Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Cocaine Presidency

It seems that the common thread uniting the presidencies of George Bush, Sr, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr, and Bari Shabazz is drugs, or more specifically cocaine. Each of these presidents has been a significant consumer or distributor of the dreaded drug. In fact having trafficked in it may even be a requirement for the job.
When George Bush, Sr’s assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan failed, he had to wait out the next 8 years biding his time with funerals and criminal activity, all for national security, dontcha know? While vice president, George Bush was the principal sponsor of the Iran Contra drug trade.
Of course the CIA had created the conflict in Nicaragua between the Sandinistas and Contras as a means of justifying military expenditures, and gaining control of more of the world. But none of that mattered because Bush , William Casey, and Oliver North knew that the American people were about as dumb as a pig with a frontal lobotomy, and that they could get away with anything they wanted.
It turned out that the Teflon president actually served a useful role as protector and patsy.
In short, Bush and his White House cronies, including Richard Secord, felt justified on “national security” grounds in trading arms for cocaine in order to fight the red menace in Central America. While there are some Americans who understand that Bush was involved in this drug trade, few recognize that these people had no interest in the geopolitics of Nicaragua. What was important was drugging America, and earning billions of dollars for their personal bank accounts.
However, the scheme fell apart starting in 1985 when one of the important cogs in the drug trade, Barry Seal, began making noises that he wanted relief from the IRS agents who were hounding him for back taxes on the 30 million USD he had earned running drugs for George and Jeb. Yes, Jeb Bush was in the epicenter of the Iran Contra drug trade.
Seal had a long standing relationship with the CIA going back to the 1950s when he and David Ferrie ran arms to Cuba’s Fidel Castro who was supported by the Agency whose leaders were anxious to unleash a reign of terror on the island.
Taking a page from George DeMohrenschildt’s book, Seal had the audacity to inform George Bush and his criminal associates that he would leak damaging information if he did not call off the IRS’ investigation. Seal reminded the vice president that he had eye witness and recorded evidence that he and Jeb were directly involved in drug transactions.
Jeb got his start in drugs during the 1970s when Lady Bird Johnson’s Texas Commercial Bank ostensibly sent him to Venezuela circa 1977 to begin banking operations in the country. The truth is that he was on a mission for his father’s CIA to begin organizing the drug trade in the Americas since George had sewn up the business in Southeast Asia.

All of this history was on the verge of unwinding with Barry’s loose lips, putting the Bush Crime Syndicate in panic mode with a plan to murder the impudent pilot which they did on February 11, 1986. To make sure that everyone knew that they meant business, they murdered his mistress the same day. To really drive home the point, George Sr gave his son George Seal's favorite airplane which he used while governor of Texas.
While there were scores – and possibly hundreds – who were murdered to insure that scandal did not engulf George’s political future, one figure who got caught in the crossfire was Sweden’s prime minister, Olof Palme. For a number of reasons he angered the Bush Crime Syndicate, but the latest transgression was knowing too much about the drug trade, a fact which the state controlled media dutifully covered up in the wake of his murder in which Gene Chip Tatum took part.
The problem with Palme actually started with North, who had a tendency to speak too much himself. According to Robert Morrow’s sources, Bush was on the verge of wiping out North, just as North had murdered Seal.
Now when we say that Oliver North murdered Barry Seal, we mean that he hired about 8 Columbians from the Cali drug cartel to murder him, 3 of whom were convicted; but all 3 testified that they were working for LTC Ollie North.
North was eventually made the fall guy for Iran Contra, but when called before the show trials Congress put on to placate public opinion, North donned his Marine Corps uniform and beat his chest about patriotism, fighting commies, and baking apple pie from a recipe he got from Hillary. (We jest ever so slightly).
It turns out that the Clintons were eyeball deep in the Iran Contra cocaine business, which is one reason George relinquished the presidency to Bill who had done such a great service to “national security” by leasing out the Mena airfield to Bush, North, and their drug running cronies.
Why Americans idolize the criminal Bush family baffles us, but it is evidence for our claim that Americans are evenly paired with a potted plant, and deserve the tyranny which is engulfing them.

Robert Morrow, Jeb Bush & Oliver North: Did You Murder CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986?, (email), October 29, 2014

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Background on the Election of 1992

The presidential election of 1992 was the first one since 1968 where a credible 3d party candidate posed a threat to the major party candidates. The real motives of the candidates were quite surprising, and evidence that candidates know far less than they pretend.
Now it is difficult for an elected representative to be as stupid as the electorate – the smarter ones will always rule the stupid ones. So Ross Perot, candidate for the Reform Party, needed an issue which would resonate with the stupid ones. He found his cause in the Viet Nam Prisoners of War who were betrayed by the US government, an issue over which all Americans should be infuriated.
But the real issue motivating Perot was his knowledge of the massive drug trade the United States did (and still does) in this country and overseas, and George Bush, Sr’s central involvement in it. These two issues coupled with the Iran-Contra scandal, the Savings & Loan scandal, and the after taste of Watergate left decent Americans wanting something better. Some voters were tired of the false dichotomies between the Democrats and Republicans which are both criminal enterprises controlled by the same bankster and Jewish powers.
Having squandered the political capital he had amassed during the fraudulent Gulf War, Bush was vulnerable to the Clintons who were perceived as “outside the beltway” and thus a good alternative to the crime riddled Bush. Even Ross Perot thought so.
According to heavily footnoted information provided by Robert Morrow, Perot entered the 1992 election to dethrone Bush who had betrayed American POWs and who was corrupting Americans with his massive drug peddling in the United States, the real scandal behind Iran-Contra.
Gene Chip Tatum, an assassin for the US government during the 1980s and 90s, was given orders by George Bush, Sr to “neutralize” Ross Perot because his candidacy was effective – at least effective in siphoning off votes desperately needed for Bush. Perot also threatened to bring Bush to justice on account of the latter’s murders and drug empire.
For those lacking acumen, neutralize is a euphemism for murder in the event that less persuasive measures are not effective in compelling a target to obey the wishes of the murderer.
At one point we believed that Bush did not want a second term and that he threw the election to Bill Clinton because of the many favors Clinton did for Bush as the ring leader of the Mena Arkansas drug trade.
We believe that this explanation is accurate, but Bush may have wanted electoral revenge against Perot, and thus became motivated to campaign harder than he should have - although at the end had given up completely. We believe that Bush - in a rare lapse into reality - recognized that he was too vulnerable to more political scandals because Iran-Contra never had really gone away even in 1992.
Bush resigned himself to his fate as a fair quid pro quo for Clinton’s favors during his vice presidency.
On the other hand, Perot never believed he could win. In fact Morrow cites numerous examples of Perot and Clinton meeting frequently during the 1992 election to coordinate campaign strategies. Thus while Perot could not win electorally, he could spoil Bush’s chances - the real object of his candidacy.
Unfortunately Perot was either blind to Clinton’s murders and drug partnership with Bush, or decided that Clinton was the less of two evils. We believe that Perot was not apprised of Clinton’s drug empire in Arkansas.
In the end, Bush a perennial electoral pariah, assumed his natural pose as a political loser. But he knew that he would be back with his son George, who first had to prove himself by murdering John Kennedy, Jr.

Robert Morrow, Jeb Bush & Oliver North: Did You Murder CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986?, (email), October 29, 2014

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Chronicle Update: Fuddy's Original Cause of Death Was Drowning

New evidence reported by Linda Jordan shows that Loretta Fuddy, the deceased Hawaii Public Health Director, died of drowning rather than of cardiac arrhythmia on December 11, 2013.
The Maui Medical Examiner, Dr Lindsay Harle, performed an autopsy on December 12, 2013, the day following Fuddy's death, at the Maui County Morgue, from which examination he contingently concluded, pending toxicological test results, that she died of drowning. This language reflects normal caution absent all evidence. The initial report was released December 13.
When the final report was issued, the stated cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, determination which is very difficult to diagnose, making it largely a speculative conclusion. Jordan noted that the television program Inside Edition reported the finding for death as drowning, which makes the change to cardiac arrhythmia quite alarming since the 2 causes are quite distinct and different.
While Jordan covers the many anomalies related to Fuddy's death, including the soft landing of the plane, the warm 70 degree water, relatively mild weather conditions, the adequacy of Fuddy's life preserver, and a lack of stress in Fuddy's disposition, the most jarring finding is that the Maui police did not undertake a formal investigation as mandated by Hawaii Revised Statute HRS 841-347.
When the Maui police chief Tivoli Faaumu asserted that the statute did not apply, he lied, along with the entire Maui county government which supported him. The statute is very clear that an investigation was mandatory, in whose contempt Faaumu becomes part of a conspiracy to murder, cover-up of murder, and obstructer of justice.
Despite all of the oddities surrounding Fuddy's demise, including the heavily redacted autopsy - so heavily redacted as to be useless, the refusal to perform a legally mandated investigation is the smoking gun that Fuddy was murdered, or as some would have it, taken into hiding as a reward for the treasonous deeds she performed to protect Bari Shabazz' fraud and hoax concerning his forged birth certificate.
Linda Jordan, Something About the Way She Died, Birther Report, October 29, 2014, accessed 10/29/2014

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Civil War Rages in US Government

Civil war rages within the US government with 2 sharp factions forming between luke warm patriots and ardent Satanists over the support of ISIS and ISIL, according to a recent dispatch from Veterans Today.
In a bombshell story, Gordon Duff identifies both ISIS and ISIL as Israeli front organizations funded and sponsored by dual citizen Israeli-Americans, and current and retired senior US military officers, all of whom are linked to open Satanic worship including the offering human sacrifices.
We are not using hyperbole when we speak of the Satanic religion of the US traitors. Their treasonous acts against the United States government speak volumes their allegiances to the Satanic Rothschild dynasty, the rulers of the Jewish state.
Duff names the traitors including Brigadier General Paul Vallely, a close associate of Brigadier General Michael Aquino whose career skyrocketed in spite of numerous scandals associated with Satanic ritual child abuse, the operation of pedophile rings, and leadership of the Church of Satan and Order of Set, religions which practice human sacrifice.
Other religious affiliations of their co-conspirators include "Pentecostal" and "Evangelical Christian", covers used to justify their support of the Rothschild state of Israel, much as the Satanists John Ashcroft and Janet Reno of the Clinton administration did as they butchered Americans at Waco and the World Trade Center.
According to Duff, Vallely has been filmed in Syria meeting with terrorist organizations, including the Israeli sponsored ISIS and ISIL. Other prominent individuals supporting these Jewish terrorist groups taking over Syria include Sheldon Adelson, Charles Koch, David Koch, George Soros, and other Satan worshipping persons.
One of the most shocking stories involves the Traitor Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and the entire US nuclear command, which is under investigation, prosecution, or sentencing for stealing nuclear bombs from Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota for delivery to Israel.
The B-52 loaded with nuclear missiles or bombs was downed August 27, 2007 in Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. The nuclear hijackers were clearly under orders from Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both working for George Bush, Jr and Sr.
President "Obama" has taken steps to clean house, but the revolutionaries led by Vallely have claimed that "Obama" has been on political witch hunt to purge patriotic officers.
"Obama", whose real name is Bari Malik Shabazz, is hamstrung by his conflicted, obfuscated, and compromised identity complex, and is thus susceptible to political blackmail. The president has terminated bombings of ISIS/ISIL under threat of death.
The recent security breaches at the White House were planned stunts to warn the president that if he did not obey Vallely that he would surrender his life. Recently 2 separate security violations within the White House proved just how bribable the Secret Service is. The latest incident involved an armed guard with criminal background boarding the White House elevator with "Obama," proving just how easily the Secret Service can murder a president, just as it did with President Kennedy.
The Jewish cabal which installed "Obama" as president is about ready to roll him under the bus since he has proven unreliable to 5th column.
Duff also reports that 2 downings of US military aircraft occurred after their highly secret and encrypted flight packets were betrayed to ISIS/ISIL by Vallely's forces, much as John McCain did to his North Vietnamese "captors." Flight information is handled on such a secure basis that only an insider could have provided the necessary information to permit the Israeli terrorists to shoot down the 2 aircraft.
How soon the civil war breaks out into open conflict is still unknown, but former Vice President Cheney has warned Americans that his forces are on the verge of attacking the United States soon. The latest Ebola campaign appears to be the opening salvo in the hostilities.
Veterans Today reported last week that 137 US Congressmen and 5 Supreme Court justices are receiving bribe money from the Bush Crime Syndicate to cover-up 9/11 investigations, and are surely paying them to keep quiet about treason of the Vallely putschists.
Gordon Duff, NEO – ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes – Who Is Responsible?, Veterans Today, 10/19/2014, accessed 10/19/2014

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John Lennon's Double Fantasy

From plasticmacca, the real Lennon (l) and fake (r).
When we announced our conclusions that Paul McCartney had been murdered in 1966, we demurred in concluding that other Beatles had been replaced or murdered. After re-examining evidence supplied by Tina Foster and her sources, we believe that John Lennon was indeed replaced in the band and murdered.
As with McCartney, a number of factors substantiate Lennon's replacement, the foremost of which are the numerous likeness of the band member which do not match. We show one of such example posted on the plasticmacca blog; however, Foster provides numerous other photos with even starker dissimilarities between the known Lennon and the alleged Lennon.
To cement the claim that there are different Lennons, we would like to see a forensically competent evaluation as performed on McCartney by Gavazenni and Carlesi. Even so, we believe that the differences are so pronounced that focused concentration on the photographs will reveal that different people are impersonating Lennon.
As to the timing of the switch we are not positive, but given the photo reproduced here, it seems that 1966 is a credible date as it was the year in which "Lennon" was filming How I Won the War in Spain after concluding The Beatles tour of the United States.
Physical cues to which Foster points are the square chin versus a pointed chin for the imposter, a straight nose versus a beak nose, and a solid body build to a weak or gaunt build. After reviewing the evidence ourselves, we strongly concur with Foster's findings, and thus conclude from the photographic evidence that Lennon was replaced.
We would also go a step further to assert that Lennon was murdered as was band mate Paul. Thus we have the two murders of John Lennon, the one in December 1980 being the reflection of the first.
Other clues to a murder include the divorce of "Lennon" from his first wife Cynthia after what many considered a successful marriage. Also, the real Lennon wrote 2 books, a feat never repeated by the replacement, even though John stated in 1965 that he wrote all of the time.
John's son Julian has stated in interviews that he saw his father only 8-10 times during his life, a distance and abandonment which only makes sense if "John" were not the real father.
Finally, of extreme importance, and perhaps the nail in the coffin of the anti-conpsirator's theory about a single John, is the FBI's seizure of a set of finger prints of the fake John on October 6, 2010. There is no reasonable explanation for this action other than the release of the finger prints would expose the identity fraud committed by the US, British, and other governments.
Another nail in the coffin, as though it were needed, is the medical records fraud committed by the attending physicians at the hospital where "John" was taken after being assassinated by Jose Perdomo or one of his CIA accomplices. The doctors hid "Lennon's" records in a safe to keep them from view, after which they destroyed them. One nurse and doctor stated that they did not recognize the individual as John Lennon 2.0.
A further consideration should be given to the strange relationship between Yoko Ono and Lennon 2. Ono came from a very wealthy Japanese banking family and has worked in intelligence nearly all of her life. As an admitted witch, she would have been very comfortable in British American intelligence circles where occultic individuals are highly cultivated.
Our view is that Ono was the handler for the fake John, a job which required her to keep him drugged out and on the farm, so to speak. Ono's connection with Satanism may also be the fount and basis of our analysis that Lennon was deeply involved in the occult, a connection which may have properly belonged to the fake Lennon rather than the original.
The motives for murder of the real John Lennon were much the same as for Paul. The Illuminati, including the Bush Crime Syndicate, wanted to co-opt the band's popularity to eliminate its anti-war influence, and to use it as a front for the BCS's burgeoning drug trade operating out of Southeast Asia.
While we suspect that other proofs of a switch and murder are available, we believe that these are sufficient for establishing the case that there were at least 2 John Lennons, and possibly more. The Beatles were a concept of the mind control organizations such as MI6 and CIA who wanted to subvert and control popular culture along Satanic lines.
We believe that the double Lennons fantasy is worthy of additional research, particularly for pinpointing John's (original) death - both its time and location, as well as finding his body.
Tina Foster, I don't believe in Featles: CIAlebrity impersonator, "John Lennon" (updated),, May 10, 2010, accessed 10/19/2014
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hope For Ebola Victims

In a stunning and wide ranging interview with the editorial staff of Veterans Today, Dr Rima Laibow revealed an inexpensive immune support supplement whose testimonials claim that it prevents or heals Ebola, the weaponized virus which the United States government produced to destroy 90% of the world's population.
Dr Rima, as she is known, cited a bevy studies, including ones by the Department of Defense, which demonstrated that Nano Silver 10 PPM provides efficacious inoculation against Ebola and other deadly viruses.
The silver solution concentrated at 10 part per million has been found to be more effective by orders of magnitude than higher concentrations of the same solution. Nano Silver 10 PPM is typically tasteless and odorless, and should be consumed under the regimen which Dr Rima has published on her website.

On the other hand, Nano Silver should not be confused with colloidal or ionic silver, solutions which do not have the same properties as Nano Silver nor have any studies demonstrating their effectiveness.However the colloidal Nano Silver 10 PPM has an extensive body of evidence substantiating its efficacy.
Not only have US government studies shown Nano Silver 10 PPM to be effective in fighting Ebola, but field reports from Sierra Leone, where Bill Gates, George Soros, Tulane University, and the CDC weaponized Ebola, give positive if not glowing reviews to the results of this immune support supplement.
These results are all the more remarkable given the profoundly virulent nature of the patented weaponized Ebola virus created by America's traitors.
Consumer Reports states that there is no evidence for the efficaciousness of Nano Silver, citing a doctor, and claiming that it will cause your body to turn blue, cause brain maladies, and other undesirable side effects. This information is entirely false and criminally irresponsible.
Even if the allegations were true, the lethality of Ebola, which is between 55-75%, would suggest that tradeoffs need to be made. Fortunately, this kind of triage is unnecessary because Consumer Reports and FDA claims are entirely baseless.
So accurate is Dr Rima's advice that the FDA has attempted to shut down her business, and the Satan worshipping banksters at JPMorgan Chase have seized her credit card merchant accounts and terminated her credit card processing services.
Additional evidence of the value of Nano Silver is the World Health Organization's attempts to sabotage the shipment of Nano Silver to Sierra Leone and issuing stern threats against using it. President Koroma of Sierra Leone, caring more for his people than for the Ziocon murderers at WHO, threw out of his country the UN officials who attempted to deter his distribution of Nano Silver.
Dr Rima emphasized that Ebola is easily and readily transmitted through aerosol methods, meaning that it spreads through airborne mechanisms. The Hazmat suits used to protect against Ebola are actually counter productive.
Finally, if the information provided by Dr Rima and Veterans Today were not correct, the US Army would not have attempted to blast its website off the internet.
We implore everyone to listen to the interview we reference below. It could be a life saver. We mince no words when we say that the United States government, in concert with the United Nations, powerful plutocratic individuals, including Bill Gates and George Soros, are determined to murder 90% of the earth's population. Their vaccines will kill you if the Ebola does not.
We often do not publish URLs to references because they disappear too quickly, but in this case we are breaking our policy because the information it contains is a matter of life and death.

Stew Webb, The Debate Is Over: Ebola Virus is Airborne, Veterans Today, 10/17/2014, accessed 10/17/2014,

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Chronicle Update: The Truth About the Iranian Hostage Crisis

Contrary to our previously published essay on the Iranian Revolution of 1979, it was not the result of "blowback" against the CIA's Shah, but rather another CIA coup to replace a wayward son who got too big for his britches.

This new information surprised even us, as we had long considered the Islamic revolution a virulent rejection of Westernism and the domineering cruel Americans. It seemed to us that Islam was the perfect vehicle for expressing native objections to US control of Iran.
While the revolution no doubt contained true believers in such a philosophy, the revolutionaries led by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini itself used religion as an instrument for its more basal lusts for power rather than principled basis for governing, something which ingratiated itself to the CIA.
We have discovered that the Shah had angered the Americans, more specifically the Ziocons, Rockefellers, and Bush Crime Syndicate by his growing independence of these groups' wishes, his assertion of strength as a regional power, and his closer relations with the USSR.
However, even those sins were trumped by the greatest evil one can commit against Western oil barons, which is the temerity to not renew oil concessions extracted from the 1953 revolution which brought the Shah to power. The concessions were set to expire in 1979 and the Shah was not inclined to renew them.
It seems that somewhere along the way, the Shah decided that governance in the interest of the Iranian people, rather than in the obeisance to Washington and the Rothschilds, was the legacy he wished to leave his country.
One other factor riling the ire of the Rothschild dynasty, which owns and rules Israel, was that the Shah sought support from foreign powers for the development of its nuclear energy, a quest which has fueled the sanctions of today by the US at Israel's orders.
David Rockefeller had appointed Jimmy Carter president whom the former ordered to accept the Shah into the United States however briefly. This provided the catalyst for the Iranian students to storm the American embassy to take hostages which it held for over 400 days, resulting in the demise of the Carter presidency. Thus what David gave, he took away, and deliberately so.
When Carter visited Iran in December 1977, he assured the world that "Iran, because of the great leadership of the Shah, is an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world." One week following his departure riots erupted in Iran, presaging the Shah's downfall the following year.
As George Bush later explained, this was coded language for the CIA to begin to dismantle the Shah's government.
During this time, American generals and CIA, including one General Huyser, were compromising the Shah's military which they bribed or coerced into abandoning or denying the Shah's orders. With 40,000 "advisors" in Iran, it is easy to see how the CIA was the country's real kingmaker. For all practical purposes, the Iranian military was a vassal of the CIA.
The Ayatollah was America's handpicked successor to the Shah. While this statement may shock Americans raised on propaganda, lies, and deceit, it is the truth. Khomeini and many of his lieutenants were either on the CIA payroll or were in bed with them. Granted that in some cases it was merely a marriage of convenience, but the bottom line is that each party used the other, and the Ayatollah, among other things was a megalomaniac who used religion as a control structure, a situation very amenable to CIA modus operandi.
It is also true that among the revolutionaries there were true believers, but this does not undermine the tilt which Khomeini had toward the CIA.
Thus the CIA removed an increasingly non-compliant vassal who dared to take back his country's oil, and in the mean time installed a brutal repressive religious freak who made life miserable for Iranians using the CIA's Shock Doctrine.
The Khomeini regime's compliance with the Ziocons explains why no hostage suffered great harm, although the idea that many of them were probably CIA also explains their safeties. The CIA sponsorship of Khomeini also explains the October Surprise which George Bush engineered in 1980 to further destroy Carter whom he and Rockefeller played like a cheap fiddle - both coming and going.
We urge those interested in exploring the subject more carefully to read our Reference as it is quite enlightening.

Iran and the Revolution: An Exposure of the American Plans,, nd, accessed 10/17/2014

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

US Army Attacks Veterans Today

In a stunning article paralleling our recent analysis of the Ebola attack on the United States, Veterans Today reported a massive attack on their website by the US Army's Signal Corp operating out of Fort Huachuca in Arizona which took their website down for several hours yesterday.
While Gordon Duff surmised that their Ebola article was the triggering event, we point out to  our readers that Veterans Today has published 3 explosive articles within the last month touching on the brain center of the Ziocon assault on America.
In addition to fingering the culprits in the Ebola attack, they published startling evidence that former Governor of Tennessee Don Lundquist was heard on tape planning to murder former ambassador Leo Wanta for 30 billion dollars in extortion, a conspiracy involving major names in the US Senate, including Tom Corker. Finally VT reported that 137 US Congressmen and 5 Supreme Court justices had been bribed by the Bush Crime Syndicate to cover up the truth about the 9/11 attacks.
The recent assaults by the US Army on Veterans Today vindicates their reporting, and the quality of their sources, which may include Edward Snowden who has escaped to Russia for political asylum.
In their Ebola article, Duff reports that up to 5,000 Americans are now infected with the artificial virus, a state of affairs brought about by collusion of 5th column US traitors including the CEOs of the major airlines. CDC is specifically directing flights into the United States to spread the deadly Ebola virus on which it holds 4-5 patents minimum.
Other traitors involved in the attacks on Americans include Senator John McCain, the billionaire Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News Network, Lindsay Graham, the Bronfman Crime Syndicate, and the Guiliani Crime Syndicates.
While associated with the above groups, Dick Cheney is planning the next nuclear attacks on the United States using the nuclear bombs distributed to 25 US cities by Mossad.
We predicted earlier this year that the United States would be wiped out as a country by the end of 2014, and while some would accuse us of "fear porn" labels do not intimidate us. The facts point to a clear and present danger as the old cliché goes.

Gordon Duff, VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to Hacker Attack!), Veterans Today, October 15, 2014, accessed 10/16/2014

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Obama's Shattering Universe

Sheriff Joe Arpaio claimed that the disclosure of his investigation into President Obama's birth and identity would be "universe shattering." While we have no idea what he and the Cold Case Posse will reveal, we doubt that he will discover the half of it, or that it will come to half of what we have surmised.
For most Americans, it will be universe shattering once it is finally revealed that the person going by the name "Michelle Obama" is actually a man, a discussion we have pursued in detail thanks to ground breaking research by former law enforcement officials.
Even those who recognize that Bari Malik Shabazz is the son of Jo Ann Newman and Malcolm X will not begin to fathom the true nature and purpose of their son. The secret is darker and truly universe shattering.
Please understand that Shabazz is a composite intelligence creature. He was not born to Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro. Stanley Ann Dunham herself is an intelligence construct who is no more real than the man on the moon, although she borrows certain facets from Newman.
Dunham and Soetoro were killed off because they were no longer required and too risky to the completely scripted Soetoro lie. Dunham was a figment, but Soetoro was real and murdered because he had already played his role.
All of the stories about Indonesia, Hawaii, and other exotica of Shabazz' life are myths, fabrications, and lies. For those still struggling over the birth certificate, let's just say that you are in over your head.
Shabazz' entire life history has been obscured and cut out of whole cloth. The public has never been allowed to inspect original documents, records, or sources of any kind. This lock down on Shabazz' life history is because he is an intelligence operation perpetrated by traitors at the highest levels of the American and Israeli governments.
It is critical to understand that Shabazz' alleged grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham was CIA, and that CIA works for Mossad. Everything which happened to Shabazz in his youth was the connivance of Dunham and his CIA wife.
Shabazz was groomed from youth to be president, with Dunham the willing co-conspirator. According to our understanding, Stanley Armour was the half brother of Malcolm X, which is how he got involved with the Shabazz project.
Fred Newman and Jo Ann Newman were Jews who virulently hated America. The writings of Newman are instructive on this matter and documented in previous posts. Newman practiced sexual psychotherapy and wrote that he despised the American way of life and its morality.
Thus, by any means necessary, he would produce a weapon to destroy America, working hand in glove with both the CIA and Mossad, by hatching a future President who would wreak enormous damage on the country through polarizing, murdering, lying, and betraying.
Jo Ann seduced Malcolm X to produce a son for an experimental weapon against America. When the child was birthed, we believe that Fred and Jo Ann conspired with the CIA to murder the father Malcolm X. It fits the pattern of everyone else in Shabazz' fake life - they all disappear.
Shabazz would be groomed as Muslim and Christian, though in reality he is a Jew.
Shabazz was trained to hate America, destroying it through trillion dollar debts, use of drones against Americans the admission of Ebola victims into the country, and the use of the IRS to harass political opponents. Not even Richard Nixon could descend to such depths.
When the Israelis took over Palestinian television stations, they began broadcasting 24 hour pornography in order to destroy, inflame, and humiliate the Palestinians. They used pornography as a weapon, and so use political pornography in the form of a completely undocumented president to humiliate the United States, and to prove to the world what ignorant boobs Americans truly are.
However, Shabazz is starting to become a liability in a number of ways. Not only is he completely blackmailable due to his transvestite "wife", but his policies have not been sufficiently bellicose for his Jewish handlers. He is becoming radioactive, and his controllers are ready to throw him under the bus.
His mother, Jo Ann Newman, a wanted terrorist living in the White House, is there to control him, because her test tube baby is her political project to destroy America. She does not love her son any more than she loves a ham sandwich. She has used him like so much weed killer on a garden. She has no use for him, and when he has self destructed, she will move on to something else, although we understand that she may be dying of cancer, at long last.
This destruction of a human being and use for her Jewish undying hatred of goyim and Americans is what Fred and Jo Ann Newman were all about, with Bari a casualty in their cosmic hate for mankind.
The Manchurian Candidate will be given destruct instructions. With nuclear bombs in 25 US cities, Shabazz may well be the Samson who detonates them as a last act of revenge.
Copyright 2014 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How the Jews Murdered Charles I

Most history students would probably protest that Charles I, king of England (1625-49)  etc., was murdered, but they probably do not know the details of how the Jews used Cromwell to trump up charges against the sovereign, and how Dutch Jews were the power behind Cromwell.
We know that in many Reformed circles, a certain amount of reverence is accorded to Oliver Cromwell, the usurper to the English throne, if for no other reason than he led the Puritans to political victory in the kingdom. They do this despite the fact that Cromwell was a Rosicrucian Mason who was well versed in the Jewish Kabala. Any notion that Cromwell was a Christian is misplaced.
A fascinating article by Stephen Goodson traces the role of Jews in English history, including that of the following synopsis, almost all of it nefarious and corrosive to their host nation. So destructive were the Jews to English comity and prosperity that Edward I finally banished them from the kingdom in 1290, a fate they faced throughout Europe at various times and places.
During the 17th century they attempted a comeback through the agency of Oliver Cromwell, a man who used brutal force to conquer England, and whose military successes owed not to his military genius, but to his superb intelligence network which always knew the movements of Charles’ armies. This intelligence was supplied by English traitors and Jewish infiltrators.
One of the more prominent traitors was John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough and ancestor of Winston Churchill, who abandoned service to the king, in favor of a 6,000 pound annual stipend from the Jew Solomon Medina of Holland.
Prior to open hostilities, the Jew Fernandez Carvajal organized 10,000 operatives to exploit the country’s continuing religious divisions, particularly with the Sabbatean controversy which concerned itself with the question of observance of the Sabbath.
The Jews had alighted in the Netherlands during the 16th and 17th centuries, from where they financed Cromwell on the condition that he allow them back into England upon destroying the English monarch. Goodson quotes excerpts from correspondence between Cromwell and the Jew Ebenezer Pratt who promised generous funding in exchange for the aforementioned quid pro quo. The good Mason Cromwell explained that he would need time and circumstances to pull off the murder, and that he would need a way to distance himself from the actual deed – plausible deniability as the CIA likes to state it.
The letters between the two conspirators is fascinating because it shows without question that two parties were conspiring to destroy a third, evidence of which is enough to demolish the imbecilities of those who deny conspiracies, such as the Jew Cass Sunstein.
No Englishman would draw up charges against the king, so Cromwell brought in the Dutch Jew Isaac Dorislaus to do so, after which a show trial with its predetermined outcome eventuated in the King’s murder on trumped up charges in 1649.
By 1656 Cromwell made good on his promise to Pratt, but could only do so by smuggling in Jews to England as practically all of the merchant and professional classes, to say nothing of his own government, were staunchly opposed to such actions.
Following the resettlement of Jews in England, the German William of Orange led another and final invasion of England, also financed by Jews, which permanently established the Hanoverians on the British throne.
Parliament, on Williams’ watch, approved the Bank of England, using the exact same tactics which the Jewish banksters would use over 200 years later when they established the Federal Reserve.  Out of 512 members of Parliament, 42 formed a “quorum” to pass the enabling legislation. Since that time England has been in permanent debt, paying a continuous tribute to the City of London banksters, significantly robbing and defrauding the country of its economic health, and perpetually plunging it into colonial wars.
A history buff may wish to read the entire article as it covers more historical ground concerning Jewish influences on England, as well as that of the Bank of England.

Stephen Goodson, The Hidden Origins of the Bank of England, The Barnes Review,  September/October 2012
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The Ebola Conspiracy

Although our first instincts were to suppose that the Ebola epidemic was merely a psychological warfare operation against Americans in the way that Sandy Hook was, we have uncovered strong evidence that it is a malicious plot organized under the auspices of the US government to wipe out up to 90% of human population.
Not that the US government is on its own in this matter, since it has received substantial support from such billionaires as Bill Gates and George Soros. But the US government, through the Center for Disease Control has been hard work since at least 2006 constructing an attack on the American people as part of its stated goals of reducing world population by 90%.
For those wondering about the specifics of the Ebola campaign against America, we point you to the patents which the US government holds on Ebola, a ghastly virus which is deadly in at least 50% of its victims. The US government holds at least 4-5 Ebola patents with one filing October 26, 2009 listing as inventors Jonathon S Towner, Stuart Nichol, Thomas Ksiazek,  and Pierre Rollin.
The work of Towner correlates with a bioweapons laboratory in Sierra Leone which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a virulently hateful organization dedicated to wiping out 90% of the human population. Gates is on record fretting over the rise in the world's population, noting that even if all preventative measures were taken such as sterilization and vaccination, the growth could only be curbed by 10-15%.
Interestingly enough Sierra Leone is the very epicenter of the Ebola epidemic, leaving it to a 2 year old to realize that the Gates bioweapon lab in Sierra Leone is the source of the scourge.
The Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone is the apparent location of the bioweapons lab which is operating in conjunction with the CDC and Tulane University. James Robinson, MD of Tulane University is associated with the lab as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Another suspected conspirator is Pardis Sabeti, MD of Harvard University who studied under the highly racist Rhodes scholarship program which seeks to recover for Britain all lost colonies of the British empire, as well as under the Soros Fellowship, whose namesake has funded in part the US takeover of Ukraine and its ensuing genocide against the  country's eastern citizens.
Another person of interest in the conspiracy is Stephen Gire of Harvard University who has been involved in Ebola vaccination research. We ask you to withhold your natural instinct to believe that vaccination research is a noble endeavor because under the circumstances it is a cover for more sadistic goals of the Gates-Soros conspiracy.
Gates recently invested 50 millions USD in the Ebola epidemic, part of which was to sponsor vaccines to reduce population. The Microsoft founder is also a co-owner of the Ebola patents cited above. From there Monsanto picked up the ball to begin development of a vaccine, with Tekimara Pharmaceutical the lead developer of the vaccine with a 140 million dollar contract with the US Department of Defense.
However, reports from our source indicate that an Ebola vaccine has been available for 8-10 years. Thus we assume that Tekimara and Monsanto are simply productionalizing a known vaccine to profit from the deliberate spread of the virus.
Even more startling is the US government claim of ownership over any and all other Ebola viruses which share a 70% similarity with the virus it invented. This arrogance staggers the imagination.
Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg have collaborated with polio vaccinations, and have declared the intent to vaccinate every single child in Africa with multiple vaccines as part of their population reduction initiatives. The horrors of vaccines are a topic for another posting, but clearly Gates' 50 million USD investment will reap a windfall for the billionaire and his co-conspirators as they collect munificent compensation for their alleged philanthropies.
While Gates laments that vaccinations and sterilization will only reduce projected population growth by 10-15%, his intellectual confrere, the psychopathic Dr Eric Pianka of the University of Texas received a standing ovation in 2006 when he declared to other health professionals that he seeks to reduce the world population by 90%. The kicker to the statement is that he advocated doing so through an air borne Ebola virus.

For those who think that Bill Gates is a generous philanthropist, let us detail the real Bill Gates. Reports in the 1990s when he was a technology rock star were frequently unflattering when they were honest. Reporters noted Gates’ contemptuous, hostile, and demeaning attitude towards people, a trait very consistent with his desire to wipe out human populations as part of his genocide campaign.

More recently, Dr Jim Willie reported intelligence he received that one of the passengers on the MH-370 flight which the US and Israel destroyed carried a passenger who was going to testify to The Hague Convention concerning crimes against humanity which implicated Gates as a genocidal murderer for his role in creating the Ebola virus.
Further underscoring that Ebola is a policy of the United States government, the CDC has warned funeral homes and hospitals to prepare for a massive increase of deaths. So while the US President and Centers for Disease Control are peddling lies about the insignificance of Ebola, they are urgently warning funeral home directors and hospital administrators to plan for skyrocketing deaths from Ebola, the disease on which it holds numerous patents.


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Election Guide

As the election of 2014 draws closer, we thought that it would be meet to issue some guidance to prospective voters who are locked into their abusive marriages to the Republican and Democrat parties.
Some of our dear readers think that there is a difference between the two parties. Just as some adults have to inform their kids that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are not real, so we must inform Americans that neither are the Republican or Democrat parties. In truth they are controlled by the same bankster totalitarian Nazis who put Hitler and Lenin in power.
Evidence for the common control is the similarities between the parties. Both Bush and "Obama" have bombed more countries than Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger could have ever hoped in their wildest wet dreams. The Ziocon controlled press do not report the many covert wars in which the US is involved including those in the Ukraine and Africa. "Obama" has precisely the same bombing and drone mentality as Bush.
We have published reviews of books demonstrating how electoral politics works, which is a lot of bribery and intimidation behind closed doors, an example of which was Phyllis' Schafly's classic on the 1964 election in which she showed that the Rockefellers governed the Republican party with an iron grip.
The perennial cry of the stupid voter who thinks that things will change when his party gets a majority is an infantile psychosis. The US federal debt has ballooned under Republicans and Democrats, wars have increased under both parties, and the nation has gone to hell in a hand basket with both at the helm.
So for this upcoming election, we urge voters to vote for candidates who are not Democrat or Republican. We have published information showing that 130 members of Congress are receiving bribes to keep quiet about the truth of 9/11 and Israel's placement of nuclear devices in 25 US cities. This cover-up includes members of both parties. To think that your sainted representative is pure is idiocy. Both the Republican and Democrat parties are traitors and pawns of the Rothschild banksters.
The second advice we offer is to vote against any politician who supports the state of Israel or who is Jewish. Given the preceding information of the Israel's war against the United States, it staggers the imagination that anyone who is a patriotic American could possibly support any candidate who champions Israel's genocidal wars and nuclear destruction of America.
Americans who hate this country always cry about having to pick the less of two evils, to which we respond, You are a moron. We all have choices, and the choice in all elections is to vote for the country or vote for your favorite treasonous Nazi Democrat or Republican.
One party to consider is the Constitution party, a party which has made significant strides in recent years because of its adherence to the US Constitution. We are sure that other parties exist, but even if they don't, write in someone.
Do not vote communist as that party is a Jewish operation.
If you decide not to vote, we understand. The 2012 election had roughly 125-135 million votes but only 95 or so million voters. "Obama" was placed in office through massive vote fraud. You as a citizen have no choice in the election any way.

So if you decide to vote, please do not vote Democrat or Republican. If you are stupid enough to think that it makes a difference, then vote against the incumbent.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

25 US Cities Threatened with Hidden Nukes

In an explosive ground breaking article, Veterans Today has revealed that Israeli manufactured nuclear devices have been planted in 25 US cities as a mean of blackmailing the US government and directing its foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East.

A cabal of 130 congressmen, 5 Supreme Court justices, and the authors of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), Mossad, CIA, and untold other treasonous Americans have formed a cabal around the Rothschild Satanists to cover up the Jewish attack on America on September 11, 2001, as well as to plan a new attack which will break out in 25 cities.
For this treason, the politicians have been paid well, if 30 pieces of silver is indeed good pay.

The motivation for the politicians and judges is the history old lust for money and power, while for the Jews it is the destruction of the United States as the only competitor of Israel's in the Middle East and world.

Almost all of the PNAC authors are dual citizen Jews who have plotted to destroy America since the1980s, and are the children and grand children of the Zionists who have been assiduously working to destroy Germany and Russia since the early 20th century. Among them are powerful banksters working for JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America and other money center mega banks, including overseas institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Lloyds, HSBC, and the City of London bankers who all serve the Rothschilds.

While we do not know all of the justices who are taking money from Israel and its agents to cover-up 9/11 and to participate in future acts of nuclear terrorism which will cost millions of American lives, we believe with complete certainty that the homosexual chief justice John Roberts is one of them. We strongly suspect that Sonja Sotomayor, and most definitely Ruth Ginsberg are two other traitors on the high court.
Regarding the Congressmen, we are absolutely certain that every Jew in Congress is involved in treason against the United States including David Cantor, the Viet Nam traitor John McCain, Nancy Pelosi who, along with her husband, are heavily involved in organized crime. We further suspect that most of the traitors are in the upper chamber given the unanimous vote of support of Israel's genocidal assaults on Gaza.
During his presidency George Bush Sr provided the nuclear materials which found their ways to Israel through a decommissioning process through which larger nuclear devices were decomposed into smaller weapons, such as those used on the World Trade Center.
Veteran's Today reports another Congressman, whom we believe to be John McCain or possibly David Cantor, was provided billions of dollars to convert Ukrainian S-19 and S-20 nuclear missiles into mini and micro-nukes. On this point, we urgently call upon Veterans Today to publish the name of the American traitor who disbursed the fortune to his colleagues in the Congress.
The new weapons were brought back to the Israeli embassy and then distributed to all major American cities through "Urban Moving Systems" operated by Homeland Security under the aegis of NORAD, Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Air Force, and the Federal Aviation Authority.
The American Chronicle BlogSpot published the names of many of the traitors most of whom are dual citizen Jews, work which relied heavily upon the exceptional research of Veterans Today.
The anger of Israel, especially the mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu, the Bush Crime Syndicate, the Rothschild dynasty, and the Rockefeller Nazis has been most palpable, given that the PNAC schedule for conquering the Middle East is running behind schedule, and that "Obama" has dragged his feet putting Americans on the ground in the Middle East.
The fake president "Obama" has not been playing ball as well as the Ziocons would like, and is in the process of being rolled under the bus. However, before being flattened, we believe that he neutralized another mass murderer, Louis Freeh whom we believe was linked to the Israeli Operation Samson which planted the 25 nuclear devices around the country.
It is not a matter of if, but when the genocidal Jews will detonate the bombs. We again exhort Veterans Today to disclose the information about the treasonous politicians so that the few patriots left can vote against them in the upcoming election.
James Preston, Preventing the Transformation of America into Gaza II, Veterans Today, October 7, 2014, accessed 10/7/2014,

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

One Minute Chronicle: Marietta Rabbi Calls For Murder of ALL Muslims

Rabbi Lewis called for Muslim
The following quote from Rabbi Shalom Lewis appearing in Veterans Today appalled us, though as a true expression of Talmudism did not shock us. We call attention to the hate and murder of Jews towards Muslims which VT reported today:
Rabbi Shalom Lewis of Congregation Etz Chaim in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia, said Muslims were guilty and should be “exterminated.”
This latest remark by the Rabbi was a follow up to his equally inflammatory statements delivered 3 years ago according to the online daily:
“Three years later on this bima, on this very same day, standing at this podium, I cry out not ‘Ehr Kumpt – they are coming,’ I cry out, ‘Ehr daw – they are here’,” Lewis said. “The fury of ultimate evil is upon us and we must act – not to contain it. Not to degrade it. Not to manage it. Not to tolerate it, but to exterminate it utterly and absolutely,” he added.
Lewis' address was made before the very suburban congregation in the affluent East Cobb community of Marietta, GA representing the thinking of main stream Jews of Atlanta as well as Jews worldwide.
What kind of treatment would anyone receive who called for firing up the gas ovens for Jews in Atlanta and Israel? Of course the Holocaust is another Jewish lie, but these fulminations from Lewis make the Hitler of their false caricatures look like a prudish Amish woman.

To put in context the hypocrisy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the metro area's leading newspaper, and the major network's television stations, and especially Turner Broadcast Network, about the coverage of Jewish hate for Muslim's, we point out that they have all been deathly silent.

We are certain that similar Arab remarks about Jews, or white people's statements of blacks would result in a massive furor.
It is for these reasons why we single out Israel as the single most dangerous enemy of the United States, and world's number 1 terrorist state without peer.

"Rabbi Terrorist Confesses in Atlanta", Veterans Today, October 5, 2014, accessed 10/5/2014

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The Truth about the Phoney War

Had it not been for the feverish actions of Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and William C Bullitt, World War 2 would not have happened, even after the German invasion of Poland. However, their Jewish masters demanded war, and so war is what we got.
We explained in a previous essay how Churchill and Roosevelt precipitated the war by sabotaging a brokered peace proffered by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to settle the problems between Germany and Poland, a proposal for which the Germans held optimism. However, the Anglo-American leaders would have none of it.
Most Americans have been brainwashed that Hitler was the wanton aggressor against Poland, but the truth is quite different. Germany had ignored or avoided action against the many "pogroms" against German citizens who were given to Poland after the Treaty of Versailles which concluded World War 1. The German government felt a moral obligation to protect people who were defenseless against attacks by their own government, in this case Poland. The Poles even violated German borders which the Nazi government handled with restraint.
Unfortunately the Polish government would not respect the former German citizens or its borders, prompting Hitler to launch a retaliatory campaign which quickly resulted in the subjugation of Poland. Matters would have ended there, with a partial or full German withdrawal from Poland in exchange for assurances of the safety of German peoples.
Having conquered Poland, Hitler was content to acquire no more territory, except for further provocations from Churchill, who replaced Chamberlain in May 1940. It was this period of quiescence between October and April which gave rise to the term “Phoney War” as there were almost no military operations on the continent. However, the Jewish puppet masters such as the Rothschilds were not satisfied – there must be war in order to wipe out Germany, one of the original goals resulting in World War 1.
For the British the elimination of Germany removed one more obstacle in its path to world domination, and for the Jews, it was one more intransigent and powerful opponent to its own goals of genocide and world conquest. The British and Jewish goals coincided. Perhaps more important, the British yet wanted to fulfill their commitment made by the occultist Alfred Balfour whose famous declaration of 1917 ceded Palestinian property to James Rothschild.
Interestingly enough, Hitler was enthusiastic about settling Jews there, but the Zionists refused the offer because they needed the myth of 6 million dead Jews to gain political advantage in the coming decades.
To fan the flames of war, Churchill made a secret pact on October 15, 1939 with Joseph Stalin, the Soviet Premier, to invade and partition the Scandinavian countries, with the Soviets given Finland, and Britain given Norway and Sweden.
Hitler obtained knowledge of the plan, preemptively invading Norway in April 1940. It was essential that he do so to avoid a complete strangulation of his country by the British.
At the same time, Chamberlain and Hitler maintained strict policies of not bombing civilian targets. Agents provocateurs in England were writing editorials agitating for a bombing campaign against Germany which finally began the night Churchill became Prime Minister. Not only did the British bomb Germany, but they specifically targeted civilian populations in accordance with the Rothschild wishes.
When Hitler realized that British aerial aggression would result in ground operations via France, he invaded the Low Countries and France to thwart Churchill’s objectives in May 1940. While he could have wiped out the British at Dunkirk with ease, he refrained from doing so for specific political reasons.
Hitler had long expressed, even in Mein Kampf, admiration of the British Empire and its necessity for stability in the world. He also knew that wiping out the British forces en masse would eviscerate any hopes of a negotiated truce as the loser would be unlikely to settle for terms under conditions of humiliation.
The main objective of Hitler in early 1940 through 1941 was a negotiated peace which would acknowledge British supremacy on the seas and elsewhere around the world, while acknowledging German standing on the continent. Churchill dismissed out of hand any and all peace initiatives from the Germans, including the secret mission of Rudolph Hess whom the English murdered at the end of his life.
So while many military historians have been baffled by Hitler’s stand down at Dunkirk, attributing it in some cases to incompetence or loss of nerve, the real reason was much more rational and related to strategic considerations for the British Empire, and for negotiating peace terms.
Thus on two specific occasions, both Churchill and Roosevelt intervened in international affairs to scuttle peace between Germany and Poland, and later between Germany and England. Only through these strenuous exertions for war could World War 2 have been fought, resulting in the loss of tens of millions of lives. Without these losses of lives, the Jews could not have hoaxed the Holocaust, one of its most prized political weapons of the post war period.
Archibald Maule Ramsay, The Nameless War, Britons Publishing Company, London, 1962
Peter Strahl, The Sot & the Soviet: The Plot by Churchill & Stalin to Divide Up Scandinavia and Encircle, Destroy Germany, The Barnes Review, January/February 2014, pp 24-27

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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Origins of World War 2

It is commonly thought that German fuhrer Adolph Hitler started World War 2, but a chorus of witnesses have made plain as day that the origins of that war lay squarely with Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and their puppet masters, the Jews, of whom the Rothschilds and Warburgs figure most prominently.
Although the Jewish controlled press has invested trillions of dollars in maintaining the fiction that Adolph Hitler was the casus belli, significant documentation has emerged which flatly contradicts the notion. One of these sources of truth is Tyler Kent, a man who was in some ways the Edward Snowden of his era.
Kent held the important post of code clerk at the US embassy in London beginning in October 1939, shortly after the outbreak of “war”, while Joseph Kennedy was still ambassador to Britain. He had a sterling education at Princeton, George Washington University, and Sorbonne among others, and exceptional linguistic gifts which made him an ideal staffer in the diplomatic corps.
During his tour of duty with the American embassy, he noticed that the encoded messages between President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were quite alarming in that they described plans and machinations for bringing America into the war even though the US Congress expressly and frequently forbade it with both legislation and resolutions consistent with the wishes of the American people who were overwhelmingly against involvement in another staged European war.
Because Kent had sworn to protect America against enemies both foreign and domestic, and because Roosevelt was defying the law of the land, Kent felt an obligation to support the Constitution rather than a president who was engaged in treason.
As such he began to collect the messages documenting the Roosevelt's treachery. What was more alarming is that the president was conspiring for war with Winston Churchill who was First Lord of the Admiralty and not prime minister. Chamberlain was the duly authorized head of the British government, yet the US president was making policy behind the back of British government head. Thus Churchill was also committing treason against his government.
When British intelligence uncovered Kent’s activities after Churchill became prime minister, the former was arrested in a rather violent manner in his London apartment on May 20, 1940 on the trumped up charges of espionage and collaborating with the Germans.
He was tried in a private court – not unlike the notorious Star Chambers – without jury and without witnesses, in a trial with a forgone conclusion, from which he was sentenced to prison for the duration of the war until November 1945.
The US State Department, as the mendacious and tawdry Wikipedia of present, claimed or insinuated that Kent stole tens of thousands of documents which he turned over to the Germans. It is true that the British police recovered copies of classified communications in Kent’s apartment, but possessing documents and giving them to foreign powers are quite two different matters. Kent felt that the Congress and American people should know of Roosevelt's treason.

Churchill ordered the arrest not because Kent was a threat to British or American security, but because he was a threat to Roosevelt’s political aspirations, to say nothing of Churchill’s.
Perhaps the most important revelation in Kent’s apologia was the story of the American ambassador William C Bullitt’s involvement in the fomenting of war. While he was quite busy across the continent, the Communist Jew pleaded strenuously and vociferously, with Roosevelt’s pleasure, with the Daladier government to reject Benito Mussolini’s offer to broker a peace between Germany and Poland, a matter in which the British claimed a stake due to treaty obligations to the latter.
Thus while a truce was very much a possibility between Germany and Poland, Roosevelt and the American government waged a torrential campaign to sabotage it. This view of events is also corroborated by Archibald Ramsay, a Member of Parliament who was also incarcerated on trumped up charges without a legal trial.
One of the more outrageous aspects of Kent’s arrest was the flouting of diplomatic immunity which is very rarely violated in these matters, and for which the US government raised no objections for the simple reason that Roosevelt was involved in the plot.
Reading Kent’s memoir on the matter, written 42 years after the event, reveals much about the politics of World War 2 and the people who were responsible for its instigation. We will review the companion book by Ramsay which shows the influence of Jewish oligarchs in the fomentation of the war.
The clear conclusion is that Hitler was not ultimate cause of World War 2. That infamy belongs to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, both traitors to their nations and mass murderers of the worst sort.

Mark Weber, The Roosevelt Legacy and The Kent Case, The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1983, accessed online , accessed 10/3/2014

Archibald Maule Ramsay, The Nameless War, 1962, Britons Publishing Company, London, accessed at, accessed 10/3/2014

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