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The Obama Malcolm X Theory Revisited

In our previous article on the Malcolm X theory of Barack Obama’s lineage, we may have written without full understanding of it and its implications. After delving further into the theory, we are returning again to the subject to reconsider its strengths and weaknesses.
As previously noted, this theory seems to be primarily the thesis of Martha Trowbridge who releases some of her findings on a couple of paid subscriber websites. In reading her responses to questions on Free Republic, and her articles on her Terrible Truth website, I can confirm that she is rather a bit pompous; her articles turgid and flatulent.
On the other hand, if there is a gold vein under an outhouse, one must hold one’s nose and take appropriate sanitary precautions to get to the treasure which, in our case, is unmasking the Obama fraud. For those unwilling to pay the price of admission for the Trowbridge articles about Obama and his mother, we offer a summary of her hypotheses, which she claims are built upon substantive evidence,  at times merely adumbrated.
We believe that she has identified critical relationships which others have not seen. If she indeed has uncovered the true birth and identity of Barack Obama, we will be the first to acknowledge the greatness of her grand achievement.
The theory runs thusly. The person known as Barack Hussein Obama II is the son of Malcolm X Shabazz, the slain civil rights leader, and Jo Ann Newman, a domestic terrorist appearing on the FBI’s most wanted list as Elisabeth Ann Duke, and still alive.
Jo Ann Newman graduated from Forrest Hills High School in 1959, the same year she gave birth to Bari Malik Shabazz on October 28, 1959 through her extra-marital relationship with Shabazz. She was supposedly in the audience where Shabazz was speaking when he was shot February 21, 1965 in New York City. Sometime during 1961-62 Bari was sent to Indonesia for schooling.
Malcolm X knew Indonesian president Sukarno whom he felt could provide better rearing for Bari than possible in the United States. He remained in Indonesia until 1971 when he entered the United States in Honolulu to be reared by his fake grandparents Stanley and Madeline (not Madelyn) Dunham.
In the meantime, Newman became involved with radical terrorist groups, detonating bombs on government property, including the Pentagon, eventually becoming a fugitive from justice.
The identities of Newman and “Stanley Ann Dunham” became merged through the magic of Photoshop. According to Trowbridge, all of the photos of the person we know as Stanley Ann Dunham are actually altered images of Jo Ann Newman.
According to Trowbridge, Malcolm X also knew Barack Obama, the goat herder from Kenya. He was impressed into marital service as the fake husband to "Stanley Ann Dunham". The marriage was certainly a sham according to other researchers, but we believe that Trowbridge argues that it was a fabrication created years later.
Trowbridge does not follow the narrative past Obama’s arrival in Hawaii although Mario Apuzzo and she accept the theory that their Bari M Shabazz is the person wanted in Hawaii arrested for driving without a driver’s license when caught in a major automobile accident in 1982. The name on the court records matches Shabazz’ and is believed to be the person known as Barack Obama.
From this theory, a number of questions and possibilities emerge. Is the conventional story of Obama’s history in Hawaii from 1971 forward correct? We think so, at least in part, based upon the testimony of Mia Maria Pope. We would also suppose that Obama enrolled in Occidental University, even if skimpy evidence supports the claim. However, another possibility is that he never attended Occidental, explaining the reason millions of dollars are spent suppressing school records. The same is true of Columbia. The best explanation of Obama’s career at Harvard, especially at the Harvard Law Review, is that someone else did the work for which he claims credit, just as in the case of his plagiarism of Dreams from My Father.
We also have good evidence that Obama’s education was funded by Saudi Arabian philanthropists who may have simply purchased degrees for him, especially at Occidental and Columbia. Another possibility is that Obama was educated off-campus as we will explain.
A very important person in Obama’s life is Dr Frederick "Fred" Newman who may have been the mastermind behind the Obama fraud. A radical anti-American Communist with a doctorate from Stanford University, he would have provided Obama’s tutoring, as well as the programming for reaching the White House, and producing the dizzying array of frauds necessary to conceal Obama’s true identity as the son of Malcolm X Shabazz.
Trowbridge draws a profile of Newman as an ultra left wing radical who hated America with a deep passion, dedicating his entire life to subversive actions to destroy the United States, of which ACORN and Project Vote were just 2 of his tools. But that does not fully exhaust the Newman story.
Fred Newman was a Jew who stated in 1990 that “I don’t like the family institution in any of its forms.” The reason he hated the family is that its destruction is required to destroy America, to make it vulnerable and compliant with Zionist goals.
But this philosophy of anti-Americanism, anti-family, anti-tradition was not an end unto itself. It was the foundation of class warfare, a means of emasculating the nation so that it would become putty in the hands of Zionist banksters.
Zionism is a freakish genocidal philosophy and strategy used to destroy Germany, Russia, the United States, Iran, and all who dare stand in its way of global hegemony. Zionists and the Jewish state are the sworn enemies of this and many other nations. Mossad has completely and totally infiltrated the CIA and US State Department which explains a couple of other loose ends in the Obama Project.
Stanley and Madelyn Dunham were CIA agents whom we now suspect of working for Mossad. Thus they were fellow travelers with Newman in their plot to destroy America, also explaining why Stanley was such good friends with another anti-American communist, Frank Marshall Davis.
Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel was or is head of North American Mossad operations. His presence in the Oval Office was no accident, and critical to Obama’s subversive activities. Obama doubled down on the Bush strategy of bailing out banksters and demolishing Main Street. These activities fully align with Zionism and Obama’s massive expansion of the national debt to obscene, bankruptcy levels.
Before closing, we must drive home one more point. Fred, Jo Ann, and Sanford Newman formed a Jewish cell in America which co-opted Malcolm X as a means of attracting people into their treason against the American state. We further believe that Fred Newman, through Mossad, murdered Malcolm X in order to hijack Obama for their long term goal of creating a Marxist president and ripping asunder the American nation.
A few significant questions remain. If Stanley Ann Dunham is in fact Jo Ann Newman, how does one explain her work for USAID, a CIA front, the Ford Foundation, and her doctoral thesis? Also, who is the alleged daughter of Stanley and Madelyn daughter? Finally, did Joel Gilbert indeed find nude photos of Stanley Ann Dunham, or were those, too, produced in the same manner as Obama's forged birth certificate?
Contrary to Trowbridge’s desire to forgive Obama, we see him as a treasonous Trojan horse who has murdered people to perpetuate his ungodly lies. He must be removed from office.

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