Saturday, November 30, 2013

George De Mohrenschildt's Sad Last Days

George De Mohrenschildt (1911 - 1977) was a Russian √©migr√© whose lasting contribution to American history is his role in aiding the revanchist revolutionaries in their murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He died under mysterious circumstances, but we shall clear the air.
De Mohrenschildt came from a wealthy family, earned advanced degrees, and harbored ambitions for reclaiming the social status his family lost in the Russian Revolution. He arrived in the United States in 1938 where spent much of his time marrying wealthy women to satisfy his taste for the good life.
Although a social climber he found time to earn a degree in petroleum engineering and to provide information to the CIA. Along the way, he became connected to Lee Oswald when the latter was assigned to Dallas, handling him for the spy and espionage agency by transmitting orders to its intelligence agent, and relaying back to the agency Oswald's various requests, such as the one requesting time in Mexico after his final assignment.
De Mohrenschildt knowing much about the Kennedy murder and Oswald's relationship to it, decided to write about it, perhaps to cash in, or perhaps to create a bit of insurance. This gift of gab did not go well with the plutocrats whose CIA forcibly admitted him to a mental institution for brain washing.
Sometime around 1976 or so, he decided to write his long time colleague George Bush of the CIA to request a reprieve from his hound dogs. Living in Florida, he was summoned by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, particularly Gaeton Fonzi,  to discuss what he knew about the murder of Kennedy.
With his previous inclination to tell secrets well known, the Bush CIA murdered him with shots to the head from a rifle, which according to the corrupt coroner were self inflicted. Perhaps the folks of Manalapan, FL could only afford a blind coroner. Contrary to the many false stories about melancholy and suicidal tendencies, De Mohrenschildt had made an important appointment the day of his murder for the next day which he would never keep.
We recently obtained information about evidence suppressed by the Florida police department handling the case regarding some of the evidence of the murder. Although it is well known that a witness heard a car speed away from De Mohrenschildt's place of residence immediately after hearing gun shots, it is not so well known that the comings and goings of the assassin were taped.
Someone  - perhaps a house keeper or his daughter - was taping a show or some other event at the time the assassins entered the residence. Short beeps are heard in addition to the gunshots. Those beeps were the sounds that doors with electronic security make when they are opened and closed.
The tape recorded the beeps when opened, the gun shots, and beeps when the door was closed. Clearly someone entered, killed, and left. And the police became angry when anyone had the temerity to ask about it. It was best to keep silent if you didn't want a killer cop to show up at your front door.
A lot of folks were dying mysteriously during the HSCA hearings, De Mohrenschildt being just one of many whose tales the junta did not want anyone to hear.
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Who Killed Lee Bowers?

Lee Bowers (1925 – 1966) is a somewhat incidental figure in the murder of President John F Kennedy who died under what some consider mysterious circumstances – like hundreds of others connected with the coup of 1963. However, research by a retired traffic incident investigator demonstrates that he died in a car accident pursuant to a heart attack.
Penn Jones, who was an editor of a small newspaper in Midlothian, TX – not far from the scene of Bowers’ accident – advanced the claim that Bowers was murdered for knowing too much. Others such as Robert Grodin would continue the claims in the early 1990s.
Bowers was the train tower operator who witnessed a spark flash and puff of smoke from behind the fence at the grassy knoll, strongly implying the presence of an assassin on the grassy knoll. He gave his testimony to the Warren Commission against its stern opposition, and did likewise to attorney Mark Lane who interviewed him  in 1966 for his documentary Rush To Judgment.
A few months after taping his story, Bowers was found dead on a highway in his 1965 Pontiac Catalina headed toward Midlothian. The case was quickly ruled an accident and buried under the conspiratorial rug – so to speak – through some irregularities in the paper work relating to his death.
Over 45 years later years later, Anita Dickason, a retired accident investigator with the Dallas Police Department, was asked by America Declassified to reopen the Bowers case to evaluate the merits of the allegations of Jones.
After considerable investigation, she determined that Bowers suffered a heart attack while driving on highway 67 outside of Midlothian in Ellis County, hitting a concrete abutment of a bridge which resulted in extensive physical damage to the driver. A farmer discovering the accident called an ambulance which carried Bowers to W C Tenery Community Hospital in Waxahachie from where he was taken to Methodist Hospital in Dallas located in Dallas County.
Dickason, based upon her first hand knowledge of such matters as a deputy and police officer, reasons that Dickason died on impact, consistent with attending physician Dr Bohl’s records. However, in order to keep from closing the highway waiting for an Ellis County justice of the peace to arrive at the scene to pronounce death as required by law, Bowers was taken to the Waxahachie hospital under the pretense that he was alive to avoid the aforementioned complications.
Apparently an Ellis County JP was unavailable so Bowers was transported to Judge Richburg’s jurisdiction in Dallas where he pronounced Bowers dead. Clearly Richburg violated the law as he had no authority to pronounce Bowers dead if he indeed died in Ellis County. So the death certificate and inquest documents were amended on August 31, 1966 to state that Bowers died at 12:50 PM on August 9 in Dallas County in contrast to the actual time of death at about 9:30 AM.
In doing so, the judge could maintain the pretense that Bowers was alive when he arrived at Methodist Hospital in Dallas County and then pronounced dead, giving Richburg jurisdiction over the matter. In Dickason’s view, the discrepancies in the records could be explained as administrative and logistical imperatives in order to appear to stay within the confines of the law.
Of course the question remains why an Ellis County JP was unavailable, but more than likely it was deemed that it would take too long to find one, thus keeping the highway closed longer than local authorities desired.
Even if this explanation is correct, it does not rule out foul play on Bowers’ Pontiac or administration of drugs to induce a heart attack. Indeed, one of the prominent rumors surrounding the death of Bowers was the allegation that he told the ambulance driver that his coffee had been drugged. Dickason explains how this story is most likely mythical.
On the other hand, it seems odd that a 41 year old man would die of a heart attack. If he were a heavy smoker  - or maybe just very heavy – that outcome might be plausible. Dickason does not address Bowers’ health profile.
Dickason makes a cogent case that Bowers died on impact. It remains for the conspiracy theorists – in whose camp we make our home in so many matters – to present better evidence that Bowers died at the hands of Kennedy murderers or their agents.
Anita Dickason, The Real Facts of Lee Bowers’ Death, 2013, Archway Publishing

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Location of the Sniper Who Murdered the President

We have published a few articles recently with contradictory arguments on the location of the weapon which murdered President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. After seeing blown ups of photographs supplied by a reliable assassination researcher, we concur again with Sherry Feister on the sniper location.
To review our arguments, we have asserted alternately that a sniper near the triple overpass, William Greer in the presidential limousine, or a device planted within the limousine was the source of the fatal headshot. Through all hypotheses, we have maintained that the shot came from the front since that is what the forensic evidence shows, particularly the analysis of Kennedy’s skull.
During JFK Lancer’s November in Dallas Conference November 21 – 24, 2013, we met Ed Tatro, a veteran first generation researcher, who showed us startling photos of a sniper in the area of the south grassy knoll. The blow ups of a well publicized photo show the silhouette of a sniper facing right holding a rifle.
While we do not have 100% confidence in the evidence, only for the reason that the silhouette is somewhat ambiguous and may have other interpretations, we believe that it fits well with the triple overpass scenario advanced by Sherry Feister, and is the safest conclusion as it has the best supporting evidence.
As a side note, this conclusion in no way vindicates Greer who was deeply involved in the murder plot, not the least of which act was his decision to stop the presidential limousine in order to afford the sniper the best opportunity to slay his target.
New facts may well emerge which cause yet another revision to our hypothesis. Whatever modifications follow, they will necessarily involve a shot from the front of the President.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine

Lee Oswald Memorial ServiceLee Oswald, the man framed by J Edgar Hoover, Allan Dulles, James Angleton, and many other federal and Texas state government officials, finally received a respectful funeral after 50 years of relentless calumnies this past Sunday November 24, 2013.

Lee Oswald Grave SiteJudyth Vary Baker, Lee’s true love from the summer of 1963, led a small group of about 2 dozen mourners to the grave site of the slain US intelligence agent where they paid respects to the man gunned down by mobster Jack Ruby on national television 2 days after the CIA led coup assassinated President Kennedy in cold blood on November 22, 1963.
Although he survived the shooting, Oswald died unexpectedly at Parkland Memorial Hospital after President Johnson insisted vehemently that he speak with the attending physician, Dr Crenshaw, in the middle of surgery. When the doctor returned, the mysterious man in the operating room with Crenshaw  had disappeared and Oswald was dead, even after Crenshaw declared that his patient would likely survive.
When Lee was buried, he was accorded an insulting tombstone plaque reading only Oswald; but on this Sunday afternoon, well wishers placed a colorful bed of flowers around the stone  slab in a token attempt to redress the poverty of his grave site.
Baker opened the ceremony with a few prefatory remarks, followed by author Robert Grodin who gave a brief summary of the tragic events which falsely implicated Oswald in 2 crimes which were never adjudicated. Singer Homer Henderson sang an a capella version of Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine, joined in chorus by those gathered. Chaplain Hy McEnery, Green Beret, gave the eulogy.
Although the unusually grey and cold weather abbreviated the proceedings only slightly, a measure of history was finally righted and reclaimed.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Jack Ruby's Risible Reason to Murder Oswald

America was horrified as it watched Jack Ruby murder patsy Lee Oswald on live television in the basement of the Dallas Police Department jail on November 24, 1963. Ruby claimed he was doing it for the dead president's widow, but one would need electrical duct tape over his mouth to keep from cracking up with laughter.
Jacob Rubenstein was a long time mobster who got his start in Chicago working in Al Capone's gang, and was implicated in the murder of a Chicago public figure in the 1930s although he escaped prosecution. He continued his involvement with the underworld, moving to Dallas where he set up shop and maintained associations with crime boss Carlos Marcello.
The mob assisted the CIA in the November Coup against the American government when it murdered President Kennedy. Marcello and Ruby were key players in the conspiracy against the government. In fact this aspect of the crime is what guaranteed reporter Dorothy Kilgallen's murder after she interviewed Ruby, claiming that she had information to blow the case wide open.
When Oswald survived the theater fiasco, Ruby was assigned to murder him. The CIA's plans demanded that Oswald be dead so that it could convene a kangaroo committee to frame Oswald and deflect attention away from their murder and treason. The Jackie angle only helped seal Oswald's guilt in the mind of the gullible public.
Ruby and Oswald knew each other from their collaboration on CIA projects, particularly the cancer weapon the agency sponsored under the auspices of Dr Alton Oschner ostensibly to kill Fidel Castro. When Oswald saw Ruby approach him that bloody Sunday, he may have thought that Ruby would assist him with his legal predicament. Unfortunately, the mobster had one last victim before he himself became a victim of the cancer weapon he supported his comrades to create.
Jackie Kennedy was the farthest thing from the scumbag's mind. In fact, one witness spotted him with a pickup truck carrying rifles behind the grassy knoll for the assassins. So no, Ruby was not in the least bit concerned about Mrs Kennedy.
Ruby murdered Oswald to save his own miserable life.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Did Johnson Murder Kennedy?

Over the past few years a spate of books and articles has emerged pointing the finger of guilt at Lyndon Johnson for the murder of President John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. We believe that the case is overdone, with the very distinct possibility that Johnson is only guilty of complicity in the coup's aftermath in order to preserve his life.
We had veered from that position after initially stating it a few years ago, when we were swept up with parts of the Johnson did it hysteria. We never believed that Johnson was the mastermind, but we came to believe that he was a cheer leader and possible participant in The Big Event. Much circumstantial evidence supported a plausible case against Johnson.
Some of the key evidences against Johnson include his abrupt and brutal eviction of Jackie Kennedy from the White House after her husband’s assassination, his complete reversal of Kennedy’s Vietnam withdrawal policy, his many crimes in which he was implicated vis a vis Bobby Baker, Billy Sol Estes, Mac Wallace, and legions more, all of which gave Johnson strong motivation to replace Kennedy as commander-in-chief. And let’s not forget the story that Kennedy planned to dump Johnson in the 1964 race.
There was also the close association of Johnson with John Connally who was deeply involved in the crime, thus creating guilt by association.
Recently we came across material from John Hankey which returned us to our earlier Johnson position, namely that Johnson was caught up in events over which he had little control. Hankey’s proposition is all the more attractive due to the shrill and inundating chorus of claimants charging Johnson with guilt, recalling to mind the Shakespearean line, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”
This relates closely to the allegation by Hunt in his so called death bed confession that Johnson was guilty. As Hankey notes, this is probably a sign of innocence, as Hunt, the mother of all scum bags and murderers, was simply lying one last lie as he gave up his last putrid breath.
To put a blunt point on Hunt’s moral and criminal squalor, Hankey relates how Hunt planted forged memos in the National Archives documenting Kennedy’s authorization to murder South Vietnam’s Diem. The truth is that the CIA in an act of treason and rebellion defied Kennedy by murdering Diem.
Hankey notes that Johnson’s withdrawal from the 1968 election is completely at odds with power lust driving someone to murder. Why would Johnson give up the presidency so easily if he spent and risked so much, including murder, to obtain it?
Johnson’s tapes indicate contempt for the military brass, men who could easily be mistaken for cave dwelling troglodytes. Johnson wrote that the war in Viet Nam was an unwinnable and foolish squandering of men. Yet he went along with it. But the larger question remains - why would Johnson speak ill of men with whom he was supposed to conspire for an aggression he found so foolish?
In conversations with Senator Russell Long, whose arm he twisted to serve on the Warren Commission, Johnson expressed that he didn’t believe the lone gunman theory, and on rare occasion expressed privately his complete contempt for the Warren Commission Report.
One could argue that Johnson was patronizing Long, but this comment is one of a string suggesting that Johnson had no confidence in the lone nut theory, and thus was not a member of the cabal which murdered the president.
The problem is that Johnson was, like E Howard Hunt, a scumbag and easy target. But being a scumbag is not the same as being a murderer, but made him an easy target for Bush Crime Syndicate member Barr McClellan who painted Johnson as the murderer.
The best explanation of Johnson’s actions is that he was caught in a vice. In order to preserve his own life, he needed to play his role as the coup leaders' stool pigeon in hope that the corrupt Nazi regime would not end his career the way it ended his predecessor's.
Another story Hankey reports is that of a conversation with Connally and Johnson where the former tells the latter that Oswald was an agent of Cuba’s Castro, and thus grounds for invasion of Cuba. This argument is precisely what the murderers promulgated but Johnson told Connally he would have nothing to do with it, strongly implying that Johnson was not a member of the murder cabal because he was not "on message."
More significantly it shows that Johnson was not blackmailable on this point as he would indeed be if he were part of the conspiracy against Kennedy.
In a turn of the tables against Johnson, Hankey suggests with credible logic that Johnson’s ability to pass Medicare when previous attempts failed is that Johnson had blackmail information on many Republican Congressmen who were in some way associated with the murder. Hankey cites Paul Kangas on this angle, but we admit that it is speculative.
In perhaps the highlight of his brief on Johnson, Hankey strongly suggests that Johnson was murdered. The former president did not aid his cause when he told the The Atlantic in June 1971 that the US was running Murder, Inc in the Caribbean, most likely short hand for the larger murder enterprise of the CIA in the United States in 1963 and beyond.
Hankey quotes historian Stephen Ambrose's introduction to the Bob Haldeman biography that if Johnson did not call off investigations into improprieties in the 1972 campaign that Nixon would reveal that Johnson had bugged Nixon’s plane in the 1968 campaign. But Johnson had bugged Nixon’s plane because he found out that Rockefeller thug Henry Kissinger was in Vietnam sabotaging the peace talks just as George Bush would do with Jimmy Carter’s attempt to release hostages prior to the 1980 election.
Johnson then threatened, according to his diary, on January 12, 1973, that he would release information about Nixon and … Unfortunately the Carter NSC excised the information due to “national security.” The only threat to national domestic security was revelation that Nixon was involved in sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks. Or did it also include the “Bay of Pigs thing” – the Kennedy murder?
When Johnson died 10 days later, it was no accident suggests Hankey. His silence was required and thus obtained.
We give our endorsement of the Hankey scenario because it fits the facts better than other theories and accounts for the accusers' vehement assaults on Johnson – who is no saint by any stretch of the imagination. We thus come full circle in our view of the case, proving the old adage that the first guess is usually the best guess.

John Hankey,, accessed 11/16/2013

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Chronicle Update: Barbara Olson Murdered in 2009

When we previously reported the Barbara Olson hoax related to the missile attack on the Pentagon in September 2011, we were unable to state with any certainty her final disposition. We can now report that she is indeed dead, but not in any way related to the explanations we put forth.
The Pentagon was attacked on September 11, 2001, in part to cover up vast financial fraud by elite US politicians, not the least of whom were the Bush-Clinton cabal of neo-cons - ie Nazis. The Pentagon, as we reported, was assaulted by a missile type projectile to draw attention away from the 2.2 trillion dollar theft by these traitors, and to incinerate records related thereto.
At the time, much press coverage was devoted to the fate of Barbara Olson, the wife of US Solicitor General Ted Olson, who was on the phantom plane which crashed  into the Pentagon. The persistence of the coverage should have alerted us to the famous Shakespearean line, namely that when the lady doeth protest too much, she is probably guilty. In this case, Olson was guilty of being in Sweden.
Barbara Olson was ordered to Sweden to live in obscurity since she knew too much about the stolen money. She abided by the terms of her exile until 2009, when according to Jim Willie, she was caught at the Swiss French border carrying bonds. Many will recall the story covered extensively by Zero Hedge about 2 bond smugglers caught at the Italian Swiss border carrying billions in bearer bonds although we are not necessarily drawing a link.
In any event, Mossad took Olson into custody  to Israel  for violating her terms of incarceration where she was shot in the head. Now you know the rest of the story.

Jim Willie, The Plane Truth, November 4, 2013, accessed on Youtube November 8, 2013

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Making of a Patsy

One of the fundamental truths of the murder of John Kennedy in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 came on that very day from Lee Oswald when he proclaimed, “I am just a patsy.”
Even those believing that Oswald was innocent do not realize how early the story began. When Lee Oswald returned from the Soviet Union with a Russian bride after his fake defector operation ended, Central Intelligence Agency counter intelligence chief James Angleton feared that Oswald had been compromised by the daughter of a high ranking military/KGB official. We accept the idea that Marina, Oswald’s new wife, was a KGB agent. We do not believe that Oswald had been compromised so much as the KGB could see through the CIA’s paper thin intelligence stunt.
Nonetheless Angleton feared that US intelligence secrets had been compromised. That Angleton himself was a mole for the KGB and/or Mossad is an entirely different story, but there is no other way to explain the colossal failures of Angleton in regards to Kim Philby and other Soviet spies who had penetrated the CIA. On the other hand, all of the spy biz was *wink* *wink* any way.
Playing counter intelligence chief, Angleton devised a plan to murder Oswald. The game was labyrinthine to say the least, but Oswald was targeted for total elimination. Oswald sealed his own death warrant when he reported to the FBI in November of 1963 that Kennedy was the target of an assassination attempt in Chicago. We believe that the Chicago episode was merely a stratagem for flushing out Oswald.
At 1:40 PM on November 22, 1963, the White House situation room released the “news” that the murderer had been identified and that it was Lee Oswald. Heading the cabal of murderers in the White House was McGeorge Bundy who had sabotaged the president during the Bay of Pigs scam of Allan Dulles and other CIA hoodlums who were attempting to embarrass the new president.
Please note that merely 10 minutes after the murder, the White House was releasing information that it had solved the case. Would someone explain how a group of bureaucrats 1200 miles away from the scene of the crime could possibly know who murdered the president? The criminal Dallas Police Department didn’t even have enough evidence to charge Oswald with either Tippit’s or Kennedy’s murder which is one reason he was held in custody so long without charge. They were in the process of creating trumped up charges but didn’t know exactly how to do it without seeming so corrupt.
Thus we have Bundy and his vipers proclaiming Oswald guilty 10 minutes after the murder while the DPD dithered to get on message, stymied only for lack of evidence. It gets even better. Col Fletcher Prouty who had close ties with the CIA, was on mission in Antarctica at the time of the murder and came across a newspaper in Christ Church New Zealand – when he was there – announcing that Oswald had murdered the president – but it was the day before Kennedy was murdered!
The fix was in, as they say. But no conspiracy would be complete without the imprimatur of the FBI Director, J Edgar Hoover, who would go on to murder the “Nigger” Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. “Nigger” was Hoover’s favorite name for King. Hoover announced to Robert Kennedy at 4p on November 22 that Oswald had been identified as the murderer, and that the case was closed. It didn’t matter that Hoover, as Gerald McKnight reports in his book, didn’t even understand the basic facts of the case. But as a member of the conspirators who murdered the president, he proclaimed, even as the DPD had no evidence, that the case was solved, and we could all go home. And it was 4p – just in time for the 5 o’clock news, when the bubble headed bleach blonde comes on – with a gleam in her eye.
Afterwards, Johnson convened the corrupt Warren Commission to rubber stamp the FBI report, so that we could go about burying the guilt of the murderers, and move on Viet Nam and the drug trade.
To assist with this plot, Eugene Rostow, dean of Yale Law School, Nicholas Katzenbach, acting Attorney General, and Bill Moyers, press secretary for Johnson and Bildeberger member, conspired to propagate the myth that Oswald had committed the crime, and took extreme measures to shut down independent investigations into their and their bosses' crimes.
We have reported previously that Katzenbach drafted his famous memo of November 25 proclaiming that Oswald was guilty and that the American people must be convinced that he was so. No trial, no investigation, and no facts - just pure fantasy and lies to cover up their own crimes and to protect the murderers.
Oswald spake sooth – he was the patsy. He committed no crime. His murderers wore grey suits, drank expensive wines, and lived lifestyles of the rich and famous.
Gerald McKnight, Breach of Trust, 2005
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Did the Mob Deliver Illinois to Kennedy?

One of the accepted wisdoms of the 1960 presidential election is that Joseph Kennedy delivered Illinois for his son, John, through the former’s close connections to organized crime. We believe that this fable is long overdue for reconsideration.
This legend of the 1960 election rests upon the notion that Joseph Kennedy was a rum runner who was consequently in cahoots with the mafia and thus in some way beholden to them. With these close connections to the underworld, Joe pulled a few chits and bribes in Chicago to get the Daly machine, also beholden to organized crime, to deliver the state of Illinois to Kennedy, if by a hair.
The problem with the theory is an absence of facts. We have previously reported scholarship which shows that Joe Kennedy was not a rum runner, and we would extend the thesis that connections to organized crime were slender.
The Kennedy brothers made a name for themselves in the 1950s as being tough on organized crime, with Bobby involved in Congressional investigations into the matter. This did not sit well with FBI chief J Edgar Hoover who was in fact a pal of the crime lords. Hoover was quite a corrupt of official, even having cheated extensively on his income taxes.
If Joe were such a friend of the syndicate, then surely he would have helped his friends by calling off his attack dog sons from their pursuits of the criminals in organized crime – especially Jimmy Hoffa. As Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy was even more ardent in his attempts to retire the corrupt union leaders and to undermine their involvements in crime.
In fact Bobby published a book on the subject of organized crime in the 1950s in an attempt to warn Americans of its lethal dangers. The problem is that organized crime has penetrated every element of American society and government, in large measure due to the CIA who uses it for many of its criminal operations.
It is a fallacy of history to say that J Edgar Hoover was a foe of crime. He was its patron saint who often looked the other way as it slimed its way through American business. The plutocrats control American business and the CIA of whom the Kennedys ran afoul when they went after organized crime, a transgression which cost both of them their lives.
Thus it seems highly unlikely to us that the mob delivered Illinois to Kennedy. It was Nixon, in fact, who had the close ties to labor and crime as his followers included Jack Ruby, George Meany, Bebe Robozo, Robert Vesco and others in and around the crime scene. The establishment was greatly behind Nixon whose loss was something of a shock.
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