Saturday, December 31, 2016

Carl Mather's Plymouth and the Fake Lee Oswald

After recently reading an excellent article about the vehicle spotted by auto mechanic T F White on November 22, 1963 at the El Chico restaurant in Dallas' Oak Cliff neighborhood, I wanted to make a few remarks on the incident which ties it to the Texas Theater where Lee Oswald was arrested.

The story regarding White is that he spotted around 2p a suspicious looking driver of a 1957 blue Plymouth in the parking lot of the El Chico restaurant across the street from Mack Pate's auto repair shop where White worked. Because he heard sirens related to the assassination of Tippit or arrest of Oswald, his heightened alertness prompted him to cross the street to more closely inspect the vehicle and driver. After getting a good frontal look at the driver, he wrote down the license plate number as PP 4537.

Later that evening, White recognized the man as Oswald when he saw him on television. The 60 year auto mechanic did not know that Oswald had impersonators.

The FBI was alerted to the information whereupon they interviewed White and Pate. The topic of an assassination threat to Kennedy in Houston the day before involving a red Ford Falcon came up during conversation with Pate, which the FBI used to describe the vehicle which White saw. So instead of seeing a blue 1957 Plymouth, the FBI said that White had seen a red 1961 Ford Falcon. This discrepancy in stories has been long used by Warren Commission shills to discredit White. The discredit goes to the FBI and its supporters whose error was intentional.

The FBI discovered that the license plate belonged to a vehicle owned by Carl Amos Mather of the Collins Radio company which was a major CIA contractor. The Mathers were said to be friends of the Tippits, a claim which we have been unable to substantiate. Because Mather was a CIA spook, he invoked "national security", so to speak, to refuse interviews, but the FBI interviewed his wife who provided no useful or reliable information.

Years later Mather would demand immunity to speak to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, which is proof of guilt in the crimes against President Kennedy and JD Tippit. The HSCA lost a valuable opportunity to interrogate one of the accomplices of the murders and to uncover the full extent of Collins Radio in the crimes.

If Tippit and Mather were friends, would both have been involved in the crimes of the CIA? But this leads to a connection to Oswald. As reported elsewhere in our Chronicles, there was indeed an Oswald look alike who was used to frame and implicate Oswald as a murderer and a lone nut.

At approximately 1:50p, the Texas Theater had two men bearing striking likeness to each other. Both men were arrested with one taken out the front, and the other out the back. The man taken out the back was the imposter Oswald who was then taken to the nearby Plymouth which he then drove to the El Chico restaurant where he was spotted by White.

It's not a huge point, but quite interesting that the Oswald imposter was seen so quickly after his departure from the Texas Theater. As we opined previously, this man may have been the one who was part of the murder of Tippit at approximately 1:06p. Insofar as a man resembling Oswald was witnessed at the Tippit murder scene, this imposter was the man.

Bill Kelley, The Red 1961 Ford Falcon, JFKCountercoup (blogspot), March 12, 2012, accessed 12/31/2016

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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Patsification of Jack Ruby, Part 2

New evidence has come to light over the past year which completely revamps our understanding of Jack Ruby, the man who allegedly murdered Lee Oswald on November 24, 1963 at the Dallas Police Department in downtown Dallas. We present a second installment of truth we had never encountered before concerning Ruby's whereabouts on November 22.

We published a summary of Ralph Cinque's ground-breaking study of the man shown on network television shooting Oswald which concludes that FBI agent James Bookhout (1914-2009) was the assailant. Jack Ruby had been apprehended at about 10:20 that morning - and was indisposed to carrying out a planned assassination.

Another cache of evidence has come forth definitively establishing the whereabouts of Jack Ruby from early Friday morning until after the murder of John Kennedy by the CIA and Secret Service. The witness is James Coley who was an advertising agent for the Dallas Morning News, one of whose clients was Jack Ruby.

Before we review Coley's account, it is worthwhile noting some of the theories and ideas about Ruby's movements on that day. One of the more striking is the testimony of Julie Ann Mercer who said that she saw Ruby in a light green pickup truck near Dealey Plaza carrying rifles up to the fence area.

Another story states that he was in Dealey Plaza keeping tabs on Lee Oswald at the Texas School Book Depository. Others have stated that he was at Parkland Memorial Hospital planting the magic bullet more formally known as CE-399. Some accounts place him at the Dallas Morning News. In short, Jack was a very busy man according to these various stories, having the same problem as Lee Oswald being in three places nearly simultaneously.

Coley's story is eminently more sensible. He says that the underworld braggadocio was in the coffee shop of the DMN downtown office where he habitually met Coley on Fridays to buy his weekend advertising for his strip clubs. Coley met with Ruby for about an hour before making his regular sales calls that morning. When he returned after 11a, Coley found Ruby still in the office, and it was the ad man's distinct impression that Ruby had been there the whole time.

He went out to Main and Houston with a colleague, Charley Mulkia (sp), to watch the motorcade. After hearing the noises from the assassination, he returned to the office no earlier than 12:45p where he found Ruby still sitting at Jack Newnam's (sp) desk, the man who handled Ruby's downtown club account. When Ruby heard the news, he ran to promotions director Dick Jefferies' secretary's office to make a phone call.

Coley states that Ruby was no fan of Kennedy's, but we can clearly see that he was not involved in the murder activities that day, and perhaps hung out at the Morning News to provide an alibi for himself. We now know conclusively that Ruby was at the Dallas Morning News offices all morning at least until around 1p.

One other speculation about Ruby concerns the man in the fedora in the Altgens 6 photograph which was mercilessly altered to remove Lee Oswald's presence on the stairs of the TSBD at precisely the same moment that the CIA snipers were murdering the president. That fedora hat man has often been identified as Ruby, but it is absolutely impossible for Ruby to be the man since he was camped out at the Dallas Morning News ad offices. The man in the hat was most likely James Bookhout who shot Oswald on national television.

It is not entirely clear to us why Ruby was wasted, but certainly knowing too much was part of the hedging, and probably because he knew Lee Oswald too well.


Jerry Coley, Additional pools of blood were found in Dealey Plaza., MrChrillemannen, November 27, 2016, accessed 12/30/2016 on YoutTube, [interview with Len Osanic, nd]

Tony Bonn, The Patsification of Jack Ruby, The American Chronicle, December 30, 2016,

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Pizzagate, Spirit Cooking, Pedophilia and the DNC

While we have exposed the Republican sponsored gay child sex rings which have run abated since the 1970s, we have some catch up to do with the Democrats whose involvements with child ritual murders easily rivals that of the Republicans and their vile sacrifices at Bohemian Grove.

The issue of Democrat Satan worship came to light with the email releases of WikiLeaks which published emails of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, and other luminaries of the DNC planning innocuous sounding dinner parties featuring spirit cooking.

Spirit cooking is a vile practice which involves throwing human blood, sperm, and urine against a wall in order to create works of "art" in order conjure spirits and power which the DNC believes will give them the power and dominion to rule from Washington.

The issue of child pornography hit the Democrats from 2 directions with additional revelations from DNC emails about Pizzagate and Clinton pedo-pal Jeffery Epstein whose child sex ring rivals that of the Republicans. It is well known that Clinton and Epstein escaped to the latter's Florida estate to abuse and murder children.

The establishment press, for its part, has made child pornography nothing more than a sexual preference among consenting adults in order to make it seem like, well, child's play.

The Pizzagate scandal emerged when it was learned that a Georgetown pizza joint was a meeting point to arrange these pedophilia sex parties. In order to discredit the story, the CIA sent one of its staff loonies to enter the pizza place to fire a weapon and feign outrage and motivation because he read all of the "fake news" citing the place as the DNC child porn headquarters.

But the real scandal is calling the sexual abuse pedophilia. As Dr Jim Willey explained in a December 16, 2016 interview with Will Lehr, the pornography is not simply Democrats forcing themselves on underage children, but the sacrificing of them in order release spirits and to somehow suck in the departing spirits of the children to gain power.

These practices are very similar to the murders practiced at Bohemian Grove and in the Bush White House. These wicked practices are quite similar to Democrat party activist Huma Abedin's mother, Seleh, who advocates circumcision of young girls and stonings for breaking various Islamic laws - very much in concert with Judaism and Bolshevism.

It is astonishing that Americans do not stone to death Democrats and Republicans. It is essentially impossible to be a member of either party and not advocate these vile Satanic practices.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Clinton, Brennan Irreparably Damage US Security

The recent loss of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election was as much a loss for Saudi Arabia as it was for the candidate herself. Had Clinton won, the devastation to America would have been complete.

Wayne Madsen published a couple of articles on Dr James Fetzer’s blog outlining how deeply Saudi intelligence has penetrated the US government under “Obama” and how closely beholden the Clintons are to the Saudis.

“Obama” elevated John Brennan, a Wahhabist Muslim, to Director of the CIA after the traitor General Petraeus resigned in disgrace over a scandal involving his transmission of US secrets to 3d parties via his mistress. While we cannot confirm that Petraeus was entrapped, it remains a possibility, but certainly unproven.

Brennan converted to Islam while station chief in Riyadh, and has since become a Saudi mole controlling the CIA. “Obama’s” education was heavily funded by royal Saudis, so his appointment of Brennan to CIA Director was nothing more than payback, and may have explained his mysterious trip to Saudi Arabia a couple of years ago where he was supposedly rebuffed by Saudi officials, though we suspect that it was an official cover for more treason.

Brennan’s hand was clearly seen during the election when every major news organization was panting for a Clinton victory with Newsweek even publishing a “Dewey Defeats Truman” commemorative issue before the election ended in a bid to bolster her election chances. All major media stories are cleared through the CIA, and many anchors, such as Anderson Cooper, are CIA agents or operatives.

It was Brennan’s angry response after the electoral loss which showed his true colors when CIA and George Soros shipped “professional” demonstrators across the country to key localities to demonstrate, vandalize, brutalize, and murder Trump supporters.

CIA also sent one of its fake anarchists to fire gunshots in a Georgetown pub which was believed to be a meeting point for sex slaves purchased by Bill Clinton and a certain Epstein operating out of Florida where Jeb Bush was once governor.

The interesting point is that the Jewish owned media were supporting Clinton just as eagerly as the Saudis, showing that the friction between Muslims and Jews is street level animosity which does not carry into the highest reaches of government where Saudi intelligence and Mossad have a very close working relationship.

Brennan’s most important service to the Saudi government was concocting the hair brained crock that Russian intelligence, including President Vladimir Putin himself, had sought to rig US elections, as though they were ever honest in the first place. The reality is that Saudi intelligence, through its vast oil wealth, was agitating for Clinton through the Jewish owned media which gave the Democrat candidate billions of dollars in free publicity.

Although the story has faded somewhat, “Hanoi John” McCain and Lindsay Graham are agitating for investigation into the hacking, showing exactly for which party these senators work.

One of the linchpins between Clinton and Saudis is the Bush Crimes Syndicate, whose head George Bush, Sr has very close connections with Saudi royals through Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, also known as Bandar Bush due to his extraordinary closeness to the Bushes. We reported that the prince had been murdered based upon pre-mature and bad intelligence we received some years ago. By all appearances the Saudi prince is still alive.

The Bush-Clinton connection goes back to their Arkansas days when then-Governor Clinton helped Bush bring cocaine into the United States through Mena, Arkansas. Thus the Bushes, Clintons, and Saudis form a very close tryst of traitors against the United States.

There is yet another connection between the Clintons and Saudi Arabia and its intelligence agencies through the person of Saudi intelligence asset Huma Abedin who joined the Clinton White House in 1996 and is believed to be Hillary’s lesbian lover, though if so, it is only to obtain intelligence and compromise Clinton more than she already is.

Abedin’s mother, Saleha Abedin, a Wahhabi Muslim, is dean of Dar al-Hekma college for women in Jeddah where she advocates stoning, circumcision of girls, public floggings, and other Medieval practices, all quite ironic given the Democrats’ patina of liberality which is simply a mask for this type of religious and social behavior they wish to impose on the United States.

The elder Abedin also edited Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, a Saudi funded publication which extolled the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Huma was the author of one of those articles which is no surprise given the Jewish, Saudi, Bush, and Clinton involvements in the attacks. Her marriage to Zionist Anthony Weiner was quite supportive of our contention that Judaism and Islam are the same side of the same Bolshevist coin.

Abedin is well known for her involvement in Saudi intelligence circles through front agencies such as International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child (IICWC) and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group which even the United Arab Emirates declared a terrorist organization much to the consternation of John Brennan of the CIA. CAIR has several offices and numerous cells within the United States and poses a grave risk to national security.

One of Brennan’s legacies is the promotion of many Saudi intelligence moles within the CIA including Andrew Warren, Michael D’Andrea, and Yaya Fanusie.

Concerning the destruction of “Obamas” passports proving that he is a foreign national, Madsen wrote:
Brennan had previously served as Obama's counter-terrorism adviser on the National Security Council. He was also in charge of the cleansing of the Obama/Dunham family passport files at the State Department in 2008 while CEO of The Analysis Corporation, a CIA contractor. 
Brennan also covered up the damning evidence proving Saudi involvement in the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing, just as Huma Abedin was joining the Clinton administration. The Saudi mole also was point man for preventing the release of the 28-page document of 9/11 Commission which inculpated Saudi intelligence in the 9/11 attacks. We should note that Saudi and Israeli intelligences, in close co-operation with the Bush Crime Syndicate, planned and executed the 9/11 attacks.
Madsen reported Defense Intelligence Agency documents from 2012 which clearly expose Brennan’s support for ISIL, a well-known front of the CIA, Saudi intelligence, and Mossad.
The coalescence of Saudi mole John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, Saudi mole Huma Abedin, and the Bush Crime Syndicate has gravely destroyed US intelligence. We are certain that Brennan is working diligently to assassinate Donald Trump just as his predecessor Alan Dulles murdered John Kennedy.
The real import of the Abedin-Brennan terrorist cell is that each conspired with Clinton to convey US state and intelligence secrets to Saudis and Israelis with whom Clinton has a close relationship through Lynn Forrester-Rothschild, the wife of Jew Evelyn de Rothschild.
The email server scandal which plagued Clinton's presidential ambitions was far more than about a few emails on Clintons servers, of which she had scores at her New York home. It was a virtual repository of the very highest secrets of the US government as we reported in a previous Chronicle. The theft of these documents was part of a sophisticated, high powered operation by both Mossad and Saudi intelligence to destroy US intelligence networks.
No one in US history, with the exception of Franklin Roosevelt or George Bush, has committed treason on such a grand scale as have Abedin, Brennan, and Clinton.
Wayne Madsen, Wayne Madsen: Saudi Intelligence tried toss the Election to Hillary,, December 19-20, 2016, accessed 12/22/2016

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Obama's Birth Certificate, Breitbart, and Bin Laden

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued the final report of the Cold Case Posse which investigated the birth certificate of President "Barack Hussein Obama" which he posted on in April 2011. He concluded emphatically that the document is a forgery, and that the president committed at least one felony in even posting a manufactured document.

While this news is hardly earth shattering, it does reconfirm findings by independent investigators that the Obama long form birth certificate is totally manufactured with significant elements coming from the authentic birth certificate of Johanna Ah'nee.

Lead investigator Mike Zullo said during the December 15 press conference that the rumor that a Xerox 7655 copier introduced the anomalies indicating manufacture was entirely bogus. He named two independent document examiners who both confirmed that the White House birth certificate was a forgery.

The investigation used the independent services of Reed Hayes, a court recognized authority with 40 years experience in forensic document analysis, and a man who was reluctant to take the case because he voted for Obama twice, and didn't want to "do anything to hurt the president."

Zullo also contracted For Labs of Italy, another firm with digital document expertise which trains law enforcement personnel all over Europe in matters of document production and forgery.

Arpaio instructed Zullo in 2012 to clear the document because he was certain that it was authentic. After consulting with the 2 aforementioned document specialists, Arpaio's criminal investigation concluded that the document on was a forgery.

While the Sheriff and Zullo were careful to state the investigation concerned the nature of the document only, we would call such posturing na├»ve. Obama himself, along with his Chief of Staff Valerie Jarret, personally supervised the production and misrepresentation of the document, meaning that Obama is liable to felony criminal prosecution on multiple counts.

We have stated numerous times that "Obama" is a CIA candidate who has helped the CIA takeover the United States for Jewish interests. In no way does the CIA represent American interests. It is a criminal organization dedicated to Jewish mobster insurrection against the United States. It will not accept the election of Donald Trump, and we have openly warned the president-elect that his life is in danger from CIA.

Nearly all members of the current Congress have been provided the information uncovered by Arpaio's investigation, and yet they refuse to investigate or impeach the man who has allegedly committed felonies.

Dr Bradley Manning noted that at the time of the initial crisis concerning "Obama's" birth certificate in April 2011, he and the CIA quickly orchestrated the fake news of killing Osama bin Laden who actually died December 15, 2001. bin Laden was in fact a CIA agent who held senior rank, and was used as the patsy for the Jewish planned and orchestrated 9/11 attacks on the United States.

When the fake news broadcasters, including CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, New York Times, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, almost all of which are Jewish owned or controlled, announced that bin Laden had been killed, Drudge and Breitbart had information confirming that the attack on bin Laden was a hoax.

In order to keep the lie silent, CIA and Mossad shot down the Chinook helicopter carrying the 22 Navy Seals alleged to have carried out the fake killing. Immediately following, traitor David Petraeus, and Leon Panetta were promoted, to DCI and Secretary of Defense respectively, with a warning to Petraeus to keep his mouth shut if he wanted to live. Petraeus later distributed highly classified information through his mistress which scandal forced him from office.

Andrew Breitbart also got the information about the fake killing from WikiLeaks. CIA immediately launched an assassination team to murder him.

The Next News Network reported that its contacts at CIA confirm that it is well known that "Obama's" birth certificate is a forgery, and that "Obama" may not even be a US citizen, a conclusion confirmed by Manning's observations that "Obama's" very first act as president was to seal all of his records because they confirm that he was a foreign exchange student.

ProjectClarity, Arpaio Drops Nuclear Bomb On Obama! Investigation Now In Congress! Birth Certificate A 100% Fraud!, YouTube, December 15, 2016 accessed 12/17/2016

LoneStar1776, Dr Manning explains how Obama's forged birth certificate is connected to Andrew Breitbart's death., YouTube, December 15, 2016, accessed 12/17/2016


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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Will the CIA Murder Trump?

The 2016 election stunned the American intelligentsia who had been cocksure of an electoral victory for Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. Many important clues have been left in the open suggesting that the CIA will murder Trump, preferably before he takes office.

The CIA is an old hand at toppling governments, murdering heads of state, and concocting elaborate cases of plausible deniability to prove that they were not behind the assassinations. CIA has been directly involved in all kinds of sinister covert operations since its founding in 1947 as a special enforcement arm of big industry and elitists who think of themselves as Jedi Ninja Grandmasters of the Universe.

It would be impossible to fully document the cases where the CIA has reared its ugly head, but some of the most visible, some of which CIA has openly admitted, include Iran 1954, Guatemala 1954, Philippines 1955, Indonesia 1967, Panama (numerous), Congo 1961, Brazil 1964, Chile 1971, and on and on with recent incursions into Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

We would be remiss to omit its murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 at Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

None of these cases, especially that of Kennedy, should suggest that CIA acts alone. It is always in concert with other agencies, governments, and persons who create a web of Teflon to deflect suspicion of Murder, Inc.

In the case of Kennedy, the establishment was orchestrated into a frenzy of hate against Kennedy for a number of policy decisions especially regarding Cuba, Viet Nam, and the Steel strikes.

In the case of Trump, an even more ferocious onslaught has occurred, perhaps because the Clintons are a CIA couple to whom the agency owes special favors, or who has special uses for the traitors.

The first reaction of the CIA controlled press, Anderson Cooper being a total CIA agent, was to express outrage and disbelief that Clinton lost the electoral vote. This anger was a cue to the Soros mobs to ship protestors to key cities to incite pandemonium and violence. Zero Hedge reported that police in both Portland, OR and North Carolina stated that most of the arrestees were from out of state, clearly pointing to a conspiracy to disrupt civil order.

CNN anchors mocked Trump supporters who were beat up by the thug protestors.

The Clinton camp immediately launched a full court press to coerce through intimidation, bribery, and other unethical means electors of the Electoral College to switch their votes from Trump to Clinton, a highly unprecedented move in American politics. One elector who was pledged to Trump has announced that he would vote for Clinton.

Clinton operatives simultaneously used the Jew Jill Stein to launch a series of recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The one in Michigan was shutdown by court order. The preposterousness of a candidate who at most earned 1% of the popular demanding a recount is stunning in its contempt for the voters.

CNN anchors and Michael Moore have made public and private comments that it would be funny if something bad happened to Trump. This is smoking gun evidence that CIA is working on a plot to murder the president-elect. News organizations are mouthpieces for the CIA and its allied controllers. Therefore none of these comments wishing death upon Trump were made without prior clearance.

Within a week of Clinton's loss, a professor at a Northeast college compiled a list of fake news websites, with the Washington Post piling on to bolster the CIA's intimidation. We suspect that FBI and CIA provided this professor with the initial fake news site list.

The purpose of the list is to censor news, and direct people away from sites which contradict official CIA propaganda. To keep people barefoot and stupid is the ruling elite's method of control.

We should remind readers that Bob Woodward of the Post is Naval intelligence and most likely CIA. Ben Bradlee, one time executive editor of the Washingtom Post was a CIA asset who participated in the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer in order to help cover up the murder of John Kennedy.

CIA most recently has launched its own fake news about Russian involvement in US elections. The hypocrisy would be laughable except that the Agency murders Americans the way New Yorkers order a pastrami sandwich. The agency has intoned with utmost solemnity that Russia actively participated in US elections to deny Clinton victory. Of course it is always everyone else's fault that the Clintons fail.

The hypocrisy is especially delicious when we recall that State Department, CIA, and arch-Traitor John McCain orchestrated the coup in Ukraine to remove a popularly elected president in the buildup to another one of their regime changes. But CIA is whining about undue influence because its candidate lost.

The shtick of blaming the Russians is an old one which the Jews have been practicing since the Red Revolution of 1917. It was also used briefly in the Kennedy murder to show that CIA agent Lee Oswald was a loose canon who murdered the President, when in reality he was the patsy which the CIA used as scapegoat for its own crimes.

The main point of raising the Russian bogeyman is to provide a way out for Americans who would express anger at the murder of Trump. In other words, the Agency is saying that Trump was evil and he deserved what he got.

All we can say is that Trump should watch his back. We are not fans of Trump, but the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

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