Saturday, March 21, 2015

One More Once: Greer, Connally, and Kennedy

Long time readers of these Chronicles know that we have struggled valiantly to explain the relationship between William Greer, John Connally, and John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 when the Mossad’s CIA murdered the President at high noon. We believe that we can now recount a coherent narrative of the relationships.
While the theory has been around since the 1960s, we have championed the case that William Greer, the Secret Service driver of the presidential limousine, delivered the shot which blew the brains out of the president.
We have fumbled on John Connally, but believe that one of our correspondents, a person who humorously asked to be identified as Deep Truth,  brought to our attention a theory which makes eminent sense regarding Connally as collateral damage in the limousine. Deep Truth argues that Connally was intentionally shot in order to keep him humble and to disqualify his witness of Greer’s murder of the president.
Returning to Greer, we have previously noted his close relationship to Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr, Kennedy’s traitorous ambassador to South Viet Nam, who conspired with the CIA to run an independent policy in Viet Nam,  and who supported the murder of the Diem brothers.
Being an insider with Lodge made Greer an excellent conspirator in the murder. Kennedy’s long time driver suddenly died a month before the Dallas trip, which in our estimation was a murder – the old “heart attack” routine, in order to make room for Greer.
In Dealey Plaza, Greer carried with him a 45 caliber weapon, with witnesses testifying to the sounds of small arms fire. Douglas Horne has reported that the witnesses of the original Zapruder film – a film no one has seen since a day or 2 after the assassination – except the CIA and Mossad – stated that the explosiveness and violence of the fatal head shot to Kennedy was massively greater than what is evident in the adulterated Zapruder film.
Thus it seems reasonable that a closer proximity to the president than the Grassy Knoll was required to achieve the accentuated violence which killed Mr Kennedy - a proximity enjoyed by the president's driver.  Greer’s murder of the president explains why Jackie attempted to escape the limousine – not because she was trying to help Clint Hill into the vehicle as is so commonly supposed – an almost preposterous idea.
It is Greer’s murder of Kennedy which necessitated the altering of the Zapruder film, a plot in which Zapruder was intimately involved. The fact that Greer brought the limousine to a full stop cements the case for his culpability as a murderer, and why he was rushing around so feverishly at Bethesda to cover-up the crime.
This brings us to Connally, whom we have argued, as have others such as Horne, who was indeed part of the conspiracy to murder Kennedy, working as a protégé of Lyndon Johnson. Some will argue that Connally was hit by stray bullets. There are a few simpletons who still believe the Warren Commission’s hoot about the Single Bullet Theory – in reality the Magic Bullet Theory – that the shots which killed Kennedy somehow managed to hit Connally in at least 3 places. My God, have we a bridge for you.
More sophisticated Conspiracy scientists would argue that Connally was shot in a case of mistaken identity since either Johnson or Yarborough were supposed to be with the president. Johnson despised Senator Yarborough who knew what a scumbag Johnson was. However, it is possible that one of the assassins did not know about the last minute change in plans, and therefore mistakenly shot Connally when Yarborough was the real target. With Collins Radio all over Dealey Plaza, we have little patience for the theory. Also, we believe that it was always a part of the plan to shoot any witnesses in the limousine.
Yet others analysts would argue that Connally was shot because of his political rivalry with George Bush and Jack Crichton, both of whom sought to gain control of Texas politics with the governor’s office. Although we suspect that there is some truth in that observation, we believe that the ultimate answer comes from our friend Deep Truth.
The most plausible explanation of Connally’s attempted assassination is that he was deliberately shot to silence him and to compromise his testimony about what he observed in the limousine when Greer shot the president. Connally was shot less than a split second after Kennedy, and we believe that the governor was shot by Mac Wallace on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, a location in which damning finger print evidence attests to his presence. Wallace had a long career murdering people for Johnson until his demise circa 1971.
When Connally regained consciousness at Parkland Hospital, he ordered all Secret Service officers out of the hospital, and demanded to be taken to the top floor where he could be guarded by Texas state police officers. Why? Because he knew from his participation in the murder, and his witness in the limousine, that the Secret Service was the trigger puller in the murder, and he did not want to become part of a cleanup operation as had Tippit and Oswald, and so many hundreds more.
We now feel satisfied in our narrative about why Connally was shot in the limousine. With so many expert assassins ringing Dealey Plaza, he could have been murdered. Connally always stated – even to the end of his despicable life – that America would never know the truth about the Kennedy murder, and could not know for "national security" reasons. Connally was still clinging to his useless, wretched life to the bitter end.
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Menachem Begin on Gentiles

The following quote from former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was given in a speech to the Knesset according to Dr Jim Fetzer writing in Veterans Today.

This statement was not uttered by Adolf Hitler, Andrew Dice Clay, or Joan Rivers. It was uttered by the former leader of Israel, speaking as a Jew, for Jews. These statements are extraordinarily common in synagogues which is one reason why the Jewish cult always meets behind closed doors. Gentiles are forbidden to enter synagogues unless supervised by a Jew.

Americans should demand immediately the dismemberment of the state of Israel, and declare war on it until it threatens the human race no more with its Satanic barbarism. All of the 20th century's wars are the product of Talmudic (Babylonian) Judaism and Zionism. 9/11 was a nuclear attack on the United States by Israel, the Bush Crime Syndicate, City of London Rothschild banksters, and the British royal family.

The Israeli rabid assault on the nations of the world is understood when one studies the utterances of psychopaths like Sharon, Barack, Begin, and Netanyahu.

Our race is the master race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.

Jim Fetzer, The Netanyahu Speech: A 10-point deconstruction, Veterans Today, March 5, 2015, accessed 3/7/2015

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