Friday, April 25, 2014

Chronicle Update: Flight MH370

We reported previously that Malaysian Flight MH370 was hijacked as part of an American intelligence operation using the remote control features found on all commercial aircraft pursuant to implementation of the so-called Patriot Act which has completely Nazified the United States.
New information reported in Veterans Today not only confirms these findings, but new details have emerged tracing the hijackings to the Bush Crime Syndicate.
According to Veterans Today, "Gene “Chip” Tatum, a former Special Forces Air Combat Controller and US Army special operations pilot who has carried out ultra-sensitive missions at the direct orders of US Presidents" provided information to a well placed Malaysian official, Matthias Chang, which solidifies the case that the flight was indeed hijacked as part of a US intelligence operation.
What emerges from previous accounts and the recently revealed information is that the plane was hijacked as part of a CIA or JSOC operation in which one of the agency's front companies, INMARSAT, created a fake satellite trail of the flight which recovery missions have been foolishly following, and duly reported by the newsfaking CIA controlled media, in order to cover up the real crimes of the hijacking.
INMARSAT's largest owner is Harbinger Capital, the new name of Zapata Corporation, owned by George Bush, Sr, which was heavily involved in the CIA's disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba which was intended to force Kennedy to invade the island. The invasion was sabotaged by McGeorge Bundy and Dean Rusk, along with Richard Bissel of the CIA in order to discredit the new president.
Tatum was personally ordered in 1992 by George Bush to "neutralize" Ross Perot, by any means including murder. Tatum refused the order as illegal and criminal, a stance which cost him his career. Tatum was only able to save his life through the threat of releasing highly sensitive information inculpating Bush in serious crimes and treasons of which there are legion.
Although it is now certain that hijacking Flight MH370 was an intelligence operation, its purpose is not entirely clear although we strongly suspect that it involved a false flag operation against Iran in order to initiate World War 3 by the genocidal Israel terrorist state.
Kevin Barrett, Missing Plane Mystery Solved?, Veterans Today, April 25, 2014, accessed 4/25/2014
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Playing the China Card

Since the demise of the Qianlong, Western powers have sought to influence or control China and its vast resources, first through the United Kingdom, and then through the United States. Now that the United States is in decline, it has played one last card with China to stave off collapse.
The British used the opium trade to demoralize and destroy the Chinese people, just as the United States government used narcotics in its country to destroy its people starting in 1960s. The purpose in the US was to take away the vigilance which the people would otherwise exercise over governmental affairs, while in the former country, it was to eviscerate any resistance to British imperial expansion.
Official government is only a portion of the cast of characters acting on the political stage, especially in the United States where great plutocratic families are normally aligned with the British royalty and the Rothschild empire in treachery against their native country.
The Rothschild empire is made of money and debt, its rule transcending national borders. The Jewish Rothschilds are the progenitors of Zionism, a political framework for establishing world wide hegemony through the New World Order.
In order to advance Zionism, based upon the atheistic, antichristian Talmud, its proponents, both Jew and gentile, invented a number of political ideologies to accomplish the same goals as pervasive drug abuse. This set of political tools includes Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism, and its many totalitarian variants to assault a nation with dialectically opposed viewpoints in order to intellectually and politically crush national independence from the money changers.
Thus the Rothschild Zionists introduced Bolshevism to Russia, pitting atheism and Christianity against each other as it exploited the natural cleavages between the peasantry and the aristocracy. Antony Summers has well documented Western bankster support of the October Revolution of 1917. The top leaders of the revolutionary government were 99% Jewish.
After World War 2 China was the next major victim of the Rothschild assault when its puppet Mao Zedong was installed in China to mold it into another industrial colony. But first it had to be neutered with a cultural revolution to conform it to Zionistic purposes. The Rothschilds worked through the Rockefellers and the many Zionists in the State Department during the 1940s to install Zedong in power.
Summers, along with M Stanton Evans, have confirmed that certain State Department bureaucrats falsified reports about Chiang Kai-shek in order to sabotage his support in Washington. Summers, with others, have also substantiated that Harry Truman, a 33d degree Mason, deliberately withheld arms shipments to Kai-shek in order to deliberately insure his defeat against Zedong.
The great Communist leader and Western lackey was really only an intermediate caretaker, whose brutal murders of at least 40 million people was to crush dissent against Communism, who was destined to be replaced with a fascist government as early as the 1950s when the Council on Foreign Relations devised its détente program which its servant Richard Nixon implemented beginning in the early 1970s. It is no accident that George Bush was sent to China as special ambassador as it represented Rockefeller interests in the political opening.
By that time, China, so the Zionists believed, was ready to be thawed so that it could turn into a major economic and military power to replace the United States as the NWO leader. The Chinese nation has no history of freedom or self government, making it a more suitable leader for imposing the Zionist will.
Thus during the Clinton administration, perhaps the most treasonous in US history, great technology and wealth transfers to China began, but with a significant twist. According to Jim Willie, in order to obtain Most Favored Nation status, the Chinese had to pledge their very significant gold supplies under the custodianship of the bank now known as JPMorgan Chase.
The United States promptly leased or sold the gold, a fact lately discovered by the Chinese, and prompting a significant amount of anger and retribution. In fact the recent spate of bankster "suicides" and murders is most likely tied to the gold theft and the innumerable financial frauds Western banks have perpetrated on the world, especially the Chinese.
When the Clinton administration sold out the United States by transferring vast tracts of US industrial capacity to the Chinese as part of the overall program of establishing the Chinese as the leaders of the NWO, it started accumulating massive and irreversible trade deficits with China, to the point where the United States began printing dollars with abandon. The trend accelerated when Lehman Brothers was assassinated in order to bail out the criminal Goldman Sachs empire, an arm of the Rothschild octopus.
The Chinese were not too happy to see its US Treasuries and dollars decline in value, so it made numerous threats against the US government to make good on the losses. This is where the Iraq War and the gold price suppression schemes enter the picture.
It is well known that the US government manipulates the price of gold, usually to the down side. It is not so well known, but substantiated by insiders such as Andrew Maguire and Jim Willie, that massive quantities of gold have been shipped from London to China and other Asian destinations. In fact since the major smash in gold in April of 2012, at least 1000 tons of gold per month have been shipped to Switzerland for recasting before shipping to China. This transfer represents at least 20-30,000 tons of gold which have bled dry COMEX and LBMA. Fort Knox was emptied of gold long before.
The reason for the massive shipment East was to not only make good on the stolen gold obtained in granting China MFN status, but to make good on the debased dollars and securities which the Chinese held in superabundance. Thus the price of gold was suppressed to cover their losses.
But that is not all that the US government, acting upon the request of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, gave the Chinese. They gave them free oil which is where Iraq enters the picture. Many researchers, including Jim Marrs among a horde of others, have demonstrated without doubt that the US did not invade Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. Although Iraq posed no threat at all to the United States, the Bush administration invented the story of Iraqi WMD to justify an invasion to steal its oil.
There are reports that there were some WMD in Iraq but that they were American made. No doubt there is truth to that story, but that was not the point of the invasion. The motive for taking Iraqi oil was to continue paying the Chinese to buy US government debt, which they did not want to do. According to some exceptional research by Texe Marrs, the United States has been selling Iraqi oil to the Chinese at 2 USD per barrel. That is not a misprint. While the spot price of crude oil is over 100 USD per barrel, the US government has been selling it for 2 USD. This extraordinary discount is the most probable explanation for why President "Obama" promised "trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see." Not only does the US government want to bail out its most important constituency - the banks - but also to pay off the Chinese in order to avoid more bellicose manifestations of corruption and treason of US leaders.
Thus the massive transfer of gold and industry from the US to China signals the planned ascendancy of the Chinese - at the behest of the Zionists - to impose its more Communistic totalitarian New World Order vision on the planet. Governments are the puppets of the money masters, and the Rothschild Zionists have no equal.
The United States is being hollowed out while its sheople baaa.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Armageddon American Style

Just as the Chaldean coregent Belshazzar didn't believe the hand writing on the wall even when the great prophet Daniel revealed its interpretation, so the American people blithely ignore the great catastrophes which await them this year.
Two very intertwined events have occurred which guarantee excruciating hardship for Americans this year and beyond. The Great Moderation, of which the evil and arrogant former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke, has been revealed for the economic fraud that it was as the United States continues to suffer the consequences of the epic bubble blowing years wrought by that economic fraud and ziocon traitor. The peace dividend promised from the dissolution of the Soviet Union has been squandered on wars of imperial aggression which have bankrupted the nation, just as the US seeks to start a war with Russia.
More specifically, the United States faces a two pronged threat this year. The first comes from the financial destruction inflicted upon the nation by the Federal Reserve Board and President "Obama" through the trillions of dollars of debt they incurred to bail out criminal Wall Street banksters in the wake of the engineered destruction of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Much of the debt was also used to purposefully impair and compromise the United State's fiscal health, again helped along by ziocon Tim Geithner.
The other threat is that of war which the State Department, in the person of ziocon Victoria Nuland, and the president have engineered with many false flag attacks through its terrorist organizations the CIA and JSOC, in addition to many civilian mercenaries such as Blackwater and Greystone.
These organizations have invaded Ukraine in an attempt to avenge the deft geopolitical maneuvering of Russian president Vladimir Putin which blunted a US invasion of Syria and simultaneous bombing of Iran by the terrorist state of Israel. The issue with both Syria and Ukraine is the control of energy via pipelines which run through Ukraine, and which are not running through Syria as America's politicians and banksters want. The US is determined to use force to wrest control away from Russia and Gazprom of the energy right of ways, even if it means starting World War 3.
In fact the US government has been drawing up plans for large scale war in Europe, ostensibly over the matter of Ukraine, but as long as Russia maintains superiority in missile technology, US attack options will be somewhat limited. The US Navy is in the Black Sea prepared to begin bombing operations by provoking the Russians in its naval bases in Crimea. We predict a major battle in the Black Sea in an effort to emasculate the US Navy in treasonous activity. "Obama" purged all senior commanders who had any sense to challenge him on his wanton and irresponsible bellicosity.
The larger motive for American rage has been the decline of the US dollar as a reserve currency. Iran and Iraq both earned hostility from politicians in Washington when they accepted payments for oil in currencies other than dollars. Other countries accelerated this movement when they realized that the US government was committed to financial terrorism using the SWIFT payment system.
Consequently the G20 nations drew up plans to create bilateral trade agreements which do not require US dollars to settle payments of international trade. Russia and the OPEC countries will announce this year payment for oil in currencies other than dollars. This reduces not only the need for dollars, but the need for respecting the dollar as the reserve currency. The US government through its mendacity, greed, and aggression has motivated  other countries to drop the US dollar, something which has accelerated in 2014 and will make major advances as this year progresses.
While most Americans are too stoopid to understand any of this, we will state bluntly that the prices of goods in the US are about to soar, especially gasoline. We anticipate gasoline prices this year to be 5-6 USD per gallon - just for starters.
As the purchasing power of the dollar sinks, Washington politicians will seek ways to distract attention from price pain by causing a war in Europe. If anyone thinks that the Ukraine crisis has passed, he is poorly informed, to put it politely. The Ukrainian crisis will reel out of control this year, in part because Americans have elected the most evil - not incompetent - president in its nearly 250 year history. Its elected representatives are fully complicit with the military industrial complex clamoring for war.
Americans face a horrific year in 2014. A debt ridden nation, losing its exorbitant privilege as the issuer of the world's reserve currency, with a failing economy, and a war mongering president and Congress face the most misery since 1607. The nation will not survive in its present form, and Americans have only themselves to blame for the great calamities and destruction awaiting them.
Anyone who thinks that America's troubles are due to incompetent leaders is naïve beyond contempt. The events happening are orchestrated in the dark bowels of darkness by traitors of the United States who report to the Rothschild barons, all of whom are committed to establishing the New World Order. That NWO will not be led by the US, but by China.
The fall of the USD as the world reserve currency plus the foolish war over the Ukraine is the handwriting on the wall. We predict nuclear destruction on American soil; and again, it is all by design of ziocon traitors.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pan Am Flight 103: Gaddafi Not Guilty

While the CIA controlled press has vilified Mohamar Gaddafi as an unstable lunatic, the truth, as Dean Henderson reported today in a must-read Veterans Today article, is the exact opposite. In fact Gaddafi is a hero in the fight against the Rothschild / Big Oil totalitarian New World Order.
Gaddafi came to power in 1969 through a bloodless coup to depose the CIA stooge King Idris installed in office in 1951 after Italy granted its colony independence. Idris sold his country down the river by granting extremely favorable oil concessions to Big Oil, but also allowing US and British military installations on Libyan soil.
Gaddafi reversed these treasons of Idris by increasing the royalties which oil companies now known as Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, and Agip had to pay the Libyan government, and ejecting foreign military occupation, earning forever the enmity of the Rothschild’s intelligence octopus tentacles of the CIA, Mossad, and MI6. During Gaddafi’s reign, living standards in Libya rose to the highest on the African continent, with the possible exception of South Africa – where only whites enjoyed the comfortable living stadards.
Just as Bush Crime Syndicate don George Bush Jr would do with Iraq, Ronald Reagan used fabricated evidence supplied by German intelligence sources to pin the blame on Gaddafi for Pan Am flight 103 which exploded over Lockerbie Scotland December 22, 1988. 
Henderson’s most explosive revelations concern the notorious Pan AM flight 103 which turned out to be a cleanup operation on a CIA drug cartel about to be exposed by 6 honest CIA agents operating in Lebanon.
Henderson reports that a corporate investigation firm, Interfor, and independently Time magazine, discovered that a CIA cell in Frankfurt was part of a heroin smuggling ring headed by Syrian national Manzar al-Kassar who operated out of Lebanon working in the super secret CIA cell COREA.
When the 6 agents working in Beirut discovered that al-Kassar was running drugs, they attempted to inform their superiors in Langley. When they discovered that their reports were being ignored, they decided to go to CIA headquarters to report in person their evidence about the drug running.
The agents boarded Pan Am flight 103 where it stopped in Frankfurt to pick up more drugs, and Heathrow Airport where the CIA bomb was planted on the plane. When it flew over Lockerbie, the CIA detonated the bomb to kill the men and 263 additional passengers in order to keep their drug operations concealed.
Pan Am is a long time CIA front company which colludes with the agency in murder and other covert operations against foreign and domestic governments. Henderson reports that its international advisory board is basically a drug cartel:
Members included Ronald Joseph Stark, the P-2 connected Brotherhood of Eternal Love LSD pusher; Sol Linowitz of Carl Lindner’s United Brands; Carter Secretary of State Cyrus Vance of the Lindner-controlled Gulf & Western Corporation; and Walter Sterling Surrey, OSS China hand who helped launch Guillermo Hernandez-Cartaya’s World Finance Corporation. 
In 2011 the Rothschild empire deposed Gaddafi and replaced him with a government more amenable to selling out the country to Big Oil and international totalitarian banksters.
While we have only skimmed the cream off the top, Henderson covers many more details for those interested in Pan Am flight 103.
Dean Henderson, The Libya Lie, Veterans Today, April 8, 2014, accessed 4/8/2014,
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Jewish Nihilism and World War 2

Americans typically have a cartoon understanding of Adolf Hitler and World War 2, but for those looking for an adult explanation of the war and Hitler’s mindset going into it, they would need to begin with an exploration of Communism and its relationship to Jews.
Jews are the inventers of Communism whose purpose was to provide a replacement religion for the Christianity which they had striven so mightily to destroy with the Enlightenment, the first body blow against the Ancien Regime. To its Jewish inventers, Communism is also the political ideology with which to completely control a nation, offering the masses a lie of proletariat rule when in fact autocratic totalitarian rule is controlled by a cabal of Jews.
If this sounds like fantastical anti-Semitism, one would do well to read Jonas Alexis’ disturbing but incisive analysis of the ideological events leading up to the second world war. It is against this backdrop of the development of the intertwined revolutionary dogmas of Communism, Marxism, and Bolshevism which informs Hitler and his Nazis.
Part of Hitler’s genius was to create a counter-revolutionary ideology in the National Socialist Workers Party to blunt and to turn back the inroads made by Communism and its allied strains of anti-establishment and tradition hating ideology. Indeed the Jewish trinity of Communism, Marxism, and Bolshevism – plus the Enlightenment for completeness - were fundamentally anti-establishment protocols for bringing about revolution and the destruction of Christian and traditional societies.
Thus if we observe the work product of Jewish Talmudism from its prototype ideology, the Enlightenment, we see the French Revolution of the 1790s, the Continental revolutions of 1848, the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, and the Weimar putsch of 1923 as the direct offspring of these subversive and destructive Jewish ideologies. They are attractive to the poor because they promise relief to their miseries, but as with all things Zionistic, they are deceitful lies.
Jonas documents Bernard Levy’s comments on Marx, with whom he was a prominent correspondent, as follows:
in this new organization of humanity, the sons of Israel now scattered over the whole surface of the globe…shall everywhere become the ruling element without opposition…
The government of the nations forming the Universal or World-Republic shall all thus pass, without any effort, into Jewish hands thanks to the victory of the proletariat…Thus shall the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, that, when the Messianic epoch shall have arrived, the Jews will control the wealth of all the nations of the earth.
All except 1 leader of the Bolshevik ruling party were Jews, which included Lenin himself. In fact it was Lenin who ordered the murder of the Romanovs, facts which many historians and apologists had denied for decades until the evidence overwhelmed the lies.
It is against this background which Hitler formed his nationalistic Nazi party to efface the presence of Communism in Germany. Jonas documents that Hitler was not anti-Semitic in the personal sense. Indeed many historians, even Jewish ones, have noted that many Jews served in Hitler’s armed services or as commandants of prisoner camps, thus refuting the pernicious lie that Hitler was anti-Semitic. As we have documented elsewhere, the charge of anti-Semitism is a false one because the people claiming to be Jews are in fact Khazars – not descendants of Abraham or those of the Roman diaspora.
Hitler’s objective, the target of his ire, was the elimination of Communism and its culture of genocide. But since the vast majority of the Communist leadership was Jewish – almost 100% as we saw in Russia – the Zionist has turned colinearity into a form of causality, an argument very appealing to a lazy mind. And for those readers who believe the Holocaust happened, please write us for your timeshare in the Brooklyn Bridge.
Thus Hitler’s concern was to prevent what happened to Russia, where a revolution by totalitarian genocidal Jews wiped out 66 million people, from happening to Germany. Interestingly enough, Alexis notes that the Talmudists do not fundamentally oppose Nazism, but only its war on Communism. Thus the Jew Victoria Nuland of the State Department spent 5 billion dollars overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine to replace it with a neo Nazi government, all to further Zionist aims.
We urge readers who want to follow up the details of this brief essay to read Alexis’ outstanding article in Veterans Today which delineates the Talmudic Zionist assault on Europe and the United States where this country is a colony of the terrorist state of Israel as Bernard Levy prophesied in the 19th century.
Jonas E Alexis, Historical Causes of Nazi Germany and Implications in Ukraine (Part III), Veterans Today, April 6, 2014, accessed 4/7/2014,
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Was Dwight Eisenhower a Jew?

Some speculators have put together the story that Dwight Eisenhower was a crypto Jew whose allegiances to Zionism preceded those to the United States. While we believe that Eisenhower was a Zionist, the evidence so far does not substantiate that he was a Jew.

The thesis that Eisenhower was Jewish states that there are Jewish lines from his father’s family, which formed the basis of his relationship with Zionist Bernard Baruch, the man without whose approval the governments of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt did not function. Baruch used his power to elevate Eisenhower to the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe over many better qualified men, which favor he repaid in his genocidal assault on the German people after World War 2. As president, he used his powers to advance the Jewish state. Finally, the proponents of Eisenhower’s Jewishness point to various coats of arms which indicate that Eisenhower is a Jewish surname.

The foundation of the theory is a statement in Eisenhower’s West Point yearbook which calls him the “terrible Swedish –Jew. “ While there is certainly some circumstantial evidence to suggest that Eisenhower may have been Jewish, we believe that the best evidence refutes it.

To understand Eisenhower’s religious upbringing, we turn to Jerry Bergman, who as a Jew may be suspect,  who did an excellent job of collating various biographical profiles of Eisenhower during his formative years prior to entering West Point.

Bergman demonstrates that Eisenhower’s parents were initially associated with the River Brethren, a Protestant sect sharing beliefs with the Mennonites, but converted to a group which in time became known as Jehovah’s Witnesses, a source of considerable embarrassment to the 5 Eisenhower boys later in life, all of whom rejected the faith, along with their father, later in life.

Eisenhower’s mother, Ida, converted to the faith when her 8 month old son Paul died in 1895. She was wooed into the sect by consoling neighbors in Abilene, KS who convinced her that she would see her son in the impending resurrection expected to occur within a few years.

Ida and her husband David were very devout adherents to the religious sect known at that time as Russelites or Bible Students, meaning that their 5 boys were heavily immersed in Bible teaching and other activities of the sect. One of the major aspects of the Bible Students was millennialism which stressed the imminent return of Jesus to establish his Kingdom on earth and to rule from Jerusalem. Thus there was a strong predisposition toward Christian Zionism.

Although Eisenhower no longer considered himself as part of the faith after 1915, the time his dad abandoned it when certain prophecies related to World War 1 did not materialize, he nonetheless retained a significant residue from his childhood training, which as we noted included Christian Zionism.

Around 1930 Eisenhower worked closely with Zionist Bernard Baruch, a very influential member of Roosevelt’s kitchen cabinet. We suspect that Baruch took a liking to Eisenhower whose religious views coincided with his own concerning the establishment of a Jewish state. Thus as Eisenhower’s career progressed, Baruch was happy to promote the Gentile Eisenhower at the critical moment of selecting an allied commander for Europe’s offences against Germany. Eisenhower repaid the support with a genocidal onslaught against Germans which would have caused his mother to spin rapidly in her grave.

Regarding Eisenhower’s yearbook epitaph, one commentator stated well when he said that it most likely was a reference to his penury as a cadet due to the very modest means of his parents. Eisenhower had to support himself at school since his parents were certainly in no position to do so.

This does not exhaust the problems with Eisenhower though, as researcher Don Nicoloff discovered. Eisenhower’s birth is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that around 1952 an unknown New York law firm arranged for a forged birth certificate stating that Eisenhower was born in Denison, TX. Yet when asked where he was born and his age upon entering the United States from the Canal Zone in 1924, Eisenhower stated that he was born in Tyler, TX and that his age was 34 when in fact it was 33. Was he really telling the truth or a lie?

This episode raises a number of questions about the truthfulness of Eisenhower and the reliability of his birth story, and hence the question about his ethnicity. Was he hiding a birth substantially different than what he told the public?

While we are rather inclined to believe that he was born in the United States, and was not a Jew, we leave open other possibilities pending additional research. At the very least he was a Zionist puppet who advanced various Zionist genocidal causes.

Postscript 8/11/2019: A comment by a reader prompted us to finally post our revised conclusions about Eisenhower's Jewishness, but not due to the yearbook reference which is at best dubious.

Two important points lead us to conclude that Eisenhower was indeed Jewish, the first of which is the patrilineal Jewish connection. Some will strenuously contend that Jewishness can only pass through the mother but that is an absurdity used for theater and plausible deniability. It is also quite likely that further research would discover Jewish ancestry in Eisenhower's matrilineal line which has probably been effaced, a contention which the second point forebodes.

The next point is more telling. The Jew Bernard Baruch was an important Eisenhower mentor, meaning that Eisenhower was emphatically Jewish. It would be nigh unto impossible for a prominent Jew to spend any time advancing the career or prosperity of a non-Jew at such strategic levels, something which their Talmudic teachings make quite plain.

Eisenhower was entrusted as a point man for the fake Holocaust story, one whose evidence is so flimsy as to be laughable were it not for the sinister ends to which that abominable lie has been put.

Additionally, Eisenhower's systematic food deprivation of the Germans also made him an insider to the Jewish program to exterminate the White or "gentile" people.

Finally, Eisenhower's murder of General George Patton puts the icing on the cake of Eisenhower's ruthless determination to give his people mastery over the Soviet Union and to fully efface White culture in eastern Europe. Jews bankrolled the Red Revolution and the USSR. They extended their empire to the east in the wake of World War 2, an advance which Patton threatened to thwart.

So even without the genealogical proof which we demanded in our original article, we believe that a firm case can be made that Eisenhower was a Jew.

Don Nicoloff, Eisenhower 1952 Birth-Certificate Fraud Revealed, November 29, 2009, accessed 4/6/2014,
Jerry Bergman, Why President Eisenhower Hid His Jehovah's Witness Upbringing, nd
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unraveling Obama's Jewish Identity

The person known as Barack Hussein Obama II is one of the greatest intelligence operations of all time. We will explain his identity and purpose as the Manchurian Candidate par excellence.
Bill Ayers, the notorious Weather Underground member involved in terrorist attacks against the United States, wrote Dreams from My Father, a fictional account of "Obama's" life. Ayers tells of "Obama's" parents, said to be Stanley Ann Dunham, a free spirit who came of age during the Beatnik era, and a goat herder from Kenya named Barack Obama studying at the University of Hawaii, who fell in love to produce the person who become president of the United States.
Supposedly Ann left Hawaii with her infant son immediately after birth to begin classes at the University of Washington, leaving behind her earnest young husband to finish his degree at the University of Hawaii. She quickly left school to return to Hawaii where her parents lived, but was deserted by Obama who headed for Harvard to begin work on his master's degree.
Subsequently, as the story goes, Ann fell in love with Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian national, who took her back to Indonesia with him as his wife circa 1966 with her young son Barack. Sometime in 1964 she allegedly divorced Obama, now known as Sr.
In 1971, still continuing his fiction, Ayers tells us that Obama returned to Hawaii to live with his grandparents who enrolled him in the exclusive Punahou School, from where he graduated in 1979, enrolling in Occidental College, before transferring to Columbia University 2 years later.
It's all an interesting story, but a complete crock of you know what. It is all fiction and fraud. Some of our more incredulous readers may object that it must be true because the story is told in a book by a reputable publisher, and in any event there are mounds of documentary evidence supporting the story. That belief is also a fraud.
The basic problem with all of the so-called documentary evidence, including pictures, is that they are all forged. Critical observers have noted that every single record of "Obama" has been sealed, including his kindergarten records. Some argue that this is to conceal his foreign nationality, and while there is a slim possibility of that being the case, we believe that the real reason is that Obama did not enroll or attend any of the institutions he claimed to attend.
At this point, we should momentarily digress to acknowledge other explanations of his birth and life. Some researchers point to his biographical profile on the back of his books where he stated that he was born in Kenya, a claim reinforced by public statements from his man-wife "Michelle." We use the term man-wife because whoever "Michelle" is, she is most emphatically a man. But we digress too much.
We will state categorically that "Obama" is not Kenyan nor is he Indonesian. There is no credible evidence that he was born in Kenya, nor is there any whatsoever that he was born in Indonesia. Furthermore, there is no credible evidence showing him to be in either Indonesia, or as others assert, Malaysia. And clearly we reject the myth that Barack Obama was "Obama's" father. We also reject categorically that "Stanley Ann Dunham" was "Obama's" mother.
The Kenyan story was created by intelligence hacks, such as Michael Shrimpton who claims to be connected with British intelligence, to keep inquisitive minds about Obama's biography off balance. Alleged father Barack Obama was indeed murdered to make sure that he could not interfere with the story.
Although "Obama" may have ties with Indonesia, they are not of the nature told by fictional writer Bill Ayers. In any event, Lolo Soetoro was a US intelligence agent working with the CIA to overthrow the Sukarno government. Because "Stanley Ann Dunham" is a synthetic fraudulent identity, she never married Soetoro. Soetoro was also murdered to make sure that he would not interfere with the story. And in case the reader missed the point, we state bluntly that Stanley Ann Dunham is a fictional character.
So if everything Bill Ayers told of substance about "Obama" is a lie, what is the truth? We believe that the best explanation comes from work done by someone using the name Martha Trowbridge, who states that "Obama" is the child of Malcolm X Shabazz and Jo Ann Newman. Much of her evidence is based upon facial similarities and a picture of "Obama" with Malcolm X's glasses which she grabbed at the time of his murder. However we believe that there is much more to the evidence.
Their child was named Bari Malik Shabazz, who was most likely born in New York City, and subsequently sent to Indonesia for rearing under President Sukarno of Indonesia. He returned to the US for kindergarten, possibly Hawaii, and followed a trek east where he met up with his handler Uncle Frank Newman, a virulently radical anti-American Jew who would do anything to corrupt American society in order to weaken it, and eventually destroy it in accord with Zionism's freakish genocidal objectives to destroy all humanity in order to subjugate it to Jews.
Newman obtained his doctorate in psychology from Stanford University after which he pioneered sex therapy wherein a patient would have sex with her therapist as part of therapy. He also managed the campaigns of fringe presidential candidates who supported his radical agenda for American society. And his brother Sanford Newman was the driving force behind ACORN, the radical community group organizing votes in Chicago for the Marxist president. Frank expressed his complete hatred for the traditional family in an article he published in the 1990s, a marker of his radical agenda.
The careful observer will note that Shabazz' mother is Jewish but his father is a converted Muslim with membership at one time in the Nation of Islam. How does one explain the oxymoron? We surmised previously that Jo Ann, who is on the FBI's Most Wanted list as Elizabeth Ann Duke, was actually part of a deep intelligence operation conceived by Mossad but supported by CIA. In fact, we have obtained information that the US Army DARPA is defending Obama is his many public and legal battles regarding his identity.
The conspiracy was extraordinarily deceptive in that it required Jo Ann Newman to initiate a relationship with Malcom X in order to have his child. Malcolm was then murdered in 1965, an outcome entirely acceptable to the CIA and FBI's Hoover who hated "niggers", in order to give custody of Bari to Newman. From that moment onward, they could conceal Shabazz in a Muslim cloak, part of which reason was to antagonize Christians. Unfortunately, they found that they needed to give him a Christian cover so that he would not polarize voters too much. Thus we still have undiscerning people claiming that Shabazz is a crypto-Muslim, when in fact the Islamic features of Obama's policies are merely facades and tools to use in wars against Christians, just as Obama's Christian persona was simply a tool for fooling American voters. Thus everyone could project his religion onto Shabazz while the Zionists completely eviscerated the Christian identity of American Christians.
But the true core of Shabazz' identity and handlers is Jewish - from his mother, avuncular handler, campaign manager, White House chief of staff, cabinet members, and a host of advisers as Texe Marrs so abundantly documents.
There are some extraordinarily naïve people who believe that the truth of Shabazz' identity will be told, and that he will be brought to justice for his many frauds, forgeries, and even murders. This is nothing but lunacy. All court cases against Shabazz have been quashed by ex parte court decisions, an act of collusion between one side of a court case and the judge prohibited by federal court regulations and law. The necessity of these ex parte decisions proves that Shabazz is guilty of the charges brought against him regarding his forged identity.
The massive forgery of pictures, school documents, and contrived achievements is the blazing proof that Shabazz is an intelligence project, run by the Rothschild Mossad, and supported not only by the CIA, but by the entire US Congress. The conspiracy is that big.
Nevertheless, for those who know that Shabazz' identity is not what he claims, and who are looking for the truth, we offer our explanation. The investigation is not complete, so we will update our hypothesis as new facts in the investigation of Shabazz' biography emerge.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Truth About Flight MH370

The CIA controlled news media have mounted another mystery theater over the fate of Malaysian flight MH 370 which disappeared from its planned flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing on March 8, 2014. The truth of the matter is that US intelligence knows exactly what happened to it because they are the ones who hijacked it.
The protracted drama over the flight reminds us of the long drawn out soap opera that the CIA put on when it was winding down the Howard Hughes hoax in 1976. The CIA had murdered Hughes as early as 1959 in order to punish him for political and business misdeeds which interfered with the Rockefeller oil interests, but they finally realized that the charade had to be killed off because it was becoming too much of a nuisance.
The spooks are playing the same storyline with MH 370 which they hijacked, perhaps as part of some cloak and dagger operation against China. The most noteworthy passengers were the 20 FreeScale employees and equity holders whose smalle chip technology would have reverted to the surviving patent holders which included the Rothschild cabal. So there was definitely motive for the other 4 patent holders to be dead. But that is only a cover story.
Whatever the actual reason for hijacking, it was well within the means of US intelligence to remotely hijack the plane using a technology which the Boeing 777 has had since the installation of these systems in the wake of the CIA's and Mossad's projectile launches at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.
Veterans Today interviewed on April 4, 2014 Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and retains strong senior level connections, who arrived at the same conclusion. He cited the remote control technologies, which only a few countries have, as the foundation for his belief that a foreign government absconded with the plane.
In the same article, Veterans Today also reported that US satellite and tracking systems could easily locate the plane within very short time, demonstrating that the search for the plane is a giant entertainment production. The editors have also reported that the Rolls Royce engine powering the aircraft is monitored from its offices in England every second that the engine is running . There is absolutely no way that a plane like this could disappear without a trace, meaning that the CIA controlled news outlets are lying their posteriors off with every story they run about the flight.
Pulling back the FreeScale cover story, the real reason for the hijacking is possibly explained by the replica of the Boeing 777 found in an Israeli aircraft hanger. The alleged Iranian passengers who didn't board the plane were probably Mossad agents who would have been blamed in a false flag operation justifying an attack on Iranian nuclear attacks. Israel is the largest exporter of terrorism in the Middle East and has had a long history of performing these kinds of terrorist attacks, the most famous being the destruction of the World Trade Center.

It is also evident that the plane did not blow up near Diego Garcia or another fantasy location provided by the White House, Malaysian officials, or the CIA controlled press.
We salute Veterans Today and their reporters for covering the story and bringing us the truth which the public simply cannot obtain from the CIA controlled newsfakers.
Kevin Barrett, Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked, Veterans Today, April 4, 2014, accessed 4/4/2014
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Smoking Gun in the JFK Murder

Some documents have been circulating for some time purporting to be the smoking gun in the murder of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. We believe that they are plausible enough to warrant a brief examination.

The documents in question come allegedly from the safe of James Angleton, the chief of counterintelligence for CIA from 1954-75. More specifically the documents consist of various memoranda produced by the hyper secret MJ-12  Special Studies Project formed by President Truman to examine UFO and extra terrestrial phenomena in the wake of the Roswell, NM sighting in 1947. The CIA and government for years strenuously denied the existence of this group, but too many documents have leaked to maintain the charade with a straight face.

Interestingly the documents were salvaged from the flames and passed to Timothy Cooper around 1999. The scavenger’s identity is not known, but he was instructed to burn the papers of Angleton upon his death, leading us to believe that he was a high level and loyal lieutenant.

The group is said to have consisted of Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Edward Teller, John McCloy, Dean Acheson, Averell Harriman, George Bush, Sr, McGeorge Bundy, Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Brzezinski, and Lyman Lemnitzer. There is some debate as to whether Nelson Rockefeller or Allen Dulles headed the group, but we suspect that it was Rockefeller. J Edgar Hoover is cited by one researcher as a member of the group, but of the memos indicates that he was to be admitted on a limited basis.

John Kennedy was briefed about the Roswell incident when he was a freshman Congressman and maintained an interest in these matters over the following years until he entered the White House as president at which time he requested CIA to brief him on the MJ-12 group and their activities. In addition to UFOs, the group studied psychological warfare and mind control technologies.

One of the documents reveals that Dulles specifically instructed the group to deny the president any information about MJ-12 or their knowledge on the grounds that he was not authorized to see any documents or share information., a response we are certain that encouraged him to vow to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. In any event, he set in motion a series of bureaucratic plays to pry loose the information.

The DCI issued the following undated and unsigned memo to the MJ-12 distribution which among other matters included the following statement.

…As you know LANCER [Kennedy] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow…
These 2 details regarding date and signature form the basis of the main critique against the documents. However, they have been forensically corroborated as being of the period in question – namely Kennedy’s presidency.

However, we do know that Kennedy was formally rebuffed in the matter of a briefing after he made his request in June 1961. So it seems reasonable that this memo in question may have been drawn around that time.

As part of his bureaucratic maneuverings, Kennedy launched a diplomatic initiative with the USSR for joint space exploration which required that the CIA furnish not only NASA but several other federal agencies, along with the USSR, the MJ-12 files on UFOs.

Although Khrushchev initially rejected the proposal, by November 12, 1963 he changed his mind, telling his son at one point that there could be economic advantages to shouldering the costs of space exploration. Kennedy also sent a Top Secret memo to McCone instructing the CIA to carry out his orders regarding the sharing of files.

The following excerpt from Tab H of a 9 page memorandum retrieved from the fire:

Draft, Directive Regarding Project ENVIRONMENT. When conditions become non-conducive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further, the weather is lacking any precipitation (misspelled as percipitation in memo) ... it should be wet
At least 2 authorities, Dr Robert Wood and Dr Michael Salla, have interpreted this paragraph of the memo to indicate that Washington – ie. Kennedy – should be wet – ie murdered.

There is some vagueness about the identity of MJ-1. Although we believe that most interpret it to be Allen Dulles or John McCone depending upon the date of the memo, there is also reason to believe that it may be Nelson Rockefeller since he was the alleged head of MJ-12. For now, we assume that it is Dulles – whether in his official or unofficial capacity.

The author of the memo is asking for a response by October for approval to proceed with plans, which again is interpreted as the murder of John Kennedy.

We know that the murder was set in motion no later than April 1963, so perhaps this memo is a last minute gate check before committing to the project. Clearly Kennedy’s persistence in gaining access to the MJ-12 files was beginning to become a craw in the MJ-12 group’s backside. Kennedy’s attempt to regain the control which Eisenhower lost over the secret society would be rebuffed by force if necessary.

We recently published information relating to tapped telephone conversations involving many of the same members of MJ-12 capturing the discussion of Kennedy's assassination, although the evidence is admittedly 2d hand at best.

We also acknowledge that other factors contributed to Kennedy’s demise, so we are not advocating that MJ-12 was the sole cause, but it may well have been the necessary cause.

We have noted some weaknesses in the documentary evidence implicating Dulles and Angleton in the murder, but we believe that it is fully consistent with other evidence and analysis showing that the Military Industrial Complex was the authority for the coup of 1963. We remain convinced that Rockefeller, Dulles, and Angleton were the chief sponsors of the murder.


Michael E Salla, President Kennedy’s deadly confrontation with the CIA & MJ-12 over ET/UFO X-Files, nd, accessed 4/1/2014,

Linda Moulton Howe, JFK MJ-12, 2008, accessed 4/1/2014,

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