Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chess In the Ukraine

Geopolitical chess just became more complicated with the US sponsored coup in Russia's backyard. This move in the Ukraine was a Zionist Neocon gambit to take back Syria.
When Russian president Putin blunted Zionist Neocon puppet president Obama's incursion into Syria, the puppet masters struck back with a coup in the Ukraine. While the events may seem unrelated, they correlate in strategic petro-chess.
The US attempted in 2013 to invade Syria as part of the Zionist Project for a New American Century plan to take over the Middle East. The Zionist Neocons fabricated the plan in the 1970s-80s to take the oil fields of the Middle East.
Over the past 15 years, economic developments have centered on pipelines crisscrossing the region to deliver oil and natural gas from various producers. The Zionist Neocons realized that Russia and Iran posed significant economic competition, especially with Chinese support, in the area of oil delivery and control.
He who controls the pipelines controls the oil. Thus the Neocons launched an all out war for the Middle East to bring the pipelines and territories under their control. That was one of the leading motivations for invading Iraq.
While the Russians and Syrians joined an alliance which the Zionists could not ultimately sever, the latter moved their attacks closer to Russian borders by attempting to knock the Ukraine into Nato's orbit and out of Russia's. This development has forced Russian ships out of their Syrian docks into the Black Sea toward the Crimea. Diluting Russian strength in Syria is the perfect prelude to resuming "regime change" in that country.
This would be much like the Russians planting missiles in Cuba, and so the Russians recently docked a destroyer there to show the Zionists that 2 could play that game. Unfortunately the Zionist government in Washington is plagued with second and third rate leaders who play these games for total war. There are no Kennedys and Khrushchevs to keep the mentally deficient thugs in the Pentagon from launching all out war.
Although the Zionists do not necessarily have the best weapons technology, and have blundered incredibly in recent power games with other countries such as Syria and Iran, it will not prevent the war mongers from launching one last wheezing gasp of an invasion somewhere to keep their hopes of totalitarian empire alive.
Whoever wins Ukraine wins the battle. The war will continue, but the advantage will be decidedly to the victor in the Ukraine. It is unlikely that Russia will lose.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Cuban Missile Crisis Hoax

America was brought to the brink of nuclear annihilation in October 1962 when the USSR and USA had come to loggerheads over the matter of Cuba and missiles. The truth is that the episode of Cold War politics was grand theater.
The basic story is well known to most Americans. The Soviet Union under Nikita Khrushchev had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba under the auspices of Fidel Castro, only 90 miles away from the south of Florida. The Kennedy administration found itself faced with the first substantive violation of the Monroe Doctrine in 150 years, to say nothing of a potential nuclear catastrophe.
The story is also a bit more complex because the Soviets were not acting entirely aggressively. They objected to the Titan missiles which the United States had planted in Turkey and elsewhere in Europe near Soviet territories and their vassal states.
Kennedy found himself in a precarious situation after the matter of missiles was first released in the press by people who were not entirely naïve about the situation. The president could not tolerate the presence of these missiles in this hemisphere thereby looking weak to the Soviets. Nor could he act too aggressively with America held virtually hostile to the missile threat.
Kennedy's generals were bellicose, frothing at the mouth for an all out nuclear war. The president, with moral support from his brother, had to face down both the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who were mentally defective, and the Soviets at the same time.
Most Americans know about the back channel communications Kennedy initiated with Khrushchev, bypassing a furious State Department, so we will not rehearse it here. In the end, this ruse is credited for the détente in tensions which kept the world on edge for 2 weeks.
What most Americans do not know is that the crisis was entirely manufactured by the Rockefellers, who not only governed the USSR, but who also, through the CIA, installed their puppet Fidel Castro in power. Most students of history would scoff at the idea of the Rockefellers directing Soviet actions, but we know from sources, such as Charlotte Iserbyt, who observed them in Moscow that they were so common a presence that one high level Soviet scientist thought that they were politburo members.
We have reported elsewhere how the CIA installed Castro as a replacement for Batista, knowing full well that he was a communist. In fact they had trained him as such. Furthermore, George Bush was the bagman who ferried money to the dictator for compensation, arms, and other special concessions. We understand that Bush's handler at the time was E Howard Hunt, one of America's foremost scumbags.
Thus the Rockefellers designed the missile crisis as a gambit to destroy the Kennedy presidency, and to take over America in coup predicated upon abject fear - just as they and their acolytes in the Bush Crime Syndicate would do on September 11, 2001. The Rockefellers assumed that America would acquiesce to a military junta led by Nelson Rockefeller.
Rockefeller's sick mind was on display when he, as chairman of the Office of Civilian Defense, explained to citizens on television how to prepare for nuclear war. Not only did he know that there was no risk of nuclear war, but he demonstrated his complete contempt for Americans as he whipped them into a frenzy over the imminent war.
He assumed that Kennedy would fold like a cheap suit, and when he didn't, resorted to plan B by assassinating him the following year. That is what Nixon meant by the "whole Bay of Pigs thing."
It is important for Americans to know that they were played like a cheap fiddle in the fake Cuban missile crisis. Many government officials were fooled into thinking that they were on the brink of nuclear war, but the truth was quite the opposite. As John Lennon stated it, it was a bunch of mind games.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How NASA Murdered Gus Grissom

Astronaut Gus Grissom (1926 - 67) was a man of high integrity and outspokenness who was silenced by NASA goons when he brought to America's attention that all was not well with the space program.
He along with fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee were murdered on January 27, 1967 when their Apollo 1 space capsule blew up in flames. But there is more to the story than the state controlled news media reported.
We came across this story without looking for it when listening to an interview Bart Sibrel gave to Jim Fetzer in 2009. Sibrel is the celebrated documentary film maker who made A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to The Moon, the expose explaining the moon landing hoax.
At one point Grissom is heard on tape asking NASA control how we could go to the moon when we can't even communicate between 2 buildings on earth. Subsequently he held an unauthorized news conference where he exposed many of the short comings and failures of the space program, explaining that it would take another 10 years to get to the moon.
That did not sit well with the CIA or NASA. Subsequently a hit squad was ordered by the government to murder the 3 astronauts. Although the press reported that the 3 men died of the massive fire explosion which engulfed the space capsule, documents prove that the men were poisoned with cyanide gas while strapped in their seats. In fact, Bill Kaysing reported that they tried to get out of the space capsule 5 minutes before the fire started.
The men were burned to death in order to destroy the evidence of the cyanide poisoning, and other crime scene evidence. The day following Grissom's death, the FBI stormed the widow's home to seize all of his manuscripts and documents, which must have included incriminating evidence of the NASA program's incompetence and disrepair, a state documented by others before Congress.
Whether the CIA itself, Army Delta Force, or other assassins murdered the astronauts is still undetermined. However, it is very clear that they did not die in a freak accident - they were murdered by freaks who wanted to maintain the lie that the US space program was on schedule to fly to the moon. Of course we know what an hysterical hoax that was.
They say knowledge is power, but it is also a death warrant.
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Top Ten Hoaxes and Crimes of the 20th & 21st Centuries

We present a list of the top 10 crimes, lies, and hoaxes of the 20th century in no particular order.

Official Story
Man landed on moon
NASA sent a crew of 3 men to moon and back, with a moon walk
NASA sent a crew into outer space to orbit the earth who faked some photography. The moon walks took place in movie studios and Area 51
The Holocaust
Adolf Hitler, as part of his Final Solution for the Jews, ordered the extermination of 6 million of them.
Zionists embarking on a genocide of Germany faked the story of the holocaust in order to gain sympathy for a new state and to kill as many Germans as possible
The Cold War
The US and USSR were engaged like 2 scorpions in a bottle in an epic struggle of good vs evil
The US and USSR were never at war at the highest levels because they were each governed by the same Zionist-bankster axis of evil, creating a charade to justify massive arms spending and eternal war
Lee Oswald murdered President Kennedy
Assassins sitting on the Warren Commission fabricated the most fabulous lie about a Lone Nut murdering the president
CIA and Mossad murdered President Kennedy for a variety of parochial reasons
Al Qaeda demolished the World Trade Towers
Al Qaeda and allied terrorists destroyed the WTC as an act of aggression against the US
CIA and Mossad destroyed the WTC to eliminate incriminating evidence against Bush Crime Syndicate crimes, bonds, embezzlements, and murders
HIV causes AIDs
HIV is an inert retrovirus of no consequence. Massive hoax perpetrated for drug companies and mind control. AIDs is a collection of diseases with well known etiologies and pathologies
Elvis died
Elvis died of drug overdoses and declining health
Elvis staged his own death to escape drug goons and others who threatened his and his family’s lives
Paul McCartney is alive
Paul McCartney was the most successful post Beatles Beatle
Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966, replaced by Faul, in order to advance occult and New World Order agenda, including drug culture
Titanic Sunk
The British ship Titanic sunk in the North Atlanta after hitting an iceberg, killing 1500+ passengers
The British ship Olympic sunk in the North Atlanta after hitting an iceberg, killing 1500+ passengers, on orders from J P Morgan and Bruce Ismay to recover the costs of the Olympic which had been ruined under command of the incompetent Captain Smith.
Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
The wicked Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack
The wicked Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in a faux surprise attack instigated by Franklin Roosevelt to justify entry into World War 2
Germany started World War 2
The crazed madman Adolf Hitler started World War 2
The crazed madmen Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt, acting for Zionist interests started World War 2, and ended it by murdering 1.5 million German men, women, and children

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Murdering Paul McCartney (1942-66)

After outlining the major theories regarding the replacement of Paul McCartney of The Beatles in 1966, we would like to progress to a tentative theory of our own regarding his murder. We admit that the physical evidence is slim, but there are other sources of evidence which lead one to piece together a plausible narrative of his assassination.
The Evidence

We acknowledge that there is no corpse, making a case of murder a bit more challenging than usual. The primary fact is that Paul was replaced in 1966, a fact confirmed by the forensic work of Carlesi and Gavazzeni published in 2009 showing that the individual masquerading today as Paul McCartney is indeed a different person than the Paul of 1966 and prior.
The evidence that we have about the circumstances of his death relies in part upon the lyrics and clues from Beatles albums beginning with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Although many so-called clues are ambiguous and could have alternative interpretations than those put forth by the Paul Is Dead community, we believe that their cumulative weight, bolstered by various statements of former Beatles, Heather Mills, and Sir Paul McCartney support the thesis that Paul is Dead.
The Publicity Stunt
There are many who claim, frothing at the mouth and shaking their heads more violently than Baby ever shook It, that the Paul Is Dead rumor is a gigantic publicity stunt. That allegation is a complete and total non-sequitur.  We could concede that someone perpetrated a publicity stunt without at all undermining our contention that Paul is dead.
Did the Beatles really need a publicity stunt c. 1967-69 when Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, and Abbey Road albums had rocketed the Beatles to the apex of their fame?
The bottom line is that a publicity stunt neither proves nor disproves death – the argument is almost infantile.
The Theory
The theory we maintain concerning the sequence of events preceding and following McCartney’s death may be briefly stated. McCartney was assassinated sometime between August 25 – 27, 1966, somewhere between Seattle and Los Angeles – our hunch being San Francisco - and returned to England where the body was staged in a fake automobile accident discovered September 11.
Beginning as early as August 28, McCartney imposters were used until a permanent replacement could be doctored to resemble the dead McCartney, the switch operation completed in late November by the time recording for the Sgt Pepper album began.
The Explanation
The last known appearance of Paul McCartney was at the August 25, 1966 Seattle concert, after which date he is seen no more. What the public does see is a cavalcade of Paul imposters all of whom look distinctly different from the others. This person is often known as Faul, but we will identify his real name following.
If Paul was last seen on August 25, it would be reasonable to assume that he died near the place of his last known presence. He was en route to Los Angeles that evening, where on August 28 a fake Paul gave a press conference with the other Beatles.
That his managers had an imposter in place so quickly suggests that certain parties had planned the murder well in advance. And the fact that a fake one was seen landing in San Francisco suggests that he had died August 25-27. But of course this is not necessitated by any of the facts - simply a reasonable conjecture.
The Dates
We are aware of other dates given for his death, especially the one provided cryptically in the drum on the cover of Sgt Pepper. The drum date is said by many to be November 9, 1966, but others argue that the day and month should be flipped to give 9/11/1966, a matter to which we shall return.
The Body
Some allege that the walrus reference by John refers to Paul’s body, to which a rescue worker likened Paul’s condition when it was recovered from its death scene. While the story is certainly apocryphal, we could run with it by stating that a body submerged under water would bloat, coming to resemble a walrus, meaning that Paul was dead quite a few days before being discovered.
More critical skeptics will dismiss the walrus clues as merely a reference to Lewis Carroll’s poem, but we will show how Beatles’ communications are layered with meaning, making fixation on a singular interpretation fraught with error.
We accept the 9/11 argument because it corresponds with the time of decomposition required to assume the state of a “walrus”. Brian Epstein also announced on October 3, 1966 that The Beatles would tour no more, meaning that the November date of death is too late.
Why would a manager announce to the world that a band of monumental popularity would stop touring, especially when Paul commented that they would continue to play before fans? Was he lying? Certainly life on the road was a pain, but to abruptly state that the band would stop touring when it had heavenly bills to pay is absurd. The only reasonable explanation is that Paul was dead.
Death of The Beatles
Not only was he dead, but so were The Beatles. The difference between 1966 Beatles and 1967 Beatles is stark and chasmic, the two irreconcilable. Clearly someone wanted the band and its influence for reasons other than entertainment.
The Beatles were a shock and awe band, inspiring and promoting behaviors in teenagers which were alarming to older generations. They were the wedge which higher powers wanted to embed in the social structure of America - and the world - for divide and conquer tactics. Besides, the world needed to be distracted from the murder of President Kennedy.
Some say that the Beatles were a product of the Tavistock Institute founded in part by Aleister Crowley. Although a reasonable proposition, one which we have come to endorse, it has limited evidence. Yet it is hard to imagine such young men wielding so much power without a wizard behind the curtains pulling levers. Indeed there is abundant evidence showing that crowds were paid to show up for The Beatles appearances, especially in America, meaning that these powers were very anxious for this band to succeed.
Our best guess is that Tavistock gained control of the second, post Paul Beatles.
The Rosetta Stone
Wizards there were indeed as one sees on the Sgt Pepper album cover. Perhaps the most disturbing figure on the cover is that of Aleister Crowley. Why would a monstrous, vile, Satanic person such as Crowley appear on the cover of the Beatles’ album?
The standard and best answer is that the cover represented favored characters of the Beatles, the cover designers, and perhaps some executives at record publisher EMI. Numerous accounts given by John Lennon and George Harrison support the claim that these persons were heroes of the band members. Supposedly the album cover was the brain child of Faul who also claimed that the characters on the cover were band picks. Adolf Hitler was dropped at the last minute as too controversial.
As such, it is very clear that the Beatles – certainly John, George, and Faul – were Satan devotees to varying degrees, the most convincing evidence being their endorsement of Aleister Crowley, a somewhat remote figure today, but even more obscure, especially to American audiences, in 1967. We suspect that the Beatles thought that they were being clever with their veiled references to Satanism, but time has divulged fully the truth of their loyalties.
Now there are those who say that the characters on the cover also represent those which the band disliked, but this is a stretch belied by the statements of the various Beatles and an eisegetical reading of the event. Redwel Trabant, author of the Sgt Pepper Code, stated consistently in his essays that the persons selected were those whom they admired in some fashion, Adolf Hitler included.
An argument against our Satanic readings of the Beatles’ religion is that their interests were more those of dabblers and curiosity seekers than that of true believers. More importantly, we would argue that Faul was the prime mover of this development – the true believer.
Paul the Satanist
Now regarding Faul, there is one argument that he was Ian Iachimoe, an owner of the occult art gallery Indica where Yoko Ono exhibited and met John Lennon. William Shears Campbell is said to be Ian Iachimoe, and Billy Shears is the band leader introduced at the beginning of the Sgt Pepper album, which in turn would be Faul McCartney. Lennon, incidentally, publicly met Ono in 1966 at Indica around the time of McCartney’s death. Did he know her prior to his public meeting with her? Ono is a witch and intelligence agent – making her a perfect Tavistock client or agent.
The Motive
Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of the McCartney murder is motive, of which many have been put forth. We believe that The Beatles’ apparent opposition to the Viet Nam war is a plausible explanation for his death, but we think it is too shallow.
Others have noted that Paul, after an encounter with Mark Lane, became convinced that President John Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy rather than through the idiotic lone nut theory manufactured by the perpetrators.
Offering to lend his talents to a musical on the subject, authorities may have feared that the popular entertainer would open way too many minds; so they murdered him as they did so many other witnesses.
The realization that a band this powerful needed to be controlled probably inspired the Powers That Be that they could hijack the group for their own needs. In particular, with the Viet Nam war escalating, and the Bush Crime Syndicate needing a market for its drugs being shipped out of the Golden Triangle, the Beatles’ advocacy of drug use could be a huge boon to their trade.
Thus Faul’s interview in 1967 admitting that he used LSD was basically a paid advertisement for drugs being sold by the US government imported from Southeast Asia.
As we have noted elsewhere, the post 1966 Beatles were worlds apart stylistically and musically from the pre 1967 band. This difference, then, is what the cover of Sgt Pepper symbolizes – the death of the old Beatles and the birth of the new, an evolution which probably could not have occurred with Paul still in the band.
There were also the messy underworld connections of the Beatles, due in part to manager Brian Epstein’s heavy gambling habit, wherein ownership of the Beatles may have passed into new hands as a settlement of debt. Perhaps Paul was the fly in the ointment whose presence and objections were no longer needed.
While all of the above are probably part of the stew, we believe that Faul’s lust for fame and fortune fueled his conspiracy to remove Paul from the band in order to remake it into a blatantly Satanic outfit to lure millions into the dark world of Lucifer.
In any event, unless Paul was a human sacrifice, his elimination may have been required because he would not go along with the new direction the band’s handlers wanted to take it. He was the fool on the hill thinking he could chart his own course.
The Beatles ended their US tour in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, San Francisco being the frothy home of Anton Lavey, Ken Anger, and the Church of Satan.
The Culprits
So where are we? We are at the point of nominating a murderer – if not a group of murderers. We believe that Faul was the front man of the coup who was assisted by Paul’s brother who has gone along with the conspiracy for pecuniary and religious reasons. Both are Satanists, and human sacrifice is part and parcel of that occultic faction. The motive was fame and money for their part, and for the handlers, a vast new drug market whose supply was brought under the control of the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Many state that Beatles’ albums and lyrics are replete with clues about the murder of Paul. To a point we agree, though many are intentionally misleading and may well reference the death of Tara Browne. But the scariest part of that phenomenon is that there are so many knowledgeable clues that one must wonder how anyone but the murderers could know so much. And we cannot rely upon them to be entirely truthful – only half truthful as a good Satanist would be.
One of the principles of the occult is to hide meaning in symbols which only the initiate knows. Speaking forward and backward was one of the many skills Crowley urged upon his adepts. Indeed the Beatles albums are replete with these artifacts, a fact which Faul acknowledged in the Beatles Anthology.
We don’t expect many supporters of our view, to put the case mildly. The details are gruesome and a shock to at least 2-3 generations of music lovers. However, we must follow the facts and fit them most consistently with the personalities and actions of the people involved. To suppose that Faul murdered Paul seems an outrageous claim to most Beatles fans and observers, but Satanism, to say the very least, is entirely outrageous itself.
The Art
Thanks to Clare Kuehn, we discovered an astonishing work of art, executed by John sometime during 1966 – 71, in which he depicts a dead man bludgeoned death, holding a shovel, attended by his dog, on a bright sunny day. Kuehn likens the drawing to the fool tarot card, linking it to The Fool on the Hill song.
We agree that the picture sympathetically depicts the death of a loved one. We would argue also that the picture evokes painful loss and clues relating to the death. The shovel in our mind indicates that Paul dug his own grave, so to speak, by attempting to defy powers who had other ideas for his life or band than what Paul may have had in mind, or broached subjects they wished to remain covered up.
In short, the art work was John’s extraordinary record to us about the events on and around September 11, 1966 which took from the world The Beatles and gave it Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
The only point upon which we are dogmatic is that Paul McCartney was murdered on or before September 11, 1966. Others are subject to new interpretations, and new clues. The power of the media is enormous, and we are gullible to its seductions. What the media gives, the media takes away.
Clare Kuehn, Mass Shootings & Paul Is Dead,, accessed 2/21/2014
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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Real Story of the Sinking of the Titanic

Fictional accounts of the sinking of the Titanic explain that the great ship sunk 3 hours after hitting an iceberg, but what they don’t tell you is that Captain Smith deliberately struck the ice in order to sink the ship for its insurance payoff.
The Titanic started life originally as the Olympic, making its maiden voyage in 1911 under the leadership of the incompetent Smith who managed to run the 10,000,000 USD ship into other ships 3 times, the most damaging of which was against the HMS Hawke, an old British destroyer. It is this accident which rendered the ship a permanent liability to its operator White Star Lines.
Bruce Ismay, White Star's president, presided over a company in precarious financial condition, owing in part to a heavy investment in the 2 aforementioned ships plus the Britannic. Fortunately for his fiendish plans, both the Titanic and Olympic were nearly identical twins which could be interchanged if pressed to do so.
He conspired with Captain Smith and Captain Lord of the RMS California to sink the Titanic in the Atlantic on its “maiden” voyage to New York. The plan required that the Olympic be rechristened the Titanic, a ship which was nearing completion in 1912. Fortunately for Ismay, relatively few changes were required to the Olympic to turn it into the Titanic and vice versa.
This form of deception was and is a common form of insurance fraud committed by shipping lines. The inspector for the British Board of Trade which was responsible for seaworthy certifications completed its inspection in less than a day, compared to 2 full days when it was launched a year earlier. This certification came in spite of a smoldering fire in the coal storage bins which would never be extinguished until the ocean liner was sunk a few days later.
Over 50 of the first class passengers made last minute plans to cancel their trips on the maiden voyage which in any event was not far over 50% full. This is an extraordinary shortfall considering that it was the premier ship of the fleet and at a time when emigration to America was a robust business.
More telling, the Zionist mass murderer J P Morgan who owned the ship not only canceled his plans to sail, but he pulled many valuable bronzes he had loaded for return to America. Although he claimed illness as the pretext for his cancelation, a reporter found him 2 days later in France in splendid health cavorting with his mistress.
The other part of the plan required that the passenger ship California speed to a rendezvous to await the distress call of the Titanic after it deliberately hit an iceberg or the fires raged hopelessly out of control. The California carried no passengers or cargo and 3000 wool sweaters. Lord arrived at his assigned location which he communicated to Smith.
The Titanic, despite weather conditions on the night of its April 15 crash, was quite capable of circumnavigating icebergs even at short distances, and its crew quite capable of identifying such dangers 5-10 miles away, despite propaganda to the contrary about invisible black icebergs.
A few days prior to the departure of the Titanic, White Star Lines increased its insurance coverage dramatically to 12.5 million dollars, an amount which Lloyds of London was compelled to pay after the fraud.
When the Titanic crew returned to Britain, White Star photographed each and every one of the crew and compelled them to sign non-disclosure agreements silencing them about the insurance fraud and the switch with the Olympic.
Recent excavations of the Titanic have confirmed the murder of Morgan, White Star, and the hopelessly corrupt British government which covered up Morgan’s and Ismay’s murders of over 1500 people. At least 2 evidences emerge proving that the sunken ship was the indeed the Olympic.
The first is the propeller which is stamped 401, indicating that it belonged to the Titanic. However, we know that the Olympic lost its propeller, which was in turned scavenged from the real Titanic. The second evidence is the grey paint on the hull of the sunken ship which was only used on the Olympic – not the original Titanic.
And finally, photographs reveal under the name of the Titanic two letters MP which can only be that of the Olympic. The evidence of insurance fraud and deliberate sinking of the Titanic is overwhelming.
As a side note, it is interesting to remark that the murderer Morgan did not tell John Jacob Astor, Guggenheim, and Strauss, plutocrats of high standing, about the impending sinking, because Astor and the others were opponents of Morgan’s plans for the Federal Reserve Board – a sinister conspiracy to enslave Americans under a mountain of debt based currency.
Although other details give more substance to the case for fraud and murder, it is very evident that the sinking of the Titanic was more than mere happenstance, and that the murderer Morgan not only sunk the ship for pecuniary gain on his damaged ship Olympic, but also to secure his goose laying the golden eggs at the Federal Reserve. As a psychopath, he didn’t lose a bit of sleep over it.

Why They Sank The Titanic, Street Car Moving Pictures, 2009
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Banksters Murdering Banksters Who Know Too Much

With the US financial system imploding, criminal US banks coming under closer scrutiny, and gold on the cusp of the most dramatic surge in recent history, banksters are assassinating its employees who know too much.
Much of the fear gripping the banks stems from massive losses and functional bankruptcy caused by years of irresponsible trades, juvenile leadership, and incompetent loans. For example, last year's London Whale trade has put JPM in dire financial straights, but the trade continues to hemorrhage losses. The 5 billion loss reported in the press is hopelessly optimistic as it continues to unwind.
The massive drainage of gold from JPM vaults has left it vulnerable to defaults, and as gold poises for its next leap, the short positions will get hammered without any source of gold to cover the losing trades as foreigners demand delivery rather than settlement in dollars.
The massive theft of gold by US banksters has caused a torrent of lawsuits - mostly abroad - in which the banksters have been implicated. Those who know how the trades worked and persons responsible for the thefts are in mortal danger.
We have reported Deutsche Bank's impending demise, according to Jim Willie, in which extensive criminal investigations have uncovered massive fraud in bond, LIBOR, gold, oil, and FOREX markets. DB employee's have begun talking and we believe that it is tightening a noose around JPM which is prompting the massive number of murders.
An epidemic of "suicides" has gripped the banking world where several of the reported ones are JPM employees. Of course it would take an idiot to suppose that the employees were committing "suicide" but the press knows its audience.
Zero Hedge reports that Gabriel Magee, 39 years old, a vice president in the investment bank’s technology department, and Ryan Crane, 37, an executive director in the firm's program trading division died from "suicide" or unknown causes. Today a "Mr Lee" also "jumped" to his death. The pictures showing "police" trying to talk him down were probably his assailants.
But these deaths are only the tip of the iceberg. Gerald Celente told King World News today that the count of dead banksters is probably closer to 20 rather than 7 reported in state controlled media. His explanation was that embarrassing secrets related to the aforementioned scandals, and the collapse of the US dollar are behind the desperate attempts to contain damage to the criminal banks.
We have read other reports stating that there are 30 more banksters targeted for assassination.
What strikes us as most interesting is that technology executives are not normally considered bankers, and yet they are being killed for their knowledge of illegal activities at the bank. This is the big tip off that it is not banksters under stress for bad trades, but people with forbidden knowledge, who have been targeted for elimination.
The mass murders are further evidence that the financial system is cratering and is not salvageable.

Zero Hedge, Second JPMorgan Banker Jumps To His Death: Said To Be 33 Year Old Hong Kong FX Trader, February 18, 2014, accessed 2/18/2014

King World News, Celente - It’s Raining Bankers To Protect The US Dominance, , February 18, 2014, accessed 2/18/2014

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Monday, February 17, 2014

How the USMC Murdered Colonel James Sabow

Both knowledge and crack kill, a fact which Colonel James Sabow discovered when he was murdered by Colonel Joseph Underwood on January 22, 1991 in order to silence him about Marine Corps crimes involving the running of drugs and arms between El Toro Air Station and points south of the border, a vast operation encompassing the southern belt of the United States, including the famed Mena Airport operation involving Bill Clinton and George Bush.
Sabow had been named Acting Chief of Staff of Marine Corps Air Operations for the Western United States 8 days earlier, but failed to cooperate with the USMC’s effort to cover up the drug running, which required that he take the fall for some trumped up charges about transporting some stereo equipment for his son on government planes, giving him a less than honorable discharge.
Sabow had discovered much illegal activity occurring at El Toro, which caused generals J K Davis, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps,   and Hollis Davison, Inspector General of the Marine Corps, consternation – not that there was illegal activity, but that someone with Sabow’s integrity had discovered the weapons  and drugs running.
Davis was one of the primary perpetrators of the drug and arms ring, and was a past sponsor of Sabow. However, that did not stop him from pressuring Sabow from resigning, nor fabricating charges against him when that tactic failed.
Heavily involved in the crime ring was Sabow’s next door neighbor Colonel Underwood, who according to David Hoffman’s account, was more powerful than General Tom Adams, commander of El Toro due to his many political and intelligence connections.
When Sabow was confronted with the allegations, he informed Davis and Underwood that he would fight the charges at court martial. Because of the incendiary potential of such a trial, Davis, Davison, and, Adams planned to murder Sabow to guarantee his silence. Colonel Wayne Rich, who was also an assistant US Attorney General for training, was brought into the cover-up of the murder. In the Justice Department, his job had been to cover-up the Inslaw and Iran-Contra scandals. Clearly El Toro was a node in that crime web.
On the morning of January 22, 1991, a Counter Intelligence Terrorism team of 4 individuals, operating out of Camp Pendleton, was dropped off behind the Sabow and Underwood residence at about 8:05 AM. Given what we know about Colonel George Griggs, it is most reasonable to suspect that he was part of this operation, if not actually on the ground.
The team most likely entered Underwood’s backyard where they awaited their victim with Underwood.
Sabow received a call precisely at 8:30 AM which his brother David believes caused him to go to his backyard where he “happened” to meet Underwood. Whether Underwood or the assassins delivered the fatal blow to his head is not entirely clear, but he was most emphatically present when his neighbor and colleague was murdered. A shotgun which Underwood had stolen from Sabow was rushed in by the assassins, one of whom shoved the barrel into the dying Sabow’s mouth and fired.
Sabow’s wife Sally returned home, where she met LTC Gary Albin who was waiting to return some flight manuals to Sabow. She shortly thereafter discovered her husband dead, running frantically to the Underwoods where the colonel feigned shock.
When investigators arrived, the 3 remaining assassins took control of the investigation by ordering all of parties off the property, including the Provost Martial, and the Naval Criminal Investigation Services (NCIS) lead, Cheryl Baldwin. The assassins then sanitized the crime scene after which they let investigators back in. This information was provided by an NCIS agent who had witnessed the events following the murder.
Were it not for the dogged investigations of Sabow’s brother David, a neurosurgeon, we would not have the meticulously researched and documented story written by David Hoffman describing the crime and its cover-up, and upon which much of this narrative is based.
With the crime scene highly compromised, an honest investigation was practically impossible. But the obstruction of justice continued throughout the NCIS, El Toro Air Station, Pentagon, and Orange County. Dr Sabow discovered forged documents, falsified testimony, witness intimidation, and numerous incriminating comments made by the murderers – the Marine colonels and generals who planned and ordered the assassination.
One of the more incriminating pieces of evidence is a transmission from the El Toro Air Station to headquarters in Washington, DC with a timestamp of 23:45 hours on January 21, 1991 reporting that Sabow had committed suicide – over 8 hours before he was murdered.
Although the Marine Office of Inspector General produced a report which whitewashed the crime, subsequent research revealed that General Adams was commander of the Yuma, AZ Marine Corps Air Station in the mid 1980s when several duffel bags of cocaine were accidentally dropped on one of the MCAS’s air station. Thus it seems that cocaine followed Anderson wherever he went.
Research reported by Hoffman shows that the El Toro operation was just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger operation involving some well known names such as George Bush, Jeb Bush, Ted Shackley, Rob Owens, and General Davis. Bush Sr and Shackley had deep CIA ties going back to their participation in the murder of President Kennedy.
Sabow was not the only victim of the Marine purge. Sergeant Tom Wade and Colonel Jerry Agenbroad were also murdered for knowing too much. Many others were murdered or had their careers destroyed by trumped up charges filed by the Judge Advocate General’s office.
At all points and in all public agencies, investigations and trials were thwarted and justice denied. Judge Alice Marie Stotler, a federal judge appointed during the Reagan years, summarily dismissed the civil case brought by David when General Adams, one of the murderers, was called to the witness stand.
The moral of the story is that the United States Marine Corps is a vast criminal enterprise full of drug running, murder, and violators of federal and state laws. If you know too much, you will be murdered or ruined by those you thought were on your side.
Semper Fidelis, by David Hoffman -- The Story of Colonel James E. Sabow: msg#00242
Subject:    Semper Fidelis, by David Hoffman -- The Story of Colonel James E. Sabow,
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Meet America's Drug Lords

The documentary In Search of the American Drug Lords is yet another in an avalanche of witnesses documenting the US government’s active involvement in the drug trade. In fact we believe that the US government, under the aegis of the Bush Crime Syndicate, is the world’s undisputed drug dealer.
The US entered the drug business in a big way when it landed in Viet Nam, and may have been one of the leading reasons for plutocratic interest the Southeast Asian peninsula. American GIs’ corpses were routinely used to smuggle drugs into the country during the war. The proceeds of drug sales financed a complex web of illegal and criminal operations, with most of the money laundered through the Nugan Hand banks of Australia.
After consolidating the Southeast Asian trade, the BCS and CIA turned its attention to Central and South America where it came to a head with the Medellin Drug Cartel. The war on drugs during the 1980s was code for war against the Medellin who stood in the way of the CIA’s business expansion plans. They were thus targeted for extermination, the highlight of which was the ouster of Panama’s Manuel Noriega, a former BCS servant.
It is the Barry Seal story which is most fascinating because it traces back to the Kennedy assassination. Barry Seal was recruited by CIA operative and homosexual pedophile David Ferrie who found him in the mid 1950s while commander of the Civil Air Patrol, a CIA front for recruiting for its mob.
A prodigy pilot, earning a license at the age of 15, Seal began drug and arms running between New Orleans and Cuba, a career which lasted until 1987 when the BCS murdered its star pilot. Seal was the pilot who flew some of the Dealey Plaza assassins out of the country immediately after murdering the president.
Seal’s rolodex was a literal who’s who of American politics. At the time of his death, investigators found George Bush’s private telephone number in Seal’s phone book, a fact hushed up by the corporate owned media. Other politicians within Sea’s close orbit included Bill Clinton and Asa Hutchinson. The best speculation of the late 1980s was that Bill Clinton would be the next president as compensation for his eager cooperation with the Mena drug business which the CIA operated to fly drugs and arms to the Contras in Nicaragua.
Clinton’s future was actually secured long before Mena when, disguised as a Rhodes Scholar, he performed services for the CIA by infiltrating anti war groups in Europe, including the USSR.
US Attorney Edwin Meese received one 400,000 USD bribe to help Seal out of a legal jam he faced. Meese is also the criminal who stole the Inslaw Promis software, software said to be the back door into many computer systems. Although we believe that the Promis capabilities have been exaggerated based upon purely technical reasons, it was nevertheless an important software system essential to tracking persons of interest to the US government crime syndicate.
Tony Coelho, the former number 3 Congressman from California, resigned under the cloud of ethics scandals which we believe, based upon reports in the American Drug Lords, was due to connections with Mena.
Seal had a penchant for filming his activities, including one episode at Lake Pontchartrain where David Ferrie, Lee Oswald, and David Atlee Philips were filmed together. The film disappeared from the US House of Representatives when its contents were discovered to be too “controversial.” All 4 men were CIA and connected to the murder of President Kennedy. We must stress that Oswald was not involved in the plot against the president, but his activities intersected with those who were.
Thinking that he had powerful protection from his many films, Seal dropped the hint that he would release their contents if help were not forthcoming in extricating him from his many legal predicaments. Unfortunately this threat did not go over well with George Bush, who promptly ordered him assassinated, much in the same he murdered George DeMohrenschildt sought help from Mr Bush of the CIA.
While Americans may think of drug lords as seedy characters in nether parts of the world, the truth is that they are the best and brightest of America’s elite families, a fact reinforced by the revelations of Kay Griggs, the former wife of a USMC colonel who had many associations with Ollie North who was one of Seal’s many handlers.
Not only are some of America’s politicians among the most powerful drug lords, they include a bevy of political household names. The US government is easily the world’s number 1 purveyor of drugs.
In Search of the American Drug Lords, New Science Ideas, 2005, DVD
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Leo Frank Got What He Deserved

Leo Frank (1884-1915), convicted murderer of 13 year old Mary Phagan (1899-1913), got what he deserved when he was lynched by a group of 25 men who were incensed that the governor of Georgia, John M Slaton, had commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. Numerous juries and judges had affirmed that Frank was the wanton murderer of the young Phagan.
In short, Leo Frank, a Jewish transplant from Brooklyn working at the National Pencil Company, murdered Mary Phagan by strangulation and bludgeoning either before or after raping her on April 26, 1913. Phagan, a poor girl paid a few pennies an hour for working 12 hours shifts at the factory had arrived at the factory slightly after noon to collect her meager pay.
Frank married into the prominent Selig family after moving to Atlanta after graduation from Cornell University in 1906. His uncle, the major shareholder in the pencil company, gave him a job where he soon became the superintendent in 1908.
Frank’s reputation was of ill repute to put it politely. The plant security man, John Conley, found Frank at the plant engaged twice in oral sex with 2 different prostitutes. At his trial, 20 girls and women testified that he regularly made unwanted sexual advances toward them. Never once did the esteemed defense team cross examine the testimony given by these girls and women because they did not want to reinforce the prosecution’s claim that Frank was a violent deviant.
The American Mercury published on April 26, 2013, 100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty, but we will present only a few salient points provided at The most noteworthy point is that Frank and/or his defense team lost every single encounter with the justice system from coroner to United States Supreme Court, and every stop in between. Never was an official dissenting opinion offered defending Frank.
The Frank’s maid, Minola McKnight, swore an affidavit in which she overheard Leo confess to his wife on the night of the murder that he was in trouble and wanted a revolver to kill himself, a request perhaps not aided by his drunken state of mind, but highly incriminating.
The Frank defense attempted to frame John Conley, the black security man, with the murder. The Pinkerton team hired by Frank to find the guilty party came to conclude that Frank was the guilty man, a fact underscored by a dishonest Pinkerton employee, W. D. McWorth, who planted evidence at the NPC factory in a lame attempt to lay blame on someone other than Frank, such as John Conley.
Perhaps the most damning witness against Frank was his wife Lucille, who though fiercely loyal during the trial, refused to be buried next to her husband. Evidence suggests that she came to conclude, along with the entire legal system, that her husband was a brutal murderer.
Finally, it was most telling that Frank offered a long winded defense of himself at trial, but not under oath. Although legal in Georgia at the time, the refusal to testify under oath must have impressed the jury in a very negative way.
An interesting note is that the transcription of the trial was stolen from the Georgia State Archives in the early 1960s, never to be recovered. The ability to steal the 3647 page document required the collusion of powerful persons – persons who did not want the truth to survive to the present time.
In 2013, Governor Nathan Deal pardoned Frank of his conviction, continuing the injustice first perpetrated by Governor Slaton, both men reprehensible enemies of justice. The victim has been traduced by wicked men who covet money more than justice.
It would be interesting to discover what makes men like Leo Frank and Jeffery Dahlmer tick. Fortunately Frank was caught before he could force himself on more young girls. Frank’s end fit the crime, and for that we salute the 25 men who did what the governor failed to do.
Reference, accessed February 14, 2014

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