Monday, April 29, 2013

The Purpose of the Boston Marathon Bombing

It should be evident to those who are not zombies or sheep that the recent Boston Marathon bombings were a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) covert operation to establish martial law and vilify the Miranda Rule.
The Rockefeller Nazis and their Bush Crime Syndicate have worked feverishly since the September 11, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center to establish a total Nazi state patterned after the one they established in Germany in the 1930s.
In the recent Boston episode a 19 year old is said to have concocted an elaborate bombing scheme and required at least 10,000 armed troops to capture. As always, the FBI solved the case in quick order, and voila, you have the crime all solved within a few days. They learned from the Kennedy murder to protract it in order to give the folks at home to play along with the newsfakers.
The greatest theme of the operation was to make a major issue of the Miranda Rule which requires that all suspects be read their rights to have representation and to not make any self incriminating statements. Of course the various Nazi acts have exempted Miranda rights in the event of a terrorist act. So the CIA concocted just such an event to demonize the sacred right.
This leads to the larger issue of presumed innocence. The newsfakers presented the CIA’s position about the hoax to the extent that all of America believes that the 19 year old kid is guilty of this monstrous crime requiring 10,000 highly trained and brutally armed Gestapo agents to enforce martial law – for public safety of course.
The people of Boston took it lying down, as you do when you have an M1 tank ready to blast you and your home away. Martial law is the reason why the Obama government orders far more tanks than the military says that it needs. What the military failed to recognize is that it is an occupying force.
The sad outcome of this sordid affair is that Americans accept the idea that any time powerful people are after someone, then they are automatically guilty. We have lost presumption of innocence. Even the newsfakers stated that the lawyer for the victim would simply attempt to avoid the death penalty.
The Boston operation has all of the DNA of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City bombings, 9/11, and a host of other covert CIA domestic operations. If Americans value freedom and Constitutional government, they must give up the Democrat and Republican parties, both of which are controlled by the same people spreading strong delusion of lies and oppression.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Moon Landing Hoax

Most Americans of a certain age would agree without reservation that the United States landed a man on the moon on July 20, 1969. Unfortunately that belief represents a triumph of psychological warfare and strong delusion.
Saying that the United States did not land on the moon is akin to calling one’s mother a whore on Mother’s Day. Saying so would be the absolute truth about the moon. But saying so would also cost you your life as Virgil Grissom discovered after he spoke frankly about the state of the space mission in 1967.
In an astonishing documentary, Apollo Zero, produced by Jarrah White, overwhelming evidence is presented to demonstrate that the moon landings were giant hoaxes perpetrated not just on the American people, but the entire world.
White traces the origins of the space program to World War 2 after which the United States and the Soviet Union divided the spoils of victory by taking many Nazi rocket scientists to their respective countries. The hatefulness of these scientists and their CIA sponsors helps explain why they burned Grissom and his crewmates alive when they dared to expose the fraud of the space program.
White interviewed many Apollo alumni in their homes, only to find that rage and physical violence greeted narrator Eric Ryan when he challenged the science and veracity of space travel, especially in the case of Buzz Aldrin who punched Ryan in the face when he confronted the former astronaut about his false claims of a moon landing. Another astronaut’s son suggested that his dad call the CIA to “wax” Ryan and his filming crew as they were physically thrown from the house for confronting the lies they were still peddling nearly 40 years later. Clearly the CIA is the leader behind the moon hoax.
So what is the evidence of fraud? One of the most powerful clues is the photographic record which shows scores and scores of lighting, perspective, and artifact anomalies. For example, the planted flag waving in the wind on the moon is something which even a novice could detect. When watched carefully, one can see the rod perpendicular to the pole holding the flag up.
Another source, Jay Weidner, speculates with certainty that famed film maker Stanley Kubrick produced the elaborate trick photography he used in his classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey for the televised moon walks. Weidner shows the Scotchlite screen material used in Front Screen Projection and seen in Space Odyssey as also present on NASA’s films.
Incidentally, NASA claims to have “accidentally” erased much of its lunar film, knowing full well that modern imaging tools could completely unmask the charade of the moon landing. What person would survive destroying witness of mankind's most impressive accomplishment?
Weidner also notes that shadows in NASA pictures from two men allegedly on the moon are at different angles although supposedly lit by the same light source – the sun. Weidner, himself a professional Hollywood film maker, explains that the different shadow angles are easily caused by studio lighting.
Returning to White’s evidence, he provides what he calls the smoking gun in which a camera mounted in the Apollo spacecraft, pointed at the earth, is eclipsed by a man and his hairy arm. The image also has a large rectangular light source which is without doubt man made.
One final note on the images of the moon is that they are all perfectly focused for men who were supposedly walking around in bulky space suits. How would they have operated the camera controls so expertly? Weidner notes that depth of vision is perfect across all distances, something explainable only by a studio production using Front Screen Projection.
Other anomalies abound. One of the most intriguing is the state of technology today versus what it supposedly was during the 1960s. White observes that the highest altitude above the earth which modern space missions have reached is about 400 miles. While the brevity of distance is striking in contrast to the 240,000 miles to the moon, the real issue is the Allen Belt, an electromagnetic force field whose radiation is too powerful for man to withstand for any period of time – to say nothing of the two days required to take the spacecraft through it - which keeps man under the 400 foot ceiling.
Although not mentioned by the documentary, we note that that the spacecraft would have to travel 3300 miles per hour to reach the moon within the alleged 3 days of travel. We cannot produce aircraft to operate at that speed today, to say nothing of 1969, nor can man survive at that speed even in the weightlessness of space.
White points out that the environment on the moon is simply too severe to insulate against, especially with 1960s technology. The surface of the moon would be at least 250 degrees Fahrenheit, a condition which the space suits could not handle. The NASA answer is that the suits were cooled by an air conditioning unit on each of the space suits sporting portable batteries. It is utterly preposterous unless one supposes that the Energizer Bunny was in the backpack operating a treadmill to produce electricity. Oh yes, and batteries supposedly operated the entire lunar module. For those familiar with battery technology, that lie ranks right up there with streets paved with gold in America.
In general, given what we know now about technology and its limits, it is rolling on the floor funny to think that the technology of 1969 could take man 480,000 miles round trip when going 400 miles into space is a great challenge in 2013.  Most Americans are damned lucky to have a car which can go 100,000 miles in Earth's agreeable climate. And to go that distance and live on the moon for 33 hours without a hitch is the most lunatic lie imaginable. Having many years with the software industry, project management, and military training missions, we can say that the likelihood of that outcome is absolutely zero degrees Kelvin.
Regarding the moon rocks, some of those were indeed from the moon as found in Antarctica. Nazi Wernher von Braun visited there in 1966 to find suitable specimens for the moon rock hoax.
After considering Weidner’s and White’s evidence, it is abundantly clear that the United States did not land on the moon. The Apollo craft crashing into the ocean was orbiting the earth for several days until it was time to make a grand splash.
Say it ain’t so, Joe, but say it we must. No one has ever been to the moon.

Apollo Zero, Jarrah WhiteHow Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings, Jay Weidner
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Major Swiss Bank Defaults on Allocated Gold

Jim Sinclair reported in King World News that a friend of his was denied his gold by a major Swiss bank on the grounds of anti-terrorism and anti money laundering schemes. Although Sinclair took the explanation somewhat seriously, he clearly understood that the Swiss bank did not have the gold.
Sinclair is an iconic gold man whose trading days go back to the first gold rush of the 1970s. Paul Volcker, then chairman of the Federal Reserve, asked him to lead the liquidation of the Hunt brothers vast silver holdings in the wake of the engineered silver crash in 1980. In short, Sinclair has superb contacts and insight into the precious metals markets.
This news comes on the heels of our report yesterday (4/22/2013) that the LBMA and COMEX had virtually defaulted on their gold contracts. The Swiss banks have been stealing allocated gold accounts for years, thinking that no one would come looking for his gold.
While this recent development is disturbing, Sinclair reported that the refusal to deliver gold came from the central bank which is up to its eyeballs in criminal activity. We laughed when we read that the refusal was on anti terrorist grounds. The American Central Intelligence Agency is world's biggest terrorist organization and operates al qaeda as a mercenary army to concoct such operations as the Boston Marathon bombings.
The reason is to complete the establishment of the Nazi state. We repeat again our warning to purchase only physical gold and to keep some of it overseas. The US government has numerous concentration camps in operation as Jesse Ventura reported on his television series Conspiracy Theory.
Those who insist upon retaining their Constitutional rights will be hunted as terrorists and murdered without trial by the US government. Martin Luther King, Jr was only one such victim.
Sinclair - Swiss Bank Just Refused To Give My Friend His Gold, King World News, April 23, 2013

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Monday, April 22, 2013

LBMA Defaults on Gold Contracts

While Western monetary quacks have ridiculed gold until their credibility is no greater than what Bill Clinton said of Paula Jones’, the cocks have come home to roost. The LBMA and COMEX have defaulted on their gold contracts, with nary a sign of prosecution for their criminal actions.
Of course there will be no prosecutions because the London Bullion and Metals Association is backed by the same criminal governments which participated in the recent gold takedown. The same holds true of COMEX – the American precious metals exchange.
Most of our dear readers may not know what the COMEX and LBMA are all about, and may not understand the implications of these defaults. There are a number of reasons to be concerned but the two foremost in our mind is that the fiat and fractional currency scheme is under severe stress and the rule of law has been destroyed through the egregious breach of contract represented by the defaults.
Officially there was no default because contracts were settled in cash. But such a settlement is not in the spirit of the contracts and is a breach in material of the agreements.
There is a third reason for concern, namely that the United States has escalated its wars of imperial aggression in Africa, seizing Mali’s gold mines on the heels of seizing Libya’s supplies. We have reported on other military actions in other parts of Africa where the United States is stealing natural resources of once sovereign nations as the US recolonizes Africa.
The criminal bank ABN Amro fired the first salvo when it reneged on gold deliveries to customers who had entrusted their gold with the bank, an error in judgment of epic proportions. Days later, the COMEX dramatically increased margin requirements on silver and gold in a panicked response to the relentless drain on its gold supplies.
Andrew Maguire, a successful financial manager, told King World News on April 22, 2013 that when he advised his clients six years ago to retrieve their physical gold, COMEX reacted with great hostility to his demand for delivery. The reason is that it threatened their solvency and rehypothecation scheme.
JS Kim, writing at ZeroHedge on April 22, 2013, reported the following banksters in attendance at another gold slam hosted by Barry Soetoro, president of the United States, one day prior to the unprecedented assault on the price of gold the week of April 8, 2013.

Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO Goldman Sachs
Jacques Brand, CEO Deutsche Bank
Michael Corbat, Chief Executive Officer Citigroup
Jamie Dimon, Chairman, CEO and President J.P. Morgan Chase
Sergio Ermotti, CEO UBS
James Gorman, Chairman and CEO Morgan Stanley
Gerald Hassell, Chairman and CEO Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
Jay Hooley, Chairman, President and CEO State Street Corporation
Abby Johnson, President, Fidelity Financial Services, Fidelity Investments
Steve Kandarian, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Metlife
Brian Moynihan, President and CEO Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
John Strangfeld, CEO, Prudential
John Stumpf, Chairman, President and CEO Wells Fargo
Jim Weddle, Managing Partner, Edward Jones
Bob Benmosche, President and CEO American International Group
There were two reasons for the destruction of value. The first and foremost was to avail themselves to more gold at huge discounts. Some of the gold went to payoff pesky clients, but much more went into their personal accounts which was the second reason for the slam down.
For those who wonder how the banksters crashed the price, we give you a simple answer. The government sponsored banksters have the privilege of selling gold without having any collateral. And so they sold 400 tons of it without having a single ounce – an operation known as shorting. Unfortunately for them, it did nothing to dampen demand.
Many analysts note that gold is a vote against the fraudulent fiat, debt based, fractional reserve monetary system in place throughout the world. Thus a suppression of the gold price would challenge anyone in that belief  – they hope – from acting on it in the acquisition of physical gold.
Previously, the government had resorted to destroying Peregrine Financial and MF Global to raid its customers’ gold. But that was not nearly enough to satisfy deficits in their gold accounts and their bankster sponsors.
He who owns the gold makes the rules. Gold is going to those who respect it. The United States is drained of its official gold holdings although its government continues to claim over 8000 tons. Fort Knox holds nothing but nerve gas.
We urge folks to own physical gold – the paper traded exchanges will leave you high and dry. They are not to be trusted. We also urge all Americans to retrieve gold from safety deposit boxes. It will be confiscated in the very near future.

Maguire - Elaborates On The LBMA Default & Ensuing Panic, King World News, April 22, 2013
Why the Western Banking Cartel’s Gold and Silver Price Slam Will Backfire - And How You Can Protect Yourself from the Blowback, JS Kim, Zero Hedge, April 22, 203

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Profiles In Murder: Albert Thomas

Albert Thomas (April 12, 1898 - February 15, 1966) is not exactly a household name, but he carved out a place in political trivia as the man who winked at Lyndon Johnson aboard Air Force 1 just after he had taken the oath of office. We believe that Thomas was an accessory to the murder of President John F Kennedy.
Thomas represented Texas’ 8th Congressional district from 1937 to 1966, a district in the metro Houston area. He had become a powerful Congressman assuming the position of Chairman of the House Appropriation Committee’s sub-committee on defense appropriations, a role which enabled him to steer the Manned Spacecraft Center to Houston.
Thomas was a man whom Kennedy needed to court because his support was required to advance his program of space exploration, an important plank in his presidential campaign. Thus when the subject of traveling to Houston came up, word was put out that Thomas was singing his swan song due to the ravages of cancer. His supporters organized a party to honor him, and it was a homage which the president could not afford to miss on both political and public relations grounds.
The men who were guiding the president to Texas needed this hook to guarantee that he would be in Dallas when they wanted him. The men were Lyndon Johnson and John Connally both of whom handled the details of positioning Kennedy exactly where they wanted him in Texas for the CIA kill teams. Connally played hardball with the president’s advisors who endured his insulting and arrogant manner of manhandling them, threatening at one point that he would not participate in the visit if his demands for the selection of Friday’s luncheon site were not met.
When Johnson was on Air Force 1 taking the oath of office after participating in the murder of his boss, Thomas was there to give him a wink after the proceedings concluded. The unspoken message was that they had succeeded in their coup and that Johnson was advancing according to plan.
This gesture was unknown for years until David Lifton published it in his book Best Evidence. Lifton accidentally received the photo from the Lyndon Johnson Library which unwittingly released the image taken by Cecil Stoughton. In a subsequent interview with Lifton, Stoughton expressed shock that he had the photo as Stoughton thought it had been buried in government files.
The Johnson library subsequently “lost” the negative which has not been seen since. The “loss” of the negative was damage control because the wink indeed revealed a story of two collaborators in the murder. The Library would have no other reason to “lose” the negative.
As for Thomas’ illness, he was indeed ill but managed to server more than 2 more years before dying. He played the pity card for all it was worth in seducing Kennedy to Texas just as Johnson maneuvered it through Connally.
In all fairness, we should note that one Kennedy advisor testified before the Warren Commission that Kennedy was fond of the Congressman, so may have been happy to attend the testimonial dinner in the Congressman’s honor. Our suspicion is that the admiration was not mutual.

Inside the ARRB (volume 5), Douglas Horne, 2009

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Profiles in Murder: J Edgar Hoover

There are still many Americans who believe that J Edgar Hoover (1895-1972) was an exemplar of rectitude and solid American values who dedicated selflessly his life to fighting crime. These poor folks have been duped, conned, and deceived. Hoover was America’s First Criminal.
We have reported previously on the legal abuses Hoover used in his early years to wreak terror on his political enemies, so it should come as no surprise to learn that he was a criminal of the first order. One of his biographers – and we apologize for forgetting the name – documented Hoover’s tax evasions which he forced one of his accountants to conceal in false representations on his tax returns.
Hoover also regularly directed government employees on personal errands, including maintenance and improvements on his Washington, DC home.
If these were all of the violations of the law for which Hoover was guilty, we might overlook them in a drunken stupor. But his criminality runs deeper. Hoover had a very cozy relationship with organized crime which explains why he declared in the 1950s that it was not a major problem and that his agency should instead focus more attention on fighting the Red Menace. Indeed it was only after his death that the agency made any noteworthy attempt to break up organized crime, and even then it was probably only an internecine turf war.
Hoover is also well known for his innumerable illegal wire taps and files he maintained on politicians for political blackmail. His voyeurism is quite ironic given his nickname of Mrs Hoover. Perhaps not quite as flamboyant as RuPaul, Hoover had a lifelong love affair with Clyde Tolson, his number 2 man at the FBI – all while he kept a close watch on “sexual deviants.”
But Hoover’s crimes did not end with illegal wire taps. He was eyeball deep in the cover-up of the murder of John F Kennedy. He made remarks to lunch guests once, the son of a man named Byars, that he knew far more about the assassination than he could safely reveal, echoing Jack Ruby’s remarks to Dorothy Kilgallen that if Americans knew what he knew, they would recognize the end of democracy and self-government.
Hoover had many reasons to cover-up if not support the murder of Kennedy. He was living on borrowed time at his job and knew that Kennedy would not waive mandatory retirement if re-elected. He also hated Kennedy’s foreign policy, and other major aspects of his presidency, not the least of which was his boss, the 35 year old Robert Kennedy.
Douglas Horne recounts the story of Gordon Novel who stated that James Angleton, the counter-intelligence chief of the CIA, personally showed him a picture of Hoover and Tolson engaged in homosexual activities – and it wasn’t planning an Easter Parade. Angleton told Novel to use the information to keep Hoover on the reservation – whether by explicit or implicit means.
Finally, when one murder isn't enough, there is always another, this time Martin Luther King. As became evident at the 1999 civil trial against Lloyd Jowers by Coretta King, Hoover ordered the murder of King, using the CIA and US Army assassination squads to ensure the death of another "nigger," Hoover's favorite adjective or pronoun for black people.
Thus Hoover, who boisterously declared that no one would ever make him retire, became a willing participant in the plot to murder the president and to cover-up the crime with endless bales of lies. Hoover was a menace to America who supported its enemies, and covered for the most egregious murderers in American History. Murder is the Hoover legacy.

Inside the ARRB, Vol 5, Douglas Horne, 2009

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Was The Zapruder Film Altered - Redux?

We have uncovered credible documentation confirming that the Zapruder film was altered, thus forcing a revision of sorts to our original conclusion that it had not been modified.
Our opinion was a bit more nuanced. We argued that if the film had been altered, it was not in a semantically meaningful way – meaning that the film clearly demonstrated a head shot from the front – a scenario which the assassins would be loathe to add to the movie if they were claiming a shot from the rear by a lone nut. But this is not to say that significant information was not suppressed.
We can now accept without caveat that the Zapruder movie was altered and done so by the Central Intelligence Agency attempting to maintain the fantasy of a 3 round murder for the Warren Commission which was yet to be announced.
More specifically, the CIA and Secret Service collaborated in developing 2 sets of film – one which was developed in Dallas the afternoon or evening of 11/22/1963, and a separate film which was developed at Kodak’s CIA Hawkeyeworks in Rochester, NY, the home of Kodak’s corporate headquarters.
Doug Horne, Chief Analyst for Military Record for the ARRB from 1996-1999, produced the smoking gun proving beyond doubt that the Zapruder film was altered. Based upon a series of interviews with the film processors at the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center during the ARRB era as well as in 2009 and 2011, Horne acquired the evidence supporting the charge that the CIA altered the film.
Horne discovered that two teams processed film for briefing boards during the weekend following the CIA’s murder of Kennedy. Dino Brugioni, Chief Information Officer of NPIC, led a team Saturday night to create a set, using the camera-original movie, for the Secret Service and John McCone, CIA director. Brugioni described his work product and noted emphatically that it did not match what Horne’s photos showed.
When Brugioni’s team was finished with the film, the Secret Service took it to Hawkeyeworks early Sunday morning to be altered as it was the only facility in the Eastern United States with the capacity to do the type of modifications required by the CIA.
Unbeknownst to Brugioni, another team led by Homer McMahon, chief of the NPIC Color Lab, also created briefing boards the following night using the newly altered film. McMahon identified his work product from the photos Horne showed him.
Members of both teams were threatened by the Secret Service to not talk to anyone, including supervisors, about their work if they were questioned.
During the interviews, each man described a different sequence of events seen on the film. Indeed, Brugioni was shocked when Horne showed him the official National Archive version of the Zapruder film. He noted that the explosions around Kennedy’s head were much more pronounced and vivid, expressing disbelief at the forged film. Brugioni had viewed the original film several times during the night of 11/23/1963 in preparation for creating the photographic prints used on the briefing boards.
The solution to the problem lies in the chain of custody, a subject which Horne addresses in detail. The film shot by Zapruder was sent to the Dallas Kodak lab for development, at which time 3 copies were made. One copy went to the Secret Service in Dallas, and another to the Secret Service in Washington, DC. The third copy stayed with Zapruder and the original briefly went to Life magazine – or to be more precise to Chicago.
The Secret Service intercepted the film in Chicago in order to get it to Brugioni in Washington where briefing boards were made from the camera-original film. Once he was finished with the film, it was sent to the Hawkeyeworks facility in Rochester to be sanitized after which it was flown back to NPIC to create the second set of briefing boards.
So why was the movie altered? The CIA did so in order to reduce the movie action to support a 3 shot scenario as the original film showed 6-8 shots hitting the president from 360 degrees in the Dealey Plaza kill zone.

The alterations also concealed the halting of the presidential limousine by the Secret Service in order to allow the CIA's assassins to have a perfect shot at the president. This means that we must retract our support for Sherry Fiester's time dilation theory which denied that the vehicle stopped.
The implications of this operation are staggering. It shows that Arthur Lundahl, Navy Captain Pierre Sands, and CIA Director John McCone were murderers or accessories after the fact, all of whom were heavily engaged in the cover-up of the crime of century. Lundahl was the director of the NPIC and Sands was one of his lieutenants, both of whom knew of the activities occurring in their own facility. McCone of course was the gatekeeper who coordinated a vast array of criminal activity by the photographic teams as well as many others.
Regarding the Zapruder - Life nexus, our opinion is that Zapruder was being paid off for his work in filming the CIA's operation in Dealey Plaza. The Life negotiations were a cover designed to deceive the public about the nature of the film. The actual photos which Life published were from a set of black and white "dirty duplicates" which were created at Hawkeyeworks.

Indeed, Horne reports that Life publisher C D Jackson had a long working relationship with the CIA and was one of the agency's favorite newsfakers. We also note that Zapruder was part of the same Dallas White Russian element which so enthusiastically supported the CIA's murder operations. As such we believe that he filmed the event for the CIA. In any event he was at the very least paid a hefty amount of hush money through the Life cover operation.

Yet here is the most important fact about the Zapruder film which nearly every commentator has overlooked. The CIA could have easily destroyed the Zapruder film. It could have commandeered the movie as it did with so many other evidences belonging to other people. The agency could have conveniently lost it, yet it did not!

Everything associated with the Zapruder incident, from filming to distribution, was completely scripted by the CIA. Zapruder was no innocent bystander. The contract which Life magazine offered him had absolutely no purpose than to create the illusion of a bystander with an accidental historical treasure in his hands.

The CIA designed the Zapruder film - or rather its forgery - to be widely distributed and available, not only for the Warren Commission to justify its preconceived bails of lies, but to deceive Americans on a grand scale and to rub the murder in their faces.

No other conclusion is permissable - the CIA did not destroy the film to stamp out damning evidence. We repeat that it could have easily done so right from the very beginning but refused to do so in order to propagate a monstrous lie and to force Americans to come face to face with the raw evil of its true plutocratic rulers.
So yes, we erred in our original conclusion about the virginity of the Zapruder film, but we were correct that even the altered film showed a frontal shot. The witness of Dino Brugioni, who saw the original film, confirms in spades that our conclusion of a frontal headshot was right on target. Vengeance  is mine, thus saith the Lord.

The Two NPIC Zapruder Film Events: Analysis and Implications, Douglas Horne, Jim Fetzer, Veterans Today, May 29, 2012

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What Really Happened To Gary Power’s U2 Flight Over the USSR?

Most Americans of a certain age know well the famous flight of U2 pilot Gary Powers whose plane was downed over the USSR on May 1, 1960. Unfortunately, most of them do not know that he was not shot down by the Soviets.
Fletcher Prouty gave extensive interviews to Len Osanic about his experiences in the Pentagon as an Air Force Colonel working as the CIA operations liaison. One of his particular responsibilities at the time of the U2 mission was to supply the special fuel required for the U2 plane. His office was across from the U2 mission control team, giving him access to rare and valuable information about this episode.
President Eisenhower and Nikita Khrushchev were scheduled to meet during May at a Summit to discuss peaceful coexistence in the first incarnation of détente. Certain hawks in the administration and CIA were adamantly opposed to conciliation of any kind, and so ordered the flight over the USSR in disobedience to Eisenhower’s direct and explicit orders forbidding any flights over the Soviet Union.
The popular mythology reported by the deceitful press was that Gary Powers was shot down by the USSR, relying largely on the word of Khrushchev and his spokesmen claiming such a victory. The Soviet Premier also used the opportunity at the aborted summit to lecture the Americans on their hostile and provocative actions.  The Cold War would proceed for a dozen more years until President Nixon’s overtures to the USSR paved the way for more civil relations.
The truth of the flight is much more cloak and dagger than reported. The U2 flew at nearly 90,000 feet, putting it too far out of the reach of Soviet missiles and radars. It was thus impossible for them to shoot down the plane at this altitude. However, unbeknownst to Powers, his flight was sabotaged by the flight crew which only loaded a half tank of hydrogen fuel.
When Powers’ plane started to sputter, he descended to around 30,000 feet to attempt to reignite his engines since he needed much more oxygen to do so. By the time he reached that altitude the U2 was encircled by MIGs whose pilots compelled Powers to land. In fact one of them got so close to the plane that it damaged one of the U2 wings forcing Powers to skillfully spiral to a relatively soft landing.
Contrary to press reports, the plane was not a wreck pile nor did it crash, nor did Powers parachute to safety. Soviet officials apprehended him, eventually putting him through an elaborate show trial meant to embarrass him and the United States.
Many folks will recall the personal effects found on Powers. Prouty firmly states that those items were planted on his plane by his American saboteurs as U2 pilot uniforms had no pockets to hold them, and the pilots never knew which plane they would fly until they were on the runway.
Prouty also notes that the camera found in the U2 was a low tech model rather than the highly classified Lundahl camera. The saboteurs took care to swap cameras, knowing full well that they would sabotage the flight.
Even Allen Dulles admitted before the Senate that the plane was not shot down, but failed to provide any additional information about the operation. Prouty was notified by a colleague that 4 men conducted the sabotage, but the Colonel did not reveal the names. However, he was clear that it was an attempt to undermine détente in order to keep the wheels of the military industrial complex greased.
Fletcher Prouty, Black Op Radio, Show 352, January 19, 2012
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Who Was George Joannides?

Even researchers fluent in the cast of characters connected to the John F Kennedy assassination may not know the name of George Joannides ( 1922 – 1990 ) or his significance in the crime, but American patriot and attorney Jim Lesar knows very well who he is, as does the Central Intelligence Agency.
Considerable time elapsed between the assassination and the discovery of Joannides, whose last significant act of criminality occurred when he worked as liaison between the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) and the CIA circa 1977-79. Prior to that, Joannides was a CIA agent who headed the agency’s psychological warfare branch of JM/WAVE through which capacity he helped organize the militant Cuban expatriate group DRE which participated in or supported the CIA’s murder of President John Kennedy. Joannides also had contact with Lee Oswald, the alleged lone nut, in 1963.
Joannides was supposedly retired from the CIA, engaged in private law practice, during the 1970s when the agency asked him to return to serve as its liaison with HSCA. The Memorandum of Understanding between the HSCA and the CIA required that the CIA disclose Joannides' relationship with the agency, but more importantly any information about those involved in the DRE, information which the CIA deliberatly withheld.
In his capacity as liaison, Joannides operated covertly to undermine the work of the HSCA’s oversight activities of executive branch agencies and departments, a crime which Mr Lesar notes is a direct assault on democracy and a felony offense.  But having murdered a president, it is a trifle bit ridiculous to suppose that the CIA would be concerned about rules of oversight.
Jefferson Morley discovered the covert operations of Joannides and his employer years later, prompting him to file a lawsuit in 2002 in federal court to enforce Freedom of Information Act release of CIA documents related to Joannides. The CIA successfully lobbied its puppet judges to rule on narrow technical matters of the case, rather than on the material fact and substance of it.
For example, the DC  Court of Appeals remanded the case back to district court on the grounds that the CIA's claim for Exemption 2 classification of documents was not applicable to the Joannides collection. Exemption 2 protects documents related to internal personnel and practices rules. Yet the court refused to rule on Exemption 1 which covers classified documents. Since these early documents are 50 years old, they are subject to release regardless of their prior classification. Lesar has argued that this claim by the CIA is a  disputed issue of material fact, requiring discovery or trial. The judge refused to consider the plaintiff’s claim, ignoring it as though it did not exist. The CIA is withholding nearly 300 documents on such grounds.
The Joannides file collection is interesting not only because of Joannides’ involvement with the Kennedy assassination, but more specifically because of his contact with Lee Oswald in 1963. Ironically enough, the CIA has placed similar documents in the JFK Records Act collection in the National Archives but is seeking to protect these half century old items.
Not only does the Department of Homeland Security claim that assertion of privacy is admission of guilt or criminal activity, but it is unclear why an association with a lone nut would endanger the CIA. Clearly the agency’s protestations are inculpatory and should be released on grounds of national security.
Jim Lesar, BlackOp Radio, May 3, 2012

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Research Note: How Richard Nixon Became Vice President

Richard Nixon’s meteoric rise to Vice President has impressed some as a rather baffling phenomenon, with various explanations offered to account for the anomaly. However, we have uncovered an explanation which makes the most sense of that development and Nixon’s political career in general.
While rapidly rising stars are not uncommon in American politics, they are nonetheless the exception rather than the norm. The recent ascent of Rockefeller puppet Barry Soetoro is such an exception, a man selected no later than 1990 to become president of the USA. Soetoro’s rise was even more spectacular than Nixon’s. Events like these do not happen without help.
Nixon was drawn to politics – or so the story goes – when he answered an ad placed in a local California newspaper seeking a candidate to challenge populist Jerry Voorhis. Although the story is not quite as simple as that, Nixon was contacted by an old associate who was working on behalf of the Wall Street establishment representing Prescott Bush, to return to California to run for Congressman.
Winding down a stint in the Navy after World War 2, Nixon saw the opportunity for what it was, returning to his home state in a bid to unseat a popular Congressman. Using the red baiting technique for which he would become famous, Nixon defeated Voorhis in the 1946 election.
By 1950 Nixon set his eyes on the Senate, and again used his red baiting tactic to unseat another popular office holder, Margaret Douglas. A mere two years later, Nixon was on the Republican presidential ticket with General Eisenhower. In the span of 6 short years, Nixon managed to go from an obscure ex Navy man to vice president of the United States. How did this happen?
While Nixon certainly made a name for himself with the House Committee on Un American Activities (HUAC) and his attack on Alger Hiss, the real reason for Nixon’s ascent comes from Kris Millegan, the founder of Trine Day Publishers. Millegan had excellent intelligence sources, including his father who served in various forerunners of the CIA, and the CIA itself from the 1930s to at least the 1970s.
Millegan describes Nixon’s post war activities as centered in New York where he was managing the legal aspects of Navy procurement contracts. While so engaged, he came across documents which the Dulles brothers, senior partners at the international law firm of Sullivan Cromwell, had produced to initiate Operation Paperclip in explicit and direct violation of President Truman’s orders not to bring Nazis into the United States. The Dulles brothers brought tens of thousands of Nazis into the government, quite frequently to sensitive and powerful positions.
Nixon used this information to blackmail the Dulles brothers, who were powerful kingmakers in the Republican Party. With little recourse, they acquiesced to Nixon’s demand for a position on the presidential ticket of 1952. Although Nixon proved useful at times to the Wall Street Eastern Establishment, he was an outsider who was tolerated but never welcome.
This explains the shrewd machinations orchestrated by the Bushes and Rockefellers beginning in 1969 to destroy Nixon’s political career, moves which dovetailed with their ambitions to place Nelson Rockefeller into the oval office without an election. It almost worked.
One of the Watergate burglars – Frank Sturgis if memory serves – explained the reason for the operation against Nixon as, “He’s not one of us.” Now you know the real reason why Nixon was known as Tricky Dick and why his presidency went up in flames.

Kris Millegan, BlackOps Radio, November 22, 2012

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Research Note: Joseph Kennedy and Bootlegging

It is a verity among the historically illiterate that old Joe Kennedy (1878-1969) earned his wealth through bootlegging during Prohibition. Held deeper than a religious conviction at a revival camp meeting, this belief hasn’t a scintilla of support for it.
Daniel Okrent, a former editor for The York Times, Time, and Life, presented the case against the bootlegging theory in Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. After examining the evidence, he cast into the dustbin of history this closely held fable, although we are certain it will continue to thrive with next summer’s camp meeting.
In Okrent’s telling, the myth began in the 1950s when Walter Trohan, Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Tribune, in an article about James Roosevelt’s impending divorce, mentioned that Joseph Kennedy, a good acquaintance James’,  had imported liquor into the United States during prohibition, failing to note that it was late in the era under a perfectly legal medical license.
The story grew feet in 1960 when the St Louis Post-Dispatch mentioned in an election article that Kennedy’s detractors referred to him as a bootlegger. The reference lay fallow until the mid 1960s when it grew into a full scale urban legend with implied consort with the mob.
Okrent notes that many of the evidences for the bootlegging allegation grew from dubious sources, such as Al Capone’s 93 year old piano tuner and the St Louis Post-Dispatch. He proceeds to demonstrate that Kennedy was subject to numerous detailed investigations when he was appointed head of Security Exchange Commission, Ambassador to the United Kingdom, and to Eisenhower’s President’s Board of Consultants on Foreign Intelligence Activities.
Each of these appointments offered abundant opportunities for political enemies to raise the flag of bootlegging, yet none did. This reticence is remarkable for a man of Kennedy’s standing and ability to attract enemies.
The Kennedy patriarch did enter the liquor importing business through his Somerset Importers as a result of a business deal he made in England while visiting, along with the President Roosevelt’s son James, on the eve of the repeal of Prohibition. Shortly thereafter it was perfectly legal for anyone to import liquor, and thus began Kennedy's importing business.
If Kennedy was involved in bootlegging, the evidence has yet to materialize. In the mean time, the careful historian will avoid it like an old wives' tale.

The Biggest Kennedy Myth, Daniel Okrent, The Daily Beast, April 26, 2010

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Meet Oswald’s CIA Handler, Mr. B

Judyth Vary Baker’s book about her love affair with Lee Oswald yielded a bumper crop of information about the CIA’s activities in New Orleans in the summer of 1963 as it prepared for the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza. One of those disclosures included the identity of Oswald’s handler in Dallas, whom we had long suspected of being someone else. We can now set the story straight.
Baker tells us that Oswald told her that he had a handler in Dallas who went by the pseudonym Mr B but later elongated it to Mr Bishop. While Oswald was not entirely familiar with Mr Bishop, the name jumped off the pages when we saw it, for it could be none other than the infamous Maurice Bishop, a man unknown to most researchers until the 1990s.
The identification of Mr Bishop would be sufficient for most, as it advanced the understanding of the players and offered a possibility of other clues. Those other clues fell into place when researchers discovered that Maurice Bishop was none other than David Atlee Phillips (October 31, 1922 – July 7, 1988) of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of CIA operations in the Western Hemisphere.
We had previously concluded that George De Mohrenschildt (April 17, 1911 – March 29, 1977) was the CIA’s main point of contact with Oswald, but Baker’s revelations have corrected that misguided, though plausible conclusion. Indeed De Mohrenschildt was involved with directing Oswald to the Texas School Book Depository. We also strongly believe that George Bush, Director of the CIA, ordered the murder of De Mohrenschildt shortly after he contacted Bush in 1977 about some trouble he had with thugs giving him a hard time. De Mohrenschildt had been forcibly committed to a mental hospital to induce amnesia about anything he knew about the Kennedy assassination.
Phillips’ handling of Oswald is exceedingly important due to his rank. As we have reported elsewhere, Oswald was an agent of exceptional significance – not just for the CIA but for a host of government organizations for whom he performed intelligence services, including the State Department. For Phillips to manage Oswald speaks loud volumes of Oswald’s sensitive stature, as well as the importance of the overall mission to murder the president. One does not directly assign a spook of Phillips’ rank to an ordinary stealth operation.
Oswald knew by August that he was skating on thin ice with agency and feared for the worst regarding his future. Clearly the CIA had planned for months to wipe out Oswald, squeezing the most juice out of him until the very end when they tossed him away like so much refuse.
We are not certain if Phillips was merely handling Oswald as one would expect in a compartmentalized operation, or if he was managing other aspects of the coup. We suppose that this operation was too sensitive to be compartmentalized too much.
In any event, we have a rock solid line between Phillips, the CIA, and Oswald, and that line led to the murder of the president and Oswald. We are emphatic about one other point - Oswald had absolutely nothing to do with murder of President Kennedy. That task was owned in part by David Atlee Phillips.

Me & Lee, Judyth Vary Baker, 2010

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cancer, Murder, and New Orleans

Judyth Vary Baker’s groundbreaking book Me & Lee has cast into a whole new light the activities in New Orleans anticipating the murder of President John Kennedy in Dallas, TX. These new revelations reconstitute the work of Jim Garrison and make entirely plain the conspiracy of the CIA and its clients in the summer of 1963.
New Orleans was host of 3 major activities – the development and testing of a cancer bioweapon to murder Fidel Castro, the frame-up of Lee Oswald as pro Castro and pro Communist agitator, and the training of the Alpha 66 and other Cuban anti Castro expatriates who would be involved in the assassination of the president in and around Dealey Plaza.
Dr Alton Ochsner, Dr Mary Sherman, and David Ferrie feverishly engaged in the development of an injectible cancer virus under the umbrella of Tulane University where Sherman worked, and Ochsner’s research center at Charity Hospital. The majority of the research was conducted underground in Ferrie’s and Sherman’s apartments with additional support provided by Eli Lilly.
The ostensible goal of the research was to create a cancer weapon to kill Fidel Castro for the purpose of relieving pressure on Kennedy who had earned the enmity of a growing cabal of revolutionaries in New York and Texas. Sherman, Ferrie, and Oswald were led to believe by their CIA handlers that killing Castro would throw a bone to the plutocrats and government elements, thus mollifying them in their rages against Kennedy whose many sins against them were mounting daily.
This team, augmented by a 20 year old Judyth Vary Baker from Florida, maintained a grueling schedule to produce the virus before September. Oswald and Baker worked undercover through the J Reilly Coffee Company to shield their stealth work. Ochsner provided the funding, organization, and high level management to keep the project on track, reporting progress regularly to his CIA supervisors.
When the virus was completed, Oswald accompanied Ferrie and Clay Shaw to Jackson, LA to administer the virus to prisoners from the Angola State Prison at the East Louisiana Mental Health Hospital. A follow up trip by Oswald and Baker retrieved evidence showing that the virus was eminently successful. The CIA assigned Shaw to supervise Oswald's and Ferrie’s work at the hospital.
These test results completed the first major phase of the CIA’s work in New Orleans. Meanwhile, the agency had assigned Oswald to create a pro Castro persona so that he could go to Mexico City to apply for a visa into Cuba to smuggle the virus. At the very least, he would hand off the goods to another agent in Mexico City.
Before going to Mexico in September, Oswald felt that he was being framed for a murder, but was too enmeshed in the plots to extricate himself. The proof of his suspicions came when the hand off man failed to appear.
The important point is that there was no Oswald double in Mexico City as many researchers - including ourselves - have alleged. Oswald indeed went to Mexico City. The other major point is that the CIA had no intention of killing Castro. It simply wanted a bioweapon for other purposes and to deceive the cancer team about the objective of their work.
The CIA’s real intention was to kill Kennedy, a task which required well trained assassins and reliable operatives in Dealey Plaza. Alpha 66 and other violent mercenaries trained near Lake Pontchartrain with equipment provided through Clay Shaw whose position as head of the CIA’s International Trade Mart gave him the perfect perch from which to smuggle weapons into New Orleans. Baker unwittingly provided the technique for camouflaging the arms.  Carlos Marcello’s mafia transported the weapons to the Army / CIA mercenaries who were led by none other than George Bush Sr.
Once the New Orleans operation was complete, Oswald was reassigned to Dallas where his handler David Atlee Phillips turned him over to CIA operatives Ruth and Michael Paine and George DeMohrenschildt to handle the dirty details of directing Oswald to his demise. The cancer bioweapon would later be used on Jack Ruby while awaiting appeal of his death sentence for the murder of Oswald.
Oswald knew that the president was targeted for murder and worked as best he could to thwart the assassins who, in the end, handily prevailed.

Me & Lee, Judyth Vary Baker, 2010

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Monday, April 1, 2013

First Impressions: Me & Lee

Me and Lee Cover (
If anyone is looking for the neutron bomb for the Kennedy Lone Nut theory and a torrid love story all rolled into one, then run – don’t walk – to buy Me & Lee, a book which shines a battery of Krieg lights into dark corners and crevices of the crime of the century. This masterpiece is a canonical book in the JFK Assassination Bible.
The author, Judyth Vary Baker, has produced a blazing barn burner of a story which a stable of Hollywood writers on hallucinogenic drugs could not produce, proving once again that truth is stranger than fiction. The book overturns established classics in the field dealing with Lee Oswald, and has caused us to reconsider important elements of our understanding of this conspiracy to end all conspiracies.
Me & Lee mixes many genres of narrative including autobiographical and historical viewpoints, as well as an unmatched love story William Shakespeare could not touch. Baker is a firsthand witness to history who has done as much as any other to give us extraordinary insight into a cast of characters involved in the most sinister operation against the people of the United States by its treasonous fifth column elites.
The story begins with an autobiographical introduction to Judyth Vary Baker and a traumatic life threatening illness which kept her in a hospital for 18 months at age 5. As a bed ridden child who was not expected to survive, she was nursed back to health by caring Catholic nuns who saw to her education, and helped to sharpen a keen mind with hours of reading.
After leaving the hospital, Vary continued to feed her voracious reading appetite, artistic talents, and athletic abilities, all of which led her to a precocious interest in cancer research, especially after her grandmother died of the disease.
Her pursuit was facilitated by important mentors she met in and out of school, who would provide exceptional support as she developed sophisticated, leading edge experiments which would win local, state, and national awards and recognition, even from the nation’s foremost cancer authorities such as Dr Alton Ochsner, past president of the American Cancer Society, and a man with powerful connections in the highest places.
As a very idealistic high school graduate zealous to find a cure for cancer, she was a favorite among many prestigious schools’ science departments, struggling to select from a bevy of scholarship offers. Her path was guided by fateful outcomes to her many conflicts with her increasingly mentally ill father, which took her from the University of Florida to Tulane University through the agency of Dr Ochsner who had arranged for her to study under the world renowned oncologist Dr Mary Sherman.
While at the University of Florida, Judyth met (and later married) Robert Baker III whose emotional capacity did not exceed that of a hamster, owing in large measure to limited, venal parents who transmitted to their son a well developed love of money and self. His selfish, miserly, controlling personality opened the way to a reluctant affair with Lee Oswald through a happenstance starting at the post office where she anxiously awaited a letter from Robert.
Oswald was Judyth's entre into the murky underworld of intelligence where crime and government coalesced to form a perfect union of conspirators, double crossers, and murderers. Recognizing her possible utility to their own conspiracy, Oswald introduced Vary – not yet Baker – to David Ferrie, Dr Mary Sherman, Jack Ruby, Clay Shaw, Carlos Marcello, Guy Banister, and other characters closely associated with the New Orleans intelligence world. These people to varying degrees, especially Ferrie, Sherman, Ochsner, and Oswald, were racing against time to develop an injectible cancer virus which would rapidly induce death.
The main target of their bioweapon was Fidel Castro, the pariah of American plutocrats who resented the loss of Cuba as the vice capital of the Carribean – to say nothing of the sugar and fruit plantations. The rationale for killing Castro was that his assassination would divert attention from President Kennedy who was equally loathed by the plutocrats running the CIA. Such a diversion might give him more time to live or possibly escape the assassins’ death altogether.
This usage of medicine was not at all for what Vary had signed up. She wanted to find a cure for the dreaded disease – not find out how to propagate it – and certainly not for the purpose of murder. Although she had gotten so deep into the plot that there was no safe way out, her conscience eventually caught up with her when she crossed Ochsner by reminding him in writing that injecting the virus into healthy people was unethical. This act of truthiness damned her promising career as an oncologist, and put her in the cross hairs of powerful vengeful men.
Ferrie, Shaw, and Oswald headed to Jackson, LA to inject the cancer into victims at the East Louisiana State Mental Hospital as final testing for its ultimate target. Baker accompanied Oswald on a follow up trip a few weeks later to get blood samples from the victims in order to assess the efficacy of the bioweapon. The successful results required Oswald to take a trip to Mexico City in order to pass the cancer weapon to an agent in Mexico who would smuggle it into Cuba to administer to Castro.
When Oswald goes to Mexico City but fails to make his connection, his previously developed fears about being framed for a murder were confirmed. He grows increasingly anxious about his safety as well as that of his family. Knowing that he is trapped, he makes the best of his situation by looking for ways he might counter the Kennedy assassins. In the end he is overwhelmed by his handlers who rub him out in order to guarantee his silence.
We have only related the barest skeleton of the plot which is moved along by the many interpersonal relationships among the characters, not the least of which is that of Oswald and Baker. They each discover the other’s virtues and flaws, falling into an unbreakable love between soul mates based upon numerous compatibilities and mutual respect.
Along the way we learn much about the central players, facts often unknown to veteran assassination researchers. Oswald’s marriage of convenience to Marina was a rocky tumultuous one which he only remained in because of his children whom he deeply loved. By the fall of 1963 Oswald and Baker had planned to escape to Mexico to start their lives anew.
Of the major characters presented in the story, the only ones to survive the Kennedy assassination were Marcello and Ochsner. The others were quietly and not so quietly murdered as part of a cleanup operation to hide the crime. Baker survived only due to her relative obscurity and youth, but she may well have inadvertently sealed the fate of Oswald at the hands of the imperious CIA asset Alton Ochsner.
Baker brings Oswald into living color, warts and all, to render him a richly textured hero who made the best of his dark underworld CIA swamp. A warm, sentient, noble woman, Baker paints an exhilarating picture of a lustful love affair of which many dream but few experience.
Regarding the physical composition of the hardback copy which we reviewed, we can only say that it is a first class production. The 500+ page book is sturdily bound whose fluent prose reflects the literary talents of its Masters of Arts English graduate, with only two noted proofreading errors. The story elements are richly documented with numerous footnotes, many of which are more revealing than the main narrative.
The book is profusely illustrated showing many of the locations and artifacts of the story, which helps immensely in understanding the geography and connections described in the text. The book also contains a good index and appendices, further substantiating important elements of the story.
When we say that we have only presented a snow flake on the tip of an iceberg, we exaggerate only slightly. This volume packs an enormous amount of information which any seeker of the truth about the assassination must read – especially those wanting to understand Oswald.
The decision to write her story was a difficult one for Baker especially given the threats to her life and family – to say nothing of lost relationships; but following the trail of her lost lover, she has accepted the risks of witnessing to the truth. For this we salute Judyth and send our love.

Me & Lee: How I came to Know, Love, and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Vary Baker, Trine Day LLC, Waterville, OR, 2010

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