Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Extremely Strange Death of Jeffery Epstein, Part 1

Anyone who thinks that the Epstein-Maxwell case is about the sexual peccadilloes of the rich and famous is deluded. Information coming out in the aftermath of Jeffery Epstein's alleged death shows that Epstein was part of a hugely successful espionage ring operated by the terrorist state of Israel, and implicates a majority of the most powerful men and women in America of the past 50 years. 

It is difficult to know where to begin because there are so many beginnings but we would probably do well to introduce the cast of characters who play prominently in the treasons against the US.

Jeffery Epstein is well known perhaps because of his unexpected death on August 10, 2019. He had been arrested on charges related to pedophilia but his crimes are so much deeper. Nevertheless, he owned a couple of small islands in the Caribbean where he operated a sex resort for the rich and famous near the US Virgin Islands. But the islands are not the only places where he entertained.

News articles have been written on him since at least the 1990s. Following them ever the years he has been variously described as a financier, real estate developer, billionaire, and other occupations, though no one seems to know exactly how he made so much money - if in fact he did.

He had close relations with the British royal family, especially with, though not limited to, Prince Andrew. He had two very important business relationships, one of which was with Leslie Wexner the founder and chairman of such retailers as Victoria's Secret and The Limited. Wexner sold Epstein numerous expensive properties for 1 dollar, such as one in Manhattan and in Palm Beach.

The other important relationship which Epstein had was with Ghislaine Maxwell who was the daughter of Mossad agent Robert Maxwell who was found face down in the Atlantic Ocean in 1991. Various explanations about Epstein's relationship with Ghislaine include, girl friend, lover, business associate, and permutations including all of the above.

Ms Maxwell also knew Wexner and the British royal family quite well, having at least 12 souvenir books filled with pictures of her with the royals going back to the 1970s. One of Maxwell's roles was to recruit under age girls for the many parties and services provided by Epstein on his island and many residences. But this description only scratches the surface of Maxwell's varied interests and duties.

Both Epstein and Maxwell knew Donald and Ivana Trump, the former of whom made considerable money as a real estate developer, and was a very close associate of Epstein in the 1980s to 2000s. Ivana was quite close to Maxwell, and would accompany her on many recruiting missions which specialized in the solicitation of 12-13 year old girls to serve as masseurs - a code for sex slave - for Epstein clients.

Epstein and Trump were quite famous for their appearances on the elite Manhattan party scene during the 1980s-90s, and were often seen together week after week at various clubs.

One other interesting character was Roy Cohn who was Trump's political mentor, and an eminence grise in Republican politics until his death from AIDS in 1986. (You won't find that in establishment biographies.)

Epstein and Maxwell had close relationships with Prince Andrew, who Maxwell described as being very supportive of her in the aftermath of her father's death. Andrew is of course the son of the queen of England and brother of Prince Charles.

Epstein and Maxwell also had long standing relationships with Bill Gates going back to the 1980s. The claims that Epstein and Gates met in 2011 or later as part of philanthropic solicitations is an absurd lie.

We would be remiss if we omitted Epstein's and Maxwell's relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Contrary to his public denials, Clinton knew Epstein going back to the early to mid 1990s, and made far more numerous trips to Epstein's resorts than he has admitted in public. One of Clinton's more memorable moments was his famous claim, "I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky." Hilarity ensues when one argues about where, if anywhere, to insert the comma.

Although one could go on for pages describing the interconnections between these people and other powerful and rich people, we will stop with William Barr, the current US Attorney General who has been the great fixer of the Republican party going back to the Church Committee hearings in the mid 1970s which investigated the crimes and corruptions of the CIA. He was involved heavily in the Iran-Contra arms trade, Bush's Attorney General, and many other sleazy and criminal aspects involving US foreign interests.

Before proceeding with the story, we should note that we have no idea about Epstein's status, meaning we do not know if he is dead or alive. Two very compelling theories can be defended, one claiming that he was murdered; another claiming that he is alive.

Epstein was detained in the New York Metropolitan Criminal Correction facility where he was said to have been found unconscious around 6:30am on August 10, 2019. Prior to his announced death, he reported death threats, and was allegedly on suicide watch. One attorney, David Schoen, adamantly claims that Epstein did not commit suicide. At least one doctor has testified in public that the injuries found on the body of the decedent were not from hanging, the alleged method of suicide. Correctional officers have come forward dismissing the feasibility of anyone being able to commit suicide in a high security jail such as MCC.

Surveillance cameras on Epstein's cell were "conveniently" broken. Epstein was mysteriously taken off suicide watch just a few days before his alleged death, while it was initially reported that he was on suicide watch - which is it? He was allegedly not observed during the periods during which mandatory visits to his cell were required. These anomalies provide the "plausible deniability" to make up any story required to respond to the unplanned disclosure of information surrounding the event.

One anonymous source reported by Brian Cristian states that Epstein was observed being escorted out of the correctional facility in a wheel chair after the 4:15a inmate count the morning of his alleged demise. An undocumented van manned by at least one man in US Army dress greens was observed at the facility apparently to whisk Epstein away. The reason for the substance of this report is that it was tweeted 10 minutes before Epstein's death was announced.

A photograph showing a picture of a body resembling Epstein's failed to match his nose and ears, suggesting that a body double was used to cover his evacuation from the corrections centers in the early morning hours of the 10th. Even more strange is the fact that the the body on the gurney was not covered, suggesting that the person was not dead.

A few basics to resolving the issue would include requiring that the subject body be matched with the DNA of Epstein, that a death certificate of the body be produced, and that a full unredacted forensic autopsy attended by multiple qualified autopsy experts be produced. Short of this, no one can state with any certainty whether or not Epstein was murdered in or freed from jail.

The most likely explanation of these events is that Epstein was released from jail, but that a body double was murdered to serve as his proxy. Thus reporters, doctors, and family could truthfully speak of a murder, but incredulous analysts could even more truthfully speak of a fake death.

On the other hand, one source states that Robert Maxwell was murdered by his own Mossad, so it is still quite possible that Epstein met the same fate. In any event, we can confidently claim that he did not commit "suicide." 

Brian Cristian, Did Epstein Commit Suicide, Get Suicided, Or Get Whisked Away To Israel? All Claims Are Being Made, The Last American Vagabond, on Brighteon, nd, accessed 8/30/2020

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Saturday, August 29, 2020

FaQe Anon: Pyschological Warfare at Its Finest

Although it is hard to tell if Q Anon has seen its 15 minutes of fame come and go, a great deal of attention has been paid it, even from the president himself. Our view is that is a phenomenally successful psychological warfare campaign to support pedophilia and the COVID-19 hoax.

This is not our first attempt to deconstruct the Q movement, but we hope that this one contains more accurate analysis. As a starting point, we would describe Q Anon as consisting of 3 confederated layers, the first of which is a character named Q who makes cryptic remarks which allegedly signal and portend movements against the Deep State - ie Shadow Government - which are aimed at "draining the swamp" as Trump put it.

Q is thus allegedly a front man - or even a composite - for an oligarchy of highly placed military and civilian officials who are disgusted with the anti-American assaults of the Deep State and its radical elements such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Leaders of the Deep State include Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, members of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, Barry Soetoro, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and many others who compose the New World Order-We are the World-Citizens of the World cabal.

An interesting but important detail about Q is that he states that he will only ever post on the website Other sites pick up Q "drops" there and propagate them to other sites. We shall say more about this matter below.

The second layer of the Q movement include spokesmen who attempt to interpret Q's many cryptic comments, and are generally self-styled reporters and alternative news media such as David Zublick, And We Know, and PrayingMedic who rally the faithful and tie together Q's rather occult warnings and clues into a picture of hope for the faithful.

The third layer of Q are the faithful adherents who fully believe in the patriotic nature of the movement, believing as Q says that Trump is their last best hope of defending against the tyranny of the New World Order. The website has a prayer wall which allows these followers - known as Anons - a place to post prayers and observations for the nation, the president, and the children being exploited by the likes of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

One of the major themes in the Q world is pedophilia and its arrest and termination. Allegedly, federal agencies such as the US military are hunting down pedophiles, especially those operating underground compounds with sprawling tunnels, and freeing the tens of thousands of children trapped there for the sexual pleasures of their twisted tormentors such as the Clintons.

Regardless of how few of Q's predictions have come to pass, and how many times the faithful have been exhorted to have faith, they are always exhorted to "trust the plan" since Q is involved in a game of chess rather than a sprint. Those looking for instant gratification are told to look elsewhere.

The Q movement began in 2017 and has grown as a largely leaderless and amorphous confederation of loosely coupled interests. There is no Q headquarters, incorporation, or roster of officers to plan and coordinate its activities and operations. However, Anons identify themselves with certain phrases such as, Where We Go 1, We Go All, the Q moniker, yellow vests, and other devices.

This growth has finally come to the attention of the President who answered a question from a planted journalist in August wanting his opinion about Q. The president claimed that he knew very little about it other than it was a group supportive of him, giving the impression that it was a very patriotic group wanting make America great again.

These remarks sparked a firestorm of protest in the leftist media which then prompted - on cue - a list of detractors, such as Ari Fleischer, to come out of the woodwork demanding that Trump denounce Q, in part because Trump's own FBI labeled Q a terrorist group.

In order to delegitimize Q, many Soros directed groups have dressed up as Q to riot. However, all Q and Q Anon statements we have read are sharply opposed to violence - or doing anything more than "trust the plan."

It is the president's very own FBI who reflects Trump policy, namely that Q's adherents are viewed as a threat to the New World Order to which Trump belongs. The army green khaki suit which Melania wore to the Republican National Convention on her speech night was certainly a symbolic indication that war is coming and that it will be against Americans.

All of this raises interesting questions, the first of which is, who is Q? One analyst has attempted to answer that question, which we believe that he has done quite well. Although we do not know his name, he is listed as C4A03D70 in an article unmasking Q. This author states that it is Ron Watkins who is the person behind Q. He is programmer and the webmaster and administrator behind the website. His father James is also involved in closely related websites and activities - and those not quite so related such as advertising yoga.

Ron is also known as CodeMonkeyZ, which is his twitter account. The interesting fact about Ron is that his website is a soft porn site with discussion boards featuring anime cartoon teenage girls in provocative dress and postures. CodeMonkeyZ has tweeted pictures of bare breasted under age girls. So why is this so-called warrior "for the children" tweeting pornographic images?

And why would these Q Anons, many who are Christians, patronize a porn friendly site? The outcome is to conflate patriotism with pornography. Q Anons will lay aside their moral objections to pedophilia to feed their lusts for patriotism, thus dissolving their objections to the former.

Certain Q supporters such as Charlie Ward and David Steele have spoken about raids of underground tunnels holding thousands and tens of thousands of children, but we never see pictures or evidence of these liberations. At one point, an interview with these two men reported that the underground installations were being destroyed and documentation taken, so that these atrocities could be committed no more. But why would anyone destroy criminal evidence?

The other interpretation of these actions is that the raiders took the evidence to thoroughly destroy it, and they destroyed the physical sites to make them inadmissible as court evidence - if in fact these structures exist. There are so many riddles and inconsistencies in Q theories that assembling them all would result in an office looking like John Nash's in a Beautiful Mind.

In any event, it is not the US military's mission to do anything about pedophilia rings. It is too busy protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan to support flow of heroin to the West.

There are conflicting claims in Q's posts about the reality of COVID-19 - sometimes it is viewed as a hoax; at other times it is a sinister plot originating in China. Some of his interpreters believe that Trump was entrapped by it and had no choice but to hire Anthony Fauci as his chief advisor on the plandemic, and to shut down the economy. At the end of the day, Anons are directed to support the President, including his mandate to wear masks. This is the ultimate goal of Q - to bring potential doubters and resisters to the scam under muzzled control.

Some Q-phile sources claim that there is a conflict between Trump and Fauci, and that Trump is beholden to him for political reasons. This claim is absurd and preposterous. If Fauci truly had views at odds with the president, the latter could easily replace or augment him with others who held differing views in order to balance the advice which the president receives. Or Trump could have easily fired Fauci.  Trump has not done this. Rather he supports Fauci with all of his false claims about COVID statistics, masks, "social distancing", and other implements of the totalitarian police state.

Q is all about pedophile normalization with Watkins' 8kun website, as well as smoking out patriot resistance to the Trump-Fauci police state. It is run by a man who is fond of underage girls, running a website with little security, supposedly acting as the safe haven of a virtuous group of patriots trying to take back the country. It is all FaQe, Trumped up rubbish.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Was GHW Bush Executed?

An exceptional story over 18 months old reports that 41st president of the United, George Herbert Walker Bush, was executed by a military tribunal for numerous crimes he committed in his overly long life.

David Zublick reported in December 2018 that Bush's demise was by order of a military proceeding trying the former president on crimes against humanity, pedophilia, murder, treason, violation of the Logan Act, conspiracy to commit treason, and other charges too numerous to mention.

Bush was a major benefactor of the Communist Chinese government, ties which he developed during the Nixon administration when he was appointed ambassador to China. Over the years, Bush transferred major military technologies to the Chinese, much as his comrades Hillary and Bill Clinton have done over the years.

If Bush was indeed executed, it proves that there is indeed justice in the world after all. We have reported on the numerous crimes of George Bush in these Chronicles, more specifically focusing on his involvement in child pornography, sex slavery, sex slave trade, Mena drug trade, and other crimes against Americans, to say nothing of his uncountable murders.

A couple of his famous murders were those of Barry Seal, a drug runner working for the former president during his early CIA days, as well as that of George DeMohrenschildt who was also involved in the murder of Kennedy and LEE Oswald. We believe that Bush was also behind the murder of Orlando LeTellier, a Chilean diplomat who crossed wires with the Bush Crime Syndicate.

Our most focused anger was against his involvement in the murder of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. We have reported in other Chronicles that Bush was in Dealey Plaza on that day, staying at the Adolphus Hotel, to coordinate activities on the ground among the actors in the assassination.

Bush was famous for his inability to recall where he was on that notorious day, a story which was as laughable as his "read my lips" line.

The main demerit against this story is the fact the Bush was already quite old, and thus liable to death from any cause. If we can confirm that Bush was executed, we will party like it is 1999 all over again.

Keep in mind that CIA-Google is in the business of censorship and may remove the following link at any time

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Toxic, Unsanitary, Useless Face Masks

Face masks are unsanitary, toxic, and dangerous for general wear, and only have value in clinical settings for specific usage. For normal healthy people, they are useless or worse.

The World Health Organization, which is a functional arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has conceded that masks are not effective in the spread of respiratory viruses, yet it lobbies hard for their universal usage, not for health reasons, but for those related to psychological warfare and subjugation.

Before proceeding, we assure our regular readers that we do not believe that viruses can be communicated under any normal circumstance. Viruses are not infectious. We are simply considering the logistics of moving a particle from one source to another - such as from person to person.

The coronavirus is .06 to .14 microns. N95 masks can filter particles as small as .3 microns. So clearly there is a wide berth for coronavirus microbes to enter through masks. However, since many of the particles are attached to respiratory droplets which are typically 5-10 microns in diameter, smaller particles may be trapped in the mask - until dislodged, perhaps through evaporation of moisture or collision with larger particles.

According to Dr Mercoloa:
Lab testing6 has shown 3M surgical masks can block up to 75% of particles measuring between 0.02 microns and 1 micron, while cloth masks block between 30% and 60% of respiratory particles of this size.
Most people do not wear 3M surgical masks, and even if they did, they are still allowing particles into their respiratory system. So not even surgical masks block all particles, and the coronavirus is well within the size range of the unstopped particles.

(As an aside, however, the respiratory system is quite effective in blocking particles from reaching the interior of the body - we have our own natural mask system which requires no augmentation under the circumstances we are discussing. But we are arguing from the viewpoint of the ignorant)

Since so many people are petrified of even one germ particle, we can only imagine the nightmares they would suffer if they knew how flimsy their masks are. But as WHO says, it makes them feel good. But as we shall see, even that is not the case.

Quoting an article in the Center for Disease Control's Emerging Infectious Diseases, Dr Mercola quotes 
"Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza."
The main point is that there is no scientific evidence substantiating the effectiveness of masks for influenza - which is essentially what coronavirus represents - and there is absolutely no evidence in the case of coronavirus. Thus the CDC is making policy and dictatorial decrees without evidence - it  is using whim and autocracy.

WHO even acknowledges that masks require proper usage and protocol to be effective, something to which only the most rabidly fanatic extremists adhere.

Dr Mercola cites other harms to wearing masks as documented by the WHO:
  • Self-contamination due to the manipulation of the mask by contaminated hands or not changing the mask when wet, soiled or damaged
  • General discomfort, as well as facial skin lesions, irritant dermatitis or worsening acne
  • False sense of security that may reduce adherence to other well recognized preventive measures such as hand hygiene
  • Disadvantages for or difficulty wearing them by specific vulnerable populations such as those with mental health disorders, developmental disabilities, the deaf and hard of hearing community, and children
  • Difficulty wearing them in hot and humid environments
And yet these are not the most insidious effects of masks. They are highly toxic, inducing hypoxia through carbon dioxide suffocation. We have reported Dr Coleman's citations of 2 hypoxia induced deaths among boys wearing masks, and a woman who passed out while driving with mask causing a crash and as I recall a death or two.

Mercola points to experiments showing that a variety of face masks elevate local carbon dioxide levels to 8500 parts per million, well above OSHA's toxic level of 5000 ppm.

Quoting Mercola:
Carbon dioxide levels between 2,000 ppm and 5,000 ppm are associated with headaches, sleepiness, poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate and slight nausea. The maximum permissible daily exposure limit is 5,000 ppm.
Finally there are the many toxins inherent in a face mask which may result in long term respiratory and general health problems, including but not limited to asthma and blood clotting.

So people are happily embracing the destruction of their healths for absolutely no good reason. As we have iterated time and again, you cannot "catch a virus" or communicate one. The usage of masks adds insult to injury including death.

So even if you suffer the effects of flu like symptoms, is risking death really worth it in a vain attempt to avoid it. Viruses do not cause illness. Illness triggers viruses.

Viruses are organic non-living, non-reproducing proteins which are cell-specific productions of the cells to protect against toxins and wastes. They are encoded with the body's RNA and DNA and are thus host friendly while destroying toxins.

Dr Joesph Mercola, WHO Admits: No Direct Evidence Mask Prevent Viral Infection, GreenMedInfo,, August , 2020, accessed 8/5/2020

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Monday, August 3, 2020

The Second Coming of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler may be in his grave in Argentina, but his protégé took the oath of office on January 20, 2017. Neither Trump hater nor lover has a clue why we liken the current president to the former chancellor of Germany.

Hitler is hopelessly misunderstood, thanks in large measure to the non-stop Jewish propaganda "documentaries" and "histories" which vilify him endlessly. He deserves to be hated, but not for the reasons so often given.

Hitler was put in power by powerful Jewish plutocrats who wanted another war to fully subjugate and destroy Germany. The first war was a start, but it was somewhat inconclusive. Even though Germany lost no territory in the first world war, it was required to cede lands as part of the Jewish Versailles Treaty.

The occupation of Germany and control of its wealth provided the perfect springboard from which to launch the career of the new Fuhrer who lifted Germany from its humiliation to a great power once again. He did so with bravado, histrionics, and pomp. It was a rather tawdry affair, but it worked for the times.

The purpose for the fanatical nationalism was to create a caricaturistic strawman for future critics to attack ceaselessly. With the bellicose cries of Aryanism, Hitler would forever blackwash the white race with the disgraces of defeat, and the lies of genocidalism which went with it.

By creating euphoria and authentically good works, Hitler assured that the Germans would follow him into a war which he could not escape - especially with the 3 leading Jews of the allied powers - Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin. Hitler was leading the lambs to the slaughter.

In a similar vein, Trump has tapped into a vein of great discontent and frustration which ordinary Americans have toward the liberal establishment, and their economic losses as jobs and capital are sent overseas.

Just as Hitler had his youth movement, Trump has a movement known as Q Anon, a group of patriots led by a faceless band of leaders who keep exhorting their followers to be patient and trust the plan.

Trump, too, is a creature of Jewish plutocrats, playing the patriot just as Hitler did. But the real Trump is playing his mentor who is crushing that very movement - and that was his purpose for being so strident and brash about "making America great again."  He was placing a honey pot. Their slogan is "Where we go one, we go all."

Just as the senior leadership of the Nazi party was Jewish, so is the leadership of Trump's cabal. He has teamed with Anthony Fauci who is the Dr Lysenko of our day. Fauci was an important Clinton apparatchik who jailed without trial Judy Mikovitz when she published information which could contradict his rabid vaccine jihad.

Fauci announced in January 2017 that the Trump administration would face a health crisis of epic proportions. Just how would anyone know that informaton 3 years in advance except that it were scripted, planned, and micromanaged? In the meantime, Trump collaborators created the Russia collusion farce and campaign spying scandal to further enthuse his followers that he was the victim of the swamp - barely hanging on for dear life.

When Trump attempted to defy some of the scare mongering stirred up by the press concerning coronavirus, Trump's hand picked public health advisor quickly corrected or reprimanded him. Thus would the two engage in a number of good cop/bad cop charades - enough to keep the president's supporter hopeful, but also enough back pedaling to demoralize them. In other words, the economy would be shut down, again, and again, and again. Everyone would be compelled to wear a disgusting mask - not to just injure their healths - but to destroy their egos and person. We have expanded at length about the endless frauds associated with coronavirus and the completely junk medicine which the quack doctor has used to bamboozle the imbecilic public. The masks are insult to injury - and very unhealthy.

The great catch phrase of this drama has been, "We're all in this together," essentially the same slogan as the Q Anon group. Thus it is Trump's job to meld the potentially troublesome patriots into the fold of the obsequious sheep whose only question is how tight they should tie their masks.

Trump's selection of Fauci was a firm affirmation to his handlers, Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rothschilds, and other scum of this world, that he was following the plan and not betraying them. 

Trump stated that he only wanted one term, and indeed that is all he is getting - by his own choice. His job is to betray patriots into submission to the New World Order. We have stated before that there is no way that a nation of unemployed masktards would ever elect an incumbent president. Reagan argued the misery index - and it is large and loud in 2020. When second quarter annualized GDP collapsed 33%, it assured Biden his victory, or rather the presidency of his running mate. Plagiarist Biden will resign early in his term.

(Year to date collapse is almost 14%. If this doesn't remind you of Herbert Hoover, you need to re-read your history books.)

Not once has Trump - who made "You're fired" a byword - contradicted or even fired Fauci, meaning that he fully endorses his dictats to destroy the economy and ruin the lives of millions, assuring that they will go running into the arms of Joe "Stalin" Biden.

And to make sure his deceptions play in Peoria, Trump has artfully shown the China card - he's never played it and never will, but his foolish followers will project all kinds of meaning on it. The desperate Q Anons will desperately imbue their candidate with every virtue and excuse possible to rationalize his betrayal of them and their lost freedoms.

Just as Hitler fattened the calves for slaughter and then snuck out the back door to live a fabulous retirement in Argentina, so Trump will disappear back to his Tower, knowing full well that he completed his job. His half witted supporters will suffer the same fate as the Germans. George Soros will have realized his dream of destroying America.

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Saturday, August 1, 2020

An Artist Solves the Mystery of Ancient Cave Art

Much ink, paper, and pixels have been expended interpreting the art of the ancient caves of Europe such as those found at Lascaux and Chauvet. While many of explanations of the art have been high minded and elegiac, the real explanation of their productions is quite more mundane.

Bertrand David is a French graphic artist who began his artistic journey with action hero comics to advance to a fascination with the ancient art found in caves of southern Europe, particularly those of his native France - the famous caves among which are the aforementioned ones which show up frequently in introductory art books.

The reason for the fascination of our artist and highly trained academics with the caves and their arts stem from the deep antiquity of the paintings found on its walls as well the majestic quality of the art found therein.

For those who are unfamiliar with the art, the caves, many quite large, house an astounding collection of hand drawn animals covering a period of 25,000 years, the newest of which dates to about 8,000 BC. The animals are simply drawn profile views, more often without eyes, and crudely filled in details such as around the hooves. The animal variety is not great consisting typically of horses, deer, lions, bulls, and others of that ilk. The art shows no people, plants, or domestic animals - generally speaking of course.

The cave walls are often covered with animals of varying sizes and even distortions, at times superimposed one atop the other.

The art is considered a masterpiece of Cro-Magnon man, an otherwise primitive species whose accomplishment in art defies the simplicity and crude conditions of his existence. So the question is how did such a primitive people achieve such virtuosity and elegance in art at such an early period?

The answer lies in an ingenious insight David had while putting his son to bed. He later realized that the images of lamps and animals silhouetted on the walls of his son's room may well hold the answer to the technique which these early artists used to draw their magnificent animals.

After considerable thought and experimentation, David confirmed that by using lamps to project carved or sculpted objects on the walls, the Cro-Magnon could easily trace the shadow, and then embellish it with pigmentation as desired. Extensive experiments and consultation with collaborator Jean-Jacques LeFrere confirmed the hypothesis with sufficient persuasion that we do not see it as controversial or even debatable.

David goes to considerable length to aver that this unmasking, so to speak, does not diminish the accomplishments of the cave painters. But intentionally or not, he exposed the smugness and pretentiousness of the academics, some of whom stated with solemnity that we shall never understand this art or its production.

Yet there is a bit of truth to the observation even after David's fantastic discovery. Uncovering the technique does not explain why the ancients created these drawings. He develops in the last few pages of his book the hypothesis that the animals are symbolic of tribes or people, and that the figures pay homage to loved ones who died. What else, other than burial rites, could explain the consistency and durability of the art forms and practice?

This theory is plausible and respectable, but David does not make any more of it than a possibility. I would throw into the ring that it may have been a form of entertainment or recreation. I, too, do not invest any great attachment to this idea.

Nonetheless it is remarkable achievement to resolve a longstanding question of how these ancient artists accomplished so much at such an early period in human development.

Bertrand David & Jean-Jacques LeFrere, The Oldest Enigma of Humanity, 2013, Arcade Publishing, NY, 139pp, illustrated, translated

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Virus Q&A

We attempt to answer some common questions about viruses, none of which answers you will find in the lie-filled new media.

Q: How many people have died of coronavirus?
A: Absolutely none.

Q: Are you a covidiot?? Haven't you heard the unanimous declarations from news reporters of the skyrocketing number of deaths?
A: We do not pay too much attention to the newsfakers all of whom are controlled by billionaires and CIA, and couldn't give a twig about their fraudulent stories. These people could repeat their lies endlessly about the number of deaths, but we would not be impressed. They are nothing but hearsay or pure fabrication. We have seen from reliable reporters the faked tent hospitals and empty hospital lobbies. If you don't have any people, how can you have any deaths? It's one thing to report a death, but quite another to prove its cause, something which has never happened in the case of coronavirus. "He died of coronavirus because I said so."

Q: The reporters aren't making up stories! They get their information from the Centers for Disease Control! Are you an idiot??
A: No we are not idiots; nor do we care that the information came from the CDC, a well known vaccine company peddling fear to sell vaccines and face bras. You have simply established that there is a conspiracy between newsfakers and CDC to defraud Americans, and to perpetrate a scam to scare and enslave people. Jon Rappoport has documented many cases where the CDC has falsified information to promote its business. To paraphrase Bill Clinton on Paula Jones, that organization is not to be believed.

Q: You are dense as a horse's ass! My dear Aunt Myrtle died of coronavirus. How can you be so insensitive? Do you even play a doctor on TV? 
A: Your dear aunt Myrtle died just as people have done for millennia. If your doctor cited coronavirus as a cause of death, it was either a guess or a lie. No one has ever died from a virus.

Q: I am going to report your ass to Google and have you taken down for spreading false information! How can you possibly even think to spread this garbage talk?
A: Google will undoubtedly censor us because that is what Soviet agents do. Truth must be suppressed at all costs because there is a revolution in progress. However, our information is based upon science and even common sense.

Q: If you're so smart, how did Aunt Myrtle die.
A: Very often the proximate cause of death is unknown, especially when a patient is suffering from multiple chronic diseases, and is elderly. An Italian study published in March 2020 established just such possibilities. It found that 99% of all COVID-19 patients had at least one serious chronic illness. It found that 49% had 3 or more serious chronic illnesses. So how does one determine the cause of death? The vast majority were elderly patients living in the ungodly pollution of northern Italy and its heavy 5G radiation. With so many factors, how does one determine the cause of death? Besides no one has ever died of a virus.

Another doctor posted on her video log that she was often told by administrators what to put on the death certificate because no one really knew the cause of death. CDC has told hospitals to use COVID-19 for any death suspected of being related to the coronavirus. There are no scientific studies proving that coronavirus has caused a single death.

Q: Truly you must be a fool! The news channels all report skyrocketing deaths from COVID-19! 
A: They are simply reporting deaths and making up the cause of death. No one has ever died from a virus. The CDC has stated that one need not test a patient for coronavirus to state that it is the cause of death. The physician merely needs to suspect that it is the cause. Why? because the tests cannot definitively identify the virus, one reason for which is that its genome is unknown and not positively identifiable. In any event, no one has ever died of a virus.

Q: Would you stfu about no one ever dying from a virus?? I can't believe that you have not been burned alive!!
A: I know that Fauci has locked up people without trial, such as Judy Mikovitz, for contradicting him, so it may well happen. In the meantime, we will continue to trumpet the truth, especially about viruses.

Viruses are nonliving, non-reproducing, organic, incommunicable proteins which dissolve toxins and wastes in the body which bacteria cannot handle. The body has a library of 300,000 cell specific viruses which it can manufacture to help clear toxins and preserve the life of the host. Viruses are encoded with host RNA and DNA to keep them from eating the host's body. Viruses are absolutely indispensable for health and life.

Q: You are the most evil covidiot on the planet! Not even Trump makes such claims. Do you use drugs?
A. No we don't take drugs, and Trump is part of the conspiracy to defraud you. Because viruses must contain the RNA and DNA of the host to be effective, even if it were possible to spread a virus, it would be destroyed by the new host as alien material and cause no harm.

The respiratory system is extremely effective at filtering and blocking foreign microscopic microbes from entering the body. Doesn't it make sense that after thousands upon thousands of years of human existence the body is capable of repelling these kinds of microbes? Wouldn't humanity have ceased to exist long ago were it so fragile?

Q: You are dumb as rocks!! The CDC has ordered everyone to wear masks to protect from contagion. Do you even have a brain cell?
A: Yes, we use our brain cells instead of emoting and running around like cowering masktards. We have reported on definitive studies showing that masks are ineffective at blocking microscopic particles. Masks are also unsanitary and filthy, something of which I saw for myself yesterday - it was disgusting. Dr Vernon Coleman reported anecdotally on 3 deaths caused by mask asphyxiation. In any event, you can't "catch a virus."

Finally, I have seen so many pictures of these rabid mask Nazis taking off their masks and not "practicing social distancing" that I could fill a book. Recently Fauci was photographed in a stadium without his mask, flanked by 2 men sitting in the seats next to him. He knows he is scamming you, and he knows that you are too stupid to know it.

Q: Ok, Dr Asswipe, if viruses don't cause sickness and death, then what does?
A: Illness and pathology are a complex interaction between endogenous and exogenous causes, but ultimately express toxicity in the body which comes from external sources. The body is not inherently corrupt except where clear genetic dystopias exist. The accumulation of bad food, bad air, and bad habits to the point where the body expresses its healing impulses through coughing, sneezing, dripping, and other excretions to rid itself of wastes. These purges are often triggered by weather changes which simultaneously affect large groupings of people in a geography. In cases of extreme toxicity, the impacted cells release viruses to break down the toxins so that the body can excrete them.

Environmental toxins are major factors in illness. People react differently to the same stressors because of varying aggravators and mitigators each person possesses.

As we get more of these fear porn questions, we will post answers refuting the lies of the authorities.

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Defending the Swastika

Despite its millennia long tradition symbolizing good fortune, the Jews have continued their centuries long hate filled campaign to wipe out the swastika. For them, the only cultural diversity and tolerance is Jewish.

Nearly everyone is aware of Adolf Hitler's use of the swastika as the Socialist's party's prime symbol.  Hitler appropriated this most ancient of symbols to blackwash the swastika, and permanently equate it with the Jewish Holohoax, a fake event which is alleged to have been Hitler's attempt to wipe out Jews.

The Jews have deceptively used the Holohoax and its equation with Nazi-ism as a device for denigrating and wiping out white races. Unfortunately the only evidence for the alleged holocaust is the fake evidence assembled by scam artists such as Dwight Eisenhower .

It is thus nearly criminal to discuss the swastika historically or even to own one. This of course is Jewish Tolerance - any diversity you want as long as it is Jewish.  

While it is true that millions suffered and died in German held territories near the end of World War 2, the deaths were not primarily Jewish. Rather they were those of white people who were denied food and sanitation by the relentless bombing campaigns of the Jewish funded and led Allied forces.

Yes Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were Jewish, as was Adolf Hitler. (*gasp*). Indeed the most powerful people in the Nazi party were Jews, just as in the case of the Soviet Union.

While searching for swastika, DuckDuckGo brought back nothing but page after page of recycled stories about the low-end jewelry retailer Shein apologizing for selling a swastika pendant, and the self righteous pomposity of the Jew-whores who castigated the company mercilessly. One could only wish that these commentators had as much venom for the child sex slave rings run by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein, both of whom are Jewish.

The swastika is an ancient symbol long pre-existing the Jews who did not reach prominent numbers until about the beginning of the Christian era. The word derives from a Sanskrit term meaning Good Existence though variant translations with comparable meanings abound. It has been found among relics dating over 12,000 years ago and across a wide swath of cultural terrain from Buddhism, early Christianity, European cultures, Asia, and America. It has been found in nearly every geographical region on the earth. It has a truly international and historical pedigree which Jewish history cannot even come close to matching.

So why do the hate-filled Jews attack the swastika? Unknown to most people, because the stupid forget their histories, the swastika is perhaps the most significant religious symbol for the races established by the ancient ancestors. Its form conveys the idea of perpetuity, suggesting the circle.

The Jews come from the hateful Jehovah who is hell bent on destroying mankind (except for the race known as Jews). Destruction of this symbol is a sin qua non for destroying humans, especially whites. Jewish Supremacist's - the Chosen Ones - rage eternally against whites. This conflict is religiously inevitable as they do their bidding for the blood-lustful Jehovah.

I will leave you with one fact regarding blood lust. The Spirit Cooking and child sacrifices of prominent politicians is to obtain an extraordinarily powerful chemical from children's blood. That is what happened on Maxwell's and Epstein's Pleasure Island and for her long retinue of A-list celebrities and politicians.

admin, The Swastika Isn't Originally a Nazi Symbol: The 12,000-Year-Old-History, January 8, 2019, accessed 8/1/2020

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