Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Coronavirus Angel of Death

Corona-hysteria has not subsided since the great fear Wurlitzer started spinning its great disks of numbing and freezing fear. The fear is meant to draw attention away from the vile plot to murder people under the guise of an inscrutable disease labeled novel coronavirus.

The latest episode of abject terror was Michigan congresswoman Haley Stevens who on March 27 delivered in the US House of Representatives a shrill, histrionic outburst of unfettered dread to scare Americans into submission to the totalitarian regime of the United States supported by the quackery of the medical establishment, led by the incompetent Anthony Fauci.

One of the main themes from Stevens was her gratitude to the medical establishment, a clever way to endorse its malevolent nostrums. Fauci is the incompetent doctor who advocated the HIV-AIDS hypothesis which stipulates that HIV, a retrovirus, causes AIDS, something which Dr Peter Duesberg refuted eloquently, brilliantly, and utterly.

Fauci is back peddling the same discredited quackery which he is now hellbent on rolling out to the entire world, namely the idea that everyone needs perpetual treatment for coronavirus, just as homosexual men are fettered to the various PrEP like treatments to protect themselves from an imaginary HIV threat. Of course all of this is easily facilitated by a totalitarian police state.

But the goal here is even darker - to bring unnecessary deaths to those who fall into the hands of the coronavirus death angel.

As we and others have reported previously, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that coronavirus is contagious, or that it is pathogenic. In fact we reported some good evidence that it is not. But this is not to deny that many have illnesses or have been reported as ill. And yet we must remember that many alleged victims are nothing but crisis actors - the same kind we saw at Sandy Hook and the many mass shootings staged by the US government and news media.

The logic is that someone is ill or has died and he had coronavirus fragments; therefore he died from coronavirus. The evidence in China for a pandemic was a couple of electron microscope samples of cells which had a few fragments of what is alleged to be SARS-CoV-2. How is a pandemic built upon what may be less than a handful of slides with cherry picked cells? This is not science - it is a malevolent manipulation of non-evidence to create a panic.

Furthermore, as Jon Rappaport points out in his excellent articles, the PCR test has no way of indicating whether the virus is active or exists in sufficient quantities in the body's cells to be pathogenic.

As the Italian study we cited elsewhere showed, all of the decedents alleged to have coronavirus had pre-existing serious chronic illnesses; 49% had 3 or more such conditions. It is therefore impossible to attribute causality to coronavirus.

But once this observation was discovered by the death machine, it trotted out alleged cases of people dying with no serious health conditions. Did the treatments administered kill them off?

Rappaport also reported that the CDC even admits that the presence of SARS-CoV-2 does not prove pathogenicity. But the great fear Wurlitzer must be raised many decibels to inaugurate the police state.

The commonly used RT-PCR simply manufactures DNA through artificial doubling of reverse transcripted DNA a certain number of times. With enough cycles, somewhere around 60, everyone has it. If you have antibodies for coronavirus, it means that you are immune to it. But as with HIV, Fauci has turned medical science on its head by claiming that such people have the virus and are vulnerable to it. Quite the opposite is true. If you have antibodies for a virus, it means that at one time you had the virus, but are now immune.

So we come to the issue of people overrunning hospitals with this dread disease. Without names and clean evidence, I don't buy the allegation that this is the case, especially given the representative from Michigan's much too much protestation..

But even if the hospitals are being overrun, it is because people with otherwise well understood conditions - eg pneumonia - are being labeled as coronavirus victims, and thus as lepers. So if you have pneumonia, and a PCR test doubles the DNA matter enough times to find a coronavirus fragment, you are then said to have a condition caused by coronavirus and thus rushed to a ventilator and administered ribavirin which will lower your blood cell count and kill you. Voila, you have Fauci-Care.

As we noted previously, there are environmental factors to explain illness, particularly in Italy, Iran, South Korea, and China, namely in the forms of massive air pollution and 5G radiation. Those complaining of symptoms, which could be from many causes, are simply tested for DNA material which may or may not be active, declared to have coronavirus, then treated with something no more sophisticated than blood letting.

This development marks the burial of the republic which died on November 22, 1963. The psychopaths are completely in control and there are fewer exits from the nightmare. The evil Nurse Hunnicut and Dr Kevorkian rule us all.

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Coronavirus Fraud

Hysteria over the coronavirus, coming from all corners, has yet failed to reach peak hype. More is to come as the psychopaths churning the great fear Wurlitzer gloat over the success of their foolish deceits about this alleged epidemic. We wish to bring to your attention another interpretation of the facts.

Call it covid19 or coronavirus, this alleged organism fails to meet the criteria of Koch's postulates which set standards for identifying microbes or viruses with pathogenic potential. As pointed out in an article by David Crowe, scientists have not been able to isolate a pure form of the virus which they label SARS-CoV-2 which in turn is alleged to cause the disease COVID19. Instead they have  fragments of biological material mixed with RNA which may or may not be a virus which may or may not be pathogenic.

In order to establish causality of a disease by a microbe, a specific set of symptoms associated with the disease must be proven to be caused by a pure form of the candidate virus. This has not been done with coronavirus.

The symptoms are vague and amorphous. They could be anything from a cough, to fever, respiratory dysfunction, pneumonia, or an arbitrary symptom. Without precision of the disease's symptoms, it cannot be identified. Any of the above symptoms could be caused by other pathogens or environmental conditions, not the least of which is the common cold or flu.

So far we have seen why there is no basis for considering coronavirus a virus. Even if it were a virus, no one has shown that it is pathogenic. As Dr Cowan noted in an interview with Dr Sayer Ji, the body produces all kinds of viruses, and if I recall the figure correctly, about 11% of the body is viral. Viruses can be good and bad, most of the time being beneficial as is bacteria.

One of the great frauds of the coronavirus industry is that people who die have coronavirus. Zero Hedge blared headlines today about Italy's death count from coronavirus exceeding that of China's. Basically the logic is as follows: someone died; therefore he had coronavirus. The more clever sophist says: someone died and had coronavirus; therefore he died of coronavirus.

First year law students are often taught how to think about a man who was caught standing over a dead body with a smoking revolver in his hand. Did the man with the gun kill the dead man. Perhaps, but there is no credible evidence to support it. I am embarrassed to have to explain it, but given the mindless hysteria over the coronavirus, I feel that I must because most people lack the intellectual gifts to analyze logically. The man holding the gun could have walked into the room where he found the gun on the body of the corpse, and picked up the gun. This is but one possibility. But holding a smoking gun in no way proves that the holder is the shooter. And even if he shot the gun, we do not know that he killed the victim or that the victim even died of a gunshot wound.

So what's the point? Just because coronavirus is present in a person, and the person dies, does not mean that coronavirus killed him. And so today reports that a recent Italian study found that nearly all of the deceased persons diagnosed with coronavirus already were sick with a chronic disease. So how do we know what killed them? We don't but I suspect that it was the pre-existing condition.

The report also noted that half of the deceased had 3 or more chronic illnesses. Same situation but I would double down on the bet that the pre-existing conditions were the cause, directly or indirectly. As we have noted, absolutely no study exists proving that coronavirus is lethal.

In a separate article from GreenMedInfo, German doctor Wodarg reported that in a study of Glasgow respiratory patients from 2005-2013, coronavirus constituted 7-15% of the viruses tested. What Wodarg left unexplained, perhaps out of fear, is that coronavirus never was a contagion. No one screamed hysterically for those 8 years. No one donned Hazmat suits. No one ordered Glasgow on lockdown or put the city under martial law. Why? Maybe because coronavirus is not a contagious threat or a threat at all.

This brings us to the testing aspect of coronavirus which David Crowe handles so well. The bottom line of his analysis is that the test for detection is flawed, and I would add that its inventor warned against using RT-PCR as a diagnostic as it has no power to detect. It is simply a manufacturing process of biological material - in this case reverse transcripted DNA - which may provide leads or useful information - but not proof that one has a virus.

Crowe further notes the many problems of this test including false positives, false negatives, inconsistent results, and the arbitrary doubling number used to even get to the point where detection is declared. But even having detected something through gargantuan multiplications, no one has proved a thing because there is no proof that the microbe is even pathogenic.

So what is sending all of these people to the hospital? Besides their many pre-existing chronic diseases, it may be the case that environmental factors are in play. More specifically, Raymond Doyon has noted that the cities with the highest incidence of coronavirus are cities with the highest concentration of 5G towers, antennae, and stations. He cites numerous studies showing the toxicity of EMF radiation, something with which the Chinese are bombarding their people day and night.

One could argue that the alleged presence of coronavirus and 5G is mere coincidence, and such an objection would be meritorious. But given the high correlation, it makes for a test worthy hypothesis, and should be pursued without delay. And yet study after study documents the toxicity of EMF.

The most hideous imitation of Howard Hughes and his neurotic handwashing will not help if EMF is the true cause of these hospitalizations. Hypersanitation actually compromises the body's ability to defend itself because it kills good bacteria essential for healthy immune systems. It was the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the 1930s and 40s which led to widespread polio.

If one wishes to protect himself from disease, high quality liposomal vitamin C and whole food vitamin C in generous quantities will provide either preventative or therapeutic benefits.

The shrill panic caused by the deceits, frauds, and lies of the coronavirus hysteria has been far worse than the disease itself.


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Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Corona Virus and 5G Connection

Hysteria from the COVID-19 virus has yet to reach its apogee, nor has the fallout from its fear mongering unfolded into the travesties which will follow, but we can assure you that you have not heard the truth about its cause unless you are plugged into the science of electromagnetic field toxology and more specifically 5G radiation.

In the world of marketing, more is better. BMW graduates it cars with escalating numbers so that it is obvious that a 700 series vehicle is better than the tawdry-by-comparison 300 series. The same is true of cellular phone technology. One may recall when 3G was the best thing since the lightbulb, but technology marches on and we are assured with blatant assertions that 5G is that much better.

There is some truth to that assertion. Indeed technical performance of 5G radiation is quite impressive, allowing much faster and larger quantities of information to travel than with predecessor technologies. Unfortunately the purveyors of this technology have not disclosed the huge risks which 5G radiation poses. And nowhere is this more evident than the epicenter of the corona outbreak - China.

China has pursued a maniacal obsession with 5G communications by plastering its country with 5G towers. Within the last year, it has commissioned over 130,000 towers to say nothing of the tens of thousands of relay and booster transmitters. Unfortunately, like GMO foods, it has never been studied for safety, and in fact, the scientific research shows that radiation in general is very harmful, and in some cases lethal.

The problem with radiation, like GMO foods, is that its effects often take time to accumulate before real damage is discernible. Further confounding the study of EMFs is that they cannot be seen. Thus the one year old mind concludes that it does not cause any problems, and whatever problems are encountered must be due to something more tangible than high frequency radiation. In the case of 5G radiation, its affects occur in near real time.

Fortunately for us, there are scientists who take these matters more seriously than common people. One such person is Paul Raymond Doyon who has experienced first hand the effects of RF radiation, and studied it professionally.

In his groundbreaking article, The Emperor's New Virus, Doyon reports the findings of the BioInitiative 2012 Report, last updated in 2019.

the BioInitiative 2012 Report has been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Among the authors are three former presidents of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, and five full members of BEMS.[4]
One key passage
… that evidence for risks to health has substantially increased since 2007 from electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies (radiofrequency radiation). The Report reviews over 1800 new scientific studies…. Health topics include damage to DNA and genes, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. New safety standards are urgently needed for protection against EMF and wireless exposures that now appear everywhere in daily life.[6]
So while our focus is on 5G radiation, we are by no means confined to it in our alarm sounding over electromagnetic radiation in general.

Doyon documents himself and others who suffered numerous serious ailments from envelopment by high frequency radiation which is emitted from hand held devices all the way to cellular towers - and all of this before 5G. One school district in Ripon, California was finally able to dismantle a 5G tower when parents suspected its cause in several cancer cases at the school. Can you imagine sacrificing your children for technological convenience? But this is happening all around the world, and not just to children.

China has erected 130,000 5G towers with 10,000 in the city of Wuhan where the majority of Corona virus cases in the world are recorded. South Korea has 75,000 antennas and a large number of cases, followed by Italy which is in hot pursuit of 5G communications. Its province of Lombardy is on quarantine lockdown and also happens to be, like Wuhan, the epicenter of 5G implementation in its country. In fact the death rate from corona is actually higher in Italy than in China.

While the complexion of Corona is darker in the 5G-advanced countries, the situation is rather different is less advanced locales. Doyon quotes Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the World Health Organization, as stating that 82% of cases outside of China are mild, with only 3% severe. In many cases the symptoms mirror those of cold or flu with the concentration of severe cases being among the elderly. The idea that everyone who gets the virus is doomed is preposterous. The flu is a more likely risk than corona virus, but are businesses and schools shutting down because of a flu risk?

The point is not that 5G is confined to a bad case of the sniffles in the less advanced regions, but rather that outside of its direct reach, Corona severity has been overblown. Those in direct contact with 5G radiation are indeed doomed.

So the basic narrative is that China began offering commercial 5G service in November 2019 - keeping in mind that many large scale pilot projects were under way previously - and by February 2020 corona virus was an epic crisis in that country, especially in cities with high concentrations of 5G stations. Similar narratives apply to South Korea, Italy, and Iran.

Doyon documents other cities in China with high 5G concentrations, and their commensurately high number of corona cases. 

One of the novelties with 5G technology is the heavier usage of micro-base stations which are typically close to residential areas. Quoting from Doyon:

...according to Building Biology Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), Oram Miller,
we are now measuring higher RF levels in client's homes, especially in second story bedrooms, up to tens to hundreds of thousands of microWatts/meter squared (uW/m2) from these new antennas,
the building biology profession and EMF experts around the world say 10 micro-Watts per meter squared or less is safe for sleeping areas (actually, 0.1 uW/m2 is our “No Anomaly” level for sleeping areas). 
With a barrage of high frequency radio radiation coming from 5G stations, it is axiomatic that corona virus and other illnesses will explode with ferocity of "Biblical proportions." Doyon goes on to document the numerous biological pathologies which stem from each increase in the RF from 1G to 5G, with 5G, as in our marketing analogy, being more, but in this case more toxic, the effects of which are both biological and psychiatric.

Our conclusion is that covid-19 virus is caused by 5G radiation - interpersonal transmission being a different topic - and that impersonating the legendary Howard Hughes with neurotic handwashing will not slow or halt the problem. The Shadow Government has no interest in protecting you. You must demand it with great unction.

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