Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ukrainian SU25 Blasted MH17 Out of Sky

More evidence streaming out of the graveyard of the Malaysian Flight MH17 downed on July 17, 2014 demonstrates convincingly that Ukrainian military blasted the civilian airliner out of the sky.
Veterans Today writer Peter Haisenko analyzed available internet photos of the Boeing plane's debris, discovering that the nose of the jet is riddled with holes matching those of 30 caliber gun - the types of guns used in anti-tank operations.
As he examined the inward and outward bends of metal where the holes are found, it became clear that bullets fired from a fighter jet entered and exited cockpit on both sides, most likely killing the pilots. Haisenko noted that only the cockpit suffered strafing while the rest of the plane suffered ricochet and pass through shots rather than direct fire.
However, as we reported from other Veterans Today stories, an Israeli Shin Bet firm, ICTS, is believed to have placed a bomb on the plane which detonated at the time the Ukrainian plane came under aerial assault. Thus the passengers were doomed by Ukrainian flying murderers, and an airborne bomb.
However, Haisenko argues that the SU 25 anti-armor canons were sufficient for causing air pressure problems in the main cabin, thus resulting in explosive reactions which could plausibly be attributed to a missile.
Now that we have a comprehensive explanation about how the MH17 was obliterated, we must still understand who did it. Clearly the thuggish Ukrainian government would not have the intelligence or capabilities to perform this act without sponsorship from the US and Israel.
While Israel was embarking on its genocidal destruction of Gaza, it worked to distract the world with an assault on a civilian airliner. As Ariel Sharon admitted to a news reporter in 1983, he killed Jews for political purposes. Indeed Ukrainians were killed in the State Department's Maidan Square false flag operation produced by the Jew Victoria Newland whose allegiances are strictly Israeli.
Israel is the fighting arm of the Rothschild New World Order which in turn relies heavily on the military might of the US and CIA. Indeed the CIA now has its own independent military force fully funded by narcotics trade which will most likely end up in a war with the Pentagon.
Despite the incessant stream of lies produced by American newsfakers, we know the truth about the murderers of July 17, 2014 who massacred Flight MH17.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Solving the MH17 Flight Mystery

Another explosive revelation in Veterans Today by senior editor Gordon Duff provides a missing piece to the destruction of Malaysian Airline flight MH17, which was shot out of the air on July 17, 2014 while flying over Ukraine, yet still leaves at least one major unanswered question regarding the nature of the crime.
Duff reveals that an Israeli company, ICTS, founded by former Shin Bet members, placed a bomb on the airliner prior to its departure from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as part of an elaborate false flag operation to implicate Russia in a pretext for war.
Shin Bet is Israel's terrorist organization specializing in murder and creating terrorist events which it blames on another party. In its early days it focused on Arabs, but over the years it has spread its wings around the globe.
For those who doubt our claims, we point our readers to former Israeli prime minister and mass murderer Ariel Sharon's admission to a news reporter in 1983 that he killed Jews in order to rally international support for Israel because he could always blame it on the Arabs.
The evidence pouring in regarding MH17 has allowed investigators to piece together a plausible explanation of what happened to the flight. Much of the evidence is negative and forged, including the film of the crash site upon which the US Secretary of State and Skull & Bones loyalist John Kerry relied.
Large sections of the plane have been found in conditions without evidence of missile attack, leading independent investigators with aviation experience to recognize that the plane was torn apart at 33,000 feet, a distance too far for the alleged BUK anti-aircraft missiles. There simply are no forensic evidences of destruction by missile.
This also means that the Ukrainian SU25 fighter jet which was following the civilian aircraft was either doing so as a backup murderer in the event that the bomb failed to explode, or as a videographer of the event so that appropriate lies could be told about the destruction of the plane. Intelligence organizations use these films for planning future murders.
We reported that Veterans Today editor Jim Fetzer suggested that the plane was full of dead bodies before the bomb detonated, a supposition which has not been repudiated by the evidence. We await further reports on the bodies to formally conclude that cadavers were part of the operation. As we surmised recently, these bodies would be those of the MH370 hijacked by the US in March.
Another problem for the terrorists is that the heavy pieces of aircraft debris, such as engines, have not left any noticeable impact on ground. For our readers familiar with physics, distance displaced equals 1/2 gt^2. Since we are old fashioned we will stick with the English measurement system to calculate the time of descent. We are also not considering airing resistance. From 33,000 feet, the plane and its parts would require roughly 45 seconds for impact - certainly for the engine.
Its velocity at the time of impact would be about 1453 ft/sec which is about 990 miles per hour. The weight of the GE90 engine is very roughly 7550 kg or 16640 pounds. This means that the force at impact was about 740,000 kN. For those not familiar with this measurement, think of it as a smallish meteor impact. Then ask yourself why there are no craters where the engine allegedly crashed.
What these forensic data show is that Ukraine thugs under American or Israeli direction hauled some airplane debris to the alleged crash site. Most likely the flight MH370 plane was disassembled for use in this hoax.
So while we believe that the MH17 was blown out of the sky by an ICTS bomb under US and Israeli management, we believe that the crash site has been massively fabricated to provide whatever additional lies the situation required.
As we have noted, the aerial assault by the US, Israel, and Ukraine had multiple purposes, one of which was to foment war in Ukraine between Russia and NATO, as these genocidal freaks would like to relive World War 1 to realize their population reduction goals. The other purpose was to distract people from the barbaric, genocidal Jewish assault on Gaza. These mass murderers will not rest until they have wiped out every Arab in the Middle East or made them Jewish slaves. If you don't believe the unquenchable hatred of Jews for everyone on the planet, search some of our older articles which quote leading Jewish rabbis and philosophers on the status of gentiles.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Connecting the Dots - MH17 and MH370

If you thought it mere coincidence that US and Israeli intelligence forces hijacked and shot down 2 Malaysian airliners, we propose another theory which links the 2 as part of Israel's ongoing genocide against humanity.

Jim Fetzer, editor of Veterans Today, just published commentary indicating that flight MH17 - the one which Mossad and US intelligence forces shot out of the sky over the Ukraine on July 17, 2014 - was actually full of cadavers.

Since we know that US and Israeli intelligence forces hijacked flight MH370, we suspect that they placed the cadavers from that flight on MH17 as a way to dispose of bodies. It is altogether likely that additional persons were murdered before and during flight take off.

The best evidence points to a Ukrainian SU25 firing a missile at the MH17, or a bomb exploding onboard the civilian aircraft for which the bomber was a backup, or a combination of the two.

The Jews have a strong hatred for the Malaysians who have offended their sense of racial superiority, and have targeted them for special vengeance until they cry uncle.

Dutch newspapers blared the following day for an attack on Russia, an obvious tipoff that that the Dutch government was part of the false flag operation to vilify Russia, and ignite another war on the 100th anniversary of World War 1.

Another reason for the MH370 hijacking was to frame the Iranians so that the vile Israeli government would attack Iran over the false stories about its non-existent nuclear weapons program.
As Fetzer noted, the plutocrats who rule the world are getting desperate for death, but we believe that he misdiagnoses the situation - at least in part. While he maintains that the West is imploding economically, a point with which we agree, the oligarchs have planned this situation as a pretext for war. Thus we do not see them as desperate economically - rather their plans proceed apace.
If the oligarchs are desperate, it is because people are aware of their criminality which might lead to loss of power - not because their Western economic base is crumbling. They have fabulous wealth which cannot be counted.
The Satan worshipping oligarchs - the Rockefeller Nazis, the Bush Crime Syndicate, the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Hollywood elite, and myriad other Ziocon Rothschild organizations - are desperate to destroy as much of humanity as possible. This is the reason why they have filled underground cities with massive quantities of food under the pretext of Continuity of Government.
We remind voters in this election year that if you vote Democrat or Republican, you are voting for the New World Order, and all of the death and destruction which the Ziocon Rothschild oligarchs can serve up.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Understanding the MH17 False Flag Attack

The attack on the Malaysian civilian aircraft carrying flight MH17 on July 17, 2014 was not conducted by Russia, but by American-Israeli terrorists in order to provoke another war in Europe.
It seems the Malaysians cannot escape the murdering Israelis who, with American help, hijacked the MH370 earlier this year in a failed attempt to attack Iran in another one of its genocidal rampages.
When the Jews discovered that they could not start another Middle Eastern war with Iran, they turned their anger on Ukraine and Gaza. Simultaneously the Jews launched a murderous attack on the unarmed Gaza population in their quest for more bloodshed, while at the same time stirring up trouble in Europe.
In order to distract attention for their brutalities in Gaza, they cooperated with the United States and its NATO sock puppets to escalate the war in Ukraine. Apparently the Satan worshipping Ziocons want to commemorate World War 1 with a centennial war in Europe.
The recent episode of attacking an unarmed civilian plane to provoke war is an old trick out of the CIA-MOSSAD handbook. The Jews bombed the King David Hotel in 1946 to provoke hostilities. As recently as the first Lebanese war, the butcher of Baghdad, Ariel Sharon, admitted that he killed Jews in order to garner international sympathy for Israel.
According to reports in Veterans Today, a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet tracked the Malaysian flight up to moments prior to its destruction. At the same time, Veterans Today reported that radar activity of Ukrainian military units increased 200-300% within 2-3 days of the attack, and then promptly subsided to very little after the Ukrainians shot down the plane.

We conclude that the SU-25 fired the missile which blew up the plane, or was a backup in case a bomb on the plane failed to damage the airliner.
While the Ziocon press states that a BUK missile blew up the Boeing, the capabilities of that system are not sufficient to the task, nor explains the known damage which occurred to the plane. Thus we conclude that the Ukrainian government, acting under orders from the Ziocons, murdered the passengers as a contrived casus belli.
The murderers in Washington are rabidly desperate for war in Europe, the NATO colony of the Netherlands' newspapers calling for an attack on Russia. The childishness of the Ziocon temper tantrum would be laughable if they weren't murdering people.
There is also a question about whether or not the attack on the MH17 was actually a failed attempt to blow out of the sky Russian president Vladimir Putin. His presidential plane was flying near the Malaysian aircraft, and our suspicion is that the Ziocons wanted to murder him.
If the Ziocons were not targeting Putin, the Malaysian Boeing may have been attacked because that nation refuses to bow to the murderers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
There are more details to be discovered in this aggression by the Ziocons, but war is definitely the prime motive for the attack.
Ukrainian Su-25 fighter approached MH17, Veterans Today, July 21, 2014, accessed 7/21/2014
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Butterdezillion Drops Fuddy Bombshells

[Author's note 5/11/2020: We have come to believe that Fuddy did not die, but was indeed whisked away for a face job and new life in a new locale as a reward for her services rendered in legitimizing a foreign national and lying about his birth.]

Incendiary revelations in FOIA documents received by Butterdezillion prove that Loretta Fuddy was involved in a military operation driven by US intelligence at the time of her alleged death. Although the new revelations provide plausible consideration for her escape, we cautiously believe that Fuddy indeed died after her plane went down.

Loretta Fuddy was the criminal director of the Hawaii Department of Health who certified the fraudulent birth certificate of Bari Malik Shabazz, otherwise known as Barack Obama. Her plane went down off the coast of Molokai on a return trip to Honolulu on December 11, 2013.

Butterdezillion is a crack investigator who became involved in the plane crash when she realized that the official story produced by the government and CIA’s newsfakers such as CBS, Fox News, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and others didn’t match the facts. Her interviewer, Doug Hagmann, refused to reveal Butterdezillion’s name out of concern of retribution from US government thugs.

For those unaware of the government’s assassination programs, we refer you to Shabazz’ use of drones in murdering US citizens, and the shocking revelations of Kay Griggs’ about her former husband, a USMC colonel, who headed many assassination operations against US citizens.

The first problem with Fuddy’s death is that the nature of the landing does not explain her “death,” especially since all other passengers survived. As Hagmann noted during the interview, car drivers go over rougher potholes than the impact the plane suffered when hitting the water.

Even more damning is the refusal of the State of Hawaii, run by organized crime, to issue an unredacted death certificate of Fuddy – an ironic juxtaposition with Shabazz’ refusal to release his birth certificate. In fact, the redactions on the death certificate are so severe and extensive that its release must have concealed significant evidence of murder.

The basic question is why would a state refuse to release a death certificate of a public official? The answer is obvious to anyone with an IQ above a potato – to conceal either a crime or an elaborate escape, making the government of Hawaii an accessory or co-conspirator to murder.

Butterdezillion recounts the story of a Coast Guard officer who claimed that he left Fuddy in the water because she was unresponsive and protocol demanded that he move to other casualties. As expected, the Coast Guard spokesman was lying, as Butterdezillion’s research in the accident protocol handbook clearly stated the opposite of what the liar in the Coast Guard announced.

But why would the Coast Guard lie about its protocols for triage of accident victims? Long time readers of these Chronicles will recall our coverage of the US Coast Guard’s escorting of drugs into the United States. As another arm of organized crime, the US Coast Guard is trained to lie and to cover-up the drug running in which it is involved. Lying to cover-up a murder is simply part of daily duty.

But the lies of the US Coast Guard are only the tip of the iceberg. The Honolulu Control Center – the air traffic controllers – were warned at the start of the day that there would be a US military special operation in the area of the plane crash between 3:00 – 4:00 PM local Hawaii time.

Fuddy’s plane went down at 3:27 PM local time in the exact sector where US military operations were conducted. At 3:27-28 PM, the air traffic controllers received notification that the “area had gone cold,” meaning that US military elements had left the area.

The most reasonable explanation for the alert is that US military – possibly SEALs or JSOC – forces had been deployed to the waters where the plane landed. Of course this means that the Air Force and Navy were most likely involved. Butterdezillion has noted in her extensive studies of the crime scene that extra people and equipment than were on the plane are identified in the film taken by passengers.

Yet that is not all that our investigator has uncovered. The FOIA documents she received – as extensively redacted as they were – revealed that an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) was heard by multiple aircraft pilots up to 4 minutes prior to the crash, starting at 3:23 PM. This staged ELT was either initiated by Fuddy’s pilot, or planted by the assassination squad. 

Butterdezillion’s professional contacts assure her that the impact of hitting the water as the aircraft did would not be sufficient to trigger the ELT. Thus it was deliberately started to deceive investigators or to provide plausible affirmation of a crash.

An astonishing revelation which caused Hagmann to lose his composure on air was Butterdezillion’s report from the FAA denying some of her requests because it had destroyed documents. The brazen criminality of the FAA should surprise no one as it was the element which Richard Nixon used to cover up the murder of Dorothy Hunt in her fake plane crash. The agency has a long and practiced history in crime, including obstruction of justice. It no longer even makes up stories about losing documents. It simply announces that it destroys them.

Butterdezillion noted that the number of people involved in the cover-up of this crime, as well as other aspects of Shabazz’ criminal past, is staggering. The number of traitors in America following the Satanic Rockefellers has tipped past the point of no return.

While the evidence provided to date in the Fuddy death could be construed as an evacuation of the criminal and former public health director, as was the case with Barbara Olson during 9/11’s faked airplane attack on the Pentagon, we still believe that she was murdered due to her knowledge of the CIA’s Manchurian Candidate, Bari Shabazz. Having served the purpose of certifying a forged document, her services were no longer needed. Good riddance.

ReferenceButterdezillion, Interview with Doug Hagmann, accessed on Youtube 7/16/14

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

State of California Uses Massive Violence on Unarmed Citizen

California Highway Patol man slugs unarmed woman
In a shocking video which has gone viral on YouTube, a California Highway Patrol officer is shown beating the living crap out of a middle aged black woman near a California highway in Los Angeles. The CHP defends the vicious assault and has announced no actions against the police thug.
On July 1, 2014, a woman walking along a busy Los Angeles freeway was ordered to stop by a CHP officer, but she refused by walking away from him toward the median. The burly 250 pound police thug flew into a rage, threw the unarmed woman to the ground, and assaulted her with repeated hard blows to the head.
When the CHP discovered the video by accident, it shoved out some of its well trained liars to make a fuss about the launch of a "thorough investigation," but the careful language plainly implied that no actions would be taken against the officer, and that they would sweep it under the rug as soon as the public's attention span expired.

CBS News in Los Angeles didn't even have the moral capacity to opine whether the officer "crossed the line," stating that it was unclear and too ambiguous, following the cue from the CHP's spokesman Chris O'Quinn. The video is thoroughly unmistakable in documenting the rage the officer was in as he pummeled the living daylights out of the woman for refusing to leave the highway. We wonder what would have happened to her if she had called him a pig.
The CHP claimed that the reason the officer wanted the woman off the freeway was for her safety, which required that he beat the crap out of her - so that she would be safe.
The woman who was being "safeguarded" by the police was taken to the hospital where we suspect that she will be murdered unless she loses all mental capacity to be a legal threat to the CHP.
Unfortunately we fear for David Diaz, the man who captured the vicious assault on his cellular phone, since we are certain that the CHP, working with powers in the state of California, and the Eric Holder justice department, will murder him as well.
Events such as these are common in America, especially in Dallas, where its police department was heavily involved in the murders of President John F Kennedy, Lee Oswald, and J D Tippit, among many others who threated to speak the truth about the coup.
Arkansas police are well known for murdering victims such as Don Henry and Kevin Ives, while the mayor of Peoria, Illinois uses his police force as a gestapo force to terrorize citizens of the city with physical violence. The police department of Santa Fe blew the brains out of a homeless man, from behind, because the unarmed frail man was a threat to the police.

Alex Jones reported that a team of heavily armed SWAT agents in Missouri busted down the door of an elderly woman, threw her to the ground, along with her young grandson, and threatened to blow her brains out if she dared so much as move her fingers. Her offense was being late on mortgage payment, but she owned her property free and clear.
But the Nazi thugs of California are well versed violence, as the Rodney King tactics have been brought to bear on an unarmed woman. A fellow criminal helped handcuff her. Had he not arrived, would the rageful officer have blown out her brains, claiming that it was a suicide?

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Murderer Richard Mellon Scaife Dead, 82

Murderer and billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife is thankfully dead at age 82, according to a report filed today by Veterans Today.
Scaife was born to wealth that his father used to help him avoid the Korean War draft by donating millions to the University of Pennsylvania, which in turn granted Scaife a bogus degree he "earned" over sufficient time to escape draft age.
Scaife employed an army of criminal cops to murder and intimidate news reporters, most notably Steve Kanga, who got too close to the truth.
The murderer was also a force behind the American Spectator, a right winged lunatic bin which tirelessly defends the Bush Crime Syndicate, and the preposterous lies of the Warren Commission.
Veterans Today also revealed that the murderer funded much of Watergate, information which we will incorporate into our historical assessment of the coup of 1974 which continued the coup of 1963. This information ties Scaife much closer to the CIA than we previously knew since Watergate was a CIA operation designed to oust Nixon from office. Nixon's departure was no loss to the nation.
We look forward to the deaths of other American criminals and traitors,

Gordon Duff, Satan Welcomes Richard Mellon Scaife Dead at 82, Veterans Today, July 4, 2014, accessed 7/14/2014

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Three Reasons to Annihilate the State of Israel

Although the Western press, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Intelligence Agency, has lied egregiously about Islamic views on Israel, we mince no words in arguing that the state of Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth.
We are unaware of any truthful translation of official Arab statements calling for the annihilation of Israel. However, they are remiss in not rallying for such an action. Our condemnations of Israel are 3 fold. Israel and Jews fabricated the Holocaust Hoax. Israel, Mossad, and its sock puppet, the CIA, murdered President Kennedy. The Israelis, Mossad, and CIA destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 with a generous use of nuclear weapons.
We know that “Evangelical” Christians would be aghast if they were to ever read anything so strident as this essay, because after all, the Jews are God’s chosen people. God has a plan for Israel without doubt, but his plan destroyed them in 70 AD, and he has no glorification for them until he personally restores their kingdom. In the meantime, the Ziocons have been a gross malignancy on this planet.
We note that most who say they are Jews are not, as the Apostle John warned. We do not have space to rehearse the genetic fallacies regarding the current people who claim to be descendants from David, but most of the “Jews” in Israel are Khazars. Nonetheless we will use common nomenclature to refer to these people.
In modern times Jewish thought and intellectual endeavors have been devoted to spawning genocidal ideologies, whether they take the form of Rationalism, Communism, Marxism, Nazism, or any other ism which is targeted like a computer virus to demolish its host. All of these so-called intellectual movements have been the byproduct of Ziocon banksters who fund these pernicious movements at the behest of the Rothschilds and their syndicate of hangers-on such as the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Each of these movements is controlled by Ziocon banksters in order take down societies and nations, wherein the ultimate culmination exploded into World War 2 which provided the impetus to establish the state of Israel based upon the outlandish lie that the Nazis murdered 6,000,000 Jews. We and others have shown elsewhere that this claim is ludicrous.
One of the side goals of World War 2 was the destruction of Germany, a task Jews started during World War 1 when they tried to claim that the Kaiser murdered 6,000,000 Jews. As you can see, as with the Satanic Star of David, with its 3 sixes, so the fixation on 6,000,000 murdered Jews.
Our main point is that Nazism was a Ziocon movement to create total war and destruction, and to create the Rothschild controlled state of Israel.
When President Kennedy refused to give Israel nuclear weapons, the murderer David Ben-Gurion, flying into a rage, either instigated or joined the CIA plot to murder Kennedy. We have covered the evidence elsewhere of major Israeli complicity in the murder of Kennedy, but Jack Rubenstein and Meyer Lansky were not part of the plot in random acts of malice. Nor was it any accident that James Jesus Angleton, who planned Oswald’s murder, just so happened to work for Mossad.
Kennedy showed excellent judgment in refusing to share American technology with Israel, for 40 years later they would use nuclear weapons to destroy the World Trade Center. The evidence is abundant and clear that the WTC buildings were decimated by nuclear weapons, most likely decommissioned Soviet nuclear devices.
Jews everywhere were ebullient at the destruction in New York City because they knew they had a hook in the jowls of the American giant who would implement the Jewish genocide of Arabs - just as they tried against the Germans - in the Middle East. The Presbyterian Church, USA’s decision to divest of Israeli stocks was recognition of the inhumane treatment the Jews give the Arabs.
The use of nuclear weapons on New York City was only a start as the IDF and US troops would use them on Arabs in the Middle East, a fact which Veteran’s Today reported this year. These weapons were used in the Lebanon invasion as well as the American Iraqi war started under false pretenses by the Bush Ziocons.
We would go a step further by stating that nearly all of the violence in the Middle East is started and fueled by the CIA and Israel. The butcher of Baghdad Ariel Sharon even admitted that he murdered Jews in order to rally American and world opinion in actions against the Arabs.
Given the wars started by Ziocon banksters, the hideous lie about the Holocaust, the murder of President Kennedy, and the nuclear attacks on New York City, we have provided not merely 3 reasons to annihilate Israel, but included a bonus reason. These thugs must be stopped now; American patriotism demands it.

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