Thursday, September 22, 2016

New Clinton Health Revelations Suggest Imminent Death

News continues flowing strongly suggesting that the Democrat presidential candidate is closing in on death faster than previously understood. And no, we are not following in the foot steps of the Globe in heralding the death of one of America's number 1 criminals.

The information we have reported is from highly qualified medical doctors who have observed behaviors in Clinton which suggest very serious health issues. The most recent analysis comes from John R. Coppedge, MD, FACS, whose writings on Clinton's health were picked up by Zero Hedge. Focusing on the former Secretary of State's eye movements he opined:
but in my opinion the most likely one, based on Clinton's known medical history is an intermittent lateral rectus palsy caused by damage to or pressure on her sixth cranial nerve.
The condition stems from the 2012 major head concussion Clinton suffered when she fell down some stairs after suffering one of her many blackouts, and explains her erratic eye movements.

The collapse may have been the result of  the blood clot in the major vein at the base of the brain, which in our very amateur but reasonable opinion is a precursor to instant death, perhaps from an aneurysm or stroke.

In our previous report we noted that Clinton is taking Coumadin, a blood thinner which does nothing for existing clots. In fact it is a dangerous prescription indicative of more serious health threats related to Parkinson's or more accurately Lewy disease which has a component of Parkinson's symptoms to it.

Additionally, Clinton probably has a transverse sinus blockage which increases pressure on the brain resulting in chronic headaches, dizziness, but which more significantly impairs blood flow to the brain and may have been a co-factor in her sudden collapse on September 11 of this year.

Coppedge has called for an independent review of Clinton's health, perhaps under the slightly outdated notion that a commander-in-chief should be in good health. He also noted that head concussion may have resulted in a skull fracture which puts greater stress on the candidate's mental health.

Our prayer and hope is that Hillary Rodham Clinton dies from her diseases before election day. She is a vile criminal and traitor to the United States, and will not backpedal on our contempt for her life of crime.

John R. Coppedge,  Doctor: Hillary's "Abnormal Eye Movements" Hint At Serious Health Issues, Zero Hedge, September 22, 2016, accessed 9/22/2016

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Clinton's Health Is Worse Than We Thought

Very recently we opined that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suffered worse health than her shills in the press revealed. We now rate her situation as terminal, certain that she would not complete a full term in office assuming that she even makes it to election day.

We mince no words in our contempt for Clinton who is a criminal, traitor, liar, murderer, and All-American sewage. We beg God that he terminate her life sooner rather later, to paraphrase her fake husband's words when promising when he would reveal the truth about Monica Lewinsky.

And no, we are not the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy intent on seeing Clinton destroyed. We want to see her destroyed, but are not the VRWC with which she has closely allied herself in the case of the Bush Crime Syndicate.

Finally anyone who thinks that we are partisan hacks against Clinton is not a long time reader of these Chronicles.

Zero Hedge followed up Tuesday's article about Clinton with another one giving even more doubts about the former Secretary of State's health. Just as we knew, her physician, Dr Bardack, came out on cue to do the equivalent of declaring that the feces in her living room smells like roses and lilacs. In other words she is lying about Clinton's health. However, as one doctor claimed in the aforementioned article, Bardack is under no obligation to tell the truth about her client's health.

If you are wondering why the US is in its own terminal state, look no further than Bardack who is evidence, along with Clinton, how moral rot is part of the DNA of this country. Not only are Clinton and Bardack desirous of risking the security and leadership of this country by placing a 68 year old lying grandmother in the highest office of the land (outside the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve, or Director of Central Intelligence Agency), but they celebrate the fact that the allegedly pneumonia plagued witch was spreading her contagious disease all over God's green earth.

Ranting aside, other doctors beside Dr Ted Noel have chimed in about the seriousness of Clinton's health, a case in which the tabloids beat by years the so-called respectable main stream press- a gutter of professional liars. CIA Snopes' moronic analysis of Clinton's health assessment aside, the presidential candidate is indeed in precarious condition, if for no other reason than advanced age.

Although Clinton's physical symptoms could indicate pneumonia if she weren't hacking and coughing for so long, they could also indicate many other maladies far more serious. We don't know if her daughter's townhouse is strictly a private residence or a cover for the health clinic which previously occupied the address, but it is not thought to be a place to treat pneumonia. One of two conclusions follow.

If the address is truly Chelsea nee Clinton's private home, then we would be extremely contemptuous of any claim that she keeps an x-ray machine, a sin qua non for performing diagnosis of pneumonia. If on the other hand the address is indeed that of a health clinic, then we know that Clinton's chronic lies are certain evidence of a chronic, and most likely lethal, health situation.

We suspect that the property alleged to be that of her offspring with Webster Hubbell is indeed a stealth hospital of sorts which Clinton uses for treatment of her declining health.

Returning to the subject of interpretation of symptoms, Dr L Brody stated that a patient of his exhibited similar symptoms to Clinton's as a result of lung cancer. We are certain that Clinton has had x-rays, but she will never ever reveal a truthful version of them. It is deliciously ironic since Democrats were incessantly and cacophonously demanding Reagan to release his full health records.

Dr "George" in the same article stated, "It seems to me she likely has some other undisclosed problem." George is not a completely amateur political hack like Snopes' author of their flatulence defending Clinton. He is 3 times certified by the American Board of Family Doctors. He further stated that the coughing history of Clinton practically rules out pneumonia. As for reports of her blood thinners, he believes such information is incorrect because they would exacerbate blood clot problems which in turn may explain Clinton's chronic fainting to which her husband conceded in a Charlie Rose interview.

George closed by noting, "...long for pneumonia. Quite a lot of conditions can cause coughing spells – lung, heart, neurological, esophageal, e.g. saliva down the wrong tube – I have no clear idea on this." No one will get the truth on the presidential aspirant, so please do not hold your breath. We will explain later why the president's health really does not matter.

Dr Joseph Zadeh also entered the fray with an excellent analysis of possible pathologies of Clinton. While not entirely dismissing the Parkison's thesis, he suggests that it may be far worse,
I think people pointing to Parkinson’s don’t get what Lewy body and vascular dementia are: forms of dementia with Parkinsonian features that wax and wane depending on blood flow. If there is diminished blood flow to the dopamine producing parts of the brain: Parkinson symptoms can occur but vanish once blood flow is restored. Hilary wouldn’t have gotten through the election campaign with full blown Parkinson’s, but she could have gotten by with hiding early vascular/Lewy body dementia IMO, and that is what I suspect is going on with her.
It is worth reading the remainder of Dr Zadeh's comments, but his prognosis is gloomier than even Noel's and came free of any political axes.

Our axe is in full swing, and are certain, contrary to Dr Bardack, that the only thing for which Clinton is fit to serve is jail time. We pray to God that her time on earth will end soon for in no way has she been brought to justice for her ghastly vile crimes against humanity.

Tyler Durden, Late Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In, Zero Hedge, September 15, 2016, accessed 9/15/2016.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Health Care

Channeling Satan is not exactly a regimen for good health, as Hillary Clinton found out on September 11, 2016 when she collapsed while waiting to enter her energy guzzling SUV after attending a 9/11 ceremony for the people she helped murder. We are certain that it gave her fond memories of Waco which she, Bill, and Janet Reno launched in a merciless attack on the Branch Davidians.

Long before Sunday's debacle, Clinton's health had been a subject of major speculation, and will continue even after she dies. All of the explanations heard in the establishment press are lies spewing forth from her shills and other supporters of the lesbian-in-chief.

Clinton hacks at the Washington Post breezily explained the pneumonia scare as something everyone gets, and certainly was not to be considered unusual for a 69 year old grandmother.

Other sock puppets laugh at how many maladies the traitor has been alleged to have, concluding that since she is accused of so many health issues, she must therefore have none.

Clinton's lies about her health are nothing new to presidential politics. Franklin Roosevelt lied about his dire health until the very day the communist died at Warm Springs. Not only did the American people not know that the murderer was a cripple, they certainly did not know that he was rushed to Bethesda Naval Hospital on at least 9 occasions, many of them being nearly fatal.

Eisenhower's handlers played fast and loose with the facts about his heart attacks and incapacities, and the nation never knew the severity of the stroke which nearly killed off Woodrow Wilson, something we wish would have happened to that murderer. John Kennedy had seriously poor health long before his presidential run, as did the mass murderer Lyndon Johnson. Very few spoke of Bill Clinton's serious cocaine addictions, thinking that it was a great credential for the presidency.

So as caustic as we are in our opinions about the Clintons, Hillary is hardly the first presidential aspirant to lie about her health.

As for what really ails her, we believe that the more maladies attributed to her, the closer we get to the truth. Her fake husband stated in an interview with Charlie Rose that she frequently faints, an admission which shill CBS removed from its highly edited excerpt of the interview.

In 2005 she suffered an unexplained broken elbow, which we can explain as a fall down some stairs from another fainting episode.

So what causes the fainting? And is it really fainting? We can safely ignore the lies about dehydration as the babbling of hysterical Clinton groupies. Even the pneumonia explanation is a crock.

Zero Hedge ran a couple of articles today from different sources attributing Clinton's health problems to Parkinson's disease, a condition which mass murderer George Bush suffers. As Dr Ted Noel explained, the special blue eye shades she wears are to prevent bright lights from triggering an epileptic seizure - something you want to avoid when your finger is on the fake nuclear button.

Clinton's former Secret Service agent wrote in Zero Hedge that he doesn't believe the crock about allergies, dehydration, or pneumonia, a conclusion he bases upon years of being in close personal contact with her. Had pneumonia been the cause of the collapse, she would not have been so perky within 90 minutes after being rushed to her daughter's townhouse in New York City, which one investigator links to Metrocare Home Services, who treated her with Levodopa.

Does America really need a president who rushes to her daughter's condo for health care, rather than to an emergency room? Why not find Granny Clampett's grandchildren for a house doctor? We don't need no stinkin' emergency rooms, especially when they are overrun by Obama Care doctors.

Others claim that the loss of consciousness is due to poor circulation caused by brain cancer, but she may not have cancer - rather she could be suffering brain damage induced by severe seizures. Was Vincent Foster going to reveal information about her incipient Parkinson's before she had him murdered?

Another explanation for the First Traitor's health problems is supranuclear palsy as Dudley Moore suffered. Indicators of this diagnosis are her breathing difficulties and inability to make a vertical gaze.

We haven't an ounce of sympathy for the vile woman, and can only pray that her demise is near. Get ready for a revival of the Vast Right Winged Conspiracy rodeo. We will never be told the truth officially about Clinton's health, and as she screamed before Congress on her Tripoli treason and the murder of CIA Ambassador Stevens, what does it really matter?? The truth will out regardless.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Kill the Beast

Jesus reigns in his Kingdom now, and is on the verge of killing the Beast - the great enemy of mankind - the Jew World Order. We outline steps you can take to help him kill the Beast today.

The Beast is all around us - the Matrix - the intertwining web of control which suffocates life and stamps out freedom through the growth of the Gargantua and Pantragruel of the New World Order. It is a behemoth which seeks to direct and control every single aspect of your life, the latest example of which is the Center for Disease Control's call for mandatory vaccinations.

No transaction escapes the clutches of the Beast. You bow to it every time you buy something - the sales tax. You bow to it for every dollar you earn in the payment of taxes to support the monstrous Beast which consumes ever more of your livelihood in order to "protect you" while it sends its demons to create false flag attacks to conjure up fear and loathing of enemies real and imagined.

The following are some concrete steps you can take to kill the Beast.

Abolish the Fed

Ron Paul's call to abolish the Federal Reserve System is the most astute step an enemy of the Beast can take to reclaiming his freedom and prosperity. Every single solitary dollar brought into existence is encumbered with usury - interest which goes directly into the pockets of the Jewish Rothschilds and those to whom they have enfranchised to suck money out of the US economy the way a vampire sucks blood from his victims - only the Rothschild uses a hydraulic pump to drain blood from his prey.

That interest is an incalculably huge sum of money which explains why the best estimate of Rothschild wealth shows that the family of Satan owns 60-70% of the world's wealth and the Rockefellers own roughly 10%. That leaves 20% for the remaining 7 billion people on the planet.

When you work, buy, or save, you are doing it for the Rothschilds and its Federal Reserve.

Abolish the CIA

When we call for the abolition of the CIA, we are also including the other elements of the military industrial complex such as the Pentagon, better known as the Pentagram, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other elements which suck life out of people and the nation. These agencies do not work for the American people, but for international elites who rule the Jew World Order.

The CIA, along with Permindex, Mossad, MI6 and others murdered President Kennedy, lying about it to the present day because it is an ongoing operation. Permindex was a Jewish organization which decided to even a grudge match with Joseph Kennedy who knew the wickedness of Jewish banksters and sought to fight them.

The Rothschilds, working with the Jew Judah P Benjamin, murdered Abraham Lincoln because he shut down the slave business, and because he financed the government without paying the exorbitant sums demanded by the Rothschilds.

The US intelligence squid spends trillions of dollars bombing people, nations, and things in order to spread fear and justify the perpetual expenditure of whole economies each year to sustain its quest to take over the world for the Jewish banksters, working chiefly out of City of London and New York City.

Boycott the Media

All news is owned by Edomite Jews who spread their vicious lies about economics, murders, and politics. News is designed to deceive and to stupefy. The recent demonization of Russia and China, while they are not to be granted unwarranted trust, is an example of working hand in glove with the Fed and the Security State to keep people in a constant demand for more military money and wars of foreign aggression.

Why should your sons die for Jewish banksters? What security threat did Ukraine pose to the US? Viet Nam? Iraq? The answer is absolutely positively none, but you send your sons and daughters to die and live damaged lives so that you can maintain your rah rah war machine.

Boycott entertainment especially Hollywood which is a Jewish enclave which spews forth moral filth to degenerate this nation. In Palestine the Jews play pornography 24 hours a day in order to demoralize the Palestinians.

Surely you have enough imagination to create your own entertainment without putting money in the hands of your enemies.

Destroy City of London

Most Americans haven't a clue, and neither did we, that City of London is a separate enclave near London which operates exactly as the Vatican but only in the realm of finance. The Lord Mayor of the City of London is the Crown sovereign of the British Monarch who must bow to the Lord Mayor when he enters the City.

To be clear, this city is not to be confused with London, the capital of the United Kingdom. It is however the epicenter of world finance and the place where innumerable financial scams originate or are hidden, including the LIBOR interest rate scam, gold price fixing, London Gold Pool, MERS scam and too many more to mention which have raked in trillions for these psychopaths.

People of the world should demand that the British monarch abolish the autocracy of this Den of Vipers and scatter its thieves to the whirlwind.

Get out of Debt

Finally, a very important step in slaying the Beast is to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Instead of buying Jewish entertainment, pay off your credit cards. Instead of watching Jewish news, work more to pay off your car and house loans. There is absolutely no need to buy what you cannot pay for in cash.

This advice has qualifications, but it is a call to use more cash and to avoid debt like it was the plague that it really is. And that means no student loans.

Eat non GMO

We assume that most of our dear readers do not know what GMO food is and how toxic to health it is. The main purpose of GMO food is to keep you sick so that you have to buy Beast medical care. Studies show that GMO soybeans produce carcinogenic formaldehyde of which the body cannot rid itself. It is nearly impossible to avoid soy products in GMO foods.

These foods have been sent to market without any oversight or testing. The agri-owned Food and Drug Administration endorses all GMO foods in spite of their toxicities, and Congress colludes with the agri-murderers to cover-up their lethalities.

Buy American

Most Americans are too foolish and shortsighted to buy American. They think that they are wise and smart to save a few pennies on the mountains of crap they buy each year by buying foreign goods. Buying American is good for the US economy and in some cases an act of charity for fellow Americans.

There are times when not buying junk American products is appropriate discipline to greedy Americans who take advantage of their fellow citizens, but if comparable quality products are up for consideration, go with the American even if it costs a few dollars more. A shrewd boss once advised me not to be pound foolish but penny wise.

American politicians conspired with Rockefellers and Rothschilds to ship American industry offshore. They knew what they were doing - deindustrializing this nation in order to make it more amenable to armed attack.

The foolishness of buying overseas product has crushed this nation economically, and undermined its security.

The fate of the Beast is foreordained - it will be destroyed by the mighty power of Jesus and his Kingdom. The hour has come to make war against it, and there are practical step people can take today to hasten its demise.

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Copyright 2016 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.