold were exempted in Cyprus, we believe that the exemption was a cover to pacify American observers into thinking that exemptions would apply in the US. We believe that all depositors will be taxed to support the Mammon banking system.
The important point to note is that the FDIC and other government agencies do not conduct bail in exercises for academic reasons. They do so because they know that one will imposed, which we suspect will take place some time in 2014.
The US banking system is a completely fraudulent Ponzi scheme with excessive derivatives risks which cannot possibly be covered in the event of a call for redemption. One small triggering event could cascade across all 4 banks which own 99% of all derivatives - the most dangerous of which are interest rate swaps. JP Morgan Chase is reeling from the London Whale trade fiasco from May 2012 and is still hemorrhaging from those losses which will reach the 100s of billions of dollars before they are unwound.
The important point is that the triggering event has already occurred. Deutsche Bank is in deep trouble according to Jim Willie, meaning that the banking system is at its penultimate rendezvous with meltdown.
Depositors must consider their tolerances for asset confiscation which could easily amount to 20-50%. "Customers" should be outraged by these overt Nazi policies by marching in the streets over the very idea that the government could seize property without due process to support the ravenous 5% who focus with ferocity in destroying the US and plundering its wealth.
The concentration camps in America which Jesse Ventura documented are standing by for rounding up those who are unable to survive in the Nazi state and the loss of their monies. We cannot stress enough the importance of securing your wealth as the financial collapse of America proceeds.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Role of Ruth Paine in the Murder of President Kennedy

Whatever worthy cause, whatever noble endeavor, whatever good deed Ruth Paine may have done in later years to expiate for her misdeeds in the crime of the century, the woman is evil incarnate, being a principal agent who maligned and framed Lee Oswald as the murderer of President Kennedy.
Ruth Paine has a long career as a CIA asset who has long done the agency's business, starting at least with her involvement with the Oswalds in 1962-63. Acting as a spy on spies, she kept tabs on Marina Oswald, who had come to the US as the new wife of CIA agent Lee Oswald.
Following her betrayal of both Marina and Lee, she often went overseas under the guise of a social or humanitarian worker who snooped around to keep her contacts in the CIA informed of the businesses of foreign peoples. USAID is a well known CIA front organization which often works alongside “missionary” organizations to conduct intelligence operations.
Paine also worked with her ex-husband Michael to frame Lee. In 1963, writing from Washington, DC where she spent the summer, she informed the Oswalds that Marina could stay with her after she returned from New Orleans, and that she would pay for her living and hospital expenses. The quo of the quid was that Marina would teach Ruth Russian, but this too is misleading as Paine knew Russian already and was spying on Marina for CIA.
When Paine appeared before the Warren Commission, she presented Lee as a deadbeat who had essentially abandoned his wife. This was not the case, but the truth is far more complicated than most folks know.
Lee kept his wife isolated because he did not want her learning English due to her associations with the USSR and KGB. The less Marina knew in the very Cold War world of the early 1960s, the better. The real problem is that Lee was at risk of losing his child, whom he loved dearly, should Marina be deported back to the USSR. Therefore a very low profile with minimal suspicions was the order of the day.
As we have explained elsewhere, James Angleton was determined to murder Lee because in his book Lee was compromised goods. Oswald had been a trusted false defector in the USSR, something which Angleton never trusted. Angleton himself was as corrupt as Judas, but we save that story for another day.
Paine also came to the rescue for the Warren Commission by falsely claiming that Lee’s Minox camera was hers or Michael’s. The camera was most emphatically Lee’s as he was a superb photographer who worked in a very sensitive photographic assignment during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The problem with the Minox, an advanced camera at the time used in spy operations due to its compact form, was that it did not comport well with the Lone Nut Theory. What was a lone nut doing with a Minox camera? Could it be because he was an intelligence agent?
If there were any doubt that Ruth Paine and her husband helped frame an innocent man, we refer our dear reader to the taped telephone conversation between Ruth and Michael where one tells the other on the day of the assassination that they know who murdered the President and it was not Lee. That of course did not prevent Ruth from giving false or misleading testimony about Lee to the Warren Commission whose job was to cover up the crime by framing a patsy.
If there were any doubt that Paine was involved in the frame-up, there are a couple of closing considerations. After November 22, 1963, Marina Oswald never again spoke with Ruth Paine, who to that point had been considered a dear friend. The other point is that Ruth bought up at least 4 homes after the murder with funds which came from who knows where. Prior to these purchases Paine had lived very modestly in a ranch house in the Dallas area.
Ruth Paine should be a person of interest in the crime of the century. She knows far more than she ever admits, and what she does admit is a lie.
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jack Ruby the News Reporter

There is a well known photograph showing Jack Ruby present with reporters covering an appearance of Lee Oswald after his arrest on November 22, 1963. We have long wondered why Ruby appeared impersonating a reporter, but we now know why.
In conversations with Judyth Baker, who knew both Jack Ruby and Lee Oswald, we discovered that the reason for Ruby's appearance with the reporters was to warn Oswald that he was going to be murdered. Ruby stood on a low table looking at Oswald to let him know that his end was imminent. The table provided additional height, insuring that Oswald could not miss his colleague.
Because much of the mob was Catholic, they provided warnings to victims so that they could do last rites or repentance prior to death. Ruby of course was Jewish, but he worked under Carlos Marcello's direction from New Orleans.
Oswald was nominally Lutheran - mostly agnostic, but recorded his religion as Catholic in Mexico so that he could obtain a quick marriage by a Catholic priest - about the only kind available - when he returned a few weeks later with Baker.
When Ruby telegraphed his intentions to Oswald, it was a sign of respect. Normal victims were visited like a thief in the night to be murdered without so much as boo. We also believe that Ruby was displeased to carry out the task, but knew that disobeying it would cause as many troubles as obeying.
Another sign that Oswald was given a respectful murder was that he was shot in the side of the abdomen, a reference to where Christ was stabbed with a spear. The mob are ritual killers, whether or not they warn their victims.
This explanation further buttresses our previous contention that Ruby did not murder Oswald because of his concerns about Jackie Kennedy. Oswald was the designated patsy in a ritual murder planned by people going all the way back to James Angleton and his plutocratic bosses on Wall Street.

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Harvey and Lee Bunk

We reported not too long ago that the Harvey and Lee theory of William Armstrong suffered some damage when we learned from Judyth Baker that many of the alleged discrepancies in the so-called Lee and Harvey profiles were misunderstandings or contrivances of myth. We go a step further by calling the entire thesis pure bunk.
As veteran researchers of Lee Oswald may know, Armstrong has presented a series of ostensibly baffling paradoxes in the Oswald history in his Bugliosi length tome purporting that they can only be resolved by the introduction of two separate persons, one named Lee who is the phantom Oswald, and Harvey who is the public Oswald who was shot on national television on November 24, 1963 when the Dallas Police Department arranged for his murder.
The theory further states that the discrepancies in Oswald's biography began as early as kindergarten and persisted all the way until his death. Examples of the anomalies include school attendance records, military records, photographs, various sightings, linguistic capabilities, and others. So where is Occam when you need him?
One interesting example concerns his teachers who would sometimes identify Oswald as Lee and sometimes as Harvey. Lee despised his middle name Harvey, which in turn caused the kids at school to taunt him with it, which frequently led to fist fights. Because they could easily yank his chain, his classmates would frequently call him Harvey, causing the teachers to think that his first name was Harvey. So rather than Harvey and Lee there is only Lee Harvey - one and the same person.
Baker, with a degree in anthropology, has noted from physical characteristics that many alleged Harvey and Lee photos are indeed the same man - Lee Oswald.
To further complicate matters, Lee told Judyth that he knew he was being impersonated after his return to the United States, and in some cases approved of it since these sightings of him protected him or helped his intelligence activities.
The trip to Mexico City in September 1963 is often presented as the archetypal paradox demonstrating 2 Oswald's. Although Photoshop had not been invented yet, its principles were at work, such as when Lee was shown coming into the US embassy.
While there was an Oswald impersonator connected to the Mexico City trip, it does not prove the life long existence of Harvey and Lee as in a bad DC Comics adventure of heroes and anti-heroes in multiple parallel universes.

There was also the Oswald imposter in the Texas Theater, a certain Roscoe White who confessed on his death bed to his pastor that he killed several people as assignments given to him, most likely from the CIA. This is the man whom we believe murdered J D Tippit. Again, the presence of Oswald imposters does not prove or require the existence of Harvey and Lee.
What is more interesting is Armstrong's background with US Army intelligence. Although we cannot  dogmatically assert guilt by association, we can suggest that Armstrong may have introduced poisonous information into the Assassination pool as a way of perpetuating confusion. The fact that the Sixth Floor Museum carries his book is sufficient evidence for us that Armstrong is at best mistaken, and more likely a disruption agent.
Our biggest question is, Where is Armstrong's Lee? Did he die when Harvey was shot? The main reason for the Harvey and Lee hoax is to erase the memory of Oswald so that the truth of the Kennedy murder can remain perpetually buried.

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

George De Mohrenschildt's Sad Last Days

George De Mohrenschildt (1911 - 1977) was a Russian émigré whose lasting contribution to American history is his role in aiding the revanchist revolutionaries in their murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He died under mysterious circumstances, but we shall clear the air.
De Mohrenschildt came from a wealthy family, earned advanced degrees, and harbored ambitions for reclaiming the social status his family lost in the Russian Revolution. He arrived in the United States in 1938 where spent much of his time marrying wealthy women to satisfy his taste for the good life.
Although a social climber he found time to earn a degree in petroleum engineering and to provide information to the CIA. Along the way, he became connected to Lee Oswald when the latter was assigned to Dallas, handling him for the spy and espionage agency by transmitting orders to its intelligence agent, and relaying back to the agency Oswald's various requests, such as the one requesting time in Mexico after his final assignment.
De Mohrenschildt knowing much about the Kennedy murder and Oswald's relationship to it, decided to write about it, perhaps to cash in, or perhaps to create a bit of insurance. This gift of gab did not go well with the plutocrats whose CIA forcibly admitted him to a mental institution for brain washing.
Sometime around 1976 or so, he decided to write his long time colleague George Bush of the CIA to request a reprieve from his hound dogs. Living in Florida, he was summoned by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, particularly Gaeton Fonzi,  to discuss what he knew about the murder of Kennedy.
With his previous inclination to tell secrets well known, the Bush CIA murdered him with shots to the head from a rifle, which according to the corrupt coroner were self inflicted. Perhaps the folks of Manalapan, FL could only afford a blind coroner. Contrary to the many false stories about melancholy and suicidal tendencies, De Mohrenschildt had made an important appointment the day of his murder for the next day which he would never keep.
We recently obtained information about evidence suppressed by the Florida police department handling the case regarding some of the evidence of the murder. Although it is well known that a witness heard a car speed away from De Mohrenschildt's place of residence immediately after hearing gun shots, it is not so well known that the comings and goings of the assassin were taped.
Someone  - perhaps a house keeper or his daughter - was taping a show or some other event at the time the assassins entered the residence. Short beeps are heard in addition to the gunshots. Those beeps were the sounds that doors with electronic security make when they are opened and closed.
The tape recorded the beeps when opened, the gun shots, and beeps when the door was closed. Clearly someone entered, killed, and left. And the police became angry when anyone had the temerity to ask about it. It was best to keep silent if you didn't want a killer cop to show up at your front door.
A lot of folks were dying mysteriously during the HSCA hearings, De Mohrenschildt being just one of many whose tales the junta did not want anyone to hear.
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Who Killed Lee Bowers?

Lee Bowers (1925 – 1966) is a somewhat incidental figure in the murder of President John F Kennedy who died under what some consider mysterious circumstances – like hundreds of others connected with the coup of 1963. However, research by a retired traffic incident investigator demonstrates that he died in a car accident pursuant to a heart attack.
Penn Jones, who was an editor of a small newspaper in Midlothian, TX – not far from the scene of Bowers’ accident – advanced the claim that Bowers was murdered for knowing too much. Others such as Robert Grodin would continue the claims in the early 1990s.
Bowers was the train tower operator who witnessed a spark flash and puff of smoke from behind the fence at the grassy knoll, strongly implying the presence of an assassin on the grassy knoll. He gave his testimony to the Warren Commission against its stern opposition, and did likewise to attorney Mark Lane who interviewed him  in 1966 for his documentary Rush To Judgment.
A few months after taping his story, Bowers was found dead on a highway in his 1965 Pontiac Catalina headed toward Midlothian. The case was quickly ruled an accident and buried under the conspiratorial rug – so to speak – through some irregularities in the paper work relating to his death.
Over 45 years later years later, Anita Dickason, a retired accident investigator with the Dallas Police Department, was asked by America Declassified to reopen the Bowers case to evaluate the merits of the allegations of Jones.
After considerable investigation, she determined that Bowers suffered a heart attack while driving on highway 67 outside of Midlothian in Ellis County, hitting a concrete abutment of a bridge which resulted in extensive physical damage to the driver. A farmer discovering the accident called an ambulance which carried Bowers to W C Tenery Community Hospital in Waxahachie from where he was taken to Methodist Hospital in Dallas located in Dallas County.
Dickason, based upon her first hand knowledge of such matters as a deputy and police officer, reasons that Dickason died on impact, consistent with attending physician Dr Bohl’s records. However, in order to keep from closing the highway waiting for an Ellis County justice of the peace to arrive at the scene to pronounce death as required by law, Bowers was taken to the Waxahachie hospital under the pretense that he was alive to avoid the aforementioned complications.
Apparently an Ellis County JP was unavailable so Bowers was transported to Judge Richburg’s jurisdiction in Dallas where he pronounced Bowers dead. Clearly Richburg violated the law as he had no authority to pronounce Bowers dead if he indeed died in Ellis County. So the death certificate and inquest documents were amended on August 31, 1966 to state that Bowers died at 12:50 PM on August 9 in Dallas County in contrast to the actual time of death at about 9:30 AM.
In doing so, the judge could maintain the pretense that Bowers was alive when he arrived at Methodist Hospital in Dallas County and then pronounced dead, giving Richburg jurisdiction over the matter. In Dickason’s view, the discrepancies in the records could be explained as administrative and logistical imperatives in order to appear to stay within the confines of the law.
Of course the question remains why an Ellis County JP was unavailable, but more than likely it was deemed that it would take too long to find one, thus keeping the highway closed longer than local authorities desired.
Even if this explanation is correct, it does not rule out foul play on Bowers’ Pontiac or administration of drugs to induce a heart attack. Indeed, one of the prominent rumors surrounding the death of Bowers was the allegation that he told the ambulance driver that his coffee had been drugged. Dickason explains how this story is most likely mythical.
On the other hand, it seems odd that a 41 year old man would die of a heart attack. If he were a heavy smoker  - or maybe just very heavy – that outcome might be plausible. Dickason does not address Bowers’ health profile.
Dickason makes a cogent case that Bowers died on impact. It remains for the conspiracy theorists – in whose camp we make our home in so many matters – to present better evidence that Bowers died at the hands of Kennedy murderers or their agents.
Anita Dickason, The Real Facts of Lee Bowers’ Death, 2013, Archway Publishing

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Location of the Sniper Who Murdered the President

We have published a few articles recently with contradictory arguments on the location of the weapon which murdered President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. After seeing blown ups of photographs supplied by a reliable assassination researcher, we concur again with Sherry Feister on the sniper location.
To review our arguments, we have asserted alternately that a sniper near the triple overpass, William Greer in the presidential limousine, or a device planted within the limousine was the source of the fatal headshot. Through all hypotheses, we have maintained that the shot came from the front since that is what the forensic evidence shows, particularly the analysis of Kennedy’s skull.
During JFK Lancer’s November in Dallas Conference November 21 – 24, 2013, we met Ed Tatro, a veteran first generation researcher, who showed us startling photos of a sniper in the area of the south grassy knoll. The blow ups of a well publicized photo show the silhouette of a sniper facing right holding a rifle.
While we do not have 100% confidence in the evidence, only for the reason that the silhouette is somewhat ambiguous and may have other interpretations, we believe that it fits well with the triple overpass scenario advanced by Sherry Feister, and is the safest conclusion as it has the best supporting evidence.
As a side note, this conclusion in no way vindicates Greer who was deeply involved in the murder plot, not the least of which act was his decision to stop the presidential limousine in order to afford the sniper the best opportunity to slay his target.
New facts may well emerge which cause yet another revision to our hypothesis. Whatever modifications follow, they will necessarily involve a shot from the front of the President.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine

Lee Oswald Memorial ServiceLee Oswald, the man framed by J Edgar Hoover, Allan Dulles, James Angleton, and many other federal and Texas state government officials, finally received a respectful funeral after 50 years of relentless calumnies this past Sunday November 24, 2013.

Lee Oswald Grave SiteJudyth Vary Baker, Lee’s true love from the summer of 1963, led a small group of about 2 dozen mourners to the grave site of the slain US intelligence agent where they paid respects to the man gunned down by mobster Jack Ruby on national television 2 days after the CIA led coup assassinated President Kennedy in cold blood on November 22, 1963.
Although he survived the shooting, Oswald died unexpectedly at Parkland Memorial Hospital after President Johnson insisted vehemently that he speak with the attending physician, Dr Crenshaw, in the middle of surgery. When the doctor returned, the mysterious man in the operating room with Crenshaw  had disappeared and Oswald was dead, even after Crenshaw declared that his patient would likely survive.
When Lee was buried, he was accorded an insulting tombstone plaque reading only Oswald; but on this Sunday afternoon, well wishers placed a colorful bed of flowers around the stone  slab in a token attempt to redress the poverty of his grave site.
Baker opened the ceremony with a few prefatory remarks, followed by author Robert Grodin who gave a brief summary of the tragic events which falsely implicated Oswald in 2 crimes which were never adjudicated. Singer Homer Henderson sang an a capella version of Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine, joined in chorus by those gathered. Chaplain Hy McEnery, Green Beret, gave the eulogy.
Although the unusually grey and cold weather abbreviated the proceedings only slightly, a measure of history was finally righted and reclaimed.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Jack Ruby's Risible Reason to Murder Oswald

America was horrified as it watched Jack Ruby murder patsy Lee Oswald on live television in the basement of the Dallas Police Department jail on November 24, 1963. Ruby claimed he was doing it for the dead president's widow, but one would need electrical duct tape over his mouth to keep from cracking up with laughter.
Jacob Rubenstein was a long time mobster who got his start in Chicago working in Al Capone's gang, and was implicated in the murder of a Chicago public figure in the 1930s although he escaped prosecution. He continued his involvement with the underworld, moving to Dallas where he set up shop and maintained associations with crime boss Carlos Marcello.
The mob assisted the CIA in the November Coup against the American government when it murdered President Kennedy. Marcello and Ruby were key players in the conspiracy against the government. In fact this aspect of the crime is what guaranteed reporter Dorothy Kilgallen's murder after she interviewed Ruby, claiming that she had information to blow the case wide open.
When Oswald survived the theater fiasco, Ruby was assigned to murder him. The CIA's plans demanded that Oswald be dead so that it could convene a kangaroo committee to frame Oswald and deflect attention away from their murder and treason. The Jackie angle only helped seal Oswald's guilt in the mind of the gullible public.
Ruby and Oswald knew each other from their collaboration on CIA projects, particularly the cancer weapon the agency sponsored under the auspices of Dr Alton Oschner ostensibly to kill Fidel Castro. When Oswald saw Ruby approach him that bloody Sunday, he may have thought that Ruby would assist him with his legal predicament. Unfortunately, the mobster had one last victim before he himself became a victim of the cancer weapon he supported his comrades to create.
Jackie Kennedy was the farthest thing from the scumbag's mind. In fact, one witness spotted him with a pickup truck carrying rifles behind the grassy knoll for the assassins. So no, Ruby was not in the least bit concerned about Mrs Kennedy.
Ruby murdered Oswald to save his own miserable life.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did Johnson Murder Kennedy?

Over the past few years a spate of books and articles has emerged pointing the finger of guilt at Lyndon Johnson for the murder of President John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. We believe that the case is overdone, with the very distinct possibility that Johnson is only guilty of complicity in the coup's aftermath in order to preserve his life.
We had veered from that position after initially stating it a few years ago, when we were swept up with parts of the Johnson did it hysteria. We never believed that Johnson was the mastermind, but we came to believe that he was a cheer leader and possible participant in The Big Event. Much circumstantial evidence supported a plausible case against Johnson.
Some of the key evidences against Johnson include his abrupt and brutal eviction of Jackie Kennedy from the White House after her husband’s assassination, his complete reversal of Kennedy’s Vietnam withdrawal policy, his many crimes in which he was implicated vis a vis Bobby Baker, Billy Sol Estes, Mac Wallace, and legions more, all of which gave Johnson strong motivation to replace Kennedy as commander-in-chief. And let’s not forget the story that Kennedy planned to dump Johnson in the 1964 race.
There was also the close association of Johnson with John Connally who was deeply involved in the crime, thus creating guilt by association.
Recently we came across material from John Hankey which returned us to our earlier Johnson position, namely that Johnson was caught up in events over which he had little control. Hankey’s proposition is all the more attractive due to the shrill and inundating chorus of claimants charging Johnson with guilt, recalling to mind the Shakespearean line, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”
This relates closely to the allegation by Hunt in his so called death bed confession that Johnson was guilty. As Hankey notes, this is probably a sign of innocence, as Hunt, the mother of all scum bags and murderers, was simply lying one last lie as he gave up his last putrid breath.
To put a blunt point on Hunt’s moral and criminal squalor, Hankey relates how Hunt planted forged memos in the National Archives documenting Kennedy’s authorization to murder South Vietnam’s Diem. The truth is that the CIA in an act of treason and rebellion defied Kennedy by murdering Diem.
Hankey notes that Johnson’s withdrawal from the 1968 election is completely at odds with power lust driving someone to murder. Why would Johnson give up the presidency so easily if he spent and risked so much, including murder, to obtain it?
Johnson’s tapes indicate contempt for the military brass, men who could easily be mistaken for cave dwelling troglodytes. Johnson wrote that the war in Viet Nam was an unwinnable and foolish squandering of men. Yet he went along with it. But the larger question remains - why would Johnson speak ill of men with whom he was supposed to conspire for an aggression he found so foolish?
In conversations with Senator Russell Long, whose arm he twisted to serve on the Warren Commission, Johnson expressed that he didn’t believe the lone gunman theory, and on rare occasion expressed privately his complete contempt for the Warren Commission Report.
One could argue that Johnson was patronizing Long, but this comment is one of a string suggesting that Johnson had no confidence in the lone nut theory, and thus was not a member of the cabal which murdered the president.
The problem is that Johnson was, like E Howard Hunt, a scumbag and easy target. But being a scumbag is not the same as being a murderer, but made him an easy target for Bush Crime Syndicate member Barr McClellan who painted Johnson as the murderer.
The best explanation of Johnson’s actions is that he was caught in a vice. In order to preserve his own life, he needed to play his role as the coup leaders' stool pigeon in hope that the corrupt Nazi regime would not end his career the way it ended his predecessor's.
Another story Hankey reports is that of a conversation with Connally and Johnson where the former tells the latter that Oswald was an agent of Cuba’s Castro, and thus grounds for invasion of Cuba. This argument is precisely what the murderers promulgated but Johnson told Connally he would have nothing to do with it, strongly implying that Johnson was not a member of the murder cabal because he was not "on message."
More significantly it shows that Johnson was not blackmailable on this point as he would indeed be if he were part of the conspiracy against Kennedy.
In a turn of the tables against Johnson, Hankey suggests with credible logic that Johnson’s ability to pass Medicare when previous attempts failed is that Johnson had blackmail information on many Republican Congressmen who were in some way associated with the murder. Hankey cites Paul Kangas on this angle, but we admit that it is speculative.
In perhaps the highlight of his brief on Johnson, Hankey strongly suggests that Johnson was murdered. The former president did not aid his cause when he told the The Atlantic in June 1971 that the US was running Murder, Inc in the Caribbean, most likely short hand for the larger murder enterprise of the CIA in the United States in 1963 and beyond.
Hankey quotes historian Stephen Ambrose's introduction to the Bob Haldeman biography that if Johnson did not call off investigations into improprieties in the 1972 campaign that Nixon would reveal that Johnson had bugged Nixon’s plane in the 1968 campaign. But Johnson had bugged Nixon’s plane because he found out that Rockefeller thug Henry Kissinger was in Vietnam sabotaging the peace talks just as George Bush would do with Jimmy Carter’s attempt to release hostages prior to the 1980 election.
Johnson then threatened, according to his diary, on January 12, 1973, that he would release information about Nixon and … Unfortunately the Carter NSC excised the information due to “national security.” The only threat to national domestic security was revelation that Nixon was involved in sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks. Or did it also include the “Bay of Pigs thing” – the Kennedy murder?
When Johnson died 10 days later, it was no accident suggests Hankey. His silence was required and thus obtained.
We give our endorsement of the Hankey scenario because it fits the facts better than other theories and accounts for the accusers' vehement assaults on Johnson – who is no saint by any stretch of the imagination. We thus come full circle in our view of the case, proving the old adage that the first guess is usually the best guess.

John Hankey,, accessed 11/16/2013

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