Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kennedy Murder Solved!

We are elated to present at long last the trigger man who murdered President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The man who murdered the president was William Greer.
We admit to waffling on the matter of Greer’s involvement in the murder of Kennedy. At times we have identified him as the trigger man; at other times we have marked him as an accomplice. Information we have pieced together in the past has been reinforced emphatically by Doug Horne whose prodigious 5 volume series, Inside the Assassination Records Review Board, provides the nail in the coffin of Greer’s guilt.
Not only did Greer bring the presidential limousine to a complete halt on Elm Street, but he fired the 45 caliber pistol which ended the president’s life. We had previously surmised that he stopped the limousine in order to give the assassins a clear shot at the president, but we were too generous to his involvement. Greer stopped the vehicle because the assassins – all 6 of them – failed to murder the president. So stopping the vehicle, Greer pulled his nickel plated pistol and shot the president from his position in the limousine.
We believe that this explains why Mrs Kennedy left the vehicle, fearing that Greer would murder her next. The pictures seen in the heavily redacted Zapruder film may give the impression that she was attempting to retrieve skull matter, or help Secret Service agent Clint Hill onto the vehicle, but we believe that the real reason for her actions was self preservation.
When Hill entered the vehicle, he faced a 45 caliber pistol, a statement he made in testimony to the ARRB. In a secret video which has not been released to the public, but one which Horne was allowed to view, an Air Force 1 steward testified that Hill told him that he heard gunshots fired from within the limousine and that a 45 was pointed straight to his [ie Hill’s]face when he leapt aboard the presidential carrier from the rear.
Hill himself testified to the ARRB that he heard 3 pistol shots fired from within the limousine. This testimony was corroborated by other witnesses, including 2 standing on the overpass who heard the same gunshots, with one witness testifying that it was a 45 caliber weapon.
Further substantiation came from Nurse Bertha Lozano who smelled gun powder on both Kennedy and Connally as they were wheeled into Parkland Memorial Hospital, confirming that a sniper's bullet did not kill the president.
Hugh Betzner testified in an affidavit to the Dallas Sheriff’s department on November 22, 1963 that he saw a nickel plated 45 caliber weapon in the hands of someone from within the vehicle. Jean Hill, standing only a few feet from the automobile saw plain closed persons returning fire.
Horne also provided important evidence implicating Greer’s car mate Roy Kellerman, Winston Lawson, Emory Roberts, Gerald Behn, Floyd Boring, and Elmer Moore in the murder. Moore was instrumental in forcing the Parkland doctors to accept the fake autopsy produced by Curtis Lemay at Bethesda.
Greer conveniently replaced Kennedy’s previous driver who died under “mysterious circumstances” a month prior to the trip to Dallas. We firmly believe that he was murdered. Prior to joining the Secret Service, Greer worked for Henry Cabot Lodge, even living on his estate. Lodge is the man who was behind the murder of South Vietnamese president Diem, a belligerent act which infuriated Kennedy.
Greer was a high school dropout from Northern Protestant Ireland with close ties to Lodge. Lodge in turn was connected with Nixon. With this information, plus other evidence, we are now firmly convinced that Lodge and Nixon were co-conspirators in the murder of President Kennedy.
While Greer pulled the trigger, he by no means was the principal in the plot. The movers and shakers behind the coup of 1963 were people like Lodge, Nixon, Johnson, Dulles, Bundy, Harriman, Bush, and many other murderers who hide behind the respectability of wealth and hauteur. These men are nothing but criminals who should be vilified for the rest of time.
We can now rest our case in the murder of the president. Greer is guilty of killing Kennedy, but he was nothing more than that pesky string which, when pulled, unwinds the cheap suit revealing the naked crimes of the rich and powerful.
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