Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A New Independence

As July 4th rolls around again, we thought it opportune to call for a new declaration of independence from the tyranny of masks, and to call upon all liberty loving Americans to burn them in a bonfire to outshine the brightest fireworks.

Most Americans have been channeling Howard Hughes to live a life of daily dread from the corona virus foisted upon us by the shadow government which lives in many places, most famously in the CIA, but also in elite neighborhoods of Georgetown, Manhattan, Haight-Asbury, Seattle, and other parts where billionaires and politicians congregate.

We have explained before that masks are ineffective, and we cite an important review of mask studies published long before the corona virus reared its head which concluded that masks are generally ineffective in stopping microscopic particulates from entering the respiratory tract.

Additional evidence supplied by health researcher Sayer Ji notes that masks are unsanitary, and yet another source reports that masks inhibit oxygen levels below OSHA guidelines. The bottom line is that masks, especially as worn to inhibit the contraction of corona virus, are unhealthy.

But we will note again that even if masks were effective at stopping microscopic material, they are totally unnecessary as it is practically impossible to communicate a virus. The belief that corona virus is infectious is a foolish old wives fable which goes back to the ideas of quack Louis Pasteur. The human respiratory system is extremely capable of rejecting or stanching the ingress of ordinary daily harmful toxins. On the other hand, when one spends a lifetime smoking, breathing chlorine, living in polluted areas, and other abusive behaviors, it is quite possible to overwhelm the body's natural defenses.

But these extreme cases are not what we are discussing. We are interested in normal daily intercourse. Mask wearing is absurd for many reasons. On the one hand we are told that corona virus can linger for hours if not days in the air, and live for days on surfaces, yet people wear their flimsy masks thinking that they will protect themselves from these virulent boogeyman germs. Shouldn't such people be living and sleeping in hazmat suits? After all, the body has no defense against germs as they believe. But with all of the neurotic handwashing which decimates healthy microbes, it may indeed be the case that these people have compromised health systems.

But since viruses are not living organisms, it doesn't matter if they linger in the air for days or years. They can do no harm. So even if one could infect someone with a virus, it would be a giant nothing burger as we explain below.

Virus are solvents produced by the body which break down toxins and wastes which the body's bacteria cannot handle. Everyone has viruses in his body at nearly all times. The belief that viruses cause illness is a classic example conflation of cause and effect. Viruses appear after the body recognizes pathology - not as the cause of pathology.

In order to be effective, viruses must be coded with the host's DNA and RNA, meaning that someone else's virus has no effect upon another. If somehow someone else's virus invaded your body, it would treat the virus as foreign material and discard it.

Without viruses, you would die.

But what about all of the deaths? The Vaccine Company in Atlanta has instructed medical professionals to classify any death as caused by COVID-19 (19 stands for 2019 when the green light was given to launch this scam) if they suspect that the "virus" was involved - no test required, or if a test shows positive for the "virus". The tests cannot truly identify sars-cov-2 because the full genome is not available and thus cannot be found with any certainty. But it is great occasion for claiming that a death was caused by corona virus. With that logic, I could declare that anyone who dies with white blood cells died because of the white blood cells. 

In other words, the Vaccine Company has reclassified deaths which would ordinarily be tallied as pneumonia, flu, or some other respiratory disease as corona virus, all without the slightest bit of evidence of causation.

Lysenko is green with envy. The utter ignorance and lack of critical thinking of Americans is the basis of the totalitarian state which the Trump regime and the Vaccine Company have foisted upon us.

Disobey your talking head: take off your masks. The Vaccine Company in Atlanta is in the business of selling its book which is vaccines. Fear sells poison.

Therefore, I call upon all Americans to take off their masks, burn them, and do a happy dance. Let this be the year of liberty proclaimed through all the land.

Copyright 2020 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.