Sunday, August 31, 2014

Murdering Dorothy Hunt

A few folks still remember the shocking December 8, 1972 announcement of the crash of United Airlines flight 553 carrying the wife of Watergate burglar E Howard Hunt. What most Americans did not realize at the time was that she was murdered.
One of the few who recognized that criminal elements were involved in sabotaging the flight was Sherman Skolnick whose ground breaking research revealed that the crash was no accident. It was actually a carefully crafted murder of dangerous witnesses to the deeds of Washington’s Nazi thugs.
Not that Dorothy was a saint. She and her husband were a CIA couple, like the Clintons, albeit on a more modest scale. According to Skolnick, Dorothy outranked her husband in the agency. Although the story of her death has been told ably by Skolnick and others, we add some additional insight which we have not seen elsewhere.
The main narrative starts with Howard who, in legal jeopardy for the break-in at the Watergate hotel, began making noises about being an assassin and gathering a following in the press. At the same time, he began sending messages to the White House that he needed money to keep his lips tight and sealed, but giving the fake altruistic reason that he needed to take care of the financial needs of him and his conspirators.
Does anyone think that Howard was really blackmailing the president – especially over the Kennedy murder?
Well, the answer is yes. He was further enmeshing Nixon in Watergate but that was not the real story. Nixon did not have prior knowledge of the break-in and was yet a few months away from his “cancer on the presidency” encounter with Dean. The only thing Hunt had on Nixon was “the whole Bay of Pigs thing” – ie the Kennedy assassination, in which Nixon was sheep dipped. Hunt was pretending to expose Nixon in the murder, which he indeed could do because Nixon was compromised and a cutout for the real assassins as we explained in our article on Operation 40, the Bush led assassination squad created by the CIA on Nixon's orders when he was Vice President. But that is the giveaway. Hunt would have never turned coat on a CIA operation in which he was heavily involved. But Nixon didn’t know that – he was implicated by insinuation in the operation.
The Nixon White House received the message loud and clear which prompted a meeting at one point between White House counsel John Dean, another CIA operative, and Nixon. They discussed the need to raise the money and how to do so.
Although a figure of 1 million or more dollars was bandied about, Nixon assured Dean that the money could be raised. Indeed it could when you have millionaire backstabbing friends like George Bush. Nixon enlisted the aid of Bush who in turn went to his longtime business and CIA partner Bruce Leidtke, a co-founder of Bush’s CIA front company Zapata Oil.
Bruce fronted the money through Felix Rodriguez, another important CIA figure, who then conveyed the money to Dorothy Hunt. From there Hunt wound up on flight 553 along with CBS reporter Marcia Clark and some gas company executives from Omaha, one of whom told his wife that he had explosive irreplaceable documents of a very political nature.
The flight took off for Chicago, but rather than landing at O’Hare as scheduled was oddly routed to Midway not far from where the plane crashed after exploding at tree top level. Within minutes of the crash, nearly 50 FBI agents were circling the plane and site even though its field office was 12 miles away. It’s not every flight crash which is greeted with a 50 man FBI team. Upon arrival at the airport, the FBI confiscated the flight tape from the control tower.
This event alone is the smoking gun of a murder. Skolnick reported that there were survivors including Dorothy Hunt. But the FBI’s job was to murder survivors since they needed to recover the bribe money and to permanently ensure the silences of those pesky witnesses.
The newsfakers in the press reported initially that Hunt had 50,000 USD on her person, but she in fact was carrying 2 million USD in various instruments as subsequent investigations would reveal.
It is quite evident to us that Hunt was murdered to recover the money, because Nazis don’t pay bribe money to anyone. But here the story gets crazier, and we advise readers to reach for their tin hats; veterans reach for it instinctively.
Hunt’s son Saint John has stated that his parents were on the verge of divorce prior to Watergate, but that Dorothy decided to stand by her man. At this point we conjecture that Hunt was framing his wife. Dorothy was not the blackmailer – Howard was. So why didn’t the Firm try to murder him instead of his wife? It was because he was on their side – and Dorothy was so much excess baggage.
Hunt’s role was 2 fold: to further ensnare Nixon in Watergate and to murder his wife. He maneuvered her into the position of bagman from which Bush, Leidtke, and Nixon were determined to recover the 2 million USD. Many of you are saying that this is a preposterous notion. But we remind you that CIA executive Cord Meyer participated in the murder of his ex-wife Mary Meyer. Hunt was following suit in a rather clever plot.
As Bush’s one time case officer, we are certain that Hunt and Bush were conspiring together to achieve multiple aims.
There is other evidence of murder. Nixon appointed close aide Egil Krogh Under Secretary of Transportation for the divisions investigating the crash. He appointed his assistant Alexander Butterfield to head of FAA, and another aide, Dwight Chapin, was appointed a senior executive of United Airlines. Anyone who thinks these personnel moves were coincidences is a few lights short of a Christmas tree.
The investigation discovered high levels of hydrogen cyanide in the pilots and passengers which in conjunction with the explosion guaranteed a crash.
The flight had interesting passengers not the least of whom was CBS reporter Marcia Clark who had been probing various persons with knowledge of Watergate. More significantly were some natural gas cooperative executives who were the target of anti-trust investigations who, having discovered damning documents related to Watergate and Attorney General John Mitchell’s dropping of anti-trust charges against an El Paso firm which profited Mitchell handsomely, decided that they had leverage in obtaining relief. These small time players were no match for the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Supporting our contention that the FBI murdered survivors is CBS Network News’ vehement demands that Ms Clark be cremated against the determined wishes otherwise of her family. The mortician who handled her body was very shortly thereafter murdered. It is our opinion that William Paley, longtime CBS CEO was personally involved in the murder or its cover-up.
In 1974 Chuck Colson went on record stating that he thought the CIA sabotaged the plane, but no one took him seriously.
Finally, Skolnick reported that Dick Gregory, a White House enemy, was strenuously pressured to board the flight. Fortunately he exercised sound judgment in rejecting the offer.
In summary the flight was planned as a giant clean-up operation to eliminate blackmailers and to rid Hunt of his wife. We acknowledge that some aspects of our thesis are quite controversial, but there can be no controversy that the passengers were targeted for murder by Richard Nixon, John Mitchell, George Bush and Bruce Leidtke. We add to that list for good measure and sound reason Everett Howard Hunt, murderer and scumbag extraordinaire.
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Fukushima Radiation Levels Explode on US West Coast

Most Americans - like good cows and sheep - had zero to miniscule knowledge of the Fukushima nuclear disaster which struck Japan in 2011. This same herd does not know that the US West Coast has been bombarded by massive levels of nuclear fallout and radiation orders of magnitude higher than public health officials tell them.
George Washington of Washington's Blog has recently reported that the levels of radioactive cesium are 100 to 1000 times higher than originally predicted, and 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 times greater than before the attack on the Fukushima nuclear facility.
This radiation, cesium-137, has a half life of 30 years, but Washington reports that the Savannah River National Laboratory has stated that the effects of Chernobyl with persist for 180-320 years. The inference is that Fukushima is a much greater disaster than Chernobyl, and hence its effects will be much longer.
We must caution readers not to be lulled into a false sense of complacency from the half-life numbers. Just because the half-life is only 30 years - enough to decimate 2 generations - does not mean the health crisis has faded. The levels of radiation at the half-life point are still toxic and lethal - especially given the vast quantities poured into the atmosphere, oceans, and soil.
Radioactive cesium accumulates in fish and animals, and thus will continue to pollute the food system with deleterious effects on health for centuries to come. Not only are living organisms affected, but so is the soil, which makes grains and vegetables a source of radiation, especially on the West Coast, the source of enormous amounts of fruits and vegetables.
Most people around the world believe that Fukushima was a  freak accident consequent to the tsunami which hit Japan in March 2011. However, that is a bogus half truth. The immediate problem is that the nuclear plant, with heavy construction input from Westinghouse, was built faultily, the product of significant briberies and kickbacks to avoid having to repair  serious construction defects. If the money had been spent to build the plant properly, it would have most likely survived the assault.
But the real cause of the nuclear holocaust was the Bush Crime Syndicate which used nuclear devices placed under ground in the Pacific Ocean to launch the tsunami. The Asian press reported the tsunami as such based upon scientific data collected by various measuring devices on both sides of the Pacific. There was no indication whatsoever that the tsunami was natural. On the contrary, the evidence indicate a massive explosion at the source of the tidal waves.
The reason for the attack was the US' paranoia over Japan's drifting away from its colonial imperialism and building closer ties with China, the consequences to the dollar as the reserve currency, and the balance of power in the Pacific. However, US foreign policy is not made by Americans. Rather the Rothschild dynasty and its colony Israel rule the United States. Since the Rothschild-Israeli axis is a genocidal murderous cabal of hyenas, destroying a nuclear facility along with its lethal effects on biosystems is all part of a day's work.
The impacts on the US West Coast will be enormous. Radiation based diseases such as cancer will rise dramatically. Washington's Blog made very clear that modeled effects of the fallout versus measured effects have been wildly different, with the latter being much higher than the former. As an example, actual radioactive cesium levels were 500 times higher than estimated on the West Coast.
The implications to the US are staggering. As people on the West Coast start to realize the effects on their health, more than a few of them will decide that it is time to leave. That will greatly dampen the price of real estate in California, and further undermine the financial house of cards which is the state government.

Japan, for all practical purposes, is finished as a nation. Its demographics were already strongly against it, but the impacts of radiation will make functioning as a leading nation nearly impossible. It is already lumbering under the Keynesian shackles into which Washington placed it in 1989. Its economy has barely budged for 30 years.
We are only in the beginning phase of this colossal manmade catastrophe. While the pandemonium we predict is not yet here, the following years will vindicate our assessment.
George Washington, Fukushima Increased Cesium Levels 100 to 1,000 Times Worldwide ... and 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 Times On the U.S. West Coast, Zero Hedge, August 29, 2014, accessed 8/31/2014,

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The One Minute Chronicle: Traitor McCain Enjoying His Stay at a Real Hanoi Hilton

 McCain with Vietnamese captors. (Veterans Today)
Senator John McCain is portrayed as the grizzled Vietnam War survivor who triumphed over a long harrowing captivity in Hanoi. The truth is that McCain is an American traitor.
Veterans Today frequently publishes a picture of the young Ziocon in Hanoi enjoying a pleasant afternoon tea with his alleged captors. His sufferings are rather minimal - if no more than enduring some overdone crumpets.
The truth of the matter is that Vietnam was a staged war instigated by the CIA as we copiously described in an earlier article on the subject. The former military editors of Veterans Today see McCain as a weasly traitor.
We see him in worse light. The ziocon war monger has never seen a war or foreign meddling he didn't like, with his strident bellicosity in overthrowing the duly elected government of Ukraine a not so subtle endorsement of ziocon traitor Victoria Nuland's grand plan to wipe out the Ukrainians.
Our firm belief is that McCain's involvement with Vietnam was that of an intelligence operation involving the betrayal of American locations in Vietnam to enable the war to continue on and on. We despise McCain as a murdering, treasonous, scumbag.

His war hero hagiography is as contrived and artificial as that of Bush Crime Syndicate capo George Bush, Sr. And his involvement in Vietnam was no more risky than that of AWOL George Bush Jr.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Little Sumpin' About Operation 40

Operation 40 is a group about which very few Americans know, but its formation represented a watershed in American history, and led directly to the US coup of 1963.
Until the time of Castro, Cuba was the great offshore play palace of the wealthy, especially for those with organized crime connections. When the corrupt and brutal Batista regime unraveled in the 1950s, the CIA knew that it must not let a good crisis go to waste. It sought the services of a young firebrand, Fidel Castro, who played upon the people's suffering under Spanish and corrupt native rule.

Castro himself would rival Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao T'se Tung as butcher without peer, operating under the aegis of the CIA.
The CIA installed Castro as a foil in a larger game of strategic conquest, served by a bagman named George Bush. The agency was not about to lose control of the island, and its offshore torture chambers in Guantanamo. Indeed, if Castro really wanted to antagonize the United States, he would have allied with the Soviets to expel the American presence even with as many complications as that move would have entailed.
During the late 1950s, Nazis Allan Dulles and Prescott Bush, George Bush's father, conspired with a man J C King to write a letter complaining about the loss of property and generally deteriorating conditions on the island as a way to goad the United States to protect US business exploitations of the Cubans.
His letter of December 11, 1959 reached Dulles who took it to the National Security Agency (NSA) for action. Vice President Nixon, DCI Allan Dulles, Admiral Burke, Livingston Merchant of the State Department, and Gordon Gray were among the key action officers who heard the case and proposed that the government use "alternative means" for dealing with the Cuban problem. As Eisenhower's personal representative at the NSA, Nixon wasted no time in authorizing a group to bring about "regime change" and to "protect" American interests.
The group was known as Operation 40, but could never be requested of Congress, much less the American people, as it was authorized to engage in criminal activities, mostly murder, to sabotage the revolutionaries in Cuba. However, the CIA was not really sabotaging Castro because he was on the CIA's payroll. The group also had very little to do with Cuba, at least after Bay of Pigs, as it was needed to assassinate Americans who interfered with CIA activities.
Nixon, who was raised to national elected office by Prescott Bush, asked George Bush and Allan Dulles to head the group, with Bush taking the lead in fund raising, and Jack Crichton, a Texas oil man, as close associate.
Bush and Crichton in turn worked the members of the Texas based 8F Group to raise funds since Congress was not even aware of the new assassination program. Lyndon Johnson was one of the very well known members of this establishment but secretive group.
Among Bush's recruits was David Ferrie, Lee Oswald, David Morales, Frank Sturgis, and Barry Seal, all of whom played prominently in the assassination of Kennedy and/or other CIA crimes such as the Mena Drug cartel which financed CIA activities from the 1960s to the present.
Dulles appointed Tracey Barnes to initiate the Operation 40 Group in January 1960 with a launch meeting which included E Howard Hunt, Frank Bender, Jack Esterline, and David Atlee Phillips, all of whom would contribute mightily to the murder of Jack Kennedy.
The first order of business was to foment a counter-revolution in Cuba, but that was a half baked affair which failed miserably, and was never intended to succeed, because Castro was on the CIA payroll.
The group's next assignment was Bay of Pigs, for which George Bush of the CIA, along with Felix Rodriguez, professional murderer and scum bag, commuted between Houston and Miami weekly, no doubt ferried by David Ferrie or Barry Seal, to recruit Cuban ex-patriates for Brigade 2506, which would eventually be slaughtered by Castro. But no matter, it was all for show anyway.
For what it's worth Ferrie worked for Eladio del Valle.
To augment their numbers, crime boss Frank Roselli, and a young Porter Goss were recruited, the latter of whom would assist Bush in the 9/11 attacks.
The failure of Bay of Pigs provided the impetus to turn Operation 40 into a counter intelligence group because the paranoia of the CIA waxed hot in the risible belief that domestic traitors sabotaged its success. And who was the number 1 traitor? President Kennedy, of course.
After the Bay of Pigs flop, a planned one at that, Operation 40 came under the auspices of the CIA's as Domestic Affairs Division, a domestic terrorist group with an ostensible mission of taking out Castro, but with a real mission of murdering the president of the United States.
By November 22, 1963, Operation 40 was a battle hardened cohesive unit ready to take on its biggest challenge by staging a coup against the United States of America. George Bush was in Dealey Plaza with Jack Crichton, contributing his part to the assassination plot by taking his Operation 40 team to the Dal-Tex building where the assassins delivered either of the shots to the president's back or head - possibly both.
Thus Nixon's enduring legacy was the destruction of the United States by refusing to defy Allan Dulles' demands for a shadow government. But Nixon was in bed with Dulles and Prescott Bush in their grand scheme to take over America by destroying its Constitutional character, and governing with shadow entities with no accountabilities to anyone but themselves.
Nixon knew of Prescott's and Dulles' collaboration with the Nazis during World War 2, a fact which he uncovered through highly sensitive documents he obtained shortly after the war while working in the Navy. The pact between Nixon and Dulles was to promote the Nazi agenda  through secrecy and illicit power.
The unleashing of Operation 40 opened the flood gates of Murder, Inc, which operates to this day as a component of the totalitarian state, wreaking murder and mayhem at will.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nixon, Watergate, and JFK

New evidence has emerged tying together Nixon, Watergate, and JFK. While we are not yet certain that Nixon was a principal player in the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, his presence in Dallas was no accident.

The latest evidence involves the notorious CIA hit man Bernard Barker of Watergate fame, one of the arrested burglars at the Watergate Hotel on June 17, 1972. While the newsfakers in the CIA controlled media have gone to great lengths to portray the burglary as a bungled, incompetent affair, it was anything but. The CIA does not send people to burglarize hotels without cause.

It turns out that Barker was also present in Dealey Plaza, behind the famed grassy knoll, at the very moment when Kennedy was shot. In fact Barker was one of the shooters. We believe that his shot hit the president in the throat.

Dallas Police Department officer James Tague was one of the bystanders of the ambush who was hit in the face by a ricocheting bullet fragment, probably from the Dal-Tex building or the jail house where another Dallas Police Department thug or a Dallas County sheriff was squeezing shots at the president.

At least 2 people - and in fact many more - saw a suited man behind the fence of the grassy knoll handing a rifle to a "railroad" bagman who disassembled it for carriage back to the CIA. Tague reported that Sergeant Harkness identified the shooter as Bernard Barker.

Corroborating his story is the deaf-mute man, Ed Hoffman, who saw the same events and people from his position on the Stemmons Freeway. Thus is it is a certainty that there were assassins behind the fence of the grassy knoll, and that the trigger puller was Bernard Barker.

We now have one strong tie between the Kennedy assassins and the Watergate break-in. We also have a very strong tie between the CIA and the murder of Kennedy, as well as to Watergate.

Nixon also had strong connections to the murder, although one could argue, perhaps tendentiously, that he was yet another patsy. Our view was that he was an accomplice. It is laughable to contend that the powerful Bush and Rockefeller protégé, and maybe stooge, was in Dallas on company business with Pepsi, out of the blue. The more reasonable explanation is that Nixon, or his handlers, specifically planned for the meeting in Dallas because he and they knew that a president was going to be murdered.

Nixon's ties to the assassination come from a group known as Operation 40 which was a CIA thug group involving Cubans, created by Nixon when he was still vice president. Its real managers were George Bush and Allan Dulles, both of the CIA. Bush was the leader of Operation 40, the group positioned in the Dal-Tex building which created Kennedy's back wound, or his second head wound.

So why did Barker show up 9 years later, along with fellow murderer Frank Sturgis, to rob the Watergate? The most likely explanation is that the scum felt that the Democrat National Committee chairman, Larry O'Brien had materials related to Operation 40 and/or the JFK assassination. Thus they needed to get the evidence before it fell into the wrong hands.

Nixon later used threats of exposure of the Kennedy assassination to coerce the CIA into covering up Watergate, and rightly so. After all, Watergate was a CIA operation. In the end, Nixon was overpowered and lost his power struggle, an outcome which could be interpreted to mean that Nixon was being patsified in Dallas; yet he knew more than was good for him.

The triangle is unbroken - with Bernard Barker identified as one of the assassins, we have the finger prints of the CIA on the murder of the century.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Genocide in Gaza

Rather than write a lengthy essay documenting the genocidal murders of the Satanic state of Israel, we thought we would post a comment from an Israeli sniper who openly boasts of murdering children.
The following paragraph is from Veterans Today, 8/12/2014, author Kevin Barrett, 9/11 Probe Closing In On Israel
On the very day I wrote my article about Israel’s policy of intentionally mass-murdering children, Israeli sniper David D. Ovadia posted a picture of himself with his sniper rifle on Instagram boasting: “I killed 13 childrens (sic) today and ur next ***ing muslims go to hell bitches.” Rather than prosecuting this war criminal, the Israeli media and authorities are making a half-hearted effort to cover up the crime – just as they did with the more than 600 sniper murders of defenseless children documented by British Medical Journal in 2004.
The Jewish military and civilian government have done absolutely nothing to reprimand this action. Why? Because they are the very entities who encouraged and authorized it. This soldier was acting under orders.
These foul, vile, subhuman pukes in Israel are the very reason we wrote our own article, Three Reasons to Annihilate the State of Israel.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Remember the Murrah Building

The destruction of the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK on April 19, 1995 was covered up as quickly as it happened by the same crowd which produced 9/11. We have uncovered shocking facts which most Americans have never learned and could scarcely fathom concerning this false flag attack on the United States by foreign and domestic traitors.
In studying the actors involved in the crime, it is very clear that the finger prints of George Bush, Jeb Bush, and other elements of the Bush Crime Syndicate cover the crime scene, but they were ably supported by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, and a bevy politicians such as Oklahoma governor Frank Keating, brother of the crook Charles.
We will require 2-3 articles to fully plumb the depths of this conspiracy by an entrenched cabal of traitors, but this opener will skim some of the extraordinary facts of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Let's start with motive. The Murrah building had become a repository for documents substantiating the many criminal activities of the Clintons, including the Whitewater development scam, the innumerable financial scandals, drug crimes, and murders all directly and indirectly associated with the Clinton Crime Family. The easiest way to destroy them was to destroy the building housing them.
With the motive, it was not at all difficult for the BCS to recruit the Clintons, especially since Bush, Sr was the Rockefeller/Rothschild satrap who ruled the country anyway. He intentionally threw the election to Clinton, so it was simply a matter of back scratching to murder babies and adults.
But there were other primary motives, such as vilifying the militia movement, a fact which William Colby admitted in a letter to attorney John DeCamp prior to the former's murder in 1996. While we are glad that the mass murderer was murdered himself, the former CIA director had a problem with candor which made some of his fellow criminals a bit uneasy.
But the real payback from the event was the passage of anti-terrorist laws which efface the Constitution, a document which the perpetrators - the Bush and Clinton crime families - despise.
We would be remiss in overlooking the role of Israel and a gaggle of foreign agents which they brought into the country to plan and execute the crime. If you think that Timothy McVeigh or Larry Nichols committed the crime, you err.
The story that fertilizer could demolish a structure such as the Murrah building - or any other for that matter - is sheer science fiction. But this theory has become the Magic Bullet Theory of the OKC Bombing. The complicit and completely treasonous news media pound this story relentlessly, just as they do the drivel from the Warren Commission Report. The reason is that every single one of them is a traitor.
The fact of the matter is that powerful demolitions attached to center pillars of the building by BCS mechanics caused the building to be blown up from the inside out, a fact which demolitions expert General Partin has pointed out repeatedly. But even the general has understated the case. The demolitions were not ordinary explosives, but rather low grade nuclear devices, the weapon of choice for the BCS.
Finally, we discovered strong evidence that the government's patsies - McVeigh and Nichols - escaped unharmed from legal jeopardy. Timothy McVeigh was not executed. He acted through a fake execution staged on national television because stupid Americans needed a show trial to make them feel good. But the truth of the matter is that McVeigh was wheeled out the back of the execution chamber, and taken to Montana where he underwent plastic surgery to alter his appearance, and to have his finger prints changed. Whether or not the latter is possible we are still investigating.
There are numerous parallels to the 9/11 attacks which demonstrates the continuity of strategy of the BCS-Mossad attacks on America. Most notably nuclear weapons were used in both attacks to destroy central structural pillars. Foreign mercenaries were used to do a lot of the dirty work, and as always, the terrorist state of Israel was the leader in the activity. We note that in the intelligence world, Mossad is the senior partner under direction of the Rothschilds, while the CIA takes its orders from Mossad.
There is much more to develop, but if you don't know any more about the US-Israeli attack on America, commit these facts to memory.

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9/11 2.0 Is on the Way

Recent pronouncements and specific reliable sources have caused us to conclude that another attack on the United States is in the planning stages, and will take the lives of 100-200,000 Americans and illegals in a nuclear assault.
The first announcement came from former vice president Dick Cheney who directed the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Cheney has made his rounds, especially on Fox News Network, warning of another imminent attack. If anyone would know about impending doom, it is the draft dodging Cheney.
It is important to understand that Cheney, along with Donald Rumsfeld, Rudolph Giuliani, George Bush, Sr, George Bush Jr, Wirth Walker, and other elements of the Bush Crime Syndicate planned and orchestrated 9/11. The documentation is extensive supporting the allegations, which documentation we do not have the space to rehearse. It is imperative that residents of the United States take great care in heeding the monster's words.
The second announcement came more recently when ISIS - the joint Israeli-American terrorist organization invading the Middle East - announced an attack on all US interests world wide. This warning was confirmation that planning had entered its final phase, and that a slash and burn march on America was in the works.
Finally, one of our reliable sources confirmed that planning for another 9/11 is indeed in progress and will replicate the first attack on orders of magnitude. Replication does not necessarily refer to an attack on New York City or iconic landmarks, but rather the use of nuclear weapons.
The attacks of 9/11 - either on the WTC or the Pentagon - did not involve airplanes. The news media cooperated with the Bush Crime Syndicate to broadcast the faked images showing airplanes implanted in the WTC. Projectiles did hit all buildings, especially the Pentagon, but they were not Boeing 747s, 777s, or 727s - or any other airplane. Anyone who has modified a picture with Photoshop could understand the technologies used to deceive us with fake televised images.
The buildings were blown up by nuclear devices of at least 4 kilotons. Early in our investigations we were deceived into believing that nanothermite was the destructive substance which blew up the central pillars of the building, but we have since learned that it is not sufficiently powerful to do even a fraction of the damage observed. Those still adhering to the nanothermite theory are either behind the times, or part of the deception to defraud Americans. It turns out that particulate iron was the byproduct of the nuclear explosions, meaning that we and others had confused cause and effect.
Our sources inform us that 100-200,000 people will be murdered by the Bush Crime Syndicate, CIA, JSOC, and other elements who work for Mossad and Rothschild Satanists. Indeed, the leading actor in the 9/11 attacks was Israel, the number 1 terrorist state on the planet. Israel is a colony of the Rothschilds, and has iron grip control on the United States. If you think that we are describing the tail wagging the dog, you are correct. The relatively small rudder of a ship is an extremely powerful device.
Although we cannot state the place or time of the attack, it will be the continental United States, and it is at most a matter of months - not years - before the assault occurs.
As for motive, the impetus comes from the British royalty who despise people, calling them "eaters" as the Satanic Prince Phillip did recently. The oligarchs seek 1-2 billion reduction in world population, permanent war, and total control of all life.
Voting for either Republican or Democrat will worsen the effects of martial law. The Social Security Administration has ordered billions of bullets to be used against Americans during a brutal regime change. "Obama" has been purging the military in Stalinist manner, leaving only his sock puppets in place.
Some may accuse us of fear porn, or other childish pejoratives, but the evidence is coming in consistently that 9/11 2.0 is on its way.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chronicle Update: Mary's Mosaic

When we reviewed Mary's Mosaic, the book by Peter Janney chronicling the life of Mary Pinchot Meyer and her murder on October 12, 1964 in swanky Georgetown, we heaped upon it great praise. A couple of years later, its author has provided an update on his ongoing investigation into Ms Meyer's murder.
One of the elusive figures in the Meyer murder was a man known as William Lockwood Mitchell who came forth at the time of the murder to implicate Ray Crump as the perpetrator. Crump, like Lee Oswald, was a man who had been groomed as a patsy for a murder he did not commit. The Washington, DC police worked feverishly with the CIA to railroad Crump through as the murderer of Meyer, a plot which failed due to the spectacular performance of his defense attorney.
The facts against Crump told otherwise. The CIA, including Wistar Janney, Ben Bradlee of Washington Post fame, James Angleton, and Cord Meyer, Mary's former husband, were involved in the murder of Mary because she was getting too close to the truth about John Kennedy's murder. Clearly the CIA was involved, but Mary was too credible and too well connected to let roam as a freelance investigator.
While writing the book, which took Janney over 3 decades to complete, he expended significant effort trying to locate and develop the character of William L. Mitchell. He was a graduate of Cornell University in 1962 during which time Janney speculates that Mitchell was recruited by the CIA. Subsequently, he was allegedly an instructor at Georgetown, a well known CIA front for hiding spooks. Unfortunately Georgetown said that it had no record of Mitchell.
One of the more disconcerting discoveries of Janney was that in all of the 5 years Mitchell was at Cornell, only one school picture was ever taken of him, a precaution his handlers most certainly took to assure his anonymity and usefulness in future assignments.
Even more interesting is that Mitchell was in the US military, yet absolutely no records of him can be found. Mitchell also was allegedly a Fulbright scholar, but as in previous cases, no records could be located for his alleged studies at the University of London or participation in the Fulbright program.
Janney eventually discovered Mitchell in California where he had risen as an associate professor of business administration at California State University East Bay during the 1970s-80s.
During the 1972-73 academic year, William L Mitchell became evermore known as Bill Mitchell, a move which Janney speculates as camouflage for his original name which was too closely identified with the Meyer murder. In addition to a name change, Mitchell obtained a new social security number, a tactic used frequently by the CIA to hide people, just as it provided a stolen number for Bari Malik Shabazz in the 1970s.
Janney finally located Mitchell in 2012 and paid him a visit at his home in California only to be greeted with a stern dismissal when Janney asked to speak to him. His brother James Mitchell likewise refused any contact or discussion with Janney.
With the help of attorney William Pepper, the man who has fought valiantly to reveal the government's role in the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr, Janney filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Mitchell, who by now is in his 70s.
The case was still in adjudication as of last year. Mitchell is clearly a person of interest in the case, not because he was a witness against a patsy, but because he is an accomplice to murder, who in our estimation should be tried for the first degree.
Perhaps a measure of justice can still be obtained for Meyer, and if so, for John Kennedy as well. However, the CIA will fight tooth and nail, just as it did against Jim Garrison, to prevent the rendering of justice in the agencies' multitude of murders.

Peter Janney, JFK: The Assassination of America (Conference), JFK: The Assassination of America 3 of 6 by Peter Janney, Santa Barbara, November 2013.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Inner Man

Steve Berry reignited interested in an ages long theory that Queen Elizabeth I ( 1533 – 1603 ) was in fact a man. We believe that the theory has merit and are inclined to accept it, as we have our own case of a man in drag in the person of “Michelle Obama.”
It is this latter case which gives us plausible affirmation to deviate from our American chronicles to consider the case of fraud in British history. In fact we have another article on deck discussing another royal deception to bolster this one.
For those who have internet searched this subject, we do not have any new factual details, but we assemble the evidence in its most cogent form. And while we admit that smoking gun evidence is unavailable, the counter arguments are equally flimsy. One writer wrote, for example, that surely an autopsy would have revealed the truth of the matter. We would point the reader to the word surely to evaporate the essence of such argumentation – it is surely sophistry at its best.
Part of the justification for the thesis is its persistence throughout history during which the subject stirs anew, under the principle of where there is smoke there is fire. For example, Berry points to Bram Stoker, author the Dracula story, who wrote about Elizabeth’s deception in his book Imposters, though neither affirming nor denying it.
He in turn based his story upon the discovery in the early 18th century of the remains of a finely dressed child in Gloucestershire who could not have been a local resident. The citizens of Bisley have for centuries dressed up a boy as a girl to celebrate the event of a boy being impressed into royal service as its future queen.
The original occasion for the deception was the death at about the age of 12 or 13 of Elizabeth, the surviving daughter of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the ill tempered Henry VIII. Fearing that the returning father would fly into a vengeful rage, something for which the King is well known, upon the discovery of his daughter’s death, the princess’ attendants, Catherine Ashley, and Thomas Parry, conspired to conceal her death by dressing up a boy as the king’s daughter. Later, during her reign, Elizabeth elevated them to positions not commonly given to individuals of their stations.
While it may seem most implausible that a father would not know his own daughter, one has to recognize that royal family relationships were frequently distant with children being sent hither and yon while the parents attended to affairs of state or of the heart, or lust.
With Henry’s poor health, and the rapid changes associated with adolescence, it is entirely plausible that Henry would not have noticed the substitution. In addition, Henry’s concern for Elizabeth was quite disdainful, for he had at one point disinherited her. In short, there seems to be no love lost between the two, meaning that familiarity under these conditions would have been superficial.
The primary issue which instigates the speculation about gender is that Elizabeth refused to marry, thus ensuring the demise of the Tudor dynasty, a thought considered absolutely sacrilegious among royalty. History is replete with monarchs attempting to ensure succession, Elizabeth’s alleged father being a prime example.
Therefore, her abandonment of the prime directive of royal hereditary continuity indicates strongly that something was not right with Elizabeth.
Some researchers have noted a marked difference in the development of Elizabeth, citing her dramatically changed prose which suddenly shifted from dull to florid. Her royal instructor, Roger Ascham, noted that she had the mind of man, rather than that of a woman. Perhaps the great accomplishments of Elizabethan England were the handiwork of a man’s mind rather than that of a woman’s.
Elizabeth was also known for her athletic capabilities which far surpassed not only all of the royal women, such as in horseback riding, but even besting many of the male courtiers. It also seems out of place in the gender conscious medieval world that a woman would have such a heart for hunting as did Elizabeth.
Contemporaries and historians alike have noted that Elizabeth governed more as a man, with her own confession, that she had the heart of a man, sounding a blaring concession to the truth. Some attribute this phenomenon more to a strong woman than to true masculinity, but this is only conjecture or excuse making. On its own, it doesn’t prove anything, but we would aver that only a man can think and act like a man.
Berry also notes that Elizabeth’s portraits were carefully managed, with a preference for a youthful Elizabeth throughout her long reign. But one characteristic we note in the paintings is a distinctly non-feminine mystique. Elizabeth grows grizzlier over time, something which not even her heavy make-up and wigs can hide. We note that her hair recedes in a masculine fashion, due of course to male baldness.
Elizabeth also refused to allow doctors to examine her below neck – what was she hiding? Her courtiers were never allowed to see her undressed or without her heavy pasty makeup. She always wore high frilly collars to hide “her” Adam’s apple. While high collars were the fashion of the time, they served well to conceal evidence of masculine anatomy.
Finally, Elizabeth ordered that no embalming or funeral be performed, a final act in maintaining the big Lie of her 45 year reign.
While individually each of these details could be explained as innocent, non-determinative facts, we believe that taken as a whole they create a strong case that Elizabeth was really a man.
However, there are reasonably strong arguments against the case. One such argument against Elizabeth being a man was her relationship with Robert Dudley, about which many rumors swirled, and have persisted based upon her surviving correspondence with him. On the other hand, was it a cover or a groundless event whipped to great lather? Or, even more sinister, was it a homosexual relationship?
Finally, what is one to make of the scenario which takes a country Bisley boy who turned out to be the equal of any royal? Is it reasonable? Most would say not.
Ultimately, the only way to settle the debate is to examine the bones of Elizabeth. Should they prove to be those of a man, it would be another example of history’s deceits, and the conceit of the arrogant British royal family which claims that it has an unbroken line of royal blood. Barring any conclusive evidence, we are strongly inclined to accept the theory that Elizabeth was indeed a man.

National Geographic, Secrets of the Virgin Queen, 2010, accessed YouTube 8/8/2014
Christopher Stevens, Is this proof the Virgin Queen was an imposter in drag? Shocking new theory about Elizabeth I unearthed in historic manuscripts, Mail Online, June 7, 2013, accessed 8/9/2014

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Meet Julian Assange, Limited Hangout Artist

Julian Assange created waves when he appeared a few ago threatening to expose secrets of the oppressive statist governments which rule the world. It turns out that he is nothing more than a limited hangout artist sponsored by the Rothschilds.
We admitted that we were quietly optimistic that Assange would reveal enough information to awaken Americans from their endless, hopeless, stupor, but we were disappointed. We were also disappointed that more revelations were not forthcoming from the self styled renegade intelligence connoisseur. However, we finally discovered his links to the Rothschilds, dispelling the mists of optimism for truth telling.
An interesting video published by TheGetjiggy on YouTube reveals the connections of Assange to Jewry and the Satanic Rothschilds. In a remarkable moment of candor and truth telling, the video refers to Evelyn Rothschild as "This piece of shit" earning our confidence about his story.
The producers document the elite and powerful Rothschild owned law firm Fox Rothschild, LLP as the firm which owns the United State Senate which in fact obeyed Rothschild's demands to deliver TARP funds to bail out Rothschild financial interests in the wake of the planned Lehman Brothers attack in 2008.
So after a lot of rambling, the producers show that Jemima Kahn, who through lineage is a Goldsmith, which family is tightly intertwined through marriage to the Rothschilds, used the Fox Rothschild law firm to over turn a ruling from a British judge to shutdown Assange's website leaking information.
At the same time, the Rothschild owned The Economist gave its New Media Award to Assange in 2008. Also, Mark Stephens of Finers Stephens Innocents, an advisor to the Rothschild firm Waddesdon Trust, was lawyer for Assange.
And to tie it all up, we have learned from Veterans Today that Julian Assange is a great admirer of genocide artist, murderer, and butcher Benjamin Netanyahu. So we have Rothschild family and agents defending Assange, and Assange who is a great admirer of an Israeli mass murderer who is head of state of the Rothschild colony of Israel. It seems that the circle is unbroken.
One of the interesting points of the Assange affair is the degree to which the Rothschilds have access to American - indeed worldwide - government secrets and cables. Assange was sent forth to put all governments on notice, particularly the American, who was boss, and one of those oligarchs is Evelyn Rothschild.
The other point of the Assange affair was to create a fake hero of the people, to throw them a bone to satisfy their outrage at the criminal enterprise which is the Rothschild Empire. This wicked web of satrapies is served by a skein of constituents including the Rockefeller Nazis and Bush Crime Syndicate, to name just a very few.
At the end of the day, Assange was a messenger to world leaders to instruct them to fall into line, especially the Americans. And so they did when they passed TARP, and have ever since.
Who Are You? [May be viewed on YouTube]

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Real Reason Bush Invaded Iraq

While most Americans believe that the invasion of Iraq was incited by concerns for weapons of mass destruction, that is only half of the story. To paraphrase Paul Harvey, we will tell you the reeest of the story.
As way of background, and according to the CIA controlled media, the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003 to avenge the attacks on the World Trade Center, and to punish Saddam Hussein for his use of chemical weapons.
Chief propagandist for the Bush Crime Syndicate, Colin Powell, went on stage to declare his phony, fabricated evidence that Iraq was a terrorist state hell bent on unleashing Armageddon before its time through the use of WMD. When American troops arrived, they could not find any weapons of mass destruction. They may have a found a buried airplane or 2, but they did not find any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons - at least according the CIA controlled media.
Poor old murderer George Bush took a lot of heat for lying and contriving reasons to invade Iraq. Well it turns out that he wasn't lying. Jim Willie has revealed startling news from his sources, one of whom worked for Halliburton during the mid 2000s, that he was in Iraq gathering every single chemical weapon he and his comrades could find.
Why were they gathering these weapons if none existed? Was it due to concern for Hussein's wicked ways? Don't be so foolish. The Bush Crime Syndicate staged the attacks on the World Trade Center at the direction of Israel. Indeed the Israelis were euphoric over the event because it meant that US military power would be under its control to accomplish their genocidal agenda for the Middle East. So it is impossible to conceive of Bush having any concern for Hussein's alleged wicked ways.
The reason that Bush invaded Iraq was to round up all of the chemical weapons - as well as any others - which his father had sold to Hussein because they all bore Made in America labels. Hussein was a long time crony of the BCS, whom the CIA - ie BCS - installed as dictator of Iraq in 1979. As long as Hussein did our bidding, including a hokey invasion of Kuwait in 1990, he could do whatever he wanted in Iraq.
However, Hussein overplayed his hand when he decided to sell oil in Euros. This action posed a grave threat to dollar dominance, and the shaky house of cards which is US finance. Because Hussein threatened the dollar, he could not be trusted to keep secrets about the BCS supplied weapons with which he was abundantly and generously supplied.
Thus Bush, Jr, with direction from Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both of whom were part of the Hussein junta, went into overdrive to invade Iraq - not to liberate the country which they left in shambles, but to sweep up evidence of Bush connections to the arms deals they cut under the table with Hussein during the 1980s and 90s.
There was also some ill feelings regarding the attempted assassination on Bush, Sr after he left the presidency, for which the BCS sought revenge.
The entire 9/11-Iraq escapade has been one long dirty lie for which stupid Americans have fallen prey. The destruction to the lives of American soldiers sent to fight on a nuclear battle field for corrupt and wicked regimes in Washington and London proves the contempt Americans have for their citizens. The contempt infests both the hooligans in Washington and Wall Street, but also Main Street where Americans happily send their children to fight Mammon's wars.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Murder of JFK and the Massacre of the USS Liberty

More details of the wanton attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 have emerged showing that not only did Israel engineer the entire event, but that traitors in the US government were responsible for jointly planning it with Israel.
The United States has been lying about the massacre of the USS Liberty, a communications spy ship, which was attacked on June 8, 1967 during the Jewish war of aggression against Egypt and Syria. It has claimed that the attack was one of mistaken identity, a matter which should be dropped among friends.
There are several problems with that lie – namely that Israel is a sworn enemy of the United States, a country which it uses to accomplish its genocidal agenda of wiping out people who are its enemies – and everyone is its enemy. As Israeli leaders have stated time and again, Israel is always at war, and "everyone is our enemy." Hence ever since World War 1, Jews have attempted to wipe out all great powers, particularly Germany and Russia. They have already destroyed the United States, a nation whose sole purpose is to realize the genocidal dreams of the Jews who have lacked the abilities themselves to wipe out their enemies.
So not only is Israel an enemy of the United States, the proverbial sheep in wolves’ clothing, but the attack on the Liberty was intentional, planned months in advance by US and Israeli military and intelligence operatives, proving that a powerful minority – if not majority – of American politicians are the fifth column which has destroyed it. This operation was known as Operation Cyanide.
It is well known that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, the man who made the body bags from Vietnam flow like a river, and President Johnson himself, ordered the commander of the USS Saratoga, Captain Joseph Tully, to recall the fighter squadrons he had dispatched in response to mayday signals from the Liberty.
We previously reported that US aerial reconnaissance monitored the bombardment of the ship, but new evidence has emerged showing that at least 1 US Navy submarine was monitoring it as well, information which the authors of our reference background material uncovered by happenstance from Lieutenant Jim O'Connor, an American traitor who knew about the treasonous operation and is now thankfully dead. The submarine, USS Amberjack, also took photos, which may still exist showing the activity during the Israeli attack.
But the question always returns to why. Johnson was a lifelong Semitophile, who may well have been Jewish on his mother’s side. As we have shown with genetic science elsewhere, most Jews are in reality Khazars – a gentile people who adopted Judaism in the 8th century. Johnson arranged for the illegal importation of around a 1000 Jews escaping Germany prior to World War 2, but the problem with that story is that Jewish and Gentile banksters under Rothschild dominion were creating that war ex nihilo.
So Johnson had long standing relations with Jews who were also inordinately supportive of his presidency and war in Viet Nam, but he also was beholden to them because of blackmail. It was the Jewish mob and Mossad who were the driving powers behind the murder of President Kennedy who insisted upon inspecting Israeli development of aggressive nuclear weapons at Dimona. The Israeli ambassador threatened Kennedy in a private meeting which included Robert Kennedy, the president’s brother and US Attorney General, that interference in Israeli affairs would result in personal consequences to the president.
It was easy enough to find Kennedy enemies in the United States, especially when crypto Mossad agent James Jesus Angleton was pulling strings. Johnson went along with the plan because the Jews bailed him out of his many impossible political and legal problems, which were on the verge of sending him to prison, by murdering the president. We believe that Robert’s plans to expose Johnson in a Life article the following week was the precise trigger which prompted the assassination, and the point at which Johnson agreed to the coup.
Thus when the Israelis planned their attack on Egypt, they realized that they would never be able to conquer the nation, so created a ruse to ensnare the United States by sinking the USS Liberty. Johnson realized that he would have major problems on his hands if he refused.
While Lloyd Vance implies that the original plan called for a light strafing of the ship which would then be used as the pretext to attack Egypt, we insist that the original plan was to sink the ship, largely based on knowing the minds of psychopaths, and knowing that loose lips sink ships – survivors were unwelcome.
A further complication was the mass murder of Egyptians in the Sinai by Israeli troops. The Liberty had undoubtedly picked up Israeli military communications, discovering that Israelis were butchering people left and right, just as they are doing in the Gaza strip today.
So the attack on the USS Liberty was a joint US-Israeli operation intended to murder as many Americans as needed to create a pretext for the US to enter the Israeli War of Aggression, 1967. It failed, saving the world from all out nuclear attack, an outcome which Pentagon war mongers were anxious to realize in a war with the USSR. Had the attack succeeded, Vance shows that America’s generals were prepared to use the nuclear option.
Not only has a gross injustice been served against the survivors who have sought explanation, and possibly an apology, but it proves yet again the treachery of the Jews and their stern determination to destroy the United States – or at the very least to make it a compliant servant in Jewish genocidal ambitions. We wish the alert true Americans that traitors and psychopaths never show remorse. The US government will lie until it is ended.
But there is one last terribly important secret: Israel is the colony of the Satanic Rothschilds. Thus behind the treachery of Israel lay its puppet masters.

Partial List of Traitors

Lyndon Johnson (US President)
Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense)
Walt Rostow ( Special Advisor to Johnson )
Ralph Steakly (General)
Foy Kohler (301 Committee)
Cyrus Vance (Deputy Secretary of Defense)
Rufus Taylor (Admiral)
Mathilde Krim (Irgun terrorist, LBJ whore)
August Hubal (Commander of Amberjack)
William McGonagle ( Commander USS Liberty)

Lloyd T Vance, Steve Johnson, The Truth About The USS Liberty Attack, nd (2010)

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