Saturday, March 8, 2014

World War 3 Has Begun

The war mongering Obama administration has succeeded in starting World War 3. As a sock puppet for the Ziocons who started World War 1 and 2, he has satisfied his masters in igniting a huge war.
The prelude to war started with the frustrations Russian president Vladimir Putin inflicted upon the Ziocon Western governments in Syria. The US had supplied gas weapons to its al Qaeda proxy rebels in Syria to overthrow the Syrian government in accordance to its Project For a New American Century.
Putin promised military support to Syria, at which point Obama backed down. The administration seeks revenge for the diplomatic humiliation, and to stave off removal by his handlers should he fail to deliver war in Europe.
The PNAC plan was conceived by the Ziocons to take over the Middle East, but so far they have only managed to take Iraq and Afghanistan, with complete chaos reigning in Libya and Egypt in other failed attempts to recolonize Africa. The reason is the same as always - oil, arms, gold, and greed.
Failing to get his war in Syria, Obama diverted attention to Ukraine, about which the European Union's preference for a replacement government State Department's Victoria Nuland said, "Fuck the EU".
Zero Hedge reported that leaked conversations between Estonian and British diplomats indicated the replacement government killed its own supporters to implicate ousted president Viktor Yanukovych in violence against the Ukrainians.
The financial website also reported March 8, 2014 that Ukrainian troops are headed to the Crimea to wrest back the territory from the Russians who had signed a multi year treaty with Ukraine for a warm water port. The flash point is the self governing region's call for a referendum to rejoin Russia, a move which the Ziocon backed Ukrainian government said is an illegal secession.
Given that the Ziocon's president has drawn many red lines in the sand, there is no way that the United States, NATO, or the European Union will stay out of the fight. We predict that World War 3 will be well under way by the end of the month, but it has already started.

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