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Pieczenik Says 9/11 Was Inside Job

Although it is not news to long time Chronicle readers that 9/11 was an inside job, a well connected government insider confirmed our position in a May 2011 interview with Alex Jones.
Dr Steven Pieczenik is no lightweight to intelligence or government matters. He has taught false flag operations at the Military War Colleges, been an official or advisor to the State Departments of Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush, Sr, maintains very close ties to the intelligence community, and holds 2 doctorate degrees. Clearly the man has the credentials to command our attention.
The occasion for the interview was the alleged killing of Osama Bin-Laden in May 2011, a farce we called out when we observed the anniversary of the event last year. Pieczenik told Alex Jones in no uncertain terms that 9/11 was an unadulterated inside job by the Bush administration, an allegation confirmed to him at the time by a very high ranking general whom he declined to name until called before a grand jury to testify.
Pieczenik stated the reason for the faked killing of Bin-Laden was to salvage Obama's chances for the 2012 election by making him look presidential. With non-existent credentials to be president, any publicity stunt to bolster his stature would help conceal that huge deficit in his background and experience.
While he did not directly state that Obama was not a US citizen, his comments could be interpreted in no other way. Pieczenik was flabbergasted the someone like Obama could actually be president, and told Jones’ audience that they needed to figure out what went on in Chicago if they hoped to understand  Obama’s elevation to the  presidency.
We take exception to Pieczenik on this point because Obama was installed as a blackmailable president by the Rockefeller Nazis. On the subject of Rahm Emanuel’s rise to power, Pieczenik strongly suggested that it was due to blackmail. Reading between the lines, it has something to do with homosexual relationships of some sort, but Pieczenik avoided any direct statements.
Pieczenik named specific individuals who were behind the 9/11 attack. The roster includes George Bush, Jr, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Elliot Abrams, Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley, Zalmay Khalilzad, Dennis Ross, George Tenet, and of course the Council on Foreign Relations. But the treason doesn’t stop there. Pieczenik stated that Air Force generals, Special Operations, and the CIA were heavily involved in the 9/11 assaults.
He said that the reason for the attack on America was to mobilize for war in the Middle East – in essence implementing Operation Northwoods created by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962. Pieczenik stated flatly that al-Qaeda’s and Bin-Laden’s involvement in the attacks was a total “unmitigated” lie, a fact confirmed to him by a high ranking US Army general.
Pieczenik told Jones that Bin-Laden had died shortly after 9/11, probably very early 2002, at a US Army hospital in Dubai, treated by CIA doctors.
The implications of Pieczenik's comments are extraordinary. If the state of New York does not act on the information provided by Dr Pieczenik, it is an accessory after the fact to a crime, and in full scale obstruction of justice. Pieczenik has provided credible evidence of criminal conduct by high officials, including the president of the United States, which demands that the State of New York convene a grand jury in order to seek prosecution of murderers.
Steven Pieczenik, Alex Jones Show, May 3, 2011

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why the CFTC Dropped the Silver Manipulation Investigation

The CFTC announced this week that it was dropping its investigation into price fixing of the silver market , leaving many to wonder how corrupt the CFTC is. The answer is that the US Treasury is the corrupt element rigging the precious metals market.
Chris Powell of the Gold Anti Trust Association was interviewed by King World News at the time of the announcement, explaining that the CFTC’s hands are tied even though JPMorgan employees have informed the regulator of market fixing practices.
Powell explained that in a 2001 price fixing suit brought by Reg Howe in Boston against the behemoth banks, the US Attorney told the court that the government is fully within the law to rig and fix prices through authority granted by the Gold Exchange Act of 1934 and the Exchange Stabilization Fund.
The CFTC could bring no charges against the government because it is acting within laws enacted by Congress. This discovery confirms that the United States is a corrupt kleptocracy whose sole purpose is to support the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It is a Soviet government pouring trillions of dollars into the hands of the plutocrats who rule this nation.
So not only is there a conspiracy to fix and rig markets, but the government has admitted to it in federal court. All of the imbeciles who accuse people of inventing non-existent conspiracies have it all wrong.
Move along, there is nothing to see. We would also classify as fools those who think that the United States has free markets. The concession by the CFTC speaks thunderously that it does not. Or to be more accurate, free enterprise is for the little people; kleptocracy is for the elite, well connected plutocrats.
Thus as Powell explained, the bullion banks are simply agents for the US Treasury and CIA who are acting to manipulate the prices of gold and silver. The CFTC has no where to go.

The Shocking Truth About Secret Documents & The CFTC, King World News, September 25, 2013
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Cold Fusion and MIT’s Scientific Terrorism

MIT enjoys a reputation as one of America’s scientific and technology crown jewels, but it is in reality a bastion of Lysenko's acolytes spreading lies and disinformation about the world’s most important energy technology since the advent of crude oil. We are talking, of course, about Cold Fusion.
Low rent intellects infest all institutions of “higher” learning, but MIT excelled in the person of Ron Parker who was the head of the MIT Plasma Fusion Center in charge of the Tokamak project investigating hot fusion technologies. But why was Parker so hostile to cold fusion that he would enlist the university’s vast resources to burying such a promising scientific breakthrough?
We remember in the late 1980s when the Wall Street Journal published excited articles about the announcements coming from the University of Utah and its star scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons that they had discovered a method of producing cold fusion in a test tube – to somewhat overstate the case.
We also remember that its enthusiasm turned to skepticism when the publicity department of MIT, and those of fellow travelers at such places as the California Institute of Technology, opened a torrent of criticism against the discovery.
The sin of the scientists was to threaten the status quo with technology which might render hot fusion obsolete and turn off the spigot gushing vast millions spent on it. More to the point, the discovery had the potential for ending the lavish perks and income of many of the so-called scientists pursuing hot fusion.
Jim Fetzer reports on his site the story of the late Eugene Malove, who resigned from the MIT press office in disgust over the school’s fraud, and who documented the corruption of Parker and his office.
Some of the more childish pranks included holding a wake for Cold Fusion, but more serious assaults included enlisting newsfakers at NBC and the Boston Herald to run hit pieces on the emerging technology – labeling it “possible fraud” and junk science.
The most serious act of Lysenko thuggery came from the fake experiments Parker and his colleague conducted to discredit the science. Malove discovered, in a premonition of Climategate, that 2 alterations of data were made to prove that Cold Fusion was a fraud. Even the adulterated evidence demonstrated an excess of heat produced using Cold Fusion techniques.
While NASA, itself another bastion of fakery, has labeled Cold Fusion as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the truth is quite different as E-Cat has created a device capable of generating kilowatts and more of energy. The proof is in the pudding as they say.
Hank Mills and Sterling Allan, the two sources for Fetzer’s article, document numerous statements from so-called scientists lambasting the discoveries of Pons and Fleischmann, including the odious statement by Lysenkoist Ronald George Ballinger who stated that any scientist subsequently proving Cold Fusion would be an embarrassment if associated with the technology’s discovering scientists.
There are a couple of disturbing points from this fraud which Mills and Allan make, and  which we would like to amplify. MIT and their co-conspirators produced a fraud of criminal proportions by murdering a promising science in its infancy - modern day Herrods. Fortunately the truth is slowly starting to trump the Lysenkoist ignorance of MIT, Cal Tech, and others, as the E-Cat products demonstrate, but the loss of time and knowledge is an unforgiveable indictment of MIT’s tawdry behavior – nay, crimes against humanity.
The larger problem is the endemic fraud in the nation’s universities who are often revered as defenders of the scientific method. Such delusions are evidence of bunny land mentality. Even if Cold Fusion turned out not to be what Pons and Fleischmann thought, the knee jerk reaction of burying the findings of 2 respected scientists is unconscionable. It was the true closing of the American mind.
The American Chronicle goes on record defending the integrity and the brilliance of Pons and Fleischmann as well as the value of their finding of Cold Fusion, perhaps the most important scientific discovery of the 20th century.

James Fetzer, The History of MIT's Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion, December 30, 2011, as accessed from 9/28/2013

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Friday, September 27, 2013

One Minute Chronicle: NPIC Showed At Least 2 Shooters in Dealey Plaza

One of our best correspondents has shared sensational news from Gerald McKnight's Breach of Trust which proves the criminality of the Warren Commission and at least two gunmen in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
The Warren Commission was a deliberate and successful attempt to usurp the power of the judiciary to try criminal cases in order to frame an innocent man.
The National Photographic Intelligence Center (NPIC) and the CIA performed their own investigations of the ambush against the president which uncovered results completely at variance with the Warren Commission. Most striking is the fact that both the CIA and NPIC provided their reports to the commission which promptly suppressed the findings.
One might be confused about why the CIA investigated its own coup operation. The reasons of course are white wash and compartmentalization. There is always some element of the CIA not involved in a particular crime so that the agency can claim with some amount of feigned credulity that it knew nothing of the crime.
Dealey Plaza was encircled with assassins, but the NPIC apparently could only verify 2 shooters. Allen Dulles would have none of it because he was one of the leading ring leaders in the murder, and most likely it was his plan to conduct an executive branch investigation to bury the crime.

One of the most striking findings of the investigations is that the first shot did not come from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository. We have our doubts that any shots came from the building owned by murderer Col Harold Byrd, but the finding obliterates the WCR and its tendentious pack of lies.
Anyone who still believes in the Warren Commission Report is an enemy of truth and justice.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

US Federal Reserve in Desperate Panic

Hat Trick editor Dr Jim Willie reports in his latest column that the US Fed is in utter panic regarding its own liquidity and solvency. 
The problems facing the US monetary system are legion, but the most recent problems plaguing the private banking cartel are its very foundations – capital. The bank has purchased well over 3 trillion USD of troubled and vacant assets whose values have failed to recover to the fairy land par value at which the Fed carries the garbage. With a highly leveraged capital base at under 3%, even small rises in interest rates have magnified impact on capital losses.
Willie reports through his sources that an emergency meeting was held among the regional banks on September 5, 2013 to discuss the deteriorating capital structure, rising interest rates, and its inability to defend the dollar. One of the consequent actions from the meeting was to sell bonds and MBS even at a loss to raise liquidity.
Another problem facing the bond market is its limited incestuous configuration where the big 4 banks trade among themselves in frenzied flash trading to create the illusion that prices for bonds are higher than they actually are. Unfortunately that strategy is running on fumes, the duration of which is short – measured in months.
On top of all these problems, the Fed is under increasing pressure to not only maintain bond prices and buy all US Treasury issuance, but to also purchase the coming torrent of dumping of Treasuries by foreign holders. We believe that this is what spawned the juvenile taper talk because the Fed was trying to ease away from domestic buyer of first and last resort in order to make room for foreign redemptions. The Fed is running out of “tools.”
Willie opined that the Fed was paying interest on excess reserves to have a stash of cash to prop up its insolvency, an opinion we had advanced circa 2009. We also believe that it was one of its tricks to keep the massive money printing from flooding the banking system, turning the money into instant hyperinflation.
Although it has been out of the news, Willie mentioned again the enduring nature of the London Whale trade which caused JPMorgan much embarrassment, loss, and fines. But the problem has not gone away and the losses are treble what the criminal firm reported.
This issue – impending doom at JPMorgan – may well have been the catalyst sparking the emergency Fed meeting in September. There is no way that any agency in the world could staunch the losses at JPMorgan or make its depositors whole – even with a massive bail in.
The United States has earned enmity worldwide for its vast criminal enterprise stemming from the banking cartel which defrauded home owners (MERS fraud), borrowers (LIBOR fraud), and hedgers (COMEX fraud), the latter of which is well on the road to extinction. We believe that it will no longer make a futures market a year from now.
While Willie holds great hope for a return of the gold standard, it is not entirely the blessing it is made to be. Gold is scarce, certainly in the West, and will cause many hardships for the 99% who have limited means. As the great William Jennings Bryan pleaded, do not crucify the people on a cross of gold, or thrust a crown of silver in his brow.
The US people could alleviate much of its bankster induced trauma by demanding the abolition of the Fed, allowing the US Treasury to issue US Notes without borrowing from the Fed or any bank.
The happy talk from the newsfakers should not dissuade prudent people from anticipating the decimation of the US Fed and the banking system within the next 12-18 months. We have been amazed at how long the charade has been kept alive, but when the Fed is in peril because of its capital ratios, we know the end is nigh.

Jim Willie, Flash Trading Hits USTreasury Bonds,, 9/25/2013, accessed 9/25/2013
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Real Cause of the American Revolution

Contrary to what most Americans are taught about the American Revolution, it was not incited by taxes per se, but by money.
We are not confident that the majority of Americans could correctly state the century or enemy of the war, much less its root cause, so we sally forth to educate them.
The common explanations for the revolt against the oppressive British revolve around taxation without representation, the tea tax, or the Stamp Act of 1765. Indeed there is an element of truth to each of these explanations, and indeed the authors of the Declaration of Independence enumerate a long list grievances against the British monarch. But these explanations fail to do justice to the core issue of money.
The British had followed a program of benign neglect towards its American colonies until the debts it had accumulated began to crush the fisc. At the time of the hated and hateful Stamp Act, the British government was paying 75% of its revenues in interest. Thus new sources of revenues were needed to continue its imperial wars and pay the banksters.
The American colonies provided just such a source whose time of squeezing had arrived. During the period of benign neglect, the colonies were self sufficient in some regards, particularly in money creation. They had grown independent of the Bank of England by issuing their own currency because the central bank so parsimoniously provided money.
The colonies’ solutions were the issuance of Colonial Scrip which the governments spent into the economy as debt free currency. This allowed for unprecedented prosperity and development of public services unavailable previously.
A series of British laws starting in 1764 began to undermine this system with consequent unemployment and economic depression. The first law was the Currency Act which required that all taxes be paid in silver or gold. The problem was that silver and gold were scarce and too costly to remit, in part because the Bank of England controlled the supply and would not make it available.
This law compared unfavorably to the Jim Crow laws of the American South a century later which required that black tenant farmers with no education be able to read and translate, for example, a treatise in Burke’s Commentary in order to prove that they could read before granted the right to vote.
In 1765 Parliament passed the Stamp Act requiring that a stamp be affixed to certain items proving that the required tax had been paid in gold. This was the straw which broke the camel’s back, inciting open rebellion against the oppressive British crown.
Coupled with mass unemployment, crippled commerce, and onerous taxes, the colonists took to arms to overthrow their hated overlords, perhaps the most shining moment in American history.
Benjamin Franklin admitted that the colonies would have suffered the annoying taxes, including that on tea, had their economy not been decimated by the British and their banksters.
Thus the central issue in the American Revolution was the matter of money – not the taxes per se. For further insights into the American experience with central banking, see the superb award winning documentary, The Secret of Oz.


Bill Still, The Secret of Oz, 2009

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fluoridation Kills

Back in the medieval day, anyone who questioned the benefits of fluoride was labeled a quack or tin hatter. Fortunately, modern science has vindicated the skeptics as studies have demonstrated that fluoride is responsible for a legion of maladies, many of which are lethal.
Fluoride which is added to municipal drinking water is an industrial waste product which would otherwise be regulated by the EPA. Indeed, farmers in the 1930s and 40s complained about the lethal effects fertilizer production had on their crops and livestock because one of the byproducts of fertilizer manufacture is various fluoride compounds, prompting the US Department of Agriculture to state that “Airborne fluorides have caused more damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant.”
The fluoride scam originated with Alcoa and Dow Chemical who wanted a way to dispose of their toxic fluoride wastes. After hiring a quack scientist from the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Gerald J Cox, in the 1940s, to produce fraudulent studies showing the benefits of fluoride, the chemical manufacturers started calling upon municipal water authorities to sell their toxic industrial waste for addition to the water supply.
Somewhat earlier, and in conjunction, we believe, with the plutocrats’ Nazi program, Hitler began adding fluoride to water of conquered countries to induce lethargy and passivity toward his governments. Indeed modern studies have shown that fluoride drastically reduces IQ, contrary to what the IQ impaired city leaders of Kansas may say.
The main justification for Alcoa’s and Dow’s fraud is that fluoride prevents or ameliorates tooth decay. The truth is quite the opposite – fluoride induces fluorosis – especially in young children – contributing significantly to tooth decay. While some opponents of fluoride argue that topical application of fluoride is beneficial, the truth is much different.
The quacks at the Center for Disease Control tout fluoridated water as one of the leading triumphs of public health in the 20th century, contributing to the decline of tooth decay. Unfortunately this is not what the scientific studies disclose. Transnational studies demonstrated equal or greater declines in tooth decay over various longitudinal periods in locales with and without fluoridated water.
The shamans at the CDC are not friendly to scientific study on this matter. Nor is the redneck director of the Atlanta Watershed Authority, who when we broached the subject of fluoride toxicity in water, promptly cut us off.
Dr Gerald Judd stated that “Numerous top scientists over the past 60 years have discarded the theory that fluoride helps teeth, or is a nutrient helpful to man.” Judd found in a cross cultural study comparing US kids aged 8-10 and Ugandan children aged 6-10 that 30% of American youths had no cavities while 100% of Ugandan youths no cavities. While dietary considerations are relevant, the study demonstrated conclusively that fluoride is not a requirement for good dental health.
On the other hand, fluoride does cause dental fluorosis which is a condition of which destroys tooth enamel. But fluorosis is not limited to the teeth – it affects the body, including the skeletal system and thyroid, being a leading factor in pathologies related to both systems.
We have already discussed the devastating effects fluoride has on the brain, but Dr Blaylock informs us that the United States has seen a significant reduction in IQ and lower population of high IQ persons which he attributes largely to fluoridation. Other international studies suggest that each milligram increase of fluorine in urine corresponds to a 1.7 point reduction in IQ.
Yet the toxicity of fluoride is not limited to these maladies. According to the producers of Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary, additional side effects include numb brain, cancer, kidney disease, thyroid disease, bone disease, arthritis, immune deficiency, and calcification of the pineal gland.
We think that the most insidious effects of fluoridation, and the reason it is so staunchly defended by politicians and bureaucrats, is that the toxic substance is most effective at mind control and hence population control, creating docile societies of stupid people.
Much of this essay relies on the information provided by the aforementioned documentary, about which we cannot speak with too much laudation. With fluoride being more toxic than arsenic, it is past time for Americans to demand the end of fluoridated water.
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Understanding Climate Change

The Global Warming Nazis beat the drum of anthropogenic global warming, citing as their "evidence" a 1.6 degrees centigrade increase in global temperature as the smoking gun. As it turns out, the earth’s climate patterns are far more complex than such a simple citation of transient data.
The last time we ventured into these waters, the climate Nazis came out from behind their swastikas to warn us of imminent global regimentation – the New World Order – in order to rescue us from the impending disaster. But all of the bullying in the world will not alter the science of climatology, as much as prominent newsfakers such as BBC might propagandize.
The Corbett Report produced a fascinating presentation on earth’s climate vagaries by interviewing Dr Tim Ball, retired professor of climatology, and Dr Piers Corbyn, also a climatologist and astrophysicist. They showed with scientific evidence that the primary actor influencing temperatures on this planet is the sun.
Ball explained that the earth’s tilt – its axis of rotation – is not constant as many have believed until even the 1990s, which varies between a few degrees over time. This variation is not to be confused with wobbling, which is another factor related to earth’s relationship with the sun.
The major influences on the angle of tilt are the gravitational pulls of both the sun and the moon whose resulting obliquity of the ecliptic operates on weather patterns over short and long cycles.

The angle of rotation ranges from 21.8 to 24.4 degrees. The significance of this fluctuation is that the sun’s angle of incidence also changes, which strongly correlates with temperature as heat energy is consequently concentrated or diffused. Because the sun's angle of incidence is constantly changing – however minute - so does the temperature of the earth.
In considering another climatic influence, It should be reasonably apparent to most people that distance from a heat source will influence the local ambient temperature.
Until very recently, scientists, and certainly the public, assumed that the earth’s orbit around the sun was constant. Perhaps this was a result of Newton’s laws of motion which tend to describe static systems well, but fail in some important natural phenomena.
The term associated with orbital variation is orbital eccentricity which scientists have observed as a feature of the solar orbit, and has a cycle of about 90-95,000 years. This orbital characteristic explains the ice ages through which the earth has entered and exited. Each year the orbit of the earth around the sun varies ever so slightly, but over long periods of time accumulates to produce significant weather states such as ice ages.
Orbital eccentricity is largely influenced by Jupiter whose gravitational pull makes marginal changes on the orbit of the earth meaning that its distance from the sun fluctuates in a way which causes changes in temperatures. At certain periods, these effects can be quite pronounced.
But there are short term influences on temperatures, perhaps the most important being what its discoverer Piers Corbyn calls Solar Lunar Amplification Magnetic process (SLAM). This process describes the electromagnetic interaction between the sun, moon, and earth. The sun’s solar wind storms emit magnetic particles which interact with the earth’s magnetic fields, while the moon’s orbit modulates the effects.
The significance of these magnetic field interactions is that they strongly influence weather and temperature. Corbyn has produced a long range forecasting success rate of about 85% corroborated by 3d party auditors. In contrast, the UK’s Meteorological Office between 2007-11 had a dismal 0% success rate. Corbyn believes that the earth is facing a 100 year cooling cycle, a prediction which brings us right back to the 1970s.
The SLAM process covers a period of generally 60 years with sub cycles related to the sun’s 22 year magnetic cycle. This 60 year cycle correlates very nicely with the Pacific decay oscillation of 60 years which describes the cooling and heating of the Pacific Ocean.
As for the role of carbon dioxide in geo-temperatures, we will only state that it is a consequence, not a cause, of warming, due in large measure to the compound’s release from the ocean. However, we shall save that discussion for another day.
So why are the corporate-state news media so shrill about global warming? The reason was given in part by Rahm Emanuel, one time director of North American MOSSAD operations, who advised politicians to “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
If the Nazis can convince people that global warming is an anthropological phenomenon, then they can bamboozle them with draconian laws to regiment society. As a half way measure to totalitarianism, they can at least implement Cap and Trade laws which suck vast sums of money into their already bloated pockets – just as they did with the Federal Reserve System.
The main lesson of these 2 scientists is that the earth's temperature is in constant flux, because its primary determinants are in flux. Thus to expect constant temperatures over time is a somewhat foolish expectation - at least if you understand the science behind climatology. For now, the most important weather concern is a coming cooling age – not global warming.
James Corbett, It's the Sun, Stupid, The Corbett Report, 2/27/2011, Episode 177
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The Shocking Story of KAL 007

Korean Airline flight 007 was aptly named, and perhaps intentionally so, as it is the source of a story worthy of a James Bond story. Contrary to the public lies about its demise, the passengers survived the flight and attack on it by the USSR.
Many are still alive who recall the disturbing news of September 1, 1983 that the Soviets shot down a civilian Boeing 747 aircraft which had drifted into its airspace. President Reagan made a live broadcast speech 5 days later denouncing the barbarity of the Soviets, a regime he had previously labeled the Evil Empire.
On board were 269 passengers who left Anchorage, Alaska as the final leg of a trip from John F Kennedy Airport in New York City en route to South Korea, carrying US officials to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the United States–South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty. On board was Congressman Larry McDonald who was joined in Alaska by Senators Jesse Helms, Steve Symms, and Representative Carroll Hubbard.
Richard Nixon was also on hand but warned at the last minute not to board the flight, a subject to which we shall return.
The official story is that the plane, commanded by a highly seasoned pilot who flew the president of South Korea, and served by a highly seasoned crew which had flown this flight for years, veered into Soviet air space, refused to heed warnings to leave, and was subsequently shot down by a pilot of a Soviet SU-15 aircraft.
The actual sequence of events differs substantially from the US government lies. Much of the information presented here comes from The International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 Survivors who drew upon a rich bank of resources including Avraham Shifrin, Izvestia news reports, the CIA Report, the ICAO Report (UN), and investigations by Senator Jesse Helms.
Shifrin is perhaps the most significant since his information forms the basis of the CIA Report, and since he was a former Soviet Army major who was finally sent to the Gulag, and later immigrated to Israel. His contacts were deep and knowledgeable.
The pilot, Gennadie Osipovich, radioed to his commander that his missile hit the Boeing 747 aircraft. However it was quickly discovered not to be the case, prompting General Kornukov to order a MIG-23 fighter to finish the civilian aircraft.
The heat seeking missile Osipovich fired exploded about 50 meters from its target – too far to fatally injure it, but close enough to cripple it. Even so, the pilots continued to fly the plane successfully for another 10-12 minutes before it crash landed near Moreno Island, not far from the Sakhalin Islands where the Soviets manned a huge and secretive military installation.
Soviet sea vessels arrived to take the passengers into custody who were dispersed to various locations after interrogation. The children were sent to orphanages and the adults to slave labor camps. Perhaps the most prominent passenger was Georgia Representative Larry McDonald who was shipped to Moscow for torture and questioning. His last known sighting was in 1995 in Karaganda in Kazakhstan. Reports suggest that he was administered mind altering drugs which prevented him knowing his own identity.
Why was the plane downed and who was behind it? These are the central questions which help us understand the crime. The superficial reasons claim that the KAL-007 was a spy plane snooping on the Soviet military bases on Sakhalin Island. Indeed a US reconnaissance plane, possibly the RC-135, was sighted in the area, and may have been the basis of plausible deniability on the part of the Soviets. However, Osipovich clearly identified the plane as a civilian Boeing 747.
To understand the real story of the KAL-007, one has to delve into the mind of the world’s ruling Nazis and into conspiracy theory. The first lead is the flight’s most important passenger Larry McDonald who was the newly appointed Chairman of the John Birch Society and an outspoken critic of the New World Order before it became fashionable.
McDonald appeared on an episode of CNN’s Crossfire which was hosted by former Nixon speech writer Patrick Buchannan and CIA operative Tom Braden. During his appearance on the show, McDonald spoke about the goals of the Rockefeller dominated New World Order which sought to create one world government by demolishing US sovereignty.
Buchannan played the skeptic while the CIA’s Braden played the critic. However, they were putty in McDonald’s very capable hands. We believe that his articulate and truthful exposure of the Rockefellers earned the ire of David Rockefeller who ordered him “eliminated.” Ironically, Rockefeller admitted in his biography that he was indeed pursuing world government and destruction of US sovereignty.
So furious was Rockefeller and his far flung organizations with McDonald that we believe he issued orders culminating in the tragedy of KAL-007. The plane was flown by extremely capable crew, which means that the piloting errors could only be explained by sabotaged equipment or possibly complicity on the part of the airline and its pilots.
The warning to disgraced President Nixon not to board the flight also indicated advanced knowledge of the sabotage, and thus a conspiracy by US and Korean intelligence agencies to down the plane. Finally, Jesse Helms was ordered to cease his investigations in 1991, or perhaps he voluntarily ended them knowing full well that he was part of the conspiracy – the need for a public whitewashing finally behind him.
The Soviets were under the regency of the Rockefellers with Henry Kissinger being one of their trusted lieutenants. As such we believe that the Soviets acted on their behalf to down the plane and to take McDonald into custody where he could be tortured for having exposed the Nazi goons for their nefarious plans.
It is important to understand that Nazi ideology came from American and British plutocrats who used Hitler in a plan to further their gains. The same holds true of the Soviet Union where Marshal Varrenikov, chief of the Soviet Army, and KGB head, Vladimir Kryuchkov managed the cover-up of the assault on the KAL-007. We believe that directly or indirectly they were doing the bidding of the NWO leaders.
In any event, there is no credible evidence that the KAL-007 crashed and burned at sea, but abundant evidence that it “safely” landed with all passengers alive. We believe that the attack was a vendetta against Congressman McDonald for speaking the truth and exposing wickedness in high places.
The International Committee for the Rescue of KAL 007 , "Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Downing of KAL Flight 007 and Attendant Matters",, on September 20, 2013
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Nixon Was in Dallas on November 22

Richard Nixon is among that rare party of 2 who claimed not to recall where he was on November 22, 1963 when President John Kennedy was murdered in the City of Hate in Dealey Plaza. We believe that he was there at the command of his boss Nelson or David Rockefeller.
Although Nixon claimed at various times not recall his exact whereabouts on that fateful Friday - much like George Bush, he would also claim to be in New York in a taxicab, or at an airport, or God only knows where. What is beyond dispute is his presence in Dallas on November 21, and the morning of November 22. His presence speaks volumes.
It is no mere coincidence that 4 US Presidents were in Dallas on November 22 - John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, and Richard Nixon.
Nixon had plausible deniability as corporate counsel for Pepsi which was conducting a board meeting there - quite an unusual location for the company headquartered in New York.
While Nixon may have had been on client business at the time, his real paymaster was not Pepsi, not even his law firm. Nixon was a protégé of the Rockefellers through the agency of Prescott Bush who catapulted Nixon to national prominence when Nixon offered his services and sworn loyalty by destroying the naval intelligence papers showing the Dulles brothers intricately and intimately linked to leading Nazis in Germany.
Nelson and David were the powers behind the throne who elevated the 2 time electoral loser Nixon to president. Nixon's rise to grace required that he sell his soul - again - this time as a bagman in the murder of the man who narrowly defeated him for president in 1960.
As the assassination drew near, it needed a final confirmation from the plutocrats who desired and approved the murder. Thus they sent Nixon to Dallas to confirm the operation. Nixon could have been sent without his explicit knowledge, but we think that Nixon knew why he was sent, and may have even conveyed cash to needy participants.
Nixon also had another relationship to Dallas in the person of Jack Ruby, one of Nixon's associates going back to at least 1947. The mobster was hired by Nixon in the 1950s for jobs unknown, so it was a natural that Nixon would be the go between for the plutocrats and the mobsters in Dallas. Indeed the ubiquitous Ruby seems to be the gluon who held many of the conspirators together.
The reason we think that Nixon fudged and hedged his stories about his location on the 22d is that he knew full well why the Rockefellers sent him to Dallas, an act which makes Nixon an accessory to murder. It also explains why Nixon is heard on the tapes telling Haldeman to "Get Bush to do it - he'll do anything!" Indeed Poppy did do anything and everything related to the murder of John Kennedy.
Thus we jettison our previous ideas about Nixon's innocence and cast him with Judas and his 30 pieces of silver.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why John Connally Was Shot

When we previously opined why John Connally was shot along with President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, we failed to consider the most obvious reason: he could identify the murderer.
As long time readers know, we have no patience for the idiotic notions that Lee Oswald killed anyone - a preposterous lie fabricated out of whole cloth by the Warren Commission to frame an innocent man. Therefore Oswald was not the man whom Connally could identify.
When addressing the subject previously, we thought that the murderers, which included George Herbert Walker Bush, wanted to remove a political obstacle in the upcoming governor's race. Although the idea is a reasonable conjecture, it is not viscerally sound - it does not provide the simplest explanation.
Connally was riding in the seat in front of the President. When the hail of bullets from around Dealey Plaza failed to murder the President, Kennedy's driver, William Greer, pulled over slightly to the left, pulled out his .45 caliber gun, and shot the president in the head. Connally, seated in front of the president, had a good view of the murderer and knew exactly what had happened. When he exclaimed that "they are going to kill both of us!" he knew what was going on as he had helped plan the devious trip and route used to ambush the president.
Since Greer had to finish the job, the assassins knew that they had to finish Connally lest his lips loosen to reveal dark secrets meant to remain hidden. For those who doubt that the plan to snuff out Connally could have been so quickly activated, please consider that it was either always part of the plan, or it was activated just in time through the sophisticated communications deployed by Collins Radio in Dealey Plaza. Umbrella Man was not standing by pumping his umbrella to keep stray sunbeams off his sensitive skin.
The plain fact is that Connally could identify Greer as the murderer. When the governor was taken to the hospital, he expressly instructed his local body guards to deny access to any Secret Service men to the hospital since he was deathly afraid that they would complete the job they had started on Elm Street.
We wish to thank Michael Gordon for leading us to this significant insight.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Further Details on the Tippit Murder

Our continuing search for leads in the J D Tippit murder has yielded a bumper crop of information which will help us better develop a theory of the crime. We can add one more murderer to our list and remove another.

We previously opined that Billy Lovelady may have been a murder suspect of Tippit’s. We reject that thesis on two grounds. The first is that he is not a trigger puller as far as we now know. He was a co-worker of Lee Oswald who was later Photoshopped in place of Oswald in the Altgens6 photo. Lovelady did go along with the murder after he was told what he must do, and was rewarded with his own trucking company in Denver, CO. Unfortunately one of the CIA’s silencers got to him to ensure that he didn’t accidentally spill the beans. He made his bargain with the Devil and lost.
We have put forward the name of Roscoe White, a known Oswald imposter, as the murderer, and still think that he is the most likely suspect. This theory received a boost when we came across the story from Into the Midnight of a witness T F White who saw a 1957 4 door Plymouth with a suspiciously acting man, so proceeded to get the license plate number.  White got a good look at the driver, whom he later identified as Oswald when he saw him on TV that evening. However, Oswald was in the theater and not Tippit’s murderer.
This means that Roscoe White is definitely one of Tippit’s killers.
The license plate was traced back to Carl Mather (b 10/22/1927), meaning that Mather may have loaned this vehicle to White. Mather was an employee of Collins Radio, a major defense contractor who supplied communications equipment to the military going back to World War 2.
But the story is even more interesting because Mather was a “good” friend of the Tippits whom J D had met in 1958. In fact the Mathers went to visit the widow Marie from around 3:30 – 5:00 PM to express their fake condolences.
We do not overlook the possibility that Mather was framed, or someone took his identity to deceive. However, during subsequent investigations of this story, only his wife Barbara was ever interviewed - a preposterous tact since the car was in Carl's name. The HSCA even refused to interview Mather under a grant of immunity.

We do know that Mather later worked on Air Force 2 installing radio equipment, and we do know that Johnson was a murderer of the president. At this point we are not certain how Mather relates to Tippit's murder, but he does in a very strange way.
Collins also supplied the communications and command post equipment for the Kennedy murder. This command post is shown as a trailer in a photo disseminated by Jim Fetzer which we believe is one of the Altgens photos. It is striking to see the trailer in the background which sticks out like a sore thumb and so incongruently. Clearly it was a command post.
The executives of Collins Radio were extremely angry with Kennedy for curtailing spending plans affecting them, many of which were slated for Vietnam.
So to date, we have identified 3 Tippit murderers:  Roscoe White, and at least 1 unidentified Dallas Police Department officer, and an accomplice with White. Gerald Hill, another DPD officer, is also likely part of the conspiracy to murder Tippit. And we add Carl Mather as a person of interest, if not suspect, his friendship with Tippit meaning very little to us.
The interesting aspect of this story is the possibility that Tippit was Badge Man seen in the famous Moorman photo which Jack White deciphered. We had rejected this thesis based upon analysis by Duke Lane who developed a plausible case that Tippit was nowhere near Dealey as his police transmission records document.
But there are a couple of holes in the theory. The first is that Michael T Griffith, an excellent Kennedy assassination researcher, reported that the police tape of Tippit had been dubbed to give his location as something other than it was. Thus, with evidence being tampered, the likelihood of Tippit’s location reports may be fabricated. And given the communications expertise provided by Collins Radio, it is quite possible the locations and communication with Tippit were faked.
The other hole is that an enlisted man at the time, Gordon Arnold, who was standing in front of the picket fence on the grassy knoll taking pictures, was assaulted by a man in police uniform after the ambush who was crying and demanding that Arnold give him his camera. The policeman held a weapon, kicked Arnold, and took the film.
The behavior of the gunman suggests that it may have been Tippit, although we are not dogmatic about the point – yet.
What we can conclude with confidence about the story is that gunfire came from the grassy knoll and someone dressed as a police officer fired the shot. We believe that it was indeed a Dallas Police officer. The great debate will rage whether the police records uphold Tippit being where they said he was, or if they were faked to show him where he wasn’t in order to hide his presence at the grassy knoll.
Given that so many people were involved in Tippit’s murder, and many of them DPD, the case for evidence alteration is powerful.
For this outing, we produced a more complete list of Tippit’s murders, with at least 2-3 more to go. We will also plan an essay explaining why he was murdered.

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More Evidence That William Greer Murdered Kennedy

We recently posted our thesis that Secret Service agent William Greer murdered President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in the City of Hate on November 22, 1963. New evidence emerges which supports our contention.
One additional witness to our murder brief was John Connally who told his nephew without hesitation that William Greer shot the president's head off, this according to an unidentified Charles P writing on January 26, 2009 to the editor of
While some may dismiss this evidence as flimsy at best, it is further corroborated by S M Holland, a former deputy sheriff and employee of Union Terminal Company who was standing on the triple overpass at the time of the assassination and heard the first two shots which he said sounded like rifles and the third shot which sounded like a .38 or .45 caliber hand gun.
He told the Warren Commission his observations which are entirely credible as he was a life long hunter who used shotguns, hand guns, and rifles, knowing expertly the sounds they made. Other witnesses provided similar testimony about fire crackers going off in the car.
We state without equivocation that William Greer delivered the lethal head shot to Kennedy which explains why his wife, Jacqueline, made a mad dash to exit the limousine while the murderers completed their killing spree.

Michael Gordon, reports from Into The Midnight by Joseph McBride, as told 9/17/2013

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Ellsberg Deceit

Although Daniel Ellsberg is an icon of the Left, there is abundant evidence that he was and is a CIA stalwart who was used to topple a president who had outlived his usefulness and to protect an agency on the verge of serious exposure as a criminal enterprise. Indeed, the Pentagon Papers leaks of Ellsberg are simply the opening act of Watergate.
The background for this blog post is 2 online interviews and 1 article by Douglas Valentine who studied extensively Ellsberg, especially his rise to prominence by way of the Central Intelligence Agency.
Ellsberg (b. 1931) was educated at Harvard, joined the Marines, and subsequently found himself stationed in Vietnam where he met key figures in America’s intelligence community. He had an audiographic ability to remember conversations which made him an ideal spy, a talent which ingratiated him to CIA Saigon station chief John Hart because it allowed the agency to better track the opinions of leading intelligentsia in the country.
During 1965-67 he was assigned to the Revolutionary Development Program in South Vietnam, a CIA program which was designed to “pacify” the country especially against the Viet Cong. It is during this time that he came under the influence and direction of men like Edward Lansdale, Lucien Conein, and Frank Scotton, the latter 2 of whom became his close friends. As for Lansdale, to this day Ellsberg reveres him.
Although the operations of the RDP were diverse, they involved a huge element of drug dealing, especially with the Corsican drug dealers, particularly Michel Seguin who enters the story as one of the men from whom Ellsberg took a fiancé in one of his many Lothario escapades.
The CIA was heavily engaged in the drug trade in Vietnam, a leading factor for driving the US into the war. While there are many reasons for the war, communism was not really one of them. That was the branding which made the war acceptable to a majority of Americans for a while. The CIA realized that the drug industry yielded enormous profits, thus it collaborated with the mob and banks to erect a drug empire which involved drug revenues, money laundering, and plenty of murder. The Golden Triangle was the fount of much illicit wealth.
While researching Ellsberg, Valentine was told by Frank Scotton that he authorized Ellsberg to release what became known as the Pentagon Papers. Scotton was a CIA officer who formed assassination squads around Saigon in what was the forerunner of Operation Phoenix, a program led by future CIA Director William Colby, which murdered in cold blood at least 40-60,000 people, most of whom were civilians. It made the My Lai Massacre look like an ice cream social.
But if Scotton and Conein were close friends of Ellsberg, why would they hang him out to dry – though quite mildly – by saying that Ellberg’s actions were not the result of conscience but of intrigue? Valentine then struggles with the epistemological problem of knowing truth among campaigns of whispers, innuendo, and deceit – the ingredients of a perfect CIA stew.
Valentine proceeds to document that not only had the main stream press caught on to the drug dealing of the CIA in 1970, but Congress was beginning to investigate the atrocities of the Phoenix Program, and other CIA war crimes the following year.
In addition, Nixon launched his War on Drugs in 1971 which unleashed a series of attacks on operations near and dear to the CIA’s heart. At this point the left hand was fighting against the right hand, and order had to be brought from chaos.
In order to divert attention from the CIA, Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers which had the dual effect of diverting attention from the CIA to the military, and also undermining Nixon. Many say that Hunt bungled the Watergate break in; we say that he succeeded masterfully.
The Rockefeller cabal used Nixon while he was useful, but threw him away like so much used toilet paper when he stood in the way or caused it troubles. The primary problem was that Vietnam was in large measure about getting control of the drug trade and its great lucre, about which the plutocrats brooked no opposition. In any event, unraveling the drug business would expose the CIA for all of its sordid crimes and subject it to manifold publicity problems.
By reacting to the Pentagon Papers leaks as he did, Nixon exposed himself as an easy target of the war protesters and those defending civil liberties. This was the segue to Watergate which finished off Nixon by the Rockefeller –Bush alliance which worked so effectively to murder Kennedy.
This foray of Nixon into the drug war set back the CIA which then had to spend several years suborning the DEA into supporting its drug operations. But by the 1980s, they were back in full swing with the Mena drug connection, Iran Contra drug running, and BCCI drug money laundering operations.
Valentine reports that Ellsberg protested adamantly that Scotton or Conein were the source of the Pentagon Papers leaks, a protestation which we think is too much. As noted above, Ellsberg idolizes Edward Lansdale, the man who was ground supervisor of Dealey Plaza, and one of the leading planners and executives of the Kennedy assassination. How can a man who idolizes the psychopathic Lansdale be believed about having a conscience which led him to leak the otherwise useless Pentagon Papers?
The CIA got what it wanted out of Vietnam, and by 1970-71 was ready to evacuate Southeast Asia. It was time to move on to bigger projects in world conquest and imperial aggression. The plutocratic paymasters needed to turn its attention to the USSR, which they ruled, and the Middle East oil, for which they lusted.

Douglas Valentine, Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg Please Stand Up! Counter Punch, March 8-10, 2003

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Why the CIA Assigned Ruth Paine to the Oswalds

Ruth (b. 1932) and Michael Paine (b. 1928) were a CIA couple assigned to babysit another CIA agent Lee Oswald and family while they resided in Dallas. We believe that the primary reason for the association was James Angleton’s plan to murder Oswald.
When Oswald returned from the USSR in 1962 under eyebrow raising circumstances with a Soviet wife, James Angleton was all beside himself, fearing that Oswald had been compromised or was a double agent. To limit his perceived losses, he spawned an elaborate plan to murder Oswald.
Shortly after returning to the US, CIA operative George DeMohrenschildt introduced Oswald to Michael and Ruth Paine at a party given by an employee of the Magnolia Oil Company, Volkmar Schmidt. Ruth Paine, allegedly a Quaker, claimed that she wanted to help the beleaguered young couple establish themselves in Dallas, in return for which Oswald’s wife, Marina, would give Russian language lessons to Ruth, who claimed that she wanted to learn the language.
The main problem with her story is that Ruth already knew Russian for she was teaching it at a school in Dallas. Furthermore, we know that she had family connections to the CIA, including associations with Allan Dulles, director of the CIA until 1961 when Kennedy fired him for his bungled Bay of Pigs disaster.
The salient point of interest is that Paine knew Russian and would be the ideal babysitter for Oswald as she could monitor Lee’s and Marina’s conversations when staying at her house – something which she insisted that Marina do from the beginning. It is well known that the CIA sent Ruth Paine to many foreign and domestic locations to gather intelligence. So her work with the Oswalds was fully consistent with her job as spy.
Paine was also used to plant false evidence on Oswald, including the famous backyard photos of him holding a rifle. We also speculated with good reason elsewhere that Paine was the one who used the fake identity of Alek Hidell to order a rifle from Klein mail order, an identity which was subsequently planted on Oswald after his arrest.
In addition to these connections, Dallas Police Officer Roger Craig noted in early 1968, when he finally saw his testimony to the Warren Commission, that the Commission altered his statements concerning Ruth Paine – a clear indication that she was far more important than most anyone knew.
Craig had observed Oswald enter a light green Nash Rambler which, he stated to the Warren Commission and  in his memoirs, did not have a license plate matching Texas plate colors. According to Craig “The driver of the station wagon was a husky looking Latin, with dark wavy hair, wearing a tan wind breaker type jacket” who had been arrested immediately after the assassination but just as quickly released because he did not speak English!
But the point about the Rambler is extremely important because it appears in 2 more instances of the investigation. Edgar Eugene Bradley, whom Craig said claimed to be a Secret Service agent, stopped him for information about the Rambler into which Oswald entered – in fact he was obsessed with the details about it.
The reason for his interest in the Rambler was undoubtedly because Ruth Paine owned such a vehicle of the same color, a fact which police officer Buddy Walthers confirmed when he and “Harry Weatherford, and we met Officer Adamcik that works for the city [Irving] and Officer Rose and another one of their officers…” went to Ruth Paine’s home in Irving, Texas where they saw a similar vehicle. Our speculation is that it was the same one.
Paine told the Walthers that she was expecting them, yet the news of Oswald’s arrest had not been made public and Marina did not seem to know that he had been arrested. Thus, Paine let slip very incriminating evidence that she knew Oswald was being framed as the patsy.
If the vehicle which the “husky Latin” was driving was indeed Paine’s vehicle, he had completed his errand by the time police arrived at the Paine’s. We believe that his assigned task was to take Oswald to the Texas Theater where he was caged like a trapped rat.
The man claiming to be a Secret Service agent – Bradley – was in reality a right winged preacher from North Hollywood and closely associated with Carl McIntire, both of whom we believe were involved in the assassination conspiracy.
Later in life when Paine was on assignment in Nicaragua during the 1990s, she very briefly and opaquely opened up to a friend concerning the murder and her part in it:

There was, however, one occasion when the friend tried to bring up the assassination when Ruth began to say how sad she was that her daughter (then about 40) was estranged from her. Ruth said that her daughter told her that she refused to talk to her until “she came to grips with the evil that she had been associated with.” The friend said that Ruth had tears in her eyes when she said this and was certain that this was a veiled reference to the Kennedy assassination.

Of course we have no sympathy for Paine who is indeed an evil woman who framed an innocent man and assisted the assassins in their goals of murdering a president.
But in 1963, Paine’s largest value to the CIA was her knowledge of Russian which made her the perfect babysitter for the Oswalds. Her avid interest in an ostensibly non-descript, returning defector, can only mean that she was eye ball deep in the CIA, and assisting Angleton in the murder of Oswald.

Steve Jones, New Evidence Regarding Ruth and Michael Paine, Kennedy Assassination Chronicles, Winter 1998

Bill Kelly, Ruth Paine's Garage, JFKCountercoup, December 9, 2009

Various, Ruth Paine's Station Wagon, Education Forum thread, started April 28, 2006

Roger Craig, When They Kill a President, 1971, republished electronically

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JP Morgan Whistleblowers Reveal Blatant Manipulation of Gold and Silver Markets

King World News reported Friday in a blockbuster interview with precious metals trader Andrew Maguire that 2 whistleblowers from JP Morgan approached him with evidence that their bank actively manipulated the price of gold in contrast to the protests and ridicule denying such allegations in the state and corporate owned media.
Maguire told Eric King that he, and subsequently the whistleblowers, supplied solid evidence to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission that JP Morgan actively suppressed the price of gold and silver when it was in their interests to do so - which is generally a 24 x 7 proposition.
Maguire supplied his evidence in 2010 while the 2 whistleblowers came forward in June 2012 under the protection of the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Protection program to furnish the CFTC with evidence of criminal manipulation of the precious metals market.
Although the news is sensational, it simply confirms what we, and long before us the Gold Anti Trust Association, have reported for years. GATA has presented to the public and CFTC powerful prima facie evidence of market manipulation to which the criminal CFTC has turned a blind eye because it is owned by the banking cartel doing the bidding of the Fed and Treasury.
When trading freely, the price of gold is a sensitive indicator of the failure of the private banking cartel, often referred to as the Federal Reserve, whose policies are deemed inflationary or ruinous to the value of the currency. But Alan Blinder, former vice chairman of the Fed stated publicly that “it is the last duty of a central banker to tell the public the truth.” His policy statement has just been exposed for all to see the corruption of the government and the private banking cartel – not just under Ben Bernanke’s leadership, but also under all of his predecessors, especially Alan Greenspan.
The typical means of manipulating the gold market is through the use of naked shorts which are illegal for private citizens and institutions, but which the CFTC has legalized for bullion banks to which the Fed and Treasury grant the right to lease or sell the government’s owned gold, much of which was confiscated from private citizens by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

It is not just government owned gold which the banks lease. They have done so with sovereign gold, such as Germany's, which resulted last year in a demand for gold repatriation. The Fed, after telling Germans to take a hike on at least 7 occasions, finally relented by telling German officials that they could have some 300 tons of their gold within 7 years. The gold is simply not there and the Germans will NEVER see their gold.
In 2010, Maguire reported that Asian interests entered the gold market in a massive way after learning that the market was severely undervalued due to central and bullion bank manipulations. The recent revelations by Maguire on King World News are expected to fuel another frenzied bout of buying, evidence of which was seen in the afterhours market for gold on Friday which zoomed 20 dollars per ounce in heavy trading.
Although the news is astonishing enough, Maguire told King that the CFTC has refused to investigate any of the allegations even with overwhelming substantiation provided by the JP Morgan employees.
Maguire further revealed that 2 key banks, one of which was Goldman Sachs, were on the brink of collapse when the UK sold sovereign gold to bail out the bank.
The undesired side effect of this policy of suppressing gold is that it has whetted demand for physical gold which has been drained from the bullion banks as Zero Hedge has so ably reported, especially in the case of JP Morgan which has exited parts of the precious metals market.

The below market prices of gold and silver will result in the inevitable failure of COMEX and LBMA, which we predict will occur within 6 months. The only caveat to our prediction is that the private banking cartel provides insider information to the bullion banks as Maguire further revealed, which may enable them to ride the second derivative, so to speak, by which they may be able to very narrowly escape a complete collapse. But we have our doubts. They have certainly gone long in recent weeks.
We have long maintained that gold is in permanent and severe backwardation, the consequence of the Fed vigorously defending the dollar against its ruinous policies to benefit banksters and other criminal elements. The paper price of gold has been in an unprecedented state of backwardation while the physical price has been in this state for at least 2 years.
Jim Willie predicts that the price of gold will at some point go dark when the COMEX officially collapses, meaning that there will be no fixed universal price of gold because the 2 major cartels will have been broken and exposed for the corrupt organizations which they are.
The end game is that physical gold holders will be massively screwed because the bullion banks to whom they have entrusted their physical gold will cash them out. Although this is illegal for allocated accounts, unallocated accounts such as those found in  GLD and other ETFs are fully within their contract rights to cash out account holders, meaning that the dupes who thought they owned gold will get a big surprise such as when ABN Amro stole the gold of their customers by closing the gold window. It's cousin is the bank bail-in - a topic for another post.
Willie has reported about extensive lawsuits in Switzerland where massive gold thefts by the bank owned government have caused outrage among their "customers." These so-called customers will NEVER see their gold again.
The end game is the dollar, and ultimately it is a doomed currency. In the meantime, the Fed, Treasury, and CFTC are in wholesale collusion to pretend otherwise.


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