Sunday, August 19, 2012

General Clark Confirms 9/11 Coup

Retired four star  Army General Wesley Clark, addressing an audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on October 3, 2007 in San Francisco, made some rather illuminating remarks in which he revealed that the United States government was taken over by a cabal of neo conservatives after the CIA’s attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

Clark carefully phrased the event as a “policy coup” with the implication that there was no presidential endorsement to it at all. But Clark’s splintering of semantics is disingenuous drivel coming from a Bush neo-con mouth piece who was engaged in a limited hangout operation to protect his clients.

Bush, Jr. and his father assembled this staff of hyenas which included Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Richard Perle, Bill Kristol, and Scooter Libby among many others, all of whom were related to the New American Century project which had its roots in the 1970s but materialized into a strategy during the 1990s at the time of the First Iraq War in 1991.

Clark relates how Wolfowitz told him at the time that he was disappointed with American troops because they did not remove Saddam Hussein who was in fact an American client installed in 1979 by the CIA. However, he was gratified that the United States could apply military force in the Middle East without opposition, a lesson which stoked the development of plans to change governments throughout the region.

Wolfowitz revealed – in 1991 - the highlights of the New American Century project which called for the destruction of 7 national governments in 5 years in order - according to the myth they spun - to clean up the former Soviet client states. This list included Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

Fast forwarding 10 years to 2001, Clark related a conversation he had with his former boss Donald Rumsfeld  days after the CIA attacks that no one was going to tell him when and where he could bomb.

At the same time, Clark met an officer on the Joint Chiefs of Staff who relayed to him that the Pentagon received orders from the Secretary of Defense’s office to not only attack Iraq but to prepare plans for removing the aforementioned countries’ governments in the next 5 years.

It is fascinating to learn that the Bush Crime Syndicate had so quickly decided to attack Iraq contrary to protestations otherwise. The JCS officer stated that intelligence analysts had not tied Hussein to the attacks yet were proceding with invasion plans nonetheless. The working rationale at the time was that the United States needed to attack countries in order to intimidate terrorists, an element of the War on Terror.

Anyone who thinks that Rumsfeld was acting on his own is a fool. The neo-cons enumerated above were long time Bush, Sr. stalwarts who would make no major decisions without consultation and consensus.

Clark noted that the United States deliberately provoked the Shia uprisings in Iraq in March 1991 only to stand back to watch the ensuing mayhem with the hopes of toppling Hussein. Ten years later, Bush, Jr. would unleash American military power to remove one of its client dictators in order to establish complete control over the Middle East and its oil.

It is remarkable to observe that events over the past 20 years have unfolded precisely as the neo-cons wished, although the time table was not of their liking. Thus Iran sits today in the crosshairs of a sniper as the war mongering Obama regime whips up a frenzy of hatred for the Iranians.

In sharing his knowledge about American foreign policy, Clark laments the change in policy without public debate, going even so far as to describe Bush, Jr.’s first presidential campaign as advocating a humble foreign policy.

Of course Clark is being either disingenuous or na├»ve. Regardless of what Bush said, he very clearly intended to conquer the Middle East for Wall Street in a continuation of his father's ambitions. Clark endorsed the invasion of Afghanistan and most likely supported the Iraq war. We believe that he was engaged in a limited hangout of certain Bush henchmen in order to preserve the innocnce of Bush, Jr.

The Clark revelations also tie in nicely with our earlier report that the Rockfeller clan knew in advance about 9/11. In fact the attacks were an open secret in the months leading up to the bombings, a fact which Jim Marrs abundantly documents.
Since the Bush Crime Syndicate was the executive arm of the intellectuals planning the 9/11 attacks based upon the 1962 Operation Northwoods plans signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to provoke American military action, good luck with whitewashing his treason.
Clark clearly spells out – although by accident – the political plans formulated years in advance of 9/11 to gain complete suzerainty over the Middle East and thus control its oil. The 9/11 hoax was the perfect tool to fool Americans into mobilizing for that plutocratic war of plunder.
TVWho: Gen. Wesley Clark Shocker on 9/11 “Policy Coup”
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who Won World War 2?

If you are a typical product of American education, you might state with some degree of accuracy that the Allies won World War 2. Unfortunately such a shallow answer would most certainly be wrong.

I am certain that those with a knee jerk patriotism, especially those who fought in the war, would utter indignities against the supposition that the Allies, and certainly the United States, did not win the war. Indeed, did not the occupation of Germany and Japan prove that the Allies won? Did not the Nuremberg Trials demonstrate the guilt of the perpetrators? Did not the rollback of Nazi forces vindicate the victors?

Of course the Allies won the military victory, but this overlooks the larger realities of the war and the world order which had established itself with the advent of the Federal Reserve Board in 1913 at the hand of the repugnant Woodrow Wilson and his racist hatreds.

The Federal Reserve Board allowed a cabal of men to more tightly control world finance, although always for our “safety.” This new power enabled the already powerful banksters of Wall Street to finance the century’s most ghastly wars.

Indeed, as Antony Lewis demonstrated, Western banksters, particularly those of Wall Street, financed the Russian Revolution and propped up a series of foul dictators to strip the country of its natural wealth, while bringing the citizens under the iron clad control of central powers.

Hilter was another experiment in terror for Wall Street banksters who saw the continent as their rightful property and who wished to avenge the various people’s revolts and revolutions of the last and current centuries. No one, but no one, would interfere with their properties or deprive them of their patrimonies.

The Sherman Anti-trust Act was an odious infringement upon their free enterprise. Since these plutocrats were wealthy and successful, they deemed that Providence had bestowed upon them the right to rule and subjugate. After all, wasn’t more than 25% of the world’s territory under Anglo-American control, testifying infallibly to superior intellect and Providential favor bestowed upon this 1%?

And wasn’t eugenics needed to control the riff raff of society? Indeed the Rockefellers and their many plutocratic compatriots were ardent – even militant – supporters of eugenics and sought to establish various sterilization programs for whom they considered the stupid and undeserving. It was, after all, for our "safety."

Did not Hitler adopt a vigorous form of eugenics – a practice taken from the Western elite, one of whose leading proponents was the founder of Planned Parenthood?

Hitler owed more to the West than ideological innovation. The Bushes lead a syndicate of banksters who financed his armies and rise to power. The Rockefeller Standard Oil of New Jersey, under the tutelage of the Rockefeller grandsons and William Farrish financed the German military industrial complex which established the wicked concentration camps throughout Europe. The German people, for their part, applauded the mass murders even as the stench of rotting human corpses wafted over their homes.

Immediately after the war, the American OSS (Office of Strategic Services) recruited Nazis under the excuse that a former Nazi was to be preferred over a current Communist. However, the OSS was made up of the same Ivy League elite who went to Wall Street to finance the Soviets and the Nazis – thus the fondness the OSS men had for the Nazis.

The OSS, through various levers of power, released, pardoned, and hid thousands of leading Nazi officials and scientists under Operation Paperclip which brought them to the United States where they assumed positions of power and prestige, especially in the vast bureaucracy of Washington and the Pentagon.

The OSS, which morphed into the Central Intelligence Agency, quickly began infiltrating American government and deposing foreign leaders who sought to bring independence and dignity to their peoples by overthrowing the imperial powers of subjugation represented by the Wall Street and London titans of finance.

Indeed, the two camps coalesced into one during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as American royalty married into British royalty in order to save the latter from financial disgrace.

The American plutocrats proceeded to eliminate one of their own who seemed a bit difficult to control – a certain John F. Kennedy - using part of Operation Northwoods which was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff under General Lyman Lemnitzer’s signature. We must recall General Butler's affirmation that all of the American military - and its gruesome force - was deployed not to protect the people, but to advance the imperial and economic designs of the plutocrats.

Other American leaders would be destroyed or murdered through the workings of the CIA. As the years progressed, the agency developed powerful capabilities with MK Ultra, a mind control program which was successfully used to murder Robert Kennedy.

But MK Ultra had better applications than murdering presidents. It was the perfect crime where the murderers could, “Who, me? I wasn’t even there. What are you talking about?” MK Ultra was used to murder John Lennon and the many hundreds of people caught in mass killing sprees, of which we have seen a resurgence in Colorado and Wisconsin. These are not the acts of individuals. They are the acts of men under the control of brainwashing by the CIA.

The goal of the violence is to condition people to sacrifice freedoms for their own “safety.” It is thus that the Wall Street plutocrats and their fellow travelers in academia and religion have created a culture of fear and violence in order to justify the tyrannical protections which they provide through innocuous sounding shams such as the Transportation Security Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security, and other Nazi minded power centers.

The Third Reich lives and has been a spectacular success. Yes Germany was militarily defeated but it was a creature of the plutocrats and intellectuals who see themselves as masters of the universe. Wall Street and their minion politicians won World War 2 and they are completing their subjugation of the United States.

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