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Research Note: Johnson and Rockefeller Connections

Relatively little has been understood by most Americans regarding the close relationship between Nelson Rockefeller and Lyndon Johnson, but it is critical in understanding their conspiracy to murder President Kennedy.
After discovering the close links between the Republican and Democrat politicians, it is now easy to see how they collaborated to murder a president, each man representing the 2 most powerful interests in the crime.
Researchers have long known that powerful interests in New York and Texas provided the means and funding to depose the president. But the actual connecting points have never been properly identified. We can state that the primary actors were the two under discussion. In addition to representing the powerful oil and industrial factions, Johnson also represented the Jewish cabal involved in the murder.
Naïve Americans who believe the silly nonsense of the two party system and in the demarcations between the 2 parties can move on to another website - this information is clearly not for you. Whatever pretenses of rivalry are displayed to the public are merely to indulge the plutocrats' sense of theater and their contempt for Americans in general.
Establishment stalwart Robert Dallek wrote the following insightful paragraph in his book, Flawed Giant, about Johnson:
Toward the end of April [1968], Johnson invited the Rockefellers to the White House for dinner, where he urged the governor to declare for the Republican nomination. “He was very friendly about ’68, and very supportive of me for ’68,” Rockefeller said. Johnson also told him he would never campaign against him. Happy Rockefeller remembered how during that evening Johnson urged Rockefeller to run. “He did want Nelson to be President,” she said. Johnson encouraged others to back Rockefeller as well. On April 7, after Irwin Miller, a prominent member of “Republicans for Johnson” in 1964 had asked whether the president would object to his chairing a Draft Rockefeller Committee, LBJ have Miller “a full speed go-ahead.”
This forces us to make a final correction to our assessment regarding Johnson's role in the murder of Kennedy. We had finally, and even recently, concluded that Johnson was a secondary supporting player based upon his unexpected abstention from the 1968 presidential campaign. We thought that he may have feared continuing in office, with his life possibly in danger.
The truth appears to be that Johnson was deferring to his partner in crime for the high office, especially since his stock had fallen to all time lows, and a good gambler knows when to fold.
This closeness between the 2 men was predicated upon intersections of their interests in politics, and more importantly, in intelligence, going back at least to the 1940s. Rockefeller's ties to the CIA and psychological warfare operations is well known, and without doubt Johnson fell into Rockefeller's orbit on this matter.
We also recently published information provided to Robert Stich by Colonel Trenton Parker, formerly of the CIA Pegasus group, that Parker had heard tapes of several men discussing the Kennedy assassination, which tapes were supposedly given to Congressman Larry McDonald, possession of which led directly to his demise.
Thus the ring leaders in the murder of Kennedy have been finally identified, and the heads of the major branches of the conspiracy emanating from New York and Texas. The secondary lesson is that the rivalry between the 2 political parties is histrionics for naïve people.
Robert Dallek, Flawed Giant, Oxford University Press, New York, 1998, pp 544-545, excerpted from Robert Morrow on The Education Forum, 4/9/2011
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