Saturday, June 29, 2013

Edward Snowden, Last American Hero

Although the Nazi High Command is ferociously attacking Edward Snowden as a traitor, we applaud him as one of the most heroic figures since General Smedley Butler exposed the real reason for America’s wars of imperial aggression, namely Wall Street avarice.
Enemies of Snowden have been fierce, calling for his death. Nazi Dianne Feinstein called for the death penalty; Skull & Bones John Kerry called him despicable; Nazi Lindsay Graham vowed to chase him to the ends of the earth.  What was Snowden’s great crime, you may ask? He revealed that the United States government has the most massive spying program in place since Adolf Hitler. Or more to the point, he spoke the truth.
For this the 30 year old man has fled for his life, as CIA and other Bush Crime Syndicate elements are plotting to murder him. The United States government revoked his visa making it improbable that he will escape his capture in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport transit zone, a leg on his speculated journey to Ecuador where he was believed to seek political asylum.
Snowden is playing the guilty rape victim. You know – it’s the woman’s fault because she dressed a certain way, walked a certain way, looked a certain way to provoke her assailant. In like manner, Snowden has exposed the vast criminal enterprise of the United States government and every member of Congress has stepped forth to demonize him. They must do so in order to hide their crimes about which Snowden has spoke, the very least of which was the incident in Switzerland where US agents got a Swiss banker drunk in order to obtain secret information from him. Force is the tool of barbarians.
The spying on Americans is entirely illegal and orders of magnitude greater than J Edgar Hoover or Richard Nixon ever thought of doing in their wildest flights of fancy. Even Hitler would be green with envy over the absolute complete control which the NSA, an element of the Bush Crime Syndicate, has over America’s information network.
As Wired magazine reported last year, massive data centers in Utah siphon every last bit of data which flows across the internet. Every telephone conversation, email, text, and twitter is held forever on deposit by the Nazi data centers in order to destroy anyone who dares dissent against the Nazi regime. And when it doesn’t flow across the wire, corporate whores such ATT, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and other Nazi elements provide the information for free. Your bank is following suit.
For exposing this truth, we applaud and praise Edward Snowden, man without a country, but hero with a cause. God Bless you, Mr Snowden.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The One Minute Chronicle: How News Fakers Lie About National Income

The state controlled media have presented for decades a picture of rising affluence in America, but as with most of the information they report, it is distorted and mendacious. Although real incomes in the USA have been declining since the Nixon administration,  we present their current state in this One Minute Chronicle.
Newsfakers love to publicize broad averages in order to avoid arousal of suspicion that things may not be as rosy as believed. We thank the Occupy Wall Street movement, which was brutally crushed by US government forces, for raising the issue of income disparity in the United States.
The following table summarizes the state of income distribution for 2010:

USA Population ( 000s)
USA Employed (000s)
Personal Income (000s $)
Top 10% Employed (000s)
Top 10% Income (43% of Personal Income)
Top 10% Per Capita Income
Bottom 90% Employed (000s)
Bottom 90% Income (57% of Personal Income)
Bottom 90% Per Capita Income
100% Per Capita Income (USA Employed)
100% Per Capita (USA Population)

While we are not advocating class envy, we do note that the well published numbers - the last one in our table - do not document the true nature of income dispersion. We also encourage you to set aside the nonsense that you should accept lower wages for the benefit of shareholders and corporate profitability. Labor is in no way, shape, or form inferior to capital for indeed labor precedes capital.
We also realize that incomes are disparate for many reasons, including much part time labor which constitutes 90% or so of the jobs created since the engineered crash of 2008.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weighing In On Climate Change

Global climate change has been a contentious topic going back to at least the 1970s when pop scientists and their journalistic hangers-on warned of an impending ice age. The latest hysteria involving global warming – just a scant decade or two later suffers from even worse politico-scientific terrorism.
There are two aspects to the war which must be recognized to discern the motives of the global warmers. The first is the science. Is there global warming, and how does one know if one has it? How significant is it, and what are its impacts? Even more interesting is, what is causing it? The transitional question leads to the second aspect of equally grave consequence, to wit, if the world is undergoing global warming, what does one do about it?
It is this last question which puts us most at odds with the globalist Nazis who, as North American MOSSAD Director Rahm Emmanuel once said, “Never waste a good crisis.” The Nazi elite are forever manufacturing security scares in order to justify ever more totalitarian government. When a mayor declares that merchants may no longer sell beverages of a certain size, as Mayor Bloomberg recently did, you know you are governed by Nazis. And we, by the way, believe that the Mayor was absolutely correct about the toxicity of the poison which Coca Cola, Pepsi, and other sweetened drink vendors hawk.
We take the position that even if long term global warming is in progress, government is not the solution. There are some problems even too big for big government. As American history has shown over the past 100 years, big government is the Agent Orange to civil and productive life.
Before delving into the scientific data, we observe that climate change is usually not sudden, and that if it is there is precious little one could do about it. Sudden intense volcanic activity in the Mediterranean during the early Middle Ages had a significant effect on weather and health, but the best response would have been evacuation of the area if the eruption could have been predicted. So how do you plug a volcano?
Our other observation regards causality, scientific method, and time. With weather and climate change occurring continuously over ages and eons, it is impossible for a (quack) scientist to make any causal inferences about cause and effect with a few years' worth of data - to say nothing about direction of the trend. A few years is noise on the planetary timeline. The attempt to isolate causality requires control of significant variables which is at best unlikely and at worst a fool’s errand. We endorse the scientific inquiry into climate change provided that it respects the Scientific Method, and does not substitute coincidence for causality.
We would also add that destruction of the planet’s eco system to enrich the bank accounts of Wall Street banksters is a vile act of rape which should be regulated or controlled. In particular, all deforestation of the Amazon rain forest should stop immediately pending a better understanding of its role in the planetary ecosystem. And that could take decades or more.
Finally, we note the supreme hypocrisy of many global warming terrorists, with Al Gore the leading example. Mr Gore has been observed riding around in large Sport Utility Vehicles and purchasing large homes consuming large amounts of energy. This fact alone demolishes the urgency or significance of the global warmers.
So what does the evidence show about global warming? In ‘Game changer’ – Antarctic melt due to warm water, not air temperature, Antony Watts reports that in a comprehensive study by University of California (Irvine) funded by NASA, the Antarctic ice mass which did melt is largely attributable to water temperatures rather than to atmospheric temperature change. Now that information hardly demolishes the global warming thesis inasmuch as the debate shifts from the atmosphere to the waters. But the difference is more than nuance and completely different than with what we are brainwashed.
More fascinating is that the Antarctic ice mass grew between 1980-2010 according to the University of Colorado National Snow and Ice Data Center. In an article entitled Antarctic Sea Ice for March 2010 Significantly Greater Than 1980, Admin of Global Warming Hoax reports that both the mass and concentration of ice grew roughly 14% and 30% respectively. The warmers have claimed that the Antarctic is disappearing. The evidence seems to refute the thesis.
Now having said all of this, our evidence does not prove that there is no global warming – only that no evidence for it has been produced in the area of the Antarctic, one of the favorite places the warmers point to. If there is global warming, we need stronger evidence, and we will follow the facts, not the politics or agenda of control.
Climatology is too broad a topic to be considered in short blog posting, so we will continue to post our findings. We caution all to follow the scientific method, discern between coincidence and causality, and avoid bombastic rhetoric – even though some might consider our labels of the warmers hypocrisy. Perhaps so, but we are impatient with knee jerk responses to complex problems – especially in areas where time is measured in eons and ages, rather than months and years.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The One Minute Chronicle: A List of Known American Nazis

Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog recently published on Zero Hedge a list of government officials who defended the spying program of the Nazi leadership in Washington. He documented Kieth Alexander blatantly lying before Congress when he told the legislators that the NSA does not spy on Americans.
Of course, technically Alexander is correct because the NSA farms out its spying contracts to other organizations who do the dirty work.
Most chilling of all is CIA Nazi Gus Hunt who stated that the CIA captures all information and retains it forever.
When economic analyst Jim Willie spoke about the validity of Nazi passports in European courts, we were shocked. We suspect that many on the list below have such passports of privilege.
If you thought you had privacy, you are a fool. If you think that the Nazis are not spying on you, you are a fool.

The list of Nazis:

Barack Obama
Speaker Of The House John Boehner
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham
U.S. Senator Al Franken
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell
U.S. Representative Peter King
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden
White House press secretary Jay Carney
Dianne Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee
Gus Hunt, the chief technology officer at the CIA: "We fundamentally try to collect everything and hang onto it forever."
Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency
NSA director Keith Alexander
Deputy White House press secretary Dana Perino
U.S. Senator Saxby
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton
Senior spokesman for the NSA Don Weber


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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Commemorating the Third Reich

Such is the power of propaganda that Americans believe that the United States won World War 2 and in so doing defeated Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. On the contrary, the Third Reich is alive and well.
To understand World War 2, one must understand the politics of finance. War and finance go together like a horse and carriage; Bush was told by Satan, you can’t have one without the other. One of our correspondents reported a documentary describing a visit George Bush, Jr. had with the Brazilian President when the former held office. He advised the Brazilian to start a war since it is good for the economy. This was the lesson which the plutocrats wished to foist upon America about the Great Depression and World War 2.
They turned coincidence into causality as a means of positively associating war with prosperity. The banksters had prolonged the depression in order to time the war for this lesson. It is a reductionist application of the broken window theory, quackery which was demolished in the 19th century but revived for the 20th century fool.
But war cannot be waged without finances. Thus all significant American wars have been financed by cheap money in order to sacrifice lives in useless causes. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in order to finance American involvement in World War 1, to say nothing of the enormous transfer of wealth it presaged from the poor to the rich.
After conquering Germany in World War 1, the West, led by the Americans, imposed crippling terms on the vanquished in order to pave the way for an hysterical tyrant. Anyone would do, but it so happens that the banksters stumbled upon Adolf Hitler, a low rent corporal from World War 1, failed artist, and future mass murderer.
For anyone to think that such a person could rise to the top of the political heap without a guiding hand is a bit naive. Hitler was financed by western banksters who saw opportunity in his ascent, particularly Henry Ford who hated Jews more than he hated anything. So enamored was Hitler with Ford that he patterned Mein Kampf after Ford’s writings and proudly displayed a picture of Ford in his office for years until it embarrassed his benefactor.
Antony Sutton has documented the links between Wall Street and German financial powers who funneled money into Hitler’s cause. Hitler was completely impossible without Wall Street and German money – the kind that grows in monopolies and merchants of death.
We reported some of his findings when we wrote about the Chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey who openly supplied oil to the Nazis throughout the entire war and was found guilty by Congress. We assure you that it is the height naivety to suppose that Farish was acting on his lonesome. Standard was and remains a Rockefeller phenomenon. We are not fooled by the idea that it was simply the love of money which motivated Farish to supply his favorite dictator with much needed oil.
When the war ended, the plutocrats were as much in control as ever. While they failed in their attempt to exterminate Jews, they took the lessons of the war to devise more effective strategies for dealing with democracies such as the United States. Toward that end, they officially established the Central Intelligence Agency, and imported thousands of Nazis through Operation Paperclip, criminals who assumed important positions in American government.
The plutocrats murdered a president because Nelson Rockefeller always wanted to become president without an election, as Winthrop Rockefeller’s ex-wife testified in court. Since November 22, 1963, the Citizens of the World have had a firm grip on the US presidency.
The plan to establish the Nazi state rocketed into orbit on September 11, 2001 when the Military Industrial Complex leaders, a group which includes the Rockefellers and Bush Crime Syndicate, staged an attack on American soil in an adaptation of Operation Northwoods, first presented to Kennedy by General Lyman Lemnitzer in 1962.
The gimmick worked and America has been at war fighting the CIA’s bogeymen ever since. Manifestations of the Nazi state have been observed in the grossly named Patriot Act, the destruction of the Occupy movement, and most recently the march again Monsanto, a core member of the Nazi movement. The march against this purveyor of disease was occasioned by people realizing that genetically modified foods (GMOs) have been an evil experiment on humans without their consent and with highly deleterious consequences.
The state controlled media blacked out this story even when major demonstrations all over the world called upon Monsanto – the proud maker of Agent Orange – to stop the propagation of these deadly foods. Facebook forcibly removed references and links to information about the march in full contempt of freedom of speech and to show their authority as a Nazi overlord.
The most flagrant signs of the flourishing Nazi state come from the current administration which has used the IRS to attack Americans, uses ATT, Facebook, Google, Verizon, Boeing, and other corporate behemoths to spy on every aspect of Americans’ lives, funneling the information into computers whose capabilities defy most people’s abilities to comprehend.
Americans live in a Nazi state - the Third Reich of their forefathers - and think that their ability to buy lottery tickets and watch Dancing With the Stars is a sign of freedom. Freedom ended on their television watch.
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

William Greer Murdered President Kennedy

United States Secret Service Agent William Greer ( 1909 – 1985 ) murdered President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza while working under orders from the Rockefeller cabal which engineered America’s first coup d’├ętat.
The evidence has been hiding in plain sight though heavily encumbered by faked evidence occluding the testimony of the physical evidence. One of our correspondents, Michael Gordon, an inveterate researcher into the Kennedy case, has uncovered a book published in 2010, Murder From Within, which lays out the case against Greer.
The book was originally published by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams, who were also its authors, when they found that the state controlled media would not handle their explosive book. You can tell a million lies without notice, but don’t ever get caught telling the truth.
The story relies upon 8 years of research by the men beginning in 1966 when Edward J Epstein’s article questioning the fraudulent Warren Commission Report provoked Newcomb, a professional photographic expert, to dig deeply into the case.
Their results are astonishing with Dealey Plaza being one, but not the only, focal point of the action. The drama began with a stray shot fired from one of the many shooters and assassins ringing the Plaza, a signal to open fire. The second shot came from behind the fence on the grassy knoll which hit Kennedy in the throat. Jackie Kennedy looked to her husband to ask what was wrong as the President clutched his throat.
At about the same time, John Connally (1917-1993), sitting by the limousine’s right window behind Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman, turned to his right to watch the president, most likely because he wanted to witness the President’s death. At the moment Connally was facing the President, Jackie abruptly stared at Connally for an extended period. The reason for this strange attention to the Texas Governor was because he was reacting – and quite verbally we imagine – to a point blank gun shot fired straight at his back. Two other stray shots from the Dal-Tex building hit the limousine windshield and windshield frame.
When Greer, the President's Secret Service driver, realized that the President was not dead, he used his pistol to murder Kennedy point blank from the front at which point Jackie paniced and attempted to escape the murder mobile only to be rebuffed by Clint Hill shoving her back into the limousine. At least two more stray rifle shots were fired. Greer suddenly acceleratesd to Parkland Memorial Hospital where they press the doctors quickly for a death certificate in order to swear-in Johnson as president.
Meanwhile, the bubble top of the limousine is installed so that Secret Service agents can immediately wash down the interior of the vehicle to scrub it for any evidence.
At Parkland Secret Service agents secured every phone in order to prevent anyone from calling out to report news. The Secret Service also commandeered the body in order to whisk it back to Washington for a fake autopsy and removal of any forensic evidence showing a frontal head wound.
While at the hospital, the Secret Service also spread the rumor that an agent has been shot so that it could assert federal jurisdiction over the entire Dallas area in order to claim the slain president's body. Under Texas law, any murder on Texas soil is strictly the jurisdiction of the state. Secret Service agents threatened reluctant doctors with murder to relinquish the body, thus concluding the coup.
Much of this narrative contradicts in key places points we have made previously. Although we have long advocated a frontal shot, we had assumed that it took place by a trained sniper near the Stemmons underpass. Even with high powered scopes, this maneuver is difficult against a moving target, one reason why Greer stopped the president's vehicle. However, when the other assassins failed in their attempts, Greer had to stop the vehicle to murder the president.
When we reported earlier the overwhelming evidence supporting an altered Zapruder film, we thought the reason was to obscure the frontal assault. While the CIA was only partially successful in that task, the main reason for the alteration was to remove evidence of a stopped vehicle, and to omit any evidence of Greer’s treason by regicide. The Zapruder film sustained serious corruptions, something which the original developers have testified to Douglas Horne.
While the Secret Service was an organic part of the coup, they were still under operational direction from the CIA, which in turn is the operational arm of the Rockefeller Nazi syndicate which rules the country through its fabulous wealth.
We were skeptical of Greer’s guilt at first – not because he was not a murderer – but because of the audacity and lack of evidence for such a case. But the surviving evidence shows his body movements to be in concert with the head shot to Kennedy and explains how both Connally and Kennedy were shot at so quickly.
When Connally was in the hospital, he ordered his state security to guard his room and the building and to allow absolutely no Secret Service agents near. When he yelled in the limousine that “they are going to kill both of us,” he knew the plot since he was extremely instrumental in luring Kennedy to Dallas and to the kill zone. Thus we ponder why the revolutionaries wished to murder a co-conspirator.
This explanation of John Kennedy’s death is breath taking, but it fits the most facts. If anyone is still looking at Oswald as the assassin, we invite him to apply for a timeshare in our deluxe bridge stretching from here to Shangri-La.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The One Minute Chronicle: Nixon, Bush, and Ruby

Much has been made of a letter written by Jack Ruby to Congressman Richard Nixon in the 1940s, but new evidence has underscored the depths of Nixon's association with organized crime and the Mafia.
Not only do we see Prescott Bush with a young Nixon, but we see Jack Ruby sandwiched between the duo of criminals. This evidence cements the ties of Nixon with the criminal underworld, allegations which would surface periodically over the years, especially with such characters as Bebe Rebozo during the dark days of Watergate.
Nixon was a tool of the Bush Crime Syndicate from the moment Prescott engineered the defeat of Congressman Voorhees of Calfornia in the 1946 Congressional election. See the link below for a photo of the three men. Ruby was more important than a small time underworld figure. He was a faithful errand boy for whatever his plutocratic masters wanted.

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Understanding the Cuban Connection

New information from a couple of independent sources writing about Castro’s Cuba has caused us to re-evaluate the conventional wisdom of Cuba as an adversarial state. We now believe that it was an American vassal state used to stoke the Cold War in order to keep the Military Industrial Complex greased.
Most Americans have been told endlessly that Castro was an evil fiend who tried to murder presidents, threatened our national security, and spread the destabilizing ideology of communism in the United States. The problem with this story is its falsity.
One of our esteemed authors, Joan Mellen, has written The Great Game in Cuba, where she tells the story of struggle between the Castroites and the Cuban patriots who sought to restore a democratic and free government on the island nation. While we cannot go into the details, we have learned from it that the Central Intelligence Agency pretended to befriend the freedom fighters, but in fact betrayed them treacherously and frequently whenever their aspirations showed any promise of success.
This betrayal raises the distinct question of why? The answer is simple – namely that the CIA is a creature of the Nazi Rockefellers and their plutocratic cohorts who valued Cuba as an ostensible enemy to keep fear of the Red Menace alive.
Some will object that while the Cubans were not the central threat, their ally the USSR was a very credible threat. But this is also nonsense. The USSR was controlled by Wall Street and witnesses report of numerous meetings at the Kremlin where Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger were present – not as observers – but as active participants and directors of Soviet affairs.
Thus when the Soviets came to Cuba, it was under Rockefeller auspices. Antony Sutton wrote extensively about the presence of American capital in the Soviet Union, especially Ford Motor Company, all throughout the Vietnam era. The Soviets and Ford were manufacturing military vehicles for the North Vietnamese.
The Cuban Missile Crisis was pure theater. Even though American generals truly wanted to strike the Soviets with nuclear missiles in 1962, there was no chance of that happening with the Rockfellers in control.
Bush Crime Syndicate don George Bush, jr counseled the president of Brazil to start a war because it was good for the economy. Indeed war has been good to certain families, such as the DuPonts and Rockefellers, but it is an unmitigated disaster to the economy and to ordinary people. The broken window theory of economic growth is voodoo economics in its most obscenely twisted form.
The point is that the Bush Crime Syndicate is in league with the Rockefeller Nazis about whom we have previously written of their support of Hitler all throughout World War 2.
So Cuba simply created a pretext for war and fear. This is why Jesus spoke of wars and rumors of war. It is the rumor of war which the American Nazis have used to motivate unprecedented military expenditures which in turn are used to subjugate the tax paying populace.
Another author, Lamar Waldron, has reported in his book on Watergate that the real plan of attack in the Bay of Pigs was to assault the US Navy base at Guantanamo. When the counter-revolutionaries found out about it they refused to sacrifice themselves because they realized that they were being set up. The attack at the Bay of Pigs was never intended to succeed – it was simply a tar pit to ruin Kennedy and, more importantly, to destroy the counter-revolutionaries.
The latter goal was brilliantly accomplished as the Cubans never again posed a threat to the CIA’s Castro. Kennedy’s destruction required a bit more time, but the Rockefellers eventually caught up with him. We have covered extensively the role of the CIA, Secret Service, plutocracy, and other elements of the Military Industrial Complex’s role in the murder of Kennedy.
Regarding Castro’s warped personality, we must assume that he was an MK Ultra subject. The man was a butcher from hell, and gave 6 hour speeches the way some people watch television. The impulse to talk endlessly and ragefully is a sign of a sick man.
Much has been made of Kennedy’s rapprochement with Castro is the waning days of his presidency. There is no doubt that Kennedy attempted to reach an accord with Castro. But this flew in the face of the plutocrats’ wishes for a bogeyman in the Caribbean because peace threatens the financial well being of the plutocrats.
We recognize that much of our analysis flies in the face of the lies spewed by the propaganda press and academia, but it makes the most sense of the facts and lays bare the plans of mice and plutocrats in the land of Murder Incorporated.
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