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On World War 2: The White Knight Is Talking Backwards

While researching some of the darker crevices of World War 2, we have come to the startling conclusion that everything we - the West - have been told about the great conflagration is an utter lie; so much so that the main reason for its perpetration was the genocide of the German people.
In the coming weeks and months, we plan to lay out the case in more detail, but it has become apparent to us that World War 2 was not about Hitler's expansionism and bellicosity. Rather, the Allied powers had drawn up plans before the start of the war to carve up Europe for themselves, one Scandinavia being a region torn asunder by Churchill and Stalin even before hostilities began on September 1, 1939.
Word War 2, like its predecessor was a planned event, engineered by the most sinister forces on the planet, namely the international banksters colluding with elements of the British royals. But the primary players engaged in the war are not the usual suspects, such as the Rockefellers and Bushes, whom we have called out previously. These last named groups clearly played important roles, but there was yet a higher earthly power involved, that being the Rothschild dynasty.
The importance of the Rothschilds owes to their commitment to Zionism, one of 4 major isms along with capitalism, communism, and Nazism, which shaped the late 19th and 20th centuries. Zionism was the organizing principle animating the other isms into position on a grand chess board where control of the world was fought.
Communism was the brainchild of Jewish banksters to help implement Hegel's dialecticalism in world politics in order to rise above the carnage of conflicting ideologies, so that the instigator could triumph with a minimum of expense.
Jews were present in overwhelming proportions to their numbers in the Bolshevist and Communist revolutions in Russia. In fact, they were among the early fomenters of the anti-tsarist movements. Thus, Jews were the dominant force in Soviet politics until after World War 2. Substantial evidence points to Stalin's affairs and marriages to Jews, leaving them in a largely protected position, to say nothing of the positions of power they held through the war.
So while the Soviets eventually turned on them, the Jews were the animating power of the early Soviets.
Nazism is another ism which the plutocrats funded and established, but we are unable at this point to commit to a reason for the support. On the one hand, it may have been the synthesis between capitalism and communism, but on the other it may well have been the antithesis to communism in order to stir up an international conflagration which would leave Europe prostrate and ready for easy control and subjugation.
Nazism could have also been a home grown movement which resisted the controlling powers of the Rothschilds and Warburgs, both Zionist agitators, who introduced communism as a threat to Germany to catalyze the development of a distinct anti-Jewish state, a sucker punch for setting up the Germans for annihilation.
In any event, Germany was targeted for a massive invasion by the Zionists, which required the manipulation of the leading world powers  through various stratagems to position them on the chess board, something accomplished through massive propaganda and concentrated lies by the Allied powers.
When Germany began bombing Britain in what the British would call the Blitz, it had targeted only military sites. Churchill, on the other hand, targeted civilian centers, with the goal of murdering Germans. Hitler responded reluctantly in kind, giving the British a huge propaganda edge with which to goad their country further into a war which the king and prime minister had planned before its start.
Another enormous lie from the war is that of the holocaust. While we have already started to present the evidence for its complete mendacity, further research has confirmed the utter preposterousness of the thesis, namely that Hitler sought to exterminate the Jews.
The hoax is completely backward from the truth. As mentioned, the goal of World War 2 was German genocide. It was no accident that Germany was on the losing end of two world wars. They had been targeted for destruction and occupation early in the century, but since the first attempt failed, there is nothing like trying again.
Now the astute observer will wonder why the British aristocracy, with so much German blood, would be hostile to Germany. We do not have an adequate answer at this time, other than to say that Zionists wielded significant power in the kingdom.
Hans Morgenthau, Rabbi Wise, Franklin Roosevelt, and many other of the Bernard Baruch cabal had drawn up plans to starve Germany for their alleged war crimes. The Zionists had outlined a plan for public trial to humiliate the Germans, and brainwash the world into accepting their lies about Germany, its people, and the holocaust hoax.
Eisenhower implemented much of this plan, noting that his goal was to kill as many Germans as possible. We have already reviewed Other Losses which outlines the way in which he massacred German POWs and civilians.
We come to the question of what drove the Zionists to such genocidal hatred of the Germans. We do not have any satisfactory answers at this point, except to offer the somewhat lame supposition that they were inflamed by the writings of Luther who held Jews is low esteem. The better answer is that they viewed the Germans as a roadblock to the re-establishment of a Jewish state. Or better yet, they chose Germany as the sacrificial lamb upon which to build their lies suckering the world into laying upon them the riches - economic and political - to recreate the Jewish nation.
If the story does not echo the Exodus, we do not know what does.
We believe the Mosaic promise regarding the Jews - YHWH will bless those who bless them, and curse those who curse them. But YHWH has also seen fit to wipe out their nation, and it must be he who restores it. Using the methods of Jacob who swindled the birthright from Esau will not establish the will of YHWH, for therein lies the spirit of the anti Christ.
This outline furnishes an insight into coming posts which will develop these ideas more fully. The scales have dropped from our eyes; World War 2 was completely the opposite of what we thought, with the Allies being the principal aggressors and war criminals.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

First Impressions: Other Losses

For those wanting a better picture of the moral condition of post war Europe and its Allied commanders, one can do no better than reading Other Losses by James Bacque. It recounts the squalid conditions which permeated every American and French Prisoner of War camp under both Eisenhower’s and De Gaulle’s command.
We are enthusiastic admirers of Bacque for he sees past the hagiography of both men to present them as they truly are – men of moral turpitude whose reputations for decency or virtue are entirely undeserved. Bacque minces no words in assigning responsibility to these men, particularly Eisenhower, in promulgating policies which deliberately and maliciously lead to the deaths of 800 – 1500 thousands of men under American control.
Bacque has no patience for the exculpatory excuses of command aloofness, or the “chaos” of war, as he shows that Eisenhower not only operated an efficient army, but was well briefed on its operations to the lowest levels. In fact, Eisenhower had a direct hand in the promulgation of policies which resulted purposely in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men, which in our minds makes Eisenhower a murderer on an epic scale.
Some may excuse Eisenhower’s behavior due to the wanton suffering he saw as he marched across Europe, but this a canard of a murderer – not that of a fact seeker. Civilized society has laws and public mechanisms for dealing with crimes, but Eisenhower took into his own hands a furtive administration of genocide against the German people.
There is no question that the Germans mistreated prisoners of war and imposed their own atrocities on conquered countries, but to use that as a defense of Eisenhower’s murder is to justify murder as a policy of state – a complete repudiation of civilization.
Returning to our review, Bacque shows the methods Eisenhower used to command his army, methods which when at all possible utilized winks, nods, and intermediaries to accomplish his will, rather than use of explicit forthright commands and directives. Thus the mechanisms for surreptitiously carrying out a genocidal policy were already well established with the SHAEF commander.
The policies for carrying out the mass extermination of POWs were formulated both in the White House and in SHAEF headquarters. Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury, had crafted his famous Morgenthau Plan of pastoralizing Germany by dismantling its industry and returning it an agricultural idyll. But the implications are of the most sinister kind because it was designed to deprive the Germans of the currency needed to feed themselves as the nation used manufactured exports to raise the monies needed to import adequate food.
Bacque, quoting Eisenhower’s famous rage that he regretted not being able to kill more Germans, shows that Eisenhower had the animus to support the Morgenthau plan, a plan which he implemented throughout his command. The first step came from the State Department which removed Switzerland’s protective role of German POWs after the country surrendered unconditionally. This move deprived POWs of protective custody and all of their rights under the Geneva and Hague treaties. Without any legal protections, Eisenhower ordered the reclassification of POWs to Disarmed Enemy Forces (DEF) which allowed him to reduce rations to German prisoners below subsistence levels, thus resulting in a prolonged painful death by starvation.
On the other hand, starvation was not the leading cause of death in America’s concentration camps which were so overcrowded that in many of them, the prisoners could literally not lie down. The most common causes of death resulted from grossly unsanitary camp conditions which engendered disease, and hastened death aggravated by starvation.
To cover up his crimes, Eisenhower ordered the International Red Cross banned from all camps, denied mail privileges in all American camps, banned all reporters from the camps, and denied civilian authorities access to the camps. He instituted a system of brainwashing where military administrators began systematically denying in German town hall meetings the news that prisoners were dying at alarming rates in American camps.
But the most deceptive practice Eisenhower implemented was fraudulent bookkeeping which entailed the use of a euphemistic category called Other Losses which included by definition escapes and deaths. Bacque discovered that very few prisoners escaped, meaning that well over 99% of the Other Losses were deaths. Eisenhower’s camp commanders buried these bodies in mass graves, an act which led us to conclude elsewhere that many of the so-called German mass graves were in fact American mass graves of German prisoners.
Bacque required the skills of a forensic accountant to uncover the true numbers of concealed deaths. The war records were deliberately destroyed, and prisoner numbers at times hopelessly inconsistent, but he nevertheless managed to piece together enough data to draw some tentative and reasonable conclusions about the extent of the genocide. He discovered that death rates in the American camps hovered around 30%.
The argument advanced by others that there were food shortages throughout Europe are laid to waste and exposed for the vicious fraud that they are. Bacque reports that Red Cross and US Army warehouses were bursting with food, enough to more than terminate the starvation alleged to be the result of food shortage. In addition, he shows that American and Canadian surpluses of food were actually becoming problematic.
But the prisoners were not just soldiers; they included women and children – even pregnant women. Americans would go to the barbed wire cages and open fire on them, claiming that they saw an escape in progress. Bacque tells of one instance where a French captain murdered in cold blood a group of women who were trying to bring food to the captives. Americans forbade, on pain of death – without trial – anyone from approaching the camps to bring food.
Of course Eisenhower had great help in prosecuting his vengeful massacre, names which Bacque thankfully mentions, such as Beddell Smith and Everett Hughes.
The extraordinary research and findings of Bacque have forever changed our views of America’s involvement in World War 2, and so-called heroes. Eisenhower is forever in our mind a murderer with no redeeming qualities.
James Bacque, Other Losses, Prima Publishing, nd, posted online September 6, 2011, accessed 1/24/2014
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Did Eisenhower Murder Patton?

In reading the gory details of Other Losses by James Bacque, the thought occurred to us that Dwight Eisenhower murdered George Patton.
Although most Americans do not yet realize that Eisenhower was a mass murderer of epic proportions, and perhaps Bacque would be aghast that we have drawn such a conclusion from his carefully researched book, Eisenhower has clearly established himself as a murderer, and shown the capacity for murdering persons who cross his arrogant anger.
We are well aware of the many "proofs" that Patton died in a fluke car accident, but we don't buy it. We have seen uncountable instances of the CIA covering up murder with "accidents." Thus our view is that the "accident" in which Patton died was staged.
But why would Eisenhower murder someone whom he rescued from professional oblivion on more than one occasion? The insight came to us in reading Patton's remarks about Eisenhower's brutal methods in handling captured Germans after the war, methods which he likened to the Gestapo. Patton also quickly and humanely released the hundreds of thousands of German prisoners in his custody, which was at complete variance with Eisenhower's carefully calculated murder.
The real risk to Eisenhower is that Patton had the public visibility and prestige to completely expose Eisenhower's lies and deceptions which he ensconced into the Army's public records to cover up his massacre policies. Although we do not think that Patton intended to embarrass his murdering commander, we do believe that he represented a risk nonetheless. And Patton's remarks about the Soviets were not helpful either.
Thus we believe that Eisenhower had the motive and will to murder anyone who threatened his policies and posterity, and consequently ordered the murder - however subtly and obliquely - of George S Patton in a staged "accident."
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

America's Concentration Camps

While reading the disgusting story of the concentration camps America operated following the surrender of Germany in May 1945, we are forming the controversial thesis that these were the ones alleged to have been the German concentration camps.
World War 2 was not about Rosie Riveter or Victory Gardens. Rather it was about Wall Street's lust to rule the world. Its banksters staged a war to fatten their bank accounts and spread misery among the people whom they consider cattle for slaughter.
The attitude of murder was held not only by the plutocrats, but by their hand picked managers such as Franklin Roosevelt who along with Dwight Eisenhower was one of the 20th century's leading mass murderers.
One of the other lies we have discovered is that of the Holocaust, a stratagem invented by Zionists to justify the re-establishment of the Jewish state, 2000 years after God had wiped the nation of Pharisees and Hypocrites out of the Land of Promise. While God will indeed replant them there as the number of sand on the shores, that is his work - not that of man.
Much faked photographic "evidence" has been used to document the existence of the German concentration camps, but authenticity of this evidence has been shown in most cases to be a mirage. There are many explanations for the emaciated figures, including an epidemic of typhus which the Germans suffered in the last year or so of the war. The Soviets were expert forgers of evidence showing a Holocaust which visited upon Jews and Germans after they conquered Germany.
We have all seen the mass graves which were allegedly Jews who were either gassed or burned, but this is largely a lie. While reading Other Losses by James Bacque, it has occurred to us that many of these mass graves may well be victims from American concentration camps erected throughout Europe on orders of Dwight Eisenhower, the allied supreme commander in Europe.
The stories of the barbaric, subhuman treatment he order on German prisoners of wars is precisely what is described by Western authors in recounting Germany's alleged concentration camps. While the Nazis did treat their POW's poorly and as badly in many cases as the Americans, it is the Americans who treated their POWs in the exact fashion as described by the Holocaust hoaxers.
We are not aware of Americans gassing or burning anyone, although further research may unearth such atrocities. By the same token, we have not found any forensic evidence implicating the Germans in such actions either. We have recently reported on the total absence of human remains at Treblinka, meaning that its role as a concentration camp is without fact or substance.
On the other hand, Bacque presents overwhelming documentary evidence that American concentration camps suffered massively high death rates due to starvation, exposure, and murder by American soldiers - all under direction from Eisenhower.
It is based upon this evidence that we present the hypothesis that the many images of mass graves are indeed German POWs whom the Americans buried after they murdered them. We do not offer this thesis as fact or dogma - only that much circumstantial evidence exists to support such a theory, with further research warranted to find the burial grounds of the hundreds of concentration camps America operated in Europe during and after the conclusion of war.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Dwight David Eisenhower Was a Mass Murderer

Dwight Eisenhower is often portrayed as the avuncular wise leader who brought America's armies through World War 2 and who guided the nation in peace time as it fought against the Red Menace. What this white washed story does not tell you is that Eisenhower was a mass murderer equal to or greater than Adolf Hitler was alleged to be.
We first encountered this shocking discovery in a reference to Other Losses, an historical tour de force by James Bacque which exposed for the first time the barbaric cruelty Eisenhower practiced against German prisoners of war, and civilians including women and children.
We thought the allegations so preposterous that we sought challenges to the book, one of which came from the pen of establishment stalwart Stephen E Ambrose whom we later discovered to be a serial plagiarist.
His article in the New York Times Book Review of February 24, 1991 provided a reasonable rebuttal of the fantastic claims of Bacque, explaining that the author was a non-professional historian who made basic errors in handling statistics, misunderstood documents, and coerced testimony from Colonel Lauben who provided much first hand evidence for Bacque's thesis.
The book review was a limited hang out, meaning that Ambrose acknowledged that Bacque had uncovered a key truth, but that he had totally misconstrued the facts he had discovered. As always, a spook from the Department of Defense was rushed out to explain to us what the facts really meant.
Fortunately Bacque was not deterred by the torrent of criticism, and published follow up versions to his book, most recently in 2011, the first to be published in the US - over 20 years after the original publication of his book overseas. The CIA controlled media refused to publish the book because it contradicted the fairy tale about Eisenhower.
While we will publish a fuller review of the book shortly, we noted that numerous other first hand witnesses corroborated Bacque's story about the squalid conditions in Eisenhower's death camps, some of whom were threatened by CIA bullies, leading us to believe that Bacque had discovered the truth.
The conditions of Eisenhower's death camps can only be compared to those found at Andersonville during the Civil War. The conditions were not the result of the chaos of the aftermath of war. Any reading of Eisenhower's meticulous war plans disproves that nonsense.
Even though this story is over 20 years old, we will spread the word about this deplorable policy of the United States government in occupied Europe, a policy which foreshadowed the systematic tortures in Iraq and Guantanamo which continues to this very hour.
Dwight Eisenhower and mass murderer are synonyms. Whoever thought that anyone could make Hitler look good?

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Bodies Found at Treblinka

Engineer Richard Krege's "excavation" of the Treblinka concentration camp found no bodies, severely undercutting the claim that it was the site of 875,000 mass murders.
In 1999 Australian engineer Richard Krege led a small group to Treblinka for a period of 3 weeks to locate on the camp grounds some of the remains of the bodies said to have been buried around the alleged gas chambers. They used a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to view soil composition, and an augur to collect soil samples. GPR is commonly used by different professionals for non-invasive excavation of difficult sites or when physical excavation is not practical.
The GPR used by Krege's team had the ability to take images to about 100 feet but they configured the settings for about 20 feet, giving greater resolution, and exceeding significantly the most likely depth of alleged burials. The device uses radar signals to capture a virtual image of the space under examination.
Using the official maps of the camp, the team sampled large tracts of land in all directions around the camp, yet they failed to find any human remains such as skeletons, bone, ashes, or gold teeth. Likewise, no human disturbances such as building remains, tree stumps, or cavities were found. It is thus nearly impossible that Treblinka was a site of mass extermination.
This physical forensic evidence has not stopped the hoaxsters from making fabulous claims about the site. The story started when some "witnesses" said victims were steamed to death, which then of course turned into gassing by diesel fumes. Friederich Paul Berg demonstrated the near impossibility of death by diesel fumes under the conditions described by the "witnesses".
The "witnesses" also claimed that 875,000 bodies were buried within the camp, but then Heinrich Himmler ordered them exhumed and burned. Since there were no crematoria at Treblinka, the story required that open grills and wood be used to incinerate the bodies, and then grind the bone to dust. If that nonsense doesn't raise the laugh meter, we present a few calculations by graduate engineer Arnulf Neumaier showing the absurdity of the claims of mass extermination.
In order to destroy that many bodies, the Neumaier calculated that 2.7 acres of grills were required, with 13.2 million gallons of gasoline brought on 10 miles worth of railroad stock. If the wood theory is used, equally preposterous quantities of workers, wood, and transport would be required. Given Germany's exhaustion at the time this prodigious feat allegedly occurred, we can only roll our eyes at the assertions. Finally, Neumaier calculated that a mass grave holding 875,000 bodies would require nearly 25 acres, giving Krege more than ample opportunity to find evidence of mass extermination.
And yet there is more from the "witnesses". They claimed that the Germans completely dismantled the entire infrastructure used to burn bodies as the Russians arrived. How the Nazis managed this feat when they were supposedly burning 5833 bodies per day in a 5 month period is beyond comprehension. Yet lies are often unwound on their inattention to details.
The complete absence of any forensic evidence to corroborate the claims of 875,000 dead bodies at Treblinka suggests that the story of the Holocaust is another Jewish lie, thanks to the scientific work of Richard Krege.
Richard Krege, The 1999 Krege Report on the Treblinka Extermination Camp, The Barnes Review, February 10, 2012, accessed online 1/19/2014
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Israel Murdered John Kennedy

We have enumerated many parties in the conspiracy to murder President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, but we have paid scant attention to Jewish involvement in the crime of the century. Today we correct that oversight by reporting on Israel's leading role in the murder.
Although we are well acquainted with various schools within the Kennedy Conspiracy College, we rarely if ever encounter Israel as a prime mover in the murder of the American president. Many parties in the coalition of the willing had various axes to grind, bringing them into the murder for parochial interests. The mob despised Robert Kennedy’s war on the mob; the generals despised Kennedy’s softness on communism; the CIA despised his attempts to reorganize the agency; big oil despised Kennedy’s attempts to eliminate the oil depletion allowance; the secret service despised Kennedy’s allegedly derelict life style; and murderer J Edgar Hoover despised Kennedy’s youth.
Of course we suspect that we left someone out of the hate group, to whom we issue our sincere apologies.
What most Americans do not know or understand is that James Angleton, the head of counter-intelligence for the CIA, was in fact a mole working for Mossad. Angleton’s many intelligence failures were rooted in his desire to destroy the US and advance the aims of Israel. His good friend Allen Dulles was a co-conspirator in their grand scheme to use Jewish power to control the US and the world, perhaps in some messianic delusion as recently attributed to Skull & Bones John Kerry.
We now come to the evidence which Michael Collins Piper presents in his book Final Judgment. Though first published in 1994, it rarely makes its way into mainstream conspiracy analysis. It is a shame because the connections between America’s elite and Israel’s elite are astonishing.
Both Allen Dulles and James Angleton had ties to the CIA’s front organization Permindex whose subsidiary the International Trade Mart was headquartered in New Orleans where CIA asset Clay Shaw directed operations. Permindex in turn was run by Tibor Rosenbaum, Mossad’s chief money launderer and arms procurement officer.
Most assassination researchers probably consider Permindex as a CIA front, but the truth is more complicated, suggesting that it is really a Mossad front. Thus the CIA and Mossad are indistinguishable from an operating perspective. The only question here is, who is the tail and who is the dog?
Coming alongside the 2 American traitors is another whose allegiance was primarily to Israel as witnessed by his adamant insistence that the USS Liberty be sunk by Israeli military forces. The man of course was murderer Lyndon Baines Johnson, the criminal who succeeded Kennedy to the presidency after serving Israel so well.
Few Americans know that Johnson, in violation of US law, smuggled many Jews into Texas prior to, and at the outset of World War 2. His purpose was not so much humanitarian as it was Zionistic. These Jews would form a powerful nucleus in Dallas which influenced a great deal of the city’s business, and have very close ties to Mossad.
The point here is that Johnson’s Zionism placed him under the tutelage of powerful Jewish nationals which we shall see handled most of the southern action of the master plan to murder Kennedy. This type of evidence elevates Johnson’s role in the murder, a role which we recently minimized to some degree.
Why did David Ben-Gurion and his American minions want to murder Kennedy? The reason put forth by Piper is that Kennedy and Ben-Gurion were engaged in a heated disagreement about Israel’s acquisition of nuclear arms. Kennedy was adamant that Israel not acquire such weapons as it would introduce great tensions in the region and expose it to greater danger, a danger about which he was all too knowledgeable after facing his mentally unbalanced Joint Chiefs of Staff in the October Crisis.
Thus the Israelis, through Angleton and Dulles, either initiated the plot, or joined the plot in progress. Regardless of who started it, Israel was a senior partner in the crime. And remember, Angleton was a Jewish mole, driving covert operations to benefit Israel rather than the US.
Lee Oswald has been linked closely to former FBI agent Guy Banister, both names familiar to intermediate JFK assassination researchers. We discover from Piper that Banister was close friends with Kent and Phoebe Courtney who did much work for the Anti Defamation League (ADL). The Courtneys were closely connected with B Botnick who headed the ADL , who in turn contracted Banister to flush out left wing ideologues  - the types who might support Kennedy’s moderation in Viet Nam, Cuba, nuclear weapons, and civil rights.
Banister in turn “hired” Oswald to go to campuses to bait these kinds of people, although according to Judyth Baker, Oswald was sympathetic to their views.
Botnick was closely related to Tibor Rosenbaum who was the head of the International Credit Bank in Geneva Switzerland which was the primary money laundering bank for Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky, the man who for all practical purposes controlled organized crime in the United States through his Mossad connections.
Rosenbaum was much more than the head of ICB – he was Mossad’s chief money launderer and arms procurement officer. Mossad was also the owner of the famous Permindex firm  headquartered at one point in Switzerland, and the parent of the International Trade Mart of New Orleans which was directed by Clay Shaw, who in turn worked closely with Banister.
This corporate relationship rewrites many assumptions we had about them being CIA fronts, making them at the very least joint business operations with Mossad.
Another name new to us is Arnon Milchan, a man which Piper reports as Israel’s biggest arms dealer who was also a power behind Israel’s nuclear arms program. He in turn had a lieutenant, Bernie Cornfeld who had a business partner named John King who visited New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison to warn him to stop his investigation. But Cornfeld worked for Rosenbaum which means that Rosenbaum essentially gave the orders to shut down Garrison.
Shaw’s relationship with the Jewish community goes deeper as he was very close friends with Edith Rosenwald Stern whose family was a financier for the NUMEC nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, which was the source of the uranium smuggled into Israel.
This power center in New Orleans provides yet another reason Oswald was assigned there for packaging as a patsy.
Also engaged in arms smuggling was the Sonneborn Institute of Dallas TX with which newly discharged Army Air Corp aircraft mechanic Jack Ruby worked as a new arrival to the City of Hate in 1947. As Piper notes, Ruby would brag about his arms running for Israel.
The Citizen’s Council sponsored Kennedy’s trip to Dallas which was labeled a non-political event, giving the sponsors much more control over the event than would be the case for a political visit. Two of the leading members of the CC were Julius Schepps who worked for the Canadian Bronfman family, and Sam Bloom.
Jack Ruby worked for one of the Bronfmans which ties -  in our minds at least - the Bronfmans closely to the murder of the president.
Bloom was the man who maneuvered Kennedy out of the Women’s Building into the Trade Mart, forcing a route which brought Kennedy into the kill zone of Dealey Plaza where he would be murdered by Frank Sturgis who also had ties to Mossad.
He also insisted that a route of the motorcade be published so that plausible affirmation could be provided for Oswald’s knowledge of the president’s whereabouts. Of course Oswald had nothing to do with murder of the president, but this detail was part of his patsification.
David Weisblat, a major financial backer of the ADL, was an owner of the Dal-Tex building which housed different CIA front companies, all of whom used the telephone number of Morty Freedman, an attorney, garment manufacturer, and business partner of Abraham Zapruder whom we have maintained filmed the assassination for the CIA.
Bloom also pressured Elgin Crull, the city manager, to pressure police chief Jesse Curry into making Oswald accessible to the press and to move him publicly from the Dallas police station to the city jail, allowing Ruby, on orders from Bloom or one of his confederates, to murder Oswald. Police found Bloom’s contact information on a piece of paper in Ruby’s apartment.
Although it could all be “coincidence”, Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas the day of the murder. We do not consider it a coincidence at all, but rather an assassination job Rabin was assigned.
To tie together the case that nuclear weapons policy lead to the president’s murder, Dr Mordechai Vanunu told the Jersusalem Post, after his release from prison for revealing the existence of Israel’s nuclear program, that Israel was behind the murder of President Kennedy.
Thus, Jewish traitors in America, collaborating with the Bronfmans, Mossad, Jewish Mafia boss Meyer Lansky, and David Ben-Gurion, were materially involved in the assassination of an American president. Regarding the priority of interests in murdering Kennedy, we suspect that Israel initiated the request, although Angleton and Dulles jumped on the band wagon with glee.
This episode of Jewish treachery is another reason why Israel is an enemy of the American state and should be treated accordingly. Israel is NOT a friend of America.
Michael Collins Piper, [Final Judgment presentation video], Mike Piper Report,, accessed 1/18/2014
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The Holocaust Hoax

We are in a state of intellectual shock even broaching the subject that the Holocaust may be a hoax, but there is reasonable, scientific, prima facie evidence that it is. While we are not prepared to dogmatically deny it, we find the evidence proffered to date inadequate to support the large allegation that the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews.
Our view has long been that the vile Nazis murdered as many Jews as possible in a Satanically inspired frenzy to rid the world of God’s chosen people as part of their final solution to all problems. Without denying the anti-semitism of the Nazis, we explore the depth of the allegations against them.
We still maintain with conviction that the Jews are the chosen people of YHWH through whom universal redemption has been secured by his son Yahushua. But we also note that God has been so disgusted with Jewish behavior that he has wiped them out of the Promised Land on several occasions, first with Nebuchadnezzar and later with Titus and Hadrian. We also note that God will decimate them under the rule of the Anti-Christ, a vile person who comes from the Jewish tribe of Dan.
Even with all of the bloodletting, God will gather his people together for a glorious kingdom which will stretch from the Euphrates in the east to the very edge of the eastern Nile delta in the west, and from the Caucasus in the north, to the Indian Ocean in the south. At that time, the Peaceable Kingdom will encompass all of the Semites –  ie Arabs - not just the Jews – all of whom will live in prosperity and comity. However, events prior to that time will be downright ugly.
So our statements can in no way be construed as anti-Semitic. We love the truth more than we love any race of people, and will call crap on crap as soon as we are able to see it. We are not, after all, infallible.
Thus with a certain amount of trembling and astonishment, we give an open mic to those who deny the Holocaust, in this case in the person of Michael Collins Piper and Richard Krege, the latter at one time of the Adelaide Institute.
We should note that our research was spawned by the death of Ariel Sharon, whose brash statements cracked open the door of the windowless room we inhabited, letting in a strange new light. Sharon stated in 1982,
“Even today I volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug out from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up a few synagogues, I don’t care. And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal… What your kind doesn’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”
Sharon was one of the many establishment voices of the Jewish people, so his statements cannot be dismissed as trivial. Lunatic as they are, the Israelis followed this man precisely for these kinds of thoughts.
Thus, if Sharon has admitted to engaging in massacres, false flag operations, deceit, and murder, then it is clear that, rather than doing the Lord’s work, he is doing that of Satan. But the problem is deeper for Sharon was not a rogue operation of Mossad in the sense that he was an outlier; rather he was the heart and soul of Zionism and its many manifestations in returning to the Holy Land. Sharon embodied the foreign policy of the Jewish state.
Thus the predicate of Israel is shown to be sewn in fraud and deceit instead of Judeo-Christian values falsely attributed to it. If so, then the rationale for the revival of the Jewish nation may be founded upon the vilest of lies.
All scientific inquiry must be based upon openness to the idea that a hypothesis requires validation through the scientific process of modeling and experimental verification. It is through this mechanism that we can usually find the truth about the material world. Unfortunately the Holocaust has been elevated to a religious mysticism beyond the reach of scientific inquiry. It has assumed a religious fervor which it should not enjoy.
There are several bases for questioning or denying the Holocaust. It might be better to say that the Holocaust should undergo revisionism rather than denial as there was persecution of the Jews under the Nazi regime.
The basic indictment of the Holocaust myth stems largely from the lack of forensic evidence to support the thesis of 6 million dead Jews. Richard Krege has done radar based investigation of the alleged sites of mass burials, but the evidence shows no disturbances of the soil where the bodies were allegedly buried.
The area required for the burial of even the 3 to 4 million bodies alleged to have perished in gas chambers and ovens is far too great for the space pointed to by Holocaust promoters. Even the locations of the burial graves have moved farther East with each telling of the story until they are far into Polish or Russian territory.
Some mass graves have been found but not of the size to explain 3-4 million bodies. These sites have been found in Poland, and dated to 1947, where Polish authorities engaged in some mass murders of Polish intellectual military officers who questioned many of the lies told about World War 2. The NKVD has also been implicated in some of these murder sites.
Additional evidence from German aerial photography during the war years has emerged further undermining the Holocaust myth. The photographs were taken precisely at the spots, such as Dachau and Buchenwald, where the gas chambers allegedly existed, yet they reveal no disturbances in the topography pointing to mass graves.
Even the chambers themselves were said by American generals to have been freshly built after the war. The American Jewish Committee has published reports that no gassings occurred in the above mentioned places. All of this may well explain why the Hungarian Jewish leadership was completely oblivious to the Holocaust when Vrba and Wetzel told their remarkable story.
Perhaps the most significant evidence undermining the story of the Holocaust, in addition to the lack of any verifiable mass graves, is the absence of any autopsies of dead bodies supporting the allegation. According to Krege, there are no autopsies supporting the presence of zircon gas – or any other – in the corpses found at these camps.
Now this is not to say that the Germans did not persecute or torture the Jews. However, many of the corpses found at the end of the war showed evidence of other causes of death, and no doubt malnutrition and mistreatment of prisoners of war were common features of Nazi imprisonments.
But didn’t Eisenhower show American troops the first hand evidence of the concentration camps? Yes he did, but he showed them Potemkin villages, much as the Chinese show the world to prove their economic prowess. He knew that he was creating deceived eye witnesses who would then further the great lies of the Zionist machine.
We repeat that we have not made our final statement on this important event, but we think that the evidence of Sharon, in conjunction with the many lies told the world through the mass media to manipulate it into courses of actions it would not otherwise take, provides a solid basis for indicting the veracity of the Holocaust. Building great monuments does not prove history. We are still investigating this important matter.
We warn sternly anyone against anti-Semitism. Calling out Jews as liars or murderers is not anti-Semitism. As people – God’s chosen no less – they are as capable of sins and wickedness as any other people. They have no halos or inherent virtues by being the people YHWH. As already mentioned, they will suffer tremendously under their very own home grown anti-Christ.
The words of Moses speaking of the Jewish people still hold true: I will bless those that bless thee, and curse those that curse thee. But the establishment of the Jewish nation is the work of God – not of man. Jerusalem is a cup of trembling which should be avoided at all costs.
Jacob swindled his brother Esau out of his birthright for he despised it. His progeny are still using the same techniques to establish themselves in the Land of Promise. We urge Americans to drop Israel like so much botulism as they are in no way an ally, but without in any way cursing or despising them. In fact, blessing them will redound to your own prosperity.
Michael Collins Piper, The Piper Report with Richard Krege, broadcast September 8, 2006, accessed on Youtube 1/18/2014
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Fetzer Names 6 Assassins of President Kennedy

The man we consider the dean of JFK assassination researchers, Professor Jim Fetzer, recently divulged the names of 6 men he considers the assassins of President John Kennedy who was murdered in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. Neither Lee Oswald nor James Files is found among that list; nor are the names of two Cuban brothers we had identified previously.

The list confirms our previous arguments that the CIA and the Dallas Police Department were heavily involved in the murder of the President. We have also implicated members of the DPD in the murder of Officer J D Tippit. Neither the President nor Tippit were murdered by Oswald.

Kennedy’s assassins are as follows:

1.  Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford, shooting from the top of the Dallas County Records Building, hit the president in the back, inflicting the wound which co-conspirator Gerald Ford moved in order to support the preposterous Single Bullet Theory, or more accurately known as the Magic Bullet Theory. Weatherford used a Carcano rifle.

2.  Jack Lawrence, a veteran of the United States Air Force like co-conspirator Curtis LeMay, shooting from the south triple overpass, fired through the windshield to wound the President in the throat. Our view is that the throat wound came from the grassy knoll, but we are open to new presentations of the evidence based upon ballistics evidence.

3.  Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, recruited by the CIA, also using a Carcano, shot the President in the back of the head from the Dal-Tex building where George Bush was arrested but quickly released. The Dal-Tex building is where CIA asset Zapruder worked his dress business, and where the CIA fronted with the firm Dallas Uranium and Oil.

4.  Roscoe White, a DPD officer and CIA assassin, and the man who impersonated Oswald in the ridiculous backyard photo sporting a rifle, which was found in the possession of CIA asset Ruth Paine, fired from the grassy knoll but sent his bullets into the grass to avoid hitting Jackie, according to Fetzer.

5.  Malcolm Wallace, hit man and bag man for Lyndon Johnson, fired from the Texas School Book Depository, hitting Governor John Connally in a case of mistaken identity. Fetzer says that Wallace thought that he was murdering Senator Yarborough. We are aware that Joan Mellen, another indefatigable researcher, doubts the authenticity of the Wallace fingerprint found in the TSBD, but for the moment side with Fetzer.

6.  Frank Sturgis of the CIA, and later of Watergate fame, delivered the shot from the triple overpass which fatally wounded the President from the front. This location comports well with Sherry Feister’s position for the assassin. Sturgis confessed to attempting to kill Marita Lorenz, one time mistress of Fidel Castro, and the witness who was able to confirm murderer E Howard Hunt’s location in Dallas, TX on the day of the assassination in the famous 1982 lawsuit which he brought against the Spotlight in an act of foolish hubris, and eventually lost.
For anyone still enamored with the Tegan Mathis nonsense about Colin Powell shooting from the TSBD, we urge you to study Fetzer’s findings.
For our part, we had identified the last 3 of Fetzer’s assassins, but were surprised by the first 3 as we thought that they would forever be lost to history. If anyone could claim case closed, Fetzer deserves honors for having done so. However there is an enormous trove of information yet to be revealed about the assassination. With these names, we are down to tying up loose ends and tying these trigger pullers to men at the very highest levels of the military industrial complex, some of whom went on to be presidents, and others who made these murderers president.

Sherwood Ross, Six JFK Shooters, Three Tied To CIA, Named–Oswald not among them, Veteran's Today, December 28, 2014, ( accessed January 17, 2014)

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Butcher Sharon Dead at 85

The Butcher of Lebanon, Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel (2001-2006) finally died after 6 years in a coma following a stroke he suffered in 2006. We are glad the murderer is dead.

A life long terrorist wanted by the United Kingdom in the 1940s along with Isaac Shamir and Menachem Begin, Sharon was born as Ariel Scheinerman to Belarusian parents.

Sharon began his life of murder no later than 1953 when he led Israeli army unit 101 in a massacre of 69 civilians in cold blood while they slept in the village of Qibya.

As Defense Minister of Israel in 1982, Sharon brutally murdered at least 3000 civilians in Lebanon through the Israeli armed Phalange militia, details of which are too brutal to report. Both the United Nations and the Israeli Kahane Commission found Sharon guilty of criminal civilian murders.

Nonetheless Israelis voted the murderer to the office of Prime Minister in 2001. Prior to the Bush Crime Syndicate's assault on the World Trade Center in 2001, Sharon rebuffed Shimon Peres' call for a cease fire against Arabs when he told Peres “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

The statement was only outrageous because to a degree it was a little too truthy.

Sharon also had advanced knowledge of the attacks on the trade towers, in part because the Israelis helped plan and execute the assault, but refused to inform the American government, perhaps because he assumed that it was common knowledge.

Sharon's quotes could fill a book of Satanic verses, as this one from December 17, 1982 attests: “Even today I volunteer to do the dirty work for Israel, to kill as many Arabs as necessary, to deport them, to expel and burn them, to have everyone hate us, to pull the rug out from underneath the feet of the Diaspora Jews, so that they will be forced to run to us crying. Even if it means blowing up a few synagogues, I don’t care. And I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal… What your kind doesn’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”

The murderer finally suffered a stroke in 2006 which left him incapacitated until he died January 11, 2014.

Kevin Barret, Burying Sharon - and "We Jews Control America", Veterans Today, January 11, 2014, accessed January 15, 2014

Jamal Kanj, How the Butcher Sharon Murdered My Family, Veterans Today, January 15, 2014, accessed January 15, 2014.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

US On Way to Third World

The United States will be the newest member of the Third World, an arrangement made by banksters who despise this country.
US banksters led by Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, the Rockefeller cabal, along with their Illuminist allies in the entertainment world have nearly completed the economic destruction of the United States. David Rockefeller openly expressed his hatred for America in his autobiography, calling for the elimination of constitutional government by his New World Order.
Jim Willie recently outlined some extraordinary developments with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog which will cement America's status as a Third World nation, a devolution which began in earnest in 2008.
Before discussing those events, many acting as precursors have already taken place. Willie revealed that his sources tell him that 60% of Manhattan is owned by the Chinese who operate behind shell companies under the guise of American investment firms. Massive quantities of industrial plant have been transferred to the Chinese for settlement of defaulted US Treasuries which has been underway since at least 2008.
The most famous example of the colonization of America by the Chinese is the recent sale of Chase Plaza at extraordinary fire sale prices. Our view, informed by comments from Willie, is that the Chinese have taken over the Fed, a point supported by the fact that the new owners of Chase Plaza have a vault next door to the Fed's vault 9 stories below street level in Manhattan.
The Obama administration has worked feverishly to destroy the last remaining health of the US economy and finances by adding 8 trillion USD in federal debt. However, this number annualized is only a fraction of the amount spent by the Fed each month in purchasing worthless assets. Willie contends that the Fed is spending 200-300 billion USD per month on dubious assets - or at least that is the cover story. He implies that not only is the Fed buying financial junk, but that it is paying off derivatives which were triggered from the 2008 financial meltdown, and which continue to the present day, with the JPMorgan London Whale Trade being the most egregious public example.
With the Fed insolvent, the dollar is sure to follow into the toilet. Inflation has been running rampantly higher than what is officially reported by the American politburo. John Williams reports inflation in the 6-10% range, while anecdotal evidence shows even higher numbers.
But the fact of rampant inflation does not even capture the enormity of the crisis unfolding this year. The US petrodollar architecture is under severe strain - in fact it is in the process of being replaced by a petroyuan, and possibly a gold trade settlement device which will render the petrodollar and SWIFT financial payments system obsolete in foreign trade. The SWIFT system is the one the Obama regime used to punish Iran for accepting payments for oil in gold.
Willie described a scenario where Russia's Vladimir Putin will force the Saudis off the petrodollar in favor of a Sino-Russian pricing and payment mechanism, resulting in the sale of massive quantities of US Treasuries. The US Fed will be forced to buy them, but since the Chinese own the Fed, they will convert the defaulted bonds into US property such as real estate and industrial plant. This is the true meaning of the "full faith and credit of the United States government."
The new overlords of the Middle East are the Chinese. The US is in rapid strategic retreat, hanging on through its al Qaeda organization which is an operating arm of the Bush Crime Syndicate's CIA.
If the United States has been bested in the Middle East, it is making one last valiant stand in Africa where Willie confirmed the fighting between US and Chinese troops throughout eastern and southern Africa, where violence rages over control of minerals and the Suez Canal. Walter Reed hospital is filling up with US casualties of the Sino-American African War.
One of the minerals of keen interest to the US and its French lackeys is of course gold. When the Libyans attempted to halt arms running through the US Libyan embassy, Qadaffi or the Bush Crime Syndicate murdered the US ambassador along with some SEALs or other Special Forces personnel. In retaliation, the US took 144 tons Libyan gold held in London.
But the reason the gold was of such interest is because of the massive drain of gold from West to East, in part to settle defaulted US debt, but also to restore some of the gold stolen by US banksters who leased Chinese gold pledged in exchange for Most Favored Nation status in 1999.
The flow of gold out of London has been over 1000 tons per month for the past 18 months, meaning that at the very least 20,000 tons of gold - and more likely closer to 30,000 tons - have gone to the Chinese. As we have reported many times previously, the US has no more gold. There may be some gold plated tungsten in Fort Knox, but the rest of the storage is used for nerve gas, a weapon which will be used on Americans as the dollar collapse accelerates.
So with oil no longer settled in dollars, China writing down trillions of US debt, and massive selling of treasuries to the Chinese owned Fed, the dollar will collapse, and we have predicted that 2014 will be the day of reckoning. The implications will be immense, manifesting itself in food shortages, and gas close to 10 USD/gallon.
Just to make sure that you have enough change you can believe in, the Rockefeller Nazis passed the Affordable Health Care Act which was designed to invade financial privacy and to place implants in your body so that the US Nazis can track you like so much cattle.
We do not exaggerate when say that most Wall Street banksters - certainly the ones at the pinnacle of power - are Satan worshipping megalomaniacs. Just like Illuminist entertainers, these Satanists despise people, especially those without a certain amount of money - to be measured in billions - or who do not have Nephillim blood. We know that this sounds crazy - and we are not in the least impressed by tin foil hat jokes - but we are absolutely certain of the veracity of this report.
2014 is the year in which the subjugation of America is complete, Chinese control is finalized, and the New World Order is brought to a concentration camp near year. But the idea of a monolithic NWO is not accurate either - there are fissures to be sure with their resolutions a burden borne by the little people - you and me.
Greg Hunter interview of Jim Willie, U.S. Bled to Death by China and Harvested for its Organs-Dr. Jim Willie, January 12, 2014, accessed January 13, 2014
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Case for Gold Has Never Been Stronger

Although 2013 marked a pause in the previous 12 year bull run of the price of gold, we believe that 2014 will reverse the losses and break new ground in dollar denominated pricing.
The economic situation of the United States is dire, but its vulnerability is compounded by the deplorable economic conditions abroad, especially in Europe.
None of the financial problems stemming from the engineered take down of Lehman Brothers has been solved, with the insolvency of the big US banks as acute as it was in 2008.
During the time since the onset of the Great Depression 2.0, Eastern powers have been sucking gold out of the West at a rate which hasn't been seen since the fall of Rome. The trade of industrial plant for cheaper prices has not been a good deal for Americans as they are no longer employed sufficiently to pay the cheap prices.

The latest government reports on the fastest growing job segments are all low pay hospitality and retail positions.
Barry Soetoro has produced the most profligate spending since Nero burned Rome. Not even a ship of drunken sailors could steal and spend money with so much abandon and criminality as the budgetless president.
David Stockman recently described the overvaluation of stocks due to accounting gimmicks which eliminate so-called non-recurring expenses from earnings reports and thus deflates P/E ratios, a quick test for evaluating the value of stocks. Rather than being 18 times earnings, the reality is that they are 23 times earnings, clearly in overbought territory. The key point is that these non-recurring charges are quite recurrent and will soon show up in stock prices.
Thus the stock market really has no place to go but down in 2014 since its values are artificially maintained by the criminal Federal Reserve Board and the President's Working Committee on Markets Stability. However, their abilities to manipulate markets is tapering as they lose control of the world's reserve currency, the price of oil, and the price of gold.
With total debt levels still at 330% of GDP, deficits soaring out of control, and the US having last year entered another dip in its ongoing depression since 2008, the economic prospects of the US will force settlement of past due accounts which have been kicked down the road for the past 5 years.
Germany requested a portion of its 3300 metric tons of gold last year, and so far has seen 37 tons delivered. The LBMA and COMEX have ceased or stalled delivery of gold. Andrew Maguire has reported that London gold vaults are empty due to a massive exit of gold East to make good on the sea of bad US debt held by the Chinese, and to help repatriate the gold it stole from China in exchange for granting the brutal regime Most Favored Nation status.
Taper Talk is a charade anyone can safely ignore - the Fed will not taper. Michael Pento told King World News today that the amount of debt on the Fed's balance sheet is closer to 10 trillion USD rather than the publicly reported 4 trillion. Thus not only does the Fed have no "tools" for fighting another recession - and it creates all recessions - but it is completely insolvent, a point we have made for several years.
With scarce gold and the Fed and US government on the verge of unleashing trillions more of debased currency into the teetering US economy, we are certain that gold's price will head distinctly higher.

Another factor contributing to the scarcity of gold, one which rarely gets any public play, is the multiple claims of ownership on each ounce of gold, currently running around 80 claims per ounce. This very fraudulent ownership chain on gold practically guarantees its higher price.
The trigger for the economic collapse will emanate somewhere near the vicinity of Deutsche Bank or JPMorgan Chase, whose London Whale Trade is still toxic as ever. It didn't sell Chase Center at bargain basement prices to the Chinese because it was feeling charitable.
Demographic and economic factors are working hard to destroy the US. The labor force participation rate is the lowest since 1978, unemployment is at all time highs even as the Bureau of Labor Statistics lies its back end off proclaiming otherwise. This means that tax revenue will not recover, making debt the only recourse for America's leaders to maintain the illusion of prosperity.
The Chinese have written down trillions of dollars of US debt - mostly treasuries, meaning that they will be out for blood over the coming years. This has given them the leverage to demand gold as settlement, with somewhere between 10-30,000 tons of gold having shipped East in the last 18-24 months. Bankster lives depended upon this settlement, some of whom will wind up in an oil drum next to Jimmy Hoffa.
With the collapse of the US Treasuries market and consequently higher interest rates, the plummeting price of stocks, and the vaporization of gold from the West, we are certain that gold prices will escape the manipulation of America's banksters to seek a price this year in the 2000s. But as a cautionary note, William Kaye, Vice Chairman of Pacific Alliance Group of Companies, warned Eric King of King World News of a drop in price to the 1050 - 1100 range before heading higher. While the price may continue to gyrate, we don't see the price going that low given the factors we have discussed. 

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