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Roswell, Nazis, and UFOs

The famed event in Roswell, New Mexico of July 1947, from which sprang the Unidentified Flying Object culture, has a side to its story which few of its adherents or debunkers know or understand. Rather than being an extraterrestrial phenomenon, Dr Joseph Farrell argues persuasively that it was an event entirely of this Nazi world.
During a presentation cited in our Reference section, Farrell rehearses the evolution of the story originating in the discovery of aircraft crash debris found near Roswell, NM by William Brazel on June 14, 1947. He reviews the changing story from the perspective of evolutionary mythology, through which process initial facts metamorphose into distinct tellings, which he calls articulations, based upon interpretive preferences.
In total he identifies 6 articulations which might be summarized, perhaps heavy handedly, as follows:
1. Initial reports from Walter Haut and Jesse Marcel of the US Army Air Force 509 Bomb Group stated that a flying disc was discovered northwest of Roswell, but less than a day later, Brigadier General Roger Ramey changed the original report by stating that a weather balloon – not a disc – was recovered from the crash site
2. In 1980 Berlitz and Moore publish The Roswell Incident which for the first time states that there were bodies recovered from the crash site.
3. Don Berliner and Stanton Friedman publish Crash at Corona which elaborates that alien bodies were recovered at the site, in part based upon the story of a mortician Glen Dennis
4. Kevin Randall and Don Schmidt publish their book which revises the previously established time line of events, and brings out the witnesses to the alien bodies.
5.  Skeptics emerge with various themes of objection to the post 1970s articulations including debunking of the witnesses, and the elaboration of the weather balloon theory with Project Mogul and Japanese weather balloons.
6. Lieutenant Colonel Corso of US Army intelligence publishes The Day After Roswell which enumerates for the first time the specific technologies recovered from the debris including lasers, fiber optics, night vision, integrated circuitry, transistors, porous metals, hieroglyphics, and memory metals with the argument that these technologies could not have existed during World War 2 or earlier, thus necessitating extra-terrestrial explanations.
In addition to reviewing the evolving story, Farrell dissects the documents supporting either side of the case, including the Majestic 12 memo, and the General Schoeben memo. His general conclusion is that forged documents were required to substantiate an extra-terrestrial solution.
Summarizing the extra-terrestrial main storyline then, an alien spaceship flew light years through space, surviving space debris and flying objects, only to be slain by a bad thunderstorm on earth.
Farrell’s thesis is that all of the details of the crash site and its recovered debris can be explained by terrestrial phenomena, and that the only plausible source for these advanced technologies was Nazi Germany.
He specifically noted that all technologies but one have antecedents in German scientific literature. For example, porous metals were discussed in aeronautical papers addressing the problem of air drag on wings during takeoff. Memory metals were known as early as 1932. The point is that there is no requirement for extra-terrestrial assistance to produce what was discovered in Roswell.
However it did cause much consternation among the US military because the debris was not produced by the military which meant that it required a power with the means to produce it, and one of which the military was not previously cognizant. Certainly the Soviets did not have these capabilities.
The only people who knew these advanced technologies were the Germans, many of whom were brought to the United States by Allan Dulles’ Operation Paperclip as a means of harvesting German technology.
At this point the Nazi connection becomes interesting, because Farrell refers to the Operation Paperclip Nazis, and an extra-territorial Nazi state which had the financial and technical wherewithal to produce an advanced aircraft, each group of Nazis being a distinct group. If there is a Nazi state, whatever its form, then World War 2’s outcome was a mirage. On this point we concur.
Indeed this continued Third Reich corresponds, in our view, with the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, Masons, and any number of other unknown groups who actually rule the world, perhaps most famously as the New World Order, a phrase used frequently by Adolph Hitler and George Bus, Sr.
We further endorse the explanation because it was Judeo-Nazi banksters who established Hitler and Nazism in the first place. Thus the defeat of Germany was a psychological warfare operation to deceive people about the continued existence of these eminences grises who ruled the world from New York City, City of London, and Israel. The new heads of state were invisible and Mammon.
Given the endless lies and scandals of the US government, especially those exposed during the 1970s, it is entirely understandable how some of the bizarre UFO and ET theories became prominent. Yet they are not required to explain the Roswell crash site.
There are many problems with the various stories, including the one told by General Ramey. It is preposterous beyond imagination that the Army would send the world’s only nuclear trained unit to the hinterland of New Mexico to deal with what it claimed was a weather balloon, and that the intelligence officers involved would have trouble identifying a weather balloon in the first place.
Although he acknowledged the contradiction inherent in his appeal to a dead witness, Farrell mentioned that one of them actually saw the German cross on the crashed aircraft.
The witnesses adduced by the various ET advocates were in almost all cases dead when their stories were told by second hand sources, making it very difficult to substantiate or cross examine them. Farrell debunked the faked alien autopsies in which Fox News played a part.
Even if bodies were found at the site, their characteristics could be explained in completely terrestrial terms.
Farrell hinted in the interview that the aircraft may not have been one in the conventional sense, maybe not even a flying saucer as such. He noted that the government brought in top Nazi rocket scientists to review the debris – something which one does not do for an errant weather balloon.
The implication, supported by early military correspondence on the subject, as well by the placement of key people like Nazi General Nathan Twining in New Mexico prior to the crash, is that Nazi scientists, working for the invisible Nazi state, were conducting high voltage rotating  plasma experiments related to the Bell, whose air craft was destroyed by lightening.
We are happy to see a thoughtful explanation which avoids the voodoo of ET, a matter fully elaborated in Dr Farrell’s book on the subject, which would make the 7th articulation.
Joseph Farrell, Interview with George Ann Hughes, The Byte Show, February 6, 2010, accessed 1/31/2015
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The American Vandals' Sacking of Europe

Another lie about American purity bit the dust with Marc Roland's article covering America's massive thefts of art and culture from Europe at the end of World War 2. Writing in The Barnes Review, he dismantles the myth of American integrity in dealing with Europe after the war.

The CIA controlled media - that would be practically all of it - has spent a fortune fostering the myth of the American immaculate conception and its perpetual virginity in world affairs, elevating itself to the realm of exceptionalism which is a vacuum of the truth.

The truth is that among its many war crimes, American military and medical personnel stole enormous amounts of art treasures from a prostrate Europe. While we have covered the American death camps, we focus here on the cultural rape of Europe at the hands of the Americans.

So wanton and prodigious were the thefts that Roland quotes the US Army Post Office which raised a sign saying, “The best loot in the world passes through these doors.”
While it would be naïve to suppose that Americans would not loot the vanquished - after all it is the traditional aftermath of battle - it is also true that it was stoked by the hatred of the Jew Theodore Newman Kauffman whose book Germany Must Perish! provided ample impetus to a base desire. More specifically Kauffman and the Jews called for the extinction of Germany as a nation 4 years prior to the outbreak of war.
With the fanning of such hatred of the Hun, it is quite easy to see why American soldiers, following the examples of their commanders, found a bounty of booty all throughout Europe.
Roland recounts how Americans trashed homes, commandeered them for use, destroyed them, then moved on to repeat the cycle again. Fabulous art and historical treasures were either stolen for personal use, or utterly destroyed.
By Roland's account, billions of dollars of exceptional arts and antiques were stolen or vandalized following the cessation of hostilities. Given the exuberance of the modern collectibles market, we believe that Roland understated the actual take.
Citing Kenneth D Alford and others, Roland enumerates examples of theft to include diamonds, the Salzburg Museum gold and silver coin collection, Persian rugs by the thousands, Albrecht Durer's Big Horse, minks, silverware, illuminated manuscripts, gold by the train car load, and so much more as to make a Christie's auction look like a charity bazaar.
The irony is that Americans believed that it was the German's who engaged in this type of mass theft. The truth is quite the opposite. The paintings and other art works which the murderer Dwight Eisenhower found it salt mines and other hiding places were put there by the Germans for protection, rather than for confiscation as the murderer implied. When the allies found them, they kept them for themselves.
This is not say that no art was returned to its owners, or that all soldiers engaged in this wholesale looting, but as a matter of practice it was condoned regardless of any effete regulations to the contrary.
When you think of Americans as the great liberators of Europe, it would be more accurate to think of them as the great liberators of art and cultural treasures into their own homes and accounts.
Marc Roland, The Real Story of World War II's 'Monuments Men', The Barnes Review, November/December 2014, accessed 1/30/2015

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Monday, January 26, 2015

What Ties Foster, Lewinsky, and 9/11 Together?

If you think that the attacks on New York City in 2001 began in 2001, your hindsight is very short sighted. Those attacks on the United States began right after World War 2.
Jews set the stage for 9/11 in 1946 when they attacked the King David Hotel in order to blame it on Arabs as a pretext for their invasion of the Middle East. This false flag attack was also Jew on Jew violence which would characterize the many Jewish intelligence operations down to the present time including what recently happened in France.
The purpose isn't so much to murder Jews as it is to hide any indications that Jews are the terrorist aggressors.
Jewish intelligence was developing its organization in the 1940s, but it was calling the shots at the soon to be inaugurated CIA. In 1948, Harry Truman's 2d term looked like a pipe dream until Jews stuffed his campaign full of freshly minted bills amounting to 2 million dollars - chump change today, but a very significant sum in the 1948 presidential campaign. after May 15, 1948, the terrorist state known as Israel came into existence.
While it appeared to be a small country, it was backed by the world's greatest military power, and ruled by the world's greatest wealth - the Satan worshipping Rothschilds. It would launch wars continuously in the Middle East until it had conquered everything from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates.
In 1962 President Kennedy refused the murderer David Ben Gurion's request for nuclear technology and weapons, a refusal which solidified the resolve of the Mossad's CIA to murder Kennedy, with Meyer Lansky, Ben Gurion, and the Bush Crime Syndicate allied in conspiracy of epic proportions.
The connections between the Kennedy murder cells in the United States and with Lansky have been well documented elsewhere, as has Lansky's connections to Israeli intelligence.
Ever since the 1960s, Israel has engaged in espionage against the United States, focusing particularly on nuclear installations and technology, especially since the melt down of its Diamona plant.
It is not until the first Bush administration that the nuclear gambit spun out of control. Many who lived during that presidency may recall Bush decommissioning many hundreds of nuclear missiles, especially the older Davy Crockett missiles with W54 pits. At the time, some derided his announcement as a peacenik publicity stunt, while others thought that Bush had betrayed his principals - as though he had any.
The reality, as we recently published, is that Bush sold the decommissioned nuclear weapons to Israel and other Jewish criminals - ie the state of Israel. The missing warheads eventually created an accounting problem between Department of Defense and Department of Energy which required the launch of the Able Danger investigation to determine how they were stolen, and to recover them if possible.
While we had originally thought that Bush did not want a second term because his control of the government was already cemented, we have come to rethink that position based upon the events which followed.
The theft of the nuclear weapons by the Bush Crime Syndicate required an enormous conspiracy by hundreds if not thousands of traitors. If you don't think that a heist that big can be silenced, you don't understand the power of drug money and Rothschild money which together amounts to trillions of dollars.
Thus Bush's loss of the presidency presented an enormous difficulty in controlling the secrecy of the crimes. However, criminals do not give up easily.
We believe that many of the terrorist events of the Clinton administration were attempts to keep the lid on the lies. Thus while we previously concluded that Vincent Foster was murdered because of his involvement with Promis and nuclear sabotage with Israel, it is entirely possible he was murdered because he knew about the missing warheads and was going to make it publicly known; or, he was attempting to prevent the conveyance of the codes, at which point Hillary had him murdered. Foster may not have known about the close Bush-Clinton relationship.
This explanation is consistent with the evidence and enormous complications with Foster's office immediately after his death. Hillary Clinton stormed into office to retrieve the nuclear code books he kept in his safe. The ignorant talk about White Water documents being in the safe is a red herring.
Posession of the nuclear launch codes Foster had in his safe was a profound and egregious violation of federal law. Was he planning to pass them to the Israelis?
The destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was done with nuclear weapons stolen by Bush. We believe that the building was destroyed because it housed incriminating evidence against the Bush Crime Syndicate on several fronts, but most specifically the Able Danger investigation. Others have confirmed that it housed criminal investigations relating to Bush, but only a crime of this magnitude could justify the nuclear destruction by the psychopath.
Finally, when the hopelessly corrupt Bill Clinton failed to terminate the Able Danger investigation, Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky was sent to entrap Clinton in "impeachable offenses." The BCS had mounds of incriminating evidence on him, but couldn't use Iran Contra because that would have exposed Bush. So the BCS created a uniquely Clinton scandal, at which point a frustrated Hillary uttered her famous "vast right wing conspiracy" of which she spake sooth - a rarity for her.
We know that Lewinsky was Mossad or a cutout for Delta Force Linda Tripp who was working for BCS. In any event, Delta Force and Mossad go together like a horse and carriage.
When it looked like hot air Al Gore might win the presidency, the BCS called all of its chits to preserve the Able Danger secrets, and to blow up New York City before their crimes could be exposed.
We still have questions ourselves about the precise relationships between Clinton, Foster, and Bush, but this line of reasoning seems most promising.
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Veterans Today Blows 9/11 Case Wide Open

Despite Mossad and Bush Crime Syndicate murders of their intelligence network members, Veterans Today continues to reveal the most explosive and shocking details about the Jewish and BCS attacks on America on September 11, 2001.

As we have reported previously based upon the works of others, including Jim Marrs’ superb reportage, 9/11 was a joint attack on the United States by treasonous Americans and Jews in very high places, and the vast right wing conspiracy centered in Israel, Washington, DC, New York City, Houston, City of London, and Buckingham Palace.

Writing in VT, Mike Harris relates new 9/11 facts of which we were not aware. We have long known that nuclear weapons were used in New York, but the origins remained a mystery. To understand how the Jewish Mossad got hold of the weapons, one has to go back to the presidency of George Bush, Sr during which time he announced the decommissioning of many nuclear weapons, claiming that they were aging and irrelevant in a post Cold War world.

After he decommissioned the weapons, he sold them to the Jewish Mossad, who with US military and government traitors secreted them out of the country where they eventually wound up in South Africa for staging before importation back into the US.

The specific weapons used on NYC were among the 350 reprocessed W-54 Davy Crockett nuclear pits sold by Bush through Pantex. The stolen nuclear weapons ring was supported by very high ranking US officials from the Bush administrations (eg Vice President Dick Cheney), Joint Chiefs of Staff (eg. Chairman Richard Myers), United States Air Force, North American Defense Command, Federal Aviation Authority, and innumerable New York City officials (eg Rudolph Giuliani).

The 350 stolen nuclear weapons began to create an accounting problem requiring highly classified investigations which were known as Able Danger. However, the BCS was able to blackmail the exceptionally corrupt and criminal Bill Clinton whose close ties to the BCS cocaine Iran Contra operation, along with numerous rapes, forced his hand in shutting down the investigation.

For those wondering what the Monica Lewinsky scandal was all about, now you know. Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky was sent to compromise and warn the reluctant traitor that Able Danger needed to be killed sooner rather than later.

Although Clinton severely clipped the wings of the Able Danger investigation, it still lumbered on, forcing the Pentagon, under the auspices of Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Myers to call the investigators to the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001 to murder them. Fortunately some of them were unable to make the meeting, surviving to reveal their intelligence. Nonetheless, many of the survivors have since been murdered by BCS/Mossad agents.

Additional traitors from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and most of the leading Israel First dual citizens such as Victoria Nuland and George Soros, supported the attack on America. Larry Silverstein stands out among this group as the traitor who purchased the World Trade Center in anticipation of its destruction, and to aid the looting of gold, silver, and diamonds which occurred the night before the attacks.

Other traitors such as Eric Holder, also involved in the 9/11 attacks, were compromised with huge salaries and big jobs, which is why “Obama” appointed him Attorney General. His treason continued full steam ahead once he was sworn into office with Fast and Furious and Benghazi being prime examples.

The majority of members of Congress are pedophiles who were easily compromised in blackmail operations of Mossad and its CIA, Barney Frank serving as a prime example.

If you were wondering why the beloved CIA controlled press never reported any of these facts, we need only consult Voltaire who said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” In this case, the Jew owned corporations control 80-90% of all media, including the news outlets. You can be sure that you are being lied to.

To drive home the point about criticism, there is practically no sacred object in the world or America other than a Jew. You can vilify Jesus Christ; you can put publish pornographic art; you can murder people left and right, but don't dare criticize a Jew. It will cost you your job, family, and life.

As for the patsy, Osama bin Laden, we have covered this story extensively. While we knew that bin Laden was a close business associate of George Bush, we did not know that he was a senior CIA officer holding the rank of colonel, frequently seen entering and leaving the Pentagon.

On September 11, 2001, Colonel Tim Osman, aka Osama bin Laden, was in Bethesda Naval Hospital receiving treatment for his ailing kidneys, and symptoms of Marfan’s Syndrome. Whatever his spook operations were, 9/11 was definitely not one of them. He died December 16, 2001.

Not only did Bush sell the Jews the Davy Crockett nuclear pits, he also gave them S19 and S20 intercontinental missile nuclear warheads, a watered down version of which Israel launched at the Pentagon from an Israeli Dolphin class submarine lying off the East Coast.

The blackmail continues as Boehner’s invitation to mass murderer and 9/11 architect Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress confirms. Boehner is completely engulfed in all manner of sexual and bribery scandals which makes him quite obsequious to Netanyahu.

It takes a village to pull off a conspiracy this large, which is one reason the Clintons are part of it. However, through the alternative media, and through true patriotic Americans who are speaking up in spite of deaths and death threats, the truth has been revealed. There are more details and names to name, but the architects and prime movers in the attacks on the United States are very well known.

Mike Harris, Preston James, Israeli Espionage Fronts have Hijacked America!, Veterans Today, January 22, 2015, accessed 1/24/2015

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Theodore Roosevelt's Fraudulent Military Record

History books and biographies regale their gullible readers about the heroic charge up San Juan Hill by the Rough Riders led by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, but the truth is that Roosevelt's war record is a tawdry lie.
Wikipedia quotes Roosevelt thusly
'"On the day of the big fight I had to ask my men to do a deed that European military writers consider utterly impossible of performance, that is, to attack over open ground an unshaken infantry armed with the best modern repeating rifles behind a formidable system of entrenchments. The only way to get them to do it in the way it had to be done was to lead them myself."'
This story is even more preposterous than those told by Commander McBragg in the 1960s cartoon shorts interwoven with episodes of Underdog. The above quote by Roosevelt is more of his blustery pompous flatulence for which he became famous and delusional.
One of the near contemporaneous accounts of Roosevelt's exploits comes from a man who knew the 10 presidents from Andrew Johnson to Woodrow Wilson. A lawyer by trade and politician of necessity, Richard Franklin Pettigrew wrote his thoughts of the presidents - all of whom he met personally - in his memoirs toward the end of his life.
Of these 10 presidents, Pettigrew made the following observation:
These ten presidents were not brainy men. They were not men of robust character. They were pliable men, safe men, conservative men. Many of them were usable men who served faithfully the business interests that stood behind them.
While Roosevelt was no murderer in the sense that Lyndon Johnson or either George Bush was, he was still a dishonest character on numerous occasions, and a golden boy of the exploitative and rapacious robber barons of the Gilded Age. Neither Pettigrew, nor Professor Giddings of Columbia University who knew Roosevelt since boyhood, was impressed with Roosevelt either intellectually or morally.
One example of Roosevelt's mendacity was his sworn denial that he was a citizen of New York in order to escape inheritance taxes, claiming instead that he was a citizen of Washington, DC. However, shortly thereafter, he was running for the governorship of New York as a New York citizen. So not only was Roosevelt a tax cheat, he was a liar. Taxes are only for the little people.
Pettigrew's most important contribution comes from his rendition of Roosevelt's trip to Cuba as an opportunist looking to polish his resume for the presidency in the Spanish American War. While Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Roosevelt enlisted as a lieutenant colonel, along with a doctor, Leonard Wood, into the regiment to later be known as the Rough Riders.
Neither of these men had a lick of military experience, yet both were determined to create military names for themselves. Landing east of Santiago, Cuba, and having abandoned its horses in Florida, the regiment made its way by foot toward San Juan Hill 10 miles away. Before reaching its target, the regiment was ambushed at El Caney and in risk of annihilation except for an unnamed colonel of a black regiment who rescued Wood and Roosevelt from certain defeat.
The 2 regiments then made their way to Kettle Hill, in the vicinity of San Juan, to engage the Spanish. While the unnamed colonel and his regiment took Kettle Hill, Roosevelt, now commander of the regiment upon Wood's promotion to Brigade commander, bivouacked on his hinder quarters far from the front lines. It was the black regiment which took San Juan Hill. The only thing Roosevelt took was a dump.
After San Juan Hill was captured by the black regiment, Wood and Roosevelt charged up Kettle Hill to find absolutely nothing but an empty kettle used for evaporating sugar cane.
However, none of this is recorded in Roosevelt's account of the war, History of the Spanish War. Instead Pettigrew said,
[he] says that he charged up San Juan Hill and found the trenches full of dead Spaniards with little holes in their foreheads and that two Spaniards jumped up and ran away and that he missed one of them but killed the other with a shot in the back from his revolver.
Yet Pettigrew stated that he consulted the Department of War records which attributed no role to Wood or Roosevelt in the taking of San Juan Hill because it was the black brigade which achieved the victory. He also refers the reader to Colonel Bacon who published the results of a hundred  affidavits by veterans of San Juan Hill, all of whom stated that Roosevelt was not there or anywhere else in the war except at El Caney where his unit was nearly decimated. 
So like the criminal George Bush, Jr, Teddy Roosevelt invented a fake military history for himself in order to deceive the nation about his great military acumen. Roosevelt belongs in the Hall of Shame and Liars. He is all American scum.

Wikipedia contributors. "Theodore Roosevelt." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 15 Jan. 2015. Web. 22 Jan. 2015.

Richard Franklin Pettigrew, Imperial Washington,  Charles H Kerr & Company Cooperative, Chicago, October 1, 1922

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

European Bank Runs Are Spreading

While many corporate controlled news outlets assure its viewers daily that all is well with the financial world and that at least the US economy has strongly recovered from the 2008 Lehman collapse even though 0% interest is the prevailing policy, they do so at the expense of the truth with the latest example being the insolvency of Banco Santander.
Banco Santander, one of the largest continental European banks headquartered in Spain, announced without warning that it needed the equivalent of 8 billion dollars to keep its doors open, resorting to the calling of numerous loans to close the gap.
Its banks in the United Kingdom witnessed a 30% withdrawal of funds in a massive bank run which has received scant attention.
Interviewed in King World News, Dr Philippa Malmgren  warned that the bank runs could easily spread - not just throughout Europe but also to the United States since US banks, as with Banco Santander, have significant interrelated exposure to emerging markets which have been beaten by currency devaluations and economic stagnation.
We have maintained that the banking problems of 2008 and earlier were never resolved by forced liquidation of bad loans and undercapitalized banks. Instead, the Rothschild's Federal Reserve engineered 24 trillion USD of payoffs, wealth transfers, and thefts to paper over the banking insolvencies.
The Federal Depositor's Insurance Corporation, though granted a 500 billion USD line of credit in 2009 would only be able to cover losses by using money printed by the criminal Federal Reserve. In any event, the FDIC does not have the resources to bailout depositors and takes years and decades to pay off depositors, if ever it does. There are many account holders from the Savings and Loan crisis of the early 1990s who have never been paid, and never will be paid.
The idea that depositors would be promptly paid in the event of bank collapses are absurdities cultivated through lies and imbecilities.
Furthermore, the 2005 bankruptcy law changes made depositors creditors who must take a junior position in the hierarchy of claimants on a failed banks' assets. This means that most depositors will not be paid any insurance claims, or at best be paid at a fraction of their losses.
The bail-ins which occurred in Cyprus in 2013 will be re-enacted in the US should bank runs begin in earnest.
The economic catastrophes looming in Europe have been engineered to justify the European Union Central Bank beginning wholesale quantitative easing, a program begun in the United States to buy bad and good loans from banks as a way of cleaning up their balance sheets and liquefying them for further operations. As it is, the Federal Reserve is insolvent, and could not withstand widespread bank runs.

Former White House Official – Europe In Danger Of Mega-Bank Runs That Jeopardize The World, King World News, January 18, 2015, accessed 1/18/2015.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: COMEX Died in 2012

The Commodities Exchange died in 2012, yet very few if any failed to note its obituary.
Dr Jim Willie, a macro-economics analyst living in exile due to Jewish threats against his life, has noted recently that COMEX has failed to deliver any gold since June of 2012. Although we have reported this tidbit before, it is worth repeating.
COMEX operates a criminal enterprise where they advertise a gold market but in fact do not have one. Instead it trades paper. Anyone who attempts to take delivery of gold is either laughed at hilariously or forced to settle in cash.
The only functional gold market in the world is in China. To our knowledge, the London Bullion and Metals Association is also failing to deliver gold, but may be failing on an intermittent basis rather than on a permanent one. Bulk quantities of gold cannot be purchased for less than 50% over the fake gold price quoted in London.
Gold prices have been heavily manipulated through paper prices, but as so many buyers, especially Asian, have called the bluff on this fake fractional market, the price of gold has come under heavy pressure.
However, with Ft Knox dry as a bone - except for nerve gas - and London nearly depleted of gold - the price manipulation schemes are starting to fall apart. We have predicted in the past that gold would rise in 2013 and 2014 - and were wrong both times. But as the old adage goes, if you keep repeating your good or bad calls, you will eventually be right.
We believe that we were fundamentally correct, but tactically premature, not fully understanding the ability of the gold naked shorters' abilities to control the gold price. The recent rise in gold suggests that long term secular bull market in gold will resume.
If Willie's prediction about the establishment of a new Gold Trade Note comes to fruition, gold will most emphatically accelerate its ascent.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Life and Times of Gene Tatum

Professional spook Gene “Chip” Tatum co-wrote an extraordinary memoir in 1996 which recounted his activities as an intelligence agent, which unfortunately received scant attention at the time. Had the public paid attention, 9/11 would most certainly not have happened.
The reason for our conjecture about 9/11 is that Tatum names the criminal politicians – perhaps a redundant pair of words – who were heavily involved in drug trafficking, arms running, and murder, and who turn out to be the same people who ran 9/11.
Tatum’s writings also provide important insights into the real powers behind the elected façade and farce of official US government. He also added substantial detail and corroboration from other witnesses about the criminal empire conquered by George Bush, Oliver North, Richard Secord, Bill Colby and others.
The first important operation which Tatum relates concerns the Nixon administration’s management of the Viet Nam War, a part of which revolved around keeping Cambodia in the war so that the bloodshed could continue.
Rockefeller protégés Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger had devised a plan to keep Cambodia’s leader, Lon Nol, in the war as he vacillated between Hanoi and Washington. He had seen how the CIA facilitated the ouster of the corrupt Prince Sihanouk, who had objected to Washington’s imperious disregard for his country's sovereignty, and wished to avoid becoming a total puppet of Washington’s powers.
To solidify his dependence upon Washington, Nixon and Kissinger ordered the creation of a deep cover false flag team called Team Red Rock whose mission was to stage an attack on the Cambodian air force stationed in Phnom Penh in order to blame it on the North Vietnamese. Prior to this time, Cambodia had cooperated on and off with the North as it fought the CIA instigated war.
General Alexander Haig, of Watergate Deep Throat fame, provided the military orders to Red Rock which consisted of 14 men, some of whom were attached in order to kill off other team members after the operation in order to guarantee silence about the deception.
Tatum and his American comrades discovered the clean-up plan, and escaped for safe haven in South Viet Nam. Before reaching their destination, they were captured by North Vietnamese who tortured them brutally for several months, but somehow managed to escape.
Against all odds and designs, Tatum and one other team member survived, whereupon Bill Colby, future CIA director and operational head of the murderous Operation Phoenix, visited Tatum for recruitment into other black operations.
For the next several years, Tatum performed various spook activities for CIA and other intelligence organizations until the mid 1970s when Colby advised him to leave the agency due to Tatum’s loss of political protection consequent to Colby leaving the agency.
After the ill winds died down, Tatum was back in the spook business, with his old mentor Bill Colby alerting him in 1983 to a contact from Marine colonel Oliver North who was the lead manager for the vast narcotics trade operated by the Bush Crime Syndicate’s CIA.
North’s job was 2 fold. The first was to get control of the Columbian drug trade in order to monopolize it completely under Bush-CIA control. The second was to import into the United States massive quantities of drugs, especially cocaine, whose revenues were to be used ostensibly for arms for the Contras fighting the "evil" Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.
The truth of the matter is that the Nicaraguan civil war was partly a scam wherein the Contras operated the large cocaine factories for North and Bush. During this time, Tatum became good friends with Barry Seal, another spook who would be murdered by Bush and North in 1986 for his not so subtle threats to Bush to lay off the IRS investigation hounding him for his illegal and criminal fortune.
Before Seal was murdered, he provided Tatum with a list of individuals who were directly involved in the drug and arms trade which soon became known as Iran Contra.
Tatum claims that he was unaware that he was transporting drugs, which had been disguised as medical supplies, until a cooler of cocaine was accidentally dropped. He quickly realized that his trips to Arkansas in the early 1980s carrying these coolers were destined for Bill Clinton and his crime gang.
Compiling his own firsthand knowledge with information that Seal provided, Tatum produced a list of politicians who were involved in Iran Contra, which list reproduced here is incomplete. However these individuals had close involvement with the operation.
This roster, which includes a couple of additions of our own, reads like a who’s who in American politics
·         George Bush
·         Jeb Bush (our addition)
·         Henry Kissinger
·         William Casey
·         Clair Elroy George
·         Alexander Haig
·         Donald Gregg
·         Duane Clarridge
·         Joseph Fernandez
·         Oliver North
·         John Singlaub
·         William Colby
·         Richard Secord
·         William Weld
·         Felix Rodriguez
·         General Peroot
·         Jackson Stephens
·         Bill Clinton
·         Dan Lassiter
·         Michael Harrari
·         Amiram Nir (aka Pat Weber)
·         Ben Whittaker
·         Tony Wilson
·         Eric Brown
·         Too many more to mention
Assassinations, drug running and money laundering kept Tatum busy until around 1990 when he was reassigned within the Pegasus Group. He provides some sketchy information about the group which he believed was founded in the 1950s by President Eisenhower to spy on the CIA. Pegasus is a fictional name he applied to the group since revealing its real name would land him in legal hot water, a coffin, or both. However, we surmise that it may be the Joint Special Operations Command of which 99.9% of all Americans know nothing.
He described the group’s current mission “to ‘align’ world leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards”. He further adumbrated its command structure with an international board of directors consisting primarily of UK and Israeli thugs who use Pegasus as a deep government to keep world leaders on a short leash for what we would term as Rothschild-Bilderberger policy.
Tatum stated that he left Pegasus in 1992 when President Bush ordered him to “neutralize” Ross Perot, a euphemism which includes murder when “friendly persuasion” fails.
Although it has been 15 years since Tatum told his story, it is loaded with fascinating information which should cause Americans to protest in the street.
Returning to our thesis, one will note that important figures involved in Iran Contra were also heavily involved in 9/11, the most important of which were the Bush Crime Syndicate and Michael Harrari about whom we have written elsewhere.
The lawlessness which was allowed to flourish from Iran Contra solidified the power base from which these criminals were able to carry out more monstrous crimes.
Chip Tatum, The Dark Underworld of America – The Pegasus File, Veterans Today, January 8, 2015, accessed 1/11/2015
Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cheney, Netanyahu Targeted Washington Bridge on 9/11

In another bombshell report on 9/11, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today published more details about the connections between the Russian Jewish mob, the terrorist group JINSA, the CIA, and their failed attempts to blow up the George Washington Bridge, and the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels in an attempt to impose martial law.
Unknown to most Americans, a federal task force known as Able Danger, which had been largely gutted by Bill Clinton due to blackmail over his many criminal activities, had followed the Mohammad Atta group for espionage activities and which operated in Fort Lee, New Jersey, one of the terminals of the George Washington Bridge.
Agents defused thousands of pounds of explosives which that group placed near the cables of the bridge which the Atta group had positioned to be detonated simultaneously the destruction of the World Trade Center. Atta was closely tied to the CIA and Egyptian intelligence according to Duff.
In addition police commissioner Bernie Kerik arrested 2 Israeli terrorists near the Lincoln Tunnel driving a van filled with explosives who were designated to blow up the Washington bridge. The suspects were released on the orders of the White House, which in this case was Dick Cheney.
Fort Lee is the home of many members of the terrorist organization known as the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) which coordinated, through the use of Arab cutouts such as Atta, their planned attacks in Fort Lee, and the radio jammings from the high rises along the Hudson River.
Duff reports how many "kosher mafia" thugs left the USSR and Ukraine to settle in Fort Lee at the demise of the Soviet Union, operating extensive gambling empires. They worked with Mossad, CIA, and local Fort Lee residents to erect the jamming stations which caused havoc with New York City rescue operations on 9/11.
9/11 planning house
We show in an image from Veterans Today the CIA/Mossad safe house where 9/11 was planned on Tom Hunter Road, not far from where the "dancing Jews" "art students" lived. They were in fact Mossad agents caught dancing when the twin towers exploded. Those students were promptly escorted out of the country on the orders of George Bush or Dick Cheney.
Four blocks from the 9/11 planning house lived Mohammad Atta at 215 Main.
The most terrifying aspect of the VT story is the fact that officers involved in arresting some of these terrorists are under gag orders not to talk. Even more astonishing is that the FBI has the audio tapes of the conversations of the planners from the house on Tom Hunter Road, but the tapes are being squelched by BCS forces who operate the FBI and its organized crime.
215 Main, Fort Lee, NJ
Veterans Today has provided a huge cache of articles explaining the intricacies of 9/11 planning, weapons of choice, and command hierarchy showing without doubt that operationally it was a collaboration between Mossad, CIA, Bush Crime Syndicate, Saudi intelligence (BCS), Russian Jewish Mob, and Egyptian intelligence (BCS).

Gordon Duff, Mapping 9/11: The Fort Lee Mystery, Veterans Today, January 9, 2015, accessed 1/10/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

9/11 Dots Connect Cheney, Netanyahu, and Nuclear Weapons

Reaching an 11 on the Richter scale, Veterans Today published an article today which connects the most important dots in the 9/11 conspiracy committed by US traitors and Jewish enemies of America; dots which go straight to the White House.
VT editor Gordon Duff has blown the lid off the 9/11 conspiracy for which the US government spent a scant 14 million dollars trying to investigate, but which investigation in reality was another cover-up like the Warren Commission.
The most explosive details in the story cover the collaboration between vice president Dick Cheney and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, both of whom took lead roles in their treachery to destroy the United States and urge its entry into more wars of Jewish aggression and butchery in the Middle East.
Duff cites the Department of Energy 9/11 report issued in restricted circulation in 2003 to the White House, Congressional leaders, and top Pentagon generals. They all promptly discarded the report because of its shocking revelations regarding the use of nuclear devices to destroy the World Trade Center, and its implication of their involvements in the attacks.
The report and Veterans Today sources describe how the nuclear materials were stolen by treasonous Americans when several hundred nuclear warheads were decommissioned in the 1980s and 1990s, wending their ways to Israel, organized crime, and nations like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, and others.
Even more shocking are witness accounts of top US officials from the White House passing nuclear secrets to Israel at a Washington cocktail party in the presence of Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleeza Rice, both of whom were heavily involved in the 9/11 attacks on the United States.
Victor Bout was one of the key players transporting nuclear weapons from the US arsenal to storage in Waco, TX, then to Houston, to the Canary Islands, Mauritania, and then to a mine controlled by former Apartheid South African prime minister Frederik De Kleerk.
Bout, however, is being kept in Thailand for more CIA torture because his testimony leads directly to his handler Dick Cheney. Bout had a long career transporting arms and drugs for various administrations and the CIA.
The DOE report notes that the placement of the nuclear warheads in the basement of the World Trade Center was based upon proximity to 26 tons of the coolant Freon which was transformed into hydrogen fluoride, or deuterium fluoride, during the nuclear detonation on September 11, from which hydrogen bombs are made. This compound explains the massive fireballs which erupted in buildings 1 and 2 of the WTC.
The massive quantities of hydrogen fluoride also explain why the steel girders, scaffolding, and granite(!) of the WTC were hopelessly molten, burning for weeks after the initial detonation of the 1.5 kiloton nuclear warhead.
One of the many cover stories for declaring war on Iraq, whose Saddam Hussein, though a CIA asset, had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, was that Hussein was indeed developing nuclear weapons. This allegation was pure nonsense hatched by the wicked minds of the CIA.
But that didn’t stop Valerie Plame from conducting such an investigation to prove that Hussein had surreptitiously imported 500 tons of “yellow cake” uranium from Africa to be used in his alleged nuclear weapons program. Unfortunately for her boss Dick Cheney, her findings were not corroborating the official lies.
When her husband, ambassador Joseph Wilson, published definitive proof that the yellow cake theory was a fraud, the White House outed CIA agent Plame, in direct violation of the law, and as a way to expose her to assassination.
Israeli agent Scooter Leibowitz, also known as Scooter Libby, Chief of White Security, eventually took the blame for Cheney’s order to expose Plame.
One of Plame’s agents was Dr Aafia Sidiqqui whose unit was about to order the arrest of Dick Cheney and senior leaders of the Department of Energy for their theft of 1/3 of the US' post SALT II nuclear arsenal. Cheney has since ordered her to serve an 87 year sentence in a super maximum prison.
While Cheney, Victor Bout, and senior DOE officials were stealing nuclear weapons, they needed someone in the military to help conceal the losses. The man who led that effort was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers, who while head of the nuclear accounting division in the Pentagon oversaw the destruction of nuclear records to hide the theft by Cheney and Bout. More than likely it is this service which earned him nomination to the JCS.
One of the more chilling aspects of the DOE, IAEA, and Duff reports is the Jewish espionage ring operating in the United States under the direct command of Benjamin Netanyahu. We quote:
Able Danger established the presence of an espionage organization in the United States that was answerable personally to Benjamin Netanyahu. The organization included the then head of the Dept. of Energy, the AIPAC Lobby, the Anti-Defamation League, key commanders of America’s nuclear forces, the Joint Special Operations command under VP Dick Cheney, and members of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a UN organization.
While this report does not begin to exhaust the 9/11 story, it  shows that Dick Cheney and Benjamin Netanyahu were prime movers and shakers in the attack, more so than even George Bush, Jr whom we have been told had the crap beat out of him by goons his father sent when he delayed launching the war in Iraq.
The most clear and present danger to America is the Bush Crime Syndicate, Israel, Rothschilds, and British royalty, all of whom were major players in the 9/11 attacks on the United States. But a special place of dishonor goes to Dick Cheney and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gordon Duff, NEO – CIA Torture Report Ties Cheney/Bout to 9/11 Nukes, Veternans Today, January 8, 2015, accessed 1/8/2015

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Why LBJ Sponsored Civil Rights Reform

Americans, Blacks especially, believe that Lyndon Johnson championed the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act because he believed in equality for blacks and in social justice. That myth couldn't be farther from the truth.
If Lyndon Johnson, one of President Kennedy's many assassins, was anything, it was a conniving, cynical, manipulative politician whose only motivation was greed. His abuse and contempt for his staff were legendary, and if he despised his staff so much, one can only imagine what he thought of black people.
Let's just say that "nigger" rolled off of Johnson's lips easier than snot on a brass door knob. In fact nigger was such a common household reference for black people that Luci Johnson, the former president's daughter, is reported as having a temper tantrum because someone lost one of her servants.
Robert Kessler, as reported by Robert Morrow, describes the following episode when Luci was 17 years old.
MacMillan said Johnson’s younger daughter, Luci, then seventeen, was a “wretched witch.” On one stopover in Florida, she was having a tantrum because she did not know where a servant was. She blamed MacMillan for it.
            “She said, ‘Damn you. You go find my nigger right now,’” MacMillan said. Playing dumb MacMillan asked for a description of the man.
            “She screamed again. ‘Find my nigger.’ People around were smiling. She drew her hand back as if she was going to slap me. I said, ‘Miss Johnson, I don’t think that would be a good idea.’ She said, ‘Dammit, I’ll find him myself.’ This was the attitude of these people who were championing civil rights.”
Ironically enough, one of his daughters scandalized the White House by marrying a black man, whereupon Secretary of State Dean Acheson offered his resignation as he felt somewhat responsible.
Returning to Johnson's motive in civil rights, we must stress that it had nothing to do with social justice. Johnson fought the legislation hard when Kennedy was alive, but as soon he murdered Kennedy, he was all over it.
Why the sudden change in outlook? There was no change in outlook; Johnson was counting votes. In his own words, Johnson said,
“I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.”
Johnson, for once, was correct. In fact, the view of the majority of black people is that they would vote for Johnson even if he burned crosses in their front yards, just so long as he got them civil rights. But it would be a pyrrhic victory indeed.
J Edgar Hoover, Johnson's neighbor and stalwart friend, personally oversaw the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr, an operation involving federal and local governments, Army Delta Force, and Johnson himself.
Johnson's groveling, sycophantic hagiographers like Robert Dalleck, Doris Kearn Goodwin, and Robert Caro, will tell you none of this mostly for the simple reason that they are liars. We can't repeat what Johnson called his mistress Goodwin.
As a murderer Johnson is despicable; as a civil rights interloper he makes an extraordinarily difficult man to assess.

Robbert Morrow, LBJ played Hoover’s FBI’s MLK Sex Tapes for LBJ protégé Ben Barnes in mid 1960’s, Email dated 1/3/2015

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Is George H W Bush Really George H Scherf?

Far be it from us to turn our nose up at a good conspiracy theory, but in the case of George H W Bush being George H Scherf, Jr, we have to take a pass.
There is a rather dubious theory floating around that George Bush is in reality Nazi spy George H Scherf, Jr whom Adolf Hitler sent to America in 1938 to engage in sabotage. Scherf Jr allegedly enlisted in the Navy to steal advanced American technology for use in its own arms developments.
But the story gets even more interesting when Scherf Jr is alleged to be the son of legendary scientist Nikola Tesla's personal secretary George H Scherf Sr. Even more titillating is the assertion that Scherf Jr was the character upon whom Curious George was based since the young Scherf was allegedly constantly in Tesla's office snooping into the scientist's papers for the purpose of purloining them.
The evidence for this theory is flimsy to say the least. It is based largely, if not entirely, on the story of a Jew named Eric Berman who goes by the name Eric Orion. In Berman's telling he was dating the daughter of Otto Skorzeny, Adolf Hitler's body guard who was around 90 years of age or more at the time he related his tale to Berman.
Berman, who according to one source was 29 at the time of the confessions in 1995-6, was dating the daughter of the nonagenarian who, feeling his time was up, decided to bare his soul, and a box of pictures he had kept for 60 years, one of which included a young man in a German sailor's uniform who is supposed to be George H Scherf, Jr aka George Bush, Sr.
When Scherf arrived in the United States, he is then allegedly adopted by Prescott Bush who himself is allegedly the fake son of Sam Bush. If your head is spinning, don't worry - it's the story, not you.
So the evidence for the identification of Scherf, Jr with Bush,Sr is a lousy photograph from 1938 in which some kid resembles George Bush, Sr. We agree that there is a vague resemblance, but not nearly enough to draw the conclusion that the two men are one and the same. We have examined several pictures of Bush, Sr from the time period and cannot see substantive similarities to suggest a singularity, let alone confirm one.
Skorzeny, who died in 1999 according Berman or in 1975 according to official records, came to the United States immediately after World War 2 as a CIA Operation Paperclip infiltrator. The former bodyguard also alleged that Adolf Hitler was alive and well in 1997 at the ripe old age of 107, living comfortably in the state of Montana.
Every informed historian knows that Hitler died c. 1965 in Argentina, leaving the Skorzeny character short on credibility.
Furthermore, it was the Germans - not the Americans - who generally produced the most advanced technology; so their need to steal American secrets is almost laughable. Indeed that superiority was one of the justifications for Operation Paperclip.
If anyone wanted to confirm that Scherf and Bush are one and the same, a seriously credible forensic anthropologist - actually more than one would be required for the scientific method - would need to do computer aided photographic analysis on the facial features of both men proving a match. Until that time, the assertions about Scherf and Bush are annoying.
The story is probably attractive because Prescott Bush, Averill Harriman, the Rockefellers, DuPonts, and almost every other financial elite were trading with the Nazi enemy during World War 2 in order to profit from death and misery.
George Bush is also a murderer and drug dealer worth trillions of dollars, and is thus an attractive target for these types of stories. However, as someone who staunchly denounces the moon landing as a hoax, and steadfastly avers that Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966, we consider the Scherf-Bush theory nonsense and rubbish.
Until the scientific facts are in, we advise serious students of history to ignore this tripe.
Don Nicoloff, Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president, Idaho Observer, reproduced by, accessed 1/2/2015
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