Saturday, March 15, 2014

America's First Black Gay President

Although Barack Obama II cannot truthfully claim to be America's first homosexual president, he can claim to be America's first black gay president.
We had heard rumors about Obama's homosexuality, but generally dismissed them as tabloid gossip. After all how do you explain his 22 year marriage to Michelle - and the 2 kids? But sometimes gossip is true. The turning point for us was the discovery that Michelle Obama is a man, a fact abundantly documented by the video we announced in our previous article, Michelle Obama Is a Man.
We also uncovered a 2012 article in WND which documented significant homosexual activity of Barack Obama going back to his days as a student at Occidental College in California, where he wore a gold ring even through his Harvard Law School days, suggesting that he was in a committed relationship. It may well be that the individual is his current spouse Michelle who has undergone sex change surgery.
The WND article also documents many witnesses who saw Obama at various gay hangouts including gyms and bathhouses such as the high end Man's Country in Chicago, where he and Rahm Emmanuel were members.
Other witnesses claimed to do cocaine with Obama while he was an Illinois state senator. This allegation seems most probable in light of his father's drug dealing in Hawaii from where he sold marijuana and harder drugs from his Chicago style hot dog stand. Lest there be any confusion about whom we mean to be Obama's father, we mean Frank Marshall Davis.

We believe that we have come much closer to the truth with these allegations than any state controlled media outlet such as Fox News has come. Joel Gilbert reports that Fox News' most senior management refused to touch the information in his DVD Dreams from My Real Father, because "it was too controversial", proving once and for all that these organizations do not provide news so much as mind mush and deceptions.

Jerome Corsi, Claim: Obama Hid 'Gay Life' to Become President, WND, September 11, 2012, accessed 3/15/82014

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