Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Disintegration of the Old Economic Order

The house of cards created at Bretton Woods by the plutocratic elite is starting  to disintegrate. Many astute observers are noticing that more than an errant dog will cause the collapse of the rickety structure.

Although we don’t normally delve into economic matters directly, we believe that the urgency of these crises warrant an exception to policy, particularly when the background reporter is Jim Willie. His latest public newsletter presents a series of acute troubles facing the financial world.

We find further justification in our excurses since it underlines one of our major theses – namely that world events are not governed through the sham institutions over which Americans wax patriotic, but rather that sinister selfish people manipulating those institutions are the real movers and shakers of political events.

In particular, it was the plutocratic elite, led by the Bush Crime Syndicate, which murdered a president in Dealy Plaza, forced an elected president to resign in 1974, and attempted the murder of another sitting president in March 1981.

This same cabal of economic hyenas is facing a significant crisis – or engineering one – which is attacking all major pillars of Western economic life.

For those who have been oblivious to the financial storm, several issues are coming to a head.  We briefly enumerate them here.

LIBOR Scandal

The revelations of the enormous fraud perpetrated by major banks such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds and others have forced resignations of senior executives of these and other firms. However, that is nothing compared to the extent of their criminalities. These banks, plus major American banks, the US Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of England, and a cast of many thousands have engaged over the course of years – if not decades – in manipulation of this key rate.

Interest rates, like any other traded good, are two sided. When their prices are subverted through manipulation, someone loses, particularly those depending upon interest income or financial derivatives adversely affected by a certain direction in rates.

Over 350 trillion dollars in financial transactions depend upon this rate, meaning that the plunder is measured in hundreds of billions of dollars, if not more, even with the small basis point clipping of rates.

Although pure animal greed was at the core of this crime, one of the major movers behind it were governments who were hopelessly in debt and running annual deficits of 1.5 trillion USD.

Money Laundering

If you thought that BCCI and its money laundering schemes were things of the past, we would nominate you for fool. Where there is large money and power, there is large corruption. All of the leading financial institutions in the US have a large dependency on money laundering, particularly of the narcotic variety. Willie has mentioned Wachovia’s major involvement in narcotic money laundering prior to its demise. He also notes that money center banks’ survivals depend upon it.

JPMorgan and Interest Rate Swaps

We have previously reported on JPM’s exposure to Interest Rate Swaps as the real background story to its London Whale trades gone bad, but it is worth reminding our readers that the only way that interest rates can remain at 0% in the face of chronic deficits of the current magnitude is through these financial instruments which artificially create demand for bonds. As Willie notes, there is no rush to safety toward US Treasury debt – rather it is a gusher of Fed purchasing of debt through the banks of the Federal Reserve, in this case, Morgan Stanley. After the gold story, this is the story to watch.

FASB Accounting Scandal

In 2009, in the pell-mell of the Lehman crash and stock market sell-off, Congress compelled FASB – the Financial Accounting and Standards Board which specifies accounting rules and standards for public and corporate accounting – to suspend the mark to market standard which required that companies book assets at the lower of acquisition or market price. This suspension of centuries of accounting practice permitted companies to valuate assets at their whims - always through complex inscruitable models - , covering up massive losses in so doing.

If banks were required to adhere to mark to market,  they would have to recognize their bankruptcies and be forced into receivership. Nearly all of the major banks, including the Federal Reserve, are thusly insolvent. The Federal Reserve’s purchases of massively bad debt render it bankrupt. These insolvencies are the real reasons why banks are not lending, plus the fact that the Fed is paying banks to park 1.6 trillions dollars in funds by paying .25% interest.

Stolen Gold

Perhaps the biggest story yet to be widely reported is the massive theft of gold by the major banks as part of their gold shorting schemes to suppress the price of gold. Central banksters fear the price of gold because it, above all assets, signals bankster malfeasance and currency debasement. Hence, they are allowed to sell gold with naked shorts, something which would land an ordinary person in prison.

Having plundered their account holders’ gold, and in conjunction with massive flows of gold to the East, the gold cartel banks are finding themselves in a huge bind. At least 60,000 tons of gold have been stolen by the banks through lease programs in a bid to suppress its price. When the true owners discover the theft, an enormous upward thrust in gold will materialize.

Now that the price is rising, the pressure on these criminals to replace the gold will be volcanic. We believe that this is the main reason Ben Bernanke, once dubbed as the Chair Satan of the Federal Reserve Board, is refusing to engage in raw Quantitative Easing, a fancy term for currency debasement. Doing so would put enormous upward pressure on the price of gold which would in turn demolish the short positions of the gold cartel. Such a result would force them into bankruptcy just as they would face enormous civil litigation. Fortunately for the banksters, they are not subject to criminal prosecution because they own the government lock, stock, barrel and could always invoke national security as a covering pretense.

As a side note, Fort Knox is depleted of all gold. The only thing in its storage bays besides gold plated tungsten bars is nerve gas to be used on US citizens "for their own safety."

We again thank Jim Willie for providing the background summary for our interpretation of these events, and hope that readers can see the abject corruption of its esteemed leaders. Banksters and politicians have a very tight symbiotic relationship which could not flourish without each other.
We are at a loss to explain what the repressive regime which follows will look like, but Nazi Germany is a good place to start. The destruction of the economic order, to paraphrase North American Mossad Director Rahm Emmanuel, is not a crisis to be wasted.

US Treasury Bonds False Safe Haven, GOLD is the True Sanctuary , Jim Willie, July 26, 2012
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Western Civilization is an Oxymoron

Just as with military intelligence, so with Western Civilization, we are confronted with an oxymoron of puzzling dimensions. After considering the works of three diverse authors covering the imperial aggression of corporate America, we can no longer consider western achievements as anything more than rapacious conquest of weaker peoples.

But, you may say, the West gave us democracy, technological innovation, Christianity, and the American Dream. These are theoretical ideas for the 1%, but meaningless charades for the rest. Three unrelated authors, Chalmers Johnson, Naomi Klein, and John Perkins have spelled out the brutality which American plutocrats have visited upon the world, a brutality baked to perfection with the basic recipes of their European counterparts.

Lest you think that we are resurrecting the assault on Western civ which started in the Ivy League schools a generation or more ago, let me point out that Genghis Kahn, the Qing emperors, and the Japanese warlords could be equally ruthless.

A cursory study of American management labor relations in the 19th and 20th centuries should assure the benighted reputation of plutocratic behavior, even for the man often credited with the most good will – the viciously anti-Semitic Henry Ford whose legacy was Adolph Hitler and concentration camps in Europe co-founded by Standard Oil of New Jersey (Exxon) prior to World War 2.

Chalmers Johnson notes the destructive plague of British misrule on the Indian subcontinent. After subduing its many kingdoms and factions, the British proceeded to demolish Indian manufacturing which for at least a couple of centuries had far surpassed that of Western Europe. The reason of course was to promote the fortunes of the British East India Company and other plutocrats engaged in the raping of India.

But the British were only an excursis for Johnson who pointed out that the Americans were only following the British pattern of political and economic conquest.

Naomi Klein, in Shock Doctrine, shows how the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman used its warped ideas of laissez-faire to subjugate Latin America for such industrial giants as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and United Fruit Company, just to name a few. The physical brutalities which were visited upon the impoverished workers of Brazil and Argentina by Ford should keep any decent person away from its products for the company has never admitted its complicity in brutality.

Klein shows how the MKULTRA psychological assault weapons of the CIA were used to demolish most of South America culturally, economically, and politically all for the benefit of corporate America. To extend Johnson’s idea of blowback, we can completely understand why Venezuela despises America  in general, and its plutocrats in particular.

John Perkins’ landmark Confessions of an Economic Hit Man shows in detail how corporate interests were frequently used by the CIA and US government to advance American foreign policy in an incestuous relationship which President Eisenhower called the military-industrial-complex.

One of the more sickening stories Perkins tells in his follow-up book is that of sportswear giant Nike’s slave labor camps in Indonesia where the company paid its workers, at the time of publication, 1.25 USD per day. Anyone who buys Nike products is a slave owner.

A team of reporters attempted to document the atrocities of Nike, but the company ran them off with death squads when they returned for a second visit to the camp.

The American Dream is nice living if you can get it, but it is limited increasingly limited to the few who have avoided the ravages of stemming from the planned economic enslavement of America’s fast disappearing middle class. Perkins shows how the politics of debt is used to shackle the Third World countries in perpetuity, while we would note that that the same techniques are used at home.

Perkins was deeply troubled by the fact that most nations which had fallen into the hands of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and American economic powers never prospered – except, that is, the elite 1%.

The West in general and America in particular, have been a plague and blight on humanity.  Its elite and privileged – the top 20% - bathe themselves in sumptuous luxuries obtained on the backs of millions of people whose labor is stolen for their leisure.

Just as decorated USMC General Smedley Butler recognized that the Marines were nothing but the military branch of the plutocrats, It is time for us to turn from such evil and to give  back these people their lives and dignities - even if it means a demotion of our standards of living.

Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins
[Various Works], Chalmers Johnson
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Private Investigator Alleges Soetoro SSN Fraud

A private investigator, according World Net Daily, has demonstrated that Barry Soetoro’s Social Security number was fraudulently obtained. Soetoro is the Indonesian citizen Americans elected as president in 2008 in complete contravention to the Constitution’s requirement that a president be a naturally born citizen.

Investigator Susan Daniels has filed suit in Geauga County Ohio alleging that Soetoro’s SSN cannot possibly be legal, thus compelling Ohio’s secretary of state to remove Soetoro from the presidential ballot.

As a licensed private investigator, Daniels has researched hundreds of SSNs. She has investigated this matter since August 2009, noting that the prefix of Soetoro’s SSN, 042, is exclusively reserved for applicants in Connecticut. Soetoro has been using this number since 1986, but Daniels discovered that the batch of numbers containing Soetoro’s number was issued between 1977 – 79 when Soetoro was living in Hawaii.

The PI also discovered that Soetoro’s SSN was issued in March 1977 in Connecticut to a man born in 1890. Soetoro’s sister’s SSN was issued with Hawaii numbers. The trouble with the Connecticut SSN is that Soetoro would have had to appear in Connecticut for a “’mandatory in-person interview’” according to the WND article.

More intriguing is that Soetoro’s SSN is associated with multiple birth dates, an irregularity Daniels has not observed before in her 17 years as a licensed PI. The Social Security Administration is required by law to retain on microfilm the original SS application, access to which Daniels is compelling through her legal actions.

The courts will rule against Daniels on the merits and the facts, arguing that since the State does not have the authority to compel a federal agency to release documents, there exists no way to disprove Soetoro’s assertion that he is using a legitimate SSN, effectively placing the burden of proof on the plaintiff rather than the presidential aspirant to demonstrate Constitutional eligibility for president.

We also predict that Daniels may meet a suspicious death, as you do when you are dealing with powerful international criminals. What is more staggering about the faked SSN is that Soetoro has been groomed by these same powerful forces since at least 1981 to become president of the United States, at which time he went to Pakistan on an intelligence mission.

A long litany of document sequestrations surrounds Soetoro. His birth, academic, draft, and all other records have been sealed even though they bear directly on his Constitutional eligibility to be president However,since the criminal elements supporting Soetoro are to be found in the CIA, Wall Street, and other crevices of the Military Industrial Complex, there is no chance that a challenge to Soetoro’s presidential candidacy will be countenanced.

Soetoro's presidency was an experiment of the Bush Crime Syndicate to place any candidate at will in the White House, an experiment showing the most spectacular success.


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Impressions: Mary's Mosaic

First James Douglass, then Mark Lane, and now Peter Janney joins to make a trilogy of works which relentlessly and incontrovertibly makes the case that the CIA murdered President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX. Janney paints the faces on the otherwise dark impersonal forces whose ghoulish actions proved once and for all that America is ruled by an oligarchy whose Georgetown values do not correspond with those of Main Street.

While other researchers have meticulously developed the forensic and legal arguments to indict and convict the CIA, in Mary's Mosaic Janney develops the psychological angle driving the CIA to murder a man in cold blood before a mortified nation. By naming names and profiling the socio-economic character of the criminals, we see how their minds worked to inevitably compel them to the murder of the century without so much as a crocodile tear.
One of the common characteristics of the CIA leadership is its patrician Ivy League pedigree. Nearly all of its leaders had alma maters such as Yale, Princeton, Harvard and sported, either genuinely or artificially, intellectual affectations. Quite frequently these Ivy alumni had known each other from prestigious boarding schools, exclusive social connections, and other privileged networks begun earlier in life.
Janney describes CIA senior executive Cord Meyer (Yale) as a fallen star, a man whose writing was Pulitzer caliber and whose artistic sensibilities were snuffed out in the disillusion of his idealistic dreams for world peace – a dream he once shared with his wife Mary Pinchot (Vassar). James Angleton (Yale), the godfather of the Meyer children, receives similar treatment as a man of letters, but who most likely did not have the sensitivities of the young Meyer.
The CIA leadership, goons that they were, hobnobbed in high society, a vantage from which Janney holds a fine view. His father, Wistar, hailed from a financially prosperous family who socialized with his peers while plotting and committing murders for "national security."
As noted, the social networks of these men encompassed not just their inbred Ivy League leadership. The Meyers had frequent intercourse with the Kennedys who were every bit as financially and socially credentialed as Allen Dulles, Wistar Janney, or James Angleton. The Kennedys would of course prove to be the cup of trembling for this crust of society when it ate two of its own.
Mary’s Mosaic encompasses far more than a narrative of her life and murder. Janney attempts to colorize the personalities and events swirling in official and unofficial Washington, and particularly among the beautiful people of Georgetown. It is here where the book makes its distinctive contribution to the Kennedy corpus – the time honored love, hate, and sex of power politics.
Mary (Pinchot) Meyer stars in the story of her own murder and that of John Kennedy. Janney offers convincing evidence that she and Kennedy shared a substantial relationship based upon love and respect rather than hormones. What made a tomcat like Kennedy settle down for Mary when he had a wife with glamour and intelligence?
Mary was neither an ordinary Georgetown socialite nor an ordinary woman by the standards of the mid 20th century. She might be described as a free spirited libertine who respected nothing of ordinary conventions. She took lovers as she chose, expressed views without discretion, and defied any sense of female orthodoxy even though by all accounts she possessed feminine mystique in abundance. She was quickly developing into an artist of substantial stature at the time of her death. She combined many of  the attributes of an intellectual and artistic person, consequently drawing an avid and bewitched following.
Kennedy and Meyer most likely started their affair in the very late 1950s when the Kennedys moved in as neighbors to the Meyers in Virginia outside Washington. Although the dalliance continued into the White House, and as a secret to Americans, it was no secret to Jackie who had learned to grin and bear the infidelities of her husband.
Mary was certainly in the vanguard of the cultural revolution of the 1960s, becoming a devotee of Timothy Leary and his hallucinogenic remedies, something which Janney deplorably glamorizes. He provides reasonable, though inconclusive, evidence that she had proselytized a group of about 8 Georgetown society women into LSD cells who in turn were influencing their husbands to drop bellicose virtues for peaceable ones.
More surprisingly, Janney makes the reasonable case that Meyer “turned on” the President to marijuana and LSD in a couple of experimental drug trysts, activities coinciding with his reinvention as a peace champion from a cold warrior. It is this intervention and influence over Kennedy which I believe pushed the oligarchs over the edge.
The young, photogenic, and charismatic Kennedy was never a favorite among the power brokers of Washington – especially of Georgetown. Although a war hero himself and of the same social class as the troglodytes of the CIA, he was viewed by them as a parvenu lightweight who lacked the gravitas or time in grade to be president – especially when he threatened the prosperity of the military industrial complex.
It is without doubt – to me at least – that these men, heavy boozers, womanizers, and chain smokers,  felt little kindred to Kennedy and felt that his flirtations with drugs justified the application of “executive action”, a CIA euphemism for murder.
Janney depicts the minds of many of these men as “patriotic” and acting in the best interests of their country. Indeed, most, if not all, of the early CIA leadership were World War 2 veterans who wished to spare their sons the gory battlefields and deaths they endured in combat. That was, at least, the visible rationale for their actions when they were not groveling before Wall Street titans to advance their masters’ financial interests.
These CIA leaders were national chauvinists in the extreme, brooking no challenge to American conquest and hegemony. Thus it mattered little how many lives they snuffed out to maintain the empire. The callous contempt for life was best expressed by Lyndon Johnson when he answered a reporter’s question at a party about why he wanted to fight in Viet Nam by pulling out his penis with exclamation, “Because of this!”
I surmise that the Georgetown junta determined that drug usage was a severe threat to national security and that Kennedy did not have enough good sense to keep his sexual organs away from women who would lead him down a primrose path to destruction. So they off and killed him they did.
Other fascinating insights are provided in Mary’s Mosaic. Janney tells of Washington Post eminence Ben Bradlee’s involvement with the murder of Mary Myer and his complete and total exposure as a CIA man, whose rapid rise at the Post was due in large measure to his perjury at the murder trial of Mary Meyer in 1965.
Janney also partially rehabilitates Gregory Douglas, the JFK research “pariah” who first exposed the notorious operation Northwoods and Operation Zipper, the CIA plot which planned and covered-up the murder of John Kennedy. He shows that Douglas’ information corresponds favorably with his own research and divulgences obtained from high ranking CIA officials such as Robert Crowley.
One of Janney’s named sources also admitted that the CIA murdered tens of thousands of people because they had to be moved out of the way and that the news is so faked as to be useless.
Calling Mary’s Mosaic a masterpiece would probably be as flatulent as some of the euphonies paid to Mary Meyer in the book, but at the same time, this work is perhaps the most important treatment of the murder because it exposes the names, psychology, and the unbridled arrogance of this still unaccountable organization of international terror.
Mary's Mosaic, Peter Janney
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