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Fast and Furious in the Ukraine

Events in the Ukraine have proceeded at nearly break neck speed toward World War 3 since the US led coup of February 21, 2014 in Kiev. In order to understand the dynamics in and around Ukraine, we present astonishing developments over the past few days.
The crisis in the Ukraine developed critical mass when Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland uttered her diplomatic delicacy, "Fuck the EU," as the State Department announced to the world its hand picked successor Oleksandr Turchynov to replace the elected Viktor Yanukovych.
This statement clearly revealed that the United States was working with terrorists to plot the coup which subsequently leaked documents confirm. An even more startling conversation between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton proved that the US terrorists murdered their own supporters in order to implicate Yanukovych of wanton bloodshed. The facts prove this to be faked intelligence operation by the United States.
Why did the US want to topple the Ukrainian government? The primary cause for fury in Washington is that Yanukovych did not want to sign an agreement to join the European Union. Secretary of State Kerry, Nuland, and Senator McCain proceeded to foment "popular uprisings" in support of protestors wanting to join. It was not too difficult to find dissidents in the western provinces of the country, including the Right Sector and other Nazi organizations, to break out into protests.
What these actions by US politicians prove is that the European Union is a vassal state of Washington, a state which US government leaders wish to expand. The real motive for pushing the annexation of the Ukraine is to install nuclear missiles there.
Another important factor involves the oil and gas pipelines, one of the US military's most important missions - the protection of the giant multinational oil companies. But the pipeline issue is not confined to Ukraine. The Syrian crisis which Obama tried valiantly to ignite into war was blunted by Vladimir Putin, so there is definitely a blood feud involved between the US military industrial complex, and the Russians.
Now for their services rendered, the United States sent Blackwater - a CIA terrorist organization - into Ukraine to take its 33 tons of gold - gold which the Ukrainians can kiss good bye forever, and loss indicating that the western Ukrainians are none too bright.
The Russians did not perceive the encroachment on the Ukraine positively, seeing the American Empire continuing its strategic envelopment of their country. Consequently, its president Vladimir Putin took steps to integrate the Crimea into the Russian Federation, in order to preserve its warm water port in Sevastopol of which the Americans were clearly attempting to deprive him.
While the US and Russia have traded sharp diplomatic rhetoric, the US military and intelligence forces have been busy planting black flag operations implicating the Russians. Veterans Today has broken an astonishing story of subterfuge by the US involving LTC Jason Gresh (USA), COL Igor Protsyk (Ukraine) , and Pasha Tarasenko (Ukraine) planning a terrorist attack at Melitopol which should either have already occurred, or schedule to happen within hours. Time will tell.
Part of the plan calls for dead bodies and airplane parts which may well come from the hijacked Malaysian flight 370 which did not crash into the Indian Ocean contrary lies spouted in the state controlled press, and by CIA hack Michael Shrimpton.
We suspect that the plane has been dismembered not only for spare parts to be sold into official channels, but also for a few spare parts to stage the faked Russian special forces attack.
We surmise that this act will form the casus belli for Obama to attack Ukraine. But wait, I thought that Obama was a Russian lackey, you may object. Wasn't he heard on an unguarded microphone telling the Russian foreign minister that he would be more "flexible" after the 2012 elections? Obama did say that, so he may be working working for the Russians, just as his father Frank Marshall Davis did for the Soviets.
At this point, it is not clear who is really in charge of the US government. Obama certainly expressed fury at the escape of Edward Snowden, so the possibility exists that his absconding with records is a staged event favored by Obama, or that Obama really is furious by the defection. If Obama was angry indeed, then his bellicosity toward the Russians may be genuine. On the other hand, if the microphone comments are Obama's true policies, then it is quite possible that we have witnessed another military coup in the US. Our suspicions are that the Joint Chiefs of Staff have taken over foreign policy as witnessed by McCain's outspoken and vitriolic language toward the Russians. The Deep State government is asserting itself in no uncertain terms - and that means war.
With the troglodytes of JCS in charge of foreign policy, we are guaranteed war. Whether or not it goes nuclear waits to be seen. In any event, with Obama's well known homosexuality and drag queen Michelle in tow, there is no doubt that the JCS have enough to blackmail Obama into any course of action it choses.

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