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The Blasphemy of Them Which Say They Are Jews

Most Americans believe that the primary occupants of Israel are Jews, but a long line of evidence, including DNA studies recently produced at John Hopkins University, shows clearly that they are not.
To help set the stage for our discussion, a very brief history lesson is in order. General Titus of Rome attacked Israel in 67 AD in order to subdue the growing revolts in their province of Palestine which included territory historically regarded as constituting the lands of Israel. The Jews mounted a strong and tenacious defense, but in 70 AD Titus demolished Jerusalem and the holy Temple.
The Jews revolted again in 135 AD but were just as mercilessly crushed, causing Rome to scatter the remaining inhabitants to the winds, giving us today what is termed the Diaspora. Over the years the identities of the Jews were largely lost, in spite of the elaborate genealogies modern Jews claim to maintain across the centuries through meticulous record keeping.
The Jewish Knesset ruled that those who are born of a Jewish mother are Jewish, a very controversial decision which passed by a single vote, but one which ironically allows for a Jewish virgin birth. We identify a Jew as someone who can trace his lineage to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Gospels give both patrilineal and matrilineal lines for Jesus, meaning that both are relevant to the identification of Jewish royalty.
Since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, the interest in ancestry by self-professed Jews has increased, with some very surprising findings emerging from the research. One of the earlier studies of the Jewish question came from Arthur Koestler who wrote a seminal book titled The Thirteenth Tribe which debunked the idea that the Jews in Israel were authentic Jews from Abrahamic descent. As a Zionist Jew, he made the case that the people who claim to be Jews are actually Khazars, a people of Caucasian ancestry who adopted Judaism as their religion. Although the Khazars adopted Judaism nominally, they in fact practiced Jewish Kabbalah which is a Satanic religion.
As a side note, when we used the term Caucasian, we meant the Caucasus region in western Asia – not the racial designation for “white” people. The Khazars are a Turkish and Mongolian people of Japhetic rather than Semitic descent .
In 2007 Shlomo Sand wrote the New York Times best seller, The Invention of the Jewish People, which continued the analysis of Koestler, but using more modern techniques, which made similar claims about the people today calling themselves Jews.
More recent research, still by Jews, uses DNA evidence to bolster the findings of Koestler and to demolish the myth of Semitic origins of the present day "Jew." The first major  published study came from Dr Ariella Oppenheim of Tel Aviv University in 2001 which used DNA evidence to demonstrate that the modern “Jew” is in reality a Khazar.
An even more definitive study was published in 2012 at John Hopkins University by Dr Eran Elhaik which used more advanced methods to authoritatively conclude, in a peer reviewed article, that the “Jews” of Israel are Khazars.  Many of the Palestinians have more Jewish blood than the alleged Jews. According to Texe Marrs, the above mentioned research concludes that only about 1/8 of the population of Israel can claim true Jewish ancestry.
The impetus for creation of the Jewish nation came from a 1947 UN resolution at the instigation of the Rothschild family said to be deeply steeped in occultic religious practices. But Henry Kissinger, another Satan worshipping Bilderberger power broker, made an announcement a couple of years ago that Israel would cease to exist in 10 years. How does one explain the apparent conflict in interests?
Veterans Today published an article which cited Israeli sources stating that the Jewish population would fall below replacement levels within 10 years because of the massive radiation in and around Israel due to the nation's heavy use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, with the major emphasis on nuclear weapons.
We reported from this same article that low grade nuclear weapons had been used in Lebanon and Iraq through US and Israeli collusion in the wanton destruction of human life by these 2 terrorist nations. The blowback, so to speak, is that infertility among Israeli men has skyrocketed, and there is no cure for the problem.
While Kissinger may have had this problem in mind, we believe that his larger point was geopolitical, meaning that the Jewish state would be partitioned or reorganized in some significant way. In other words, given the onset of Jewish weakness, the time may come for this momentous event, and may explain usurper president “Obama’s” notice to Netanyahu that he needs to accommodate the peace talks more than he has.
There are philosophical implications to the outing of Jews as frauds – a deception which the great Apostle John foresaw, and whose warning forms the basis of this essay’s title. The first and foremost is that the Israelis, contrary to Netanyahu’s boast in his address to Congress, are not entitled to the land they occupy. The second and darker implication is that so-called evangelical Christians are actually acolytes of Satan, advancing his New World Order of which the Rothschilds are the foremost exponents. The anti Christ will not come without the help of fake Christians.
Evangelical Christians are in bed with the Rothschilds and their Satanic kingdom – a statement which would probably induce apoplexy in most of them. The Talmud is full of statements vilifying Jesus, yet so-called Christians are among Israel’s loudest cheer leaders.
All patriotic Americans must denounce the state of Israel by cutting off all support of them, and shun their enterprises in the USA which admittedly are broad and many. A true patriot cannot vote for any politician who supports Israel's Zionistic ambitions. Zionists are mortal enemies of all races, and have made extraordinary statements calling for the enslavement of all peoples to serve them. They are genocidal freaks whose hands are soaked in the blood of their millions of victims.
The Jewish Lie is the greatest deception of modern times, one which people of good will must stop.


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Trisha Dishing said...

Hello...I'm a Pastor's wife and I've been trying to understand the STATE of Israel's hand in the NWO since I've became TRULY awakened several yrs ago to the horrible and evil REAL condition of our country and world. I was a huge supporter of CUFI (Christians United For Israel) and I believed that our country had to support Israel or peril would happen to us. I was taught, as an evangelical, that we are to support Israel no matter what and that we were going against the Lord if we didn't...But now, MY EYES ARE WAY OPENED to the deception of that incorrect rhetoric!!! Your beautiful, factual and extremely enlightening article really helped me understand the difference between those who are REAL JEWS(BOTH parents MUST be direct lines of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)and the Khazar Jews who are the evil Zionists who say they are Jews but really are the synagogue of satan. TY Jesus, I get it now!

Once again, your article really helped me put the pieces together of my research regarding Israel, so thank you and God bless!!!!!

Tony Bonn said...

our backgrounds are similar regarding our understanding of Israel and jews. it took me a long time to escape the fraud and lies. the zios are responsible for more evil in this world than you can know - the French revolution, world war 1, world war 2, Vietnam, 9/11 and on and on - none of which speaks to the financial slavery of the jewish federal reserve system. pornography, drugs, and all manners of cultural debasement come from the jews - study how the jews introduced pornography to Germany on a vast scale after world war 1.