Saturday, February 28, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Gold Price Manipulation Entering Terminal Phase

Abundant and profuse evidence has been produced by the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) and numerous independent researchers proving - not just demonstrating - but proving that the gold price is heavily manipulated by the US government, its proxy banks, and European bullion banks. The jig is almost up for the manipulators.
King World News published astonishing information from London gold trader Andrew Maguire announcing the imminent opening a Chinese gold market to rival the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA) and Commodities and Metals Exchange (COMEX). These criminal organizations have engaged in gold price suppression schemes since the 1960s when the London Gold Pool attempted to quash the gold price as the United States hemorrhaged its reserves.
The COMEX has not delivered physical gold in over 2 years because it is functionally bankrupt. Instead, it trades paper gold which it passes as the real thing to unsuspecting investors. The big bullion banks, such as JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, among several others, sell massive amounts of naked shorts to fool the market into thinking that there is no demand for gold.
Interestingly enough, this practice is legal according to the 1933 Gold Reserve Act and amendments made during the 1970s, but naked shorting is illegal for private citizens.
The Chinese gold exchange will end this dishonest behavior by trading strictly in physical gold through a network of worldwide depositories and a lineup of big name brokers of whom Maguire is one.
In addition the exchange will open the wholesale market to large investors and hedgers through a completely anonymous trading platform which will prevent the bullion banks or any other entity from intercepting trades before execution in a practice known as front running. This knowledge is available to the American and British bullion banks who use it to their advantage to steal profits and income from investors.
The goal of the exchange is to break free of the tyranny of New York and London, along with their criminal syndicate of gold thieves. When the Chinese exchange goes live in March, it will ring the death knell to the price fixing scheme which has prevailed for well over 100 years.
The gold fix will not go away with the new exchange sponsored by the People's Bank of China, since it will issue its own daily fix in Beijing and Shanghai. However, that price will be based upon the physical price of gold rather than illusory paper gold. Gold prices are expected to rise dramatically if not explosively.
The launch of the Chinese gold exchange is a parallel effort to the Russian initiative to build a banking transaction system outside of the SWIFT network, a financial system which Washington and Jerusalem use to impose its economic will on the world, including the despised sanctions against Russia and Iran.
The impact of the Chinese gold exchange will be pervasive and extensive with the COMEX and LBMA gold businesses expected to go up in flames. Finally market forces will do the work which the criminal CFTC has failed to do.
King World News, Andrew Maguire – LBMA Paper Ponzi To Be Crushed As Gold And Silver Markets Change Forever!, February 27, 2015, accessed 2/28/2015

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

David Rockefeller and the Assassination of John Kennedy

When we discovered an article delineating the many Rockefeller links to the principal architects and builders of the murder of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas’ Dealey Plaza, we felt vindicated in our thesis that David Rockefeller was one of the eminences grises of the crime.
Most who visit our chronicles are well aware of the following quote from the traitor David Rockefeller, published in his 2002 autobiography:
"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
It is thus no stretch of the imagination that someone who hates the United States so deeply and profoundly as Rockefeller would participate in the murder of its president. Without any loyalties of substance to the United States, its government and laws would only seem a nuisance to the all powerful Rockefellers.
Many have written of the Rockefeller control of both political parties, Phyllis Schafly being one such early opponent who recognized the crass contempt with which the Rockefellers manipulated both parties to govern the nation in their best interests.
During the divorce trial of Winthrop Rockefeller, the man who had the largest homosexual porn collection in the world, his ex-wife recounted how the Rockefeller brothers would sit around 1-2 times per year to figure out how Nelson could become president without an election.
Such an opportunity arose in 1963 when they participated in the assassination of a sitting president. While the smoking gun of Rockefeller involvement is not at hand, forensically sound evidence is available intimately linking David Rockefeller to the crime of the century.
The argument rests upon relationships which Rockefeller had with the known principals of the murder. In particular, Rockefeller had exceptionally close relationships with the following individuals: Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, John J McCloy, and C Douglas Dillon.
We have written elsewhere about the close association of Lyndon Johnson and David Rockefeller, a relationship close enough that Rockefeller would have endorsed Johnson for the presidency in 1968, a subject which came up at the not infrequent dinners the 2 parties had.
It is well established that Lyndon Johnson murdered John Kennedy, with the largest debate centering on the extent of Johnson’s involvement. His famous duck in his limousine prior to the outbreak of sniper bullets is proof that he had advance knowledge, while the various schemes Johnson orchestrated to bring Kennedy to Dallas is proof of participation in the murder to say nothing of the cover-up.
For the planning and cover-up, 2 men closely associated with Rockefeller, the aforementioned Dillon and Dulles, warrant further scrutiny for their relationships to Rockefeller. These relationships are foundational to understanding the command and control exerted by Rockefeller in the murder of Kennedy.
Dillon was a close friend and confidante of David, knowing him as far back as their days at Pine Lodge School, and later Harvard. Dillon was the son of the founder of Dillon, Read, the famous and highly profitable bond broker whose international business network was legendary. Closer to Laurance than to David, Dillon was vice chairman of the powerful Council on Foreign Relations and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, both important Rockefeller enterprises.
As Secretary of Treasury from 1961-65, Dillon was the authority over the Secret Service which played an indispensible role in murdering President Kennedy. Without their feigned negligence and active involvement in the murder and cover-up, the assassination project would have failed utterly.
Dillon went so far as to lie about Kennedy’s preference for no Secret Service agents, a lie which he told to the Warren Commission, and was later contradicted by one of his own agents James Rowley.
But what’s a few lies among friends? On the Warren Commission were 2 other Rockefeller associates – John J McCloy and Allen Dulles. McCloy was chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1953-60, the bank whose chairman was Rockefeller’s Uncle Winthrop Aldrich when he gave Rockefeller his start in business.
McCloy was also chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1954-70. But McCloy’s most important role was as member of the Allen Dulles run Warren Commission, the vile assemblage of traitors who covered-up the murder of the president by the Rockefeller men.
Allan Dulles’ connections to Rockefeller are just as strong, first through the elite law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell which advised the Rockefeller oil interests, and later through the CIA. But John Foster Dulles, brother of Allen, was a Rockefeller in-law, ties which were cemented through the intelligence work which both Rockefeller and Dulles were deeply tied.
When Dulles set up one of the offices of the Office of Strategic Services, he chose Rockefeller Center from which time David Rockefeller was extensively briefed on covert operations as they were often in support of family business. Many CIA operations ran through the Chase Manhattan Bank including the 1953 Iranian coup which gave American oil companies the bulk of Iran’s oil.
It was the CIA, working closely with Mossad, David Ben Gurion, and Rothschild family which murdered Kennedy - the agency over which Dulles ruled, and from which Kennedy fired him for his Bay of Pigs failures.
David Rockefeller admitted in his own biography that his family was part of a secret cabal to overthrow the United States government, a fact of which he was proud. Rockefeller’s closest personal and business ties were to men who served on the Warren Commission, two of whose most important members - Dulles and McCloy - were Rockefeller acolytes. Finally, David maintained close relations with Kennedy murderer Lyndon Johnson, and his ace Secret Service secretary Dillon, all of whose policies benefited first and foremost the oil, arms, and money machines of the Rockefeller empire.
Do not for a minute think that anti-trust diluted Rockefeller wealth or power, a fact which Gary Allen copiously documented. The wealth reported for David Rockefeller is a carefully constructed lie as it represents just the tip of a massive iceberg.
It is plainly evident that private citizen David Rockefeller, with ties so close to US intelligence that he commanded extensive briefings on its covert operations, was not only part of this secret cabal as he admitted, but that he was one of the silent partners in the murder of President Kennedy with a little help from his friends Dillon, Dulles, McCloy, and Johnson.
Morgan Reynolds, The Assassination of JFK, 9/11 and David Rockefeller, No More Games . Net, June 1, 2009, accessed 2/21/2015

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The Strange Death of Richard Rockefeller

When philanthropist Richard Rockefeller died in a plane crash on June 13, 2014, the Jew owned press painted the event as a tragic loss of a good soul who served humanity. The truth is that Rockefeller was murdered like his Uncle Nelson.
Richard Rockefeller made his name as a doctor who taught and practiced medicine for allegedly altruistic reasons, especially as head of Doctors Without Borders. What these press reports failed to disclose is that Rockefeller was also a scientist - of the mad sort - who sought to treat Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in soldiers returning from the imperial wars of aggression of the United States and Israel in the Middle East.
Rockefeller's preferred method of treatment was the saturation of sufferers with large quantities of drugs such MDMA, also known as the psychoactive drug Ecstasy. Besides numbing pain, did these drugs also serve as an MK-ULTRA aid? The main problem with this philosophy of treatment is that it fails to recognize the diagnostic value of pain - a phenomenon not to be numbed, but treated by disassembling the fears and traumas accumulated in a terroristic war waged by the world's 2 largest terrorist organizations.
Other commentators, such as Dr Joseph Farrell, introduced some interesting evidence regarding the death scene of Rockefeller outside Westchester, New York. The Piper PA 46 airplane he piloted carried a 122 gallon gas tank which was most likely full at takeoff. Short minutes after the flight started, the pilot lost contact with the Westchester control tower, and was next found crashed in a neighborhood near the New York City suburb. Interestingly enough there were no fires at the crash scene, leaving open the distinct likelihood that fuel had been cut off and other systems sabotaged to induce a fatal landing. Like John Kennedy, Jr, Richard Rockefeller was a very experienced pilot who had flown in and out of Westchester innumerable times.
Rockefeller had been a trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which Farrell uses to link him to financial interests where covert war is hot and heavy. For example, he mentioned that James S McDonald, CEO of Rockefeller and Company, "committed suicide" 5 days following the death of Rockfeller.
This story is utterly preposterous. McDonald was a very successful and powerful bankster who managed the finances of the Rockefeller fortune and offered sophisticated banking services for other wealthy high powered clients. We seriously doubt that he labored under any mental condition which would lead to suicide.
The truth is that a rash of bankster murders have occurred over the past 2 years, with McDonald and Rockefeller being 2 such examples. Taken together, the only reasonable conclusion is that they were murdered to send a message to the murderous David Rockefeller that his gig as terrorist and thief in chief were over.
Given the superb and tight security of the Rockefeller Empire, only a very sophisticated enemy of the Rockfellers could undertake the sabotage required to kill of one of the family's scions. We would also note that the news stories that David Rockefeller is worth 2.8 billion USD is a laughable lie. The wealth of that family has been buried in trusts and accounts so deep that an underground sonar couldn't find them. But the telltale evidence of the wealth is nonetheless palpable, and it reaches into the trillions.
Farrell notes that Rockefeller was murdered on Friday the 13th, a superstitious day which gained its notoriety as the day when Philip IV of France took on the Knights Templar in 1307 as part of his war against criminal international banksters. The irony is quite evident. Then again, perhaps it is more than irony.

Dr Joseph Farrell, The Nefarium, June 19, 2014

Anya, Death of Bankers, Richard Rockefeller, May Be Sign of Economic War as Well as Message to Nazi Scientists, Anya Is a Channel, June 20, 2014, accessed 2/20/2015

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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Faces of the 9/11 Perpetrators

Veterans Today has done the world a huge favor in publishing the faces of some of the perpetrators of 9/11, a rather sophisticated attack by the Judeo-Nazi Matrix which includes the Ziocons pictured below and the Bush Crime Syndicate whose membership includes Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

If you have trouble reading the names, we produce them below:
Larry Silverstein
Dov Zakheim
Michael Chertoff
Phillip Zelikow
Daniel Lewin
Michael Goff
Alvin Hellerstein
Shalom Yoran
Hank Greenberg
Jules Knoll
Lewis Eisenberg
Frank Lowry
Jerome Hauer
Ron Lauderberg
Micchael Mukasey
Peter Goetz
Michael Harari (not pictured)
Benjamin Netanyahu (not pictured)

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Hitler on Auschwitz

The Judeo-Nazi Matrix has made its reputation by propagating the outrageous lie that Adolf Hitler promulgated the Final Solution to exterminate the Jews. New evidence has come to light demolishing that cherished myth of Jews, the Christian Right, and other assorted fools who believe Jewish lies.
At a presentation to the Institute of Historical Review, perhaps in 2005, historian David Irving presented the astounding revelations of surviving transcripts from a January 19, 1945 meeting of Hitler and his general staff, in whose presence was Heinz Guderian. The German general informed Hitler that Auschwitz had been taken by the Red Army, to which Hitler replied, "Yes," then moved on to more pressing matters.
Is Yes all that the alleged promulgator of the Final Solution could muster on news that the plan's alleged crown jewel had been taken over by the Soviets? A measly, pitiful, plaintive, Yes? Yes means that Auschwitz wasn't even a pimple on a gnat's ass in the eyes of Hitler.
Of course there has never been any documentation substantiating the existence of a Final Solution, or that if one existed that it involved the murder of Jews. No, even Israelis in the early 1960s admitted the absence of such evidence.
With the latest revelation from Irving, it becomes abundantly and absolutely clear that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, and that the Jews put together an extraordinary lie in fabricating out of whole cloth the hoax of the holocaust.
For those who are unaware, Irving is an historian's historian. Whereas most professional historians are access journalists engaged in an incestuous series of trysts republishing each others' works, Irving has spent decades poring over original documents to construct a more faithful version of history, devoid of the propagandistic lies of the Ziocon lobby. For that we salute you, Mr Irving, even though in today's Germany you would have been sentenced to prison for uttering the truth.
David Irving, The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History, filmed at the Institute for Historical Review, nd, published by Per Jensen on YouTube, accessed 2/8/2015
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The Judeo-Nazi Complex and Winston Churchill

It may seem passing strange to Americans lobotomized by education and mass media that Jews and Nazis are the same thing, but it is essentially correct, although certain nuances need to be acknowledged in painting a complete picture of the identity. In this article we examine Jewish control of Winston Churchill.
Several independent sources are now flowing into a large river of knowledge to confirm our view, sketched in bits and pieces, that Jews established Nazism, having succeeded with Bolshevism, in order to create a the foil against which they played rise to global domination following World War 2.
The means was to create a profound victimhood for themselves from which they could mercilessly milk concession after concession -and ultimately worship - as they brutally conquered the world with their lies and deceit.
One of these sources is the historian David Irving whose description of Winston Churchill’s rise to power we recently uncovered. The short videographed answer to a question about Churchill’s connection to Judaism is succinctly outlined to explain why Churchill was the major aggressor of World War 2, even though in fact his Jewish paymasters were the higher order villains.
As way of background, it is important to understand that Jewish banksters, such as those at the Warburg firms, JP Morgan interests, Averell Harriman, and others worked closely with German industrialists to establish Adolph Hitler in Germany.
They had already captured Josef Stalin in the Jewish Revolution of October 1917. And they also owned Franklin Roosevelt as 1 or 2 of his Supreme Court appointments show. Thus the Jews controlled each of the leaders who were principal antagonists of the second world war.
So on the allied side, Jewish banksters controlled Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt, and on the Axis side, they had engineered Hitler’s rise to power, although they did not control him quite as they did the Allies.
After the war, the Zionists invented the holocaust lie from which they have elevated themselves to a god to be worshipped, just as their rabbis teach that Goy (Gentiles, cattle) are to be destroyed and the survivors to be enslaved. This is the reason Zionists destroyed Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, United Kingdom, and the United States - all nettlesome gentile nations, usually Christian, who got too big for their britches.
Returning to Irving’s discovery of Churchill’s Jewish fealty, he notes that Churchill had been bought out by the Zionists prior to his ascendancy to the Prime Ministership, as evidenced by his ability to support a lavish estate with large staff working only as a newspaper reporter earning 500 pounds per year, and Member of Parliament.  The main group sponsoring Churchill was the Jewish group Focus, who financed his lavish lifestyle in return for political homage.
Following a number of emoluments, to be understood as bribes, especially in 1936, Churchill begins an endless clamor for war, having rarely paid Germany any attention previously. One of Churchill’s handlers was Ernest Cassel, a Rothschild man, who continuously urged Churchill into war.
Irving cites papers and correspondence from Chaim Weitzman which confirm that Zionists interests were pulling his chain to which Churchill immediately responded.
One such yank was to refuse the peace offerings of Hitler before World War 2 became World War 2. In so following his greed, Churchill destroyed the British Empire, one of the aims of the Zionists.
It is now abundantly clear that Zionist links connect Churchill to the Rothschilds, and that they demanded that he go to war. His main task, then, was to bring Roosevelt into the war, the latter being the sock puppet of Bernard Baruch and Felix Frankfurter.
The main point to understand is that the Zionists employed full dominance spectrum - as the Ziocon owned Department of Defense puts it - to control the war and its outcome by owning both sides of the conflict. War is a great psychological operation which yields great benefits to its controllers.
Nazism is alive and well, and so are its founders, the Zionists.

Jonas Alexis, Zionist Snipers and the Bastardization of History, Veterans Today, February 7, 2015, accessed 2/8/2015

David Irving, The Zionist Influence over Winston Churchill, Theaxe999's Channel (YouTube), October 15, 2011, from The Holocaust Lie, Summer 1995, accessed 2/8/2015

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Monday, February 2, 2015

How US Government Hijacked the 9/11 Planes

The urgently insisted story that a bunch of lightweight Arabs overpowered 4 combat trained airline pilots on the morning of September 11, 2001 in order to crash them into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, has been exposed as another Judeo-Nazi lie, in a string of them stretching back to the Holocaust Hoax and beyond.
The official lie of the US government concerning the commandeering of 4 Boeing jet airliners for an assault on the United States is as preposterous and laughable as the Single Bullet Theory. It is beyond the pale for the Dick Cheney led government to claim that a rag tag band of Arabs armed with box cutters could possibly outwit and outmaneuver well trained pilots.
Not only have we reported the physical impossibility of an airliner to perform the stunt claimed for it against the Pentagon, but absolutely no planes crashed into the World Trade Center, or into a small 10' x 15' pit in Shanksville, PA.
We have uncovered compelling evidence that the means of hijacking all 4 planes was through the Flight Termination System, a highly sophisticated computerized flight system which essentially eliminated all hijackings of American flights since the early 1970s.
Then all of a sudden, on a single day, we are supposed to believe that a rash of hijackings suddenly broke out at the same time in 3 different locales. The truth is that traitors in NORAD or the FAA took over the planes, bringing them to a military air hangar for hiding. It is from this location that some passengers were compelled to make bizarre scripted phone calls for dramatic effect on the Jew controlled media which cooperated with the Judeo-Nazis and US traitors who planned and executed 9/11.
Further substantiating this hypothesis is the complete absence of manifests or authentic video documenting Arab boarders on any of the flights. Most significantly, none of the pilots triggered the hijacked code, something which they would have done without thinking if their cabins had been under attack.
Finally, the notion that the alleged Arabs who hijacked 4 airliners when they could not even fly Cessnas is a complete Jewish government hoot.
Dov Zakheim, the traitorous Jewish rabbi who was comptroller of the Pentagon when he staged the attacks with the Bush Crime Syndicate and Benjamin Netanyahu, owned the company which made the FTS, enabling the easy compromise of the system which takes over jet airliners by ground controllers. Zakheim is also the comptroller who is believed to have embezzled 2.3 trillion USD which scandal conveniently disappeared when he blew up the Pentagon.
The Jew Daniel Lewin was the famed occupant of seat 9B on one of the flights who oversaw the hijacking of the planes.
After the planes were hijacked, and the telephone calls made, CIA-Mossad murdered most of the passengers. The planes were most likely taken to Marana air field in Arizona, where traitor John McCain guaranteed that they would never be found or investigated.
Many of the above points were promulgated in a blockbuster novel written by Rebekah Roth in her novel Methodical Illusion. As a former stewardess, she had contacts and first hand observations which allowed her to connect the many dots which the government used to fabricate its epic lies about 9/11.
It is entirely possible that the 4 flights never took off, but assuming that they did, Roth's theory is the most credible one to explain the hijacking of the airplanes.
Kevin Barrett, Airline Whistle Blower Solves 9/11, Veterans Today, January 31, 2015,, accessed 2/1/2015.
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