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The JFK Assassination Hoax

[Editor's Note 7/29/2020 - We have since recanted of the ridiculous idea that the assassination of John Kennedy was a hoax. We concluded that the author of the theory is a limited hangout artist whose main job is to lead people astray regarding this crime. As an antidote to this drivel we wrote, please see our more sober article here]

As ridiculous and preposterous as it sounds, a credible legally viable case can be made that President John F Kennedy was not assassinated in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 as reported by the news media.

Several considerations inform the conclusion, the chief of which is the lack of a body. Other details include Kennedy's Jewishness and his very establishmentarian credentials, the explanations of which will have to wait.

To bring a case of murder to court, one must have evidence that the victim is dead. Without a body to confirm death, the case is doomed from the start, and may not even be admissible in court. In the case of Kennedy we have no body - plain and simple. He was certainly reported dead, but its factualness defies proof.

One may protest vehemently that Kennedy died because Walter Cronkite said it was true and that Lyndon Johnson became president. But these facts are not proof of death. The only fact which can prove death is the corpse of the deceased. Therein lies the rub.

One of the leading issues is the confusion in the forensic evidence. The autopsy images show at least 3 different men, at least one of which was alive at the time of the photography according to Miles Mathis. Since the autopsy artifacts are the highest form of evidence for the claim that Kennedy was dead, and they are riddled with inconsistencies and body doubles, we must assume that Kennedy was still alive at the time of his autopsy.

During the very limited viewing of the body, Bobby or Jacqueline was reported to have said that the corpse didn't even look like Jack. This seemingly odd remark could be attributed to the alleged head damage, but it turns out to be a marker in unraveling the events of 11/22.

Another fact undermining the allegations of Kennedy's death are his body doubles. We know that Kennedy had body doubles from the legendary series The Men Who Killed Kennedy. Miles Mathis reports that a taped conversation of one of Kennedy's would-be assassins asks how many body doubles Kennedy has - not if he even had one.

The implication for our case is that one or more of those doubles could have been used for the autopsy, or could have in fact been a real assassination victim, though we doubt that anyone was killed for Kennedy's fake assassination. This fact, coupled with all of the holes in the evidence, creates more than enough reasonable doubt about Kennedy's demise.

The main point is that no one can positively identify John Kennedy in the autopsy photos or prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was Kennedy, rather than one of his doubles, who was assassinated. Even worse, no one can prove that Kennedy was assassinated.

This gaping hole in the case is the reason why Johnson and his advisors fought valiantly to keep the case out of court where legally unimpeachable evidence would have been required to establish the fact of death - regardless if by assassination or other causes.

Bobby Kennedy sent Walter Sheridan to torpedo the investigation and prosecution of Clay Shaw because he did not want to deal with this issue of a lack of forensic evidence, or to expose the hoax and fraud perpetrated upon the American people.

It is so much easier to try a case in the court of public opinion or in an executive branch kangaroo court such as the Warren Commission than it is to do so in a duly constituted court working under the standards of the judiciary.

Many will object that the notorious Zapruder film "proves" that Kennedy was assassinated. However such a believer would have to prove that the occupant of the limousine was a body double, and then prove that the film was not altered. Many researchers have identified book loads of inconsistencies in the film such that it is almost laughable that it would be admitted to court as evidence. In a court of public opinion presided over by Dan Rather and Geraldo Rivera, it is another matter entirely.

Another telltale sign that the assassination was a made for TV production is the presence of Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza. Lansdale was an advertising man who was pulled into CIA via the military. His specialty was public relations propaganda and psychological warfare. He was not an assassin. One of his "accomplishments" was the overthrow of the Philippines government in 1954 when a fake uprising of a hand full of revolutionaries which he filmed was broadcast as a major mutiny and coup, leading to the installation of the US puppet government.

Dealey Plaza followed the same model in which a fake event was transmorphed into the real thing. Lansdale's job was a revival of his other stunt work - he choreographed the activities in Dealey Plaza, including the crisis actors who occupied the open fields in front of the pergola and between the north and south structures. It is almost certain that none of the witnesses was authentic - in part because there was no real assassination, but also because fake witnesses were required to corroborate the story.

Another sign that the assassination was faked is the Jewish control of the assassination. Everything from Permindex to Abraham Zapruder was under the control of Jews. Because Kennedy and Jacqueline were Jewish, we can be certain that the Jews would not harm either of  them. Now it might be surprising that the Kennedys were Jewish, but based upon the research of Miles Mathis and the links he found between Jewish families in the British Peerage, it is an unavoidable conclusion.

A final clue we will consider is the fakery of the Oswald shooting. Ralph Cinque has documented in painful detail the fake shooting of Oswald by a fake Jack Ruby. No one ever sees the face of the shooter who is in reality FBI Agent James Bookout. Cinque has documented the microphones, position markers for the actors, wide angle views, the special lighting and all of the TV production apparatus used to film this epic event. It was a total charade.

So if the Oswald "murder" was a fake, it makes sense that the whole thing was a fake - a massive assault on the sensibilities of Americans and the world.

But what is the motive? Here we part company with Mathis who maintains that Kennedy was moved underground to establish an American monarchy. While it may ultimately turn out to be correct, its evidence is weak, and can be replaced by a simpler explanation.

Kennedy was quite encumbered with health issues as Robert Dalleck has documented. It is very likely that Kennedy's health required that he relinquish his office - at least its public aspect. The fake assassination gave the oligarchs a perfect opportunity to expand government power and illegalities - such as keeping the case out of state court - and to create fear to justify further government expansion and termination of freedoms and rights.

The assassination was also used to overcome objections to very controversial acts such as the Civil Rights Act, and the expansion of the war in Viet Nam.

The Kennedy assassination, then, marked establishment of the police state, from which the country has never recovered.

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