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A Little Known Fact About John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth is the man anyone with an 8th grade American education could identify as the assassin of Abraham Lincoln - at least this was true of 8th graders back in the day. If he cites his profession, it is invariably actor, but this answer is incomplete, and possibly misleading.

It is true that Booth, descending from a line of aristocratic English actors entered the stage in 1855 at the age of 17 to become an actor of renown in his own right, but there is more. According to Dave McGowan, he was engaged to New Hampshire Senator John Hale's daughter Lucy. While this is not the little known fact we wish to disclose shortly, it is nonetheless not commonly known, and strikes one as a surprise given the constant claim that Booth was a "Southern sympathizer."

From our point of view, a southern sympathizer would not be engaged to a Yankee, especially when Hale was a strong abolitionist who worked closely with Lincoln's Secretary of State William Seward. It seems outlandish that Hale would countenance such an arrangement, or that Booth, if truly a "Southern sympathizer" would stomach the friction such antithetical political contrasts would nurture. Or perhaps it is the case that Booth was not really a confederate compatriot after all.

Some have gone so far as to say that Booth was a double agent working for the Union under the guise of a Confederate supporter. However, that is not something which we wish to explore at the moment.

So far, we see that Booth comes from an aristocratic family, is a successful and famous actor, has ties to Northern political parties, and might be an intelligence for the Union army - though we have by no means established the latter point.

So what is the little known fact about Booth? We implied that he was wealthy. The National Republican newspaper (1860-1883), reporting on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, estimated Booth's worth at 350,000 USD. While that may seem rather modest by today's standard, it might help to compare that money to a couple of standards to get a sense of his fortune.

For one, US GDP in 1865 has been estimated at 10 billion USD. Today it hovers around 21 trillion USD. So even today, for many Americans, 350,000 dollars would be an impressive amount of money, but the share of wealth of 350,000 USD was so much greater in 1865 as the two GDP numbers attest.

Another way to put Booth's wealth in perspective is to note that an ounce of gold was in the neighborhood of 20 dollars in 1865, whereas today, it has recently been in the neighborhood of 1900 USD. Or yet a final way to assess the wealth, we could look at a farm laborer wage. By sheer serendipity, we found a report to the legislature of New Hampshire, quite apropos under the occasion, published in 1872:
A farmer, in 1864, hired a man to work in haying for two dollars per day, and board.
Assuming a 6 day work week, which is being quite conservative, our laborer made 12 dollars per week or roughly 600 per year. He would have to work over 500 years to save the kind of money Booth had.

So we finally get to the main point that Booth had business interests outside of acting, the most curious one to us being the oil business. The Daily National Republican wrote the following in its April 15th edition as the ordeal of the assassination was unfolding:
It is said Booth is worth 350,000, which he made in the oil business; but it is supposed this is part of the sum paid him to murder President Lincoln.
Booth has been actor, and on several occasions has appeared at Ford's Theatre; this made him very acquainted with the various entrances and exits.
Booth had often represented himself to be in the oil business. The clerk at the hotel said to him, "Booth, have you made a thousand dollars to-day?" Booth replied, "No, but I have worked hard enough for it."
Besides disclosing Booth's business interests, the curious aspect of this report is that it was published in the newspaper edited by Simon P Hanscom who was the man who took a message to Lincoln while he was attending Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre. Whatever could be so important that it required the editor of this newspaper to serve as courier?

Before closing, we should note gratuitously as other little known facts that two Booth family descendants were Claire Booth(e) Luce, and Theresa Cara Booth, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In any event, our purpose for this Chronicle was to broaden our dear reader's perspective on the infamous Booth who was more than merely an actor, and who might possibly have worked for Federal intelligence. There is more to be said about John Wilkes Booth.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Did Laura Keene Nurse the Assassinated Lincoln?

One of  the secondary threads of the Lincoln assassination story describes how actress Laura Keene left the stage of Ford's Theatre to nurse the dying Lincoln by holding his head on her lap while doctors administered life saving measures. The story has been derided by some, but enough new evidence has emerged to give it a new lease on life.

The Lincoln literature is a vast hall of mirrors, where ambiguous and secondary evidence has morphed into holy writ - not to be doubted or questioned. The story of Keene's involvement in the assassination aftermath is not quite to that level, but is generally related as a matter of fact.

The background for this story is that Keene, a prominent British actress appearing in a production of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC, rushed for the presidential box when she realized what had happened to the president.

When she arrived, she is alleged to have asked the attending physician, Charles Leale, to hold Lincoln's head. As Leale reports in 1909,
While we were waiting for Mr. Lincoln to gain strength Laura Keene, who had been taking part in the play, appealed to me to allow her to hold the President's head. I granted this request and she sat on the floor of the box and held his head on her lap.
If that were not enough, there are supposedly patches taken from her costume retaining blood stains from Lincoln's wound. The National Museum of American History holds one of these relics.

Yet historian Norman Gasbarro expressed skepticism about this story, noting the logistical improbabilities of gaining access to the president's room in the pandemonium reigning at Ford's Theater immediately after the shooting of the president.

Writing on his fine Civil War Blog website, Gasbarro states:
Other eyewitness accounts are given, some stating that Keene was in the state box and some stating that she was not. Harbin does state rather emphatically that no one who made any of these statements ever testified at the trail of the conspirators, and that the statements were actually made many years later – Seaton Munroe (31 years),  Dr. Charles Leale (44 years), Jeannie Gourlay (58 years) and William Ferguson (65 years).  Harbin concludes by stating that it all comes down to deciding “which eyewitnesses… you believe” and that it is doubtful whether any conclusive proof will ever come forward.
Gasbarro rightly objects to the absence of contemporary accounts corroborated by first hand witnesses. Had these witnesses been deposed under oath, this matter would probably be settled. And why weren't they called to the witness stand? First hand witnesses are quite valuable to court cases. But alas, this matter is secondary to a murder case.

But witnesses, especially decades after the fact, can be troublesome, especially when other first hand witnesses contradict them. In this case, Clara Harris, whom Mary Lincoln had invited to accompany her and her husband to the play, claimed adamantly that Laura Keene was never in the president's box. Gasbarro concludes as follows:
Even more deceptive, is that after relying almost completely on Reck as a source, Steers fails to state the two important points in Reck’s conclusion:  (1) that Clara Harris, who was the Lincoln’s guest in the state box that night, vehemently denied that Laura Keene was ever at any time in the state box (Reck, p. 123), and (2) “No statement from Miss Keene about the alleged occurrence has ever been seen (Reck, p. 123).”
Nonetheless, Gasbarro leaves open the possibility that new evidence might confirm or contradict the legend of Laura Keene. Interestingly, such evidence emerged after he wrote his articles in 2012.

In the audience of the Ford Theater that evening was W. Martin Jones who described his location in a letter to Captain Bowen, dated April 24, 1865:
The theatre was well filled, and the play opened soon after eight oclock [sic]. I occupied a front seat in the first section from the private box fitted up for the Presidential company, which was on the right hand side of the audience.
In his mellifluous and hagiographic letter concerning Lincoln, he later describes the moments immediately after the shot of gunfire is heard:
Laura Keene stepped forward and endeavored to restore quiet, but suddenly, was seized with a new thought, she rushed to the President's box, and taking the head of the murdered man in her lap, did what she could to bring back the life that was fast passing away. Thus in the public theater of Washington the life blood of the illustrious Chief Magistrate of the Nation stained the robe of an Actress [sic]. 
So a very contemporary witness, writing 10 days after his visit to Ford's Theater, avers that Laura Keene indeed held the dying president's head in her lap. Reading this passage from a contemporaneous letter of the event, one could say, Case closed, and be done with it.

However, it is not so simple as that. On the one hand, this story is not a late invention. It is part of the earliest days of the assassination's history and legend. Even though others told this story in later years, it appeared much earlier - from the very beginning from someone who was a witness to the events at the theater.

There is one small problem. Jones' letter is a conflation of events he personally witnessed and read. He describes aspects of the funeral, visitation, and mourning of Washington, some of which he did not personally attend. In other words, his account contains a mixture of first and second hand accounts. Thus we ask, Did Jones actually see Keene in the state box of Ford' Theater - let alone hold the president's head?

His extremely valuable contribution was describing Laura Keene's actions in the very moments after the assassin left the stage. However, there is not enough evidence contained in his witness to suggest that Keene succeeded in her attempt to reach Lincoln. Jones notes that the theater was quickly cleared, so it seems doubtful that he had enough time to actually witness Keene enter the presidential box. They would have been moving in opposite directions, so it seems likely that our correspondent would have noted her in passing, yet says nothing of such an encounter.

Our conclusion is that Keene did not attend to the president. She attempted to do so, but failed. However, if firm DNA evidence from the alleged swatches from her dress confirm that the blood is Lincoln's, we would readily concede the point.

The morals of the story are that eye witnesses can produce conflicting testimony, and they are not the last word.

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Whither Fauci?

Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of infectious disease for the National Institute of Health, the man chosen by the president to lead the response to "COVID-19", has undergone a transformation of sort which suggests that he may no longer be among the living.

Before proceeding, we pray fervently that Fauci is dead. He was perhaps one of the most evil men to ever betray the United States and one of the most virulent quacks who ever "practiced" medicine. We have likened him to Lysenko of the Soviet Union who spread his ignorant quack theories of medicine until his vile nostrums resulted in the death of Stalin's son, which in turn cost him his own life.

This story, along with several others, suggests that Fauci may well be 6 feet under rotting in hell despite the fact that one can "watch him" on television. Fauci, along with many others of his ilk, like George Soros, and Bill Gates, perpetrated an epic tragedy on America and its economy for no reason other than personal lucre and a lust for power.

Fauci had close financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry whose fortunes are only  enhanced with a paranoid fear of disease because nothing sells vaccines like fear, and a master of fear was Fauci. He was also one of the leading pushers of the discredited HIV-causes-AIDS theories based as it is on a perverted theory of virology.

But starting in May, Fauci disappeared for about 3 weeks, then reappeared with a new look - as they say. Dr Jim Willie first noted this odd juxtaposition which he documented in a photo comparison.

To our way of looking, these two men are different, the most noticeable differences being the stark contrast in the eyebrows and eye sockets. The ears are a dead giveaway.

The conspiracy view is that Fauci was executed for treason, but we have no strong confirming evidence beyond intuition. 

Now if anyone doubts that the Center for Disease Control faked a massive pandemic, one need only consider recent revisions to the alleged death toll from "COVID-19" - a broad term used to annotate any disease related to respiratory malfunction, such as, for example, pneumonia. Willie, with a doctorate in statistics, noted that pneumonia deaths plunged 40-60% during the "COVID" period. How did this happen during a time of unparalleled health crisis? Lies, of course, oil the gears of fraud and deceit.

The CDC ordered health providers to classify any death as "COVID" as long as either a test or suspicion consider it the culprit.

But Willie documented the fraud of the tests. Others, such as Dr Coleman, have reported that samples of goats and paw paw fruits have been submitted to labs which concluded that these samples contained the alleged disease. Willie reported numerous examples of people who dropped out of the long lines for "COVID" tests who subsequently received emails that they had "COVID-19".

Returning to our questions, the proof is in the pudding as they say. Within the past month, the CDC revised its statistics on deaths attributed to "COVID19" by dropping them 94%. That is an extraordinary drop and error - and still vastly overstated as these Chronicles have noted before. So the Trump-Fauci regime shut down the US economy for 10-11,000 deaths and even those deaths are a lie.

What caused the decline? The CDC has been forced to admit that those deaths associated with "COVID19" were accompanied by other chronic diseases, just as the Italians discovered in their analysis published in March on which we reported earlier in the scamdemic.

Those with a rudimentary intelligence, or training in logic or statistics, will recognize that if one died with 3 diagnosed diseases, how does one attribute the cause of death? One cannot without additional evidence - much more evidence. 

Well leave it to the inquisitive Italians to dig up more evidence. Willie reported that some Italian doctors, in defiance of the World Health Organization, performed forensic autopsies on alleged "COVID-19" deceased. They discovered that they all died of pulmonary thrombosis, a disease which is quite treatable.

So why would WHO want to suppress medical inquiry? The reason is that this Rockefeller-Gates connected organization is a criminal mafia which was in the midst of staging a coup against the United States. To these psychopaths, there is no problem which cannot be solved with vaccines, even though the US Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are "inherently" unsafe, yet perversely denied anyone from suing these criminals for injury or death.

As we have stated before, not one person in all of human history has ever died from a virus. But ignorant people are easy to control, and we now are ruled by the Medical Police State whose reign of terror is only beginning.

The main reason for perpetuating the Fauci myth is election propaganda - his presence is believed to be positive for the president. The horrific damage done to the economy and lives means nothing to the psychopaths who rule America. The stock market did not take a material hit - with 6 trillion dollars in rescue money it has bounced back nicely, and will do so until inflationary stimulus runs its course. So the people on Main Street can just lump it - that is what peasants do.

We have yet to summarize the terror which Fauci perpetrated on Dr Judy Mikovitz, but in the meantime, there are two extraordinary videos which tell her story when Fauci worked for the Clintons. It was another triumph of Lysenkoism.

We pray to God that Fauci is dead, but we cannot confirm it.

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Oswald's Puzzle Palace

In some ways, the Oswald Project is far more interesting than the assassination itself of President John F Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, for it reveals the real seat of government and the powers who control this nation.

As such, we may regard the work of John Armstrong as among the most important in the annals of assassination research, for it is he who has untangled the Oswald enigma, with all of its paradoxes, in ways which others have fallen far short of the mark. Even so, we believe that there are more prominent discoveries to be made concerning the Oswald Project. Some refinements in Armstrong's works have prompted us once again to consider the mycelium of the Oswald-CIA ecosystem.

James B Wilcott of the CIA testified before House Select Committee on Assassinations that there was an Oswald Project, code named RX-ZIM, for which he was a disbursement officer. He testified that Oswald's defection was fake. Armstrong marshals much evidence that Oswald had deep ties to the intelligence agencies of the US, and we believe to USSR and Mossad.

Before delving into that, a succinct summary of the Oswald configuration is as follows. There were two Oswalds, one of whom Armstrong designates as LEE and another as HARVEY. LEE is the natural son of Robert Edward Lee Oswald who died in 1939 two months prior to LEE's birth. HARVEY is presumed to be a Hungarian national who was brought to the US as part of post war intelligence activities.

LEE is the man who faded into the background as HARVEY assumed the persona of Lee Harvey Oswald. He is the one most Americans recognize as the (alleged) assassin of the president.

In addition to two Oswalds, there were two Oswald mothers. Marguerite Claverie married Robert, cited above, in 1933, resulting in two sons, one of which was LEE. Another mother, whom Armstrong calls a caretaker, but whom we would call a handler, assumed the persona of Mrs Oswald, the mother of the alleged assassin.

The physical characteristics of the two women are quite dissimilar, the real Marguerite being 5-7" taller, reasonably thin, and always attractively dressed. She was continuously employed, but her last known whereabouts reported by Armstrong end about 1960. It would be fascinating to learn of her end. However, Marguerite Oswalds' tax filings and Social Security records are classified. They will never be unclassified as they would reveal the two women.

Marguerite Claverie married for a short period Edwin Ekdahl  whom we have described in previous Chronicles, the most important point being our conclusion that he was involved in intelligence, something which Armstrong surmises in his website writings.

The Fake Marguerite was a short, corpulent, rather unattractive woman, of whom no good words had been said prior to the assassination. She is the one who garnered national attention in the wake of HARVEY's use as the patsy in the assassination of Kennedy. She died in 1981. She rarely worked, but was able to stay in nice places such as the Hotel Senator in New Orleans.

The beginning of the transition of the Oswald fusion began in earnest around 1947, the first year of CIA, and was done with the collaboration of the two women. The mysterious aspect is why Marguerite Claverie would relinquish her identity to someone who was probably a foreign national, and whom we believe worked for Israeli intelligence.

We believe that the formal transition of identity began when Marguerite Claverie Ekdahl purchased a small home at 101 San Saba in Benbrook, TX. She rented the house for the next 4 years, the most important tenant being the Fake Marguerite. So clearly the two Marguerites knew each other.

As for HARVEY and LEE, the former spent a limited time in the Marines, after whose introductory training he returned to civilian life working for Pfisterer Dental Laboratory before re-entering the Marines again. LEE, on the other hand, served continuously in the Marines until he was discharged after an arrest in March 1959. HARVEY was discharged in September 1959 at the pleadings of his mother who faked a work accident - the only reason she took a job for about 3 months.

LEE is seen again during the early 1960s running guns for Cuba with Jack Rubenstein, a conclusion we draw from a detail noted by Armstrong.

HARVEY constantly espoused Communist-Marxist ideals, often at the expense of friendships or social comity. He spoke fluent Russian which comports well with the assumption that he was born outside of the US, most likely central Europe. LEE had no such interests. Many contend that HARVEY was simply developing his legend in support of his clandestine intelligence operations. We disagree. 

Armstrong reports of HARVEY's brief stay in North Dakota where he brags to William Timmer, "He told my son He had a calling to kill a President" according to his mother Alma Cole in a letter to Lyndon Johnson in December 1963. This is too intense a conversation to have with a play mate at 14 or so years of age. To me, it appears to be a doctrinaire statement founded upon visceral belief rather than as pretense.

Not only did the two mothers know about the Oswald Project, but so did Robert, Jr, the brother of LEE. In fact Robert stayed with the Fake Marguerite and HARVEY for a few months at 4936 Collinwood in Fort Worth starting in June, 1956. Armstrong documents the address with a bank account which Robert opened listing that address as his home.

Of course all of this leads to the question about why Marguerite Oswald would participate in such a project, for which we have no satisfactory answer. One could argue that it was for money, especially given the poverty in which Marguerite found herself after the death of her second husband, but this does not seem persuasive.

When HARVEY perpetrated his defection to the Soviet Union, with much support from CIA, State Department, US Navy, and other spook houses, he went to his adoptive country with no interest in learning or speaking Russian although he spoke only with Marina in English. (Clearly Oswald did not need to learn the language, but his faked disinterest discomfited many of his acquaintances.) Armstrong notes that he only ever spoke Russian with his alleged wife when he returned with her to the US in 1962.

Our view is that the Oswald Project was run by CIA Counter Intelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton. As we have noted in previous Chronicles, Angleton was a staunch Israeli agent, someone we believe was a double agent working for Mossad and with KGB. This explains Angleton's dispatch of Oswald to the USSR, his arranged elopement with Marina, and his disposal as radioactive goods as the patsy in the murder of the president.

The goal of the elaborate defection hoax was to provide a conduit through which Angleton could funnel US secrets and technology to Israel through the USSR and KGB. Today it is done directly.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

9/11 and the Dancing Israelis

Although the story of the dancing Israelis is not new, it is worth recalling, on this anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, that Israel was the lead partner in this assault on America.

It may came as a surprise to a lot of religiously minded folks that Israel is the sworn enemy of the United States, but this signal event is anecdotal but remarkable evidence of this state of hostilities in which leading US politicians have played the role of Brutus to Caesar. The reason for many of the treasons can be explained by their moral compromise by a sophisticated Israeli black-mailing ring.

With all of the revelations of the Jeffery Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell blackmail operation against pedophile US politicians, the events of 9/11 start to focus like never before since the two events are part and parcel of a long string attacks against this country by Israel.

For those unfamiliar with the dancing Israelis, we refer you to Ryan Dawson's web page (be forewarned that it is hopelessly illiterate though containing relevant factual information along with a bonus diatribe against his 9/11 enemies) on the subject. The synopsis is that some Israelis, who were Mossad agents, operating in New Jersey at the New York border, were witnessed dancing with triumphant jubilation when a plane hit one of the World Trade Center towers. No one but enemies of the United States would openly and brazenly behave in this fashion.

The 9/11 Commission obtained evidence that some or all of these men were posing as art students attempting to sell art to US Drug Enforcement Agency as part of a spy operation. These Chronicles have reported previously on the fake art students and their operations in the Twin Towers.

Additionally, these men were also posing as movers, but one wonders why they had a stash of 5000 USD cash with them. Oh, I know, they just got paid in cash for a moving job - yeah - that's it.

Of course neither the 9/11 Commission nor any US federal law enforcement agency was about to arrest them for questioning. Indeed, Israeli Michael Chertoff, who headed the Department of Homeland Security, personally intervened to release them after less than 3 months after their initial arrests a day or two after the attacks. Questioning them would expose the US government's role in the conspiracy, to say nothing of that of Israel.

Dawson lists Yaron Shmuel, Paul Kurzberg, Shivan Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari among the high-fiving Jews who witnessed the success of their deeds. We believe that they are all still alive, but we assure our dear reader that they are completely and perfectly safe if even they went on main stream media television to confess. After all, the United States is ruled and controlled by Israel.

Although these men were material conspirators in the crime against America, they were still bottom feeders with men like Dick Cheney, George Bush, Dov Zakheim, Michael Chertoff, and so many others whom we have mentioned elsewhere as being the power base. Even these men were eminence fronts for Israel and Project For a New American Century which orchestrated and developed the plans resulting in the endless wars in the Middle East for Greater Israel, and for the establishment of the police state at home.

Oh, and how about a shout out to Evelyn de Rothschild?

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