Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chronicle Review: The Inheritance

Never before in American history has a man with the moral splendors of Christopher Fulton trod its lands. Our hero endured a barbaric star court inquisition managed from the Oval Office, and an even more brutal torture in the American gulag - all for seeing the smoking gun evidence establishing the fact that a vast right wing conspiracy up-ended the government of the United States when it murdered President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

The American Junta which murdered the president, also attempted to snuff out the life of the last witness to the forensic evidence which Bobby Kennedy salvaged after the murder, proving that the military industrial complex of which Eisenhower warned was a breathing, living, hateful machine with unlimited powers.

The most important element in the book is Fulton's innocent involvement in acquiring the Cartier watch which Kennedy wore on the day he was murdered in Dallas. Its impeccable chain of custody starts before Bobby Kennedy but it is the president's brother who safe-guarded it with the president's faithful secretary Evelyn Lincoln.

The watch is important not only because it contains the residue from Kennedy's body but because it has the military grade cyanide which laced the bullets to guarantee that its victim would die. Contrary to nonsensical myths spouted by the Junta's press machine, Kennedy died instantly in his limousine when one of the bullets hit his head at 12:30 PM on that Friday exactly 56 years ago today.

Because the form of cyanide found on the bullet could be traced only to the military, it is very evident that it participated in the coup to end the American republic.

Through various manipulations, the Junta was able to force Fulton to offer the watch for sale at an auction with which Donald Trump was closely related, assuring the billionaire a berth in the Oval Office. Though the watch did not sell at auction, it still found a new owner.

The buyer of the watch was John F Kennedy, Jr, but that purchase guaranteed his own death by the Junta. The role of Caroline Kennedy in demanding the watch and stealing property of Fulton was reprehensible, showing that she had absolutely no interest in exposing the crimes against her father, uncle, and brother. One could argue that she attempted to save her own hide, but nothing Fulton wrote put her in a good light.

The other important element of Fulton's book is his detailing of how the president takes an active interest in any significant development about the case, especially any revelations which would discredit the skein of lies the Junta has woven to claim that a lone nut killed Kennedy.

Most revealing were Fulton's accounts of Bill Clinton's very active hands in the management of his arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment, much of it carried out by the vile bitch Janet Reno. What is clear to us is that every single president since Lyndon Johnson, who was a major player in the assassination, has been faithfully committed to the Junta and its myriad deceptions concerning the case. They not only support the lies, but most of them know that they are lies.

One curious possible exception is Richard Nixon. It is inconceivable to us, as a Rockefeller puppet, that Nixon was not aware of the coup. On the other hand, his White House tapes suggest that he was not well plugged in, sending one of his aides to CIA Director Richard Helms demanding documents on the Kennedy assassination. That was a mistake which cost Nixon his job when the CIA orchestrated the Watergate crisis to push Nixon from office.

Finally, one other major clarification was concerning Bobby's rise to the presidency. Bobby made it clear to Johnson that he had the physical evidence to put him away for life, if not in the electric chair. In exchange for his silence, Johnson, and the powers that be, agreed to let Bobby take the presidency in 1968. But there was no way that the murderers would redeem their promises. Bobby did not realize with whom he was dealing, and was summarily murdered by the same Junta which murdered his brother.

One unfinished bit of business concerns the location of the Cartier watch. John Kennedy Jr purchased it through the services of an auction house. He was the watch's last known owner. No one knows what happened to it, or they are not saying. It is possible that Kennedy, Jr was wearing it when the Junta murdered him, and the watch was taken from Kennedy's corpse. However, we are merely conjecturing.

We have only skimmed and cherry picked some of the disclosures found in Fulton's treasure. We cannot express enough gratitude and reverence for Mr Fulton, and for what he endured from the Junta, to tell his story.

The case is finally closed: there is no doubt of any kind that America's plutocrats, Citizens of the World, and military psychopaths murdered President Kennedy. The absurd Warren Commission Report is nothing but a pile of ashes ready to be swept away with the next gust of disgust. In its place we are owners of The Inheritance.

Christopher Fulton, The Inheritance, Trine Day Press

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