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Another Brick In the Obama Identity Wall

We have uncovered another credible brick for the Obama identity wall which clarifies the relationship between Bari Shabazz, aka Barack Obama, and the Dunhams, his adoptive grandparents. The linchpin is a certain Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham (1894-1970) who gave rise to a future president.
A certain researcher, Heidi Gates, has produced the hypothesis that Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham, the father of Stanley Armour Dunham, is the father of both Stanley and Malcolm X Shabazz (1925-1965), the famous Muslim civil rights leader murdered in 1965.
The theory maintains that Dunham, a travelling salesman, was a philanderer who lived in Kansas not far from the Little family in Nebraska. Malcolm X’s surname was Little prior to changing it upon his conversion to Islam. Ralph’s wife Ruth Lucille Armour (1900-1926) died of suicide, perhaps related to this incident.
If this liaison occurred, it would mean that Dunham and Louise Little, the wife of an outspoken Baptist lay leader, Earl Little, produced Malcolm. On the surface it sounds a bit preposterous, but it does explain certain riddles in the Shabazz story.
The astonishing fact, should this relationship be established, would be that Malcolm X and Stanley Dunham are half brothers, and may explain the real reason the Littles left Nebraska for Milwaukee in 1926, the same year as Ruth Dunham's suicide.
Malcolm had an affair with Jo Ann Newman who was a caucasian Jewish teenager at the time of her birth to Bari Malik Shabazz on October 28, 1959. Bari, of course, became known as Barack Hussein Obama II.
In the meantime, Stanley Armour Dunham had joined the Army during World War 2, but that fact is disputed. In any event, he was involved in intelligence activities involving sabotage at the Boeing plant in Wichita from where he passed airplane designs to the Germans. We are not able to confirm this matter, but it fits other elements of the Dunham drama. It would also explain his assignment to the Boeing plant in Seattle, where he continued espionage.
There is no credible evidence that Stanley Ann Dunham existed, according to Shabazz researcher Martha Trowbridge. Ann is more than likely the projection of Jo Ann Newman into the Dunham "family". Part of the reason for doubting Ann’s existence is that the Dunhams – Madelyn and Stanley – were not married, meaning that Ann was an intelligence fabrication. However, we are open to the opposing view that she was real.
The larger point is that Bari’s presence in Hawaii, if he indeed was ever there for school, is made perspicuous by the relationship between him and Malcolm X. It also explains the mild resemblance between Shabazz and Dunham – not because of Ann, but because of the common grandfather. Stanley Ann is most emphatically not the mother of Bari Shabazz, aka Obama.
Furthermore, the relationship between Stanley Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis is also made clearer because they both shared anti-American hostilities, both of which, we surmise, stemmed from Mossad operations within the CIA. Marshall was a rabid anti-American communist who was sent to Hawaii to sabotage military operations on the island by stirring up labor unrest. Dunham was committing espionage against the United States during World War 2, so they had a natural affinity for each other. Their weekly gatherings were undercover of bringing Bari to Davis for communist indoctrination.
Some argue that Dunham was a CIA agent who was keeping tabs on Davis, but we think that the relationship was one of collaboration in espionage.
A couple of objections which occur to us is that Malcolm X and Stanley Dunham do not have much resemblance, and Malcolm’s skin color seems too dark for mixed parentage. However, we are swayed by the mild resemblance between Dunham and Bari.
While the theory that Malcolm and Stanley were half brothers suffers many weaknesses, it does explain a number of associations surrounding the central character Bari M Shabazz.
ReferenceAnonymous, Barack Obama: The Invisible Man, November 30, 2011
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